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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  December 25, 2013 3:00am-7:01am PST

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that it is a charity. watch out for the calls that you get this time of year. a lot of firms can get a tremendous caught. 95 cents on the dollar. be aware of that. so people get a phone call and they donate to the charity. they outsource that work to the hello and good morning. merry christmas everyone. company that they are paying it it is wednesday, december 25, 2013. to. that is inincredible. i'm anna kooiman. you're looking live at the you have done a lot of the work. vatican where the people's so tell me some of the charities pope, pope francis is that you do a lot of the work delivering his first christmas message to the world. tens of thousands gathered and we'll bring you there for. so many great charities out live straight ahead. >> home for the holidays, there. there are great groups that do america's bravest men and women coming home in time so much work. for christmas. this morning we will meet one of our nation's heroes direct relief international. and his lucky family just glad to have him back home. >> which state was the first to make christmas an they do great work with official holiday? do you know the answer? emergencies in the united states time to put your thinking and all around the world and caps on because we are
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feeding america for hungry quizzing you on christmas. children and senior citizens in "fox & friends" starts now. >> hi. this country. this is tony danza and there are 200 food banks that you're watching "fox & are involved. friends." merry christmas and a happy new year. those are organizations that they should feel comfortable ♪ ♪ giving to. you have a charity website that has sourced through the orlgization. >> >> are you feeling festive on this merry christmas morning, december 25? we are a charity. we are just so happy that we help donors be wise givers you're joining us here at "fox & friends." you're looking live at and make sure their dollars go midtown manhattan listening to deck the halls by nat to the wise charities out there. well, army corp roll returning king coal. >> all those decorations on from afghanistan tries to return sixth avenue or beautiful but last night at 6:00 it his family with gifts under the was packed. tree but the grinch striblkes. don't you people have someplace to be? what are you doing here? >> it's just wonderful. new york is one of the best places you can ever be for movies coming out today.
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the holidays, and there's no place like new york city but first special message from our troops protecting our any time. so welcome, everybody. freedom around the world. come in and join us for a wonderful christmas day. >> we want to know >> chief staff sergeant perkins everybody at home how are from afghanistan wishing the you spending your special day today? best husband in the world merry we want you to tweet us, e-mail us, hit us up on christmas and my family and facebook, friends at tpobgz friends in oklahoma merry christmas and happy new year see, the -- you soon. i imagine if people have mmmm! mmmm! mmmm! wow! it's the oats. small children they are up honey. yeah. going santa's here. honey bunches of oats. >> send us pictures of what you got, your favorite this is a great cereal. tree. i feel like there are probably a few puppies under the tree. >> you're probably right. a few puppies, few bicycles, xboxs and play things. i remember those christmases well. i wish i had one right now. any way. guess who -- >> we're saying the same thing. santa's here. santa's here. there he is. >> merry christmas everyone. >> merry christmas, santa. kelly wants to know if you brought him a puppy.
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>> it's not going to work. >> santa how was your night? are you absolutely exhausted. we know you're done traveling the world with rudolph leading the way. >> he was so helpful, that nose was so bright, ran into a little bit of heavy snow in some of the countries but mostly everything was done and now i'm going to sit back and relax a little bit. >> how does santa spend his day after christmas? what do you do? >> what i do is when i get back up to the north pole, mrs. claus is going to have a cup of hot chocolate for me and she puts whipped cream on top. usually it's marshmallows or fluff-it. whipped cream on christmas morning. once i take a sip, i'm going to sit back and take a nap. >> i think you have a sugar adiction. what was the best cookie you ate last night that the little kiddies left for you? >> chocolate chip. were they good. >> santa, you're always
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giving gifts away. what is your favorite gift that you receive? >> my favorite gift is the smiles that i receive from the children and also that i've been so good and i'm so proud of each and every one of them. >> that is great. you're going to be with us all morning long in our green room answering all the questions people are going to be sending in. so thank you for being with us. there is nothing better than having santa claus with us on christmas morning. >> so glad he stopped by. >> we've got to take you to the vatican right now, vatican city where thousands of people are gathered to hear pope francis deliver his first christmas day message as the pontiff. the pope celebrated his first christmas eve mass last night calling for love around the world and showing more evidence of the humility of his papacy. during the service pope francis himself carried a statue of the baby jesus to the manger instead of having an aide do it. francis dedicated much of his nine-month-old papacy to drawing attention to
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poverty. he noted the first to receive news of jesus' birth were the shepherds who were considered outcasts in society. you see somebody who is homeless on the street, don't judge them. maybe give them a cup of hot cocoa. >> that is what i love about christmas, the humility of it, the humility of the birth of crisis and coming forward in a manger. he picked a manger? really? >> this pope has done such a great job of getting that message out to people. people are wondering what it looks like outside this morning. there is some weather going on. in general we're looking pretty good but it has been a white christmas across a lot of north and the weather is having a chilly hollywood is handing out effect on many states movie endings today. especially in the great lakes and northeast. take a look at this video. do you see martin scorcesi's it is four days now since this major ice storm went through places like michigan, much of upstate latest film? >> good morning to you kevin. new york and through new how are you merry christmas. england and maine and there are still in michigan alone
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i was on the air at 6:00 am. 185,000 people without power this morning, four days in and it's been i was watching the her a four incredibly cold there. ph maine there's 85,000 people still without power. here to talk about "grudge w no christmas lights and no heat unfortunately. take a look at the weather map and show you what's match". going on. i don't know why are they didn't temperature wise this is what you're waking up to and moving a little bit call this "raging bull". closer to the northeast and you can see why this is a problem. it is two aging boxers and they near 2 degrees in burlington, vermont. 1 in syracuse. are trying to squash the rivalry up around water town it is below zero and that's areas without power this morning. really rough time out with one final grudge match. there. white christmas, you've got that. this may be a time you don't want a white christmas, you don't have power. the script is oh bad. across the west big snow has left a white christmas, kevin heart kills the movie. lots of the rockies and central plains. he does a lot of stand up humor i can tell you this week is looking pretty good. we're going to warm things up for about the next four in the fight scene. days, see plenty of sunshine and then the temps it is a 2.5 out of five. drop again by sunday. >> you mentioned a white i did have a chaps to sit down with the stars and i wanted to christmas, being from the south with a few flakes know this how do they make a
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going around, it's a white punch look so real in the move christmas! but maria was telling us sliz and he let me punch him. there has to be at least an inch on the ground. >> i don't know if anybody >> it is the selling of the cares about the technical thing. last night there were flurries in new york city. this kind of puts you in punch. you would throw on this i'd of the camera. the christmas mood. actually you would have to sell >> some of the things we want to keep focused on it with this hand. is 1 in the afternoon in you come in boom there. bethlehem and the biblical do i actually hit your face at birthplace of jesus christ where thousands are gathered to celebrate all. sometimes you do. christmas where this i mean, bobby every now and then morning connor is live in would hit me. bethlehem. i like that because seriously what's the mood like, the atmosphere like for the you pretty much know what is people that have gathered there today? coming. if you get caught with an upper >> reporter: good morning, kelly. a very merry christmas from cut like where did that come bethlehem. the big festive light celebration in manger from? >> he doesn't mind getting hit. square pretty much wrapped up here in bethlehem but it i grazed his face. was a full day yesterday of that was so incredible. christmas music in english i was geeking out with two of and arabic and a lot of holiday fun, a lot of the biggest legends in the families from around the world taking part in the celebrations in manger
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square. history of cinema. the focus has shifted now i graced his 5:00 shadow. from the manger square in bethlehem to the church of the nativity, that is the >> what about wolf of wall church where tradition holds it that mary gave street? >> i have seen 138 films this birth to jesus some 2,000 years ago. christmas eve mass was held year in theaters. there last night, prayed i only gave 3 out of 5s. for a peaceful resolution this is my 4th five out of five. to the many conflicts in the middle east including in syria but also here in the holy land saying he this is my 4th masterpiece. prays for a just and equitable solution to the ongoing israel-palestinian conflict. one of the american tourists we bumped into in manger square yesterday, she said she hopes the christmas message of peace will influence world leaders this year. i honestly think this is the >> we hear about position best performance of the year. in the world. i have been saying this for years he is one of the greatest here are people speaking actors of all-time. different languages for a he has never won an academy similar cause. award. i guess hope is a good i have never wanted a film to thing you take away from keep going more in my life. here. >> according to organizers,
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they said the crowd this this is not for everybody. year was the largest they this is a very, very hard r have seen in years. the violence in the middle rated movie. east has chased away a lot it almost got an nc 17 and the of people from visiting bethlehem but it is on the original cut of the film was up swing here and almost four hours. organizers here in this is one of his best. palestine and israel very happy about that. he didn't win and academy award it was an interesting experience being down there. yesterday we heard lots of until "the departed". english, american visitors, he award for the career versus europeanof visitors also from asia. the performance. it is my number two movie of the there were religious, christians, muslims, just year check it out. >> mer vy christmas. nonreligious just checking and here is what is coming up it all out. a very special scene. merry christmas from ups a day back to you. >> connor, thank you. merry christmas to you. later. i've got a wager for you. why your gives may be a day next year -- it is not a wager. it is an offer. later. you come here and let me come over there just for ♪ angels we have heard on high christmas. >> just for christmas. >> i may stay here but you can come and visit. sweetly singing ore the plains ♪ we'd love to have you here. >> thank you. you're on. >> that's a nice offer. [ male announcer ] even ragu users a. >> you don't get if you don't ask. >> this morning after
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it to be for christmas. i wanted to go to that land where it looked like that. >> that was a good one. >> my favorite is home alone -- actually i love both of the home alone movies. but home alone 2, lost in new york. this is where kevin, he gets on the wrong plane. so it happens basically a second time and he's left to fend for himself against the wet bandit. take a look. >> out my door. >> no. >> one, two -- [gunshots] >> three. merry christmas, you filthy animal. [gunshots] >> and a happy new year. >> my cousin actually looked just like macaulay calkin growing up. we would be at the mall around christmastime and people would ask for pictures of him going like
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this. he just got married to a beautiful young lady. >> what is yours? >> miracle on 34th street, always been my favorite. it is really yes, there is a santa claus. let's show you what that clip is like. >> your honor, every one of these letters is addressed to santa claus. the post office has delivered them. therefore, the post office department, a branch of the federal government, recognizes this man, kris kringle to be the one and only santa claus. >> the federal government is still doing that. that is why we have norad. norad is tracking santa. right here on tprobgz --
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"fox & friends," tracked him throughout the night. >> tell us what your favorite christmas movies are. >> good morning, merry christmas e-mail us everybody. it is christmas, wednesday, or tweet us. >> we have to get to news headlines. we start with a fox news december 25th, 2013. i'm anna kooiman in for alert. while you were sleeping the u.s. embassy in kabul elisabeth hasslebeck. attacked by the taliban of we celebrate the birth of sending hundreds of jesus ahead. >> an army corporal returning diplomats scrambling into bunkers. two rockets hit the compound earlier today. from afghanistan tries to the embassy says all surprise his family with americans are accounted for presents under the tree. and no one was hurt. grinches strike of what complete houston, you've got a strangers did to show the spirit of the season. new module. >> this is one song you don't two american astronauts mind getting stuck in your head. completing urgent repairs on the international space ♪ grandma got run over by a station, the repairs should return it to normal operation within a few reindeer, walking home from our days. the spacewalk lasted seven house christmas eve ♪ and a half hours. >> that is my homegirl, anna he a brand-new warning for target customers this kooiman who loves that song. morning. we want to know your christmas the retailer telling shoppers to watch out for tunes. we're revealing our picks. i gave it away. scram e-mails. this following the massive data breach that put over "fox & friends" starts right
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40 million credit and debit now. >> imbuddy, the cake boss, and i credit cards into the hands of criminals. tagt says some -- target want to wish you a merry christmas from all of us at "fox & friends." says some scam e-mails are ♪ related to the breach. those are your news headlines on this christmas morning. >> very good. coming up a little bit later call it a christmas miracle caught on camera. surviving being buried alive in an avalanche, this >> rudolph the red-nosed morning speaking outs. >> home is where the heart is but our nation's reindeer. you know the other song she military doesn't always sings? very different. have that luxury especially i'm happy we're playing this during the holidays. one. merry christmas, everybody from this morning one organization getting our midtown manhattan outside the heroic men and women home for christmas. fox news channel studios. nothing better than christmas in the city. >> rudolph is outside the studio ♪ ♪ heart healthy, huh?! right now. decoration this is year have changed. they're incredibly beautiful. >> very popular. very popular. >> tourists are coming back snapping pictures. >> guess else is here?
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ugh! santa claus. >> he had a long night. actually progresso's soup has pretty bold flavor. >> awesome. after that long night somehow we i love bold flavors! were able to score santa claus. i'd love it if you'd open the chute! [ male announcer ] progresso. we were able to get santa claus surprisingly bold flavor for a heart healthy soup. for "fox & friends." >> santa, how did we get you here? did we lure you with more cookies? >> it was cookies, that's for sure. there are not many of them left. >> santa, when i left my house at 3:30 this morning, the cookies were still there and there were no gifts. i'm assuming you hadn't got to my place yet? >> after you left, i did stop by. i wanted to make sure you had gone before i came in. those cookies are gone, i can tell you that. >> i thought you were naughty. >> that is what i was trying to get at. >> we like to hear from all of you. we know you have questions you the energy in one gallon of gas like to ask santa, especially is also enough to keep your smartphone running for how long? the mystery of what he does so 30 days? well. email us your gifts, not your 300 days? 3,000 days? the answer is... gifts, as a matter of fact i would like some of your gifts 3,000 days. but some of the things you like
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because of gasoline's high energy density, to ask santa. your car doesn't have to carry as much fuel >> let us know what santa got compared to other energy sources. you. send us pictures what santa got take the energy quiz. you and what your house looks energy lives here. like after the kids destroyed it. >> we've been going down memory lane. what are the gifts you remember. tickle me elmo. soccer bopper. >> i never heard of that. >> getting messages on twitter saying you brought back a flood of memories from soccer boppers. this is only thing i remember putting on my list. i remember writing on the list, mailing it and getting soccer boppers. they were blow up things. i had two older brothers. it was way for protecting. >> i love the '90s attire. ♪ doing it with a cold, just not going to happen. like mark summers from double dare. ♪ >> that was maybe '70s attire. vicks dayquil powerful non-drowsy 6-symptom cold & flu relief. >> one of my favorites was a ♪ bike, pink, what i put in my no matter what city you're playing tomorrow... christmas wish-list for santa.
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[ coughs ] looks a little too big for me. i had to grow into it. [ male announcer ] can't let a cold keep you up tonight. look at wood paneled minivan in ♪ vicks nyquil powerful nighttime 6-symptom cold & flu relief. back of our driveway. >> the best. >> oh, my gosh. ♪ i was a terrible speller. on my christmas wish-list, can i have a bike that's pink. p, h, i, n, c. my teacher told me how to sound it out. there is me with my cousins cooking christmas morning pancakes. much kelly what about for you? >> i always want ad bike and got the bike from my mom. i thought i was so cool and until i fell off, hit my head, head first. that was painful. riding lesson about riding bikes. back then we didn't have helmet laws. i'm as old as rick. i still don't have my head screwed on too well. >> you're good. you're good.
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>> we've been asking pictures from our viewers. senior producer and her newborn mckenzie. he is two or three months old. good morning. merry christmas to you. home for the holidays, that's often the number-one brand new baby. thing on our service >> matthew unwrapped goodies in members wish list but it is not always affordable. thanks to operation ride front of the fireplace. >> lauren a favorite gift from home, our next guest was able to make that trip. air force senior airman santa, train set from 1952. that is a classic. jared singer and his mother wow. donna singer are hear to >> frankie his new gift, explain. good morning. thanks for being with us. ipad mini. kid after clayton morris' heart. jarred, tell me a little bit about the program. how does it work? >> tony and his dog got a great >> the armed services ymca puts on this program called christmas gift. operation ride home. puppies! >> more than one? >> may have gave birth overnight anyone can donate and they look at the ornaments at bottom send over 250 people home this year, paid for their of the tree. they will be gone. trips fully. >> christmas morning pictures i went in, swiped the credit card, i went home. email us, tweet us, send us a >> i know jack daniels made message on facebook and we love to show it. >> weather is a big deal on a $100,000 donation and they have been taking christmas. everybody wants a white
3:19 am
donations as well. donna, what does it mean to christmas. there are problems. you to be able to have him here with you? >> it's wonderful to have bank gore, maine, incredible ice him home. he was stationed in japan for a couple of years. storm. the temperature is not above he was not able to come home for the holidays. freezing so ice is still there. and now to have him home is a lot. >> where have you been 85,000 people are without power. deployed? >> i haven't been deployed that's in maine. there are 200,000 people in the yet. i'm leaving in the spring, state of michigan, another state first deployment. >> you haven't been home so incredibly impacted by this since may; right? >> yes. ice storm. >> wow. temperatures remain cold out is your bed comfy? there. you can see across the country >> it's fantastic. as you wake up. northeast, you don't have power, >> though we didn't let you it is christmas morning. sleep in very long this morning. >> i'm used to it. you're four days into not having >> what are you looking forward to the holidays power. a dangerous situation there. a lot of shelters set up in with your mom? >> just being home. place so people can take shelter my father passed away five years ago. there. a white christmas, so many after that everyone looks forward to getting people want it. together. i've missed a lot we definitely have that across the northeast. great lakes, plenty of snow thanksgivings, new years. christmas is a holiday to across the central plains and get together. rockies and west. it is great for everybody. the weather is looking good. >> what does everybody in a lot of people traveling home your unit say about the this holiday the weather all the thought of not being able to have the favorite ham way through saturday will be that mom cooks or the fine. no big snow anywhere. carrot cake or whatever it temperatures warming up.
3:20 am
is? >> any home-cooked meal is sunday temperatures plummet cherished very much. again. >> the weather has been so it's our job. we're in the military so we wonky. do miss a lot of holidays, it was flip-flop weather a few miss a lot of birthdays, a days ago in new york city. lot of people miss their >> 70 degrees. >> earlier this morning pope kids being born. that is swruft what we have to do. francis delivered his first -- that is just what we have to do but when we get christmas day message as pontiff our time to go home it is to thousands of people in special to us. vatican city. >> operation ride home, why is it important for the rest of the community to wrap their arms around this >> translator: my hope is that program and get it off the everyone will feel god's ground further? >> i know a lot of airmen closeness, live in his presence, and marines, soldiers that didn't know about this love him and adore him. program and were reluctant >> well the popular new pope to come home because they didn't have the money. they say okay, i can't come delivering the traditional blessing from the same balcony home. it is something they need where he was introduced to the to know so they can have their chance to be with world nine months ago much the their families. >> i like stories like this pope celebrated his first because very often we have christmas eve mass around the someone in our lives who we night, calling f love around don't know what to get for them. the world. so make a donation in their showing more evidence of his name is always a neat humility, during the service, thing. operation ride home. pope francis carried a statue of jared and donna, thank you for your time today. baby jesus to the manger instead 20 minutes after the hour. next on the rundown, which of having a aide do it. state was the first state he addressed much of his to make christmas an official holiday. nine-month-old papacy addressing
3:21 am
you know the answer to to poverty. that. put on your thinking caps he talked about shepherds who at because we're quizzing you that time were considered on christmas coming up. outcasts in society. ♪ ♪ the weather outside is frightful ♪ >> it is 4:00 in the afternoon in bethlehem, the biblical ♪ birthplace of jesus christ where thousands celebrate christmas. ♪ but the fire is so delightful ♪ conor powell is live in bethlehem. [ male announcer ] nothing melts away the cold like a hot delicious bowl connor, what is the mood like of chicken noodle soup from campbell's. ♪ let it snow, let it snow today? >> reporter: good morning, merry christmas from bethlehem. people are going in and out of the church of the nativity which is the traditional site where christians believe jesus was born some 2,000 years ago. last night the latin patriarch of jerusalem offered christmas mass, praying for an end to the conflict in the middle east particularly here in the holy ♪ land where he asked and prayed when our only job was having fun. for a just and equitable well, it's feeling pretty simple again solution to the ongoing crisis thanks to weight watchers new simple start. here. also the church of the nativity is receiving much-needed i started losing weight right away. repairs. and i'm having a lot of fun. a lot of visitors notice the new simple start. very old church, a fourth a 2-week jump-start to a whole new beginning.
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century ad church in desperate get otivation at meetings, like i did, or do it entirely online. need of repairs. join for free. roman catholic, greek orthodox, weight watchers. your new beginninstarts here. armenians, fighting for a decade how to repair it. a 20 million-dollar deal much needed to make a great deal of improvement. kelly, you said several times you're interested in coming here. everyone in the bureau is looking forward to your visit next year. >> you have to hold me to it. you have to make that happen. >> bring lots of presents. >> conor has the puffy coat. >> i don't care. it is bethlehem in jerusalem, i will be there. >> we'll look at christmas traditions going on around the world. the first one on the ivory coast right here? what's that a picture of? is that lights? >> christmas lights? somebody in -- >> stars and -- >> second one is from sydney, australia. >> that is gorgeous. now we have tokyo, japan.
3:23 am
wow. >> how about paris, france, the city of lights? >> we'll go to monaco. >> the tower is nice, very nice. >> and singapore is the last one. we have no information about these pictures. >> ah. >> look at those lights! more lights. >> other stories making headlines we need to get to on your christmas morning because we have a fox news alert so start with. nearly 60 people were injured after two bombings in iraq. both attacks targeting christians in baghdad. a bomb rips through an outdoor market in the city's christian section. shortly afterwards a car bomb explodes near a church during christmas mass. no group claiming responsibility but al qaeda often targeted iraq's christian community. another fox news alert the taliban attacking the u.s. embassy in kabul hitting the compound with two round of fire
3:24 am
earlier today. the embassy says all americans are accounted for and no one was hurt. this morning a brand new warning for target customers. the retailer shell telling shoppers to watch out for scammer emails following a massive breach of over 40 million credit and debit card. target posting copies of all official communication on the corporate website. christmas wishes coming trus this week as many brave men and women return home for the holidays. in wisconsin on tuesday soldiers greeted by their loved ones some quick headlines. returning from a seven-month if you're waiting on ufpl p.s. to deliver your deployment in afghanistan. christmas gifts, expect one soldier meeting his newborn them tomorrow. the company failing to get for the first time. packages out thanks to bad weather and high demand big surprise in arizona when that overloaded eus system. 90 national army guard men u. p-fpl -- u.p.s. says it returned home to their family a whole month early. they spent the past nine months deployed in afghanistan. >> did you see the cheeks on that baby? >> adorable. has all hand on deck. hashtag so cute. >> it will now cost 49 faith in america go hand in hand cents for stamps. it is set to kick in in according to juan williams. he joins us live with more of
3:25 am
january. i remember when it was 10 his special christmas message next. >> christmas miracle caught on camera. a skier survives after being cents. >> we told on our age, but buried alive in an avalanche. that's okay. he is speaking out. we're forever young. >> first a message from our troops protecting freedom >> how much was gas and a overseas this holiday. loaf of bread back then? >> i'm bret pierce stationed in >> what is a better way to italy. celebrate today than to say merry christmas back to my test our knowledge of things all christmas? parents in debright, minnesota. >> or lack thereof. here are some questions happy holidays. sure to rack our brains. ♪ ho ho ho >> merry christmas, guys. we have some great questions. we're talking pop culture, a little bit of bible history. y'all ready to dig in to this? here we go. here's the first question. this is an easy one. which state was the first [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, to make christmas an not all food choices add up. official holiday? some are giant. was it a., connecticut? some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho b., alabama? or c., mississippi? ♪ green giant >> i'm going with connecticut.
3:26 am
[buzzer] >> alabama! >> roll tide, war eagles. number two, what was special about the 1971 tv movie, the homecoming, a christmas story. a, it was the first christmas movie aired live on national television. b, it was the last elvis holiday special. c, it was the pilot for the hit tv show the waltons? >> i'm going with c. >> i'm going to go with b. [ding] >> it wasn't b. >> which star led the magi to the baby jesus? >> the star of bethlehem. >> that is correct, guys. you know your bible history there. this is a great one.
3:27 am
in season 2 of duck dynasty, uncle cy brought christmas by dressing up as a? the correct answer, guys, and this is a great episode. it is b, an elf. >> in santa camo. >> uncle cy got in trouble because he told a kid that santa ate one of the reign dears. >> that is why he has antlers sticking out of his belly. >> you've got to watch theshow. christmas was made a federal holiday by what u.s. president? was it rutherford b. hayes, warren g. harding or u.s. grant? >> i'm going with c, u.s. grant. >> do presidents decide holidays? >> lincoln decided thanksgiving. >> the answer is u.s.
3:28 am
grant. >> todd will be back with us. todd, can you tone those down? >> i'll work on it. >> let us know how you did. >> 28 minutes after the hour. merry christmas. another day, another change to obamacare. the administration changing another obamacare deadline. what it means for you and your wallet. we are live in washington. >> plus if you are spending christmas at the movies, stick around, kevin ♪ >> faith and america go hand in mcarthy tells us which one are worg -- worth hand. today is the perfect time to remember that fox news contributor juan williams joins sticking around. us with a very special christmas >> hello. this is captain "keep it message. real" lance. juan, merry christmas to you. i'm here in kuwait. >> merry christmas, kelly. i want to say hello to my >> talk about faith in america and politics. family, aunt gerald, my what is it all about and why does it give christmas so much uncle, and my dad. added value? >> well you go back obviously to happy holidays and don't tpoerg to send me a caree thomas jefferson, declaration of
3:29 am
package nowa matter how much independence, the founding it costs. fathers they're talking right i love dallas stuff too. from the start about god-given merry christmas and happydo holidays.n' natural ingredients rights. about the idea that god gives us conscience, freedom of thought, like seeds and nuts. it helps support a healthy metabolism. freedom of expression, political great grains protein blend. will, and political independence, kelly. so right from the start of ick with innovation. stick with power. america you have faith and signals about god being, well, stick with technology. god being, giving us some get the new flexcare platinum special province in this from philips sonicare and save now. country. it is right there at the foundation of who we are as philips sonicare. americans. >> you're talking about the faith of our fathers. so what role did faith play and to help secure retirements and protect financial futures. does it continue to play in our to help communities national politics? recover and rebuild. >> oh, a huge one but let me for companies going from garage to global. just say on this point, kelly, on the ground, in the air, even into space. not just the founding fathers had it. we repaid every dollar america lent us. go back to the pilgrims. >> that's right. >> you come forward to the and gave america back a profit. people who went west, settlers, we're here to keep our promises. in every moment of american life to help you realize a better tomorrow. you've seen expressions of faith shine through. from the families of aig, happy holidays. you know, the today tocqueville and others who came to visit
3:30 am
america, talk about the strong it's lots of things. expression of faith, if you look all waking up. at other countries around the connecting to the global phenomenon world, especially europe, don't we call the internet of everything. compare in church attendance the ♪ people say they believe in god we as americans openly express it's going to be amazing. our faith and love of the and exciting. and maybe, most remarkably, not that far away. creator. it's extraordinary. it is unique. i think in this moment, christmas day, it is not we're going to wake the world up. something that we're boasting and watch, with eyes wide, about but i'm saying it as a fact. as it gets to work. we are a very faithful people in cisco. the united states. >> i don't think you're being tomorrow starts here. boastful at all. you're being humble in acknowledging the fact that americans do believe and do want to express that belief and we tolerate and celebrate each other's faith. however don't you feel faith to some degree is under fire now? >> it is under fire to this extent. there are lots of people who want to limit public expression of faith, limit public, even the, the sentiment of merry christmas, some people say it should be happy holidays because they're all different ways of acknowledging this day but i think that it is very clear that
3:31 am
in the united states we still are a country of religious tolerance, to get back to the founding fathers thing. where i worry, kelly, something we just heard anna talking about, like the bombing in iraq aimed at christians. we know what is going on in places like iran, in egypt. you know, in syria. attacks on coptic christians. this is really a war on christians that is happening around the world. that people do take aim at christians as an expression of western values. that brings me back to what i was saying in terms of our willingness to tolerate other faiths, freedom of expression. our willingness to open our arms and express compassion in that way to people who are strangers. this country is founded on christian values and christian values inclusive, not exclusive of other faiths. >> juan, a great way to end it on this christmas day. merry christmas to you and your family. >> i know how fast time goes by thanks for being a good
3:32 am
colleague and friend. and the importance of cherishing >> big hug, merry christmas to life's special moments. in the blink of an eye, your you, anna and rick. world can change, and suddenly you guys are the greatest. you're faced with health risks. >> we feel the love. >> one in six men will develop god bless you. prostate cancer in their lifetime, and every 16 minutes, coming up army corporal, why a man dies of prostate cancer in is the grinch trying to steal the u.s. but prostate cancer is often treatable. something from an army corporal >> so speak to your healthcare when he returns home to surprise provider about a plan for your prostate health. his family. wait until you hear how complete >> time goes by so quickly, so strangers swooped in to save all the more reason to protect christmas for this military the futures of the ones we love. family. >> >> merry christmas from ups, a day later, why your gifts may not be under the tree this morning. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ and this christmas ♪ will be ♪ a very special ♪ christmas
3:33 am
♪ for you ♪ and me ♪ yeah ♪ shake a hand ♪ shake a hand >> it won't win any grammys but it was fun to do that. >> i started with the marine who was on singing. it was amazing. you joined in and i ruined it a little bit. >> i get a little nervous watching that. >> where are we going with that? >> i know you have an amazing voice. >> thank you. anna jumped in. it was great. >> she entertained us during the commercials. >> she dances. merry christmas again to you, santa claus is here with us. we can answer your questions. you guys have been sending in questions. santa, we have a first question for you. we want to know the answer. chelsea has asked do the reindeer open presents when they get home or do they take a nap first?
3:34 am
>> chelsea, i would like them to take a nap first but they get so excited when they get back, they run right over there to open up their presents. >> do they let rudolph join in the reindeer games? >> of course. his nose is so bright that sometimes they can't see getting into their presents so i have to ask them to dim it down. >> my question to santa, do the elves stay in their own toy department year after year or do they all switch it up? >> molly, i let them switch it up if they want to because there's so many different thing that they're making that they like to play with them too as much as i do so we let them switch it up a little bit and they have a lot of fun that way. >> here's what valley is valerie is asking. you eat so many cookies christmas night. how do you manage to get that weight off at your age? >> that is the one night mrs. claus is a to -- mrs.
3:35 am
claus says to me santa, you can eat all the cookies that you want. and then the rest of the year she only allows me to eat two cookies. but i have to make sure i eat all my vegetables. >> santa, i'm a little bit confused because i see you sitting next to the computer. are you really computer literate? >> i'm learning. i have some elves trying to teach me but i'm still with the pencil and paper, naughty and nice, checking it all the time. >> stay with us and make sure you get us some questions for santa. you can e-mail us, all the kid out there, tweet us, adults send us a message on facebook as well about santa being on "fox & friends" this morning. >> i'm going to send santa to my parents so he can give them i.t. lessons. >> we want to let our "fox & friends" staff give some shoutouts to their families. we've got great pictures. i think kelly, we start
3:36 am
with you. >> yeah, there's my family. there's michael and morgan sitting next to loretta. >> now for some quick headlines. that's our family right there. nsa leaker edward snowden >> where are they today? warning about the dangers of >> they are scattered. privacy up visions in a recorded that's what happens when we get older. christmas day message that will some of them are here. air later today in england. >> "fox & friends" first >> a child born today will grow up with no conception of privacy director myers daughters by at all. the fire there looking >> message recorded in russia good. where snowden is in asylum. >> we have directing if you're waiting on ups to deliver the christmas gifts, you assistant rebecca. that is her family after she graduated. can expect them tomorrow. >> that must be brian at the company failed to get the bottom. packages out because of weather >> must be old school. and overloaded system. ups says all hands are on deck >> our writer ashley has a to get packages out. huge family. >> writer edith taylor. it is unknown how many packages were delayed. >> production assistant >> real life grinches going after an army corporal stealing sarah freedom. gifts he had for a surprise >> and producer samantha. return home after deployment in afghanistan. in the true spirit of his season
3:37 am
his community rallied together to replace all the gifts. good she's home and hello to her family. the army corporal and his wife >> we have more change to talk about. problems for the obamacare sharon, join us to share their website. now the white house is easing up on the deadline story. thanks for being with us. to enroll for health care >> good morning. merry christmas. >> merry christmas to you. corporal, tell me exactly how coverage. this unfolded. elizabeth joins us live you wanted to give your family from d.c. this amazing christmas after good morning, merry come home being gone for 17 months but it didn't go quite as christmas. >> reporter: good morning. in a late christmas eve announcement the planned. >> no, ma'am. administration says they will still work with people who haven't been able to yeah, about a two-day trip home buy coverage through the faulty website while the from afghanistan to kuwait and president is enjoying his hawaii holiday vacation, america. i wasn't able to get in touch with her for about two days. the deadline to sign up has finally i checked my facebook, in theory come and gone. said i needed to call her right originally december 15 and then the 23rd and then away. she didn't know i was coming midnight last night on christmas eve but in a home yet. i was able to call her and told statement released by officials me someone broke into our house last night reading in part, and stolen all electronics in despite your best efforts you might have run into our house and all the gifts we delays caused by heavy had at the time. traffic to it was at that time i had to if this happened to you, tell her i would be home don't worry. we still may be able to get tomorrow and she didn't have to you help as covered as worry too much more. >> there were $5,000 worth of merchandise, estimated to have early as january 1.
3:38 am
the administration been stolen. defending the deadline shift as, quote, cheryl, how did that make you feel? >> you're down in the dumps commonsense efforts to make because your husband is gone. sure people aren't blocked you're excited he is coming home out of coverage. and then this? >> yeah. many critics saying it is it was, it was an uneasy feeling and, you know, it, now that he all a big stretch to make is home, i feel so much better enrollment numbers look large. the bottom line is if you and, you know, my girls are safe missed the christmas eve with him and myself. deadline and you want insurance coverage by 2014 and, it is like the best if officials can't get you signed up by january 1, you christmas. >> part of that, corporal, may be able to get coverage because of what he did next. starting on february 1. there is still yet another who did you ask for a little bit of help during your time of need shift late last night. this christmas season? >> it is really a problem. i was talking to a friend >> well i had talked with the last night who was trying to get on and it's taking chaplain at the unit i was in some time. texas at the time when i found very difficult. out. >> 38 minutes after the he told me where to go. hour this christmas i wrote the local newspaper and morning. i kind of told them what was on to the rest of your news happening with me. headlines. overnight cruise ship and he got back with me. he came to my house and he took, passengers spending christmas day waiting to be rescued after their ship became stuck in ice near asked a couple of questions and the french base of the edge took pictures. they ended up writing it next of antarctica. day in our town, small town, the ship sent out a distress call early today and since then three ships lodi, on the front page of have been sent to help paper. from there things went on.
3:39 am
break the surrounding ice even before then the officer but it will be at least two came to our house, he is a vet days before help arrives. there are 74 people on from the first gulf war. it touch ad soft spot with him. board and no injuries have been reported. n.s.a. leashing edward he sent an email to entire snowden warning about the dangers of privacy police department and fire invasions. department. he got a pretty significant in a recorded christmas day contribution together for us. message, his statements dropped off. will be broadcast on tv in it grew. england following the random strangers coming to our queen's annual christmas address. for the past 20 years a high profile controversial house. a hockey team by us, complete figure has reported this strangers from our town and alternative christmas message in the united kingdom. surrounding towns. even all the way from virginia past names include madonna contacted us and showed their and former iranian support for what happened to us. >> cheryl, what does that mean to you, to have these complete strangers helping you out? president mahmoud >> i, i would never expect it. ahmadinejad. recorded the message while i'm so grateful and so thankful on asylum in russia. he thought he was going and, you know, these are people to die. i have never met but it is like a 22-year-old colorado man lucky to be alive this a blessing in disguise because morning after he was caught in an avalanche trapped for these people just came to help four hours. it happened sunday while he us and, it was great. and his brother and a >> well, i guess they had ran friend were skiing. everything but the top of being is ad your house though. his head was buried in the now you had 3/4 of the gifts snow. can you imagine.
3:40 am
his brother and friend replaced. is your kitchen okay? immediately started to dig will you have a good family meal him out. >> just so grateful to be in the dining room? above the surface a little what is the plan for dipper tonight? bit. i think it would have been >> we're actually, probably a lot more dramatic if i going to have dinner with my had been completely buried. it was basically like i was family because it is still not being buried in sand or buried in something very heavy and i couldn't move 100%. so with christmas and at all. >> he walked away with a everything. so. >> merry christmas. torn a.c.l. we hope you have a great meal in lucky to be alive. your belly. enjoy the time with the kid and they say what happens in family. just a big shoutout to the vegas stays? vegas but what if you left complete strangers that helped you. merry christmas. behind $300,000 in cash? a cab driver noticed the >> bye, girls. >> 27 minutes after the hour on cash in a back seat after dropping off a man. this christmas morning much when he opened it up, he coming up a little girl's letter to santa claus changing the life was shocked to find stacks of a total stranger too while granting her ultimate wish. of hundred dollar bills. they're live with their he turned it over to christmas miracle next. police. they were able to track down the rightful owner and we showed you how to cook up cops only saying the money the first chorus but don't belongs to a professional forget dessert. poker player. those are your news celebritily jay jackson is here headlines. to show off. >> immediately goes to lose that money at the bellagio. you've got to see. ♪
3:41 am
[ male announcer ] this is george. coming up, are you normal or nuts? the christmas edition. one husband loves his nativity scene so much that he wants too keep it up all year long. dr. ablow has his diagnosis on this guy next. >> plus jolly old saint nick live like you've never seen him before. he's taking the plunge to the bottom of the sea. santa is here as well, so the day building a play set begins with a surprisewinge of back pain... we're going to ask him how and a choice. does he do that. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief. santa scuba next. [ male announcer ] that's handy. ♪ ♪ ♪
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hi ♪ hi ♪(whistling tune) ♪("don't worry be happy") kelly: that's nice.
3:45 am
>> merry christmas to my dad and my parents. this is my dad. can't say enough. merry christmas to everyone i was home last week. and thanks for joining us at "fox & friends." we got to go on a great hike quick headlines for you. a virginia businessman under arrest accused of behind my house. attempting to ship dozens anna: you have his dimples. of weapons to lebanon. >> i'm a lucky guy. officials say sam gannon there is my mom and dad. kelly: i met your dad before. tried hiding weapons in car >> you met both of my parents. they talk about you. parts sent through a shipping company. they ask about you all the time. his accomplice an kelly: they're great. anna: we have senior producer undercover f.b.i. agent. international law bans such shipment and he faces now sean and his life lauren. five years in prison if that must be on the honeymoon. convicted. santa claus doesn't just travel by air. kelly: tucker carlson and his oh no, he travels by sea family. there you go much. too. anna: they are actually down in scuba santa taking some florida hanging out right now. time off from his toy run to take a dip in the >> producer marisa dunne and her florida keys. parents. marisa is one of the line who is normal and who producers. does a great job for us. is nuts? it's a question we all ask anna: head writer katy hague. ourselves every once in a while. kelly: writer ashley taylor and we all do. i guess it's a question her husband. that dr. keith ablow anna: that is a nice photo. answers every week. >> another one of our writers, he joins us now from anna maria and her family. boston. merry christmas to you, anna: that is what graduation
3:46 am
doctors. >> merry christmas. santa knows if you're normal or nuts. looks like. and i do too. husband lori weiner and her >> naughty or nice? husband zachary. normal or nuts? >> look at this. our first viewer says every brian kilmeade's kids. year my wife spends 15 brian, kristin and caitlin. hours setting unand >> brian, jr. >> did he send that in this decorating the christmas tree. morning? it always look sensational. looks like this morning. however each time she anna: it does. enters the den she has to rearrange ornaments on the >> merry christmas to the tree. is she normal or is she kilmeades. nuts, doctor? anna: somehow we managed to lure >> the key here is the word santa claus in. sensational. gave them gingerbread and normal. this woman is an artist. cookies. he had a long night and we have the christmas tree is her viewer questions for you santa. canvas. and i hope that she's toiling even now preparing kelly: betty asks santa, what for the kids to get up or for family to come over. does most clau is do while just celebrate with her because you know what? you're gone. >> she is getting dinner for me. you should have spent as much time selecting her we'll have ham and potato salad gift. >> that must be one big christmas tree. tonight. she will have a big cup of hot 15 hours. >> she's meticulous. cocoa when i get back. >> i feel like you need getting ever covered just right. >> here's another one that vegetables after last night. came in. it says my husband just >> i definitely do. told me he wants to keep need to eat a little more our nativity scene up all
3:47 am
healthy. anna: rebecca asked this, santa, year long. is this nuts? >> well, yes. did you get what you wanted for christmas? >> i sure did. i wanted everybody to have a healthy and merry christmas listen, we're talking about season and they have done that by getting their flu shot. a birthday that occurred on they're getting plenty of rest i christmas, december 25, not hope. they're washing their hand july 4. frequently, especially to while i understand the man may be moved by the christmas spirit, the "jingle bells." they're using disinfectant wipes christmas spirit must be concentrated on christmas to make sure everything is in order to maintain all of clean. kelly: cool. the mirth. anna: healthy santa. kelly: santa, how do you know but it's not the christmas things you do at what to get me every time if i never send you a letter? christmastime but the christmas thing you do all that is from bent ton. year through. >> that is, i have my helpers not the nativity scene all year -- i don't know. out there. i have plenty of elves watching, i suppose we'll give him a pass if you want, if you even though you don't send me a want to be my cocounselor but i'm going to talk to him about this. list but they let me know what >> maybe he's just lazy and you've been asking for or looking out when you grow to the toy stores. >> parents are good that way. doesn't want to put it up they help santa out maybe if the kid doesn't know how to write again. >> one last here, i look yet. anna: there you go. kelly: santa, thank you. forward to the holiday >> merry christmas, everyone. season all year long and now that it's just about anna: so we're asking everybody at home what is your favorite
3:48 am
over i feel sort of christmas song. depressed. everybody has a favorite. every year i fall into the i have a hard time narrowing it same funk. >> here's the nuance here. down but you've got one. >> i said this earlier. i think it's news to get i know this is little into that rut. inappropriate but i find a lot i'm going to try to lift of christmas music depressing. this person right out of that rut and say, listen, i heard other people say the if all you have is same thing. but i found this year a christmas, we've got to christmas song i've been obsessed with. there is show "orange is the new expand your repertoire of black on netflix. joy. go to disney. story about women in prison, make a big deal out of kind of tough characters. two of characters made a video, halloween. we've got to give you something else because this a christmas mash up. take a listen to this. one day as an antidepressant, that won't work. we've got to spread, as ♪ you've already said, the christmas joy all year. >> dr. keith ablow, thank ♪ "jingle bells", jingle all the you so much. everybody at home e-mail way. silent night, holy night, what a dr. keith ablow at fun it is to ride on a open >> if you plan on spending your christmas at the movies, stick around, kevin sleigh. >> you have to watch the whole thing. anna: i couldn't come up with mcarthy tells us which one. ones are worth your money. i love, "oh holy night." come >> this time of year it's important to remember those who defend our freedom. all yee faithful. very important. find out how you can help all the church hymns.
3:49 am
our wounded heroes coming this is funny one. up. >> speaking of our troops, listen to it. here's a special greeting from a service woman ♪ grandma got run over by a serving overseas. reindeer walking home from our house christmas eve ♪ >> hello. this is mary gatar from ♪ you can say there is no such thing as santa, but as for me cheyenne, wyoming, wishing and grandma we believe ♪ a warm holiday wishes and anna: the lyrics are so funny. merry christmas from bagra, she had hoof prints on her afghanistan, special love to my husband ken and son foreahead and incriminating claw marks. >> never paid attention. joseph. heart healthy, huh?! anna: i can't remember. we need to look that up. my grandma is okay. merry christmas, grandma. >> what is your favorite, kelly? kelly: the old mel tomorrow may ugh! actually progresso's soup classic, by gnat king cole, the has pretty bold flavor. i love bold flavors! i'd love it if you'd open the chute! christmas song. i thought we share that with [ male announcer ] progresso. you, how much we love the song. surprisingly bold flavor for a heart healthy soup. ♪ it's been said many times, many ways,, merry christmas,
3:50 am
merry christmas, merry christmas to you ♪ kelly: thanks to the maryland symphony orchestra doing that and inviting me to be part of that. anna: thank you for sharing that. i think we need to change ours. he should have gone first. >> or give voice lessons. kelly: really nice. i really loved doing that. but we've got so many emails coming from your guys about your favorite songs. how about this one from violet. violet says, my favorite christmas song, "o holy night." i love that song. it is a great song. gary says, mary, did you know, sung by a short time by the
3:51 am
choir is most beautiful christmastime. that choir was here earlier and they were phenomenal. we have mary tweeting "have a holly jolly christmas." we played that today from burl ives. we love that. rick, what else do you have. >> go to the holiday feast earlier. this is the best part of the holiday feast. we have chef jay jackson. you are a personal chef. you created an awesome meal for us this morning. >> i have a confession to make. sometimes i eat dessert first. anna: life isn't always fair. this is tuxedo cake. >> this is tuxedo moose cake. it is decadent. i will talk, you eat. enjoy. we have some classics. we have pecan pie. we have a little amareto cream for it on top. delicious. >> you put amaretto in there.
3:52 am
>> madagascar vanilla beans. we have cheesecake pops up front with "pop rocks" on top of it. anna: do they pop on your tongue? >> pop in your mouth. unexpected thing that -- anna: makes you want to try this one? >> i'm only person in america that doesn't like cheesecake. i'm sure it is amazing. >> you don't? we have sweet potato pies. we have southern roots. i don't do pumpkin but sweet potato pie. we have raspberry cake up front which is a candy cane cake of that is equally wonderful. we'll demonstrate this. this is apple cheesecake parfait. >> after i said i don't like cheesecake. >> we'll demonstrate that. very first step of that is cream well no rest for the box cheese. this is room temperature. offices this christmas as four we add sugar to that. movies are set to open today. we also add, we have some apple >> our own kevin mccarthy joins butter. add it to that.
3:53 am
we incorporate rate it all together. we don't have a blender here. us right now. get right to it. i will kind of skip over that. what are you looking at? what we end up is this delicious >> merry christmas to you all. mixture here. i will put you all to work. thank you for having me on the you have your little parfaits in show. the first is "the secret life of front of you. walter m imt thy". you have your little parfait cup. you squirt it in there. anna: do we need to layer? >> just load it up. he's taking on a classic short story from 1939 which was turned anna: first job was doing this into a movie from 1947. with ice cream. am i impressing everybody? this character works for a >> we have sauteed apples. we have cranberries. magazine and a photo is missing. we have walnuts. we have crumbled gram cracker it is the one that graces the last life magazine cover. crust. top it with the whip. >> i like everything else going the music choices are fan stast into this. >> add it on. anna: are these cherries? >> dried cranberries. and the last 30 minutes of this anna: oh, cranberries, makes no sense. >> this is no-bake recipe. film are great. the first hour and a half i had no bake. very simple. then you want to top it off with
3:54 am
the proverbial cherry on top a problem with it. which is roasted apple. i gave it a three and a half out >> is awesome. anna: how do you make that? of five. it is good for the family but >> just roast it with cinnamon more for the older kids. and brown sugar. >> i love roasted apple. i s i sat down with ben stiller. he jumps off of a bridge into a chef jackson. window and comes off of the this is awesome. great job. window i wanted to know how do >> merry christmas. >> the time of the year where we you shoot that? easily get caught up in shopping i sat down with him and here is and traffic and presents and up what he had to say. next father jonathan morris is >> one of the greatest moments is where you jump down into that around with the message of christmas. anna: we have singer leona lewis window. who do you shoot that shot? with a song off his christmas >> yeah, well the idea was to album. first a special greeting from our troops overseas. >> hi, this is specialist hannah make it feel like one shot. but it is a lot of different aikens, serving with the 100 elements. going in it started off on a first airborne division in real subway platform and it bagram, afghanistan. want to wish the aiken and hitt family in new york. transitions into ron outdoor merry christmas and happy new year. love you all. can be tough. platform with the green screen and he jumps into the window and
3:55 am
then we take up the shot. and then it is like three or four different elements. >> i was freaking out. i loved that shot so much. >> he was trying to escape life from his nagging wife or something. is it still the case in the movie. which he thinks are real and he ends up going on an adventure. a man who falls in love with a romantic interest with an operating system. scarlet johansson is all done through voice work. it is one of my favorite movies
3:56 am
of the year. spike jones, and in a time period where there were so many seek quells and prequells. i highly recommend seeing it. scarlet johansson, there was an academy award nomination. just because she was doing a voice part, i gave it a four and a half out of five and i will be back to talk about "grudge match". >> remind us real quick about the other ones. >> my other ones were captain phill phillips and mr. banks. >> if you are still not finished with your shopping, well, don't worry it is not too late. up next we have the last minute no, no, no. what do you mean she's not coming? when's the fairy princess coming?
3:57 am
gifts. >> plus it has been a busy night any minute now. announcer: but when you're willing to do anything... ahhh... for santa. but he is making one more stop it is i, gru-zinkerbell. right here in here. yay! ok, time for cake. announcer: it's always worth it. who, w i know it's really you, gru. ♪ santa claus is coming to i'm just pretending for the other kids. town ♪ announcer: the smallest moments can have the biggest impact picking him up and holding him against me. on a child's life. it wasn't just about me anymore. i had to quit. take time to be a dad today. call 877-4-dad-411 or visit [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven o help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. chantix didn't have nicotine in it, and that was important to me. [ male aouncer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal tughts or action while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which uld get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a seris allergic or skineaction to it. if you develop these, stop antix and see your doctor right away, as some coue life threatening. tell your docto if you have a history of heart or blood vessel problems, r if you develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have mptoms of a heart attack or stroke.
3:58 am
use caution when driving or opating machinery. common side effectslude nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. ♪ i had to qt smoking to keep up with this guy. kelly: can't stop saying enough merry christmas to all of you. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chanti is right for you. as families are unwrapping gifts even now as we speak and preparing to dig into a christmas feast, it can be easy to forget the true meaning of this very special holiday. anna: here with his christmas message is fox news contributor father jonathan morris. good morning and merry christmas. >> you know my christmas message is just the christmas message. let me try to explain it in this way. i was thinking about this earlier, how to explain it even to somebody who is not a christian. we recognize things are not exactly right in the world, whether it necessary our relationships, whether it is in the world. the conflict both in our personal lives and also in, in political life and in the strife. today, for example, 37 christians killed in iraq by nasty, evil of human beings. we recognizeing is not right. that is the result, in the
3:59 am
christian faith, we see that as a result of sin and abuse of our freedom. god knowing that we've done this, abused the freedom he has given to us, i'm going to give you a second chance because i love you so much. and how did he do that? he came in the form of a baby to say, even though you're fearful of me, of my goodness, of my truth, i'm going to show you what it's like to have me close. and what greater form than a baby? do you mind if i read very quickly, just two verses from the christmas story? anna: sure. >> this is the angels who appeared to the wise men and says this. the wise men are terrified, like we are sometimes when we hear the voice of our conscience or god. they were terrified but the angel said, do not be afraid. look, i bring you this news of great joy. a joy to be heard by the whole people. today in the town of david a savior has been born to you. he is christ the lord. here is a sign, this is how
4:00 am
we'll end it. here is a sign for you. imagine god giving as you sign, the type of sign he gives us. you will find a baby wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger. anna: a manger among all of the animals. in the video we were showing earlier this morning of pope francis, showing the humility himself, normally an aid does hey there and good morning this part of the ritual on christmas and bringing the merry christmas everybody. replica of baby jesus there to the people's pope. the manger. he also mentions that shepherds pope francis delivering a special christmas greating. were the first ones to hear the news of baby jesus' birth. to tens of thousands in vatican >> yeah. anna: what does that mean for us today? >> it means for us there is city. >> they are home for the possibility of heaven. holidays. imagine heaven, hard to imagine some of america's heros what it will look like or feel like but imagine everyone of reuniting with their families your relationships were healed?d overnight. coming up, we will tell you how you can help your wounded being unafraid of who we are and being in absolute unity with god warriors. >> have you fallen victim to and with each other. and when we see the shepherds, this?
4:01 am
>> great gifts i got one for tim as you mentioned, anna, very watley for christmas. simple people. coming and kneeling down >> who sent you that one. tim watley. simplest form of human nature >> some of you did. that is a baby. imagine us in heaven. how to handle the regifter. that is the message of how to handle those moments. christmas. we ask for forgiveness. "fox and friends" it starts we begin again. there is hope for eternal life right now. where every tear will be wiped away. kelly: what i hear, god rest ye ♪ merry gentlemen, nothing you dismay for christ our savior was born this christmas day. >> that's exactly right. ♪ jingle, jingle, jingle i'm driving to ohio, to get home to be with family. kelly: drive safely. up next, leona lewis, performs a ♪ jingle, jingle, jingle grand new song off her christmas album. ♪ jingle, bells you won't want to miss eown that. ♪ ♪ ♪ jingle bells jingle all the way oh what fun it is to ride in a one horsed open sleigh ♪
4:02 am
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4:03 am
>> it is time to check in with santa claus. he is with us after a long night of delivering presents. >> hey, santa, we had somebody tweet us. this is fred and he said why didn't you eat any of the roast beef i left for you. >> i'm sorry i was looking for the cookies. i wasn't sure if that sandwich was for me. >> i had no idea if that was for me. did you enjoy the cookies? >> they were delicious and you did leave me enough milk that i did wash it down. boy, they were good. thank you. >> we got this message on facebook. it is really cold out there and
4:04 am
how do you stay so warm and jolly? chocolate on the sleigh and of course as you can see, i wear my winter outfit and i do wear long johns underneath and i stay nice and warm. >> if you have any questions for santa you can e-mail us at fox a >> he is still looking daper. no soot from the chimney? >> how about you guys? we have some of the best memories from our families? >> what is your favorite present? >> i was obsessed with soccer boppers. >> i remember writing it on my list to santa claus. they were like boxing gloves. i had two older brothers.
4:05 am
but i loved them judge we have a commercial. conwe ro can we roll that? >> okay. >> here it is. ♪ better than a pillow fight. kelly: once again, quick headlines for you. a colorado skier lucky to be >> blow them up put your hand inside. >> you guys were killing each alive after getting trapped for four hours following a over. >> when they asked what was your avalanche. it happened while the 22-year-old was skiing with a favorite present, that is what brother and a friend. he says he is grateful that his came to my mind. head didn't get buried and that >> it gave me a couple of extra they were able to dig him out. and a little girl's letter inches of distance from them. to santa changing the life of a >> mine was a bike that was total stranger. joy and her kindergarten class pink. >> i said i want a bike thitz sent christmas wishes to santa by attaching them to balloons but it didn't quite make it to the north pole. terry harden, found it, contact pink. >> i had a bike and i had ad local radio station and made several bikes but the bike that her wish come true. i got a went out and fell on my >> the first phone call we got head. was from meteorologist at navy >> what? who analyzed the weather >> and flipped over the handle currents and air currents of the
4:06 am
bars and hit my head. day before to try to help us i think that is what is wrong proximate the location that the with me today and then the other balloons were launched from. gifts that i like. kelly: isn't that cool? i like my sons to give me a hard dep says the experience brought him peace because joy madden football game. >> we want to know what your was also his deceased mother's name. favorite gifts are. wow. >> very cool. tweet us, e-mail us, facebook as a weatherman i love that story. she is a multiplatinum singer, us. >> kelly right. songwriter, spreading holiday >> send us your pictures so we can see what your house looks cheer with her first christmas like. >> how is the weather looking? album, with love. anna: here is fiona lewis. >> there is quite a bit of white with "one more sleeve." area out there. look at this video out there. >> ♪ love is all around us, my big problems out of maine. it has been four days now since baby is coming home for this storm went through there. christmas ♪ maine has 80,000 people without ♪ i've been up all night inside my bedroom, he said he will be power. it is cold out there. so very rough go of it. me real soon ♪ here are your temps you can see ♪ and i wait, and i wait, but
4:07 am
i've had as much as i can take ♪ cool air has settled in around the country. the area around the east is ♪ four more days until you are without power. there you go. there is the map we had know coming home ♪ move across the area last night. we'll be under the mistletoe, parts of oklahoma waking up to a two more reasons why i love you so ♪ white christmas. ♪ five more nights before you're people are heading home after next to me ♪ the holiday. four more days to of being temps moddrate a little bit. lonely ♪ three more weeks since i if i super cold this morning. i had a special dress i walked could make it through christmas outside and i said i'm wearing then it is all okay ♪ long receives today. super chilly here in new york. we have a new stories we want to ♪ it's almost here tell you about. pope francis wrapping up his ♪ one more day message. the popular pope delivering the ♪ one more day blessing from the same balcony where he was introduced to the yeah. ♪ rocking around the christmas world months ago. tree, until i got you sitting
4:08 am
calling for love around the next to me ♪ world. and showing more evidence of the ♪ we got a lot of kissing up to humility of his papalcy. he carried a statue himself of do and and when i see you ♪ the baby to the manger. ♪ four more nights on my own, four more days, three more he noted that the first to receive news of the baby's birth trees, mistletoe, i can't believe i ever let you go ♪ were the shepherds were considered outcasts. ♪ on my own >> we want to go to what is happening in bethlehem. that is the biblical birthplace the i'm on my own ♪ of jesus christ where thousands are gathered celebrate the ♪ if i can make it through christmas ♪ birthplace of jesus. is it festive? ♪ it will be one more, it will be one more ♪ >> reporter: well, good morning. and merry christmas from here in
4:09 am
bethleh ♪ one more christmas bethlehem. christians have flocked here to ♪ oh the the the celebrate. there were families out having a good time enjoying the fess sifities in the manger square. the focus turned toward midnight mass. the leader of the catholic church here led the midnight mass. he also prayed for peace here in the palestinian on going conflict. asking for an equitable resolution. the spot where christians believe mary gave birth to jesus. it is needed serious renovations
4:10 am
for the last decade now. the roman catholic the greek orthodox. they have planned to do $20 million worth of renovations there. they have gone in and seen repairs there. given the nature of everything here in the middle east. they have fought over the renovations of the nativity this has been seen of a sign of good things to come in the region. we'll take that. good sign of the region. >> ten minutes after the hour now, this just in. new video of the taliban hitting the compound the embassy says all americans are accounted for and no one was hurt. overnight cruise ship passengers
4:11 am
waiting to be rescued after their ship became stuck in ice. the ship sent out a distress call early today and sense then three ships were sent into help break the ice. there are 74 people onboard and no injuries have been reported. houston you have yourself a new pope module. during a 7.5 hour christmas eve space walk. operations should be rueturning no normal. brave men and women return home for the holidays. soldiers were greeted from their loved ones. one soldier meeting his newborn for the first time. surprise in ar aizona when 90
4:12 am
national guardsmen returned a whole month early. can you imagine coming home and meeting your kid for the first time? it happens often. >> it is a merry christmas from the ups one day late. oops. why your christmas gifts may not have made it under the tree this morning. find out how you can help r our wounded heros next. here is a special greeting from a serviceman serving overseas. >> thank you so much for sending >> i want to say happy holidays in your christmas morning to my family in fort campbell, pictures. we have santa on the couch with kentucky. and give a shout out to my us. >> i am a little scarred today. friends and family members oklahoma. i miss you and hope to see you soon. your after christmas deals you
4:13 am
can get tomorrow -- >> merry christmas, everyone. >> another day and another obamacare extension. the white house is adjusted the deadline again for everyone who wants coverage on the first. >> and you came from jeruslelem from where it started.
4:14 am
4:15 am
4:16 am
here with a way to support our troops is bill white. joined by retired u.s. army sergeant bill engert. thank you for getting up with us. bill, you have done a great job of keeping our troops in mind over a long time. how long? over 13 years now in war and still with people coming back. we have people coming back and they need our help. >> trying to find a job, the
4:17 am
basics you have been away out of the job market for ten years. >> sam was involved in an ied explosion. that is the signature of this war. brain injury activity. it is christmas and jesus christ came to give of himself for others and was willing to die on that cross for others. this is an interesting parallel for us today. sam was willing to serve for our country and it is the time to give. so why don't we give to the most n noble cause for our country. so well said. i know you do a lot of work with wounded warriors and operation mend. >> they are out of ucla and that is for the most wounded that have suffered really bad burns. badly disfigured young men and
4:18 am
women and there are plastic surgeons there that are completely repairing their faces at no cost with the best doctors in the world and we have done almost 200 surgeries. some of these kids wanted to commit suicide. >> i love that your e-mails that end in higher event. >> sam, you have been helped by wounded warrior project. tell me what it has done for you. >> i want to say the last two or three years now going on four strong years i have been an alumni soldier. it was a cool logo with a fairly cool name. but a few years to get independe
4:19 am
integrated into it. and they have helped me adjust into the normal social ranks in society and be okay with talking to people and discussing the story and being able to preveved be okay now. >> you are four years out from your accident how is life now? >> i have enabled myself. it has broadened my horizons. i have been able to keep myself motivated. this are always events such as the tough mudder event. opportunities out there and the resources that they give. also not only with the warrior, but they have fully independent greated themselves involving themselves with the family them slefz an the care givers that also want to help.
4:20 am
>> yes. >> sam, sergeant, anger, thank you very much merry christmas to you. >> write a check for these amazing warriors and help them today. >> we'll tweet out a couple of great organizations. merry christmas from ups a day later? your gifts might not be under the tree this morning. if you need a gift, maybe it is not too late. last minute gives you probably didn't think of. ♪ i know you fool me again ♪ last christmas i giave you my heart but the very next day you gave it away ♪ ♪ this year you save me from tears i'll give it to someone special ♪ ♪
4:21 am
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4:24 am
how about 60%? that is how many people claim they are happy to receive gift cards as presents. $100. that is how a man dressed as santa handed out $100 for the sake of spreading joy and christmas cheer? >> did you forget to get somebody a gift? don't worry there are still some stores that are open. it is christmas morning. we have lee morris to give us ideas on last minute gifts.
4:25 am
i have something from each store that is open. we are starting at the drug store. something for that guy in your life. maybe your dad or brother. the dove men plus grooming kit. it has products for your face, skin and hair. and this conair two blade cutting system. put them both together in this nice gift bag and wrap them up. and this is ten and that is $25. you have a women's version of the same. same thing tore the women. olay cleansing system. and the bombshell covergirl masc mascara. >> the liquor stores are open. that is great. i got a win bucket at the store and three bottles of las rocas.
4:26 am
and this wine canvas from the drug store and last night $3. and then i have wine accessories as well. >> it pays to be a pro cras ti tiinator at times. >> i have the mccallin 15. and we have the cherry oak 18 which has nodes of dried fruit. this is $80 and this is $150. it is last minute so you better be spending some money. and grocery stores are open until 3:00 or 4:00 today. i have something for the coffee lover in your house. i got these cute mugs and put some bags of 8:00 coffee. and here i have some muff fins
4:27 am
and kind bars. they are grain and chilly almond. movie lover. we put snacks and you kcan buy gift card and pop chips and they are perfect for the movie night. if you decide you don't want to go to the store buy something online. buy an e-gift card and sometimes people guy an amazon gift card. this is a nature box you buy them a three, six or 12 month subscription. this is nutritionist approved. and you can have it emailed to them. and they figure out when to redeem it.
4:28 am
>> great ideas. >> a real life grinch stealing their presents and their puppy too. >> plus, the day is about faith, family and food. celebrity chef here with how to make the perfect christmas feast. wisest kid, am i forgetting something? no holiday's complete without campbell's green bean casserole. wish you were here. ♪ [ doorbell ] [ gasps ] ♪ [ gong ] [ wisest kid ] m'm! m'm! good! ♪
4:29 am
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powerful nighttime 6-symptom cold & flu relief. [laughing] [message beep] [tires screeching]
4:32 am
we are letting staffers give shout outs to their families. that one is me. the guy that looks like mccally cullkin he is the groom there. >> co anchor heather childers. >> and there you go, angsley air heart and her husband.
4:33 am
>> nice looking couple. >> oh man. something is not right. andrew murray's friend. enjoying her favorite fox and friends teddy bear. and our producer laurie weiner and her new baby and their dog. great picture. and samantha hoenig. she celebrates hanukkah. and our head writer. kelly kelly kelly kelly kelly kelly kramer. >> i thought you were stuck. >> and production assistant alley cordy. >> and one of our writers nicole pagano. >> i want to say pagano. >> so we are talking about our
4:34 am
favorite christmas songs. i couldn't pick mine. >> i have so many. >> which one did you pick? >> um, i don't want to go first because mine is so silly. ♪ grandma got run over by a reindeer ♪ >> she had hoof prints on her forehead and incriminating paw prints on her back. >> we had the him on our show. ♪ grandma got run over by a reindeer walking home from our house christmas eve ♪ ♪ you can say there's no such thing as santa but as for me and grandpa we believe ♪ >> i have a confession here, i know there are people who agree with me on this.
4:35 am
but it is not the most popular comment opchristmas morning. i find a lot of christmas music depressing. when you live far away from your par aren parents and where you grew up, if you watch two of the characters that play prisoners came up with this song. this is my obsession. you must watch this. ♪ single bells jingle all the way silent night, holy night ♪ ♪ oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh ♪ >> i will tweet that and it is catchy and happy and bright. >> my song will down you then. i like those -- christmas song
4:36 am
nat king cole. >> which one is the christmas song? >> chestnuts roasting on an open fire. this guy an sing ♪ although it's been said many times many ways merry christmas merry christmas, merry christmas to you ♪ >> wow. [ applause ] >> i might have a new christmas favorite song. >> that was with the maryland
4:37 am
symphony orchestra. very, very nice people down there in hagerstown, maryland. >> that song makes you want to hug someone. >> thank you, though. >> we have more stories making headlines we want to tell you about. new things to tell you about the warning for target customers. the retailer is telling shoppers to watch out for scam e-mails that put over 40 million credit and debit cards in the hands of crim males. this coming as we learn those hackers managed to steal encrypted pin numbers. ups failing to get packages out due to bad weather and an overloaded system. all hands are on deck it is unknown how many packages are
4:38 am
delayed. real life grinch breaks into a home stealing presents including the new family puppy. thanks to police, the family will have presents they chipped into buy gifts. each gift was delivered in the middle of the night and signed by santa claus. those are your headlines. >> the three big f's around christmas time and we have good food. here are tips to make your meal one for the memory book. celebrity chef g jackson is here to tell us what you got. this table looks amazing and i'm getting hungry. good morning and happy holidays. >> tell us about your first thing right now. >> for me, when i make up and i
4:39 am
think about christmas i think about my grandmother. i make the things that reflect my childhood. i take them and put creative spins on them. she loved beats. we have a beat and light, simp way to start. >> is that arugala there? >> that is. this looks incredible >> this right here has been known to start some fights. it is the best of both worlds. it is mac and cheese and yams. it is a sue fouffle. >> enjoy. it is delicious and then here we have i like breakfast for dinner sometimes. it is a dinner hash.
4:40 am
every time i have an opportunity to bacon in something i go for it. it has bacon and leaks and grierre. >> there is something crazy. raise your hand if you love bacon. high five, high ten and high fifteen. we are going to do a stuffed pork loin wrapped in bacobacon. we are going to loadup. we want to make our canvas. i want to take a break. we want to add flavor upon flavor. spices, it is a combination of paprika, shocked chip woods, oregano, it smells wow. and then we'll add the frieblen
4:41 am
onions and celery everything that you do you want to put love into it. and a bread crumb panko and some regular toasted bread and cherries. you can do dried cherries. load it up. and then you are horolling this into something. this is candied lime. this is different. put that in there and then we are going to load it up and make it all one happy family. a very simple way to do this is to plan ahead. one simple way is to put down the parchment paymeper.
4:42 am
roll it up. and then it looks like this. we will be back and tell us about dessert. >> merry christmas to you. coming up have you fallen victim to this? >> these things make great gifts i got one from tim wattly for christmas. >> tim wattly. who sent you that one. >> tim wattly. >> how to handle the regifter and those awkward moments. we know which airline has the worst food. ♪
4:43 am
♪ i know they say you can't go home again ♪ ♪ ♪ i just had to come back one last time ♪ ♪ ♪ you leave home, you move on [ squeals ] ♪ andou do the best you can ♪ i got lostin this o♪ ♪ and forgot who i am
4:44 am
4:45 am
♪ grew up in a small town and when the rain would fall down ♪ ♪ i would pray ♪ i'll spread my wings and i'll learn how to fly ♪ i'll do what it takes till i touch the sky ♪ ♪ i gotta take a risk, take a chance, make a change, and break away ♪
4:46 am
hey merry christmas it is quarter til the hour now. remember this scene? >> these things make great gifts i just got one of those for tim wattly for christmas. >> tim wattly? >> who sent you that one? >> tim wattly. he sent it as a thank you for my super bowl tickets. >> i think this is the same one i gave him. >> he recycled this gift. >> he's a regifter. >> i think he have all been there. sometimes what is inside just isn't what we were hoping for. etiquette expert is here with the low down. good morning. great to see you. let's hit that one first. what are the rules of regifting. that example is what you don't
4:47 am
want to do. make sure it is rewrapped and we have an example here. something given to me with my name on it. take this off. there you go. this is for you. and then it is not something you are just trying to get rid of. sometimes if they are bad for us they will be bad for everybody. always say thank you. >> okay here we are it is christmas morning and you are opening presents. make sure you are gracious in the moment. >> some people are bad. >> they are like thank you. >> fake it. >> your words have to be saying the same thing. >> don't insult. the worst thing that anyone can hear is what were you thinking? >> he have spent the last 30 days looking for the last gift
4:48 am
for these people. spend your hard earned time and money and give it a second. we go i don't understand that. for example, the chia pet. it is not something that was on your list and there may be a private joke there waiting. give it a second and wait for it and then the better present to come. try it on. >> right, maybe you hate it and you know there is no way that you are going to wear this again. at least put it on in the moment so that the person that gave it to you will give it to you. and then you decide to keep it. give the person the joy of seeing you wear it. honesty is best if you don't like the gift. some families have a relationship where anything goes. you can say what you want and it won't matter. if you don't have that find of
4:49 am
relationship don't so maybe with the boss somebody you just met let them leave thinking that you are super happy. >> mr. manners thank you so much. >> 48 minutes after the hour coming up a little girl's letter to santa claus turns into a christmas miracle dow it impacted the life of the total ve stranger that found it. but the show choir performs a holiday favorite next. ♪ ♪ go tell it on the mountain ♪ over the hills and everywhere ♪ ♪ go tell it on the mountain
4:50 am
♪ that jesus christ is born
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
is ♪ we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year ♪ >> their spirit and sound has won them acclaim at national show choir competitions. we got to hear them sing "sinjie bells". thank you for being here today. i have been watching all of the kids and these are so i mean it is such a disciplined group of
4:54 am
kids. i see the way you keep them in line. they are walking and paying attention to you. something about music. >> it brings out the energy and the unit and love. it is incredible. can we have you sing? >> all right merry christmas. ♪ ♪ mary did you know that your baby boy would one day walk on water ♪ ♪ mary did you know that your baby boy would save our sons and daughters ♪ ♪ did you know that your baby
4:55 am
boy has come to make you new ♪ ♪ and this child that you delivered will soon deliver you ♪ ♪ mary did you know ooh ♪ the blind will see, the deaf will hear, the dead will live again ♪ ♪ the lame will leap, the dumb will speak the praises of the lamb ♪ ♪ mary did you know that your
4:56 am
baby boy was lord of all creation ♪ ♪ mary did you know that your baby boy would one day rule the nation ♪ ♪ did you know that your baby boy was heaven's perfect lamb ♪ ♪ and that sleeping child you're holding is the great i am ♪ mary did you know ♪
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good morning it is wednesday the 25th of december, 2013, merry christmas. millions of people around the globe celebrate iing the birth christ. we will share it with you ahead. >> and a balloon carrying a little girl's christmas wish. lands in the hands of a man connected to her. how they both found christmas. >> we are asking what is your favorite christmas movie and revealing our own picks. "fox and friends" the third hour
5:01 am
starts right now >> hello this is the grinch and you are watching "fox and friends". ♪ ♪ jingle bell, jingle bell rock jingle bells swing and jingle bells ring ♪ ♪ snowing and blowing up bushels of fun ♪ >> we are rocking out at 48th and 6th. in midtown manhattan. thank you for keeping us company. >> it is our pleasure to be here. merry christmas to one at all. hope you are having a good time as you enjoy each other. >> amazingly, we have santa claus. we got him and he has been here all morning long and you are answering e-mails and messages from our viewers. we have this e-mail from jeanette. she says how do you stay so clean after jumping down those
5:02 am
chimneys and flying through the sleigh. how do you stay so clean through the chimneys and the soot? >> i have changed before i come down here. i'm yusually not so clean. at the homes i leave a mess. sometimes i leave some wipes to clean up. >> a second suit. that makes sense. >> we got an e-mail from gina and she is asking do you go on vacation now or do you start making toys for next year? >> i will go on vacation for about a month we shut the workshop down but we will start it back up in february. it is never too early to send me your list for next year. >> i wanted to ask santa what is
5:03 am
his favorite cookie. thank you. >> i guess she is trying to bribe you with better gifts for next year. >> my favorite would be chocolate chip. sugar cookies. peanut butter cookies. any kind of cookie. >> ginger bread the best too ho, ho, ho. >> santa, thank you. he will be here for the rest of the morning. you can tweet us or message us on facebook. >> we had asked people to send us your fipictures of what why house looks like this morning. one of our senior producers and his two sons at the tree this morning. such good kids. >> how about this?
5:04 am
>> they got their kids some books. >> zach in knoxville's present is his new bike. >> and histive ra favorite pres his new granddaughters. >> e-mail us your pictures and tweet us. and let me add on thanksgiving day we had shaheed bogarty here. he was homeless and his present is a new home. so that is a pretty cool thing. as a result of a great segment. that is awesome. >> it is not much of the country seeing a white christmas this morning but the weather is having a chilly effect on many
5:05 am
of the states. this is out of michigan. all of the power lines down. we are four days since we had this ice storm go through there. 180,000 people without power and it is cold across the area. certainly no christmas lights that is not what you want. you want heat. and there are shelters set up. let's show you what is going on. it is cold up there. there is a break in the temperatures coming this week for about the next four days. across the areas of upstate new york and vermont and new hampshire and maine, that is where the cold air is. zero right now in burlington. there is snow on the ground. but this is where you are seeing the white christmas. for the most part the day not looking bad. if you are traveling home, no
5:06 am
big storms which is great. no big problems across the airports. so we are looking pretty good for your return trip home. the only silver lining with the now power on christmas is that you snuggle up to stay warm. hopefully you have a puppy dog or honey. >> earlier this morning pope francis delivered this first christmas day message to the pontiff. >>. [ speaking in italian ] >> my hope is that everyone will feel god's closeness and live in his presence and love him and adore him. >> the popular new pope delivering the traditional blessing from the same balcony where he was introduced to the world nine months ago. calling for love around the world and showing evidence of
5:07 am
his humility. during the service he carried a statue of the baby jesus to the area himself. he noted that the first to receive news of jesus' birth whereshepherds. in bethlehem thousands are gathering celebrate christmas. this morning our own coner powell is celebrating. >> good morning and merry christmas. few places around the world if any do christmas lake they do in bethlehem. they papped it off with a large parade with 20 different groups
5:08 am
and the latin patriarch made the journey from here to jerusalem. he is a palestinian descent. he offered prayers for the conflict in the middle east and also for the israeli palestinian conflict here. he hoped that there would be' resolution to the on going conflict here. it is a prayer from groups that are here around the region guys. back to you. thank you, conner. thank you. >> what a great thing to be able to be in bethlehem. i want to be here next year. >> all right, so today a lot of people ripping into the christmas presents and having a big breakfast. we have our favorites how about you? >> my favorite is rudolph.
5:09 am
it plays on tv every year. it is a 1964 when this was made. look at a clip. >> hey, what do you say we both be independent together huh? >> you wouldn't mind my red nose? >> not if you don't mind me being a dentist. >> it is a deal. >> we're a couple of miss fits what's the matter with miss fit. >> that thing seems like it is three hours long. it is an hour. >> didn't burl ives do the narration and sang those songs. >> yeah. >> mine i like the home alone movies. home alone 2 where he is lost in new york and he gets on the wrong plane and left to deal
5:10 am
with the bandits again. >> lock my door. one, two -- three. merry christmas you filthy an ma. and a happy new year. >> the creativity that this kid has to have. >> it is a great cast and if i had a favorite movie it would be miracle on 34th street. the original. i still love that classic movie. so why don't you give us some of your favorite movies as well. >> we got a few of your favorites. deborah said family man with nicholas cage. i don't think i ever saw that movie. >> robert said ever since i was a child i'm 72 years old it has
5:11 am
been dicken's a christmas carole. >> and hands down it's a wonderful live says russell. >> that is one of the classics. >> we don't have a bell ringing so ding dong. we have some news stories making headlines. we have a fox news alert. >> 37 people are dead and nearly 60 people injured. both attacks targeting christians in baghdad. shortly afterward a car bomb explodes near a church. no group claiming responsibility yet. >> in another fox news alert the
5:12 am
taliban targeting a u.s. embassy in kab umtul. no one was hurt. >> houston, you have yourself a new pump module. two astronauts completing urgent repairs during a christmas eve space walk. operations should be returning to normal in a new days. >> u.s. soldier giving his mother the best present ever. >> christmas for me is family. so it changes everything for me. army specialist travis rugerro sent his mom a card at work. until he shows up dressed as santa claus. he has been deployed for the past nine months. >> good for him. nothing other than a mother's
5:13 am
love. >> i would lose it if i had a kid that showed up like that. >> another warning for target shoppers out there. how thieves are trying to get their hands on their personal information. and a mother sharing hour kinder ga garteners putting christ back into christmas and a message from our troops. >> i'm special turner with the 101st air bourn division air assault. >> merry christmas and happy new year's. i would like to wish my parents a happy 24th anniversary i will be home soon. air assault. the citi thankyou preferred card. now earn 2x the points on entertainment, with no annual fee. go to
5:14 am
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5:17 am
merry christmas to you. too often we hear stories about christ being taken out of christmas. this is something that he is rejoined by the best selling author how "moment s guide your surgeo surge journey". >> tell me how you witnessed this christmas event. divine alignment are the things that cause us to be in the right moments in the right time. >> this is a major god wink.
5:18 am
>> there are no coincidences. tell me about this miracle stance that took place. >> this happened 15 years ago when my son was in kindergarten. this public school was doing a winter pageant. i had to work the night of his performance. his teacher said you can come in and come to the dress rehearsal in the morning. we are doing everything and shopping and baking and we tend to loz sight. i was heried and on the floor were the grades of children getting ready to practice for the show. and my son's class rose to perform first christmas love. i was surprised that they used the word christmas but they did. each child was to hold up a
5:19 am
letter. a child would shoehold up to a letter when they got to the girl with the m she was off her mark and the audience of children she turns the m upside down and it comes out christ was love. you are saying that was divine alignment. >> at a time when we are worrying about a war on christmas here was a child to hold the letter that way to give a message to this multiple tie tasking mom. >> we need to open our eyes and to allow them and in my book "divine alignment" i talk about the 7 steps that you can use to
5:20 am
take control of all of the god winks that are going to unfold in the new year. >> that is quite a story to tell as well. she probably wasn't aware of it but look at the message that came forward in this season that is what it is about love. this story went around the globe. i mean it was just an amazing story. >> i want to thank you both for sharing that story. we can get more information on your story. up next on the rundown, she planned to check out the christmas light display. the romantic surprise that will change her life forever and a little girl's letter. changing the life of a total stranger while granting her a wish they join us as well to share their christmas miracle. ♪ gonna way is the blue bird
5:21 am
here to stay is the new bird ♪ ♪ he sings a love song as we go along walking in a winter wonderland ♪ ♪ in the meadow we can build a snowman and pretend ♪ of chicken noodle soup from campbell's. ♪ let it snow, let it snow [ male announc ] your eyes. even at a distance of 10 mis... the length 146 football fields... they can see the light of a single candle. your eyes are amazing. look after them with centrum silver. multivitamins with lutein and vitamins a, c, and e
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5:24 am
spending chris nas day waiting to be rescued after their ship gets stuck. three ships have been sent to break the surrounding ice. there are 74 people onboard and no injuries have been reported. if your post holiday travel plans are on spirit airlines you
5:25 am
may want to pack your own snack. >> 20 minutes after the hour. five-year-old joy and her kindergarten class sent christmas weshs to santa claus by attaching them to balloons. he saw the letter shared the same name as his mother. >> oh boy. you got what you wanted. >> joining us now an employee of the u.s. navy and 5-year-old joy
5:26 am
delarosa and we have the radio talkshow host mike slate ter who helped it all come together. who is that you have in your hand? >> ariel. >> that is the gift she wanted. swr >> terry, tell me what happened when you noticed this red balloon. >> i was standing outside waiting for my wife to pick me up and i see this red balloon falling and it lands in my parking lot and i had to investigate it and i picked it up and i read the note. and it was so adorable it was from a girl age five wanting a mermaid from joy. it put a chill up my spine. it was associated with my mom.
5:27 am
>> you weren't on the best terms with her and you thought it was a sign? >> yes, i did. i thought it was time for me to heal. >> you want to get in touch with them and you were trying to do so. you get in touch with mike. >> it was wonderful terry's wife put the picture on our facebook page we said let's do this and try to find joy and her class. we put the call out. the first phone call we got was from a meteorologist from the navy who anlized the weather currents who tried to help us narrow down the location that the balloons were launched from. and we decided to buy presents and make all the wishes for all the kids come true.
5:28 am
>> what are the odds of all this happening. when this came together, what are you thinking about and as far as what is going on in your daughter's class? >> it was your pricingly amazing. at first we didn't know about it until mrs. -- trying to call us wednesday night but i wasn't able to get that message. the next day thursday they were planning to give away toys to the classroom already. and that is the time we learned about it and my husband dropped off joy to the school and came to my work and told me everything about it. i was like it is amazing and i have a tear in my eyes when i heard about the name of my child is almost it is the same astery's mom's name. the late joy. >> defying all probability that
5:29 am
this is happening. >> is this bringing you closure if you been able to make peace with your mother now? >> absolutely. this has helped me to talk to santa and helping to give his gift to joy has helped me in the process. >> thank you so much for sharing your story. thank you all, merry christmas. >> joy and joy that little mermaid doll. 29 minutes after the hour. coming up jingle bells didn't always go by that name. do you know what it was called. we are putting you to the test. put on that thinking cap. the administration delays the law again. what it means for you we are live coming up. i'm nathan and i quit smoking with chantix.
5:30 am
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and unusual dreams. i had to qt smoking to keep up with this guy. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chanti is right for you.
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♪ on the first day of christmas my true love sent to me ♪ >> it is burl ives. >> that is a long song. >> i get it mixed up. we have great pictures of our staff. there is clayton and natalie morris and their two beautiful kids. >> and production assistant and his family. you see them right there. nice and warm. >> and we have writer matt leach and his family. >> and megan mcdonald and her family. merry michristmas to you. >> sporting the christmas gear there. production assistant sara sonnick and heather and their sons gauge and and peter. >> we have such a great staff
5:35 am
here and they don't get any kind of recognition. >> it is nice to see them. >> and a big than ks to everyone that came in today. >> thank you for in and working hard. and for all of you who are at home and enjoying this. great, enjoy and don't go back to work yet okay? >> we are testing your knowledge. we are going to do some christmas trivia here. >> we didn't do very well the last time. >> for the record i was talking to santa claus and he said they were easy questions. >> santa knows these things. >> he knows all. literally. >> i'm not going to equate him to god but he knows a little bit of something something. >> here is the first one, in "christmas vacation" what was he going to buy with his bonus check? >> it was a swimming pool.
5:36 am
>> you are correct. was a swimming pool. >> all right here is the next o one. was it a wonderful life, and miracle on 34th street. >> i have to go with c. >> and the correct answer. back to a. love it. >> so what was the original title of jingle bells for what holiday was it written? was it dashing through the snow or jingle bells for christmas or one horse open sleigh for thanksgiving? jud >> c. >> next one, christmas tree lights were first used in what
5:37 am
year? >> they candles on the tree. >> can you imagine the fires? >> i'm going with 1895. >> i'll say 1925. >> 1895 is the right answer. >> all right here is the last one. this one is fill in the blanks. i saw mommy blanking santa claus. >> twerking. >> kissing, everyone knows that one. >> thank you for the easy one. >> can i say hello to my family? >> merry christmas to my family in memphis, tennessee. indeed. >> that is right. >> storence family? >> he is a great southern gospel singer. >> merry christmas. another day another change to
5:38 am
the obama care website. now the white house easing up on the deadline again to enroll for health care off rage. we have the latest. >> reporter: good morning you are right. so what if you missed that christmas eve deadline and you still need health insurance in 2014. officials say they may be able to help you. in a christmas eve announcement they say they will still work with people. release on the website reads sometimes despite your best efforts you may run into delays or other issues with our system that prevented you from finishing on time. don't worry, we may be able to get you covered at soon as january 1st. while the president is enjoying his holiday vacation the deadline to sign up in theory has come and gone. the administration depending the
5:39 am
efforts but republicans have criticized the administration's deadline extension to make enrollment numbers as long as possible. and more than 250,000 people contacted the system's kacall center and they made the gesture this week. >> thank you so much. >> 39 minutes after the hour. onto some more headlines. the pharmacy now going to pay millions to victims. the pharmacy has given up it's license and declared bankruptcy. this following the massive data breach that put over 40 million
5:40 am
credit and debit cards into the hands of criminals. this coming as we learned hackers managed to steal encrypted pin numbers. it is a christmas miracle for a victim of the bos tton marathon bombing. rebecca gregory is standing on her own two feet. congratulations. it is amazing. >> a maryland man using this town's christmas light as track to ask the biggest question of his life. >> as soon as i got down on one knee everything fell into place. ji cannot wait to tell our future kids about this story. >> local winter lights festival
5:41 am
let him have a private drive thru. >> into the sky with stars. how do you know where your charity is going. ku coming up plan on spending christmas at the movies? kevin mcchar this has the blfil that are worth your money so stick around. >> no. >> i started my own firm out of an abandoned auto body shop. we are targeting the 1% of americans. >> i love jesus christ and making people rich. hello. >> this is the greatest company in the world. eve
5:42 am
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merry christmas to you. thank you for spending your morning with us. anonymous package containing an us traustralian gold bar valued thousands of dollars. thank you. it is the season forgiving but not all charities are very charitable. how dcan you make sure that you money is going to a good cause? >> merry christmas to you. this is a big deal. not all charities are created equally. you have tips for us and how we
5:46 am
can make sure that our money is going to the right place. finances are really important. it needs to be managed well. you need to see the majority of money going to programs. but it could be a lousy program if a lot of money is going to it. a lot of people think a want something that might have a lot of overhead but they are still doing great work. you want to see key evidence that has a lot of results. but the problem sometimes is there will be great evidence. employment program you want to see that people went to the program and not just that they got jobs but that they had six months out. >> we can get caught in by the
5:47 am
marketing. but what are some of the red flags that we might fall victim to. >> people assume if it is
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