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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 26, 2013 12:00am-1:01am PST

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the o'reilly factor is on tonight. >> there has got to be someone who can defend christmas with a little more authority. >> ver the years we have taken on the role ofholi protecting the federal holiday ofas christmas. >> the grinch is back in the form of john stewart. >> still denying there are anti-christmas forces afoot. and this story has majorimpl political implications.we we will tell what you theyare. are. >> i think the only thing that can bebe below you is to not have a job. have. >> a big tv star pushing self-reliance to american young people. we will take a look at ashton kutcher's campaign. >> i have always been
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exposed to jesus and the bible. >> what does it do for you? >> it plays a big role in my life. >> plus, olympic gold medalist gabby douglass her strong faith helped her have a positive and successful life. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. a special edition of the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪'m b hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. christmas and politics. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. well now i know christmas is in the the air because my pal jon stewart once again denying there is any problem with christmas displays. apparently mr. stuart has discarded the evidence i presented that there are major organizations,in intimidating americansti over christmas displays in public. we have documented that timemedi and time again.
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including monday night. but alas, alas, mr. stuart. is not getting the message. here is his rap this year. >> there has got to be someone who can defend d christmas with a little more authority authority. >> over the years we have taken on the role of protecting the federal holiday of christmas. >> even though it is not in any way threatened. [ laughter ] but i will bite since we do this dance every year. tell me why this year it is especially egregious to use the phrase happy holidays? >> it is not egregious, word of the day, to say happy holidays. it is egregious to sue school districts and towns if they display the manger or sing christmas carols. are you getting this, stuart? are you hearing me? you know what i think it is? stuart just likes playing the grinch. >> what is interesting this year is that hanukkah will be over on thursday, so there are no more holidays
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between then and christmas day. >> damn you, o'reilly. [ laughter ] >> we've have been check mated. [ laughter ] >> without hanukkah, we have no excuse to say happy holidays. , plural. because apparently you can't include anything past christmas like kwanzaa, epiphany and new years. >> the epiphany, stuart? the epiphany? there is epiphany for you and your 18 writers. you are double secret purdation. one more time and you are officially voided from christmas with apologies to dean wormer. now with a serious side to all of this. it is quite clear to anyone with a brain that there is a war between traditional americans and secular progressives in this country. i wrote an entire book on this called culture warrior. i sent it to stuart.
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in order to remake the united states into a a progressive nation, the committed left must diminish judeo-christian tradition which stands in opposition to them. so they must get the religious influence out, out of the public arena. all the so-called progressive countries are secular. just look at the map. here in america we have maintained most of our judeo-christian traditions but they are under attack. here is what the secular progressives want. number one, cradle to grave entitlements. number two, income equality. that means that americans would be guaranteed a certain lifestyle cures at the is is i of other americans who would pay for it. that's what president obama is trying to accomplish. now, there is no overt religious tenet against the nanny state, so those things come under render to caesar. and in a democracy the folks should decide what kind of political system they want. but, number three, number three, unfettered abortion, that's another matter.
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the far left wants absolutely no restrictions on destroying a fetus, none. as you may know, we actually ha doctor in philadelphia killing babies after they were born, thank god and i mean that literally, the man is in prison. christians generally oppose abortion unless there is a catastrophic situation with the mother. the far left despises that point of view. number 4, gay marriage. here the secular progressives have won. they have turned public opinion around and gay marriage is now legal in many places. once again, the judeo-christian philosophy opposes marriage unless it is between one man and one woman. and it took years for the seq. could secularists to hammer that point of view into the wall but they succeeded. finally number 5, legalized narcotics the judeo-christian view is intoxication is morally wrong because you are altering your state of mind artificially. basically you are abusing your body and mind which are from god. again the s.p.s despite that point of view. so any public display of
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christianity is not good for the progressive cause; therefore, the far left has succeeded in getting prayer out of the public school systems. and if you want to say a prayer before a public meeting, get ready for trouble. that's the big picture. the struggle between traditional americans who believe that judeo-christian philosophy strengthens the nation and the secular progressives who believe that america is an unfair place that must be drastically changed is ongoing. and the tactics are brutal. if you oppose unfettered abortion, you are declaring a war on women. if you oppose gay marriage, you are homophobe bic. if you owe bows legalization of drugs you are out-of-touch an old foggiy. if you oppose cradle-to-grave entitlements, you hate poor people. so i hope jon stewart will reconsider the situation because, in his heart, he knows i'm right. christmas is a huge symbol of the cultural struggle in this country and has been
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for years. and what a great christmas gift it it would be for jon stewart to finally adm coming up sarah palin and her thoughts on the war on christmas. >> when you start to say you can't say merry christmas and you can't have christmas carols by school choirs, part of our culture. >> well, and that's the double-standard that's applied, and that's what i'm not going to sit down and accept it. >> right right back with it.
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alaska and vice presidential candidate sarah palin has athemo nd i sanctioned and he a protestorred and participated in our nativity scene. >> that was wasilla.
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what year was that? >> in the early 2,000s is when i started hearing from people saying you are not going it be able to keep this up, madam mayor. somebody is going to sue you for allowing god to be recognized in the public square. >> so early 2,000? >> yeah. >> it started to come in. >> in my life, yes. >> right. me too. >> yeah. >> pretty much 10 years ago. and then it reached its apex when some major corporations ordered their employees not to say merry christmas, do you remember that? >> yes. >> i think you have some examples in your book about that. >> i do. >> then we said to people maybe you don't want to shop at these places. then suddenly like santa they changed. >> well, what i recognized in the book, too though, are those businesses that are bold enough to not allow that double standard to be applied. and their employees can say what they want to say. and they can freely express their acknowledgment of jesus being the reason for the season at christmas time. and i give shoutouts and
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kudos to those businesses. because customers will stick with them then. >> and most of them are doing that. >> yeah, they are. >> you don't have any beef with happy holidays. >> absolutely not or santa claus. it's all wonderful. >> this woman in the "new york times" today forget her name. she write as column there. she is mocking you and mocking me saying oh they don't like happy holiday. i don't care about happy holidays. somebody say hope holidays to me okay give me a present. but when you start to say you can't say merry christmas and you can't have the karesh and you can't have christmas carols by choirs, school choirs, it's part of our culture. >> that's the double standard that's applied. that's what i'm not going to sit down and accept and i don't think the majority of americans will. the war on christmas is the tip of the spear that really chance late into a war on religious freedom and that's a much bigger problem that we will be facing in we just were to sit back and allow the angry atheists who are armed with an attorney to
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tell us that we can can cannot say things like merry christmas. >> after you get off the air here you might go over to times square atheist sign. very offensive. you don't need god in christmas. it's huge. there is money behind these people. do i object to that sign? not really. i don't object to it. but it's mean-spirited. it goes back to msnbc. it's just mean spirited. >> yet, you are going to be called thin skinned or intolerant claim taking offense as something like that yet they can sue for claiming an offense taken because we do recognize jesus being the reason. >> because i spray painted over that sign i'm going to be called intolerant? >> yeah. >> now, in your book you have recipes. >> yes. >> recipes? >> yes, yes. >> for what? >> well, we have, you know, traditional alaskaa mills that are organic, our mills happened to be wrapped in fur and not cellophane. how we prepare our moose
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chili and halibut dip. >> i was in alaska and unbelievably beautiful. we ran around and caused trouble. my reception was mixed. some people really liked me but some of the people you know, kind of like what are you doing here? don't ever come again. but i should have stocked up on moose chilly. nobody guided me into that. >> i will bring next time. >> you have to. not a lot of moose on long island where i live. can't slay them and chop them up into chili. >> i don't think you can shoot anything. isn't the mayor around here trying to ban everything? >> the bad guys can shoot people. the good people can't. see, that's the law in new york. if you you are bad, yeah, go ahead and you can can shoot. but if you are good you can't. in alaska everybody is armed and ready. >> well, we are independent. and we want to protect ourselves and we do want to so, it worked to his benefit. i have got to get to bashir. now, this msnbc outfit guys. they attack you, lauragoing to
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have on later. they attack her in a very pers ony. putting that aside, do you understand what the reason is what they are trying to accomplish there? >> they want to discredit, obviously and marginalize. >> why don't they do that on policy though? >> i wish they would on policy. >> why do they have to go after you personally. >> and laura ingraham and others. i wish they would take us on on policy. i think it's immature and petty way of trying to destroy someone. that certainly is the solenski politics of personal destruction antic that they certainly participate in. but it's not an intelligent way of trying to debate did bashir get what he deserved? would have you fired him when you been in in charge. >> i would never have allowed a corporate cull tour have such time in. >> absolutely. >>
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>> go man o man over the state of cable news. >> why don't you define your beef with me and fox news. and we hope you stay tuned to that report. female announcer: get beautyrest, posturepedic,
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female announcer: even tempur-pedic mattress sets, at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples,
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demonstrators and closeout inventory. the year end clearance sale is on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> legendary broadcaster ted koppel not a big fan of cable news. in fact, he thinks it has harmed journalism in america. i had to convince mr. koppel otherwise.
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bold and fresh? >> piece of humanity. >> sometimes a little too bold. sometimes a little too fresh. sometimes a little too intolerant of allowing people to complete an answer. >> is -- does that offend you? >> it offends me when you are rude. it ofnedz me when you ride over people which you have a tendency to do. >> i only do it when they filibuster or lie as barney frank did one time. i don't do it when somebody is sincerely trying to answer my question. it's not like it used to be. >> 15 years ago. there was a crying need for a network that focused more on conservative issues. fox has done that. msnbc has now come along and tried to provide not because it saw the need for an
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ideological balance but because it saw the balance sheet. >> yeah. getting their butt kicked but there is a big difference between fox news and msnbc. do you know what that difference is. >> tell me. >> do you know what it. >> i'm asking you, do you know what it is. >> you concede you don't know what it is. >> john what it is, no. >> we do hard news from 9 :00 in the morning until 5:00 in the afternoon. 8 hours of hard news. msnbc doesn't do one hour of hard news. it's all let's push the liberal democratic agenda from sign-on to sign-off. this is a news agency here at fox news. >> i don't think anyone is going to be confused as 00 ideological belief of most of the people who appear on fox. >> i think that's grossly unfair to the hard news reporters. okay, if you look at our bureau system and the people we have reporting, the network is more traditional. i think that's a fairer term than the other network news. and they give weight to people, their commentators and the people that they hire. now, if you look at all of the journalists and we can tick them down if you want,
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all right? rather, broke brokaw, chron chron -- cronkite. they are all left wing guys you know that. >> hold on. i would argue that back in the day you didn't know what cronkite was. >> if you were in iowa you didn't know. but if you working at cbs news you damn well knew because i worked there. >> you may have known what he was off camera but you didn't know what he was on camera. >> the decisions were made about personnel, story coverage, and point of view by cronkite, brokaw, and rather, who were committed left wingers. >> and koppel, you might as well add him into the mix. >> i think you were in a daze all the time. i don't think you really irnlt feared that much. i was at abc and i heard the scuttlebutt about you. you weren't a big interferer, and jennings didn't either. jennings didn't like all that ideology. he didn't. that's why i didn't bring
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his name up. >> i would rather you criticize me because your compliments are more damaging and more devastating. >> i have got to tell the truth, koppel, come on. >> what is it that you think i have said about the network or written about the network? >> you think that we have corrupted the sanctity of fair news coverage. that's what i think. >> i think that ideological coverage of the news, be it of the right or be it of the left, has created a political reality in this country which is bad for america. i think it's made it difficult, if not impossible for decent men and women in congress, on capitol hill to reach across the aisle and find compromise. and if we can't do that, bill, we're going to be in -- and we have been, i think for the last few years, in a terrible situation in this country where politically we can't make deals anymore. >> so you are blaming me and
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fox news channel for the deterioration of congress. if they don't have enough guts to do what's best for the country by compromising, all right, they don't deserve to be there. you can't be on top for as long as the fox news channel has been on top and sell a product that's inferior or dishonest. i want you to reevaluate our network, watch it a little bit more and then we will talk in a year. last word? >> last word is how many people are watching the fox network at 10:00 in the morning or 2:00 in the afternoon or 3:00 in the afternoon? roughly? >> i don't know how many people. >> you you should. you work for the organization. >> you know, we have millions of people watching us sign off to sign on. >> you do not have millions of people watching at 10:00 in the morning or noon or 1:00 in the afternoon. the millions of people are watching you, bill. >> they are better for it? >> the millions of people are watching those of you with a particular point of
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>> that's the way the country works. that's the free marketplace. >> that's the free marketplace. and i'm perfectly content to leave it on that note. it's a business. and it's operating as a business. and, once upon a time, you and i actually felt journalism was a calling. >> but i still think that i'm doing something noble. [ laughter ] >> coming up, olympic gold medalist gabby douglass believes her faith
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>> 16-year-old gabby douglass from virginia won two olympic gold medals in gymnastics. all very happy because her permanent was warm and it made her an instant star. but miss douglass has had a very very difficult home situation to overcome. she writes about it in a new book called grace, gold and glory my leap of faith. so reading this book, i felt sorry for you. i really did.
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14-year-old girl, no dad around. moment trying to raise you and three siblings and all of a sudden you have to go to iowa to compete. that's really tough. did you see it that way when it was happening. >> i knew if i wanted to accomplish a dream, then i had to sacrifice a lot more. >> were you crying at night and stuff? you definitely was. mom left she stayed with me for a week in iowa when she left i about bawled for a few months, actually. i had -- it was my decision, so i had to come to a conclusion saying it was my decision. >> you you had enough discipline, even though it was unhappy time so then you you compete and you get in the groove go over to london and all the best there. did you think you were going to win. >> i was confident in my performances. i didn't think about winning. i thought about how great and what i could do on that given day. >> all right. were you nervous?
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>> i was very nervous. >> how did you cope with that? >> well, i was trained coach had me do personal sets which means there is a lot of action going in the gym and they tried to distract me so when i go to competition can i go cruise right on. >> now, when you won the two golds, right? you win? >> yes. >> now you are world famous, everybody knows you. how did your world change? it was like an overnight celebrity. she is gabriel douglass on top. i mean, it's been a whirlwind. everything has just been a blast. >> final question is. you write a lot about your faith. how did you get involved with a belief in god at such a young age? >> i have always been exposed to jesus and the bible and my mom always exposed me and the rest of my siblings to that. and i love reading the bible. i love reading about the stories and jesus. >> what does it do for you? >> it plays a big role in my
12:32 am
life. it does me so good. god has blessed me over the past years and he has kept me safe and now the glory is all up to him because he has given me this amazing god-given talent. >> did you ever get mad at god and say don't i have two parents and why do i have to leave home and why is t. so hard. >> no, it's always about the perspective. i don't have two parents but i have two gold medals under my name. you always have to turn the upside down just, you know, right sighted up. because i mean, yeah, you have to look at the positive things. >> what do you want to do now? what's next? >> 2016. >> so you are going to go to the preliminary picks again? >> yes. >> going to try time prove on yourself again? >> yes. >> that will take you four years of pretty much training and what you did. what are you going to do differently in your life now that you are kind of independent? you can be independent by then? >> well, i want to get my driver's license so that's one thing. and i'm going to start heading back into the gym and just train and i want to gain more.
12:33 am
i want to go to more international assignments and more world championships and i think it would be very cool if i attended two olympic games. >> education? >> yes. >> what do you want to do there? >> i haven't -- i do want to go to college but i haven't figured out what i want to do yet. it's still i'm taking it one step at a time, one day at a time. >> all right. gabriel. thanks for coming. in the book is "grace, gold, and goer." -- and glory." >> playing jfk in the movie killing kennedy. >> this is supposed to be a joke. the oldest thought it would be joke and he was shot down and we were all stunned. >> lowe will be here.
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one liberal actor who has moved to the center recently is rob lowe. he is the author of story i only tell my friends. you say in your book that hollywood is a one-party town. we all know that it's a liberal democrat town. is there a reason for that? >> i think that and i don't know what it says, it's not meant to be a judgment but it seems to me like creative people end up being democrats. and i think it's been that way forever. >> is that because they feel sorry for the down trodden or something? i consider myself a creative person. i'm kind of more of a traditional guy than a liberal guy. >> let's face it i think that democrats are very long on empathy. >> right. >> artists have to be long on empathy. republicans are long on logic in my view. that might be a little
12:38 am
oversimplifying. >> i am trying to oversimplify. >> pier pressure thing out there. when you get into the business. everyone is one way. you have to go that way. >> everybody can relate to growing up at the kitchen table and hearing your parents talk. only one view. >> you did work for dukakis. >> did i. >> when you were 24. >> right. >> dukakis was okay guy but he was a very liberal guy and he got his butt kicked as you know. was that because you were working for him by the way. >> can i pick him. but i also worked for schwarzenegger and he won. >> there you go. what happened to him. >> he took on the entrenched party system in california and got his butt kicked he got terminated by them. they killed him. >>like, i don't think arnold knew what he was getting into. he really don't. >> i disagree. i never met a person who was less good at bringing or better at bringing people than arnold. amazing at it. >> he can bring it together. but he left office with 25% approval rating. it was just you guys that liked him.
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>> 25%? >> you and your pals out there, lowe. come on. >> it's a very divisive state, to be -- they say if you are a centrist in california you get run over. >> yeah, that's for sure. >> by the way, that's too bad. in the center is where we should be. all of us agree on a lot. >> one of the fascinating parts of the book is your relationship with a guy named sean penn. was he that way when he was a kid? did he he have that anti--american chip on his soldier. >> the sean that i know is hilarious. really, really smart. and gets the joke. and and is arguably our best. >> very intense guy when it comes to politics. very far left. >> he is very very much occupies that space. >> do you talk politics with penn? >> no. >> that's a good thing, right? you don't want to get into that. >> i don't want to get run over. have you become more conservative as you get older? >> without a doubt. i mean, i am a centrist, my son who is studying politics in high school had me take online very complicated
12:40 am
poll. you couldn't have put me more in the middle than where i ended up. and, i don't know what that -- what that says about me, but that's where i ended up. >> the one thing it says but is that you are very wise not to talk politics with sean w >> in a matter of days those missiles will be operational. >> i will not be pushed not by crews chef and not by youto you. they will not allow missiles in the backyard.i limited arsenal. he something out of state. the whole meeting. i want options. 40 minutes. >> with us now actor rob lowe who plays president kennedy. good job, lowe. >> thank you. >> that was a good job. when they came to me and said, you know, we think wesaid want t io hire rob lowe i said are we going to do the breakfast club three here or what?or you really did a good job. >> i know that you are never wrong about anything. >> that's true. >> but i was i not in the breakfast club. >> you know what i'm talking about. one of those movies that you
12:41 am
were in when youu were a kid. how did you get the accent down? not an easy accent to do. >> thank you. is he so in our consciousness still. everybody knows what he sounds like. i spent hoursev and hours and h hours listening to every possible recording. what i got the most out of, actually, was his private phone calls within the white house. and his dictations. >> caroline put that out. caroline kennedy put that k out. now, did you have a coach. an allocution coach to help with you the boston ache to sent? >> i did not. >> this is you., >> this is all me sitting in my office. >> are you a good mimic. you can do accents and things like that. >> i do have a little bit of bi a facility, i think. >> i have goti to say you really nailed the boston accent. i lived in boston for manyfor years. i can't do it. i can't even do an irish brogue. now, as far as the other thing that he does is your body language and i told you that on thee phone before i this before i saw it. it's excellent. >> thank you. >> how did you get that? >> well, as you study him, you realize the tremendous h amount of pain he was in
12:42 am
with the freedom of information act, his medical records are now. >> back, things like that.>> b >> it's unbelievable between the back and so laying a manin in that kind of pain was, i think, a really significant s part of it and just the backac brace, all of that. i i actually thought about using the back brace but ini the end i just acted it.>> >> okay.lso but you also have the bearing that kennedy is a rich guy and carries himself differently than guys likeeft me from lovette town. dayton. >> he carries himself differently and his body language when he reacts is different. you had it. you nailed it. what's the reaction to you dealing in a project that i wrote? i mean, and these pinheads in hollywood, you know, they don't like me at all. >> no, bill. >> oh, come on, lowe. no spin zone here. you know what the deal. >> i forgot where i was for a second. >> i'm not going to have dinner with hanks or daymond for any time soon,. >> the truth is you won't. >> yeah. >> i have already gotten the message from tom hanks, mat
12:43 am
daymond, sean penn and danny glofer. >> clooney? >> i'm no longer invited to play in the reindeer game and it's all because of you you or your fault. >> did anybody say hey you shouldn't do this? i think -- ln the most partisan person knows can't argue with the success of the book and how the audience has embraced it. >> right. >> and that is a huge thing to be able to bring that, to tell a story that the country needs to hear. >> when this movie was shot in 18 days in virginia. when you were shooting it, did you know how good it is? i mean, did you have an idea how well it was coming out? >> i did -- halfway through i was feeling very confident about it because it had a sort of magic about it. i mean, we all felt lucky to be a part. >> the ozwald young actor, the guy is phenomenal. >> is he great. >> he is phenomenal not just great. i told him, i said, whoa. because nobody has really
12:44 am
brought lee harvey oswald into the consciousness before. >> they have never made him a human being. >> and this guy does. he is a vial human being, oswald. but this guy really nailed him. >> yeah. >> overall, americans watching this movie, do you think they are going to finally put the kennedy assassination to rest? >> never. >> no? >> of course not. >> no? >> it's the great mystery of all time. i mean, i think the movie is the definitive word on what happened. >> yes. we presented it really factually and so did you guys. >> and i actually believe that but people can agree to disagree. it's such a shakespearian story that people are going to revisit it forever because it's our -- the loss of our american dream and american royalty. >> and you know what i like most about this movie with lowe? that he actually shaved and combed his hair while it being -- that's not an easy thing to do. >> when i come on the factor, i always make sure because i know you love it so much. i make sure that i have a little bit of -- >> -- i saw you in the west
12:45 am
wing. you were shafn, there weren't you? that was another left wing next on the rundown self-reliance. tv star ashton kutcher is preaching that we will take a look at his camp and ah, so you can see like right here i can just... you know, check my policy here, add a car, ah speak to customer service, check on a know, all with the ah, tap of my geico app. oh, that's so cool. well, i would disagree with you but, ah, that would make me a liar. no dude, you're on the jumbotron! whoa. ah...yeah, pretty much walked into that one. geico anywhere anytime. just a tap away on the geico app. female announcer: it's time to make room
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impact segment tonight. as you know he most celebrities in this country with the the exception of the country music people are kind of liberal. i submit that's because they want to work. and those whinoo hire in the entertainment industry are often left wing. one tv star ashton kutcher has begun preaching self-reliance to young americans. >> i talk to some of myfr friends. and they don't want to get a j job atob starbucks or they don't want to get a job at wherever because they feel like below them and i thinkly
12:49 am
the only thing that can be i belly you is to not have a job. [ applause ] >> go work until you can get the job that you want toha have. >> all right. right on,ht ashton. joining us now fromm washington to react. republican kate obenshain and democrat kirsten powers a also fox news analyst. we asked mr. kutcher,n't kutcher, whatever it is, i him can't say his name. we asked him to come on theog program. i don't know. we are chasing himha around orei something. we hope he comes on. kirsten, do you think the obama administration in general is promoting, promoting self-reliance? are they promoting wel self-reliance here inn washington? >> i don't think what he was talking about. >>, no,he no, no. i' >> obama administration. >> i'mki just asking you about it. i'm asking you. >> i don't think any president in recent history has rely promoted self-reliance. >> calvin coolidge and ronald reagan both did. >> in recent history for me is really not ronald reagan. so, but my point i don't p
12:50 am
think it's the government -- this isn't about the's - government. >> so i will take thatat as a no that you don't think there obama administration is promoting self-reliance depend dependent on parents not the government. >>l wider point take it as a no. you don't think the obama a administration is promoting self-reliance. >> i don't think they're tnot. i don't think they are or are not. t i don't think that's the role of the government to promote self-reliance. >> if i were president i would bebe saying -- >> you would be cutting benefits and starving them to death? wou >> yeah.scar i would have that starving to death gogulag and wouldn't give anybody food. i would encourage those who get a little bit of food to work hard. all right. what mr. kutcher is saying to t you have to e is work yourself up. start at the bottom, as i did. i don't know about you ladies. i started way at the bottom.h and you shouldn't whine about it.ith i think the government should
12:51 am
promote it. >> i think government should, too, from the bully pulpit, but this administration is going tho opposite. we can't wringe our hands aboute thepe dedwreesing self-reliancef individuals without looking at the cause which is obviously the decreased emphasis on growth and economic opportunity in the private sector. right now we have seen the massive expansion of the public sector and a massive expansion of dependency. it's a culture. >> we had a president, bush the younger, who was certainly a laissez-faire let let the private marketplace run wild. under that president the economy collapsed because the private sector turned into gangsters and they sold investments that were worthless and cheated the public. >> oh, kcome on. >> that's exactly what happened. >> because of government policies that told banks they e
12:52 am
must make loans -- >> oh, please. >> to people who never had a chance of paying them>> back. >> for eight years -- >> it's t actually the governme inserting itselflf improperly t cause the melt down. >> no government forced a bank g to do anything. they did ite to make money. >> not true, bill. >> all right.ou give me the name of a bank, kate, that was forced by federal government to sell bogus paper. give me the name. >> bill, the banks were told if they didn't stop cutting out particularly minorities who o could not afford mortgages thatt they would be penalized. that's not some big secret i'm revealing on national television. my point is that was the government injecting itself. >> i will cede you this point. they were encouraged, not forced. they were encouraged to do this. >> no, actually they were forces based onta punitive -- >> but the united states at the time was george w. bush. >> i'm sorry, it was not caused
12:53 am
byby loans to minorities. >> we are going adrift. let's get back to ashton. that's the important thing. now, this country would be much stronger if all of us were like me. painted houses and drove a cab and did whatever i had to do tod get through boston university. started in scranton, pennsylvania w and worked my wa up. if everybodydy would do that weh wouldn't need the welfare programs, wouldn't need all of this stuff, right? >> there are two different things we are talking about. >> talk aboutut what my questio is. >> i worked at wendy's when i was in high school. >> good. >> i worked my way up. i temped when i graduated from college because there weren't a lot of jobs. i was always working.ith that's an important thing. kwo think it has to do with the government. it's theirir parents who are th coddling them. their parents.but
12:54 am
>> there is some of that but it is a public policy deal. >> no. there are people who are getting welfare and middle class and r upper middle class kids living off their parents. that's what ashton kutcher is talking about. >> g kate? last word. >> saying they are children e until they are 26 years old.wher obama gave a speech where he told people the to pursue successs revealed a poverty of ambition. that's a a arizona state university. it's this mindset, the occupy wall street mindset that was e. embraced by obama this notion t that the government can take u. of you. that you can't do it on your own. >> he has that mind set. the nanny state is good. big name rock stars like bruce spring teen, james taylor and jay-z becoming important to the democratic p
12:55 am
12:56 am
. there is no question that
12:57 am
the pop music industry is helping the democratic party big time n. the last presidential election bruce springsteen, jay-z, mare i can't carey all either gave money to the democrats or campaigned for the president. the pop world lost some luster in america. radiations are now frag the meanted but still a powerful industry. i talked with tommy matola. wa i want to get insight into the minds of pop performers. you have bruce springsteen, middle class and becomes a big liberal guy. he's a fund-raising guy for the president. he's outspoken. [ applause ] >> i tend to think most of the artists look at things through that lens. >> it did change. a guy like elvis perresley in t '50s was a traditional guy. then the '60s and everything changed. ♪ come on, baby ♪ light my fire >> the music industry hasn't
12:58 am
gotten away from that. >> it's the tag of the culture. along with the music came with the parties and the rock & roll and all the things you have heard about and read about whether it's the rolling stones or lots of the things people have heard about. >> these people are all crazy, nuts. michael jackson kills himself, right? elvis pretty much killed himself. janis joplin, jim morrison, jimmy hendricks. ♪ they never seem to learn. >> it's hard to predict or oh say what goes on inside the mind of an artist. that makes them an artist. that creativity, the thing that makes them tick probably pushes them to the extremes that can cause fatalities and things that end up not being good. >> what was the most dynamic talent you saw? you basically are a guy looking for the next big thing in rock. >> when i came to sony, i signed
12:59 am
mariah carey. i had the chance the to work with michael jackson who was as brilliant as they come. ♪ >> you couldn't get through to him on a social level. >> it wasn't my job. my job was to get the best possible music he could make and i could sell for him. that was my role. >> was it a difficult process? >> it could take years sometimes. like any artist. you can paint many canvases but you melay labor over a canvas tt takes forever. >> i'm an artist but i do this every day and go home. if i labor over the canvas the show isn't on the air. >> i should manage you. >> thanks for coming in. fascinating book. >> thank you. that's it for this special edition. i'm bill o'reilly. please always remember that the spin stops here because we are
1:00 am
definitely looking out for you. hello, everyone. merry christmas. i'm andrea tant arrow with bob beckel, eric bolling, greg gutfeld and kimberly guilfoyle. this is "the five." we are so happy you could join us tonight. many of you are probably curled up by your fireplace drinking eggnog or exchange gifts with family. and we are going to exchange gifts too. but first we want to talk about some of the worst gifts men and women give each other according to the new york post. let's look at the worst presents that women give to men. okay, clothing like ties. that is always a popular


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