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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  December 26, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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will hit a record for the 50th 50th time this year. we're watching it all. that's it. see you back here tomorrow. for now, "your world." >> they pointed and clicked but these guys failed to deliver so now some online shoppers are ticked. >> four hours on the phone with them yesterday trying to get it. we came up on saturday. i've been calling them since wednesday last week. >> i demanded they take it off the truck and pick up my baby's six and, how do you tell a sick-year-old she is not getting her christmas present. >> retailers scrambling to make good. this is "your world." amazon, wal-mart, kohls, all promising to deliver gifts before christmas, but some of those packages never made it under the tree on time, and today there are lots of fingers
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being pointed in every direction to phil keating in miami with more. >> reporter: the record amount of rain in miami fitting. a gloomy christmas day and day after for so many nationwide who that their christmas trees decorated, but at the bottom, unfulfilled gifts, never arrived. but ups late today saying ups and fedex saying by the end of business day tonight all of the package that should have arrived in time for christmas will have arrived, and to try to help turn all of those holiday frowns upside-down, several online retailers are now offering gift cards. those are in the pipeline. trying to make amends, two of the largest package delivery companies today scrambling to finish the holiday job. both ups and fedex, offering to refund guaranteed shipping charges if you can prove they did not meet their promises. ups will honor the peak season guarantees for air and
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international shipmentses but no such deal when it comes to ups ground. kohl's said, quote, we're deeply sorry for disappointing our customers expecting delivery in time for christmas. kohl's also promising to pay the full cost of everything not delivered on time. and amazon, which relies on shipping for everything, is offering $20 gift cards to unsour the holiday mood. anger with the shippers let some not so happy people to post things like this online, quote: i gave ups two weeks to deliver my daughter's packages. epic fail. ups and fedex blamed bad weather and higher than expected demand by online retailers who saw a real surge in online retail activity last weekend, in particular, which is always one of the busiest holiday shopping weekends of the year, the last saturday before christmas, and nationwide the commerce department says 6% of all annual
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sales in the u.s. are done online, but during the holiday season, that goes up to double that. if not even higher. so, aside from the gift card in the mail, as for the number of americans truly impacted we this, well, neither fedex nor ups will divulge the specifc numbers but will say of the hundreds of millions of packages they delivered between thanksgiving and criminal, the vast majority of them did arrive on time. the snafu from yesterday and the day before was a minimal episode but they're looking to the future, and clearly, as ecommerce grows, getting the delivery systems to handle it all will take preparation. >> some online shoppers taking to so-media to vent. terri says, thanks for taking my money, ruining my son's christmas and takes days off to avoid dealing with desperate customers trying to find out how to get their packages.
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never again. the mack tweets, didn't deliver mine and now my ten-year-old doesn't get this present, and judy tweeted, i will never use ups again. hash tag, ups failed. this is sparking a big debate because folks like jonathan houston say these people should not have waited until the last minute but jim disagrees. a promise is a promise, business deal, you should be held to hold it. >> come on, eric, this isn't just first world problems. this is just first world bitching. people wait until the last day to have their christmas gift delivered and surprisees when something happens, whether it's weather, logistics. ups, on any average day, handles 16 million packages around the holidays that number soars so people shouldn't be surprised when, yes, life happens, stuff happens, and maybe perhaps the gift they thought would be there christmas comes 24 hours late. these companies have been great
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corporate citizens. they're refunding the costs, giving gift cards, doing their best to make the best of a bad situation. we're talking bat minor inconvenience. >> jim? the stocks of the companies unaffected. fedex actually rows on the day after all this news hit. >> well, ultimately it is the shipper's responsibility, or the retailer, whoever made the promise, the customer us put their money down. if the businesses say they can do it, you are supposed to believe them. this is growing pains for the transition from brick and mortar to online shopping and people are shopping on their phones, capturing a lot more business, growing a lot faster than peopleeelized. it is the shipper's responsibility or the retailers and if you have a kid that maybe believes in santa claus you have a problem as a parent. i blame the businesses but ultimately business is good for them, and this is kind of governor the economy, too. it shows that activity was very
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high. a lot more than people expected. and, again, it's growing pains. it's the business' fault, and i understand a lot of people had problems here -- >> you know what we did? we hit the streets of new york city to see how people feel about this. you're not going to like it. >> not a good feeling when you order something to get there a certain time, you expect it to be delivered. >> simply got too much, too quick, too fast, and couldn't deal with it, and in other words, called too bad you get to extend christmas by a day or two. >> we would have a big problem. >> christmas morning, kids were seeing presents natural the christmas tree and -- >> personal problems? >> same people who decry the christmas has become so commercial are now complaining.the fact they didn't get their christmas gift in time
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for christmas. stuff happens. these is major feats. hundreds of millions of gifts over a short period of time. so maybe if you have to tell your kid, santa promised you a sled, and it's coming 24 hours late center. >> okay, okay -- >> you can't blame the customers for this. they paid their money. and they were told they could get their presents in time. i understand what you're saying. they should have done it sooner. but in terms of the ships, last i checked, winter comes this time every year. it's really cold in late december. guess what? you might have ice and snow and probably should have readjusted their business model for what they could promise and deliver on. >> john, can you imagine telling your five or six-year-old, listen, it was the weather, you -- nowhere to go with it. they're going to have to eat it. >> i don't know, eric. groupon offered to allow you to print out a photo of the picture
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and explain to whatever the recipient -- >> a photo? i got news for you -- >> deliver a photo? >> show the photo to your kid and say accept santa couldn't make it. >> and a 2020 of gift card in they're actually doing something. >> ain't over yet. retailers today trying to lure in afterchristmas shoppers with longer hours hours and the promf deeper discounts. another 50% off in some cases. retail watcher says there's some huge deals to be had. thank you for joining us. i was walking by banana republic, 50 percent off. >> we're talking about wal-mart and kohls and target. those are having price discounts up to 75% off. the prices we saw before. and to the point the other
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gentlemen were saying, according to a pay pal study, 52% of people were shopping online. they'd rather shop online versus in person at brick and mortar stores. >> this one here -- >> we do. >> puffer coat. >> basically a very warm coat. a fur-trimmed puffer coat by dkny, $280 and now almost $129. almost 0% -- 70% off. macy's his have a huge discount, as well as wal-mart. home goods are trying to be cleared out. people thought it would be a really big seller and it wasn't. one of the big severals were the luxury vacuums. i love these luxury vacuums.
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one was $499, marked down to $129. so that's almost 80% off. and then we have target. now, we know there's that snafu that happened with target, the whole security breach. the camera -- the cameras for around $429, this nikon is $199. >> are people waiting until the day after christmas to buy these things? has there been a shift to the day after? >> absolutely. i was doing some research, and men' pulled the figure of what people were spending on black friday. so, for target, example, out of their users, only $42 million was spent on black friday. so that's a very low number. target, retailers like target, understand that. so they're trying to get the customers in they only have a couple more days before the season is officially over and right now at it looking pretty
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good. >> they're trying to pump up the numbers because arch reports the seasonal sales in a couple of days, so they're trying to get the last-minute sales numbers in. >> absolutely. >> 129 for that vacuum cleaner? >> no. what happens when retailers start discounting, more than 70% off, it starts eating into their margins. in layman's terms retailers are losing revenue. good for the custom efforts, not good for the company. >> what's that, chuck? this democrat says obamacare won't be a top issue in 2014? is he right of -- or dead wrong. and after college, now more young adults are moving back in with mom and dad before the baby. the new trend taking hold of households is next.
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six days and counting obamacare coverage starts next wednesday but a round of delays and extension i creating a whole lot of confusion. ileana you say the confusion is deeper than the deadlines. >> hi, eric. the confusion with the law runs much deeper than just the deadlines, and i think the administration -- their goal is to enroll as many people as possible, and the confusion here is in navigators have told me, they're dealing with the administration is trying to reach the young and the uninsured. these people, they don't know that there's a fee associated and a penalty associated with the fact that if you don't enroll, you're going to be charged a penalty. they don't know that you even have to pay for health insurance. so one navigator told me i'm having to tell people, it's
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affordable care act, not the free care act. so these add to a much deeper confusion that is preexisting. >> the navigators were supposed to clear that up. spending billions of dollars. they're not helping out the young people, are they? >> the problem is, this is an enormously complex law, and you're dealing with a population that is not tremendously informed about the complex advertise of the law. so there's only so much the navigators on the ground can do. it's very difficult to get people the information they need to enroll, and that's the reason that you're seeing these extensions. the administration is adding 24 hours here and 24 hours there to people to try to get them to enroll. and what i'm saying is that the preexisting confusion runs so deep, i'm not sure how much
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adding 24 hours to allowing people tone role is -- to enroll is going to go in terms of getting people signed up. >> what happens if you enroll but have not made your payment deadline. are you covered? >> that is the question. i think you're seeing a lot of people say, there's a big question mark in terms of whether you'll be covered january 1st, not to mention the fact there's a lot of confusion because there are one deadline on the federal line and many defendant deadlines on the state level. california, january 6th. vermont, january . colorado, january 10th. maryland maryland and other states, january 15th. even within certain states there are different deadlines because some insurers say there's one deadline and other insurers another deadline within a single state. so the confusion has been greatly compounded by these differing deadlines, and i would add that the lack of transparency with which these deadlines have been announced, the point was for the
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administration to call very little attention the shifting deadlines, and i think the result has been they ended up drawing a lot of attention to them because both the deadline and the manner in which the -- >> we have to leave it there. one thing -- it's about deadlines when it matters for your taxes and fees-but when you walk in to see your doctor or hospital and say, i'm covered you better know your covered and we won't know that for a while. thank you very much. did you happen to catch this? >> the bottom line is there are a lot of good things in obamacare that people like, and the more people see that. the more positive it's going to be. and i would just say one other thing with all the focus on obamacare, david. the number one issue in the 2014 election is not going to be obamacare or the deficit. it is going to be who can get the middle class going again. >> well, obamacare won't by issue number one. fair and balanced, jamie winestein and julie, got to be kidding me.
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chuck schumacher saying obamacare won't be the number one issue come 2014? >> well, let's see how well the rollout takes place. it probably will be the number one issue. but if things kick into gear, inhofe, an opponent, says these things will work out, and enrollment will be not as problematic, let's focus on something else, then come march or april, if these things are streamlined, then i hope they are, we go back to the tried and true, it's the economy, stupid. >> what if jamie is right and they figure out the web sites and a lot of people are not insured and the cbo is rescoring the amount of money it's going develops then will 2014 be below o obamacare. >> we can't be sure what will be the number one issue in 2014.
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may we the great illen in vacation in may. but the final shoe has not dropped on obamacare. even the administration at midded in a very opaque way they estimate 93 million people were either lose their health insurance or have it significantly altered. we haven't gotton to the beginning of this. so in 2014 many more people will be affected and will fine their insurance will be more expensive, often higher tee ductibles. >> take a look at this poll. this wasn't the case three months agoing. right after the government shutdown, people blamed the republicans but that has shifted. look at what is going on right now. battle for congress, which candidate would you prefer? it switched back. republicans 49%, democrats 44%. obamacare -- >> the rollout has been a dollars, and anybody who is defending the rollout or thinks the administration has done a good job is smoking something.
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>> hold on, hold on. is chuck schumer smoking something? he was just on with david gregory saying, oh, it's not about -- >> because chuck schumer is making the assumption -- maybe smart or not -- making the assumption these kinks will have been worked out to a large extent by november of next year, and somebody else -- the big danger for republicans is that if they keep playing up obamacare being a disaster and it turns out more people are insured, premiums are lower -- that's a big if. >> it is. is chuck schumer assuming too much? >> he is. julie, you're sounding like somebody who gets her obamacare fromm snbc. there's story after story of people losing their insurance and note getting better insurance but more expensive and higher deductibles. >> going to cost a lot of people. i have to go. hard break. so much for shelling out for the
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grandkids after their born. how young couples are tapping grandma and grandpa evener earlier, who is crying now?
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stocks taking off again. the dow soaring 122 points to another record high. its 50th record of the year. now up 25% for the year, the thp 500 at a new record high. >> all right, more young couples shacking up with their parents so they can be parents. moving in so they can save up to have kids. is this new trend putting their soon to be retiring parents in a financial pickle? jennifer and robby on where and how parents should draw the line. tell us what is happening first.
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>> we're seeing it in the economy. people are losing jobs or they can't get jobs or their pensions are diminishing, so as a result we're seeing more multigenerational living arrangements. people have to get creative in order to have the kind of life they want to have. >> especially if they're going to have a child so they see the future expenses and move back in with parents or grandparents. >> right. >> you say in order for this to work there has to be rules. >> can't be a situation where you have kids just sponging off their parents because really it can interfere with those parents retiring and moving on with their own lives and coldwell banker and i look at studies together to look at the impact of the economy, and the shift on buying trend, and that's what we found, that 80% of americans felt okay if kids would return back home, if they were saving money to buy their first home. so, under those circumstances, it seemed a little bit more acceptable. but it is putting older
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americans at risk. >> so you trust the kids, they want move in, they say we're saving, or do you say, here, pay us something, we'll put it away in a special account, an escrow account. >> that's typically done with college kids, but for adult children, more of a verbal contract, and some kind of an agreement so there isn't a misunderstanding, a sense of how long this is going to go on. is it going to be one year, two years? what is the plan? and then if the parents can hundred out a little bit to make that happen, fantastic. there's the positives and the negatives inch some -- in some cases millenials enjoy being with their parents and both parents and kids are seeing the benefits emotionally, but it's financially driven. >> what i can see potentially happening is the young couple, they have the baby, it's comfortable, it's nice, then the withins who are going to retire, can't do it now base they can't sell the house.
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>> for parents in some cases they encourage it. they liked having their kids around and not necessarily thinking about the financial impact it has on them. as parents, you want to give to your kids and make sure that they're set in life and in some cases these parents may be giving more than they have. so, i think it's really important that we remind parents to think about the total picture, including their future retirement, traveling, and what is in their best interests. >> leave it there. a couple of things we learn. put an expiration dade -- date on it. put money away. >> that's right. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> time for an obamacare reality check. just because you're in doesn't mean your doctor is. we've got the latest on a new healthcare headache coming up. ick with innovation. stick with power. stick with technology. get the new flexcare platinum from philips sonicare and save now.
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got insurance? how about a doctor. analysts are warning just because you have health insurance, under obamacare, doesn't mean you have access to health care. dr. ari freedman is a practicing physician in illinois. doctors are saying i'm going to stay off obamacare and take only private people who want to pay privately, or their retiring. is that the trend you're seeing? >> it's certainly the trend i'm seeing. physicians are business owners to a large degree, and just like has happened with medicaid over the years, where the government has resulted -- has caused less and less payments to doctors. we'll see the exact same thing happen in obamacare and
1:33 pm
physicians will make business decisions not to participate in particular plans. >> is it safe to say, to say obamacare is another form of kind of medicaid on steroids? >> i think it's worse. what is medicaid? people need to understand that medicaid is actually the worst possible insurance that you can have for you and your families. numerous studies show if you have a serious medical situation, being on medicaid brings a worse outcome than no insurance at all. with obamacare, we eliminated competition, caused government oversight how people buy and obtain their insurance, but worse, at least with medicaid you know you have insurance and know what doctors will accept it. in the new year there will be large number of people who don't have are inance insurance or if they can keep their doctor. >> in england 0 other countries with socialized medicine you
1:34 pm
want to see your doctor and you'll be told to wait, sometimes weeks or months, depending on the severity. do you expect that here? >> absolutely. the first law of health care, all the laws of economics apply to health care. i if you have fewer doctors willing to take the payments through obamacare plans, that's where the patients will good and you will have a decreaseed supply and longer waits. >> we talk to doctors all the time and say say, a doctor will turn in -- looking for payment from the medicaid system and sometimes be today 12 or 11 cents on the dollar what they bill medicaid. is that the same thing and do you expect the same thing with obamacare? >> our number was 18 cents on the dollar. we view medicaid patients we have in our practice -- very limited panel -- as patients that we would like to provide charity care to because we really make less off of those payments from medicaid than we would actually see -- than we actually spend taking care of
1:35 pm
those patients. so, as the costs rise, and as people find themselves spending large amounts of money on these plans, the only way to insulate them is for government subsidies and roo stricting plans and access. so governors will -- doctors well be put in the position of getting lower and lower patients and resulting in longer waits. >> a term being fleeted, con ear concierge care? >> it's simply doctors doctors d patients who opted out of the system. doctors said i'm tired are of the administrative burden and not getting paid what i would get paid in a free market system and that's what i'm going to do. for the patients willing to pay me, whether it be a monthly basis, yearly, or cash on the barrelhead for visits, i'll be happy to see those patients but you've have to pay cash. for wealthy patients that's something they're willing to do. a number of families have done
1:36 pm
that for their own care. but for the ordinary people who obamacare was targeted for, that's not an option. >> to hawai'i where the first family is vacationing, and obamacare appears to be faltering. hawai'i's gotten more than $200 million in federal grants and as of december 20th, 1100 people have enrolled, which works out to about $187,000 in obamacare spending per person. doug, what a place to by, 187 grand per obamacare enrollee. >> that's how much a flight to hawai'i costs. it's pretty amazing. the democratic governor is taking a hit from the 51% of democratic primary voters now disapprove of the job he is doing, but at least eh still has a job. the director of the healthcare exchange here stepped down on
1:37 pm
december 6th. some say she was forced to step down. her name is carol andrews. the contractor who built the web site is cgi, the same contractor that built in the national web site, that despite the fact that the president of the state senate in hawai'i urged hawaiians to reject that contractor because they set up the contractor to build the state's tax web site and they blew it, costing taxpayers in hawai'i $50 million. oregon's story. not too dissimilar. oregon tabbed as a leader by the obama administration so they got more money to set up the state exchange than any state in the union except new york and california. late this month, since they set up the exchange, people who signed up for the exchanges in oregon started getting robocalls. here's one. >> if you have not purchased insurance by december 23rd it unlikely your application can be
1:38 pm
processed for january 1st january 1st coverage. >> a lot of people cannot be assured they're going to have health coverage come january 1st. harold stanton is one of those people. listen up. >> the governor should have been apprised of the situation. if he wasn't apprised of the situation, then shame on his aides. and if he was, then shame on him for not listening to his aides. >> the web site in oregon has never worked. it has never worked. as a result of that people in oregon are forced to fill out, by hand, 19 pages of paperwork, and those -- you have just seen, still not guaranteed health care. back to you. >> $187,000 per enrollee. >> driving kids to class to take away the right to drive. as the ball jobs, jobs net, because 13 states are hiking something else. (announcer) scottrade knows our clients trade
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13 states bracing for a minimum wage hike as the ball drops in 2014 and democrats say that's great news for all workers. i'll push back on you, mr. unger. you took economics 101, i assume and you know that supply and demand curve, supply meets demand, that's value, right? >> i do. >> why would we increase, say if that is where supply meets demand, we have minimum wage and everything below that becomes illegal. >> here's the issue. i actually spent a lot of the past year looking into objectively whether or not there are any studies that would indicate that raising the minimum wage would have a del tierous effect on the economy. i can't find a study that says
1:43 pm
it's helpful i could find none that says it hurts it. so if you have people out there working 40-hour week jobs, working hard, and not taking home enough money to just do basic support of their family, remaining below the poverty level, doesn't that tell you it's time for them to raise it? >> it tells me every job that would have fallen entersupply and demand -- every job that falls below it, becomes illegal, goes to china or india, where minimum wage laws are minimal -- >> specially when you know -- wait, wait. let's talk about where the minimum wage is mostly aapplicable. service jobs, applicable in the restaurant industry, applicable in retail industry. those are not jobs that can go to china. >> not necessarily. there-factory -- any job that falls below the minimum wage actually hits below the -- the midge -- minimum wage is before supply and demand, the job is going to go to china or india.
1:44 pm
you know who is hit the hardest? young people. teens between 16 and 19, hit hardest because those job goes away and black and hispanic youth especially hard as well. >> you want to know something? if the reality were that kids 16 years old -- you and i both have those kinds of jobs when we were young. wasn't quite as important. we weren't trying to support families. we were trying to make pocket spending money to go on dates. that's not who it hurts. today you go into the service locations, fast food joint, wal-mart store, and you're not looking at 15 to 19-year-old kids working for that minimum wage. you're looking at people who have families to support. >> where are the -- >> just not -- >> where are they. >> not fair. >> you nowhere they are in the 19-year-olds, especially african-americans? they're unemployed. 35% are unemployed because of minimum wage rules. if there wasn't -- >> that's not true. are you trying to say minimum wage we currently have is
1:45 pm
resulting in unemployment? you gotting in to back that up. >> raising the minimum wage, does it do a thing for -- what does it do? i would raise minimum wage? >> because you have too many people that are not making enough money after working 40 hours a week. >> okay. >> to support -- >> where should we stop? how much should it be? >> you know what? we're talking about in the $10 area. >> why that? >> most cities and states you're referring to have gone to that 9.60 to 10 before .10. we have done nothing to keep up with inpolice. >> why not make it 50 bucks an hour. >> that's not realistic. why not get rid of it and pay people a dollar an hour. >> because it won't happen. >> that's the same type of argument. >> in fact most companies don't pay minimum wage. in fact service companies pay above minimum wage, in fact wal-mart pays above minimum
1:46 pm
wage. why 30 or $50 minimum wage? you're spend ago people's money anyway. go big or go home. >> i'm going to avoid the absurd because it helps nobody. >> why is it absurd use let's tuck about wal-mart. >> it's absurd that liberals like you think mandating a minimum wage is good for anybody. >> really? have you ever had to support a family on $7 an hour? >> no, but i've earned minimum wage before, thrown up ins on driveways and worked in restaurant and it talk me worth ethic. i don't want to too this anymore so i'm going to study and work hard to get out of there and get a real job. >> you imagine that none of that will be taught to somebody who gets the increase to 9.60 an hour? su make them so wealthy that they're going to learn absolutely nothing? by the way, i have to go back to wal-mart. it's constantly being misstated. over 50% of the employees at wal-mart are working for minimum wage and they are working below
1:47 pm
the federal poverty level. i don't know how you can defend a -- >> because, rick -- >> when you have that people -- >> rick, as you know, wal-mart -- these companies are in business to earn a profit, not create a charity. i have to leave it there. we're running out of time. >> from the courtroom or comedy show, the year's wackiest lawsuits that will have you shaking your head. is the legal system the butt of the joke? are kids ditching class about to get schooled? one lawmakers trying to drive them back to their desks. next.
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2013 wrapping up. turns out plenty of people lawyered up for many serious reasons. as the chamber of commerce points out many were not serious. among the the top ten list of ridiculous lawsuits. inmates suing beer companies for their crime. >> suing foot long sandwiches coming up short. we get to dominique ramono who says this is why we need torque reform. i agree. >> the subway sandwich is too short. >> on one hand you can see there's a truth in advertising claim here. was foot long meant to represent the actual promise or is it a
1:52 pm
brand name? what's the suffering? >> weigh in on this one. a guy, a man i believe, sues his parents for their indifference. a grown man. >> yeah. it's a brooklyn lawsuit. apparently he typed it up in a homeless shelter. what's interesting about a lot of suits is they're brought by the plaintiffs without an attorney. he says the parents should mortgage their house. they're live in public housing. in order to help him get domi s domino's pizza or something. absolutely absurd. >> a lot of times you can't nail them for frivolous lawsuits. they don't have a lot of money. i guess this guy was homeless, is that right? >> yeah. apparently living in a homeless shelter where he typed up this lawsuit on his own reportedly. >> let's get to this one. the the dad suing the town $40
1:53 pm
million because they cut his kid from the track team. >> unbelievable. apparently the dad want there is kid to have every opportunity. what happened to coach's discretion? the kid missed practice because he hurt his leg, there was a death in the family. i think it shows over emphasis on sports and competition over other aspects of education. the dad should not blame the lawyer, file the lawsuit on his own. the former lawyer sued apple for his porn addiction. >> that was another one on the list. by the way we have the top ten list on fox and the your world website. you can see the top ten. quickly, weigh in on torque reform. will that help a lot of this stuff? >> it may. less frivolous lawsuits and better use of the court system for action that makes a
1:54 pm
difference that's genuine and sincere. >> thank you sir. keep ditching, forget driving. a lawmaker pushing a bill to stop driver's license for students that repeatedly miss school. attorney lisa says the lawmaker has it right. i'm going to start with you lisa. what do you mean they have it right? isn't it parental responsibility? >> it's a privilege not a right to drive. in moich mitch high school students have to go through 24 hours of classroom time to get the license. there's a always a great interest in being safe roads especially in michigan. this is a place that just passed the law yesterday saying that high school students who have any restrictions can't use cell phones. this is the next step in trying to make roads safer. again, a privilege not a right. >> i'm not sure i totally agree
1:55 pm
that roads should be safer. i'm not sure truancy relates to unsafe roads. really parents should be held responsible for having their children go to school, should be educated on how important it is. in michigan in urban area, lower economic areas, the truancy rate is outrageous. 91,000 students truant in michigan. this is craziness. the parents need to be educated, programs that are positive not negative, regarding driver's license. i don't know the connection between driving and going to school. >> the connection is for a high school student to get a license they have to be a student, have to go to the 24 hours of classroom time. are they allowed to go into the drivers education classroom if they're not in the other hours of classroom study. is there a bar they have to meet. >> those are people trying to
1:56 pm
get a license. they're proposing those that have a license and it should be stripped if they're truant. i don't understand the connection. >> i've got to agree with rebec rebecca. i'm not sure it should be tide to that. >> under 18 they're restricted, have to have an adult in the car. there are always restrictions on license for student drivers. at 18 you're unrestricted. >> anything to get a kid to do the right thing and stay off the roads when doing wrong things. i'm not sure school is the thing for that. >> drinking, drugs, yeah. the issue is truancy not safe roads. >> we can't have driving and dmv responsible for getting kids to school. >> i've got to leave it there. rebecca and lisa. >> very good. >> thank you so much. we'll lkeep our eyes on it.
1:57 pm
i'll see you on the five in just about three minutes. i'm going to remic and i'll see you over there.
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