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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  December 27, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PST

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intended lesson to be learned but it seems that should be up to the parents to teach. if they can't or won't get involved, then revoke. thanks to everyone who responded. anna kooiman right now getting ready for "fox & friends" which stars right now. good morning. today is friday, the 27th of december, 2013. i'm anna kooiman in for elisabeth. president obama signs a budget with controversial costs. what it means for our veterans and the terror suspects at guantanamo bay. >> remember this government official enjoying wine at the spa on taxpayers' dime? whoever thought today good news would come out of this photo? >> really? >> yeah. >> ditching class used to be easy. >> bueller. >> here. >> bueller.
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bueller. >> under a new program ditching class would cost ferris his driving license and we wouldn't even have a movie. "fox & friends" begins right now. >> hi. this is sarah palin. you're watching "fox & friends." >> good morning everyone. welcome to "fox & friends" on this friday morning. i'm clayton in for brian. anna in for elisabeth. kelly in for steve. >> we've been in here holding down the fort. you'd christmas with your two little ones? >> yeah. how was christmas? >> nice. >> we're going to count the biggest celebrity meltdowns of 2013. this is always nostalgic for me. you can e-mail us at >> who's top of the list? >> miley cyrus without a doubt. >> we start with a fox news alert. new overnight, a deadly
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explosion rocks beirut killing the former prime minister of lebanon and four others. thors believe the former finance minister was the target of the blast. at least 50 others were injured. terrifying video of a deadly plane crash in central california where the aircraft smashed into a neighborhood. >> you see this [bleep] on fire. >> a man and a nine-year-old boy were killed when the small plane crashed into a front lawn just 800 feet from the runway of a small airport in fresno, california. investigators say they were the only two people on board that plane. the house was not damaged and no one in the neighborhood was hurt. the f.a.a. is opening an investigation into what caused that crash. an arizona man is under arrest after climbing a fence at the phoenix airport and running toward a plane that had just landed. this surveillance video shows him just after he
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touched the plane's engine. as his mug shot suggests, police say the 49-year-old was not in a stable frame of mind. >> one thing they noticed right away was that he was definitely under the influence of alcohol, which they could detect, and even possibly drug based on his bizarre behavior. >> the southwest flight had just landed from atlanta with 136 passengers on board. someone on board the plane snapped this photo of him standing on the runway. the plane's pilot shut off the engine to try and keep him from getting hurt. police say he climbed over an eight foot barbed wire fence to get on that runway. they still don't know why he did it. this is the second airport breach this week. in new jersey a man hopped a fence and crossed two runways at newark international on christmas day. it was the day after christmas miracle for some delta customers. lucky fliers capitalized on a major commuter glitch and
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scored super cheap flights on the airline, some for as low as 25 dollars round trip. delta will honor the purchases. earlier in year travelers were able to book fares on united airline for zero dollars. and those tickets also honored. >> i found out about that about a day later. >> i have a friend who got a $40 flight from new york to l.a. and back. >> $40, i always miss out on those deals. >> they try to pinch you for bag fees. so it will be like $400. >> president obama signs twin budget bills. a government averted because of that but at what cost? >> president obama did take time out of his vacation for a little bit of work, signing two bills related to budget. but the bills left out any
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extension for long term unemployment benefits which do run out tomorrow for about 1.3 million people. the bipartisan deal was struck by republican paul ryan and democrat patty murray after weeks of negotiations but extending unemployment benefits had been a sticking point. even though democrats signed on to the budget deal that murray helped broker, congressional democrats and the white house are already vowing to make it an issue in the new year, and republicans say they know it. >> he will try to restore the unemployment benefits saying we can't let these people hang out there when times are just getting good for other people. >> the president also signed a defense bill, spending bill which includes provisions to transfer detainees out of guantanamo bay prison, another long standing promise by the administration. in part he writes i'm encouraged that this act provides the executive greater flexibility to transfer guantanamo detainees abroad and look forward to working with the congress to take the additional steps needed to close the facility.
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speaking about unemployment benefits, democrat jack reed of rhode island says he will introduce an extension to long term federal unemployment as early as january 6. so we have a lot of to look forward to. back to you, guys. >> thank you. later we'll be hearing from an air force veteran to talk about that military pension cut. we'll move on to some other things but we'll get back to that story. >> it is hurting a number of veterans. i had veterans come up to me over the christmas holiday and said your viewers need to know about this. we're going to be losing thousands of dollars out of our pay collection in the coming years. first the affordable care act this morning. new bombshell report out this morning showing how unaffordable the affordable care act is in more than half of the counties in 34 states. it really is hitting those that we were told it was going to help the most, those who are at the margins, who don't make a lot in income, those people are going to be able to get
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these bronze plans. the bronze was the cheapest plan. it would account for 8% of your income. now it turns out those cheap plans are not going to be available for many of you out there. >> remember the average family was supposed to be saving $2 #, 500 a year, which doesn't appear to be the case at all either. >> the problem is that many of these people in these areas will find themselves paying into some of the subdis to afford their own program. it won't be like days of old where you go to the emergency room to get your treatment. now they will be going in, under the affordable care act and finding out they too have sticker shock like everyone else. the middle class, poorer class and well to tkao are experiencing very difficult problems. >> remember when this was pushed through it was supposed to hurt the evil one percent, the rich people, or the top two percent, whatever it was. certainly it's not the case. it's just another lie of obamacare just like you can't keep your doctor, just like you can't keep
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your plan in many cases. >> this is another revision, another layer to obamacare we're just learning about according to the "usa today" report. 8% of your income which you were supposed to be able to get that bronze plan, if you live in a populous area like philadelphia county or bergen county new jersey you're being forced to pay up to ten percent of your income for these higher plans. >> every county in various states, sometimes those counties pay more money in taxes because they're taking care of the poor areas in those counties. they have to take care of services and things of that the fact is it's also paying the price at the polls because democrats are shrieking from this. the affordable care act is tkpweufbg them a heart -- giving them a heart attack in terms of how they will handle this in 2014 and 2016. >> this is really bad for democrats. it is so bad a e-mail went out from the democratic mccain committee, they sent out an e-mail showing
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democrats compared to 49%. if an election webt -- went out this is how democrats would fare. they sent out an e-mail saying immediately we're asking for cash because this is, quote, tough news. >> remember a couple of months ago in october during the government shutdown, that's a 13 point swing you're looking at. the tide does appear to be turning. it is becoming another one of these scandals essentially. it's one thing after the next. if the president was able to skirt by the i.r.s. and the d.o.j. and benghazi and his approval ratings were okay, and it wasn't affecting his party as much, obamacare is starting to -- people are starting to find out what's in it. >> the dccc says this is the republicans fault, the obamacare rollout was republicans fault and in the e-mail they are saying send us cash because we want to stop the lies being
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spread from republicans about this. look at the president's poll tphuplgs, an all time low. 41%. he's in hawaii now trying to regroup and wants to put the horrible rollout for obamacare behind him for 2014 but really, really low. >> the gallup poll, president job approval poll at 41%, his second lowest in his presidency as well. here's the bottom line. the president will continue to tout the fact that he has two million people already enrolled in the affordable care act or better known as obamacare. the problem is they want it to reach seven million by march. i don't think they're going to get there because they're still trying to get their messaging on track and still having trouble with, the conduit for people to get on-line. when you can't attract young people and they're saying there's something problematic with this and they're turning against the president and this particular plan, there is a problem. >> we'll see in march what
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those numbers look like. right now not a good sign for the president. in the state of michigan there is legislation being proposed in the city of lansing, michigan, by some lawmakers there. they're tired of the truancy rate, kids not showing up to school and they're trying to figure out a way to stop this, and one way to stop this they say is to get rid of your drivers license, revoke your drivers license if you are a truant from high school. remove it. they say it is a privilege. you have to earn the right to actually get on the road. it is a privilege. remove it and get kids back in school. >> this is being brought up by a michigan state representative who will be on the show with us at 7:20 this morning. in michigan it is state law that you have to go to school until you're 18. what is the ultimate motivator when you're a teenager? the thing you look to most is getting that drivers license and having that freedom. would it help? it probably would. should this be a parents job? should we teach our kid to do it because it is the right thing to do rather than because of this? that is what some critics are saying.
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>> it is a staggering number of how many kids are dropping out of school right now. there is a statistic that says every 26 seconds there is a child dropping out of school. that is a problem. you've got to do something to compel the kids, incite the kids to get back to school. maybe if we take away your driving privileges you will go to school. >> did you guys skip school? let's be honest? >> once in a while, seniorit i s. if a kid drops out of high school he's ineligible for 95% of jobs in america. there is an incentive to try to keep kids in school. we'll see if this is the right incentive. let us know. tweet us, we'd love your e-mail. should a kid be taken away, or his driving privileges be taken away if he or she is skipping school? skpoeuplg up on the show -- coming up on the show a budget deal is in place but on the backs of our military?
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we report, you decide. >> from kanye comparing himself to jesus to miley cyrus's infamous twerk, we're breaking down the celebrity meltdowns of 2014. ♪ ♪y)p)
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current and former military members and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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welcome back. we were talking about earlier the brand-new budget signed by president obama has some controversial cuts tucked inside of it, specifically a cut to the cost of living adjustment for military retirees. according to its critics, that cut should slash tens of thousands of dollars from some veterans pensions. here to offer his perspective retired air force officer lieutenant colonel arnie carr. good to join us today.
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what does it mean to you to see this kind of slashing of the pension for military veterans is going on? >> good morning, kelly. thanks for having me. in my contacts both with people who are still on active duty and with the many contacts i have among the retired community, it is a very chilling signal that promises have been made to those who have squared off against our enemies and done the business of this country in securing it, defending it, the promises that have been made to them could become a little too cheap in the rush to try to make budgets make sense. it sends a pretty concerning message throughout the military and veteran community. >> colonel, you mentioned how chilling it was. let's give people an example of exactly what this does, this new bill. it states that what it means for vets who retire at age 42, that over the course of their retirement they will suffer or incur 72 thousand dollars loss in
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benefits, a big ouch factor for military retirees because they come into the service to serve, defend and protect our freedoms and yet some of their financial freedom will be taken away. >> absolutely. not a small amount of money being discussed here. i think the proponents of this provision, those who help push it through, keep it in the budget and have it successfully stay in there would like to minimize or in their narrative try to minimize how much money we're talking about. for someone to enlist in the united states military at the age of 18 and spends 20 years defending their country that is enough to put a big dent in a college education for a kid. it's enough to help buy a home. you have to remember that these people who spend 20 or more years out there defending their country don't necessarily have the same kind of marketable skills that their colleagues who spent 20 years in the private sector might have. they have an adaptation process to go through when they get out. >> you make a very good point. senator john mccain said
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over the course of a lifetime especially retirement plan for someone in the military that would equate to roughly $2 million over the course of a lifetime. however this doesn't do any good for those who are trying to navigate these treacherous waters and the uncertainty because of our economy. they got to do the right thing. many people said going into this this was an accident. what should congress be doing about it to correct it? >> i question whether or not it was an accident, but that's probably a discussion for another time. i think this could be seen as sort of a political maneuver to try to legitimize looking at military pensions and compensations as a target for budgetary savings and that is a very worrisome idea. in the meantime congress should not wait to fix this. it's obvious that whatever the intent was, the military and veteran community are upset about it and i would hope that it would be undone soon. >> lieutenant colonel tony carr, thank you for your
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service and we definitely value your perspective this morning. we're talking about a flu outbreak expanding as the death toll rises again. how you can keep your family safe. 2013 didn't turn out to be the year for anthony weiner. the disgraced congressman speculating on his plans for 2014. what are they? we'll talk about it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ho ho ho ♪ [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant
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back with more headlines for you. anthony weiner won't go away. the former congressman posting an update on his facebook page thanking people for their superpower and possibly hinting at campaign plans for next year saying he hopes to keep the team together. amazon and u.p.s. offering refund to customers who didn't receive christmas orders on time. amazon says they're giving $20 gift cards and u.p.s. is offering refunds on shipping costs. anna and clayton. >> fox news alert. 13 confirmed dead from the h1n1 flu virus known as the swine flu. centers for disease control reporting the outbreak is widespread in four southern states. >> what do you need to know to stay healthy? we have a pediatric allergy and i am -- and immunolology specialist.
3:25 am
why the south? >> we're seeing h1n1 flu outbreak, pretty severe. it affects younger people quite aggressively, atypical of the seasonal flu which often affects very old people and babies. this is a high alert because it is aggressive in younger age patients or people with underlying health issues. >> is that the case? a teenager even died? >> always the case. people with underlying medical conditions. high blood pressure, even high cholesterol, obesity, asthma, they are at highest risk young and old. h1n1 even in the younger population when they have an underlying medical condition it can be extremely aggressive. >> i got my flu shot in early october. you say get a flu shot now. it doesn't matter. it's not too late? >> it is not too late. get a flu shot. it takes two weeks to develop the immunity. there are two ways you can get it.
3:26 am
the vaccine which is a shot or the live vaccine which is a nasal mist. it is just a mist in the nose. great for kids older than two years old. the flu vaccine should happen now. our flu season peaks january, february so it isn't too late. >> it goes all the way till may? >> the flu season can stand from october until may. in the south central states we've been seeing lots of flu activity. >> as your mom says, wash your hands, wipe down surfaces. >> soap and water always best. if you don't have access to soap and water, hand sanitizers, wipe down your key boards, doorknobs, steering wheels, things you're touching all the time. other tips, don't sit on your symptoms, h1n1 affects younger patients and they are most likely to say i'm fine, just a cold. practitioners and patients of all ages should think if i have fever, malaise,
3:27 am
fatigue, see a doctor. they can treat you with medications that can reduce the severity of the flu. >> rest up and stay away from everybody else so you won't get everyone else sick. thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up, brand-new poll numbers on the 2014 presidential race. one candidate surging toward the top of the list. >> remember this government official enjoying wine at the spa on the taxpayers' dime? whoever thought that today good news would be coming out of this photo? [ male announcer ] nothing melts away the cold like a hot delicious bowl of chicken noodle soup from campbell's. ♪ let it snow, let it snow
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thank you! wow! where am i sitting? oh man. uh-oh! i thought that was playing in louisiana. [bleep] >> it's your shot of the morning. this grandpa was in on the joke the whole time. he pretended he got sugar bowl tickets for christmas but revealed they are really cotton bowl tickets. his son is a huge missouri fan. he was pretty excited about getting to go to the game. >> funny when households are split. is it two out of -- too early fr
3:32 am
2016? we have a new poll out, fox news poll and it is shaping up to what the g.o.p. nomination race would look like for 2016. i guess maybe no surprise here. at the top of the list chris christie with 16% in this fox news poll, right at the to be. >> jeb bush, 12%. senator ted cruz 12%. representative paul ryan 12%. >> rand paul at 11% and marco rubio 8%. >> chris christie said a few weeks ago when you look at that list, the republican party doesn't have a party problem. it has a, what did he say? it has a nominee problem. you know, we had ann coulter on the show who said i would lunch -- lump chris christie into that candidate problem. she is not a fan of the way he has changed over the past few years. >> on the democrat side
3:33 am
pretty much everyone is agreeing hillary clinton would be leading the pack. it's almost like a crowning achievement for her. she has 68% followed by the vice president of the united states, joe biden, 12% and warren 7% and cuomo 4%. >> i don't think there is a stronger candidate than hillary clinton in that field right now. 68% of people. she left office with difficulties on benghazi and critics wondering whether or not she would have to answer for that along the campaign trail. charles krauthammer says she's been crowned but she's a weak candidate. take a listen. >> i think the status she enjoys among democrats is semidivine. it is going to be a worship service. it will go on for six or eight months. i don't think there is any serious challenger. there might be noise but i don't think the left we've talked about is that significant. it is a noisy left but i don't see any impediment on
3:34 am
the way to her nomination but i think she is going to be a weak, a relatively weak opponent if she decides to run and republicans are going to have a really good shot at the white house. >> she of course is a well traveled world diplomat, i think 112 countries or something but what was her legacy? that is what a lot of people are asking a question about. also benghazi, will she be forced to answer the tough questions about that and the sound bite what difference does it make at this point? charles krauthammer says it is not going to be an issue. we had governor mike huckabee on last weekend. he thinks she will have to answer. >> i never disagree with charles but i totally disagree with him here. think about the money machine she has in place. think about the weight and strategy machine in place. think about bill clinton, an incredibly popular ex-president who can stump on her behalf. i don't know that the republican party right now
3:35 am
has someone on equal footing. >> that is the point. do republicans have enough to coalesce and align their forces around one particular candidate? we don't know at this point. perhaps 2014 will begin to shake some of that out and by 2016 we'll see a front-runner in place. but the bottom line is if the republican party fails to reach out to blacks, hispanics, latinos and the wide berth of people that president george w. bush always challenged them to do, they may have a problem with a message problem. they're doing well through the affordable care act but when it comes time to get into the general populace, they have got to be able to bring everybody in. that's one of the things they're going to have to be dealing with. >> that's something democrats have had an easier time capitalizing on in the thirst for progressive americans wanting the first african-american president. >> it is not progressive. i go back to what george w. bush said when he was in office, he challenged his republican base, get out there, get involved with
3:36 am
people, become more diverse than what you are. >> he led the fight on immigration and republicans in his own party fought against him on immigration reform. let us know who you think should be up for 2016. be fair about it. think of all the contingencies. >> we have other stories making headlines. a nationwide manhunt underway to find a suspected bank robber who fatally shot an officer in mississippi monday. a tupelo police officer was killed and another officer shot when they confronted suspected robbers during their get away out of the city. authorities releasing a photo of the person of interest. they're looking for a thin man between five foot nine and six feet tall. charcoal colored medium sized sedan may have been used as the get away car. anyone with information is asked to call the f.b.i. tip line at 18 hufpb -- tip line.
3:37 am
a shooting spree leaves three people dead and two others wounded. police say the gunman targeted his ex-wife's family. ben freeman has been indicted now by police -- identified rather. been identified by police as the shooter. they say he went to the home of a councilman last night, shot the councilman along with his wife and daughter. deputies arrived to find his wife dead. the councilman and his daughter are critically injured. freeman went to a home and shot a hospital administrator and his wife. freeman's current wife also found dead at their home. motive unclear. flesh eating fish go on the attack in argentina injuring 70 people on christmas day. thousands of people were trying to cool off in a river when the pier ran in -- when the piranha's attack.
3:38 am
authorities believe bloody debris left by a fisherman drew them to the beach. because of the heat wave many people returned within a half-hour to cool off. remember this government official enjoying wine at the spa? las vegas on the taxpayers' dime? good news coming from this photograph. the government is leaving sin city. a new study shows the government spent $92,000 on las vegas hotel rooms in 2013, down from $2.5 million in 2010. the g.s.a. spent $800,000 on that notorious lavish conference in 2010 that led to public outrage and investigation into those pricey trips. 27 people have died in the freezing weather sweeping the northeast and canada. the region is still dealing with some very frigid temperatures out there left behind by an ice storm that knocked downpour lines and left tens of thousands without power.
3:39 am
officials say they hope to have power restored to all of those customers by the end of the week. maria molina is standing by. this has been a difficult holiday for people. >> very difficult for so many people without power across parts of canada, parts of the great lakes and across portions of new england. it looks like we could have another round of heavy snow forecast across portions of new england or northern new england as we head into sunday and also into monday. hopefully we have power returned to many of those areas. otherwise before that, coming up on saturday, very mild temperatures forecast across portions of the northeast. that's a little bit of good news there. otherwise right now the weather very quiet across the lower 48. we have lingering snow showers across portions of the great lakes. it is off of lake ontario that we could be looking at heavy snowfall accumulations. farther south in parts of texas, rain affecting parts of brownville and the corpus christi area. be careful out there and grab the umbrella.
3:40 am
low pressure is going to be developing across the gulf of mexico and saturday into sunday it will be impacting portions of the east coast, flash flooding concerns saturday especially across the southeast. let's talk a little sports because the packers got good news overnight. the packer star q.b. aaron rodgers will star sunday in a must win game against the chicago bears. rogers taking the field since the first time since breaking his collar bone. the pack went two and five and won in his absence. if they win, they're in the playoffs. after retirement from football quarterback john kid ner began teaching match. following tony romo's injuries the dallas cowboys called kitna back. he said he's donating his pay check to the school, all $53,000 of it.
3:41 am
another quarterback is work as a teacher in greensburg, indiana. he says his small town will be home to him and it is always good to have a backup career. that's great. >> 41 minutes after the hour. they have been stuck in ice for days. this morning brand-new details on the ship stranded near antarctica. >> the white house pushing its green agenda, but what if it's not working? should taxpayers really foot the bill? charles payne is here next to explain. charles, merry christmas. ♪ ♪ i'm overhe hill. my body doesn't work the way it used to. past my prime? i'm a victim of a slowin? i don't think so. great grains protein blend. protein from natural ingredients like seeds and nuts. it helps support a healthy metabolism.
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no word if those killed are americans. the taliban claiming responsibility. help is getting closer for passengers aboard a russian research ship who have been stuck in the thick ice on the edge of antarctica for days. a chinese ice breaker is drawing close. the russian ship got lodged in the ice during a blizzard. there are 74 people on board. >> new data shows the u.s. electricity prices at a record high as the administration plans an even more aggressive environmental agenda next year. but will the white house's green push end up costing you? let's ask charles payne from the fox business network. what's going on here? why are electricity prices going up as a result of green energy pushes? >> we've had a serious war on the coal industry. just massive war on the coal industry. it's heartbreaking across
3:46 am
the country you'll see all these amazing jobs have been wiped out because of new regulations, really draconian regulations that are saying we want you to be able to have clean coal which is not necessarily an oxymoron but expensive particularly the time frame the administration is giving the coal industry. here's the thing, more steps are going to be taken by the e.p.a. that can even probably take as much as 10% more of the coal power off the grid while it's a supply and demand kind of thing. by the way, our prices are up about 20% in the last six years. in germany they are up over 100% in the last decade because of the same sort of ideology that has gone after solar and renewable energy to the point where the germans are saying we have a great economy but the average household is broke so they are going to wean off those subsidies. they had an emergency meeting a couple of weeks ago. >> is there any sight of turning this around? >> i don't think so. when it comes to pecking order at the white house, very few organizations or
3:47 am
entities have a higher priority than the environmentalists. i think we have an environmentalist agenda, these are things that are going to kick in. these scrubbers for these coal plants are so expensive, guys, and then of course regulations to build new coal power plants, it is almost a farce. you cannot get that done. >> a lot of these coal power plants are leading to electricity. >> 50 p-bg of our lech -- 50% of our electricity was generated by the coal industry but that is going lower. you say what about natural gas? we have a miracle of natural gas in this country. even natural gas, they're putting extraordinary measures on the natural gas that we use. i don't know if you guys remember but when president obama was candidate obama, he had a very intimate statement. under my cap and trade plan
3:48 am
electricity rates will necessarily skyrocket. he didn't put through that particular cap and trade plan but this is something similar. the president warned us as a candidate. >> everyone wants a cleaner mother earth. we all want that but is this putting the cart before the horse? >> the time line is off. i think we would evolve ultimately into a renewable country. realistically it would be a 20 to 30 year evolution. what we're doing now is hurting business because if we're going to have an export driven economy, we're going to have a manufacturing renaissance, the key component to that is cheap energy. that's the best component we have and that may be the cheap dollar. but in the households, average households, we're talking about real incomeness this country have gone down. not adjusted for inflation. have gone down year after year and electricity prices are going up and up. add in milk and a couple
3:49 am
other things -- >> we got a problem. charles you're going to be addressing that more today on varney and company. i'll see you on the show. >> you've got some kind of wiz -- >> the wiz kid. >> maybe he can solve the lech electricity problem. >> the obamacare website is still plagued with problems but that is not stopping contractors from sending us the bill. should states be able to tell them to forget about it? >> don't take a picture of hotheaded alec baldwin. a cloture -- a closer look at the paparazzi meltdowns next. ♪ ♪
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3:53 am
52 minutes after the hour. how are you feeling? i hope you are doing well. i'm anna kooiman. being a celebrity has its down size. we have all seen folks crack under pressure. sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's sad. and no doubt we have had doosies this year. here to break down the celebrity meltdowns of 2013 patrick waneos. how are you. >> i'm fine, thank you for asking. >> number five is justin bieber. you say there are some resemblances to lindsay lohan behavior? >> in many ways acting like a typical teenager. his brain hasn't fully developed so he is going to engage in stupid behavior. but to the extent of paying a pet monkey to germany and you don't bring medical papers so the pet monkey gets confiscated permanently. really it's more about an example or another example of a hollywood teenager who lacks a real male role he
3:54 am
model and mentor. jump bieber is young and he can't handle the adoration or i'd legs, -- idolation. >> alec baldwin doesn't like his picture taken unless is he promoting his latest project. >> the same way he acts with lots of anger and rage and even a sense of entitlement. in one incident he threatens a photographer, he slams him up against the car and makes a homophobe biblical slur. he didn't treat his: you can see it every time. >> kanye west really ruffling feathers when he compared himself to jesus and compared his career to going to war. a police chief even saying hey, i challenge you, come be a first responder or join the military yourself. what do you think about him? >> well, you know, when you
3:55 am
ridiculous oh i put my life on the line every day when i'm on tour, no, that's absurd. not only is it delusional. this is a guy who is trying to blow himself up because inside he feels so small. it's what we call inferiority complex. in any ways not easy delusional. but he has this sense of grandeur that isn't warranted. >> he sure puts out a good album though. how about miley cyrus, this twerking, the video that everybody has been talking about, is it bad marketing? is it good marketing? she is on the cover of almost every magazine. >> now, anna, have you raised a really good point. unfortunately here in america, we actually reward people that are pornographic or promiscuous. this whole concept of twerking isn't new. it's actually simulated sex. it's not healthy. can you tell she is not a woman who can exude natural sexuality and sensuality. she is not emotionally developed. underneath it all it's obvious that she is actually
3:56 am
rebelling against her father and against her baptist and christian upbringing. >> and finally lance armstrong, this happened a little bit ago, but being stripped of seven tour de france titles after admitting to doping after lying for years about it. >> yeah, relentlessly lying over the years. and the expression to win at all costs means to give 100% of yourself, not to destroy everyone else. that's what lance armstrong was doing. not only was he relentlessly lying over the years. anyone who tried to stand up and say we know you are cheating he would destroy their lives. >> that's too bad. patrick i apologize we have to leave it there we are on a hard break. hope you have a fantastic weekend. thank you for joining us on "fox & friends." >> thank you, same to you. >> skip school then you can skip getting your driver's license. that's one lawmaker's plan to crack down on truancy. a good idea? you will hear from him next. >> plus, the key to happiness revealed and it's not your job or how much money you have. we'll explain next. ick with innovation.
3:57 am
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hello and good morning to you. i'm anna coy marn in for elisabeth hasselbeck this morning. president obama signing two budget bills but at what cost to americans? should america be balancing the budget on the back of our heros? we report, you decide. oh, hello, i'm clayton. he made skipping school look cool. >> buehrle? >> here. >> buehrle? buehrle? >> but a new law cracking down on truancy could force ferris to give up his
4:01 am
driver's license. the lawmaker who is proposing it will join us live. kelly? >> thanks, clayton. many americans about to toast to a brand new year, but will you be doing it with your underaged kids. good question. some places it will be illegal or, sorry, legal. is that a good idea? "fox & friends" starts right now. >> what's up in? is the most musty www super star of all time. you are watching "fox & friends" and it is awesome. >> i will take awesome. >> thanks so much. welcome to "fox & friends" on this friday morning. brian and elizabeth are all off and enjoying holiday time. kelly wright, clayton morris and anna kooiman in today. >> i got shoes that clipped into my bike. >> ho ho ho. >> and one of the hottest gadgets this year was tablets. coming n just about 30 minutes from now.
4:02 am
>> that's what you are angling. >> a lot of people get tablets for christmas and they literally don't know what to do with them and what alps to get and cloud and photo backup stuff questions i get in our hallways. i will show you. >> i have had mine for three years. i don't know how it to use it you said you can make the font a little bit bigger, grandma? >> show you how to do all of that stay tuned for that coming up. >> some opener stories making headlines this friday morning. new overnight a deadly explosion rocks beirut killing a former senior advisor to prime minister of lebanon and four others. authorities believe the government official of former ambassador to the united states was the target of the blast. at least 70 others were injured. also, overnight. terrifying video of a deadly plane crash in central california where the aircraft smashed into a neighborhood. >> my neighbor's home. do you see this? it's on fire. and man and 9-year-old boy
4:03 am
killed when plane crashed into a front lawn 800 feet from a small airport in fresno. investigators say they were the only two people on board the plane. the house was not damaged and no one in the neighborhood was the faa is opening an investigation into what caused the crash. an arizona man is under arrest after climbing a fence at the phoenix airport and running toward a plane that had just landed. surveillance video shows him just after he touched the plane's engine as his mugshot suggests here, police say 49-year-old robert bump was not in a stable frame of mind. >> one thing they noticed right away as s. that he was definitely under the influence of alcohol, which they could detect and even possibly drugs based on his bizarre behavior. >> the southwest flight had just landed from atlanta with 136 passengers on board. someone on board the plane snapped this photo of him standing on the runway. the plane's pilot shut off
4:04 am
the engines to try to keep him from getting hurt. police say he climbed over 8-foot bausched wire fence to get to the runway. they still don't know why he did it and this is actually the second airport breach. you remember a men hopped a fence on newark international and that happened on christmas day. when it comes to success don't count health or fame look at that little ring on your finger or lack thereof. nearly two thirds of married people consider themselves to be a success. researchers say that this may be because people don't feel that money is the definition of success and forming strong relationships is more important. and those are your headlines. >> i agree with that you feel like a bit of a success if someone wants to spend the rest of their life with you, you are like gosh, that one checked off. oh my gosh. turn our attention to washington this morning. over the christmas break, and a number of veterans coming up to me saying wow, what they're experiencing now because of these latest
4:05 am
laws that congress has passed. boy, they are really hurting veterans, and we are talking about two different specific things that the president has signed while he was on vacation out there in hawaii that congress passed. number bun, is this defense bill that will now ease gitmo detainee restrictions, basically, president bush tried to close guantanamo bay. president obama tried to close guantanamo bay. they have not been able to do it because of all the legal wrangling involved. what are they going to do instead? clear it out. get rid of the detainees who live there now and push them overseas and they will say guantanamo bay is pretty much empty. might as well close it. >> is that going to make them feel safe? what is going to keep them from coming back. >> we have seen the recidivism rate pretty high. >> many will leave this country and go back into al qaeda strong holds where they were on the battlefield once fighting and attacking and serving in harm's way, they will rejoin that that's the concern that many people throughout the united states and even members of congress have.
4:06 am
what do you do with these detainees once you release them? do they go back to that kind of activity? >> a number of veterans came up to me, one gentleman came up to me and said your viewers need to know what veterans are feeling like. it's really hitting me and the rest of of my family hard this new round of budget cuts and budget bill that's going to actually include restoring some of these sequester cuts and fist all of those cuts on the backs of veterans' benefits. that is the cost of living increases that veterans have come to expect over the years. this is going to be slashed. take a look at a veteran who retires at the age of 42. this is what this veteran will suffer in losses. $72,000 in loss in benefits. >> that's a lot of money. and then you wonder about the ripple effect for this too. how is this going to help recruiting efforts? is there going to be a mass, you know, just flood of people leaving the military as wealthying that you are not going to be taken care of me. the other thing is keep your promise and make sure that these people who signed up to, our heros to keep our
4:07 am
freedom, fighting for our freedom are going to be taken care of. >> anyone serving the military as it is. because long deployments away from home. not being accustomed to what's going on. some people returning home seeing their babies for the first time. it's a strain on marriages if they're married. it's a strain on their physical health and their mental health there are a lot of problems going on just serving in the military. when you go to harm's way like places like afghanistan or iraq you are facing a lot. then to be hold i do your congress or your president oh we are going to slash some of your military pensions and to find as an accident we heard from lt. colonel tony carr air force retirees earlier on "fox & friends." he said biggest amount of money taken out. listen to what he has to say about this. >> proponents of this provision. those who help push it through and keep it in the budget and have it successfully stay in there would like to minimize or try in their narrative try to minimize how much money
4:08 am
we are talking about. to someone who enlists in the united states military at the age of 18 and spends 20 years defending our country that is is a particularly large amount of money. that's enough to put a big dent in a college education for a kid. it's enough to help buy a home. >> and, you know, you are hearing from a bipartisan member of congress to pass. this and the president signed it. but now you are hearing bipartisan movement on the other side. in fact, the democrat coming forward, julia brownley this week, a democrat out of california, introduced a bill that would repeal that provision, that would curtail annual cost of living increases and benefits. you also had congressman ted poe out of texas doing the same thing. trying to come forward and get rid of these cost of living slashes to veterans' benefits. >> that's critical. if you are slashing their cost of living allowance and some military families, especially the lower ranked members of the military, they are already have a very difficult time just making ends meet. some of them are having to use food stamps, resort to other means of taking care of their families.
4:09 am
that should not be the indicates if you are serving in the united states military taking care of your fellow country men. >> if some cuts have to be made, where should they be made? is there fat to trim somewhere else? civilians who are working alongside them. worry about you want to make sure that they're taken care of, too. and that their equipment is up to par. that their training is up to par. let us know what you think about this story and if you know a veteran who is being affected by this. >> or the jets that we don't need that senator mccain has said we don't need these jets, why not give them to the veterans, the money that we would use to buy these things, these ridiculous pieces of equipment that we don't necessarily need. let us know. coming up right here now, a few days away from january 1st. the day coverage kicks in. questions about how you many will actually have coverage? elizabeth prann is in washington with the latest on this final push just a few day, elizabeth. >> yes, good morning, clayton, anna and kelly. nice to see you. customers in the health insurance exchanges will be facing a lot of unknowns in january. will they actually be enrolled in the the coverage
4:10 am
they signed up for? their enrollment will be tested for the first time with their doctors' visits. long call times cancellation notices. people are still in the dark whether or not their insurance is going to work. meanwhile the administration says the deadline for obamacare enrollment prompted an influx in traffic to and state exchanges. >> they will know if somebody in their family gets sick, they will be able to go see a doctor and have access to quality healthcare coverage that is available in the greatest country in the world that is a tremendous change from what we saw before the affordable care act. that is a change that millions of people are really going to be pleased about. >> when folks were asked which party they favor during the 2014 midterm elections, this was taken this week, congressional polling showed that republicans are at an advantage over democrats owe on the ballot. of course, this isn't a good indicator as far as individual races for 2014. it can however, indicate how the electorate is leaning right now, kelly, anna,
4:11 am
clayton, back to you. >> elizabeth, thank you very much. >> thanks. >> we will be seeing you later i'm sure. president obama meantime says america is more respected around the world thanks to his leadership. is it any safer? up next the top foreign threats america faces in 2014. >> take a look at this. van comes crashing through the wall of this building. not your average office though. that's the dmv. i hope he wasn't there for a driver's test. >> i know i crashed through your wall earlier plus please give me -- wisest kid, am i forgetting something? no holiday's complete without campbell's green bean casserole. wish you were here. ♪ [ doorbell ] [ gasps ] ♪ [ gong ] [ wisest kid ] m'm! m'm! good!
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4:15 am
welcome back. no shortage of foreign crisis this year. what are the most serious threats america will face in 2014. joining me now is national security analyst ryan morrow. nice to see you ryan. >> nice to see you. >> start with number 5. kim jong un in north korea probably had a decent holiday because he didn't have that pesky holiday. >> he can buy whatever he wants by stealing it from his own starving people. he killed his uncle who is the number two man. and now he is arresting and killing all of his associates so there is a massive purge happening in north korea right now that most people aren't paying attention to. expect a provocation from them because that's what north korea does and they have internal problems. lash out at us. >> provocation, chest beating this is what they do. do we actually see an actual threat from north korea. >> sure. they fired artillery at south korean islands. sawnk warship. this guy is pretty
4:16 am
incredible. he suffers from severe hypertension answered has nukes. >> let's get dennis rodman on it to solve it number 4, russia. >> we see russia moving in more aggressive manner. basically openly saying we are trying to bring back the soviet days. replacing in the middle east right now. countries traditionally ally with the united states says you are dealing with the iranian regime. supporting the muslim brotherhood in egypt. we can't rely on you so we are going to work with the russians. >> you talk about israel's strike on iran. you predicted israeli strike on iran this year. >> i wouldn't predict this is actually going to happen. definitely a severe threat. there is a lot of factors, covert operations could delay iranian nuclear weapon. a lot of things could happen. just the simple fact that israel could potentially strike iranian nuclear facilities and the arab world is going to be cheering them on by the way privately. it is a big threat because of the represent per occasions of that. israel not having it. >> and neither is the arab
4:17 am
world first target of weapon is saudi arabia. bahrain. not just about israel. >> saw quite a number of homegrown terrorists in the united states. you predict more of that in this coming year? >> yes. we are seeing some frightening trends. for example, there is that suicide bomb threat in kansas against the airport that was foiled. and that was -- the individual trying carry that out was a 58-year-old white convert. goes against the standard al qaeda recruit. that's a frightening trend. we know a the love wefners are traveling to syria to fight on the side of the rebels. eventually they will come back and be radicalized and have good training. >> you talk about syria and seat number one issue this year 2014. blow back from the syrian civil war, how so? >> 10,000 foreigners fighting in syria. the numbers probably much higher than that al qaeda the muslim brotherhood and other radical groups are essentially controlling the rebel size. the more modern elements did
4:18 am
not receive western support. they have been overrun. this is a conflict that's going to spill outside of syria. we already saw that happen today with the bombing in beirut. this is going to spread into jordan, into lebanon. it's spreading into iraq right now. it's really very serious. >> serious issues for 2014. ryan morrow, national security analyst at clarion project. thanks ryan. >> thank you. >> he made skipping school look pretty cool. >> buehrle. >> here. >> buehrle? buehrle? oh, i think we all tried that but a new law cracking down on truancy could force ferris buehrle to give up his driver's license. the law proposing that is next. what did santa bring governor hailey for christmas? >> here is a clue. this is the quicksilver cash back card from capil one.
4:19 am
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4:22 am
it's now time for your news by the numbers, celebrity edition. first, 50 years, that's how long it took "duck dynasty" patriarch phil robertson to buy his wife a wedding ring. he gave it to her this year as a christmas present. next, number one, that's where emma stone ranks in forbes best actors for the bucks. and finally, over 6 million. that's how many views miley cyrus' new music video adore you has on youtube. the video was just released
4:23 am
this week. >> 22 minutes after the hour. a new bill aiming to make skipping school very uncool by denying driver's licenses to students who are repeatedly absent from class. >> it's it an idea being proposed in the michigan state house of representatives. could it be the key to actually cracking down on truancy? well, the author of this proposal, michigan state representative andy shore joins us now to weigh in on this issue. thank you for joining us today. this is a very big issue. >> thanks for having me. >> truancy as we know. it's really really huge in your state as well. so this proposal, what are you hoping to do about it? >> well, first, good morning, thanks for having me on the show. the idea is we want to make sure that students know that they have to be in school. in michigan you have to be in school until you are 18. what this will say is if you are chronically truant, if you are skipping school like ferris buehrle and you hit that nine times or hit that certain level, you will lose
4:24 am
your driver's license. if it goes to court from the school, you will lose your driver's license or you won't be able to get a driver's license. looking at hitting them where it hurts. driving is a privilege not a right. you have to be in school. if you choose to skip that you will no longer have your license and you won't be able to get to work and won't be able to drive around with your friends. i think it's a pretty big deterrent. >> it's that freedom. the first taste of freedom that you get as a teenager, ultimate motivator so you can see where you are coming from on this. you know what about people who say it's not the government's role. it's the parent's duty to teach the kids to stay in school. >> this is another tool for the parents. 90 o% of the time the parents are going to get mad and angry and going to take control and probably take the away the car in the first place there are some instances where you have a teenager and have kids who rebel and they don't listen to their parents. this is case where we have had some debate about this in the legislature. you know, i want to make sure that the parents have one more tool. they have to say to their
4:25 am
kids, you don't do th rks you are punished. you are this or you are that if the kid keeps skipping school. the kid is going to lose their driver's license. the state is going to take it away. in conjunction with parental control. >> i want to go over how many people are actually truant in the state that you're representing which is michigan. 91,000 students? that's 5.74% of the student population in your state. so that is very problematic. i think we talked about a national statistic earlier that every 26 seconds someone is dropping out of school. so we are getting some tweets in about this as well right now. >> yeah. we have one from ken who treated this, my truancy issues started when i got my license. perhaps i could have graduated with a 4.0 instead of a 3.7. i agree with this. >> also, getting email from jim from texas, and he says: don't take away the kids' license, they will just drive without it anyway. take away the parents' license. wow, that's pretty strong, and then you will get
4:26 am
results. what do you think about that? >> well, you know, we can't stop from breaking the law. people are going to drive without a license and insurance. and it's wrong. if they get caught, they will face the consequence. you can't always go after a parent for their kids' actions. i remember being a teenager. you remember being a teenager. sometimes you just don't agree with your parents. and we had this. >> i hear you loud and clear but i remember if i ever thought about getting out of school, my single parent mother would lay down the law and it wasn't always a pretty picture on my part. >> mine would, too. i agree with you on that. there are some kids, you know, i met with a guy who said that he would drop his daughter off at school. she would go in the front door and out the back door. if we penalize the parents -- i was on tony conley's radio show in lansing, the fox affiliate. he said to me well what are we going to do? i said you take their driver's license and make sure if they know if they don't listen to their parents you take their
4:27 am
license. >> thank you. sparking quite the debate. thanks a the lot. still ahead, a fox news alert. the nationwide flu outbreak has death toll rises again. many americans about to toast to a brand new year, but will you be doing it with your underaged kids? and some places, it will be legal to do so. is that a good idea? ♪ ho ho ho [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant.
4:28 am
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to support your heart and brain, too. centrum silver. for the most amazing parts of you.
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what is this? oh it's a bun. what is it? [screams] >> remember that video? >> yeah the virginia mother who became a viral video star when she found out her daughter-in-law was pregnant. she got an early christmas present. she is grandmother. bun in the oven now a healthy baby girl. carlin was born december the 7th. and a her parents say they couldn't be happier. >> we had them here as guests on "fox & friends" weekend a couple of months ago when she pulled off that prank. >> it was so funny. >> it was very funny. great family, great family. happy new year to them. speaking of happy new year. >> go ahead. >> what do you have planned? do you like the majority of americans? are you going to go out? are you going to stay in? are you going to go to sleep
4:32 am
on the couch. >> i usually chill out and watch i don't go out like i used to. >> not the party animal anymore. >> i still love senatorring. new year's eve i stay home. >> hard to keep me awake by 9 p.m. even though it's my birthday it's hard to stay away. >> i will be hosting the show the next day so i will probably be asleep before midnight. >> new poll out this morning. exactly how americans plan to spend their new year's eve. a 4% say they just want to be lazy. stay home have a drink, and watch the ball drop on television. watch fox news channel and we have got a big special then. >> bill hemmer, elizabeth hesitate sell beck will be doing that and 19% also say that they won't celebrate. they will basically just chill out. >> they are going to go to a friend's house or a family that's the nice thing in our neighborhood. in the neighborhood growing up. parents used to do like the progressive dinner party
4:33 am
thing. >> those are fun. >> it stinks because you -- >> every new year's you always have a toast, right? what if you have children around. are you asking your children to elm imbibe? more than 30 states allow to you serve kids alcohol in your home. but do you? and if do you, how much? >> kids under the age of 21. >> i think just having a little sip with something like that on a special event like that is not a big deal. to me it demystifies alcohol. go off to college and suddenly binge drinking. i'm tasting this for the first time. have a sip of wine or champagne on new year's eve. big deal. >> is it the gate on having alcohol problems in the future? this case should we he take a more lax approach to it the way europeans do and drink a little bit? >> yeah, they don't off and
4:34 am
binge drink. >> do it responsibly. >> that's our facebook question of the day is it okay to allow your underage kids to have a sip of sam pain on christmas day? >> how can a 12-year-old or 15-year-old stay awake? we're not saying get them drunk have. a sip. >> and then sing auld lang syne. >> russian cosmonaut spacewalk installing cameras which is part of the can a canadian's commercial television project. coming days after astronauts successfully repaired a cooling station on. the a houston area teenager has died from the h1n1 virus. they have now been 13 confirmed deaths from h1n1 in the greater houston area. texas children's hospital reporting seven children were admitted with the flu. and three are in intensive
4:35 am
care. doctors say this season's flu vaccine offers protection against the h1n1 virus and it's not too late to get yours. and check out this crazy video caught on camera. a stolen van smashing through a georgia dmv five crooks going in there to try to steal atms. the gang left the van inside and took off in a waiting truck that truck was found later along with the atms but everything has been torched. police say there could have been as many or as much as $2,300 inside that atm. and santa came bearing arms for south carolina governor nikki hailey. she made headlines this summer the video of her touring a gun factory went viral. now she has one of her own.
4:36 am
the governor is taking heat on twitter. some say the gift is inappropriate. >> extreme weather. 27 people are dead as freezing temperatures and nasty winter weather sweep across the northeast. the region still it dealing with frinds temperatures left behind by an ice storm that knocked down power lines and left tens of thousands without power. very tough holiday season for them. some still without electricity, in fact, heading into the weekend. and maria molina is live with the latest details about. this maria, what can they expect? >> looking at relatively chilly temperatures not too far from what's usual for this time of year. the real issue is they are stuck without power across portions of new england and across parts of the upper great lakes. that's what makes it it very dangerous out there in those areas. now let's take a look at the radar picture, overall it is relatively quiet across the lower 48. we do have lingering snow showers across portions of the great lakes. it's really off of lake ontario that we could be looking at 3 to 5 inches of
4:37 am
snowfall accumulation. not too bad. areas of rain in parts of southern texas brownsville and also across the city of austin. we will have an area of low pressure developing out here in the gulf of mexico that over the weekend will be producing some areas of heavy rain across the southeast and some of that moisture will make it northward into the northeast as we head into sunday and by sunday night, we're actually expecting a storm system to develop across portions of new england and that could produce some significant snowfall. so, of course, we will keep an eye on that. otherwise, your high temperatures today nothing really too unusual for this time the year. take a look at saturday into sunday, much colder air starts moving south southward into canada. and that will be cooling things off across the plains. head over to you an. >> that thank you so much. >> did you find that tablet you have been wishing for under the tree? now you find yourself wondering what do i do with this thing? >> no need to worry about that clayton is the man with tips on how to get the most out of that shiny brand new
4:38 am
tablet. >> tablet the number one gift this season across the board. ios, android tablet, windows tablet. things can you do to make your life easier and get more out of that purchase that you got. first of all the cloud is king. get used to the cloud, folks and you don't have to worry about so much storage anymore. figure out ways to move the work do you on your desktop computer now to your tablet. it's incredibly easy to do. use apps like pages, google drive, drop box, and evernoted to make sure that all of the stuff and work that you are doing on desktop is transferal to your tablet. i got pages here that's an apple product and free to download all of your products. create brochures and news letters, once you make a change here it changes right over to your desktop and stored in the cloud, don't worry about it being stored on your tablet at all. >> very convenient especially if something were to happen to the tablet or laptop and secure you say. >> secure and sign in with apple i.d. same with drop
4:39 am
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4:40 am
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4:42 am
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t minus five days january first which americans still struggling to sign up for insurance on will be left in the dark. our next guest says is he one of those people he has been trying to sign up for months now. the president of capital policy analytics and he joins us now to share his experience and his perspective of what took place. i guess we should begin from the beginning this is something you support and it's become problematic for you. tell us why, please. >> i wouldn't say i support it i think there is a much better way to do healthcare than this. but, i was all anxious to sign up. i started my business about
4:46 am
six months ago and my insurance was running out. so i have a family member with a preexisting condition. so i thought this would be a good deal for me. and it's still might be, but it's really tough to say since it's really been difficult to get online and figure this thing out. >> well, once you did get online, what did you experience? >> so when i signed up, it took me two or three times to kind of go through everything and enter my family information. and for that information actually to stay in there. i think i typed in my -- our families names, social security numbers, birth dates three or four times before it finally seemed to stay in there after i finally managed to do that it asked me to a number of pieces of information to prove i was who i was. we actually did live in washington, d.c. i really did have daughters and that my wife really did have legal permission to stay in the country. i downloaded this information. i uploaded this information on to the internet.
4:47 am
and that was about a week ago i was finally able to do it. and it is still sitting in a quu somewhere. case worker will verify this information is okay. when that happens i have permission to go through and pick out my health insurance. >> wait a minute, let me get this straight. you have done all the necessary things on to enroll in the affordable care act to get coverage and you don't know at this point if your enrollment has actually activated coverage. so you are you still waiting to hear from insurer? >> i do not have health insurance. it has not been activated yet. so, what i did the other day is i called the health insurance broker who took me through the system and basically what she said is that a lot of people she is dealing with are getting hung up right where i'm getting hung up shoe. he called on behalf of me and she said if he has uploaded everything up in the system at some point i
4:48 am
will be able to select health insurance. even though i haven't met the deadline i will still be able to have insurance january first. >> what's the take away for this? what are you advising people to do now? >> what's worked for me is i managed it to call health insurance broker. and taken a lot of people through the system and kind of knew the ins and outs. to he me that's the way to go. >> you were very proactive then. other people are saying i can't get on. i can't enroll. it's frustrating. forget about it. you took steps under your own advise -- advice and now you have coverage. >> i still don't have coverage yet. but i'm told at some point very soon i will actually be able to access the programs and select health insurance policy. >> well, look, we thank you for sharing that with us because a lot of people are still out there trying to meander through it eick, we wish you all the best as you move forward with your health coverage. ike is the president of capitol analytics. by the way have a happy new year as well. >> thanks, appreciated it.
4:49 am
still ahead, remember this government official enjoying wine at the spa on taxpayers'' dime. whoever thought good news would actually come out of this photo? plus, it was a box office hit on navy seals. did they have the best movie of the year? our movie man kevin mccarthy shares his pick for 2013. he shares it next. what does that first spoonful taste like? ok. honey bunches of oats. ching! mmmm! mmmm! mmmm! wow! it's the oats. honey. yeah. honey bunches of oats. this is a great cereal.
4:50 am
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4:52 am
welcome back. from the newest of game changers to the beloved remakes it has been quite a year for the box office with 2014 around the corner, time to go over the best movies
4:53 am
of 2014 before we ring in the new year. >> joining us with the top five picks of moses of the new year kevin mccarthy. good morning. >> good morning. hope you had a merry christmas. thank you for having me on the show. >> you are a tough critic. give us the first one the way way back. >> these are my top five of the year way way back. brilliant coming of age story that perfectly blends comedy and drama together. they found a way it to make us hate steve carell in this film. he plays a despicable character. remarkable in this movie. sam rock swell brilliant he deserves a oscar demonstration. i love every single second of this film. i was laughing and emotional. it works. it comes from the writer of the descendants. available to rent right now. >> kevin, i like what you are having to say about captain phillips. i saw that movie and enjoyed it immensely. >> what a film and intent adventure. the sign of a great film is a movie that you may know the ending too but you still find yourself on the edge of
4:54 am
your seat. paul did a remarkable job directing this movie. tom hanks deserves academy award nomination for the last five minutes alone. the lead somali pilot in the film was the first movie he has ever been in and he improved the line look at me, look at me, i'm the captain now. it's a phenomenal film and reminded me why i'm so proud to be an american. amazing film. >> another tom hanks film. saving mr. banks, right? >> a beautiful story. i love movies about movies. i love seeing how movies are made. this is about the process of walt disney making the film. it's a beautiful story. tom hanks was born to play walt disney. emma thompson is fantastic as p.l. transfers. if you love disney and movies and love to smile. deeply emotional moments in the film as well. worth seeing if you love movies. >> saving mr. banks. >> and then leonardo decaprio the wolf of wall street. this almost a movie.
4:55 am
>> it's not for some adults either. it is incredible film. it's three hours of some of the most insane, crude, and graphic debauchery i have ever seen in my entire life. but it's a ride. martin scorsese takes you on a ride. fifth time that they have worked together. and it's the best film they have done so far. it is a brilliant film. the pace something perfect. i have seen it twice. i spent six hours of my life with this movie already it is very well done but not for everybody. remember that and decap brieio has never won won an academy award. how is that possible? he deserves one for this one. best performance of the zero as you know with a 1-year-old in the house it's very rare to go out to see a movie. did i see see gravity in year on your recommendation. did i not regret one second of this movie. >> it is a cinematic master
4:56 am
piece. alfonso did a excellent job with this movie. incident grating human performances. everyone wants to call this "avatar" minimal story. i disagree. it was veteran gulley and poke hontas in 3 d d. everyone should see it. see it in 3-d i max. clayton it's your number one this year. >> yes. sandra bullock best actress this year. right? >> i had nerd tears streaming down my face. tweet me at kevin mccarthy tv. tell me your favorite movies. >> kevin, thank you. happy new year, kevin. >> happy new year to you too. >> president obama signing two budget bills while is he in hawaii. at what what cost to our nation's veterans? should america be balancing our budget on the backs of our nation's heros? we report. you decide. >> john kerry has friends in high places. what these two are doing together.
4:57 am
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"fox & friends" hour three
5:01 am
starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> it's "fox & friends." >> thank god it's friday! ♪ going to rock ♪ going to slam the jam ♪ with a brand new note ♪ banging my head with a billy goat. >> yeehaw big and rich. making a splash boat show. could you please bring some warm temperatures to go with it. >> be out there in a little while taking a tour of the new boats. i know you are in the market of a new boat. >> i can't imagine what it would cost to try to keep that around here. >> people don't know if you live in manhattan and park a car here. that's why people don't have arrests cars. it costs like $400. >> you can imagine what the fees would be. >> i think he takes the boat to work in the morning. >> of course, zip right across. >> with gold propellers.
5:02 am
>> take a boat. quite the boating guy. during the summer, summer months he likes to pull up the boat outside the marina. >> we do have a lot of news making headlines today. get to that. while you were sleeping a small plane crashing into a california neighborhood leaving residents terrified. crashed into my neighbor's home. you see this [bleep] on fire. >> the two people on board a man and a 9-year-old boy killed when the plane hit the front lawn. no one on the ground though was hurt. the plane was just 800 feet away from the runway of a small airport in fresno. an arizona man is under arrest after climbing a fence at the phoenix airport allegedly and running toward a plane that had just landed. this surveillance video shows the man just after he touched the plane's engine. as his mugshot suggests, come take a look at it, police say 49-year-old robert funk was not in a
5:03 am
stable frame of mind. >> one thing they noticed right away is that he was definitely under the infliewps of alcohol which they could detect and even possibly drug based on his bizarre behavior. >> landed in atlanta with 136 passengers on board. someone on board the plane snapped this photo of him standing on the runway. the pilot shot off the plane's engine to try to keep him from getting hurt. he climbed over 18-foot barb wire fence to get to that runway. they still don't know why he did this. this is actually the second airport breach this week. a newark international a breach on christmas day. >> it was freezing. >> in women's clothing i think. president obama citing twin twin -- signing twin budget deals but on the backs of our heros. funding the government for the next two years but cuts benefits for military retirees. the defense bill provides $550 billion for military
5:04 am
budget plus 80 billion for the afghanistan war but eases gitmo detainee restrictions. as a retired vet i'm appalled that congress would take benefits from veterans in a poor attempt to it agree to it a budget. i agree this will definitely effect recruiting and retention. >> and ronald says the ones that past this law should be taking a pay cut. we need a total house cleaning in washington. cathy tweets instead of cutting the pensions of our brave military and women. why not cut can the pension of president, congress and senate. and snoop dogg has got friends in high places and his newest friend, secretary of state, john kerry. the state department retreating this instagram video of the rapper exchanging a few words with kerry and even a fist bump between the two. snoop dogg performed at the white house's kennedy awards celebration earlier this month. those are your news headlines. is he still snoop dogg or
5:05 am
did he change his name. >> i don't know. interest must be a real relationship going on there because of the parody video. >> is snoop lying? >> get it while it's hot. get it while it's hot. talking about affordable care. >> the secretary of state would probably understand snoop talk. for chisum. >> terrible joke my wife. i will tweet it to you later. >> all right. >> let's talk about the affordable care act because this morning we are a bombshell new report out of "u.s.a. today" reporting that the affordable care act turns out not to be terribly affordable for more than half of the counties in 34 states. those who are living at the margins of society. those who already don't make enough money to put food on the table and provide enough money. those folks bronze plans, really affordable plans, the cheapest, cheapest plans which would account for 8% of their income. turns out those plans aren't going to be available for
5:06 am
those people after all. >> goes against the grain of the heart of affordable care act which was to basically say no one who gets sick should go broke but people who are already broke may find themselves getting breaker. when they go to the emergency room in the past. the emergency room usually footed the bill and took care of all of that which was a problem in itself. these particular people are going to go there with the affordable care act, the bronze plan and he they will have to pay subsidies and premiums. it's going to be a different world for them. >> wasn't this pedaled as it was going to be saving the average family $2,500 a year and the people paying for this was essentially going to be the evil top 2% or whatever it was. just the very rich, the very wealthy and now it's not even affordable for the average american family it's starting to effect democrats at the polls. obamacare is really paying the price there at the polls. we have one that we can show you. the gap is really widening for democrats there. >> this is the congressional.
5:07 am
if 2016 -- i'm sorry, in 2014, if the congressional republicans right now, huge swing from where it was back in october. now up to 4 the% compared to democrats at 44%. so much so that the democratic congressional campaign committee got some sweats over the holiday season. they sent out email immediately asking for cash citing tough news as they put it in their email. in fact, they were blaming republicans. i find this to be hilarious part of this email. blaming republicans for the poor rollout of obama care. they say we need this cash because we want to stop the smears and the lies that have been spread about the affordable care act. the bottom line is you can't mix with the truth here no one read the bill. 2,000 pages. nancy pelosi said let's pass it and then we will read it it all the democrats pass this bill. republicans had nothing to do with that particular component and they didn't have anything to do with the rollout of the web site. >> right.
5:08 am
the web site was totally not on the republicans. not one republican voted for this, for the democratic national campaign committee to say hey we want to send us cash that's why obamacare has been having all these issues. meanwhile the president has had to make 15 revisions to the law. is that republican's fault as well. he has had to make 15 different revisions to the law. >> unilateral. >> without the approval of congress even though they needed the approval of congress to get it passed in the first place which drives some people crazy because now they are saying is this banana republic or the law of the land. >> charles krauthammer using that exact phrase. this is something that you do in a banana republic to use your word. unilateral decision making. >> where it's actually lawless. and you remember what was the biggest lie of 2013? what has it been deemed. if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. if you like your plan, you can keep your plan, we have started to see the president's closest confidants robert gibbs saying less than a week ago this has been the worst year of president obama's second term, first term presidency
5:09 am
in general. so we have got some polls to show you of this, too. the approval rating for president obama now the worst it's ever been, 56% disapproval. 41% approval. >> and the president's job approval rating, 39%. the gallup tracking poll. that's the second worst ever approval. second lowest in his presidency in this poll. just not good times for a president. he needs that he is in hawaii trying to regroup. trying to come back fresh for the new year he is going to need it to get immigration reform and. glmg the last congress they had prior to going to hawaii he intimated there could be some changes forthcoming. you have got to ask the questions. does that mean a change within his cabinet. particularly health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius who has claimed responsibility for the poor rollout of obamacare through the other thing, too, is what will this mean for the primaries in 2014? what will this mean for the
5:10 am
2016 general election? a lot of people, particularly democrats, are now saying they already know who they want to support, basically hillary has already won for democrats looking ahead to 2016. the big question is it too early for 2016. >> no. we can start talking about that now. >> start predicting the nfl season the day after the super bowl for the previous season. here is how republicans look right now if you roll down the g.o.p. list right now. self-identified republicans. if the nomination race were held today. chris christie the top of the new fowns poll. jeb bush coming in at 12%. ted cruz at 12%. of course no one has announced they are actually running for president at this time. chris christie though famously a few weeks ago says the g.o.p. doesn't have a party problem it has a candidate problem. to which we asked ann coulter that problem. i say chris christie has a candidate problem he is one of the problems with the party.
5:11 am
>> that's because a lot of people can't handle christie's demeanor. >> she feels like she -- that he really let down the republican party on amnesty and on immigration reform. that is a big problem. when he goes into the south and border states he would have a significant problem. >> at this point it's a toss-up. it's anybody's game. we are first alert forecasting quite early here. but it's definitely not the case for the democratic nominee though as mentioned hillary clinton taking 68%. and then a very distant second joe biden at 12%. and so, the idea about all of this though is hillary clinton, if she is the candidate, is she going to be a strong candidate? and charles krauthammer thinks she is actually going to be weak. here is why. >> i think the status she enjoys among democrats is semi divine. it's not going to be a coronation. it's going to be a worship service. it will go on for six or eight months. i don't think there is any serious challenger.
5:12 am
there might be noise but i don't even think that the left we have talked about is that significant. it's a noisy left. i don't see any impediment on the way to her nomination. i think she is going to be rather weak which if she decides to run which i think she is. she will be a relatively weak owe pony nentd and republicans i think are going to have a really good shot at the white house. >> charles saying it's a worship service. >> equate her to that status. the bottom line is, i think she is going to do well with women. i think she is going to do well with democrats. she will pull some intdz. i may be wrong. she will have to answer the benghazi question. i think that's going to come up. but i don't think she is going to be a weak candidate. >> i disagree. it's never a smart move to disagree with charles on much. i completely disagree with him here. i wish he would have explained more why he believes she would a weak candidate. the money machine hillary has in place already. the connections hillary has in place already. bill clinton stumping for her. very popular expresident out
5:13 am
there to bring in independent voices. single women specifically where the g.o.p. was hurt big time in the last election. single women, latinos in this country. i don't know. i don't know how she is a weak candidate. >> you see the mainstream media starting to push it too. she was one of barbara walters most interesting people of the year. really this year what is it that she has done this year in particular it. she is interesting but why this year? >> we will continue to follow it meantime while washington lawmakers are enjoying christmas vacation. more than 1 million americans remain unemployed and democrats say there is proof republicans are to blame. that's next. >> and 2013 didn't turn out to be the year for anthony weiner. don't worry the disgraced congressman now speculating on his plans for 2014. could he be running again? wisest kid,
5:14 am
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hey there, how are you too long. i'm anna kooiman. this is "fox & friends." lawmakers may be enjoying their christmas vacation, but for 1.3 million americans, this is anything but a vacation. tomorrow they will lose federal unemployment benefits, but will renewing those benefits keep the unemployed unemployed? for a fair and balanced debate, we are joined now by senior economics writer for the "wall street journal," stephen moore and democratic strategist zerlina maxwell. goodto both of you. >> good morning. >> zerlina, i will start with you, you think it's a bad idea for them to end. what's going to stop somebody from just continuing to be on these benefits when they don't have to work and they are getting handouts from the government? >> one of the requirements to get unemployment insurance is to actively look for work. and economists have had said that when you cut off these
5:18 am
benefits. many of these folks will drop out of the labor force entirely. we need to create more jobs and put more stimulus back into the economy so that businesses and families are more secure. cutting off benefits is the exact wrong way to handle this. >> stephan, i mean you say just the opposite. you say that's actually going to hurt the economy and it's going to stop the stimulus. >> look, i think everybody wants to help people who have become unemployed and laid off from their job and there is no question we want a safety net for those kind of people. let's be clear about what we are talking about. under president obama, we he have extended unemployment benefits for people for 18 months to as much as two years of unemployment benefits. i don't have a problem. i don't think most of the viewers have a problem with giving someone say 3 months or six months of benefits so they can get their feet back under them but two years of benefits. people don't look for a job
5:19 am
until the benefits run out. encouraging people to stay unemployed and not look for a job because they're getting government benefits. >> maybe they're waiting until after the holidays and spend time with the family and then they will spend their time looking for a job. >> it's not fair to the people who are working that they have to pay taxes to people who aren't -- by the way, a lot of the people, it is a rule that you are supposed to be looking for a job, but they don't enforce that at all. a lot -- everyone knows people who are unemployed who don't start looking for a job until their benefits run out. >> zero lienna, there are people who need to be on unemployment for sure, right? so what's the amount of time that they should be allowed to stay on while they are looking for a job? >> well, i think that we need a multi-prong approach. we need to create jobs. but i think there shouldn't be a cut off for when you cut off someone's finances so that they can can can feed their family. i think that if you are required to look for work to get these benefits, then you should get the benefits. you paid into the system. and people will drop out of labor force all economists
5:20 am
agree on that. i think it's very insensitive to cut off people's lifeline when they need it the most. it won't stimulate growth in the economy. >> well, stephan, our producers have given me this stat that during the great recession that the average duration of unemployment was raised by 7%. and that caused unemployment to increase by .4 percentage points. if history is the judge what do we need to be doing today. >> your statistician is exactly right. the more we have extended unemployment benefits the longer people have stayed unemployed. in fact the unemployment insurance system is actually encouraged and created higher unemployment in this country. so i do think it's time to taper back on the number of weeks of benefits. and, my goodness, we do need the jobs program. you know, there is no question. there aren't enough jobs in this economy. we need to be consult taxes. we need to get rid of regulation. we need to produce energy. all of these things would create jobs. by the way, those are things
5:21 am
the president has been mostly against. >> all right. stephan and zero lienna, i apologize, have to leave it there thank you for the debate there. thank you. >> thank you. forget paying outside, many kids giving their kids ipads instead. how much is too much? we'll talk about it coming up. of your life should be just as bold as the first. try the new bold flavors of heart healthy so from progresso. afghanistan in 2009. on the u.s.s. saratoga in 1982. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection
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5:24 am
well, forget playing outside, many parents giving their kids ipads instead. it was one of this year's top christmas gifts. is it a good idea or too much at such a young age? let's talk about it now. to weigh in dr. jeffrey a psychologist and author of mean mom's rule. great to see both of you this morning. >> i gather denise by the title of your book mean moms rule you don't agree. >> i actually don't think it's a bad thing at all. i think like any thing that
5:25 am
you give your kids whether it's tv or any other toy, it's all a matter of moderation. >> so you don't think that there is a problem with this tool, kids sitting blindly. we saw that did we see that little device, the fisher-price seat where he sat there with the tablet in the kid's face. just sitting there blindly at this thing. especially blue light. you are not engaging with the pirnts. not creating eye quangeght word association. language development skills the like. >> you want to get the tablets that do have a lot of educational apps, and certainly you don't want it to be a pacifier. you want it to be a tool. you want it to be something that stimulates the mind. we know through various studies that when we look at cortical connections in the brain, the brain growing at a good rate, that you have to have not just the books, not just the tablets, but also parental involvement and we see that from zero to age 4 that when they get that kind of stimulation, especially from the tablets,
5:26 am
that it helps for decades on to have better cognition. to have better vocabulary there is a place for that. >> you told our producers you think think parent who is under allusion these types of thing are incredible educational tool are diluting themselves. >> the baby thing with the baby seat that's just a bridge too far for me. but toddlers, those little educational, you know, end quotes, games. those are great. they are fun. that's all they are though is fun. i don't think that kids are learning their abcs that way. they learn those in a variety of ways that can be one thing that gives them that exposure. but i don't think they need it. >> denise, i have to tell that you studies have shown that children who do have these tablets where there are the educational apps, we have 5-year-olds that show a 26% increase in vocabulary. these things do work. i agree with you that they shouldn't be the pacifiers. they shouldn't be the babysitters, but certainly
5:27 am
with a lot of these apps, there are a lot of tablets out there, noby and so on that are working with patients to work with their children to give them that cognitive stimulation which is important. >> i think that's the key, you said working with the parents. you might find, i don't know the study, but that those patience are also the type talking around their kids all the time. giving them books and reading themselves and that kind of thing. >> so correlation, too? >> there is a correlation. >> right, more likely to have the parents signatures down and engaging with their kids and talking about the letters on the screen and having that conversation not just blindly handing the kid the ipad and say hey i need three hours by myself. >> what the parents do, it is an enhancement and i agree parents need to be part of that process. this is how you connect with your kids, but there are educational apps throughout showing kids how to read, how to spell and they are getting a better vocabulary without the parents but even with that i say have the the parents involved. >> right. even sitting there watching
5:28 am
television having conversation about what they are watching on the screen. doctor, nice to see you this morning. >> always a pleasure. >> great to see you as well. >> thank you very much. what do you think about this debate the pledge mandate. should the pledge of allegiance be mandatory in schools? do we need a law for that? we report, you decide. remember this government official enjoying wine at the spa? that shirtless guy on the taxpayers' dime? who ever thought good news would come out of this photo? you have got to hear this. all i want for christmas is a loving home. up next, how you can help these adorable puppies. anna is taking five of them home. he has got a studio apartment. what does that first spoonful taste like? ok. honey bunches of oats. ching! mmmm! mmmm! mmmm! wow! it's the oats. honey. yeah. honey bunches of oats.
5:29 am
this is a great cereal.
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everybody is working for the weekend ♪ everybody wants a new romance ♪ >> lover boy. we had lover boy on the show this summer. summer concert series. >> was that their only hit? >> good question. >> no, lover boy -- >> -- it's their signature hit though. >> more hits for lover boy, right? >> yeah, there were plenty of hits. >> i celebrate their entire
5:33 am
catalog. [ laughter ] >> we were just giving you a live look at new york citi' times square which of course is iconic. everybody loves to watch the ball drop. a new study is showing that a lot of people are opting to stay home instead of going out partying and being revelers not only in times square but everywhere. >> a 4% choosing to stay home to watch the ball drop via television. do that on fox with our own elisabeth hasselbeck and bill hemmer. >> 19% say they go to a friend or a family's house on new year's eve as well. there is the big special on december 31st. 9:00 p.m. right here on the fox news channel. you go out there, you know, first of all, it's freezing. 18% say they won't celebrate. have you quote the weird little drops all around the country. pickle drop in pennsylvania. >> fish drop. >> those are a lot of fun to. stand here in times square god bless bill hemmer and elisabeth hasselbeck because it will be crowded and crazy here. >> that's the way i did it.
5:34 am
i did it last year one of our roving reporters. you are beyond the police line. if you have to use the restroom they will escort you out and you can go to the convenience of fox news channel. but these people have to hold it all day because in order to get a spot you have to get there so early. >> lucky for you go around the corner to the fox building to go to the bathroom. what do the others do wear depends all day like that astronaut? >> i hope not. >> this question we asked you this morning, too. about everyone is going to do a toast at midnight. have a little champagne. that's the typical thick you do. give a kiss to your loved one. more and more are giving a toast to their kids. underaged kids. 30% of the states allow you to serve -- 30 states are allowing you to serve to underaged kids in your home. >> if you are old enough to go to war, you are old enough for a glass of champagne. >> i like that william, thank you. >> give them 7 up.
5:35 am
why does it have to be alcohol? >> they will know the difference. right? >> all right. and jennifer on facebook says i think it's a bad idea to toast with your children on new year's eve. it opens the door for them to drink with friends and at parties. i think having that discussion with them. i don't know, my opinion of it sort of demystifies alcohol. so they don't go off to college and binge drink like crazy because they never had a sip of it with their parents and talked about it. >> takes the allure away. >> done responsibly at home. have a talk and say this is something you don't want to do outside but in the confines of your home for a sip, i think it's okay. >> if it's your kids, it's a different story than if it's your kids' friends and parents not to be okay with it. >> don't twist my words. don't get it twisted, america. i said sip, not a nip. >> not five glasses of of it. >> headlines tell you about morning. nationwide manhunt underway fatally shot a police officer on monday.
5:36 am
gail was killed and another officer shot after one of the robbery suspects opened fire at them during their get away. he fired as the officers approached their vehicle that was stuck in traffic. authorities releasing this surveillance photo of the person of interest. they are offering more than $150,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest. take a look. >> and remember this government official enjoying wine at the spa in vegas on the taxpayer's dime. now good news coming from this photograph. the government is leaving sin city. a new study shows the government spent just $92,000 on las vegas hotel rooms in 2013. that's down from 2.5 million in 2010. the gsa spent $800,000 on that notorious lavish conference back in 2010 that led to public outrage in an investigation into those pricey trips. >> skip school? then you can skip getting your driver's license as well. that's what one michigan lawmaker has in his plan to crack down on truancy pair
5:37 am
of new bills would allow states chronically absent students. we spoke with the man who introduced it andy shore earlier on "fox & friends." >> make sure that the parents have one more tool. they are going to have to say to their kids you don't do, this you are punished, you are this or you are that if the kid keeps skipping school, they are going to lose their driver's license. the states are going to take it away. >> we did ask you at home, what do you think? is this a good idea? doug from new york writes there are already too many kids in schools who don't want to be there. better let the chronic truant students stay away from schools and force them into a situation where they will simply disrupt the learning process. and larry from florida says: great idea. not only should it be based on attendance, it should be based on a passing grade. rosemary from california writes in, this sounds like a nice way to get abundance of unlicensed uninsured drivers on 00 roadways. 2013 didn't turn out very well for anthony weiner, don't worry the disgraced
5:38 am
congressman now speculating on his plans for 2014. just posted update on facebook page thanking people for their support and hints at campaign plans for next year. you remember this photograph saying that he hopes he will keep his team together in the new year. and should the pledge of allegiance be mandatory in schools? oklahoma thinks. so a newly proposed bill would require all elementary schools in state have students recite it daily. there would still be an edges semtion for students students -- to ho don't wish to say the pledge. >> out to maria molina out in the cold frigid temperatures in manhattan good morning. >> currently 33 degrees here in new york city. i have to say it feels a little bit colder when you factor in the breeze so those wind chill temperatures are going to be a little chillier across the entire region in the northeast. now to the radar because it is relatively quiet across the country. the exception is across portions of great lakes. snow showers coming down across interior portions of
5:39 am
the northeast and farther south in texas, places like brownsville, corpus christi and south of austin have you been getting hit with rain earlier this morning. eventually see an area of low pressure across the new mexico. traveling up the coast and areas of rain. southeast do expect to see areas of rain coming up saturday to sunday. it could be quite heavy at times. that's where we do have a concern for flash flooding. temperatures today actually warming up today into tomorrow across the east. but getting much colder across portions of the plains. send it back inside to anna and kelly he. >> all right, thanks, marie a we have a treat. every year thousands of animals are lost or abandoned and need special care. the american humane society is here for them and now they have a new way of helping. our next guests are here to share that news. dr. robin gans earth is the president and ceo of the american humane association. she also brought along furry friends. we have got jake down there and perry right here. getting to know them pretty
5:40 am
well. >> chloe is a cutie. >> tell us who it is that you brought along and why. >> well, we have jake here. jake is 5 years old. is he looking for a new forever home. is he a beautiful yellow lab. we have chloe here. chloe is three months old. and she needs a new home. she is from georgia and we're just lucky to have her here. she is a really special girl. >> chloe wants to get down. >> chloe wants to get down. and you have perry. >> yes. >> perry is a beagle schnauzer mix. perry is also looking for a forever home. look at that beautiful face. >> do these animals need special care? >> no. these are animals that are from wonderful rescue groups. animal aid. our wonderful friends at wags and rescue. of course, puppies and more. there is wonderful rescue groups. wonderful shelters in your own hometown. if you want to adopt these dogs today, they are looking for a forever home. you can go to american humane dotted organ to find out more. >> tell us about the vehicle that you have that you are using now to help dogs. >> well, we are so thrilled to be here today in new york
5:41 am
because today we dedicate a brand new wonderful gift, a holiday gift to all the animals in the northeast. do you know that one year ago we deployed to hurricane sandy, super storm sandy, and we realize then that we need to be here every day. and to help with our wonderful four legged friends, so we were able to develop an i object credible 50-foot rescue rig. it will be be dedicated today, be on the ground here, traveling the streets of manhattan. >> the rescue rig? >> rescue rig. fifth feet especially equipped. house and transport up to 100 animals. a medical clinic inside as well. it's actually a gift, thanks to our friends ativanfield pet hospitals and our friend. >> you how important is it to get more vehicles on the roadways. >> we want vehicles in every state. never predict when another natural disaster going to occur. not only will the rescue rig
5:42 am
be here to help animals in times of crisis but also be here to help with humane education, that's about teaching our children what it is to be a responsible pet owner. >> that's really good, too. when children have pets, they really learn what to do and what do you teach people about finding an abandoned dog or a pet? >> you know, when you find an abandoned animal, keep in mind that animal needs love, it needs medical attention. there is incredible rescue groups out there that can help you find a forever home. >> you know what? a lot of these dogs sometimes they end up, you know, being -- they get lost from their owners and microchipping can always help. that's something you ought to do with your animal when they get to be how old though. can't do it when they are a puppy. >> speak to your veteran. when you -- veterinarian. make sure you create a medical plan that includes microchipping. >> jib bless the over here as well. >> can i help you?
5:43 am
>> he is being a bully on the playground. where can we find out more information about the american humane association? >> american and you can also find out today how you can take jake home. perry home, chloe home and giblet. >> i wish i had more room for all of them. >> love thy neighbor, not if it's a slippery couple. worst celebrity neighbors in the country revealed. >> that's coming up. also, are you looking to set sail the new york boat show is docketed right here on our plaza with the best boat buys. you don't want to miss it. ♪
5:44 am
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thanks for a spending your friday morning with us and quick headlines now. south carolina governor nikki haley made headlines this summer after this video of her touring a gun factory went viral. now she has one of her own. a beretta she got for christmas. twitter though. and no one want to live next door to kanye west and kim kardashian according to a new survey. other least desirable celebrity neighbors, honey boo boo and family. who do they want to live by? late night funny man jimmy fallon. clayton over to you. >> i would not want to live by honey boo boo. late yesterday, president obama signing two budget related bills but critics say they come at the cost of our nation's heros and our national security. >> elizabeth prann is live in washington with the very latest on this. hi, elizabeth. >> good morning, kelly, good morning, clayton. you are right yesterday president obama took time out of his vacation for a little bit of work signing several bills recently passed by congress. one of them the defense spending bill which includes
5:48 am
provisions related to prisoners held at guantanamo bay. the eventual closure of the prison and the transfer of detainees out to other countries is another long standing promise by the administration. the president saying in parts, i am encouraged that this act provides the executive greater flexibility to transfer guantanamo detainees abroad and look forward to working with the congress to take the additional steps needed to close the facility. the president also signed into law the bipartisan budget deal that was struck by republican paul ryan and democrat patty murray. a bill that included hits to military pay but does not extend long-term unemployment benefits. those emergency benefits that run out for at least 1.3 million americans tomorrow and more as the year continues. congressional democrats and the white house are already vowing to make the budget an issue in the new year and republicans know it he will try to restore the unemployment benefits saying, you know, we can't let these people hang out
5:49 am
there when times are just getting good for other people. >> jack reed of rhode island says he will be introducing extension to federal long-term unemployment as early as january 6th. kelly, clayton back to you guys. >> thank you. meantime, qui sell -- sail away. boat parked on our plaza. >> greg jarrett what's coming up at the top of the hour. are you in the market for a new boat. >> i am not. if you want to pay for it, i will take it. >> sure. i have got my wallet on me. let's go halves. >> that's a beauty out in front of the building. come out and take a look at that. >> no parking available. >> new attack ads against obamacare. the battle is certainly on for the midterm elections. also is obamacare beginning to resemble medicaid and gee there is pa jurorrive if there ever was one making people worse off. charles krauthammer predicting that hillary will be a relatively weak opponent for republicans.
5:50 am
really charles? we will take a look at it top of the hour. see you then.
5:51 am
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5:53 am
hey hey good morning and thanks for watching "fox & friends" on this friday morning. the progress insurance new york boat show is january 1st through the fifth. we have got the regulator 28 right here on the fox news channel plaza and we have keith aim months the discover ammons with us. could you touch. >> you can catch almost anything you want. this is a very very serious fishing boat. >> i'm looking at is that the depth so can i actually find my fish by looking at the analog there? >> absolutely. this is actually fully digital. this is like a tablet on steroids. it will do everything for you. you have got radar on there. got your radio on there.
5:54 am
you have got satellite on there. you got your bottom machine on there do anything you want to. the great part about this is you can sink this to your smart phone or tablet. sit at home your family. plan out your weekend and your trip. where you are going to go fishing and skiing. bring it to the boat. it will sink sync right up. >> starts at $175,000 a bit pricey but for the serious fisherman as you mentioned. big yellow boat. glass run gt 187. >> brand new jet boat by glass tron. a wave of the future when you seat jet boats. perfect family boat for under $250 a month you can have this boat. take off and go skiing and wake boarding and do anything you want to on that boat. it's easy to tow too. vacation down to florida or the coast, take it right along with you. >> total bill of that is 35,000, 40,000, like you said you can finance it 2 auto a month. then you have the jet skis all the way at the end there. >> we have the yamaha ho.
5:55 am
cadillac of wave runners if you want to go out there. you can take off with that you can go fast, put three people on it ski behind that thing if you want to. once again, it's very light weight. >> anna, we can't fish with that. >> you know what? i don't care. you can put me on one of those jet skis any day. there is a stigma that you have to be rich in order to own a boat, but that's not really the case. >> three out of four families that own a boat in the united states makes less than $100,000. for under $250 a month you can find a boat at any of of the great boat shows all over the united states which starts right here with the progressive insurance new york boat show starting on. >> silent. silent. when -- excellent. excellent. when can we see this boat show. >> starts new year's dayafter very much center in new york city. chicago two weeks, atlanta next week. the grand daddy of them all. >> you have american boats. >> almost all boats are made in america.
5:56 am
this one right here is made in north carolina. >> my home state. there you go. >> 93% of boats are built in the united states. still a very american company. and plus the other great thing is it's 35 billion-dollar industry right here in the united states. >> keith, thank you very much. you know they make some of these boats in north carolina as well. >> they said this one is from north carolina. >> right here from north carolina. brand new. >> clayton, over to you. ♪ ♪ wisest kid, am i forgetting something? no holiday's complete without campbell's green bean casserole.
5:57 am
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gregg: fox news alert. a massive explosion rocking beirut overnight, killing a former ambassador to the u.s., and four others. this is new video just coming in now. the blast also wounding dozens. this is the latest in a wave of bombings over the past several months as tensions mount in lebanon over nearby syria's civil war. good morning, everyone, i'm gregg jarrett in for bill hemmer here in "america's newsroom." jamie: they sure have seen a lot of violence and terror there. i'm jamie colby. i'm in for martha maccallum. we're happy to have you here today. first the top story. the explosion was heard across the lebanese capital, and sent a


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