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tv   Fox News Our Story  FOX News  December 27, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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thanks for watching. we love to hear from you at home. let me know what you think on twitter. this is "the kelly file." >> they said it could not be done. they said there was not enough news to go around. nearly two decades later, fox news channel and you, our viewers, have proven them wrong. >> i'm bill hemmer. welcome to fox news. "our story." from the very beginning there's been a mission.
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how did it happen? you are about to find out. ♪ >> george bush, this is your life. >> with all due respect you heard all of that before. >> fair, balanced and dangerous. you never know what they will say. never know what we are going to say. >> good job. >> in the beginning it was like headline news. can i say that on fox? then it was loosening up and we were loose. >> brian already challenged me to races outside. high heel football. i'm not sure. >> joining the fox news family is the equivalent of growing up a boston red sox fan or being asked to play for the heat. this is an honor and a
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privilege. i'm beyond thrilled to be on the team. >> the fox brand has a reputation for being edgy. movies, television shows and sports have been innovative and fearless when it comes to taking risks. >> what the bloody hell was that? >> at heart, news corps chairman rupert murdock is a news man. he wanted a news program that was cutting edge. >> we can announce the starting of a fox news channel. >> i knew rupert was the man who took risks. put money at risk to back it. >> mr. murdock put his faith in roger ales. from the beginning he clearly stated the mission of fox news. to report all sides of the story, unbiased and unfiltered.
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>> the american people are very smart. they know the difference between news, facts, analysis, commentary, opinions, spin and b.s. the other news organizations won't tell you the difference. we will. >> you are about to enter the no-spin zone. >> is it better for our country to know the details of what the elected officials are doing? i would argue it is. >> there are people who don't live in los angeles, new york, san francisco, boston and those big cities. maybe they weren't served all the time. >> it is a market sitting there waiting to be served. we serve it. >> fair and balanced, megyn kelly, taking primetime to the next degree. >> i think i am fair and balanced and fiery. >> i ask the questions here, not answer them. >> what does fair and balanced mean? >> i think fair 57and balanced means to bring the news accurately, truthfully with context and perspective.
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it came out a few weeks ago that he's never interviewed this accuser. it's inexcusable. >> that story broke -- >> there were serious questions about her story. i didn't understand why they weren't being investigated. >> you smelled a rat? >> i did. >> that was a terrific example of a story everybody was doing and we did it in a different way and we got it right. >> the issues were with framed in a way that they can readily relate to. >> everybody gets what's going on this this country. i think that they like that we don't talk down to anybody here. you say the more educated people are the better they will become. >> it's a primary focus of democracy. >> gathering the news in real time and putting it on tv. >> suspicious packages on board two u.p.s. planes forced them to
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be quarantined. >> there is a question about them in the air and what will happen next. >> with a young, ambitious staff working 24/7, the start-up network launched october 7, 1996 in only 17 million households. competitor cnn was in 70 million homes. >> all you had to do was walk into the newsroom. everybody here was getting paid less, working more, doing more. almost like they were stockholders. were people really this motivated? was anybody watching in october of 196? >> no. it was like television in a vacuum. we couldn't watch it in manhattan because there was an argument with the cable company that had manhattan wired. >> doing an interview. >> i think we need to call mr. murdock. >> is that on my visa limit? >> do you ever reflect how far the place has come? >> when ronler ales would get up
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and say i have a five-year plan to knock off cnn, i thought he was drinking kool-aid. >> i do believe that over time fox has become a really powerful news operation. >> cnn had a 16-year head start. but in five and a half years fox news was numbeone in viewer ship. today fox news has an average of 1.77 million viewers in primetime. cnn has 577,000. fox more than doubles cnn and msnbc in primetime. >> you came from cnn. what struck you? >> when i was at cnn we had a large staff. we had between 60, 65 people. >> we have a super large staff. >> we have like 12. i think everybody here has to be nimble in order for us to stay on oh top, to stay competitive and to stay number one.
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>> you know you talked to roblger ales about how to stay fresh. he encourages us to think outside the box. >> you may be great but that target is small. [ cheers ] >> what would you say about our correspondents and the work they do? >> they are the best in the business. when certain people suggested they are not journalists at fox news, i want to say, hill? and the way they risk their lives to get after a story. >> they are firing teargas. >> forces have begun to fire at journalists. >> you were the first person publically throughout all media to mention the name osama bin laden.
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why did his name come to mind? >> i'm a private pilot. i knew bin laden had been implicated in the plot to blow up airplanes over the pacific. so when airplanes flew into buildings in new york, i think it was 15 seconds after the second plane hit i mentioned his name. >> this has to be deliberate, folks. some of the key suspects come to mind -- osama bin laden. >> what changed for you after september 11th? >> it all changed on september 11th. it became more about the news and less about everything else. >> after a firefight they killed osama bin laden and took custody of his body. >> bin laden is dead. multiple sources. osama bin laden is dead. >> the rescue of the first of 33 minor miners in chile tran theed under ground for 69 days. >> people are holding vigil.
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>> barack obama is the next president of the t united states. what a ride it has been. >> you can count on foos channel for the latest in politics and the nation's capital. we count on team washington. ahead, brit huhe and the timely launch of special report. >> i did not have sexual relations with that woman -- ms. lewinsky. you know how painful heartburn can be. for fast, long lasting relief, use doctor recommended gaviscon®. only gaviscon® forms a protective barrier that helps
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covering washington, it comes nonstop. it is flowing. >> listen to me. i will say this again. i did not have sexual relations with that woman. >> on january 26, 1998, the same day that president clinton gave that stunning denial, fox news managing editor brit hume was uh told by the washington d.c. bureau chief the time was now to launch a nightly political news program. that show -- "special report" the bureau chief was brit hume's wife kim. >> he paused for a moment and said, she's right.
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start it tonight. of course i fell on the floor. >> welcome to washington. i'll be here at this time each night with "special report" on the events that engulfed the clinton president. >> roger ales said it was a big deal. >> it was a big deal for me to get here. i was excited about it. more news is on the way. fair and balanced. >> brit led "special report" for ten years and today continues as a fox news channel contributor. >> welcome to washington. >> what advice did brit gave you before you took over? >> he said two things. one, be yourself. two, let the news drive the show. >> this is why you need a humvee. >> and the news has taken brett out of the studio and on the road. even on a 100-mile bike ride with wounded veterans and
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president bush. >> the expectations must have been law. >> they were. >> i think this is a formula that works. it worked when brit created the structure. it is news driven. the correspondents drive it. and then to have analysis at the end of the show from panel, it is an equation that worked. >> you think about special report. you think about fox news sunday, the people who sat in that chair. tony snow, god rest his soul. chris wallace, yourself, brett. >> tony was a newcomer to television. and a very bright and talented guy and a sweet guy. people could sense that about him. chris was a legitimate star.
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he brought this group of professionals here. it shuts down the idea that this is bunch of conservative odd balls with axes to grind and so forth. >> fair and balanced is the fox motto in our coverage, our reporting and our questioning. >> how do you respond to people who say your campaign has been a mess? >> sometimes we get surprising answers. >> i wish you would put aside the gotcha questions. >> but surprises can happen anywhere. >> for the straw poll it's -- mitt romney. governor. >> hey, carl. >> what a great surprise. >> good to see you. >> the relationship with the obama white house has been complicated. when i watch press conferences, ed henry is a bulldog. he's on our team now. >> i know you are creating a thing here for fox -- >> that's not what i'm doing. >> he and jay carney go back and forth. and there is also sniping at you
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when somebody at the white house called you a lunatic. >> what the american people care about is the fact that their premiums are going up 25, 40, 60%. >> let me insert this. you have a significant interview with president obama right near the climax of the health care debate. >> the ideas embodied in this legislation aren't left, not right. >> i understand. >> they are -- >> i know you don't like to talk about process. there are a lot of questions in the 18,000 that talk about process. some criticized you calling it an thon. what do you say? >> if you are not getting answers or you are getting a filibuster answer where he holds the ball for a long time you owe it to viewers to press. >> i apologize for inter rupting so must have. trying to get the most for our buck here. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. i appreciate it. >> final question for you, my friend. if this job were to go belly up
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i understand there is a second option for you as a career. what would that be? >> oh, i don't know. rapping? ♪ [ rapping ] >> i was feeling the moment. i went to a charity event. they said, what can you do? i said i remember a rap from high school. they said, you're on third. i got up there and fortunately remembered it. ♪ [ cheers ] >> brett joined fox news a couple years after the launch. he started in the atlanta bureau. his apartment was just a phone and a fax machine. 14 anchors and correspondents have been here from the beginning. who was the first on-air talent hired for fox news is this that answer after the break. coming up -- sean hannity lets
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freedom ring. >> do we we want to the be a freedom society or do we want to be a nanny state, cradle to grave?
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who was the first on-air talent hired for the fox news channel? the answer -- lauren green. >> a lot of issues. 9/11 was the biggest. katri katrina. the financial melt down. >> keep your hands out of my
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piggy bank. >> you don't have to -- listen -- >> do you know liberation theology? >> i studied theology. i went to a seminary. >> what do you say to critics who say we are far from fair and balanced? >> i gave up caring a long time ago. my passion is politics. >> my taxes and yours. >> that's twice what i'm making. >> you don't pay 60% in taxes. >> michael, i pay 60%. you have half the country that doesn't pay any. then the other half literally pays all the bills and gets a baseball bat to the head saying you're not paying enough. >> the time has come for affordable universal health care in this country. >> health care is an issue hannity and his guests continue to debate. >> you and your cronies in the government -- >> you want to be let out of here, you're welcome to go. >> listen, sean.
10:23 pm
i don't have anything to apologize for. t not to you or anyone. >> this is about the dismantling of this country. i'm only 35 years old. i have never been interested in politics. you have awakened sleeping giants. >> this is not what the constitution wrote. this is not a welfare state. it should t not be a welfare state. >> do we want to be a freedom society or do we want to be a nanny state, cradle to grave? >> freedom is a big part of the program. >> i put america's freedom up against your tyranny forcing women to wear burqas. >> the answer is freedom. ♪ >> when you look at the words where we are endowed by our creator, t not by government. >> it's our turn to stand up and speak out.
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>> i think this is a major turning point as americans stand up and say to their politicians, enough. what do you think makes the fox news channel such a success? >> field of dreams. if you build it, they will come. there was a vision for fox. >> we need a fighter right now to fight against the political establishment. >> is that a bad thing that there is actually alternative views and voices out there? >> i think the constitution should dictate what the federal government does. they shouldn't do anything that wasn't given to them by the people. >> we are not asking the government for a rebate, a hand out. we want to farm. >> i hope and pray you are not going to show the first show that i was on. >> senator bob dole will give you back more of your money. >> just show up and last night bob dole proved that. >> i was a nervous wreck. i didn't have enough experience hosting on television. those tapes are now hopefully
10:25 pm
under armed guard. >> they are in the lock box. >> hannity and combs was on the air for 12 years. the conservative and the liberal personify fair and balanced. >> i was expecting more from this report. >> are you kidding? >> than stuff about monica lewinsky. >> did we read the same report? >> i think we did. >> perjury, obstruction, tampering, abuse of power. >> whitewater. >> in spite of political disagreements we have had a of wonderful 12 years together. you are a personal friend. >> going to kill you with conservatives. >> hang on. i will miss you. >> you have a great instinct. you know what the audience wants. >> before you put people in harm's way you want to listen to a lot of voices. at least i wanted to. >> why are you crossing over? >> i don't have papers.
10:26 pm
>> you don't? do you want to work? why not go through the process legally? >> huh? >> why not go through and get the papers? >> because when i was deported the first time -- >> the kids are out of the house. i'm in the mood. >> all right. did everybody see my face? beet red. you're killing me. >> i haven't said the f-word once. >> oh, no. you have been good. kind of. >> if i didn't have this job or radio as an outlet i would be driving around in a car talking to myself. asking questions, giving answers. i would be the caller, the host. >> you would be driving your wife nuts. >> that, too. >> for 12 years at 10:00 p.m. greta van susteren was number one. she's now enjoying the same success at 7:00 p.m. in fact she's beating cnn and msnbc combined.
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a&e had suspended phil robertson in a controversial statement interview. the family said they are quote excited for making a quality tv show for fans with wonderful support. reversing itself to care for a brain dead teenager, the facility taking the action after the oakland hospital where the teen is currently staying refused to insert breathing and feeding tubes necessary for long term care. the 13-year-old suffered cardiac arrest following a tonsillectomy earlier this month and declared brain dead. i'm marianne rafferty. back to fox news, our story. welcome back to fox news. "our story." when greta van susteren's program moved three hours
10:31 pm
earlier to 7:00 p.m. she continued her ratings success as a number one show. her winning formula is simple. greta follows her curiosity to people and places in washington and around the world. >> i think the viewers get that. it goes out the to the camera that we enjoy our jobs. just a short time ago senator hatch went on the record. >> why do you live in washington? >> because this is where the action is. you see behind you the united states capitol. that's where the stories are. >> he needs to quit borrowing. >> if it doesn't work we are all this n trouble. >> it is a political space. >> if i go to interview senator hatch i will run into four
10:32 pm
senators. i get information from them. i meet their staff. we put it on greta wire so the viewers have a more intimate relationship. so i have the jump on every single other cable news show. they hope the people show up. i can put my hands on their throats. >> searching for clues, motivation and the consequences of try crime were staples for years but gr greta expanded the focus. now she goes wherever her curiosity leads her -- to people. >> what did natalie say? >> nothing until she was on the boat wi boat. then she was like, you're not coming with me. >> we receive a lot of the glory and the blame. >> it's impossible to shut down some rumors. >> i have a lot of experience with that. shutting down rumors isn't something i know how to do.
10:33 pm
>> greta's curiosity takes her places. >> is there a way to measure the daniel to the infrastructure? >> you take your show on the road often. >> a lot. >> north korea with franklin gram. >> this is a nation with 20 million people. if we don't get food to them quickly you have 6 million people at risk. >> you went to haiti with sarah palin. >> the irony is this is a hop, skip and a jump away from the united states of america. from what we are so blessed with. >> you have been on the u.s. border with rick perry, governor of texas. how does that visit or trip impact the information? >> it's always better to see, to put your hands on the story. >> if you're not on the ground you can't defend that. >> i have been to pakistan a number of times.
10:34 pm
it's scary. >> how about the navy s.e.a.l.s? >> the united states has killed osama bin laden. >> fox news channel sent me to pakistan multiple times and gave me the ability to be part of the presentation that night. the other big story is that pakistan is once again exposed for double dealing. >> you and i worked together at cnn. >> yes. >> do you remember the first image you have of what fox was then? >> i remember we were concerned about msnbc. they spent all this money on a set. look what that did for them. >> msnbc had the money of general electric and that was a fierce competitor. it was a big deal when you went
10:35 pm
to fox. >> they told me cnn would ruin my career. >> how are you doing now? >> it was my departure. i won't take the credit. but that's the last time cnn was number one. >> up ethics, the king of all cable -- mr. bill o'reilly. he's bolder and fresher than ever. find out why he's been number one for 14 consecutive years and counting. all we do is go out to dinner. that's it? i mean, he picks up the tab every time, which is great... he's using you. he probably has a citi thankyou card and gets 2x the points at restaurants huh the citi thankyou preferred card. now earn 2x the points on entertainment, with no annual fee. go to
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come on, you coward. say the truth. >> coward? >> you like to engage. you like to debate. >> when i starred we were the maverick, provocateurs, jabbing everybody. now we are a go to program. when people need solid information about the stock market collapse or a president or what's happening they come here. so now i have to be a little bit more measured. i can't whack people in the head. >> we passed in 1994, in fact. >> now we are back to 1994? >> yes. >> it's bull. >> this is why americans don't trust the government. >> barney frank is a good example. i have to be more methodical than i was in the beginning. >> don't you think people watch you and i don't mean this with disrespect but think you are a weasel? >> they might. >> i do. you seem like a nice guy but i'm saying this guy doesn't think these people were murdered on 9/11. he won't say they were murdered
10:40 pm
or not. i will be tough on people i believe are harming folks. you're a big government liberal who wants to intrude on personal freedom. i have been fair to barack obama. however nobody gets a pass here. nobody. anybody in a position of power will get the treatment. going to crack down? . i will try to get to brb. >> are you cracking down on sanctions? >> no. i will tell you why -- >> what happened to saddam's chemical arsenal. >> i will tell people stuff. there are millions of americans who have come to respect that. that's why i remain number one. >> go ahead. >> the fact is -- >> you're t not drinking frempbl wi french wine, are you?
10:41 pm
>> you have a liberal strain of hysteria in you. i have been trying to get it out of you for years. i thought with npr -- you agree with me. >> no. >> the president should have the power to order coerced methods. >> what they all want the to know is the miserable media is why you are more conservative than george clooney. >> there are people who say you are biased. you don't like it, that's okay. >> most americans don't want their kids to say f-you, dad. >> people need to be recked. i will use my power to protect them. simple as that. >> not just me. but we drove it. >> welcome to the no spew zone. i'm spill o'reilly. >> in your daily walking around -- >> i don't walk around. people carry me. >> oh, my god! you're hilarious. >> they do. >> you have fun. you have a great sense of humor.
10:42 pm
>> a t lot of stuff is stupid and dumb. we mock it and make fun. the people on all have a sense of humor. i sass them. they sass me back. people like it. you do take cheap shots all the time. you defend them. >> i'm like a shot like a b-12. boom. >> i think i will commit suicide. people thought that fight was big. they didn't see you and geraldo. >> that has something to do -- >> yes, it does. >> wrong. >> he should have been deported and this mayor and the police chief didn't deport him. >> it was like godzilla and king kong or clash of the titans. >> you want open border anarchy. >> i want fairness. we have lured people -- >> that is false. >> how much time do we have? >> one minute. what are you doing on your show this week? >> thank you very much for asking. >> miller time?
10:43 pm
fridays with geraldo. weekdays with bernie. is it legal is this kelly file? >> right. >> what do they bring to the program? >> we build segments around charismatic individuals who i have a good rapport and there is back and forth. you don't know what will happen. >> you don't think having to go through a naked body scanner violates your civil rights? >> why am i scanned when i come in here? >> why? >> full body scan. not necessary. you know me. >> you don't want to be scanned? the guys want giggles. that's why. >> fine. >> i see someone who has a good eye for great television. i see a man who works his tail off and knows his audience better than anyone in the cable game today. >> i have always been the the same guy. i have been to every state. i know the country. i like the country and i like the folks who live in the country. >> i'm a big fan.
10:44 pm
i enjoy you. >> hey, you're a good guy, bill. you don't have to be afraid of o'reilly. the truth never hurts. >> when it comes to business news, neil cavuto and his team own the market. up next how hess's able to break down the wall street lingo and help you ros per. ick with innovation. stick with power. stick with technology. get the new flexcare platinum from philips sonicare and save now. philips sonicare.
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for years i was in the witness protection program. talking in the early days saying, you know, i think five people are watching my show. he would say, that's on a good
10:48 pm
day. when roger hire me he said how would you handle business news? i wouldn't call it that. >> it's your world. >> i know you don't buy this. we must confess that you don't buy this. >> neil brings wall street to main street in his unique way. he does it with conviction and humor. >> this represents the equivalent. that's how much money we spend per day. >> hold the health care. forget where is the deed. these guys are saying stop the bull. >> the economics are hurting. i can't even afford salt on my popcorn anymore. it's very bland. life has become bland. >> republicans charging today that harry would rather huddle with rahm emanuel than dance with them. harry is having trouble hooking up. chuck woolery is an expert. yep, chuck.
10:49 pm
long time host of "love connection." >> picturing harry reid and john boehner behind closed doors, dancing is just wrong. >> you don't want to go there. >> during the health care debate you had a guy come on tv who was a speed reader. >> he can read at 10,000 times the normal rate. he should have been done with this thing. he is not. but he came through it saying, wait a minute. there are a lot of assumptions here that don't add up. he was the first to say it. >> what story got you the biggest reaction? >> the 2008 financial melt down. that tested our mettle as an organization. we rose to the occasion. we were going after rescues and bailouts that didn't make sense. it proved to people that we were neither red nor blue. just green. following green. >> do you remember the day you
10:50 pm
were in a business suit on a treadmill? >> yes. >> what was going on there? >> my normal workout. my point then with the workout was to show built into the budget deals, they are all that would be like going to a gym and telling a trainer i don't want to push myself too much in the beginning. can you give me lighter weights? i can work up to something maybe in ten years i can lose ten pounds? >> could be just me. >> really? >> i'm sweating in here. >> this is the foundation of life. >> you've interviewed thousands of ceos and politicians. ceo of chrysler impressed you? >> absolutely. >> why? >> i look at people who inherit
10:51 pm
crisis he came into a dieing company that had to be rescued at the time by jimmy carter. >> he was in your face a cheerleader. it's one of the greatest corporate turn arounds in history. >> finish this segment. >> your closing segment, common sense is important because... >> putting something in perspective. victims of the older conon earth greedy enough to think they can beat the odds, stupid enough to sooem assume they would and i can guarantee it will happen again, and again. >> neil's success on fox news channel helped fuel a spin off for fox business network. >> what if you don't get it? >> shepherd smith left his successful "fox report" and 3:00 p.m . >> i studio b "to launch shepherd smith reporting. straight ahead looking back at
10:52 pm
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10:55 pm
a year, not anymore. most of new york said you won't like new york. i was living in los angeles and living on the beach. but within a year of living here, i fell in love with it. >> and then there is this before we turn off lights. we hope to thaw things out. >> unexpected takes the viewer along for an experience they did not think they're going to get. >> i think it's a fire alarm. >> that is quite a day. >> there is no fire. never a fire here. >> but they go off. in just a moment a dude on the 50th floor will go hello? this is the fire warden. nothing real happened. there is a lady stuck in the toilet of the 31 is the floor. >> seriously now. hurricane katrina. >> yes. >> how did you stand in front that have camera looking into that black circle? and ask and try to help the
10:56 pm
country understand? >> i wasn't trying to help anyone except those people, there. >> do you return to that moment personally? is that -- >> i try not to return to many of those moments of moments i can't fix. >> three days, 12 people in an attic of a home. and for those three days they were flooded up, up to the second floor. more than 14 feet of water. >> drew peterson was on your program one day. >> he was? >> neighbors say they saw you carrying out a blue barrel. >> that is not what we've agreed to talk about. >> i just wonder what -- >> i guess i have to walkway. have a good day, mr. shepherd. >> the day suly landed that u.s. air flight? >> yes. >> yes. >> you were on the air that day. >> i was. >> this is a u.s. airways plane
10:57 pm
that has gone down in the hudson river. >> horrifying. bitterly cold outside wind whipping through canyons. and just a few blocks from where we are. >> we've gotten word it's boston marathon day. we've gotten word two of explosions... near the finish line of the boston mayora thovenlt these are live pictures coming into us now. >> on september 11thth the fox news channel put a camera outside of the studio. to show the country, the world all of new york city was under attack. >> i've been at plenty of horrible things people were dieing. but i've never been at a place where it was my people who were dieing. and the boss said we want you to go to the roof and show pictures around for a while. while as you put it, brit hume is comforting the nation and another plane is on
10:58 pm
the way to washington. >> since the debut of the fox report and studio b, both cnn and msnbc launched 25 shows against smith, each has failed. >> this is the new home of our new program called shepherd smith reporting airing every weekday at this time but importantly this, is the new hub for breaking news coverage for all of fox news channel. we call it fox news deck. what we do in this room is try to vet what you're seeing on social media. idea is that whenever breaking news happens this team is here in this room, along with dozens of others outside, and we'll bring you breaking news no matter what the program is you're watching at the time. >> going down to shepherd smith at fox news desk... monitoring this breaking news. >> we are. our team is working on tweets from official agencies across the southland this afternoon. again, you mentioned
10:59 pm
just after 9:00, 9:31, 12:31 eastern time the first call. here is what we have confirmed this, is the red, or yank and blue tarps. we knew that. we know that at least three people are injured. >> did you for get those days? >> not a chance nochlt way. no how. what that shows is that i didn't know the boss i didn't i can remember him telling me just think, we will win. we'll win in all time slots then, it will become digital. i love what roger and folks have accomplished. very proud of it. >> thanks for making fox news channel number one from all of us our pledge continues. we report, and decide. in new york i'm bill hemmer, thanks for
11:00 pm
watching. here is one more question. how many ways can you get fox channel? answer? more and more ways every single day. this is a fox news alert. "duck dynasty" star phil robertson will return to the show. a&e announcing it will this is a fox news alert. phil robertson will return to the a and e show. you have any scoop on this reversal? >> we just got this scoop about an hour ago from the a&e network saying the suspension from just nine days ago has been lifted and he will be back and they will resume shooting of the


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