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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  December 28, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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bono is right. entrepreneurial capitalism takes more people out of capitalism than aid ever will. that's our show. see you next week. tonight on huckabee. a failed obama carroll out and a broken promise that you can keep your daughter cost the president the public's trust and candid in his lowest approval ratings of his presidency. does bad news tr the president mean good news for republicans? last minute changes are making insurance companies scramble to accommodate the president an his health care law. what surprises still lie ahead. plus, the catholic church wins a big court victory against
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obama care. will 2014 be the year the health care mandate is scrapped once and for all? ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. >> thank you very much. welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios in new york city. happy new year, everybody. 2013 started with followers of president obama pretty much feeling like that they were the world. there was a confidence even an arrogance having won the 2012 elections. the president had skated past answering questions about benghazi. he was cocky thinking his pals in the press would never hold him accountable for crony
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capitalism and a world falling apart at the seams without any discernible leadership from the white house. who could have imagined that by the end of the year his approval ratings would be nearing those of richard nixox at the height of watergate and his own democratic party would see a rush of the exits and members of congress who would rather quit than face voters. precious little for those who didn't. questions would continue about benghazi but answers would still be elusive. the country would discover the government is spaying on law-abiding citizen and lying about it until forced to admit it was trampling over the fourth amendment. it came from a kid who was supposed to break into a pretty
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sophisticated system. we also learned the irs had become a criminal enterprise using its almost unlimited power to play hardball politics with the tea party, pro-life, pro-marriage and pro-israel group. the president vowed he would get to the bottom of it. he never even got to the top of it. we found out the department of justice was the department of injustice spying on james rosen and his parents and tapping the private e-mails of associate press reporters. we saw badly botched situations in egypt, syria and iran that russian president vladmir putin had to rescue us from a mideast meltdown. it does nothing to make our enemies respect us or even like us. we've spent trillions to eliminate poverty and we have more poor people than we've ever had in our history.
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we've spent $677 million and growing on a website that still doesn't work when a good one in the private sector would have cost about 10 million. the affordable care act turned out to be anything but affordable. the president will need the entire new york city fire department to put out the fire on his pants for his utter lies in saying we can keep our health insurance. we can keep our doctors and we'll save $2500 per family. a year ago being a democrat seemed like a good place to be. now democrats are wearing paper bags on their heads hoping to avoid being seen in public. 2014 could be a great year for the gop except for one thing. republicans have got to figure out that if they spend millions to attack other republicans who are virtually identical in
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believes then they're self-destruction will have the democrat survive another election cycle. 2014 ought not be about democrats or republicans surviving. it ought to be about our country and its family surviving. let me just say that the party which focuses on americans, not just democrat, republicans, that's likely going be the party that will be feeling really good a year from now. that's my thoughts. can republicans stop fighting each other and find way to capitalize on the obama care disaster and take back the senate? joining me is former republican senator from massachusetts and fox news contributor, scott brown. >> good to see you, governor. >> i worry a lot about the divisions within the republican
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party and some of these outside groups that spend millions of dollars to attack other republicans. i'm thinking why doenn't we spe the money rather than showing the differences ever so minute of republicans. >> that's the question of the day if you remember what president reagan said. have somebody as your 70 or 80% friend than your 100% enemy. we're taking people with similar believes and dividing each other. i've felt as a republican since i was 18 years old, my mom and dad were married and divorced four times each. i lived in 17 houses by the time i was 18. my mom was on welfare. when i chose to vote for president reagan at 18 years old, i did it because it was the party of opportunity. we had choices and we could learn and grow and succeed in this world. what we're finding now is it's not good to be a republican.
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there's some sort of litmus test that he wi we all have to follow. we then need to take those ideas and bring them forth to the american people and say we're the party of prosperity and opportunity. we need to move forward together. >> when you won the senate seat to massachusetts, it was a shock to the political system of america. people used to call it ted kennedy seat. i think you famously said that's the seat that belongs to the people of massachusetts. >> it's the people's seat. >> you won that seat driving the red pickup truck over massachusetts. then you got to the senate and took some significant votes. not everybody in the republican party liked what you did. what did you experience that was the biggest shock to you when you got there? >> i was battling, being a republican from massachusetts, i think it was ten in one or nine
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in one, i told mitch mcconnell. he said you're going to be the 43rd vote. i i said i may be the 60th vote. we need to put it in perspect e perspective. i said the same thing for harry reid. there were times when my own party, and you know who the players are, i was battling on the left and right. ibts i'm going to do what i feel is right for the country first. that's what most people need to do. >> you voted for obama care once it got through the senate. >> i would have stopped it. they voted every democratic senator voted against every grandfathering amendment that would protect and done the things we're trying to do now. shame on them. the voters of this great country
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have an opportunity right now to send a message in 2014. >> there has been a lot of speculation to your family. you long had ties to new hampshire. there's your permanent home now. senate race is coming up in 2014. a lot of speculation, scott brown will be in it. are we going to see you on the campaign trial in new hampshire? >> when you answer the question about you in 16. >> i have two extra years. you have to answer now. >> i'm actually trying to figure out is it huckabee and brown or brown and huckabee. >> but you are looking at it. >> i would be misleading people if i said i wouldn't honored for the situation. i'm looking at getting my family settled and taking care of my mom and reconnecting with my family who lives up there.
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the senator was the deciding vote on obama care. she rammed it through and voted r it. she voted against every grandfathering amendment. she also wrote the letter to the irs asking they investigate the group. she's going to have to answer to the americans. >> if you're the one just come back to our show and tell me us about it. scott, great to see you. >> thank you, governor. >> senator brown and his daughter are going to stay with us. later in the show you're going to hear his daughter sing she was with us before and with us again. first, a new year, new rules. we now have some surprises from obama care. i'll be asking mike levitt what consume erts ought to be looking
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the deadline for the obama care mandate to sign up for insurance was supposed to be january 1st. in the latest delays, the people who had their insurance plan cancelled since the beginning of obama care roll out has until october. that's how long they have to renew their cancelled plans or by catastrophic coverage. i wonder what other surprises the health care plan will bring in 2014. i spoke to former utah governor earlier. the roll out of obama care has been anything but spectacular. all kinds of glitches. not just the website but more people losing insurance than
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getting it. as we look ahead to 2014, what do you think we'll see with the president's signature legislation of the affordable care act? >> short run, likely more confusion. that's not good for enrollment. medium turn, i think we'll see a lot of insurance companies concerned about the acturial or soundness of what's being done and the third about the direction we ought to be going as a country. >> insurance executives don't want to publicly criticize the president but privately i hear conversations that they are pulling their hair out because every week something changes. they get their rates in place, the demographics in place. i don't think a lot of people understand that insurance companies have to look forward with actuarial tables to know what rates should be. talk about what happens when the president comes in, unexpectedly, and says we're
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going to let you have catastrophic coverage or we'll delay this another month your can keep the policy that we decided wasn't adequate any way. what happens? >> these things take a lot of preparation. i think we can see what's happened with when you don't have good preparation with the roll out of website. that was inadequately prepared. there was a lot of confusion. every time you send a last minute change expecting that somehow it's going to be implemented over night, it's dysfunctional. there's a lot of frustration over the fact that last minute changes with an expectation that it's going to work tomorrow just doesn't work. >> you were the hhs secretary when the roll out of medicare part d took place. i was governor at the time. i remember it very well.
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it wasn't perfect. there was some glitches, but i don't remember it being like here. would you like to obama the part d roll out and what we've seen in obama care. >> i remember being in little rock explaining that we had problems. we owned them. we're going to fix them and finish them, and we did. i think the difference here is that not only did we have problems, but we got the system fixed. the problems weren't nearly as acute as they are. i think that's the primary difference. you have to expect there will be problems in something this big. what's been unexpected is the systems underneath them is so fragmented it's been difficult for them to get on track. >> when obama care is implemented at the state level, traditionally the state
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regulators have overseen that. is this an example where the federal government is in essence taking over what is traditionally been a state function. is that a good thing or maybe not such a good thing? in it's always been a risk. a big worry to a lot of us that believe that government operates best at a local level or a state level than it does in washington. i think this has demonstrated how infeasible that is. i think it's demonstrated how dysfunctional the entire system would be if it was regulated out of washington. >> anything else you see coming down the pike in 2014 that we ought to be braced for with obama care? >> we've seen a dysfunction in the system. we'll see this system doesn't just effect those getting insurance for the first time. there will be a lot of people whose insurance plan changes. there will be a lot of us who pay more. there will be some who pay less. there will be a lot of confusion. this is a period of quite a bit
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of flux for every american. to be honest about this we have a lot to change and improve in the health care system. as we look forward to 2014, we can expect it's not going to be a smooth year. all of us will have to be on our toes and looblging after the best solution to our individual problems. don't count on the government to do it. we have to be looking after ourselves and make sure our own problems are cared for. >> appreciate you joining us. wish you a happy new year. thank you. >> thank you. coming up, a big victory for religious freedom versus obama care. that's next.
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the roman the archdiocese of new york had a major ruling in its favor
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earlier this month as a federal court granted an injunction blocking the obama care mandate by keeping to force the religious constitutions to provide contraceptive care to s its employees. why is this so critical for all christians across america? father frank, good to have you here. are you optimistic this ruling may lead to similar judgments that could grant not just catholics but all people of conscience the ability to practice their faith without the government telling them how much faith to practice. >> this is a serious problem. there are a lot of cases optimistic. we were told just the opposite of what the new york case was told. i think as time goes on and the cases go higher and the level of the courts we'll see more
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victories. >> there's been a lot of lawsuits this there's been 88 lawsuits filed on behalf of religious organizations to counter obama care. is this going to enz up in the supreme court and they're going to have to make this decision? >> i think so. this goes to something that it's so basis to all americans. the orgts request be hard to understand. weem are not sure what we're objecting to. i love my church and i love my country. i want to be able to do both at the same time. i don't want to be told to choose between being a faithful catholic and a good citizen. >> that's the heart of question. there's a lot of people that aren't catholic. they don't get the whole idea of why this is an important issue. if somebody were to come up to you and say explain to me, why do catholics care so much whether they have to provide contraceptiv
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contraceptives. what's the big deal here. >> the government has announced it wants to expand the ease of access. there's some strong teachings against that life. now the government is telling us when you provide health insurance for your employees, you have to be part of this plan. your insurance plan will give that coverage to them free of charge. you have to be part of this plan. if you have that plan do it yourself. don't involve us. we're being told we have to be part of it. the case you mentioned in new york, they were told, you are exempt. churches are exempt from this
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requirement. i have a linls organization that i head. we have the same believes. we're facing the same man date. they believe the same things and are under the same mandate. >> it would almost be like if the government said an orthodox apologyish offers food baskets, they can wrap shrimp. obviously, that would be an office to the synagogue. that's what you're seeing. it's okay if other people want to provide this. don't force us to provide something that violates our conscience and our liberty. >> this isf saying the law should presimilar. this is matter of us being able toll practice our faith not just on sunday morning in churnl but
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on monday morning in the workplace. the way we do the little nrnl andty way we construct our plans and business practices. feem of lin freedom of religion. it's already against the law. the religious freedom restoration act already makes it against the law for the government to force somebody to violate its police chiefs or to pressure them. that's what that issue in these lawsuits. >> let's hope the supreme court will do a better knob on this than obama care. that are for what you do. it's great to have you here today. >> thank you. u.s. troops will be leaving afghanistan jex year. what lies ahead for our veterans when we come back.
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cold front moving from wyoming to minnesota. it's causing dangerous wind chills. they fear more snow could make things worse. his tense trip to the region since march. he's hoping to forge a long elusive peace deal. the target date expires at the end of april. there's been little of any tangible sign so far.
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back to huckabee. about 40,000 troops are expected to leave afghanistan over the next 12 months. congress just voted to cut pensions of our veterans. what does the future hold for our men and women in uniform. thanks for being here. thanks for your service to this country. >> thanks for having me. >> as a veteran and a wounded warrior what did you feel? not just think but feel when you heard congress, it was a mistake but they cut benefits to veterans in this last budget deal. >> i saw it as a direct insult to every veteran especially at a time when the united states military has been fighting in one of longest wars in our nation's history. a very ambiguous war fair, a hard fought battle.
8:33 pm
i was is insulted when they decided they had to find this pocket of money to cut. instead of looking at other programs and cutting that, they cut us. what message is our pligss trying to deliver, that we don't ware about your service. >> i think it needs to be a fax with an apology that we didn't see this coming. it still doesn't change the fact that it was an insult to folks like you that have served your country. you kept your promgss to america. i think it's not too much to ask that america would keep its promises to folks like you who put your life on the line for america. if you had to give a letter grade to the military leaders p
8:34 pm
leadership, what would that grade be? >> there's a lot of leaders that are doing a great job. obviously, i had the great honor of serving under some of our best leaders, some special operations leaders. i think they're doing a great job. it's a very difficult time with the military fighting an enemy that's very hard to pin down and trying to establish those networks. i think for those guys that would probably give a b plus. it's hard. they're fighting against an administration that continues to cut budgets for the military. we're having twoo work with smaller and smaller amounts of money. we're required to do more and more across the world. >> do you think a lot of promotions come now as a result of maybe political connections than they do the most effective warriors. i know that's been something that is always been a controversy in the military. how do people advance up into
8:35 pm
rank. is it because they are the people who really served out there onli lines or the best politicians? you couldn't have said this when you were active duty. i'm asking you your perspective. how much of what we're seeing in terms of the leadership is it coming because people are good politicians or because they're good warriors. >> i think it's much more that they're good politicians. i think some of our senior leaders are getting put into positions that they will follow the lead of administration instead of saying this is a problem, we need to fix it. we're saying you need to be looking out for the veterans and the military. i would say a lot of them right now are getting into position that don't really have the necessary credentials. i think that it's incredibly important especially right now. the leadership in the military needs to have some level of
8:36 pm
combat experience. needs to have led troops in combat. needs to have experience to have troops that have been wounded and lost troops. those are all things i don't think they are taking those things into consideration. >> does that matter to you. you're as a navy seal, does it matter that are the guys making the decision about where you're going to go, that they have some understanding of what combat's about. >> they have to. you can see the decisions that are made or there's a disconnect and they don't understand what happens on the ground. the heavy logistics and complexity, when it filters down to us and you're like why did this guy decide this, it's because they haven't been here. >> we have about 30 seconds left. we're going to be pulling out of afghanistan over the next 12 months or so. will we have made any significant difference for the
8:37 pm
12 years we will have spent there? >> the answer to that is yes. absolutely. the difference for both iraq and afghanistan and any place we fought, will be the children. what impact we're going to have is if they saw us as americans. you're more senior extremists. they're never going to buy into what we're selling. t they are willing to protect us. i think those kids will grow up with a hunger for treem. they have seen that opportunity. i think that's the impact there. it will be interesting to see what he the next 20, 30 years bring. >> thank you. thank you for your service to this country. thank you for your wonderful book. i hope our views will get a copy. available on amazon. >> have nuclear cape ability.
8:38 pm
republicans and democrats are working together to make sure that does not happen. they're going against president obama in the project. the stakes could be higher. we'll explain, next.
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good >> testest >> test test >> test test >> test test test test
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this year the united states skbrd a pact with iran that we would ease up on economic sanctions and iran gets to keep
8:42 pm
enriching its nuclear. they want to pass legislation to toughen the sanctions if iran doesn't cooperate. when chuck and ted cruz agree on something, it must be important. they're not the only change bed foe lows. earlier, i asked if the death is a defense minister. how the medications in the middle east are reacting to this iranian deal. i think a lot of us were shocked when the united states enter it and said we're going to losen up the sanctions. how does that feel in israel. look at the us. look at the saudi, egyptian, all the friends of the u.s. are dispinted. >> it is more than disappointment. are they angry? do they feel betrayed?
8:43 pm
>> i believe we should trust only our ourselves. here, we feel the u.s. made a mistake. it's fo blano black and white. people are good. the economy is booming. investors are figging it out. we're not happy with this. it's not good for the isz rrael. it's also not good for the american people. they're right on the mu chul. behe affect tel avin. after that we'll attack watch wap and new york city. >> you mentioned this is unpopular in the states. this is one of the times when the israelis have more in common policy wise with the saudis and
8:44 pm
that i representations than in the united states which has been their long standing oolly. this must be an awkward position. anybody can happen. the palestinians in egypt. the threat from iran is a real thrift. the great lead eer tlentenningi to become dez mate. it would be able to build the woman needily. we have no possible gags to this agreement and we seep all options on the table. >> you're deputy defense minister and said you have to keep the defense on the table. there's a real possibility that the acceleration of nuclear programs in iran were to
8:45 pm
continue, it would not be a surprise, shouldn't be a prize if isr entertaining and takes out their nuk here capacity. we would not allow iran to become military cape ability. >> he's not afraid. te are very determined about this issue. for us, it's a culture issue. egypt will follow. many other countries will not let me to stay without capekablts. it will be a new era or maybe the president. >> some over the capital. >> they're not going to weize i know she will news here cams. what's the reason you would say
8:46 pm
they will. they have a long history. why should americans will concerned that iran will take this to the next level. >> you need to look what they did in the past. the marines, the 299 marines that are were killing them in back to you route. the gina kpunt from a cash came from teh rahn. we'd like the military capability. it can be a in a suitcase from venn way la, to know. americans say we do not care about the middle east andize real. it is in your backyard. what happened in 9/11 is nothing compared to what could happen.
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now you know that scott brown was a senator from >> his daughter has a magnificent cd. i love this music i want you to be sure to get i it's called heros and home towns and i'm so glad to have ayla back on the show. >> thank you. >> scott, i thought you'd been playing all your life but you just started january of this year? >> when you ruse lose an
8:51 pm
election you have a lot of free time. >> how does it feel to be ayla brown's dad? >> one of the proudest accomplishments of my life. >> i have to tell you you're on the show before. i thought this girl is going places. going to the top. this album is fantastic. every cut on sit so good. >> it's a patriotic cd. i felt it's necessary cd and project to do. i'm so honored to sing a song on it the song is all about our female military members i do believe it's a subject that isn't touched upon enough. >> you have when you did grand ole opry debut you had female military with you. >> i had 19 soldiers having their debut the same time as me
8:52 pm
the crowd got up and gave them the warmest standing ovation. it's on you tube. it's magical. >> this song we're going to do is about the female personnel in military. a great tribute to them. we need to show support to them by making sure this album just moves to the top of the charts. let's make that happen. >> let's do it. >> senator, do you think you can play with us now? >> i think i'm ready. >> here we go. you can play this with us now? >> i think i'm good. try to stay with us, governor. >> all right, here we go. >> my name is ayla brown and this song is dedicated to all the beautiful women who fight for our country. it's called "hero in our hometown." ♪ home coming queen, she had it
8:53 pm
all ♪ ♪ the captain of the cheering squad, she had it all ♪ no one could understand why she ♪ i? where else she's an average jane, just a rank and number, no one knows her name ♪ but once she passed that little sign that says population 299 ♪ she's a hero in her hometown, when she walks in a room she draws a crowd ♪ celebrated, decorated when medals and pins from the war she was in ♪ served just like her father did and two generations before him ♪ made the choice and served her
8:54 pm
country proud ♪ she's a hero in her hometown ♪ sitting at the airport in army greens ♪ people look at her but don't see a thing ♪ just another face, trying her best to make her way home ♪ family says she's been away too long ♪ it's a special day but anywhere else ♪ she's just an average jane, just a rank and number ♪ no one knows her name but once she passed that little green sign ♪ that says population 299, she's a hero in hometown ♪ when she walks in a room, she
8:55 pm
draws a crowd ♪ celebrated, decorated with medals and pins ♪ from the war she was in, served like her father did ♪ and two generations before him, made the choice ♪ and served her country proud, a hero in her hometown ♪ ♪ she's a hero in her hometown, when she walks in a room ♪ she draw as crowd, celebrated, decorated ♪ with medals and pins from the war she was in ♪ oh served just like her father did ♪ and two generations before
8:56 pm
him, made the choice ♪ and served her country proud, a hero in her hometown ♪ ♪ ♪ >> thank you. >> that's reason enough to download the album. i hope you'll get it. ayla brown, thank you so much. >> thank you so much, governor. >> you know what, i'm not sure which one of you i admire the most but ayla is always welcome to come back and sing on the show. get the album. you will love every single bit of it. i hope you have a wonderful evening and a great new year. we'll see you next year. from new york, this is mike huckabee. good night and god bless.
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hello and welcome to "justice." i'm katie pavlich in for judge jeanine pirro. from budget grid lack to the obamacare key bait to white house scandals, 2013 was quite a year for the beltway and the obama administration. we take a look at 2014. >> reporter: in president obama's second inaugural address, he laid out his agenda for a


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