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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 29, 2013 9:00am-10:01am PST

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give us a line. we continue the conversation on twitter. look for our homepage where we post our material and video as well. we are back here next sunday morning at 11:00 eastern with the latest buzz. >> brand-new enrollment numbers have come in after the troubled debut. will the program work? there are new questions about whether the people needed to support it are joining in sufficient numbers? the white house announcing 1.1 million people so far signing up in the practical marketplace site since the debut of october 1. of those, nearly 1 million people are in 36 states and they enrolled this month alone. compare that to october. 27,000 signed up then during all of those troubles on the website when they roll out on obamacare. the administration says they need a lot more americans signed up. 7 million by march is the
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target. jim engle live in washington with the latest on this. >> reporter: hi. while the latest numbers are a huge improvement with the december enrollment, seven times the two previous months, one analyst told fox news sunday they are still well beyond. >> prepared to come our show. it must have been up to close to 2 million people and announced 1.1 million. they were up to 900,000. we haven't seen the rush we thought we would see. >> reporter: in spite of the recent surge it does not come close to covering more than 5 million individual plans canceled because they didn't cover all that obamacare requires. and each of those plans can affect a couple or family. meaning 10, 15, 20 million people is had their coverage canceled and trying to replace it. more concerning for analysts involves who is enrolling and how many young and healthy versus older and sicker americans. which will determine whether obamacare is financially viable.
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>> if you look at the demographic data and the trends including enrolling, less healthy. less healthy population in what the plans hope for and older. it does show less healthy people signing up. younger people are signing up less frequently than hoped. >> reporter: gottlieb noted the plan makes it difficult to see specialists and many who gain insurance may be surprised to find that they have to face deductibles of several thousand dollars before getting any financial help. howard dean argues that's what republicans have always wanted. >> now we have the spectacle of the republicans attacking the plan on any measure. >> reporter: it may not be what the uninsured were expecting. making it sound much less expensive than the deductible.
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>> a lot more about this and what it means for all of us and our future. now the white house and democrats are talking up that's new enrollment numbers and are trying to show obamacare is finally working. as they look to rebound from a disastrous rollout of the website in october, but are more rough days ahead? especially when the coverage officially gansz new year's day? let's bring in our political panel. david mercer. angela mcglou wam. these numbers are more what the administration hoped to see. is it enough? >> it is not enough. they are going to go out and have this big political communications campaign talking about the good news of obamacare but the fact of this affordable care act, jamie is not affordable. it is costing more people more money and when january 1 hits, we are going to have billions of dollars in tax hikes. i think it is a rough road
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ahead. the fact of the matter, too, is -- the majority of american people believe that either the law will be repealed or do not believe in it. >> some of the new taxes and costs, doctors are concerned they can't tell patients what deductibles will be for surgeries or procedures scheduled after january 1. there's so much that we just don't know. when do you think that obama and the administration, the president of the administration, can put this all in a rear view mirr mirror. >> i think they are beginning to put it in the moore job. we said at the outset of the program 27,000 enrolled in october and we are now at over a million and that's not counting several of the state exchanges who have seen their enrollments up in new york, california, and elsewhere. so -- you know, success breeds success. as more people begin to share the experience of the million-plus that have enrolled,
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that their deductibles are down and their premiums are lower, that young adult children are also on their health care, they are not seeing -- not being denied coverage for pre-existing conditions, they are getting rebates with reference to angela's comment. >> some are getting subsidies like the president who applied for the bronze plan wasn't eligible. >> if i can say that there are rebates. not just subsidies. there are rebates because of the 80/20 rule in the affordable care act that requires that insurers spend 80% of the premiums on health care related costs and not others like marketing and so forth. >> it is different. >> that's providing rebates to premium holder. >> not eligible. the people who are may not even know they are. there is still a lot of confusion about plan. >> that's why we are here to talk about it. >> i have to add --
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>> hang on. i will let you add anything you want. the success stories that david talked about are predictions. we don't know yet what it is going to look like because it does not take effect until january 1. when it does, democrats come out with what they say are the success stories, how much will those stories play a role in, let's say the midterm which is will be following right after? >> there will not be that many success stories. >> how do we know? >> wherever you hear -- >> how do we know? >> whenever you hear rebate or subsidies, somebody has to pay for that. we are not going on pull those things out air. you are not going to hear the success stories to lower income people. you are not going to hear the success stories because americans are going to have to pay more out of their pocket to help support this legislation. >> you are saying those stories come at a price. >> those stories come at a price and the bottom line is this.
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i'm from mississippi. when you take a pig and dress it up and take it to new yorks it is a dressed up pig. that's what the affordable care act is. no matter how you try to dress it up, no matter how many glamorous stories you try to tell about it or make up stories, the bottom line is the affordable care act is not affordable. >> if i may speak to the market fundamentals here. that is -- whole principle behind affordable care act is that with more insured, you have a larger pool of consumers and customers for insurance companies overjuly reduce the cost in the delivery of health care and reducing health care costs. >> are we at that number yet? the white house is bragging about numbers about the number of people that have enrolled. are we at the number now where the other people don't have to worry it is going to cost them? >> i think we are on upward trend. i don't think it is a matter of bragging. i think it is a matter of reporting what the facts are and what in terms of the enrollment
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are. we want the trajectory is just as it happened with medical care part d which speaker boehner said was horrendous in its rollout but now the extreme success of it, you don't hear anybody talking negatively about medicare part d. >> apples and oranges. >> others talking negatively about romney care. although romney distanced himself. >> david -- >> point made. >> david -- david, putting pigs aside and talking about the marketplace, what about the fact that for insurance companies, there is a user fee. a 3% tax. that will be passed on to the consumer. everybody that signs on to obamacare have to pay a $2 fee. even more of a moderate -- you could say study policy group, that eastern america may have to pay upards up to $6,000 in
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taxes. if you want to talk about the market place, my point is that the affordable care act, no one is perfect, to make health care affordable is not affordable. let's not go back and repeal it. let's go back to the drawing board and fix. >> it people will think different. >> i a million is not all the people that are supposed to be covered. then there is the 13 million that are illegal immigrants that don't have coverage that will still have on pay for it. it seems like there are a lot of questions and a few answers coming in. >> three months to get increased enrollment to numbers we need. >> taking a look at what it looks like now, i think we covered it. thanks to both of you. i appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> well, from that to the blockbuster "new york times" report this morning have you heard about it? raising a lot of eyebrows. tragic attack in benghazi. the new york times claims al qaeda apparently was actually
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not involved in the deadly september 11 attack last year on the u.s. consulate. instead the newspaper said that the assault was fueled in large part, they claim, by anger at that video mocking islam. and they say it was carried out by several islamic terrorist groups with different agendas. that, of course is not the inclusion of other government officials and including those in the intelligence community who have long maintained the deadly onslaught was a planned al qaeda terrorist attack. hello, wendell. >> reporter: "the new york times" says it conducted an exhaustive investigation and says the attack was led by some of the malish finders that benefit prosecuted the nato attacks on the troops and said some were as anti-american as they were anti--qaddafi. the obama administration initially did play a role. congressman mike rogers isn't buying it.
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>> there was some level of pre-planning. we know there. there were aspirations to conduct an attack by al qaeda and affiliates in lib yeah. we know that. the individuals on the ground talked about a planned tactical movement on the compound even this is the compound before they went to the amex. a -- annex. "the new york times" says it was an exhaustive investigation. >> reporter: four americans were killed in the attack including chris stevens. the obama administration was criticized by the republicans for turning down the request for additional security at the consulate though it is not clear then secretary of state clinton ever saw the request. the administration was also criticized for not sending troops once the attacks began. california democrat adam schiff is skeptical al qaeda played no part. >> i agree with mike however the intelligence indicates that al qaeda was involved.
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but will were also plenty of team and militias that were involved. i think that the intelligence paints portrait some people came to murder, some people came to destroy property, and someame t came in part motivated by the videos. >> congressman schiff says "the new york times" does not exonerate the state department for security lapses that left americans vulnerable. >> wendell, thanks so much. there was a horrific bombing that rocked a major train station killing at least 15 and injuring dozens others. we are going to tell you where it happened and how everybody is doing. >> what would you do if you could not get your daughter out of a hospital? that's what one connecticut family has been facing now for ten months. their emotional battle to regain the custody of her from a hospital that refuses to discharge her. how this happened, coming up next. numbers are in. did u.s. retailers have a merry christmas or not?
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. time for a quick check of the headlines on this sunday. a homicide bomber killed at least 14 people and injured dozens of more.
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the attack heightened concerns about terrorism at february's winter olympics in sochi. the fbi now saying that a suspect killed inside of a -- of a phoenix police officer in a bank robbery attempt, he say he may the same man accused of killing a mississippi police officer. that man was also wanted for shooting a second officer and for carrying out two other bank robberies in the southeast. a winter storm watch in effect in northern new england. six inches of snow forecast for maine today. the storm coming one week after that other storm knocked out power to thousands of customers in the region. fascinating story about a connecticut family. they are fighting for their youngest daughter. 15 we are old justina has been in custody of boston children's hospital for more than ten months after her parents disagreed with a medical diagnosis and tried to discharge her. then the state called in and
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took custody of their daughter and now her parents are accusing the hospital and state of kidnapping her. >> two years ago she was diagnosed by doctors at tufts medical center with a condition causing muscle pain and weakness. but when justina was admitted to boston children's hospital in february for the flu, new doctors dismissed the diagnosis and said that justina had a disorder, mental illness in which patients feel pain but it can't be traced to a cause. when the parents demand ad second opinion the doctors reported suspicious child abuse to the state and a judge gave custody of justina to the state. her parents are now in a legal battle saying children's hospital has changed their
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daughter's diagnosis without involving their original doctor or sufficient proof of any medical child abuse. on september 20, a judge delayed the next custody hearing until january 10. they can only see justina for one hour a week. but some, li don't believe she should be taken from her family. >> medicine is about being objective and medicine is also balancing potential good and potential harm. you don't keep a young woman from her parents and her family unless you have incontrovertible evidence that's significant and serious harm perhaps to her even life orwell being, she may cease to exist, actually is at hand. >> boston children's hospital released a statement which says that in part we do not serve as the legal guardian of the patients in our care nor are we affiliated with any state agency. the hospital does not keep
9:20 am
patients in its care against the direction of a custodial guardian, our staff, dedicated professionals, that provide the highest standard of medically necessary care to every patient. justina is being held in the hospital and sources close to the family say her health is deteriorate. >> legally it sounds like the hospital is in the middle. it is the state that came in. we are going to stay on that story and see what else is going on with this young girl. to the economy and economic future. there has been a lot talk about the delays in the delivery this hol say season because of the number of presents shipped ups and other shippers. does the overflowing orders and are those problems mean retailers had a stellar christmas? what does that mean for our financial future as we head into 2014? kyle, look, they have no
9:21 am
problem. what does it mean with the problems that ups apparently had and others in delivering those packages? >> well, let's start with this, eric. consumer demand for the holiday season was anemic at best, okay. there were fewer shopping days between thanksgiving and the end of christmas but the reality is that retail sales were up about 2.3% from the last holiday season. having said that, the reason why the sills number was higher was because of last-minute deep discounting by a lot of the major retailers. now, as a result of the deep discounting, a lot of the retailers allegedly overpromised delivery of the deep discounted products and ups and fedex were -- left holding the bag with having to deliver more volume than was necessary.
9:22 am
it is not that everybody was buying and consumer sentiment was off the charts, it was simply that there was last-minute discounts that caused a lot of delays with ups and fedex. had played the blame game. was it the retailers stuffing them with a lot of discounted products at the end of the holiday season to make numbers look better? or was it ups and fedex just not delivering on time? >> the sales are anemic at best. what does that mean to the economy as we head into 2012? the s&p is that like 29% this year? the stock market is through the roof. what happens if the sales are anemic? does that show that we may have potential problems in the new year? >> i think we do, eric. i think what's happening here is you are seeing main street not match wall street, okay. so, yes, the s&p 500, the dow jones, major indices have been up significantly.
9:23 am
but is the consumer sentiment and consumer demand there, i would argue that it is not. remember, when we look at a gdp growth number the biggest percentage is what the consumers is doing. what are we spend sng are we spending our funds? i just worry with credit card rates, consumer rates being at 25%, 26% if people are going out and spending money and leveraging themselves up at that rate, you know, at some point in time, those bills need to be paid, eric. i have concern they are going into 2014. >> a lot of ex-are bullish about the coming year. one said by at least 6% if not more. how do you equate the problems with spending and with what we can face this coming year? do you expect we can see another tremendous bull market as we have seen the past year next year? >> no. i suspect that the past year, 2013, has been a fed-inflated
9:24 am
marketplace. at some point, eric, you can't just continue to inject money into the markets and in an effort to, you know, inflate this marketplace. consumer needs on spend money to feel comfortable in their jobs and feel comfortable their job security is going to last more than six, nine months. i think that this coming year you are going to see a lot more clarity with respect to how the real numbers look. i have concern there. i do not expect an extremely bullish marketplace this year because of the fed can only do so much and that you have seen the end of this year, they already have started tapering, thinking that the numbers look better. >> that shot everything up the other day. >> there is confusion with what main street is telling wall street and that's where my concern is going into 2014. >> it has been a good year for
9:25 am
those if you look at your 401(k). >> hopefully you will get a present january 1 if you signed up for obamacare after major enrollment delays. early technical issues. the coverage will kick in on january 1. the question is whether the process will go smoother than it has gone on already. >> new developments in the case of a teen declared brain dead by doctors. what her parents are now trying to do to potentially save her life. it is also getting closer to countdown. fox news has all the new year's festivities covered for you. our own elisabeth hasselbeck. if you can't get there, fox is the place to be. starting at 9:00 p.m. eastern to 12:30 a.m., it will be 2014. [ sniffles, coughs ] shhhh!
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only at one of our 425 stores nationwide, where qun mattresses start at just $699.99. sleep number. comfort individualiz. the brand-new reaction to the obamacare numbers that came out today.ocratic governor howard dean defending the numbers. others say that the 1.1 million new enrollees is still a number that does not even come close to meeting the administration's goal. what it says it needs for obamacare to be successful. >> they will try to talk about 2 individuals who have gotten through by this and most people, vast majority of people are going to benefit from this. that's what i think is the poe part. >> we haven't seen the rush we thought we could see. people that signed up at the end. >> six months from now. >> did you may not see it. a lot of people coming into the exchanges and are people who are
9:31 am
insured, knocked off their insurance. the uninsured are entering because the plans are so expensive there. >> the program worked and look at the -- what do the numbers mean for the nation's health care future? david hawkins joins us. these numbers encouraging or still far short than what is needed? >> i think the answer is a little bit of both. it does seem as though there has been a ramp up at the end. 1 million is symbolically important number and it is the kind of number that might resonate with people to, i think, what's the the administration thinks. it sounds like they are on the right track and crossed the 1 million mark. and they are talking about it, the administration officials are. so they have set a -- worst is behind them. they are starting to talk more optimistically. but, you know, critics are also right which is that's not the number anywhere close to the number that the administration says when they said what the success looked like. >> they said they need 7 million. 7 million.
9:32 am
>> i checked under the hood of the website and i -- not sure i know what i saw if i looked there. you know, i think that they have three months go to get to the 7 million. downplaying the 7 million number. they are not saying -- saying that they will live with less than that. you poe, i think we are still in the amazingly the too early to tell for sure whether it is working or not. >> when do you think we will know? when do you think we will get will? when do you think we will know whether it is working or not. >> oh, i would say it is going to be take until the spring. i think we are going to see if -- a lot of anecdotal evidence on both sides and in the coming weeks. we need to remember that a half a million -- they think a half million people who were in that group, the -- if you like your health care you can keep it crowd. can't keep it anymore. they have that one down to a mf
9:33 am
million people. that's a small pesage in the nation. 3 million people. and a half million is a small number. a lot -- a lot of angry voices and angry voters. >> talking about people in a lock. here is an interesting column. he writes -- who will speak for the long neglected middle class? the problem with obamacare is it is well connected and influential supporters & congressional insiders have already won exemptings from it. the rich will always have the rich doctors and cadillac health plans. the poor can usual find low-cost care through medicaid and practical clinics and emergency rooms. those that have individual plans and pay higher deductibles are largely a part of the self-employed. they are too poor to have their own coverage but too wealthy for most government subsidies. obamacare is falling hardest on the middle class. what does that mean for the vast
9:34 am
majority for us americans in the middle class when this fully kicks in? >> i think that -- i think probably you and i do not fall in that category of people that -- he is writing about. i think it is an interesting point. it is obviously these are the people that are being hit as -- caught in the middle. that were caught in the middle before the law was enacted. that the president is, you know, politically and in terms of his own ideology helps the most. and i think that -- they are going to be the bulk of the administration's effort in the next six months. the president is in this now for good. right? this is his whole legislative legacy and he is never going to have another legislative achievement like this. he's going -- he and his administration are going to spend probably whatever little political capital they have left trying to fix these problems and almost nothing else this year. this is going to be the story of the year. he knows that this is what the mid-term election is. probably going to be all about. unless will is some unforeseen
9:35 am
circumstance. they have staked his whole presidency on this. and it is going to be the bulk of what he spends his time on. >> we will start seeing it in effect by the spring. certainly still needs a few more months to go before midterms in november. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> there are new developments for case of the california teen that's been declared brain dead by doctors. the 15-year-old slip flood a vegetative state earlier this month after what her parents say was supposed to be a routine tonsillectomy. her family is racing against the clock to transfer her to another facility. they live in california. they are looking in new york and trying to find the one that will agree to deep her on life support because there has been a court order that doctors approved of at the hospital she is in to take her off the ventilator. they say she is clinically dead. it goes into effect 24 hours from now. anita kay is a former prosecutor, criminal defense
9:36 am
attorney. ed that nelson, criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor. i guess we turn to your former prosecutor experiences and time in the courtroom and -- put yourself, if you can, for me, in the -- the seat of the judge who on monday may hear from the parents pleading to allow their child as three different experts say there is no chance of recovery. they are helping for a miracle.can't blame them. >> well, clearly that's what they are hoping for. what is going to basically happen on monday is i bet the team for the family is going to come in and file their appeal. which will probably give them more time to deal with the issues of find inging a nursinge or a doctor that's willing to do the surgery. the bottom line is that children's hospital oakland is not willing to do these invasive procedures on the girl at this point. they do not want to put a feeding tube into a child that they believe is clinically dead.
9:37 am
they just don't want to do that. i don't think the courts can make them. >> that's their policy. once someone is declared deceased, they have an obligation to do it. the family has to do that even in order to move her. no matter where she ends up going. ameet a i wanted to ask you, the options the family has are limited and time is limited. are the legal issues in this case so unique or is there anything to be learned from cases like terry schiavo? >> it is unique in that the hospital took the approach we are not going to put in a breathing or peting tube ininei tube. who will perform that? she cannot be moved unless those procedures are performed. the court is not going to say children's hospital, you have to do this. usually the courts step in to prevent someone from doing something. not to make them do something.
9:38 am
that the court won't do. where are you going to find a doctor that would be willing to do this and at children's hospital would say, sure, we will allow this doctor to come in and do this. that is a unique situation. >> the doctor could step up and say i will perform the procedure but the hospital is not obligated to offer that doctor privileges at that hospital and once you step foot in her room even and try to do the procedure, you are on their turf and their rules and their malpractice insurance. already they have had this instance of the tonsillectomy. the family turned to america. they have gone online and had -- they are trying to raise the funds necessary and i -- imagine it could be an astronomical cost to keep her on life support forever. as long as her mallife, as they see it, would be. there's a lot of ethical issues as well. an attorney representing this family has what in their minds as they step into that
9:39 am
courtroom? what's the best argument? >> you know, i think that the best argument is that -- they have to play their -- there are so many people religion is everything. and in this case, this is the big problem here. you have a religious issue and a science issue. and in this case, this little girl is brain dead. i mean, will is no chance. we bring back people that hearts stop all the time. we have never seen somebody brain dead brought back. you have about as much chance of creating a cow with hamburger meet from a broker's girl as bringing this little girl back. but religion -- she is sitting there, live. religion makes you think we can brig bring her back. we could have a miracle. here is the issue. the bottom line is when you argue with science, even if your religion you will lose. science is nonnegotiable. this little girl isn't coming back. will is no reason whatsoever to
9:40 am
do my any of this. >> there are some cases where it happens but it is true in this particular case had a she is showing month functions, brain activity or other body functions. all show you can understand the family's shock and horror after a tonsillectomy, wanting to everything they could. we follow the showdown we expect in court on monday and we will bring you to our viewers as w l well. thanks to both of you. >> thank you. >> jamie, there is going to be supreme showdown phonily on the nsa. why two cases related to the agency's controversial surveillance programs could now be headed to the highest court in the land. we will have a live report on the legal battles and what it means for us next right here on this sunday. hoo-hoo.
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did you hear about the split decision over the nsa? >> one federal judge says data collection is okay. one says it is not. now a former cia director is weighing in. michael hayden believes that nsa's programs are important and he sees some subtle differences in these two federal court opinions. the judge relied on precedence.
9:45 am
judge leon relied observation planation points. >> hayden says the nsa is infinitely weaker as a result of snowden's leak while one dom nept democrat that says that his motives are us is patient us he kindled an important public debate. frankly, i think it came from a mixture of motivation on his part and i think he should have stayed in the united states. and been willing to stand up for his beliefs. >> edward snowden said this week his mission is accomplished because he started a public conversation about previously secret programs. the reporter who he met with in moscow says that the nsa leaker is living off of rahman flood and also chips. his lawyer in the states is saying the 30-year-old fugitive may be ready to come back home to the u.s. as long as laws are changed to free serve his freedom. >> there are lots of times when people violate the law and society decides to look forward
9:46 am
rather than backward. i think that this is one of those cases. mr. snow general's disclosures have been valuable to the country and the world. they have changed the whole debate here and i also think that there's much the united states can gain through conversation with him. >> an independent panel recommended to president obama that phone companies should be guardians of day attain stead of the nsa but this morning the chairman of the house intel committee mike rogers said if that policy is put in place, there won't be the same kind of oversight as right now where the government keeps the record. >> peter, thanks so much. watch out for the cape crusaders. if you are one of the millions of people who are in new york. batman, wonder woman, superman. we will tell you how these comic book heroes have come sorlt of to life and we will show you how they are roaming the streets to help the needy this christmas season. [ male announcer ] here's a question for you: the energy in one gallon of gas
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this is the time for
9:51 am
evaluating 2013, and we wonder what president obama is thinking about while he vacations in hawaii. is he telling himself that he has ended two wars and given americans the best health care plan in history? probably. the two wars question bears some review. first, iraq, where our troops fought for more than eight years. this past year more than 8,000 iraqis died in the resurgent violence. we could kept some of our troops there when we negotiated out of iraq in 2011 but only if shiite prime minister maliki agreed to immunity for american troops. mr. obama known for his distaste for trading horses with republicans or anyone else, called our forces home. now america returns to the
9:52 am
prime minister's rescue. haven't we all seen this movie? the war in iraq cost us an systemed $800 -- cost us an estimated $800 billion and the tragedy is u.s. soldiers lost their lives defending an ungrateful and dysfunctional dark pit of the middle east. in afghanistan, mr. obama fresh from having his bluff called by the russians in syria, laid down another of his famous red lines, namely, that afghan president hamid karzai sign a bilateral agreement. this deal would provide for some eight to ten thousand troops to remain in afghanistan until 2024. last month while our troops gradually withdrew, the erratic mr. karzai called a meeting of the country's tribes to present the agreement. they voted yes. he voted no. he has more demands for the
9:53 am
administration. this left the u.s. diplomatic team in another quandary. so mr. obama sent one of his chief enforcers, susan rice, to pressure the wily afghan into signing by the end of this year or else, if he doesn't sign, rice told him then the zero option goes into play. withdrawal of all u.s. troops. ms. rice earned the status of diplomatic diva after lying to the nation in five television appearances about what happened in benghazi. the meeting with karzai was in nondiplomatic language, a furious failure. karzai is standing his ground, and as of this writing shows every intention of waiting until after the april elections in afghanistan before signing any status of forces agreement. why should he cooperate when his own history of bluffing and obama's
9:54 am
crossable red lines have served him well? recent leaks say the president is now retreating from his deadline. no surprise there. some believe mr. karzai actually wants a deal with the taliban and is pretending that foreign troops are the real enemy. yes, the enemy is us. to heighten the drama, american commander are complaining about having enough time to extract our forces by the end of next year. at last count, 2 #, 289 americans have given their lives defending this heremmic place where outsider were never welcome. 1,000 americans have been wounded, many of them permanently crippled. at home the pace for the war increases. a "washington post" abc news poll reports that 66% of our country believes that afghanistan is not worth fighting for.
9:55 am
al qaeda murderers have drawn our forces to conflicts throughout the middle east. if afghanistan becomes the base to wage jihad after we've gone, then we must face it, the frightening prospect of al qaeda gaining access to pakistan's nuclear stores. at least that is the routine reasoning. so where are we just two days from the new year? mr. obama has a lot to think about, but it's almost too late for resolutions.
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welcome back. you know there's batman and spiderman and then real-lifsuper heroes. there's a secretive group of men and women here in new york city that are volunteering in an unconventional way, you might say. they put on costumes and patrol the streets fighting poverty and lending a helping hand. the nypd doesn't have an official position on the super heroes although private police officers are wary of the kaeupd
10:00 am
crusaders -- caped crusaders who potentially put themselves in harm's way. if they want to do well and do good, we give them credit. thank you for joining us. >> i'm eric shawn. you can follow me on twitter. i'm john roberts live in washington. a new benghazi report stirring up controversy. the head of the house intelligence committee lark out at a "new york times" investigation that claims the attack had nothing to do with al qaeda terrorist. the times cites unnamed sources that says it was local fighters motivated by a video made in the united states that bashes islam. you may remember that that is what the obama administration originally described as the rationale for the attack in the days following september 11 when then-u.s. ambassador to the united nations, susan rice, took to the sunday shows. hearings on capitol hill earlier this year brought forth testimony from state department officials who say the video had nothing to do with the


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