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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  December 29, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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i'm harris faulkner. give me 10 seconds to get to huckabee. have a good one. i am harris faulkner. huckabee is next. >> tonight on tonight on huckabee. >> has this been the worst year of your presidency. >> a failed obamacare rollout and a lie that you could keep your doctor cost the president and handed him his lowest approval ratings of his presidency. but does bad news for the president mean good news for the republicans? we have more on the political landscape tonight. and last-minute changes are making insurance companies scramble to accommodate the president and his law after a disastrous skart for obamacare in 2013 and what surprised still lie ahead. and the catholic church wins a court victory against
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obamacare. will 2014 be the year the bridge control mandate is scrapped from the health care law once and for all. ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. >> wow! [ applause ] >> thank you to huckabee at the fox news studios. and 2013 started with followers of president obama feeling like they were the world. there was a confidence, even an arrogance over winning the 2012 elections and it transferred into a new level of partisanship. he was cocky thinking his pals in the press would never hold him accountable for a dread physical economy, jobless,
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cronyism with billions in taxpayer money and a world falling apart at the seems without any -- at the seams without leadership from the white house. who could have imagined by the end of the year his approvalings would near those at the richard nixon at the height of watergate and his own democratic party would see a rush to the exits for members of congress who would rather quit than face the train wreck of his major legislative achievement, which has been a turning out of the insurance health care business for people who had it and precious little for those who didn't. questions would continue about benghazi, but answers are still illusive. the country would discover that its government was spying on law-abiding citizens, collecting our phone records and e-mails and lying about it until finally forced to admit it was trampling over the fourth amendment. all of that information came from a kid who was able to break into what was supposed to be a so ficht cated security -- a
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sophisticated security system. and a criminal enterprise, using its power to play hard ball politics with tea party, pro-life, pro-marriage and pro-israel groups. the president vowed to get to the end of it, he never even got to the top of it. and the department of justice is the department of injustice, spying on james rosen and his parents and tapk the private e-mails after associated press reporters. we so badly botched situations in egypt, syria and iran, that vladimir puttin had to rescue us from a mideast meltdown. and our naive deal with iran, it is alienated from our allies from israel to saudi arabia and did nothing to make our enemies respect us or even like us. we've spent trillions to eliminate poverty and we have more poor people than ever in it our history.
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we've spent $677 million in growing -- and growing on a website that doesn't work when a good one in the private spector would have cost less than $10 million. and the affordable care act is anythingba fordable. and the president is going to need the entire new york city fire department to put out the fire on his pants for his utter lying in saying we can keep our health care, we can keep our doctors and we'll save $2500 per family. [ applause ] >> a year ago, being a democrat seems like a pretty good place to be politically. now democrats are wearing paper bags on their heads, hoping to avoid being seen in public again. 2014 could be a great year for the gop, except for one thing. republicans have got to figure out that if they spend millions to attack other republicans, who are virtually identical in beliefs, then their self-instruction will allow the
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self-destructing democrats to survive yet another election cycle. 2014 ought not to be about democrats or republicans surviving, it ought to be about our country and it's families surviving. [ applause ] >> let me just say that the party which focuses on americans, not just democrats or republicans, that is likely going to be the party that will be feeling really good a year from now. that is my thoughts. [ applause ] so can republicans stop fighting each other and find a way to capitalize on the obamacare disaster and take back the senate? joining me is from massachusetts and fox news contributor scott brown. >> good to see you, governor. >> i worry a lot about the divisions with the republican party and some of the outside
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groups that spend millions of to attack other republicans and i'm thinking why don't we spend the money showing the differences between republicans and democrat and liberals and conservatives rather than the differences ever so minute of republicans. >> that is the question of the day. if you remember what president reagan said, rather have someone at your 70 or 80% friend than 100% your enemy. we are taking people with similar beliefs and dividing each other and fighting over the scraps when we could actually be uniting. because i have always felt as a republican since i was 18 years old and you may or may not know this about me, my mom and dad were married and divorced four times each and lived in 18 houses and my mom was on welfare. but when i chose to vote for president reagan at 18 years old was because it was a choice in this world in succeeding in this world and we are finding now it is not good to be a republican.
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there is a litmus test that we all have to follow and there has to be room for you, for people like me, rand paul, ted cruz and take those ideas and bring them forth to the american people and say, hey, we are the party of prosperity and opportunity and we need to move forward together. >> and when you won the senate seat in massachusetts, it was shock to america, people used to call it ted kennedy seat. you said no, that is the seat that belongs to the people of massachusetts. >> it is the people's seat. >> but you won that seat, driving that red pickup truck all over massachusetts and winning hearts. then you found, you got to the senate and took some significant votes and not everybody in the republican party liked what you did. what did you experience that was the biggest shock to you when you got there? >> well i was battling -- being a republican from massachusetts, winning 10 in 1 or 9 in 1 going
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to washington, and i told mitch mcconnell, i may be the 60th vote because we need to put our country's interest party first, not the republican party or the democratic party but the country's people interest first. and i said the same thing to harry reid too. and so they had to fight for my vote. i was the 41st of the 60th vote and there were times when my own party, and you know who the players are, were critical. so i was battling on the left and the right and i said i'm going to go down there and do what i think is right for the country first and that is what i think people need to do. >> you voted against obamacare when you got there. >> they rammed it through and i would have stopped it as the 41st vote. and when i got there, every democratic senator voted against every grandfathering amendment that would have protected and doing the things we need to do right now. and shame on them. and the voters in this great
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country have an opportunity to send a message in 2014, the. >> there has been speculation in your family. you have long had ties to new hampshire, that is your permanent home. a senate race is coming up in 2014 with an incumbent. a lot of speculation scott brown will be in it? will we see you on the campaign trail in new hampshire. >> when you answer the question about you in '16. >> that is different. i have two extra years and you have to answer now. >> i'm actually trying to figure out, is it huckabee and brown or brown and huckabee. >> but you are looking at it. >> i would be misleading people if i said i wasn't hoppered for the -- honored for the consideration. right now we are looking there. we getting the family settled and reconnecting with my mom and family that lives up there.
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listen, the present senator, she was the deciding vote on obamacare. she rammed it there and voted for it and every grandfathering amendment and she was one of the people writing the letter to the irs asking they investigate the conservative group. so she'll have to answer to somebody, people from new hampshire on these very important issues. >> if you are the one, just come back to our show and tell us about it. we'll be happy to give you the forum here. thank you. good to see you and thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. >> senator brown and his daughter ay la will be with us. she was here before and she is back. and a new year and new rules and we have surprises from obamacare. i'll be asking former hhs secretary mike levity what consumers ought to be looking
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>> the deadline for theobamacarr insurance was supposed to be january 1st. just a few days from now. but in the latest delay, the department of health and human services have said the people who had their influence plan canceled, now they have until october 2014, a month before the mid-term elections. that is how long they have to renew plans or buy catastrophic coverage. i wonder what other surprises the president's health care plan will bring in 2014. i spoke with former utah governor mike leavitt earlier. >> the rollout of obamacare has been anything but spectacular, all kinds of glitches and not just the website but more people losing insurance than getting
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it. as we look ahead to 2014, what do you think we'll see with the president's signature legislation of the affordable care act? >> short run, likely more confusion. that is not good for enrollment. medium term, we'll see insurance companies worried about the actual or soundness of what is being done and political debate in the long-term about the direction we ought to be going as a country. >> insurance executives don't want to publicly criticize the president, but privately, i hear conversations that they are pulling their hair out because every week something changes. they get their rates in place, the demographics in place, i don't think a lot of people understand that insurance companies have to look forward with actual tables to know what rates should be. talk about what happens when the president comes in unexpectedly and says we'll let you have
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catastrophic coverage or delay this another month or, oh, you can keep the policy we just decided wasn't adequate any way. what happens behind the scenes in those companies? >> these things take a lot of preparation. i think we can see what has happened with -- when you don't have good preparation with the rollout of the website. that was inadequately prepared. so not only did it not function, there was a lot of confusion. so every time you send a last-minute change, expecting that somehow it will be implemented overnight, it not only creates confusion, it is disfunctional. and that is what is occurring. and there is a lot of frustration over the fact that last-minute changes with an expectation that somehow it will work tomorrow just doesn't work. >> you were the hhs secretary when the rollout of medicare part d. took place and i was governor at the time and i remember very well it wasn't a perfect rollout, there were some glitches and some democrats have said it is just like that.
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well, i remember it wasn't quite like what we've seen here. would you like to describe what you think is different about some of the glitches in medicare part d. rollout and what we've seen with obamacare? >> well, i remember it being in little rock at the governor's mansion with governor huckabee explaining to you that we had problems and that we not only had problems but owned them and we would fix them and finish them and we did. and i think the difference here is that not only did we have problems but we got the system fixed. frankly the problems we had weren't nearly as acute as what they are. i think that is the primary difference. you have to expect there will be problems in something this big. no one should have expected otherwise. what has been unexpected that the systems underneath them were so fragmented it is difficult for them to get on track. >> when obamacare is implemented at the state level, traditionally the state regulators have overseen that.
5:18 pm
is this, however, an example where the federal government is taking over what has traditionally been a state function, is that a good thing or not such a good thing? >> it has always been a risk, a big worry to a lot of us to believe government operates best at a local or state level than it does in washington. but i think this has demonstrated how infeasible that is. and i think it has demonstrated how disfunction the system would be if it was regulated out of washington. >> anything else you see coming down the pike in 2014 that we ought to be braced for with obamacare? >> well we've seen a dysfunction in the system but i think we're now going to see that this system does not just affect those gettingin surns for the first time -- insurance for the first time. a lot of people 's insurance plan will change and there will be some who pay more and some who pay less and a lot of confusion. this is a period of quite a bit
5:19 pm
of flux for every american. to be honest about this, we have a lot to change and improve in the health care system. so as we look forward to 2014 we can expect it is not going to be a smooth year, all of us will have to be on our toes and looking after the best solution to our individual problems. don't count on the government to do it. we have to be looking after ourselves and make certain our own problems are cared for. >> well i appreciate you joining us and wish you a very happy new year of 2014. thank you, governor. >> thank you. coming up, a big victory for religious freedom versus obamacare. that is next. [ male announcer ] this is george.
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the roman the roman catholic
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archbishop of new york had a ruling in their favor as a federal court granted an injunction blocking the obamacare mandate by making them provide contraceptive care to employees at nonprofit affiliates. so why is this decision so important for catholics and christians across america? joining me now is the national director of priest for life, father frank malone. father frank, good to see you here. >> good to be here. >> are you worried this will lead to similar judgments that will grant not just catholics but all people of faiths by having the government tell them how much faith they can practice. >> i am optimistic. our organization is one of them, a priest for life. we were recently told the opposite of what the new york case was told. but i think as time goes on and the cases go higher in the -- in the level of the courts, we'll
5:24 pm
see more victories. >> and i think the aclu said there has been 88 different lawsuits dpieled on -- filed on behalf of religious organizations to counter obamacare. is this going to end up in the supreme court and they'll have to amortizati -- make this decision? >> yes, i think so. this is so basic to all americans. the problems can be obtuse and hard to understand and not understand what we are objecting to. but here is the bottom line, i love my church and i love my country and i want to be able to do both at the same time. i don't want to choose between being a faithful catholic and a citizen. >> there are a lot people that are not catholic or eve and jell cal so they don't understand why this is important. but if somebody were to come up to you on the street, explain to me why catholic care whether they have to provide contraceptives. what is the big deal?
5:25 pm
>> the government has announced it wants to expand the ease of access to contraceptives, abortion i inducing drugs and sterilization. now the catholic church has strong teachings from the very beginning against those practices. so groups like priest for life exit to impart the teachings and what we all want, a culture of life. and now the government is telling us, when you provide health insurance for your employees, you have to be part of this plan. because your insurance plan will give that coverage to them free of charge and you have to be part of the plan. and we are saying we want to provide health care coverage to our employees, but if you have that plan, do it yourself and don't involve us. we are being told we have to be part of it. now the case you mentioned at the outset in new york, they were told you are exempt. churches are exempt from this requirement. now, i have a religious
5:26 pm
organization that i head, we have the same beliefs, the same convictions, we are facing the same mandate, why can't we have the exemption too? one of the things the administration is doing here, it is dividing -- discriminating between different religious groups who believe the same things and under the same mandate. some of us get the exception and some don't. to us that doesn't make sense. >> it would be like if the government said an orthodox jewish synogogue provided food baskets, they would have to put bacon wrap in it. and they are saying it is okay if other people want to provide this but don't force us to provide something that violates our conscious, our convictions and basic religious liberties. >> exactly. this is not a matter of saying that the law should prohibit the things that we are saying are immoral. this is a matter of us being able to practice our faith not just on sunday morning in
5:27 pm
church, but on monday morning in the workplace. not just the way we do the liturgy but the way we construct or health practice. freedom of religion is something every american and human being enjoys. it is rooted in human dignity. we have the right to carry it out. the religious freedom restoration act in this country already makes it against the law for the government to force somebody to violate his beliefs or even to pressure them to violate their beliefs or not to fulfill them and that is what is at issue in these lawsuits. >> let's just hope the extreme court if it get this is case will do a better job of it than obama care. father frank, always a great pleasure. >> thank you, governor. >> thank you so much for what you do, for standing for life and it is great to have you here today. >> thank you. u.s. troops will be leaving afghanistan next year. we're going to talk about that and what lies ahead for our veterans when we come back. stay with us. ur (vo) you are a business pro.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm harris faulkner. the white house reports a december surge has propelled health insurance sign-ups past 1 million. combining the latest numbers with state run sites and the enrollment could surpass 2 million. but critics point out, the data includes a high number of people signing up for medicaid and enrollments are far short of the 7 million expected to sign up. terror at a crowded train station in southern russia. watch this video. a bomber killed at least 16 people, wounded dozens more. surveillance capturing the moment the bomb went off. so far no group has claimed responsibility but chechen officials have raised concern about the upcoming winter olympic in sochi. i'm harris faulkner.
5:32 pm
now let's get you back to huckabee. about 40,000 troops are expected to leave afghanistan over the next 12 months. meantime, congress just voted to cut pensions of our veterans. so what does the future hold for our men and women in uniform? jason redman is a retired navy s.e.a.l. and the author of the book the trident. thanks for being here and thanks for your service to this country. [ applause ] >> thanks for having me, governor. >> as a veteran and wounded warrior, what did you feel? not just think but feel when congress -- they cut benefits to veterans in the last budget deal. >> governor, i saw it as a direct insult to every veteran, especially lir at a time when the united states military has been fighting in one of the longest wars in our nation's history. a very asemetric and the mental
5:33 pm
and physical wounds of war impacting all of us. i was just so supremelyin sultded when they decided they have to find the pocket of money to cut and instead of looking at other programs like the $4.3 billion out there for illegal aliens, instead of cutting that, they cut us. what message -- what message is our politicians trying to deliver to our veterans, saying we don't care about our service? >> even if they fix it. it needs to be a fix with an apology that we didn't see this coming, but it still doesn't change the fact that it was an insult to folks like you that have served your country, you kept your promises to america and i think it is not too much to ask that america would keep its promises to folks like you who put your life on the line for america. face it, if you had to give a letter grade to the military leadership of the country right now, what would that letter grade be? >> letter grade of the military
5:34 pm
leadership of the country. there are a lot of leaders doing a great job. i had a great honor of serving under our best leaders and i think they are doing a great job. this is a difficult time with the military fighting an enemy that is hard to pin down and trying to establish those networks. so i think for those guys i would probably give a b-plus. it is hard. they are fighting against an administration that continues to cut budgets for the military so we are having to work with smaller and smaller amounts of money but still being required to do more and more and more across the world. >> do you think that a lot of the promotions in the military now come more as a result of maybe political connections, than they do the most effective warriors? because i know that has been something that has always been a
5:35 pm
controversy in the military? how do they get rank, because they served best or are the best politicians. if you were to evaluate and you have the luxury of doing this because you retired now, but you couldn't have said this when you were active duty. but i'm asking your perspective, how much in terms of the leadership is coming because people are good politicians or because they are good warriors? >> they'll it is much more that they are good politicians. i think some of our senior leaders are getting put into positions that they will follow the lead of the administration instead of saying, hey, this is a problem, we need to fix it or or -- or standing up and saying you need to look out for the veterans or military. we can't provide the defense for this country if you don't support us. so i would say a lot of them are getting into the position that don't have the necessary credentials. i think that is incredibly important, especially right now, the leadership in the military needs to have some level of
5:36 pm
combat experience, needs to have led troops in combat, have experienced what it is to have troops that have been wounded and to have lost troops and those are all things i don't think they are taking into consideration. >> does that matter to you? you are out there as a navy s.e.a.l. and getting shot at, you come home wounded. does is it matter to you that the guys making decisions about where you go and where you will put your life, that they have some understanding of what combat is about? >> they have to. absolutely. and you can see decisions that are made when you can tell there is a disconnect and they don't understand what happens on the ground and the heavy logistics and the complexities, things that occur if they make a decision in a when -- that when it filters down to us and we're like why did this guy decide this, it is because they haven't been there. >> we have about 30 seconds left. we're going to be pulling out of afghanistan over the next 12 months or so. will we have made any significant difference for the 12 years we'll have spent there?
5:37 pm
>> the answer to that is yes, absolutely. and the difference for both iraq and afghanistan and anyplace we fought, in my opinion, is going to be in their children. the children of those countries will be the future and what impact we're going to have is that they saw us, as americans -- your more senior extremists will never buy into what we are selg, b -- selling,t the children -- they are benevolent and they are willing to fight and protect us and those kids will grow up for a hunger for freedom because they've seen what that can provide and that opportunity. so i think that is the impact we'll leave there and it will be interesting to see what the next 20 or 30 years bring. >> thank you. thank you for your service of the country and thank you for your wonderful book the trident and i hope our viewers will get a copy on amazon, the trident, author jason red mab, former navy s.e.a.l. will iran have nuclear
5:38 pm
capability in the new year? democrats and republicans are working together to make sure that doesn't happen and they are going against president obama in the process. the stakes couldn't be higher. we'll explain, next. we'll explain next. [ male announcer ] need he keeping your digestive balance in sync? try align.
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this year the united states entered a pack with iran that would we end up on sanctions and they still get to keep enriching their nuclear material. charles krauthammer called it a
5:42 pm
suckers deal. and so bad that some want to pass legislation to toughen sanctions when they don't cooperate. when chuck schumer and ted cruz agree on something, it is important. and they are not the only strange bed fellows. earlier i asked danny dell lomb ow the iranians are this deal. >> i think a lot of us were shocked when the united states entered into this agreement with the other nations and said we will loosen up the sanctions. how was that received in israel when that news came out? >> we were very disappointed, upset. but not only the israelis but look at the u.s. region and the egyptian, saudi and all are disappointing and the u.s. is celebrating. >> do they feel betrayed.
5:43 pm
>> i think we should ask only ourselves when it comes to the security of israel and we think the u.s. made this mistake for the agreement and now there is no black or white. you have a gray area n. iran they are celebrating, the economy is booming. investors from europe are going back to iran today and with the money that they will make to continue to sponsor terrorism all over the world. we are not happy, it is not good for the israelis and also not good for the american people because iran, they will attack tel aviv and jerusalem and then after that washington, d.c. sand new york city. >> you mentioned that this is as unpopular in some of the other gulf states, the saudis don't like this, the egyptians don't like this, so this is one of the rare times when the israelis actually at this point have more in common policy-wise with the saudis and the egyptians than
5:44 pm
with the united states which has been their long-standing ally. this mud be an awkward uncomfortable position. >> it is. in the middle east, anything can happen. today we all understand compared to all of the other issues, palestinians in egypt and syria, the threat from iran is a real threat. because when you have a crazy leader threatening to become dom napt, you better believe him -- dominant, you better believe him. in 2014 it will be a jumping point where we will feel it immediately. we will not allow it. israel did not sign in geneva. we have no obligation to this agreement and we keep our options on the table, including the military option. >> your deputy defense minister and you just said you have to keep the military option on the table so i assume there have a -- is a very real possibility if the acceleration of nuclear programs in iran were to continue, it would not be a
5:45 pm
surprise, shouldn't be a surprise, if israel intervenes and takes out their nuclear capacity or tries to disable it? >> we will not allow iran to become military capable and we proved it with iraq. it is a mistake but not fatal. for israel, it can be a fatal mistake. that is why we are very determined about this issue and when we speak with our colleagues in washington and we tell them, it is an issue. for us it is a cultural issue. if iran becomes nuclear, there will be a race, and many other will follow and then without nuclear capability, it will be a new era and a bad one. >> some like john kerry, some in europe and other capitals would say you are too early about iran, they are not going to weaponize their nuclear material or threaten you, what is the reason you would say, oh, yes, they will. they have a long history of it.
5:46 pm
why should americans be concerned that iran will take this to the next level? >> governor, you need to look logically. look what iran did in the past. they sponsor terrorism all over the world. the 299 marines that were killed if bay rut in the early '80s that came from iranch the jewish community in argentina came from tehran, from iran. we don't forget what happened in the embassy in iran. they will continue to sponsor terrorism and if they have nuclear capability, it can be in a suitcase that will fly from iran to vallen zaula to the u.s. and it is in your backyard. it will be here in five or ten years and what happened in 9/11 is nothing compared to what could happen if iran would become nuclear. >> danny, great to see you. thank you for being here.
5:47 pm
>> thank you very much, governor. >> thank you. ♪ [ singing ] test test
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>> did you know he also plays a mean guitar. his daughter ala you know she can sing, she has been on our show before. she has a magnificent cd. i love this music. it is called "heroes" in home towns." i am glad to have ala brown and her dad scott back on the show. great to have you both here. >> thank you. >> i thought you had been playing all of your life you just started january of this year? >> yes. when you lose an election you
5:51 pm
have a lot of free time. >> how does it feel to be known not as senator scott brown but ala brown's dad? >> it is one of the proudest accomplishments of my life to have a wonderful wife and she is a great kid. it is all good. >> when you are were on the show before i thought this girl is going places. you have already been to the grand opry. every cut on it is so good. >> it is a patriotic cd. i felt it was a necessary cd and project to do. i am so honored to be able to sing one of the songs on it. the songs we are going to be singing is all about the female military members. i do believe it is a subject that isn't touched upon enough. >> when you did the grand ole opre debut you had female military personnel on stage with you. >> i had 19 from fort campbell
5:52 pm
having their opry debut the same night as mine. they gave them the biggest standing ovation. it's on youtube. it is really magical. >> this song is about the female personnel in our military. it is a great tribute to them and we need to show our support for them by making sure this album just moves all of the way to the top of the charts. let's make that happen. >> let's do it. >> senator, do you think you can play this with us now? >> i think i am good. >> here we go. [music] >> my name is ayla brown this song is dedicated for all of the beautiful woman who fight for our country called "hero" in a home town." [music]
5:53 pm
[music] [music] ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪
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(applause) >> thank you. >> that's reason enough to download the album. i hope you will get it. ayla brown, thank you so much. and senator. >> i am not sure which one of you i admire the most but ayla is always welcome to come and sing on the show. >> oh, thank you. >> make sure to get the album. you will love every single bit of it. i hope you have a wonderful evening and a great new year. we will see you next year. from new york this is mike huckabee, good night and god bless. flush
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>> they said it could not be done. they said there was not enough ne >> they said it could not be done. they said there was not enough news around. two decades fox news channel and you our viewers have proven them wrong. ♪ >> i am bill hemmer. welcome to fox news "our story." we launched in 1996. from the beginning there has been a mission fair and balanced news and a motto, we report, you decide. today i can remember that you have decided fox news channel is


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