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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  December 30, 2013 12:00am-1:01am PST

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i am harris faulkner. huckabee is next. >> tonight on huckabee. a failed obama care roll out and a broken promise that you can keep your doctor. and lowest approval ratings of his president so. but the bad news for the president means good nows for the republicans in scott brown on the political landscape tonight. >> last-minute changes are making insurance companies to accommodate the president and his law. what surprises lies a head. >> the catholic church wins
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a victrow against obama air. will the birth control man date be scrapped from the law once and for all? . ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. (applause) >> thank you very much. welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios and happy now year everybody. 2013 started with followers of president obama feeling like they were the world. there was a confidence and arrogance in winning the 20 authority 12 elections and a new level of partisanship. the president skated past questions of benghazi. and his pals would not throw him accountable. and cony capitalism and showered
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with taxpayer money and a world falling apart in the seams. by the ep of the year, approval ratings would be nearing those of richard nixon and the democratic party would so a rush and rather quick than face voers over the train wreck and legislative achievement. it was the screwing up for the health care insurance for the people who had it and precious little that didn't. questions about benghazi and answers are elusive. the count row found out the government spied on the citizen and lied about it until forced to admet it was trampling over the fourth amendment. it came from a kid who was able to break in a pretty security
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feature. the ears became a criminal enterprise. and the president vowed to get to the bottom of it. he never got to the top of it. and the department of justice was the department of injustice spying on fox news reporter james rosen can his parents and tapping in the private e-mails. we so badly botched situations in egypt and syrian and irab russian president putten had to rescue us. >> and our deal did nothing to make our enemies respect or like us. we spent trillions to eliminate poverty and we have more poor people than in history.
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we spent sex 77 growing on a website that didn't work. and a good one in the private sector less than 10 million. and affordable care out is anything but affordable. the he will have to put out the fire on his pabts for the outer lies and saying we can keep our health insurance and we'll save 2500. >> now democrats are wearing paper bags on their heads hoping to avoid being seen in public. 2014 could be a great year for the gochlt except for one thing. republicans have to figure out if they spend millions to attack other republicans that are virtually ident beingal in bleechlt their self destruction
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will allow the self destructing democrats to survive 2014 ought not to be about republican parties surviving. it should be the families surviving. >> let me just say, the party that focuses on americans and not just democrats and republicans. that is likely be the party that will be feeling good a year from now. that's my thoughts. . can republicans stop fighting each other and find a way to take back the senate? >> we'll have a former senator from massachusetts and scott brown. >> great to have you here today. >> good to see you governor. >> i worry a lot about the divisions in the republican
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party and outside groups that spend millions to attack other republicans. how do we so the difference between republicans and democrats and liberals and conservative other than showing the questions so mi noughtment>> and i am parapraising. you have a spend verses an enemy. and we are taking people who have similar beliefs and we are fighting over the scrapes and we could be uniting. i always felt as i was a republican. my mom and dad were married four times each. my mom was on welfare and had challenges. but when i chose to vote for president reagan at 18 years old. i did it because it was the party of our paternity. and what we are fining now. it is not good to be a republican.
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it is a litmus test that we have to follow. there has to be rom for you and he and rand paul and ted cross. >> we have to say we are the party of prosperitiy. >> kwh you won the senate societies in massachusetts. it was a shock. they used to call it ted kennedy's. >> it is the people's society, that's right. >> you are driving that red peck up truck all over the massachusetts and then you tock siing cant votes and not everyone in the republican party. if >>a wawas the beggest shock when you got there? >> winning 10 and 1 or 9 and 1. and since i ran for political office. and i told mitch mcconnell.
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you will be the 41st. i may be the sixth vote. we need to put our country's about first. it is the american people in our countries. and i said this to harry reid and they had to fight for my vote. and there were times when my own party and you know the players are. i was bottling on the >> next and right. >> you needed against obama carr. >> they rammed it through. i would have stopped it. and then they they voted against a grapped mother amendment. and so shame on them. and the voters of this great
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country have an opportunity to send a message in 2014. there has been a lot of speculation. and you have had ties to new hampshire. and that is your permanent home now. and senate race coming up with the incumbept. and a lot of speck oulgz on the campaign trail. >> when you ask the questions about you and 16. >> i got two extra years. you have to answer now. >> yeah, i am actually trying to figure out if huckabee and brown. and brown and huckabee. >> you are looking at it. >> i would be misleading people when i say it is a honor. it is strictly personal and i am taking care of my mom and reconnecting with my family.
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the preponderate senator was the deciding vote on obama care and she rammed it through can voted for it and voted against the on on she was one of the people who wrote the letter asking they investigate the conservative groups. she will have to talk to the people in new hampshire on the important issues. >> we'll be thank you so much for being here. and she was with us before. and you love a yla. and we do. and we will let senator proun hang around as well. >> new years and new rules. >> i will be asking forler hsss, certificate
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>> the deadline for the obama care man date was supposed to be january 1st, just a few days from now and in the latest delay. department of health and human services said the people who had the insurance plan cancelled since the obama care roll out, they have until 2014. just a month before the midterm elections and that's how long they have. and what other surprises the president's health care plan will bring in 2014. i spoke to mike levit earlier. >> the roll out of obama care has been anything but spectacular. more people losing insurance
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than getting it. what do you think we will so with the president's signature legislation of the affordable care act? >> short run and more confougz. medium turn. we'll so a lot of insurance companies concerned about the mathemateccal soundness of what is done and then political debeat about the direction we ought to be going in as a country. >> they don't want to publicly crit oez the president. but they are pulling their hair out. every woke they get the plates and demographics in place. insurance companies have to look forward with tables to know what rates should be. talk about what happens when the president comes in unexpectedly and said we are going to let you
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have catastrophic coverage or delay it. and you can teen keep the policy that we decided is not adequate one. what happens in the scones. >> these things take a lot of preparations. and this is what happened when you don't have the good prepriation and the roll out of the website. it was inadequately prepared and every time you send the last-minute change. and expecting that somehow it is implemented over night. and that is a lot of frustration over the fact that last-minute changes and expectation it is going to work tomorrow, it doesn't work. >> you were the hss secretary when med carry part d took place. there was not a perfect roll out, but there were glitches.
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>> i remember it was not loc what we have sewn here. would you describe what you think is different about the medicare part d and what we have sewn with obama care? >> i remember being in little rock with governor huckabee exmaining that we had problems, we owned them and we would feces them and we did. >> the difference here, is not only we had problems but got the system fixed and frankly they were not as accuse as they were. i think that is the probably in no within what is unexpected. the system is difficult to get on track. and traditionally it is this
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where the federal government took over a state function. or is that a good thing. >> it is a big per are to's lot of i think it is infezible. >> and shows how dysfunctional it would be. >> and anything youo is coming down the taet 2014. with care. >> we have seen dits fufrns function in the system. >> this is a lot of us kwho play more. and there will be a not of to be
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honest with this, withe think as we wond it is to the requesting deputy to be a smoth here. and cut of us on the she upons that your problems are carried snr. >> westbounds youayy -- coming up religious freedom versus
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the roman catholic arch
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diocese had a ruling. the federal court rowelled for the church. why is this decision so important for catholics and all christians in joining me the director of priests for life. father frank. >> good to see you. >> are you optimistic that the ruling would lead to similar judgment that grant not only cathlecs but all people of conscious ability to practice their faith. >> there is a lot of court cases. ours is one of them. priests for life. we were told opposite of what the new york case was told. i think as time goes on and the case goes higher on the level of
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the courts we'll see more victories. >> aclu said 80 lawsuits are filed on behalf of the religious organizations. is it ending up in the supreme court where they will make the decision? >> yes, it is basic to all americans. arguments are hard to understand and people are not understanding what we are objecting to. i love my church and i love my country and i want to do both at the same time. i don't want to be told i have to choose being a faithful catholic and a good citizen. >> that is the heart of the question. people who are not catholic and they may not get the idea of why it is an issue. if someone said explain why catholics care if they have to provide contraceptives. what is the deal here? >> first of all, the government
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wants to expand the ease of access to contraceptives and abortion inducing drugs and sterilization. the catholic church has strong teachings from the beginning against those practice and priests for life exist to impart those teachings and build a culture of life. and now the government is telling us when you provide health insurance for your health employees, you have to be a part of the plan. your plan is going to give it to them free of charge. you have to be a part. we say we want to provide health insurance to our employees, but don't involve us. the way it works, we are told we have to be a part of it. the case you mentioned in the outset for new york, they were told you are exempt. churches are exempt from this
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requirement. i have a religious organization and same beliefs and constrekzs and facing the same man date. what the administration is doing. dividing and discriminating different religious groups that believe the same thing and under the same man date. to us that doesn't make sense. >> if a orthodox jew provided food baskets. they would have to put bacon wrapped shrimp. that would be an offense to the synagogue that is orthodox. it is okay if other people provide this. and don't force us to provide something that violates our conscious and convictions. >> this is not a matter that the law should prohibit and this is not a matter. it is us practicing our faith not only in sunday morning in
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the church. but on monday morning and not only the way we do our liturgy. but the way cop instruct our plans. it is rooted in human dignity. it is against the law. religious freedom restoration act makes it against the law for the government to force someone to violate their beliefs or pressure them and violate the bloefs or not -- beliefs or not enforce them. >> let's hope the supreme court will do better on this than they did on obama care. >> thank you. >> and the u.s. troops are leaving stan tan next year. and we'll talk about that and what lies a head for ourcan make
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it more difficult for people.
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>> about 40,000 troops are expected to leave afghanistan. but the congress voted to cut the pension of the veterans. what does the future hold for the men and women. he is author of the bock. jason thanks for being here and thanks for your service. >> thanks for having me. >> and as a veteran and a wounded warrior, what did you feel. not just think. but feel when you heard. it was a mistake and they cut benefits to veterans? >> i saw it as a direct insult to the veterans especially at a time when the united states military fought in one of the longest wars. it is a hard fought battles and the invisible and physical
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impacting all of ourselves. i was insulting when they decided to find a pocket of money to cut and instead of looking at four.throw for illegal aliens and instead of cutting that, they cut us. and what message, what message is our poll tigs trying to delivery to the veterans. we don't care about your service? >> i think it needs to be affixed with an apology. and it doesn't change the fact that it was an insult to folks like you. you kept your promises to america. it is not to which to ask that americaning keep their promises to folks like you. >> if you had to give a letter grade to the military leadership what would that letter grade be. >> you know, there is a lot of
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leaders that are doing a great job. i had an honor of servingurn best leaders. admiral mccraven and they are doing a great job. it is a hard time with the military fighting an enemy that is hard to pen down. they would have a bplus. they are fighting against the administration that continues to cut budgets for the military. and we are having to work with smaller amounts of money and we are required to do more and more and more in the world. >> do you think that the promotions in the military come as a result of political connections than they do the most affective warriors? >> i know that that is something that is a concern for the military. how do they advance up in rank.
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is it because they served on the line or are they the best politicians. you are retired now. >> that's right. you couldn't said that when you are active doubt. how much of what we are seeing in terms of the leadership is coming and they are good politicians or warriors. snshg it is much more that they are good politicians and our senior leaders are put in positions that they will follow the lead of the administration instead of saying this is a problem. we need to fix it or standing up saying you need to be looking out for the veterans or military. we can't provide the defense for the country if you don't suspect us. a lot of them are in a position that don't have the necessary credentials. it is important. leadership in the military needs
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combat experience. you need to have led trophs in experience and experience what it is to have wounded and lost troops. i don't think they are taking those things in consideration. >> you are out there as a navy sole, you are getting shot at and you ended up coming home wounded. does it matter that the guy who is making the decision, that they have some understanding what combat is about in >> they have to, you can see the decisions made and there is a disconnect and they don't understand what happens on the ground and the heavy logistics and the complexits and things that occur, when they make a decision. and it filters down to us. why did they decide this? it is because they are not there. >> we will be pulling out of afghanistan in the next 12 months or so. will we have made a different in
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the 12 years we spent there. >> yes, any place we fought. it is in the children of those countries. what impact as they saw us. senior extremist are not going to buy in to what. >> the americans are willing to fight for us and protect for us. and they will grow up for a hunger of freedom. they have seen the opportunity and what it can provide. and that is the impact. we'll be there and we'll be interesting to so what the next few years bring. >> thank you and i hope vowers will get the bock by the former navy sole.
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>> republicans and democrats are working and against president obama in the process. we'll explain next.
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>> this year the united states had a pact with iran and iowa ran gets to enrich the nuclear material. charles krauthammer called it
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a sucker deal. it was so bad they upon to pass legislation to toughest sanctions. when chuck shumer and ted cruz agree on something it must be important. efrler i asked israel deputy defense ministry how the nations in the middle east are reacting to the deal. >> i think many of us were shocked when the united states loosened up the sanctions. how was that received in israel when the nows came out. >> we were disopponented and upset. not only the israelis and look at saudi arabias and jordans and gulf states and all of the friends are disa pointed. >> it is more than disappointment or are they angry and feel betrayed.
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>> we should trust only ourselves when it comes to the security of israel. >> we feel that the u.s. made an error. it is not black or whoet. and in iran it is booming and investors in europe are going back to iran today. and they will make money and popsor terrorism. it is not good for the israelis and middle east and not good for the american people. they will attack tel aviv and then new york city. >> you mention it is unpopular as the other gulf states. the saudis don't like this. and the egyptians don't like this. the israelis have more in common with the saudis and egyptians
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than the united states. this is awkward and uncomfortable. >> it is. and today, those now reality in the midge east. compared to all of the other issues and palestinians and in syria and threats from iran is a real threat. they are threat eping to becomedom innocent and you better believe it. and iowa ran will get to a jumping point and build a bomb. we'll not allow it. and israel did not sewn it. and we have no obligations on the table. >> we have to keep the military option on the table and i assume that there is a real possibility if the acceleration of the
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programs it will not be a surprise if israel intervens. and for the u.s. and they are not afraid of one. and for israel it is a misattack. and we speak with our colleagues and it is not another issue. and it is nuclear, it will be racing to middle east. and they will not allow them to stay without nuclear capability. >> some like jaup kerry and the president and some of the ones in europe say they are not going to weapon otherwise the nuclear material and they are not going to threat ep you. >> why do you say oh, yes they
12:46 am
will? why should americans be concerned that iran will take it to the next level. >> look logically. look at the sponsor of terrorism all over the past. and 299 marines killed in bierut. and the jewish community. it came from iran. we don't forget the american ambassador. and this they will have the military and nuclear capability. it will be a suitcase. and you don't know where it would be ending. >> americans say we don't care about the oast. and it is poif or step years and nothing compared to what will happen if they become nuclear. >> thank you very much,
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now you know that scott brown was a senator from massachusetts. did you know he plays a pretty mean guitar. and his daughter ayla, you know she can sing. she's been on our show before. she has a cd called "heros and hometowns" and i'm so glad to have ayla and her father, scott, back on the show. welcome to the show. >> thank you.
12:51 am
>> you know, scott, what's amazing is i thought you had played all your life. and you just started? >> yes. you have a lot of time on your hands when you lose an election. >> ayla, when you were on our show before, i thought this girl is going places, she's going to the top. you've already been to the grand ol' opry. this album is fantastic. every cut is so good. >> it's a patriotic cd. i felt it was a necessary cd and project to do. i'm so honored to bible to sing one of the songs on it. the song we're going to be singing is all about our female military members and i do believe it's a subject that isn't touched upon enough. >> you had when you did the grand ol' opry debut, you had female military personnel on stage with you. >> i did.
12:52 am
i had 19 female soldiers having their opry debut the same time as me. the crowd got out of their seats and gave them the biggest, warmest ovation you've heard in your life. it's on youtube. it's really magical. >> this song we're going to do is about the female personnel in our military. it's a great tribute to them and we need to show our support for them by making sure that this album just moves all the way to the top. charts so let's make that happen. >> let's do it. >> senator, do you think you can play this with us now? >> i think i'm good. try to stay with us, governor. >> all right, here we go. >> my name is ayla brown and this song is dedicated to all the beautiful women who fight for our country. it's called "hero in our hometown." ♪ home coming queen, she had it
12:53 am
all ♪ ♪ the captain of the cheering squad, she had it all ♪ no one could understand why she ♪ i? where else she's an average jane, just a rank and number, no one knows her name ♪ but once she passed that little sign that says population 299 ♪ she's a hero in her hometown, when she walks in a room she draws a crowd ♪ celebrated, decorated when medals and pins from the war she was in ♪ served just like her father did and two generations before him ♪ made the choice and served her
12:54 am
country proud ♪ she's a hero in her hometown ♪ sitting at the airport in army greens ♪ people look at her but don't see a thing ♪ just another face, trying her best to make her way home ♪ family says she's been away too long ♪ it's a special day but anywhere else ♪ she's just an average jane, just a rank and number ♪ no one knows her name but once she passed that little green sign ♪ that says population 299, she's a hero in hometown ♪ when she walks in a room, she
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draws a crowd ♪ celebrated, decorated with medals and pins ♪ from the war she was in, served like her father did ♪ and two generations before him, made the choice ♪ and served her country proud, a hero in her hometown ♪ ♪ she's a hero in her hometown, when she walks in a room ♪ she draw as crowd, celebrated, decorated ♪ with medals and pins from the war she was in ♪ oh served just like her father did ♪ and two generations before
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him, made the choice ♪ and served her country proud, a hero in her hometown ♪ ♪ ♪ >> thank you. >> that's reason enough to download the album. i hope you'll get it. ayla brown, thank you so much. >> thank you so much, governor. >> you know what, i'm not sure which one of you i admire the most but ayla is always welcome to come back and sing on the show. get the album. you will love every single bit of it. i hope you have a wonderful evening and a great new year. we'll see you next year. from new york, this is mike huckabee. good night and god bless.
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>> howard kurtz coming up right now. on a buzz beater, barack obama finishes a very tough year, battered by negative headlines and sinking polls, hammered by a media that once gave him sympathetic coverage. >> when you take this altogether, has this been the worst year of your presidency? >> is the press now piling on the president or giving him the kind of tough strutny he should have gotten all along? a&e back down and reverses phil robertson's suspension from duck dynasty. what's behind this embarrassing cave-in? >> the twitter universe erupts over racially incentive tweets by steve martin.


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