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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  December 30, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PST

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>> we are kicking off the new beak and almost a brand new year. time's square will be full of people and we will be out there live. >> good morning happy monday. >> i am heather childers. >> i am ainsley earhardt. >> griet to be back with you. thank you for starting your day with "fox & friends first". we begin with a fox news alert. terror strikes again in russia. a bomb blast tearing through a bus killing at least 14 people. officials saying it was the work of a suicide bomber. vladimir putin calling for increased security in the region. it is the second terror attack in that city in two-days. yesterday a suicide bomber set off an explosion inside a packed train station in bolorad.
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they called for attacks on people including the olympics. >> a knocking report says nsa intercepts delivery and puts bugs in them. they are revealing an elite hacker unit excludeing hardware vulnerabilities. their mission quote getting the ungetable. microsoft responding to the report says if true they would have significant concerns about the operation. >> shocking new details about a bank robber juned down by police after a nationwide manhunt. 40-year-old mario garnet the same guy arrested back in 2010 for allegedly threatening to kill obama. he killed a police officer and wounded another during a bank
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robbery in mississippi. his widow is now praising law enforcement for their effort. >> we can truly begin the healing process that and that would not have happened without the hard work of so very hmany. >> garnet was killed by police during another bank robbery in phoenix. a man sleeping in his head is killed. the car jumped a curb and ran into the home early sunday morning. another person inside the house was not injured. the driver is charged with felony dui. he was convicted of drunk driving in the past and had his license suspended. the name of the 60-year-old victims have not yet been released. lawmakers reacting this morning to a new bombshell report on ben gi from the new york times. >> the report claiming an anti
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islamic film sparked the attacks of thank killed four americans not al qaeda. >> they are boiling the waters around here especially those in congress that have been investigating the attack. one of the key assertions is that al qaeda did not play a role in orchestrating the attacks in benghazi something that is at odds with many of the continuing investigations in capitol hill. >>al of that would directly contradict what the new york times says was an exhaustive investigation. tells me people weren't doing the intelligence gathering when you put that volume of information i think it proves that that is not accurate. >> and the report also says the largely discredited theory it was in part to an anti islamic video and those who have been reviewing classified evidence there are also questions about
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the time of the source. >> i think where the new york times reports adds value and also they didn't have the same access to people who were not aware they were being listened to or interviewed or had a reason to provide the story they did. >> finally the political timing here has raised some eyebrows. so much of this involves decisions made by the state department led by then security ry of state hillary clinton who was planning a run for the white house in 2016. >> doug luzader live for us in washington. thanks, doug. >> obamacare enrollment numbers. counting state run markets combined enrollment should total 2 until people. the numbers are falling short of the march goal of 7 million signups and it counts everyone who has placed a plan in their
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shopping cart but not necessarily purchased one. obamacare's biggest test one day away. the law goes into effect january 1st. >> the search is on for an over board cruise passenger. the canadian man jumped over board while on a royal caribbean cruise ship heading down to puerto rico go. the sheas are very dangerous. the fbi is trying to determine what might have led that 26-year-old to jump over board. the world's best formula one driver michael shumacher is fighting for his life after suffering a head injury while he was skiing in the french alps. he under went emergency brain surgery. he is listed in critical condition. he was wearing a helmet. the ski resort saying he was conscious. the 7 time formula 1 champion
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retired from racing last year. >> the nfl regular season ends in dramatic fashion. first sunday night football. eagles and cowboys. in the 4th chapter 24-16 eagles dallas back up. connects with dez bryant for the score but they missed the two point conversion. still down two driving in the final minutes. his pass int represented by the eagles. eagles win the nfc east. >> packers and bears green bay down one under a minute left in the 4th quarter. aaron rogers with a desperation heave hits randall could be on a 48 yard touchdown pass. they win the nfc north. chargers game tied in the 4th quarter. kansas city with a chance to win it but his 41 yard attempt is wide right. the chargers nick novak hit the
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36 yarder. san diego sneaks into the bayoffs. here's what the playoff pictures look like. in the nfc it will be the saint and eagles and 49ers packers the wild card. the panthers won the afc south take on the seahawks and they both get the by. in the afc the chiefs at the colts, chargers at the bengals and denver and new england have a by. payton manning set the single season record for yards passing. he finished the season with 5,477 yards and 55 touchdown passes. wow. >> great games over the weekend. it is back. winter weather making a harsh return. cold winds moving in across the country. >> maria molina tracking the arctic blast. >> good morning. we had a quick moving storm system yesterday. now for coastal areas
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temperatures were too warm. we had to deal with a lot of heavy rain along parts of the i 95 corridor. sections of new england including the state of maine picked up significant yant snowfall from the system. a lot of snow across that part of the country. we are looking at relatively quiet weather conditions for a short period of time. across southern texas light snow showers across the midwest. it is really the temperatures that will be a big story over the next couple days out here. it will be bitterly cold. 23 below zero in minneapolis, feels like 11 below in the city of chicago. high temperatures remaining in the single tig get across portions of the midwest. we have a quick moving clipper system by tomorrow and into wednesday could produce up to 6 inches of snow in parts of the midwest and parts of the northern rockies.
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coming up thursday into friday we could have a nor' easter. that is something to track. >> well, another set back in an attempt to rescue 74 people. have you heard about this, it is near antarctica. an australia ice breaker had to head back to the waters after ice became too thick to cut through. they were having issues with visibility due to snow showers. this is the third ice breaker to attempt to break the ship free. it has been stranded since christmas day. a helicopter evacuation would be the last option. >> sonia sotomayor will be ringing in the new year in her home town city in new york. she will lead the 60-second count down and hit the button of the famous ball drop in time's square. she will be the first supreme
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justice to do so. >> check out spider-man dropping con fit t-- confetti in time's square making sure it drops down properly. >> the hobbit taking the top spot for christmas weekend. >> the hobbit desolation of smog brought in $30 million this weekend making it the number one movie in america for the third week in a row. disney's "frozen" the number two spot 29 million and anchor man 2 came in third with 20.2 million. >> workers in 14 states will soon be making more money. jolene kent from the fox business network is here to explain. >> good morning. minimum wage will arrive -- raise in 14 states.
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it will be 9.32 in washington state, 7.80 to 7.90 in arizona and montana. california will see one of the biggest jumps at 8 to $9 an hour. they continue to spar over a call by democrats and workers to raise the national minimum wage to more than $10 an hour. car news unusually quiet about the plan for an f150 but expect it to be very dramatic. it will be partially built out of military grade aluminum making it lighter with better fuel efficiency by perhaps 5 miles a gallon. it may be one of the biggest and last moves by allen mullally who is due to leave in the 2014 and is a top contender to lead microsoft. analysts forecast a variety of everyday items will be cheaper with a cti customer price index
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up in 2009. used cars, oil, 3-d printers table tablets, credit card perks coffee. with the holiday shopping season perking up this is welcome news for retailers. >> good news for them to start the new year. >> a texas teen is being hail add here row how he managed to save a fami-- his family from ae in their home. >> should the iconic voice be more inclusive? it is sparking ke barbie plus debate. too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection. [ male announcer ] thisecember,
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>> welcome back. the nationwide manhunt for a man accused of killing three people in colorado is over. they captured him in a hotel room after a month on the run.
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he was more than 700 miles from the home where he allegedly killed his friend. police say he shot them in their sheet before burning their house down. they believe the motive was financial. >> a volcano erupts in el salvador forcing thousands to leave their houses. it sent a cloud of ash in a ball of ash. the airport redirected some of the flights to avoid all of that ash. >> a 13-year-old texas boy saves his familiar lace life after their house catches on fire. adore yemen domendoza and his f they rushed outside and saw the flames. they climbed the roof with a hose, but here's the thing. dorian's dad slipped the teen took over and put out the fire. >> he saved our life.
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>> i am so proud of him. >> thank you for my parents. they were the ones that grow me up to become a man. they grew me up strong. >> the fire started on a grill in the patio. the embers were not put out completely. next time you hago to the vending machine nor a snack you may find yourself counting calories than change. it will make an effort to help you make a better food choice. companies could shell out a million dollars in the first year when it is implemented and additional 24 million for every year after that. it is time now to brew on this. a picture of a bus sized barbie is going viral on facebook. plus sized modeling agent posted this picture asking the question should companies start making plus sized barbies. she has thicker waste, thicker
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thighs and triple chin. others were criticizing the three chins and some didn't like the idea of a big barbie at all saying it encourages people to eat unhealthy. >> do you think it promotes obesity or a healthy body image? send us your comments on facebook, twitter or e-mail@foxfriendsfirst@foxnews. com. it is 18 minutes after the hour. a man is lucky to be alive after a piece of steal crael trash cr through his windshield while he is driving. >> the boston bombing and a government shut down the year's most memorable moments in news. that is straight ahead.
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>> a man a lucky to be alye as steel runs through the middle of his vehicle. the sharp debris went airborne and smashed into a separate driver's windshield hitting the driver in the head. he was not seriously injured. it is unclear from where that rod came. two hikers survived an 800 foot plunge in rocks and ice in an avalanche. it happened in new hampshire. they missed a turn on their trail because of white house conditi -- white out conditions. they climbed 200 feet before they were finally rescued. from george zimmerman's acquittal to prince george's birth 2013 was quite a year for the news headlines. we have had an unprecedented level of gridlock in congress,
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terrorism and the passing of nelson mandela. all of that and more marked a year in news. >> the carnival triumph cruise ship lost fire in the engine room. thousands of passengers drifted with hardly any food or water and no working toilets for five days. a school bus driver kidnapped a 5-year-old boy and held him in an under ground bunker. after a standoff they raided the bunker rescued the boy and killed the accomplice. pope benedict became the first pontiff in nearly 600 years to resign. the successor argentine took the name pope francis. >> two pressure cooker bombs exploded near the finish line of the boston marathon killing
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three people injuring more than 250. accused bomber sar nef was killed in a standoff by police his brother dzhokhar is behind bars. an ef 5 coronado swept through oklahoma killing many. investigators blame faulty radio systems. >> they have been missing for 10 years i am here, i am free now. >> three women rescued after a decade as captives in a home in cleveland. ariel castro pleaded guilty to more than 900 charges before killing himself in prison. edward snowden made off with thousands of classified documents and exposed top secret surveillance programs. asian gnaw flight crash landed at san francisco international airport. most passengers made it out alive but three teenagers died. >> we the jury find george
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zimmerman not guilty. >> they cleared george zimmerman of all charges in the killing of trayvon martin. >> welcome. >> a new british royal came into the world. prince george is third in line to the throne. house republicans refuse to raise the debt ceiling and less than democrats agree to defund obamacare. >> it led to a government shut down that lasted 16 days. >> launched with technical glitches making it nearly impossible for americans to enroll. critics say president obama lied when he promised... >> if you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan. >> ending the year on a solemn note. fast and furious star paul walker was killed in a fiery car crash. and civil rights icon nelson
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mandela died at the age of 95. >> that's the year in review. a lot happening. the time is 25 after the top of the hour. the sunshine state said to surpass america's busiest city in population. why more people to flocking to florida. >> a new minnesota law sparking debate. listen to this. should those who select financial assistance be drug de drug tested? we report you decide. ogress-oh! ogress-oh! [ female announcer ] with 40 delicious progresso soups at 100 calories or less, there are plenty of reasons people are saying "progress-oh!" share your progress-oh! story on
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>> new york times report in the benghazi bombshell. who was behind the attack and the motivation behind it. can it be believed? is>> we ahours away from a new year's eve celebration. in times square that means plenty of preparation. the most important the security. how they plan to keep the city safe. >> one church is being forced to take down a sign that does just that. why the county is cracking down on the salutes to troops. ♪
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>> it is monday december 30th. the count down is on. i am heather childers. >> i am ainsley earhardt. thanks for starting your workweek with us. a bomb blast tearing through a bus in the city of bolograd killing at least 14 this time. officials saying it is the work of a suicide bomber. this is the second terror attack in vologograd in just days. a suicide bomber setting off an explosion in the packed train station. at least 17 were killed and dozens injured. this coming month after a chechen rebel leader called for attacks on the targets including the sochi olympics in february. 400 miles north of the game's
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sites. >> the family of a girl pronounced brain dead after tonsil surgery in california they have until 5:00 p.m. today to find a new facility to keep her on a ventilator. if they don't the hospital where she is will follow a court order to remove her from life support unless the family appeals. they are hoping a new york facility will take her after two california care homes withdrew their offers. a man sleeping in his bed is killed when a car crashes right through his house. this happened in california. the car jumped the curb ran into the home early yesterday morning. the victim died at the scene. another person in the house was not injured. the driver is charged with felony dui. he was convicted of drunk driving in the past and had his license suspended. the name of the 60-year-olds victim has not been released. >> details of a bank robber
2:33 am
gunned down by police after a nationwide manhunt. mario garnet is the same guy arrested three years ago for allegedly threatening to kill president obama. garnet killed a police officer and wounded another during a bank robbery in mississippi according to reports. the widow is now praising law enforcement for their efforts. >> we can truly begin the healing process and that could not have happened without the hard work of so very many. >> he was killed by police during another bank robbery in phoenix. >> law americas reacting to a new bombshell report on benghazi from the new york times. the report claiming an anti islamic film sparked the attack that killed four americans not al qaeda. doug luzader joins us live from washington with more on this. good morning, doug. >> the times piece has some
2:34 am
assumptions about the benghazi attack on their head. some of the conclusions from them looking into this. david kir patrick suggest they played almost no role in oh stating the attack in benghazi that killed chris stevens and four other americans. >> september 11th wasn't an accident. i wanted to make a good point that david put out. it is not about al qaeda as the only terrorist organization. >> and there are some clear political over tones here as well including the roles of the state department under then secretary of state hillary clinton who is widely believed to be planning a run for the
2:35 am
white house in 2016. >> you think there is a political motivation some people suggested this is going to clear the deck for hillary clinton in 2016. >> i don't know. i found it interesting there was this rollout of stories including susan rice who would go on tv and have a direct discussion on this when we still have an ongoing investigation in the house intelligence committee. >> pursuant to that, the times thought they had a largely discredited theory that the attacks be blamed at least in part by the anti islamic video that inspired protests in egypt. heather and ainsley. >> doug luzader live for us this morning. thank you, doug. >> a shocking report says they intercept bugs. they exploited hardware vulnerabiliti vulnerabilities and hijacked the
2:36 am
data. if that is true it would have major concerns about the operation. new observe care enrollment numbers combined enrollment should be about 2 million people. falling short of the goal which is 7 million signed up. the law is in effect on january 1st. the world's best formula 1 driver michael shumacher fighting for his life after suffering a head injury skiing in the french alps. he arrived at the hospital in a coma. he is listed in critical condition. doctors saying he was wearing a helmet and the ski resort saying he was conscious when rescuers arrived on the scene. the 7 time formula 1 champion retired from racing last year.
2:37 am
>> it is back. >> maria molina is tracking the arctic blast for us. >> this cold air is moving into parts of the east. it is all behind a storm system that has a foot of snow in portions of maine. we have significant snowfall accumulations. we had to deal with a lot of rains and gusty winds out there. for today at least it will remain relatively quiet out here across most of the lower 48 and light snow across sections of the midwest. we will see things pick up more active starting tomorrow across sections of the midwest with another storm system arriving.
2:38 am
with current windchill temperatures frigid out there. take a look at chicago it feels like 11 below zero when you head outside. 23 below in texas. we are seeing windchill temperatures only 30 in san antonio. actual highs today 8 degrees in minneapolis 37 in new york. looking at temperatures only reaching the middle 40's in the st city of dallas. let's head over to you. >> thank you so much live in the wint weather center for us. >> new york is behind florida in the 4th place as the most populus state. they released the latest population estimates and looks like florida will over take new york at some point in 2014 or 2015. immigration is an important factor. as a result they could gain congressional seats and new york could lose some. the nfl regular season ends in dramatic fashion.
2:39 am
first sunday night football eagles and cowboys to the 4th quarter eagles ahead 24/-16. backup qw to bryant for the score but they missed the two point conversion. still down two driving in the final two minutes pass intercepted by the eagles. eagles win the nfc east. >> packers at bears green bay down one under a minute left in the fourth quarter. 4th down aaron rogers with a desperation heave. on a 48 yard touchdown pass. packers win the nfc north 33-28. kansas city with a chance to win it, but ryan's 41 yard attempt is wide right. in ot he hits the 36 charger. san diego sneaks into the
2:40 am
playoffs. >> in the nfc saint at the eagles and 49ers and packers in the wild card. panthers and seahawks get the by. chiefs will be at the colts, chargers at the bengals and denver and new england have a by. >> lots of close games. >> the panthers are the conference champs our team. >> 20 minutes to the top of the hour. france sticking it to the rich. the outrageous tax hike they want their healthy residents to pay. >> it's a moment this pilot will not soon forget. >> a lot more violent than i could have imaged. >> how he says he survived this a single engine crash. >> be sure to tune in to our all american new year special airing tomorrow night starting at 9:00 p.m. i will join elizabeth hasselbeck and bill hemmer. i will be out there in times square. welcome back. how is everything?
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>> welcome back. over 1 million people are expected to pack times square to ring in 2014. >> for those who make the trek and stand out there in the cold will be met with plenty of security to make sure the ball drop goes off without a hitch. wnyw reporter robert moses live in times square where the nypd will be out in full force. >> heather and ainsley good morning to you. the nypd will have many human and electronic eyes keeping watch on a million or so people in times square. alcohol is not allowed. if you are bringing any bags here in to times square expect them to be checked. sonya sotomayor will begin the count down at 11:59.
2:45 am
that is when she will press the ball's 60-second dissent. she made history when she became the first hispanic justice on the supreme court. she will become the first justice indeed to lower the ball in times square. once the clock strikes midnight there will be a whole lot of confetti raining down. a ton of it to be exact. >> oo we lost robert moses. the ball drops. you will see it down here in the crowd. >> we were talking about getting our electric socks and hand warmers. >> they work. rub your hands together. >> a church put up saluting our troops. looks nice, right? the county doesn't think so.
2:46 am
they say they want the sign taken down or else the church can be fined. >> it is a patriotic county. they love the troops. >> it is nice to know they support the community. >> they say the issue isn't about the wording of the sign, but it is about permits. >> a controversial millionaire tax. income exceeding a million bucks to be taxed by 15 percent. the french president fran swau wanted a 75 percent tax. lawmakers ruled that that was unconstitutional. across minnesota and kansas are pulling in the reigns on those getting public assistance with plans to randomly drug test state recipients. diane mass is heed do i joins us now with those details. good morning, diane. >> minnesota and kansas are set
2:47 am
to become the newest states to randomly drug test welfare recipients from receiving public assistance. it is part of a new law that requires the states of welfare recipients who have been convicted the counties are required to administer random drug tests to those recipients. those who test positive or don't comply will have their benefits reduced or taken away. to get benefits back recipients must receive drug treatment and jobs skill program paid for by the federal government. fail for a second time lose for a year and third failed drug test means you lose benefits permane permanently. at least nine states have welfare drug testing which supporters say prevents people from buying drugs from public money. the tests are a form of discrimination against the poor and they cost more money and
2:48 am
time than they say. the testing will save the state about 700,000 dollars in well pair payments but will cost nearly a million dollars to implement. that does include a one-time charge of 600,000 dollars for computer system upgrades. supporters say the numbers don't reflect all of the people who won't apply for benefits because they know they will test positive. we will be keeping an eye on both of those cases as the program kicks in. >> complicated that's why we count on you. >> thank you. the time now is about 10 minutes to the top of the hour almost. >> swiping money on gift cards before they are ever used what consumers need to know. a woman makes a startling discovery while snapping a picture of her son surfing what she is saying about her close encounter. >> good morning do you ladies. coming up the very latest on the new york times report over the
2:49 am
weekend in benghazi. why witnesses on the ground are saying the new york times report is a big flie. then donald trump on the new healthcare enrollment numbers. it is time for the ceo to step in and run obamacare? shouldn't they have done that a couple months ago. a pregnant nurse loses her job after refusing to get a flu shot. is that fair? plus a minnesota twins pitcher stepping up to the plate even during the off season as a substitute teacher. >> a boy saves his grandpa's life as he goes into diabetic shock. we have a great show coming up 11 minutes from now on your channel for news. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. [ m'm... ] great taste. [ tapping ] sounds good. campbell's healthy request. m'm! m'm! good.®
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he never experienced anything like this. the problem started shortly after takeoff from saint petersburg. it was on friday afternoon. the engine suddenly quit forcing him to land in the water. >> i did remember the cracked door, tried to slow it down as much as i possibly could. still was a lot more violent than i would have imagined. >> can you imagine that? within minutes the plane went under water. soon after boaters arrived and they pick beemon up from the water. a woman snaps a photo of her son surfing and gets photo bombed by a big fish. the question now is, is it a shark or is it a dolphin? you can see the two kid on
2:54 am
their surf boards with a wave behind them. inside that wave a shadowy big fish. this happened at manhattan beach in california where there has been an increase of great white shark sightings. what do you think, ainsley? >> are you sure that's what it is? a michigan family says they were duped by an after-christmas grinch. even though their macy's christmas card was bought at a local store a crook got hold of it drained the $100. police say the crooks were able to duplicate the micro encoding number and once it was activated they were able to use it. >> an eight-year-old die-hard chicago bears fan getting quite the unwelcomed surprise for christmas. >> you have to watch this. this young little girl received a packers jersey as a present instead of the bears jersey that she really wanted.
2:55 am
>> hopefully got it right. >> she did not like that. >> you hear her dad in the background. apparently the girl was expecting a hester instead. with nearly 600,000 views, that video has quickly gone viral. >> five minutes till the top of the hour. call him sleeping beauty. legendary nfl coach mike ditka taking a snooze on national tv. how he's explaining this nap. >> the move to make a plus-size barbie. is it inclusive or aller t wrong? wrong? e-mails next. awarded j.d. power's most appealing midsize car, two years in a row.
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and right now you can drive one home for practically just your signature. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on any new 2014 volkswagen. hurry, this offer ends january 2nd. fodetails, visit vwdealer.c today
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time to look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. a little boy with cerebral palsy becoming the latest
2:59 am
member of the grizzlies basketball team. the make a wish foundation allowed him to hang out with the team during practice. >> a player breaks his leg during a kick. he is now resting at home. >> mike ditka caught napping during sunday's nfl countdown. analyst key sean johnson was nice enough to wake him up. >> this picture of a plus-size barbie posted on facebook sparked a heated debate. we want to know do you think barbie promotes obesity or a better body image. >> all women dislike something about their body. >> kenny wrote to us on facebook it sends a message to our daughters that being fat is okay. yes, the barbie we're talking about has three chins and is obese. very wrong.
3:00 am
>> we are a nation of many body types. let's include all children as to include a good self-esteem. thanks to everyone who responded. >> thank you for watching us on this monday kicking off the week together. >> glad to be back. we'll see you tomorrow. "fox & friends" starts now. bye. good morning to you. it is monday, the 30th of december, 2013. i'm anna kooiman in for elisabeth hasselbeck. we start with a fox news alert. a bomb explodes on a crowded russian bus killing at least 14 and injuring many more. it is the second terror attack in as many days. all this weeks before the world gathers in russia for the winter olympics. we have the breaking details next. >> that "new york times" report on the benghazi terror attacks completely false? what eyewitnesses on the ground that day are saying this morning to fox. >> and steve and anna, playful or too close for comfort? look.


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