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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 30, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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we are not going to negotiate under the threat to our families of a prolonged shutdown until republicans get 100% of what they want. >> don't be dictating to america that they are going to shut down the government. let's vote on it. >> the president would rather default than sit down and negotiate. really? >> does the nsa collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of americans? >> no, sir. >> the fact is we have four dead americans. was it because of a protest or
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guys out for a walk who decided to kill americans? what difference at this point does it make? >> irs personnel engaged in the kind of practices that have been reported on. and we are with intentionally targeting conservative groups. that's outrageous. >> we were anxious to get the website up and running and functional which we have failed to do. >> no one is madder than me that the website isn't working as it should which means it's going to get fixed. had i been informed i wouldn't have said this is going to be great. i am sorry they are finding themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from me. >> 2013 was a year to forget for team obama. thanks to obamacare 2014 may be just as painful for the president. hello, everyone.
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i'm katie pavlich in for sean. the administration made news over the weekend by announcing that 1.1 million americans have, quote, enrolled in obamacare. while the white house is ready to pop open champagne in celebration, critics of the law remain unconvinced. take a look. >> 1 million americans getting on subsidized health care. probably another million on medica medicaid. 6 million had planned they liked and were thrown off. i don't think it is anything to celebrate. >> the announcement of the enrollees is laughable and is far short of the administration's goal. in fact in september kathleen sebelius was asked to estimate how many people she expects to sign up. remember this? >> what does success look like? >> i think it looks like at
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least 7 million people having signed up by the end of march 2014. >> that means in three months she needs to find 6 million people to volunteer for this train wreck. go good luck. here to share predictions for 2014 the author of "the happiest life and the secret to success" hugh h ewitt and penny lee. thank you very much for being with me. we'll start with you. isn't this administration stretching the term? >> the grim statistic. we are not going to get six more people to sign onto this train wreck. that was funny. and the medicaid expansion will backfire. if 2013 was grim it is a worse outlook when it comes to
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obamacare. add in that the assassination happened two days ago. no domestic initiative that has any momentum and there is no way to resurrect this presidency. he better enjoy hawaii. when he comes back there isn't much good news for him. >> do you think the white house should be celebrating the 1.1 million enrollees considering enrolled is just putting something in the shopping cart, not having been covered or paid for the plan. >> i dn find all lumps of coal in the stocking. there is good news out there. a t lot of it on the economy. the president wrapped up well when he said in the closing press conference we have added 2 million new jobs. we are seeing an economic recovery. 4% of gdp growth.
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we want to call it one big disaster, but it wasn't. there was another side to the story on the economy that it's beginning to improve. that's beneficial going into 2014. especially from the various elections out there. the economic news is what the focus will be on. i think that bodes well for the democrats going into the election cycle. >> i'm not sure about that. we are talking about the economy. there are millions of people t not in the work forces as they were when president obama started his first term. people are losing the health insurance plan. obamacare isn't going to help that. we'll see more layoffs next year. >> we'll see small businesses drop their employees. big story out of michigan of a dealership that did it. it is the first domino to fall that people will find their employers won't participate. they will be in the terrible bronze plans. while penny is right to try to find something. maybe it's real, maybe t not. it looks like 2% for the year. most people feel we are not in a
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growth mode. most people will be writing larger checks for the health insurance they have for fewer bfs. our frind mary catherine came up with doc shock. they will have that as well. add into it that the senate is fractured and broken. mitch mcconnell and the republicans are angry over harry reid's destruction of senate rules. it will be a rugged year. i wrote "the happiest life t" because i wanted people to focus on good news. as a democrat i want people to stay under the covers. >> what do you think, penny? is the filibuster a good thing or will it cause more gridlock? >> how much more can you have? you have a house that's intransient that can't control their own caucus. boehner is now saying their strategy was flawed. you have a flawed strategy that
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had repercussions on the virginia elections for the first time democrats swept all statewide elections in virginia. there is a lot to be positive about going into the elections. we have strong candidates. we are in red states and blue. i think we have terrific candidates out there. one of my predictions is that the senate does continue to stay in democratic hands. in 2006 people said there was no way democrats will take over. we kept it in 6, 8, 10 and 12. >> i'm not sure when people see health insurance go up and doctors gone that they can keep the senate. what is your prediction? >> the exact opposite of penny. >> shocker. >> there is a long list and it's getting longer. virginia, gillespie comes into
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play. colorado will be in play. there is talk of a minnesota candidate. lots of states not on the board and the board looked good. republican wills get the majority in the senate. >> what's your prediction? >> the other thing on the economic front i do believe. this is something 50% of republican support, do i believe the minimum wage for the first time since 2007 will be increased. the american people are asking for a raise. they haven't had one since 2007. i believe that will be the side president obama can show leadership on and bring the country with him. >> i don't hear anybody talking about the minimum wage. the key prediction, reince
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priebus will announce in 2016 held in june in cleveland building on the super bowl win that year. >> thank you for being with us. we appreciate it. happy new year. >> the left wing new york times launched an investigation into benghazi terrorist attacks that left four americans dead. to no one's surprise the paper had their own conclusion saying al qaeda wasn't to blame and the attack was because of a youtube video. congressman jason chafetz will be here to weigh in. and phil robertson's suspension from "duck dynasty" is lifted but not everyone is happy. welcome back. how is everything? there's nothing like being your own boss! and my customers are really liking your flat rate shipping. fedex one rate. really makes my life easier.
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the new york times has done it again. this time the paper of oh record is coming under fire for investigation into the benghazi terrorist attacks that left four americans dead. the report reads, quote, months of investigation sboi bi the times centered on interviews with libyans in benghazi who had knowledge of the attack there turned up no evidence that al qaeda or any terrorist group had a role in the assault. it was led by fighters who benefitted directly from nato's air power and logistics sport during the uprising against colonel gadhafi and it was fuel ohhed in large part by anger at an american-made video denigrating islam. joining me to react is a lawmaker leading the investigation into the attack from the beginning. utah congressman jason chafitz. thank you very much for being
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here. >> thanks, katie. >> the focus in the story is back on this video. i want to play testimony from gegry hicks, the last person in libya at the time who had contact with ambassador christopher stevens before he was killed. let's take a look. >> was there anything in connection to a youtube video? any awareness that the events occurred because of a youtube video? >> it was a nonevent in libya. >> did you learn about it a couple of days? did you report to anyone in washington within the first couple of days that there was anything in connection, a protest in connection? >> there was an attack on a consulate. >> not a protest?
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>> no protest. >> based on the testimony by mr. hicks who received retaliation for telling us what happened in benghazi and the information that your committee has come up with, is there credibility so say al qaeda had nothing to do t with the attack? >> the only ones who believe it are susan rice and two people in this country. there is not a person who believes that's true. i traveled to libya 21 days after the attack. the entire time i was there not a single person brought up the video. it was a nonevent. it didn't happen. there was no spontaneous dmn nonadministration. i talked to general hamm who was in charge. there was no mention of the t video whatsoever. the t accountability review board had 90 days with unfettered access to the witnesseses, documents, information. they said the video had nothing
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to do with this. you have the chairman of the intelligence committee mike rodgers. adam schiff saying, yes, al qaeda was involved in this. by the way, the video has nothing to do with with this. so there is just a mountain of evidence that suggests it was a terrorist attack. in fact, as my counterpart, congressman from south carolina gou di pointed out in a hear in within the state department they believed the traitors of the t t attack. i could go on and on. we only have an hour on the program. the evidence says no. >> speaking of evidence, the 9/11 attack on benghazi wasn't the first time we saw threats or attacks. you go back throughout the year. we had assassination attempts on the british ambassador. multiple threats for ambassador chris stevens which is why they
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requested more security. then this happened on september 11th. based on what we have seen in the new york times and with the obama administration and the obama campaign in 2012 it seems they are trying to redefine what al qaeda means. it seems they are trying to say unless ordered came from a dead man, osama bin laden, that they are not part of al qaeda when evidence to the contrary shows al qaeda has many branches throughout the world. especially in northern africa. >> the american facility in benghazi was attacked in april of 2012. literal two months to the day later our facility again was bombed. they breached the wall. five days after that the british ambassador assassination attempt. the attack on the red cross. you have 300 documented attacks on western targets and aks of violence in libya. the requests for more help never came. in fact, they diminished the security profile. fast forward to barack obama, campaigning for the president of the united states saying al
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qaeda is on the run. yet days later, five days later, i believe it was, we had this attack on our facility. ever since then it's been this administration's number one priority as best i can tell to deceive the american people on what happened. they have not been open and transparent. we have not gotten to the truth. we have yet to hear from a witness in a public setting who was on the ground in benghazi talk about what happened. i know the democrats want this to go away. they want it pegged as a phony story. we have four dead americans and we'll get the tru. >> speaking of the truth and priorities we haven't seen the arrests or men who carried out the attacks brought to justice. is the administration prioritizing that doesn't seem like they are. >> it took the fbi almost 18 days to get to the scene of the t attack. there hasn't been with much evidence that the fbi has been pursuing this with the t with tenacity they say the boston
7:19 pm
bombers or somebody else did. nobody was brought to justice, killed, captured. it is more than a year after. when you have the secretary of state, hillary clinton herself, five months after the attack testified at congress, what difference does it make? you have evidence that the administration isn't bent on catching the people who committed this attack. my fear is they have three success stories benghazi, terrorists do, of killing americans and breaching our embassy. are they going to do it again? i worry. >> we look forward to what you find. >> happy new year. >>. coming up, he's back. phil robertson's suspension from "duck dynasty" was lifted but some on the left accuse a&e of choosing profits over gay people and african-americans. next a fair and balanced debate on the topic. later the so-called journalists at nbc news can't leave her alone.
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they are now attacking governor sarah palin for having a christmas tree. we're not kidding. our great american panel reacts to that later. stay with us. she keeps you on your toes.
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♪ ♪ oh, yeah [ female announcer ] crestor is not right for everyone, like peoplwith liver disease or women who are nursing, pregnant, or may become pregnant. tell your doctor about other medicines you'rtang. call your doctor rht away if you have muscle pain or weakness, fl unusually tired, have loss of appetite, upper belly pain, dark urine, or yellowing of skin eyes. these could be sig of rare but seris side effects. crestor! yes! [ female announcer ] ask your doctor about crestor. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca y be able toelp. welcome back to "hannity." millions of "duck dynasty" fans tune in to watch have reason to
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smile. the family patriarch will be back on the show after he was temporarily suspended for comments made about his personal position on homosexuality in an interview with gq magazine. after announcing the news his son wrote, back to work. so proud of the fans of the show and family. old phil may be crude but his heart is good. he's the real deal. not everyone is happy phil will be back on the air. g.l.a.d. e-mailed a statement that says phil robertson should look african-americans and gay people in the eyes and hear about the hurtful impact of praising jim crow laws and comparing gay people to terrorists. if firing phil isn't one of the next steps a&e has chosen profits over african-americans and gay people, especially its employees and viewers. joining me now, richard fowler and dana laesch. i'm pretty sure i never heard him refer to jim crow laws or
7:25 pm
compared gay people to terrorists. are people putting words in his mouth? >> absolutely. i don't know where anyone is getting this jim crow anything. if they read the interview i read and the same interview you read in gq he didn't mention that. if anything he was getting at identity politics which the left loves to use instead of talking about issues of substance. that's the only thing anybody could get out of it except the left. this is g.l.a.d. using this as a deflection because they have an expiration date. they overreached, got caught. they received their biggest backlash they have ever received. i think maybe they finally learned that outrage is a poor catalyst for change. it is. >> richard, a&e is getting heat from g.l.a.d. g.l.a.d. wants a dialogue with them and phil robertson. will there be a dialogue when it comes to sitting down with christians and having more
7:26 pm
tolerance with their points of view? >> phil can say what he wants to. folks at a&e and g.l.a.d. and those who spoke against phil have the right to say the language is offensive. in the g.q. article he talks about how no african-american said jim crow was a bad thing. >> he never said jim crow. >> he said during the jim crow era african-americans were doing well. >> that's not what he said. >> did you read the same interview we read? >> read the quote. don't put words in his mouth. >> he never said jim crow. >> we could sit here all day. >> we can. if you don't want to talk about the facts what's the point of having a discussion? >> i'm trying to talk about the facts. we could sit here all day -- >> you are making up quotes. defending him on a false quote. when did he say jim crow. >> he said it in the gq article. in the text of the article. >> richard, here is the thing.
7:27 pm
you cannot put words in their mouth or quote them. we talk about the culture battle, war. this seems like a war they need to be involved in. this is something the party won. >> it's not just conservatives. it's people who realize that outrage for outrage's sake is ridiculous. it's amazing to me that you can cite scripture and people are up in arms over it. i hope christians get the message that they outnumber the squeaky wheels who aren't for equality. they want to supress speech that doesn't include complete and total acceptance and submission. i hope christians realize you can win when you stick on principle. >> you can make up quotes like richard did.
7:28 pm
>> i'm a christian and i find -- >> do not bear false witness, richard. >> wait a minute. if you listen to the tax collectors, prostitutes, jesus is a jesus of love, not of anger. the language phil used was hateful, angry language. that can't be tolerated. >> what language? >> remember, phil robertson we don't judge them, we never judge them. we leave it up to god. is that hateful? >> he talks about what is the difference of a man with a vagina and a man who doesn't like a vagina? >> the term vagina is hateful? that's offensive to me as a woman. >> don't do that, dana. don't -- wait a minute now. i'm talking about the paragraph in which he talks about men who
7:29 pm
don't happen to like vaginas. that's offensive. >> oh oh, the horror. >> so everything is so outrageous. seems they can never be outrageoused about anything, right, dana? why be out ranlsed at using crass language like they use all the time? >> it's like phil robertson sat on a panel and mocked a black baby for being adopted by a white family like a lot of people msnbc did with the romneys. >> here we go. apples and oranges. >> richard, you get the last word. >> can we talk about phil robertson? i never mix apples and oranges. >> one at a time. we are almost out of time. richard, last word. >> thank you. we are talking about phil robertson's hateful language. the reason african-americans are offended and g.l.a.d. and lgbt folks are offended is after he
7:30 pm
made the hateful language a&e decided for capitalist gain to keep him on. they can keep him on the air or not. when they don't have african-american or lgbt folks, that's the problem. >> people protesting weren't watching "duck dynasty" before and aren't watching it now. thank you very much for being here. a programming note. tune in tomorrow for fox news's new year's eve coverage. bob beckel and kimberly guilfoyle followed by elisabeth hassle back and bill hemmer. we'll watch for your twooet tweets and photos. remember, that's all tomorrow night starting at 9:00 p.m. coming up, did your hard earned tax the dollars fund pornography research projects? find out next. and the main stream media is attacking sarah palin bauds she dared to put up a christmas
7:31 pm
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♪ ♪ i know they say you can't go home again ♪ ♪ ♪ i just had to come back one last time ♪ ♪ ♪ you leave home, you move on [ squeals ]
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♪ andou do the best you can ♪ i got lostin this o♪ ♪ and forgot who i am welcome back. joining us for the great american panel miss usa 2013 and fox news contributor sky benson. to start off we have more outrage from the folks at msnbc. they have sarah palin derangement syndrome all these years later. what are they upset about? >> sarah palin dropped by to promote her manifesto on christmas purity. she brought family photos. >> as we look at another picture of the family, there they are. >> not so fast. we learned important lessons about the arbor activity. i had to break out the good
7:36 pm
book. not hers, of course. >> certain parts of the t bible appear to breach against say, i don't know, christmas trees. jeremiah 10:10 reads for the practices of people are worthless. they cut a free from the forest, adorn it with silver and gold, fasten it with hammer and nails like a scare crow in a field their idols cannot speak. they must be carried because they cannot walk. do t not fear them. they can do no harm or good. a christmas purist wouldn't want to stray from the bible on christmas, would she? >> don't you love it when anti-christians like to lecture about christianity and chris martin? it's anti-christian to have a christmas tree now, really? >> i want to know what msnbc would do without sarah palin. they can't talk about how great obamacare is so let's make a controversy out of sarah palin showing a family photo for two seconds of a christmas tree
7:37 pm
citing something about before the birth of christ, before there was christmas and that's apparently taken into whatever context she want it is to attack sarah palin's christianity. i don't understand the impulse to go after people's faith. joy reid did it. harry reid, no relation, did it to mitt romney saying he sullied mormonism. that's very judgmental. >> what do you think? i thought we were aboutle tolerance there? >> i'm not sure where your sense of humor went. >> was with it funny? >> she was being facetious. >> oh. >> you had a segment where dana talked about how you can have outrage when someone cites scripture which is exactly what guy benson just did. >> i'm not sure anyone's outraged. >> we have conservatives who will pick selective words from
7:38 pm
the bible and wrap themselveses in it when at the same time through all of their policies they forget the biblical call for social justice. >> the only people wrapping themselves -- >> you can't have it both ways. >> the only people wrapping themselves in scripture was joy reid. what do you have to say, ms. thork? >> the issue isn't the trees. it's vanity, which i believe is a sin. i want to show pictures of myself that i brought. really? who hasn't been to church on christmas day and there are christmas trees in the church. that's not the issue. i hope they were just poking fun. if you believe that to be a terrible thing, i don't know, go look at pictures of me. >> beyonce is under fire for using audio from the 1986 challenger crash in a new song. the families are saying it was inappropriate and insensitive to use that. she says she wanted these people to be remembered.
7:39 pm
i'm not sure i buy it. i think beyonce has a habit of doing things without thinking much whether it's performing for gadhafi, going to cuba and now this. she probably didn't pay much attention to this before it came out. >> i think beyonce has proven she's extremely smart, savvy. separate from beyonce in this situation, we have a lot of lessons that can be learned from any disaster which is the exact point the families built this center around the challenger disaster the. i think this situation highlights the disaster for a new generation who doesn't alive when this happened. think of the young people. that's the outrage that may say maybe this is something we can use to bring more attention to this disaster.
7:40 pm
>> do you think it's selective outrage considering the family members of those killed are upset? i don't think that's selective outrageous. >> that's the upsetting part. the families were upset. i'm not throwing stones at beyonce. if you're going to do that and have an explanation saying this was really a tribute to them you make it clear from the beginning and ask permission. it's a basic thing to do -- go to the families before you release the song and explain why you are planning to do what you do rather than release it and come up with an excuse or explanation afterwards. >> what do you have to say? >> artistically, really cool. that's why she wanted to do it. but fit's not a tribute you have to be with careful wh with what you are doing. they could have taken proceeds from the songs and give it to the foundation. >> good call. >> we'll be right back. coming up, more with the with
7:41 pm
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welcome back to "hannity." we continue now with our great american panel. so speaking of taxpayer money, sky, we have talked about now nancy pelosi says the cupboard is bare. there is nothing left to cut. we have huge budget battles every year. we passed a budget on the backs of the veterans but the national endowment for the humanities got nearly $1 million in taxpayer funding to basically study
7:46 pm
romance novels that are way too graphic for me to talk about because they are pretty pornographic. is that a good use of taxpayer dollars when we say we can't cut anything and we're cutting veterans' benefits. >> i'm going out on a limb here. no, it's not. god bless senator tom coburn for putting this list together every year. in the broader context t we have to tackle the long-term entitlement problems. we are not going to get there by cutting everything immediately. but the thoegs that we have cut to the bone and there is nothing more to cut isn't true. your romance novels -- >> not mine. >> -- are a perfect example of if we went through the budget line by line which the president said he would do as a candidate. >> should we cut out a documentary about between the covers? should we study with taxpayer money romance novels?
7:47 pm
really? >> it's such a great christmas gift to conservatives every year. >> do you think middle class families should pay for this? >> spending on arts and culture is what great civilizations do. picasso was considered porn for many people. all of y'all would love to have one hanging on your wall. >> do you have a picasso in your apartment? >> no, but i have "50 shades of gray." i speak for women with when i say we need the research. we need more. >> keep it in the bedroom. middle class families shouldn't pay for romance novel studies, graphic or not. new year's eve is tomorrow. of course gallup has their new who the americans admire most. president obama tops the list for this year. hillary clinton is the most admired woman of the year. what i like is going back. if you go back to oh 1948, queen
7:48 pm
elizabeth, ii, margaret flach thrasher, billy graham and ronald reagan. throughout history they have a longer life span on the add hired list. >> to have the president and former secretary of state makes sense. it's a function of name recognition. he's the president. people admire him even if they don't like the job he's doing. if i had to vote in the poll, i'm not sure if it was limited to americans but broaden the pool. i would say pope francis is the most admired man for exhibiting the love of christ. as a final tribute and a farewell to margaret thatcher it was an extraordinary life. she died in april. >> seems pope francis would bring republicans and democrats together a little bit. >> he has. he's also angered conservatives by focusing on the biblical call for social justice. >> do you think he's someone we
7:49 pm
could all admire. >> he's my 2013 person of the year. happy about everything he's doing and saying about the economy. of course president obama will top the list. i think the lengths obama hater wills go to disrespect this president and the office of the presidency saying it's not a big deal. his numbers have come down, come on. at least give him credit during the holiday season. >> would you give ronald reagan credit? >> absolutely. when he talked about the challenger explosion when i was in 7th grade it was a seminole moment in my the to see him la rest because of it. hillary clinton always tops my list. when i'm in any dire situation i think what would hillary do. a lot of conservative women do. >> what difference does it make? >> right on the bracelet. ms. new york, if you could have voted, who would it be? >> starting with the women.
7:50 pm
i would probably say jennifer lawrence. i like her. she's great, well add hired. we all want to befriend her. she gives hilarious interviews. >> katie looks like her. >> i appreciate that. >> we are overlooking a very important man. george gallup. we would not have this poll if it weren't for him. >> very true. thank you for everything. have a have a happy new year. >> thank you. thank you. >> coming up, ainsley earhardt is back to showcase how building homes for heros is making injured veterans lives brighter this holiday season. that is next. i always say be the man withhe plan but with less energy, moodiness, and a low sex drive, i had to do something. but with less energy, moodiness, i saw my doctor.rive, a blood test showed it was low testosterone, not age. we talked about axiron the only underarm low t treatment that can store t levels to norm
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[ male announcer ] introducing fedex one rate. in controlling yournow overactive bladder symptoms. the new oxytrol for women patch. the first and only overhe counter treatment for overactive bladder. put the control back in your go with new oxytrol for women. now in the femine care aisle. welcome back to "hannity". ainsley earhardt has been
7:55 pm
profiling a charity and fox news fans are stepping up and helping to make a difference now, ans sli back with our final installment of the year, take a look. >> this air force sargeant had a dangerous job imaginable, tasked with disarming live bombs. in september, 2011 he was responding to a blast that injured a marine. his life would change, forever. here is how it was described when he was awarded the silver star. >> upon reaching the vehicle, he used his detector to clear a safe path and assisted with carrying the injured marine out of the area. conducting an analysis, he stepped on a initiation system. he lost both legs and his left arm at the
7:56 pm
elbow but he didn't stop working. >> despite near mortal injuries he continued to pass information concerning the device, vital as his team complete the commission. it enables extraction of two injured marines. he reflected great pride upon himself and united states air force. >> valor is of the moment. a character is built over a lifetime. the events of the 23 of september last year, can be described less as a case of spontaneous valor, more as a predictable outcome of circumstance and character intercepting on the battlefield. >> talked about the weather and sacrifice courage. we don't think about that stuff. we just do what we do and love it. i'd do it over again. >> he underwent months of gruelling therapy at walter reed
7:57 pm
but never let injuries slow him down or interfere with caring for his sovenl he completed marine corps marathon. now with the rep of building homes for heros now pledged to build a mortgage-free home for joseph and his family, designed for his injuries. members of the community turned out in the rain to break ground on this house and show support for a true american hero. >> the sun may not be shining here today but it is shining in our hearts for what's happening. we have the building permit in hand and will be starting construction very soon. what an honor and a blessing this is for me and my family and my company to have this opportunity to participate in serving an american hero and his family, through building homes for
7:58 pm
heros. he's kind, gentle, fun, filled with warmth. caring and loving. a teacher to his son and a teacher by example to us, all. >> i appreciate everybody coming out to support my family for this huge step in our family to moving on from, from the bad to good. we look forward to meeting our neighbors i'm sure our doors will be open for a week or so for everybody to bring potluck. thank you, again, god bless america. >> the family is expected to move in sometime in 2014. >> and ainsley joins me now. they say is there no place like home, viewers have given these heros a place to call home. >> they v thank you so much to you, at home forgiving so much to this wonderful charity, building homes for heroes. this is the last story that we're going to air this year. and last
7:59 pm
week, all of you at home sent so much money to build more homes for this organization we thank you for. that hundreds of thousands of dollars poured in. this is our last push for this last home for this master sargeant and his family we need $300,000 to finish his house, then, next year they want to build 25 mortgage-free houses. >> it's the season of giving and these are mortgage-free homes allowing these heros coming home from battles to feel at home and live as if they lived before. >> so brave for our country and freedom we need to give back to them. >> thank you. thank you for the series. and remember, as ainsley mentioned they need your help, they're trying to raise 300,000ses today complete construction of this home. go to building homes for see how you can change lives of
8:00 pm
more great americans. thank you for being with us. big happy birthday to sean hannity. are of paragraph the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: [gunfire] >> there is just no chance that this was an al qaeda attack. >> the "new york times" claiming al qaeda was not involved in the embassy attack in benghazi libya. but congressional investigators on both sides of the aisle disagree. we'll get to the bottom of the dispute. >> what difference, at this point, does it make? how does the report impact hillary clinton's run in 2016. >> majority white supremacy culture. >> race baiters attack a&e for allowing "duck dynasty" patriarch phil robertson back on the show. we will take a look


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