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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  December 31, 2013 12:00am-1:01am PST

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"the five" tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. eastern. good night. are of paragraph the the o'reilly factor is on. tonight,. >> there is just no chance that this was an al-qaeda attack. >> the new york times claiming al-qaeda was not involved in the embassy attack in benghazi, libya, but congressional investigators on both sides of the aisle disagree. >> we will get to the bottom of the dispute. >> what difference at this point does it make? >> and how will the new benghazi report impact hillary's chances in 2017? we will take a look. >> "duck dynasty" is part of a white culture. >> and allowing phil robertson back on "duck dynasty." we will look at the decision and the fallout. >> it is over with.
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>> caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone and the factor begins right now. hi, everyone, i'm laura ingraham in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. let's get to the top story over the weekend. "new york times" published an extensive investigation into last year's terrorist attack in benghazi. four americans dead and left two ambassador libya christopher stephens. there is just no chance that this was an al qaeda attack if by divide you mean the organization founded by usama bin laden. this is a group of men inspired by video deliberately attacked the compound. >> well, those claims directly contradict what congress has said about the attack. and joining me now to explain is congressman mike
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rogers, a republican from michigan and he is chairman of the house intelligence committee. congressman, there is not a lot that takes may breath aaway in this town after having been here for 20 years now. this certainly takes the cake. i think it was in october of 2012. right after the 9/11 '12 attack. "new york times" reported the graphic thrown up on the screen that okay al qaeda related firefighters -- fighters were operating training camps near that diplomatic mission. received reports that islamic extremist groups were operating. he doesn't mention that report in the "new york times" investigation. >> yeah. it was shocking to me. and i have tried to do a thorough investigation of this some things that the administration said didn't happen and some on the other side of the aisle said did happen, i investigated those. i couldn't find evidence of it but to say to some conclusion that there was no al qaeda involvement or
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there was no sense of at least a degree of preplanning is mystifying to me. >> i'm going to play the reporter here. >> sure. >> he is going to say look, we were on the ground. we interviewed dozens and dozens of people with direct knowledge of what happened that night and we could find no direct link to al qaeda. that is -- we have done the stuff that we are supposed to do in the "new york times," which is reporting. how do you respond to that? >> well, i was an fbi agent. i never met a guilty man in jail. if you are going to interview people who participated in the task and understand that means they are going to be at least of interest to the united states, it's rearly hard to gain a complete assessment. you would have to interview those people. you would have to do neighborhood canvass. go through and talk to all of the intelligence gatherers leading up to the event and subsequent to the event. they didn't do any of that. think of this. 4,000 cables we reviewed in the committee in our investigation leading up to the event. to talk about the changing dynamics. was al qaeda involved? it was clear that a threat of al qaeda was involved in
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aspirational, meaning they wanted to do something like this. >> does that mean they did it though? >> do i believe they did. they clearly participated. >> what's going on with the "new york times" why this report? why now? >> that is dove tailing the political question, is it not? >> sure. >> getting to the midterm elections. might be dominated by things more like the economy and obamacare. nevertheless, mrs. clinton needs this to go away, does she not? this could be a problem for her? >> i don't want to speculate. i just am shocked that it a major newspaper in the united states would have the same talking pointed that the administration had the day after the event. if you recall, i was on this they okay the same time that susan rice was on the 12th saying hey, clhis was an organized, if not al qaeda. >> five sunday shows. >> exactly. i was on the same show theakd. would and that narrative never changed. >> the video, that obscure little video was at the center of this attack and that was reported again in
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the "new york times," the conclusion was that video kind of fueled the attack that night in benghazi. but, wasn't it the case that catherine herridge reviewed and fox news did the report, catherine filed it that all these social media posts that were examined, i think it was about 4,000 showed no mention of that video until the day after the benghazi attack. so, again, i'm not following the "new york times" reporting on this. and since it seems so out of sync with what the "new york times." why do it? boldface to help hillary clinton? people ask that questionen fair to raise it testified on capitol hill that his jaw dropped when he testified to that video. >> the chairman of the committee, that night, early the next morning had the occasion to review the first report that came out.
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which clearly identified it as a terrorist attack. which number one wouldn't necessarily lead to be al qaeda but we knew there were al qaeda affiliated groups. then you look at all of those cables that we viewed leading up to it where the intelligence folks on the ground saying place is getting dangerous and there are al qaeda groups and al qaeda affiliated groups operating in the area who have expressed an interest in committing an act it was on 9/11. it's pretty hard to pass the smell test. >> with r. we not back at the point connect the dots? we didn't connect the dots before the first 9/11 and we're back to the situation with hundreds of billions of dollars spent on new security apparatus and intelligence-gathering and yet we still couldn't stop this attack. i think americans wonder what price are we paying here? >> this is an important fact. i think what happens here is the very fact that bad decisions were made that led to the success of the attack. not that the attack couldn't be stopped. they made decisions based on their political narrative
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and that i think, corrected to those deaths of those americans on 9/11 in libya that day. >> what difference does it make, congressman, really? that's going to be the line. >> billing difference. >> what difference does it make? we really appreciate you spending time. happy new year. >> thanks. >> is the benghazi story giving cover to hillary clinton as she makes the 2016 presidential run. a&e is now under fire from liberals for allowing phil robertson back on "duck dy
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in the factor follow-up segment tonight, a look ahead to 2016. hillary clinton was secretary of state when the benghazi attack happened is expected to run in the next presidential election. the "new york times" benghazi story provides good cover for her if she decides to go down that road. but, north all democrats agree that she is a shoe in for the nomination. >> i think john kerry is the big political surprise and
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by that i mean, you know, maybe he makes another run. >> really? >> well, this is just me. [ laughter ] >> but i think he has got the credentials. he has run before. he has been a superb secretary of state. >> with me now to react is fox news contributor mary katharine ham. stop laughing mary katherine and democratic strategist who advised hillary clinton's 2008 campaign. we are going to it announce now already going to be her chief of staff. sorry. i didn't mean to spill the beans. i have got to start with you richard on this comment from richardson. that kind of surprised me. i didn't see that as necessarily coming. is that realistic. >> i am thinking that richardson has been consuming too much eggnog or spiked the o.j. in the green room at meet the press. and as you remember, the clintons thought he was going to be in their camp in 2008. >> richardson. >> richardson. so, i think maybe there is some score settling going on. this makes no sense to me.
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for a variety of reasons. first, john kerry was the first democrat since 1988 not to win a plurality of the vote. >> 2004 since george bush. so he was the first one. and democrats certainly remember that he we all know how democrats think about george w. bush and kerry lost to him is certainly not -- >> -- how about the wind surfing photo. let's go back to that. >> and for as much as he has compiled you can dispute whether his record is good, bad or indifferent. whatever he has done has been -- hillary's efforts with the russians and libya and syria as a springboard. >> i would say mary katherine his record as secretary of state has been far superior to hillary's. i think you can make the opposite argument that has actually tried to to play clean up to the administration's mistakes mainly mrs. clinton and barack obama. >> make that argument make no difference electorally. the big winner would be laura ingraham who would have a blast with that. >> i still remember my 2004
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radio shows those were fun. >> we should always stint that hillary clinton was inevitable in 2008. always want to put that out there early polling of her. lots of things can happen. john kerry not one of the things that can't harassment maybe bill richardson is saying hey. hillary clinton. maybe john kerry and bill richardson can be 3 and 4 in the sent subsequent -- >> does that give her heat from benghazi, richard? the other people still feel good about benghazi and what happened that night. seem to be some lingering sense that there were major screwups over at the he state department. forget the cia but at the state department with security. a lot of red flags and people didn't do what they should have. does this "new york times" thing give her a blanket cover? >> look, it helps. there is nobody, i suspect not a single voter in the democratic primary process who aattaches significance to benghazi and thinks that hillary was under oath before rand paul and people who really wanted to stick
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it to her and we all know what came of that we all know bob gates the secretary of state the relief was cartoonish. i don't think benghazi, the "new york times" story helps but that's all. >> democrats going to hit her in the primaries over benghazi. >> if she even in a challenger from the left, that's not the tact they would take with her in the general election might that give her some cover if she gets there? that remains to be seen if that hits with voters. if you look at the gallup most admired poll she is still at the top. >> i love. obama is up at the top and hillary clinton. but i have got to say obama is at 15% and then pretty much everybody else is 3% and 1%. bill gates 1%. mitt romney is at 1% '. mitt romney with bill gates that's pretty good. >> give hillary credit. 18 times she has been at the top. 12 in a row. that's a pretty good streak. >> don't know who to name at this point. who do we know? who else are we going to say? billy graham still makes the
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list. >> i want to do a moratorium on all of these lists. the year end list segment is getting tired. shopping at thanksgiving. run the same story every year. the dnc email warning about a possible impeachment of barack obama racing money, stoking the fears. this is a over the top don't you think? is that really a fear? cold sweat, going to impeach our president, really? what i think about why do people utter the word impeachment. people suffer from obama derangement syndrome. here is the problem for republicans by putting that out there the notion of impeachment. >> who is putting it out there. >> certainly all these republicans in the house who talked about it rather openly and proudly. one of two things is going to happen. either in the republican presidential debates in 2016 if you poo poo it, you are rino if you embrace it anybody close to the mainstream dismisses you. do away with it is to have people stop talking about
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it. >> campaign on obama campaign in fund raiser? >> republicans still have to hit the level that democrats hit during the bush levels fake impeachment trials. they did in a famous column that we ridiculed to this day. so once we hit that point, then we can start worrying about the other. >> 10 seconds each. chris christie kills everybody in this poll, a frontrunner for the g.o.p. people want a realistic winner, somebody who can take out probably hillary clinton. >> i think it showed two things. one that christie was not burnt or toast as soon as he hugged obama or had him in new jersey that's not the case. and, two, that maybe the rubio comprehensive immigration hurt him more than christie's. >> at this point in 2005, we saw the exact same polls, people had the exact same dreams he could win. is he middle on all these different issues and we saw what happened when you get
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into that crucible. >> also didn't compete. giuliani made the tactic i think this could play off differently. >> i'm betting not. christie is more conservative than giuliani and whole host of issues. and on deck obamacare warning that all conservatives need to hear. "duck dynasty" controversy. calls the show part of the white supremacist culture nice. those stories up ahead.
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ed in the impact seeing isment tonight, the peril for a g.o.p. that dines out only on obamacare, that is the subject of tonight's talking points memo, for two days in a row, the "the washington post" has run front page stories highlighting the new poive
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news about obama characterization signups have reached 1.1 million screams one headline, having guaranteed healthcare is the light at the end of the tub for many screams another headline, well, i expect we are going to see more of these types of pieces in the coming weeks and monthss as democrats in the white house attack the g.o.p. on the affordable care act. this is why the g.o.p. is taking a huge risk by counting on obamacare as its only issue in 2014. now, remember, a number of republicans justified their support of that lame ryan murray budget deal by arguing it would help them focus on obamacare in 2014 to help them clear the deck. folks, it's not that simple. it's not that obamacare will work, of course, we know it's not going to work. in the runup to the mid terms, many in the media are going to do everything in their power to make people think it's working. so conservative candidates
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should be prepared to make other points. stop spending and roll back second amendment rights amnesty from undercutting middle class wages. republicans should tout what they have actually accomplished even while in the minority in congress spending has declined over the past few years that's incredible. not because of the g.o.p. forced sequester but also because republicans have blocked the democrats from spending more money than we don't have on programs that don't work and ever going to work. the didn't work on obamacare and look where that got us. the g.o.p. communication teams must point out that republicans have served a critical role by preventing liberals from doing even more damage to the middle class through more tax hikes and accumulating more debt and ramming through other obamacare like programs that ultimately take power from the people. an memo. now for another view on this joining me from new york is
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richard benjamin, a fellow at demos which is a progressive think tank. here with me in washington is joseph antos an american enterprise institute scholar. richard, let's start with you here. can you react to my talking points memo. of course i'm focusing on the production' strategy. i guess get the sense that the media narrative is kind of shifting here. a lot of media folks are tired of the negative drum beat on obamacare and election year is coming up and we are going to start hearing the -- well, maybe feeling the heart strings tugged a little bit on all the people getting coverage now under obamacare. >> but, the reality is piment do want the law to work. they want the reality of the law to work happy more people getting enrolled.
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the site seems to be working better and time to move forward on this. i think the politics of it, of the shut down, of the election and all of that people are are wanting that to put behind them how do we get to the shut down. >> fund the tactic gut the law, et cetera. you guys always go back to the shutdown as if that is going to effect negative at this point. talk about yesterday's news. the news today cardiologists flocking to hospitals. facility feed a billions to medical bills. medicine goes corporate as more physicians join hospital payrolls meaning, joe, they lose their independence, that patient doctor relationship that barack obama said was so sacred now is being compromised by bureaucrats cutting the library with doctors saying you have go to refer in hospital, you can't refer out there. is real world consequences not just the happy story.
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>> absolutely. the fact is that for somebody who has a serious medical condition, awrk r. active now; you can't coordinate care if you have to change your doctor. the reality is that the exchange plans have very very limited networks. and a lot of people are going to be surprised, are going to be shocked when they find out that they can't continue to go to the hospitals and the doctors and the other practitioners that have been taking care of them for potentially for years. >> i think what's happening, richard is, that people are thinking about the generalities of what's involved here it sounds good, people getting coverage. i understand look if you can't get coverage before you had a preexisting condition. i had breast cancer i know what that's like. you get coverage and that's great. but then there is the devil is always in the details. this kansas city star piece that came out yesterday about all these facility fees, you know, a woman goes in to get this hospital
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procedure, the $0, you know, out-of-pocket co-pay then she gets home and she gets a $200 facility fee charged by the hospital, because independent practices end up going away under obamacare. these doctors can't afford to stay in independent practice because of the cost of compliance. the paperwork, the emr, electronic medical records burdens on doctors and the low reimbursement. so they have to flock to hospitals, which is big monopoly power, too. right? that's hospital power and that means the little guy, namely the patients oftentimes get hurt where again these fees that we didn't think about maybe before obamacare passed. can you react. >> laura, i'm generally sorry to hear about your breast cancer. i know many women with breast cancer. when you use the word monopoly i think more insurance companies and insurance companies than i do about hospitals. now we have a law that although it does have its problems, more people will be covered and the kinks that people talk about will
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be worked out and the idea is to move forward as you say in 2014 and see how we can do that go to the states where this is working well so far. >> i hate to interrupt you but we are almost out of time. why isn't the president moving on then? every time you turn around the president is given exemption to one group or delaying mandates or delaying compliance. we just all need to move on. then i think you should deliver that message to the president himself. he should move on. instead, is he holding back until we get through this election cycle. it's clearly a political move. i think it's transparent to everybody. 10 seconds. almost out of time. >> i do think is he aware of the need to move on. the question becomes how and is he really the implementation of what's going to become key. >> right. exactly. he has already failed the implementation. the web site didn't work for three months. now they have a whopping 1 million people of whom at least half of them are people who lost their coverage. >> the web sight wasn't the implementation the web site was a portal to
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implementation. >> the devil is in regulatory details. network coverage people are going to get. gentleman, ewe could have the whole show on this. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along tonight. a&e allowed phil robertson back on "duck dynasty" as one far left professor says the show is part of a white supremacist culture. take a look at the ongoing controversy. coming up, also ahead twin terror bombings in russia. safety of
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in the unresolved problem segment tonight, the culture war over "duck dynasty" is escalating. late last week a&e caved into pressure from fans and reversed its decision to suspend patriarch phil robertson from the hit show after he sounded off on gays race and religion in a magazine interview. now the network is under fire from liberal activists. >> phil robertson and the "duck dynasty" is part of a majority white supremacist culture that neither consciously or unconsciously incould you baits hatred towards those that are different. >> with me is howard kurtz the most of media buzz which airs sundays at 11 a.m. here on fnc. what do you make of this that comment? it's unconscious or conscious white supremacist culture in television. >> excuse me, what planet is michael eric dyson living on. we live in a white pressroom cyst culture criticized phil robertson for saying african-americans in the jim crow segregation era happy
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and singing. >> that's not what phil robertson said. he said what he saw. he was relating what he saw because he said he worked in the field with them because he was basically white trash as he described himself he got to know folks. he was recounting his observations. >> his comments were very over the top. >> white supremacist that was seriously over the top. >> that's part of the race baiting culture, isn't it? dyson and maybe someone said sharpton and jackson you have got to keep it going. keep the flames going. not to say there is not intolerance and race. not to say there isn't in every culture. our society is probably more pluralistic and open. maybe the exception of brusmtion or france. and yet when i look at this
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a&e thing and i talked to folks over the last couple of weeks about it. there really a divide in the country, right? it's obvious. because i think more traditional americans they see a lot of what happens in the culture as offensive to them. they see a lot of what happens on, i don't know, i don't watch any of these shows. glee or modern family. some of them are fun and funny. they say that's not my deal. that's not the way i live my life. fired what happens on those networks are offensive to them. hear phil robertson give an interview about his personal views and it's glaad comes out and all these horrible person. intolerant. i think they stepped over the line. glaad now looks like the bully. a lot of people ironically see that organization as bullying basically good people on the culture. >> whether you agree with what phil robertson said or not, i think his language inflannel tore towards gays.
12:35 am
i understand that resonates. millions upon millions upon millions of bible believing christians who believe in i corinthians kind of agree with his general view. gives a sermon and says that gays are arrogant god haters. i wouldn't have suspended him. here is what a&e did. it got on its high moral horse and its executives said. >> why is it afraid of glaad. >> a&e executives describe themselves as champions of the offends our corporate values. so we're suspending. as soon as the backlash heats up, suddenly the suspension is cut to zero days and a&e says we will put out psas teaching tolerance this is a classic case of spinelessness. >> on my show said it was almost stalinist how the glaad forces came in and tried continue to vehicle their own little star chamber against him. basic fairness is what changed the dynamic here and
12:36 am
a&e got hit really hard. >> i do think laura this is a culture war when we were arguing about marriage. now it is legal. >> irrelevant at this point. a lot of people whispering that thanks so much to you. happy new year. >> would like to remind you two upcoming bold and fresher shows bill and dennis miller. just 20 v.i.p. seats remain in north charlesston and south carolina is and north charlesston performing arts center. tickets to the show the next day march 29th at knoxville tennessee snoxville civic auditorium will sell out very quickly. check out bill o' big discounts in the christmas store. premium members get additional discounts as well. terror bombings killed dozens in russia just weeks ahead the preliminary pick game. should would he be worried about the safety of the american athletes competing there a special report upnext. and now my journey
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across the country has brought me to the lovely city of boston. cheers. and seeing as it's such a historic city, i'm sure they'll appreciate that geico's been saving people money for over 75 years. oh... dear, i've dropped my tea into the boston harbor. huhh... i guess this party's over. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. thanks for joining us. i'm laura ingraham in for bill o'reilly. keeping the sochi preliminary pick games safe. two seaside bombs have killed 38 people in russia. city 45 miles away from
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sochi where the winter olympic games will kick off next month. question tonight should would he be worried about the security ofe american athletes set to compete february 7th. joining us is a senior writer at the american media institute who focuses extensively on issues related to putin and russia. dr. waller, this is horrible story out of russia death toll looks like it's going to go up because of the shrapnel wounds. seems so far away from here and indeed it is. our at least are set to go to rush sharks what should would he be thinking about? >> in boston we really feel these attacks because as you know the terrorists who did the boston marathon killings were from that part of russia. they were from chesh that chechnya. going to be quite a concern for our athletes and especially their families and friends and other spectators who go to the preliminary picks.
12:42 am
-- olympics. russia promising the tightest security in the history of the olympic games. so getting a bomb off at an x-ray check point weeks before the games versus getting something done during the games, those are two totally separate matters our security system here in the united states, people want to do damage, they will probably be able to do some damage rush ha is a police state. he celebrated the founding of the kgb he presides over a massive police system in russia. they still have never been able to get a handle on their terrorist problem. especially coming from that part of russia. southern russia and the caucuses region right near chechnya. >> that part of rush ha is disputed, michael, rye? because this dispute goes back 100 plus years, right?
12:43 am
>> it's a cultural dispute, a national dispute. one of changing borders from the various emperors that have ruled that part of the world. fundamentally right now, it's an islamist ideological fight. first of all the chechen, ethnic chechens were viewed as sort of the trash of russia most russians don't like them. they are very easy to profile. they are very as a group they are very discriminated against. so that's really fertile ground for people in a depressed area who are being picked on as well as a separatist war national i'd at the it was 14 years ago this week that putin took power in russia from boris yet son after having participated the second chechen war by being himself involved in apartment buildings to use as excuse to wage war against chechens. big beef against putin as
12:44 am
well as the russian government in general. >> we appreciate it thanks so much. here are the results of our bill o' poll. we asked in your opinion, what kind of year was 2013? only 13 percent said good. 87 percent said it was bad. well, thanks to all of you who voted anyway. and would still like to hear from you. what did you think of 2013? please email us o'reilly at and bill will read some of your emails on thursday. and in a moment, a lightning round of hot topics, featuring robin roberts and global warming and a plus size barbie. those reports after these messages.
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in the back of the book
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segment tonight, several hot topics, beginning with good morning america's robin roberts publicly acknowledging that she is gay. joining knee now from charlotte, north carolina eboni williams and from boston michael graham, both are radio talk show hosts. that makes three of us, guys. michael, let's start with you. robin roberts, now, i got to know robin roberts very briefly. we both got an award for breast cancer at the cancer center years ago. delightful person. great, great, great great gal. she sent out this acknowledgment after a really tough health year saying basically, you know, my girl friend has been supporting me through this and thank you. and i didn't know it was a big news story but, boy, it's really caught fire. what's your reaction? >> i haven't been in shocked since clay aiken came out. what's interesting to me is how -- it's interesting that it's a media story but i don't know how many americans -- the fact is we know there are so many people public life openly gay now.
12:49 am
it's not that big of deal. this is the great break through that glaad wanted from the beginning. the notion that they are going to lose a single viewer. either you like good morning america or find the concept of george stephanopoulos totally unbelievable and heinous and you never turn in. >> you hit my pal george. ebony what's your reaction? people are over the whole sax sexuality thing. i'm trying to get by day to day. long time unemployed. people obsesses will people's sexuality. it seems to some people it's too much. we're happy robin roberts is happy. lovely lady. i get the sense from a lot of people there is kind of we don't need to know everything about everybody's personal life but go ahead. >> right, laura, there is certainly some privacy that we all want to retain. i think when you are coming out and you are a celebrity. we have to remember she is amazing woman.
12:50 am
survived a very tough health year and a lot people look up to robin roberts. people in the middle of america. people that still have to deal with limitations to accepting their lifestyle, this is seen as a good thing. this is seen as a huge step in normalizing their lifestyles and hopefully brighten acceptance. that's where maybe the news story is coming. in less than being a big deal that robin roberts is american but maybe more so about normalizing that for more americans that don't have that type of platform. >> plain streaming that lifestyle. i think you are right about that next topic, people trapped in antarctica really dramatic story. tweeting out stories. sending out stories, emails, photos of videos of themselves. a number of the people on board are there to investigate global warming issues, problems with ice shrinkage, melting. that's an unfortunate thing given the fact that they are
12:51 am
trapped in ice. your reaction there? >> five years ago this month al gore said within five years the northern pole ice caps would be gone. now they are up there celebrating. they are stunned to be surrounded by ice. they called it unusually thick ice because they are unusually thick people who haven't been paying attention to the science on global warming for 18 years and still want to roast like a chest on an open fire. >> with all the technology didn't we have a sense this could happen? what do you make of the story, oboni? we have incredible cold spells in the united states. we have changed it to climate change. it's not so much global warming. does this present a problem for the global warming folks? >> well, yeah. we have to be open when we talk about the dialogue of climate change. i prefer that terminology
12:52 am
myself. these climate change researchers, being stuck in this -- they didn't anticipate tha this climate. it's an ironic situation. >> all i can say is -- well with, we are out of time. we weren't able to get to the plus-sized barbie segment. i want the plus-sized ken with the beer with gut. once the plus-sized ken is out there, it will be fine. happy new year. next up, bill o'reilly in a tux. is he hobnobbing with the stars again? we'll explain when we come back.
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finally tonight, we want to leave you with something that will make you smile and maybe tap your feet a little. last night cbs broadcast the
12:55 am
kennedy center honors. among the honorees, herbie handock and the man who kicked off the tribute, the factor himself -- bill o'reilly. >> i'm surprised, too. [ laughter ] >> herbie hancock, remarkable american, remarkable artist. we start his tribute there. over the years, i have talked with him a few times. i don't hang with him. i don't want to ruin his reputation. laugh clear. but when i see him, he's always serene, modest and polite. believe me, i need that kind of role model. i saw him at a time magazine bash. he was sitting at the pan owe,
12:56 am
he just played a number and he was taking it all in. so serene i thought he was in a coma. then i found out he's a practicing buddhist . press to, it all made sense. look at him up there with the president of the united states, the first lady, all the brilliant artists. he's the only one not nervous about what i'm going to say. herbie is a true gentles man. his skill and fame reflect the values that make this country great. hard work, creativity, respect for yourself and others. it's embracing what is good in man kind that infuses his music and makes him a national icon. he said one time, i realize if i perceive myself as a musician it puts a barrier between me and
12:57 am
people who are not musicians. if i define myself at a human being, all the barriers disappear. that's true. humble. to the point. that's herbie hancock. [ applause ] ♪ >> herbie couldn't wait for the pan owe to arrive at his parents' house. he was only 10 when he made his solo debut with the chicago symphony. then he discovered jazz. ♪ he wondered -- how does this
12:58 am
work? he loved to take things apart. so he did. ♪ >> blue note records was the place for jazz. herbie wrote them seven years of hits. ♪ then he heard someone was looking for him. ♪ with miles davis, jazz wasn't what you played, it was uh how you played it. >> miles asked me to play something. when i finished, miles had one comment. he said, nice touch. >> herbie kept an eye on what the kids were doing. ♪
12:59 am
he called his song "rock it." ♪ he was and still is the hippest guy in the room. ♪ for over a half a century, been bringing together the pieces that create the orchestra of life. ♪ we are grateful to his parents for buying herbie that piano. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> amazing talent. nice job, bill. before we go, be sure to check out my website laura you can listen to my radio show. special shout out the to our new stigs klif in texas. we love you. that's it for us tonight.
1:00 am
i'm in for bill o'reilly. remember, the spin stops here because we are always looking out for you. happy new year to everyone. you. hello everyone. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." 2013 is winding down but beforeg we ring in 2014, let's take a s moment to revisit some of the top news storie s of the year. what were some of the hot topics you heard about here on the five, here's a look back. >> if you like your doctor, you keep your doctor.r if you like your health care plan, you keep your health care plan. >> and i am sorry that they are finding themselves in this p situation based on assurances theyre got from me. >> i rise today to begi


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