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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 31, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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and bill himmer take over. happy new year, everyone. >> happy new year! obamacare gets ready for its close-up. the new health plan goes operational at the stroke of midnight. this is "special report." good evening, i'm john roberts in tonight for bret baier. happy new year to you. as millions of americans ring in the new year in a few hours, president obama's health care emerges. people go to clinics and emergency rooms and pharmacies, hoping their coverage comes through. white house correspondent
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wendell goler is with the president in honolulu. >> reporter: when the big bault drops in -- the big ball drops in time square, kathleen sebelius emerged from lunch today optimistic but cautious. >> i'm thrilled we're going to have millions. people that will have health security and it should be a great year for families across america. >> i'm sure there will be some issues, there always are. >> but the problems of the website seem to be a thing of the past, exerts see new problems on the horizon. >> i think there will be confusion of people who may have done well on the front end of the website but didn't get the information transferred through the back end of the website and that is where i think the problems will lie. >> some people still don't have their insurance cards and so many don't have prescription cards that several major drugstores said they will accept a copy instead.
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some still have extended paying the first month's premium to the end of the month. and on capitol hill they are trying to track the money spent on the implementation. the tech surge that fixed the website left it hugely overbudget. moran said they just moved department money with little accountability. >> where the money is coming from, what the success has been and what the testing of the website has been, how things are changing and the answers that i've received took seven weeks to get any answer but it is like putting a check in the box without providing any real information. >> reporter: white house officials worry republicans would defund any part of obamacare they had fiscal control over and as the fact promises have taken a political toll, for if you like your insurance, you can keep it, trey troy said it could cause more
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problems. >> it is becoming more expensive and employers are reassessing their relationship with employees and they might make choices that could change the health care that the employees receive. >> reporter: that would mean that if you like your plan you can keep it promise might not apply to the vast majority of people who get their health insurance from their employer and that may cause more serious complaints. >> wendell goler in honolulu. happy new year for you. things could have been worse for castleton, north dakota. the derailment of a train carrying crude oil led to the evacuation of hundreds of people. but experts say it could have caused the death of dozens of people. will carr is watching the story for us tonight from los angeles. >> reporter: a fire ball shot into the air, just seconds after two bnsf trains collided near
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castleton, north dakota. the crash sparked one explosion after another. >> it was the third explosion that rattled the house and the doors and the windows were all shaking. >> reporter: authorities say a train pulling more than 100 cars filled with grain derailed, crashing into a train carrying crude oil. witnesses could see thick, black smoke for more than 15 miles. >> it was like nighttime it. was dark. the entire sky blacked out. you can't see anything. >> reporter: with smoke billowing, authorities asked nearby residents to stay inside of her homes but a short time later, a voluntary evacuation. >> people listened and did not panic, they were calm and cool. >> reporter: nearly 1600 residents left the town, causing serious health concerns. has mat crews tried to get a handle on the blaze and the health department tested air quality. communities across the plains have voiced concerns in concern
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of the cars hauled on railroads, projecting to over 100,000 this year. but despite the increase, the number of accidents has stayed relatively steady. >> the voluntary evacuations were lifted this afternoon, at the same time the ntsb is still on the scene to see what caused this crash to begin with. and for good news, amazingly nobody was hurt. >> that is terrific. will carr for us in los angeles, thank you. slovakia has accepted three prisoners from guantanamo bay who were particularly difficult to re-settle. they are members of an ethnic muslim minority from china detained in afghanistan and suspected allies of afghanistan. many refused to take them for fear of chinese retaliation. the global weapons agency responsible for getting rid of
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the syria nuclear have caused problems. syria has promised to abandon their chemical weapons by nest june. vladimir puteib is promising -- putin is promising to annialate any terrorists. amy kellogg has an update tonight from london. >> reporter: they should be celebrating new years and russian orthodox christmas which is next week, instead back to back suicide attacks believed to be carried out by islamists. >> we were born here this woman said, grew up here and there has never been anything like this. vladimir putin silent until now, vowed in his new year's address to hit back hard. >> we will confidently, fiercely and consistently continue to
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fight against terrorists until their complete annihilation. >> reporter: he and the olympic committee vow sochi is safe but have their doubts. >> we've had three terrorists attacks in volgograd, in such close proximity to sochi, suggest there are holes in the security. >> security has been put in place for the games. a 60 by 25 mile security zones into which cars won't be permitted months before the games begin. special forces will be in the mountains and skies will be filled with drones. >> the security is a good thing but not enough. you need to prevent such things and have information in advance and here the russian secret service has some problems. >> reporter: this expert said that the russia secret service has trouble infiltrating cells
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of southern russia's because there is distrust because different branches of russia's secret service. they welcome closer security cooperation during the games. >> amy, thanks. the passenger and crews of the russian ship stuck in the ice are ringing in the new year together. some of them were tamping down the snow to get ready for at rival of a rescue helicopter that hasn't yet arrived. this is what happened to one of the ships that tried but failed to break through the ice to reach the vessel. the expedition was in antarctica to do research on climate change. a fitting end to a huge year on wall street. the dow gained 72 points, s&p 500 up seven and the nasdaq gained 22. the blue chips ended the year up 26.5%. that is the type of graph you
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like to see. one of the recent holiday traditions here in washington. congress letting tax breaks expire at the end of the year without renewal. molly henneberg tells us that makes things tough on people outside of d.c. >> reporter: what the government giveth, the government can take away. including 55 popular tax breaks. almost every year congress allows them to expire and then reinstates them retroactively. but businesses and taxpayers cannot count on that because there is no guarantee. >> it affects your business planning, it affects your profitabili profitability, your bottom line and your competitiveness, not only domestically but globally. >> reporter: some of the tax breaks set to expire, a tax credit for research and development by drug and high-tech businesses. a tax break allowing companies to write off large capital expenditures right away. a tax credit for businesses that produce renewable energy. tax deductions for companies that donate food to the needy or computers to public libraries and a tax credit for those who
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buy electric powered cars. congress can decide to renew them for a year or two, or permanently or not at all. most likely, according to fox business anchor david adam, lawmakers will extend them temporarily and we'll be right back in the same situation in a year or so. >> politicians are weak-kneed sissies. they don't have the strength and courage to come in and say simplify the tax code and lower the tax rates and get rid of the deductions. every time they try to do it, lobbyists argue for the tax cuts. >> part of the calculations for lawmaker lawmakers know that means less tax money coming in and less money for government spending. >> molly, thanks. up next, you will be amazed to hear how many republicans are fighting for a senate seat in 2014. but first, here is some of
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what our fox affiliates are covering tonight. fox 13 in salt lake city, as utah officials ask the u.s. supreme court to sus pnd a lower court ruling allowing same-sex marriages. fox 7 in texas offering mobile i viv service that it will help alleviate the suffering caused by all of the hangovers that people will wake up with tomorrow in texas. and this is a live look at times square where fox 5 in new york is on the scene. a big story there tonight of course is the new year's eve celebration. more than a million people are expected. we'll talk with bill hemmer and elizabeth hasselbeck shortly. and that is a live look from outside of the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. welcome to my mom cave. wow. sit down. you need some campbell's chunky soup before today's big game,
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support for at least another week. a county judge extended the deadline set to expire last night. her mother hails the decision as an answer to her prayers. doctors at children's hospital in oakland and an independent neurologist from stanford university, have concludes the 13-year-old girl is brain dead. a big year for senate republicans. they need to regain six seats to gain control. there is a stampede to win those seats. so much so there are 24 candidates vying for some spots in some states. a struggle that could backfire in september. >> there are seven republicansb and for the direction in 2014 and beyond. >> leadership, instead of
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drinksman ship. business sense, not political calculati calculation. >> but bloody primaries can bang up the eventual nominee and make it harder for republicans to preserve the seats they have and win the additional six seats needed for the majority. in georgia, one republican is retiring. and there are eight republican contenders. >> this is going to be a long, hard-fought campaign. keep your eye on this fact. spending is a big symptom, the big government is the disease. >> that includes congressional governments that call themself tea partiers and they call incumbents the problem. >> we start by getting these politicians that made a career out of running for office. >> the majority may end up being the democrat michelle nun, daughter of sam nun. republicans have quarrelled and her numbers are increasing.
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and the speaker of the north carolina house, a physician, a baptist minister opposing gay marriage, a talk radio host and a nurse practitioner all with tea party support. and in alaska many want to oust mark benich, and a tea partier lost in the general. they need to find a balance between tea party ideology and winning elections and practical governance. it would reveal when and how the gop is resolving the differences. >> you have an exciting year ahead of you. >> and i good one. >> good to see you. happy new year. >> you too. still ahead, we'll go to times square and visit with bill hemmer and elizabeth hasselbeck.
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but first bret baier takes us underneath the capitol.
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we continue our inside the beltway series tonight. my colleague bret baier goes underground to show you a part of the capitol you probably never even know exists. >> we thought we would continue our special report, tours of washington, with a different look at capitol hill. you are probably very familiar with this view of the capitol. this is from a place called the senate swamp. it is a press area, very family view of the capitol dome from the outside. but what you don't see from here are the catacombs of tunnels underneath. >> we are underground now at the senate building and ditch the coat and we found chad perberg.
3:22 pm
and usually people don't see this, but this is your life, you work these tunnels? >> yes. >> there is a rabbit hole of tunnels around here. you can walk from the basement of the hart building through the russell office building, through the capitol where the kitchens are and to the house side of the capitol, cut through the house and wind up on the furthest point. to the rayburn office building. that is almost three quarters of a mile. >> this is some of the behind scenes, the kitchen stuff. >> this is a major area of access between the house and the senate, cutting through the meat lockers. >> and it winds around here and we are pretty deep. >> you are a couple of levels underneath the capitol itself. and you can see here, when they built the capitol visitors' center, this shows the layers of
3:23 pm
sediment and rock they had to cut through. and this goes deeper, two or three stories, much lower than we are right now. >> okay, so we kind of went all over the place but we are down here, is that right? >> we are right here and this is the mouth of the cannon tunnel. >> this looks like it was going to be a subway. >> one of the things they were going to do is build a subway through here. this is one of the tunnels that doesn't have a subway line. this is where pedestrians will walk but they never built a line here and this is the way most people walk. this is where members come when the bell rings to signal votes and aides go back and forth. can you tell when there is a big leadership meeting because the reporters stand here in the tunnels and you see the swath of people coming and you know something is going down. >> a good position. and the paintings on the wall? >> these are from the congressional art competition, which each district has a couple
3:24 pm
of winners. they rotate these through a couple of times a year and this is done by high school students and they vote who are the winners. >> so each state in each district. >> each state in each district. pretty cool. and a cross roads here. we came from the capitol but this is the cannon office building. >> you go up two floors and this is the basement of the cannon rotunda and you see live reporters doing live shots, two floors above us. but these are the tunnels that connect all of the underground parts of the cannon building, over to long berth and ray burn and there is even a tunnel that goes to the library of congress. >> this way? >> this way. >> let's go. >> this is the construction of cannon. ? >> this is the original part of the building. they were building the cannon office building and you can see where they had the mouth of the tunnel that goes to the capitol. this is in 1908.
3:25 pm
this was called the house office building because it was the only house office building but 100 years ago they were using tunnels to get back and forth to the capitol. >> this connects with the library of congress. >> right. originally the library of congress was in the capitol, the same set of offices used by mitch mcconnell, the minority leader. well they said we'll have a library and we'll throw some books in there. people with go back and read. well you think about how much the library of congress has grown. this connects you to one of the newer buildings and another set of tunnels that goes directly to the madison building from the capitol visitors center. so there are two tunnels that connect the capitol complex with the library of congress. >> and now we are in cannon, and you connect to -- next is long worth. >> all of the house buildings are named after speakers of the house. nick long worth from ohio, and then john boehner, and then sam rayburn, which is the biggest
3:26 pm
building and the newest one. some of the buildings or the offices in rayburn are quite commodeus and you will go through the tunnel and down past the parking garage where they park their cars. >> i don't think speaker boehner is expecting one with his name? >> no. we'd have to get another building. we're going down two levels of escalators because we are going down capitol hill, up at cannon, that was the top of capitol hill and long worth lower and then rayburn sets lower yet. >> okay. sub-basement but we are at the end of the line at rayburn. >> yeah, this is seeing the outside. >> because again you have come down capitol hill, and so you are at a lower level where outside is. and this is emergency exit, but you go out this way and can you go over to the botanical garden, the health and human services, the voice of america. but when i talked about three
3:27 pm
quarters mile from one edge of the hart building to one edge of the rayburn building, this is the end of the line. >> fascinating look inside and underneath the u.s. capitol. coming up next, we go live to time square in new york city, well above ground, as we get ready to ring in the new year. honestly, as much as i love this job, i plan to do a lot more. i needed a new laptop for my pre-med classes, something that runs office and has a keyboard. but i wanted a tablet for me, for stuff like twitter and xbox, so my downtime can be more like uptime. that's why i got a windows 2 in 1 which does both -- works as a laptop and a tabl. so i can manage my crazy life, and also he a life. [ be ] gotta go. ♪
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we are less than six hours
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away from the new year being wrung in in the east coast time zone, bringing us the ceremony from time square, bill hemmer and elisabeth hasselbeck. and you have some very exciting guests. it is kind of a duck dynasty type of night? >> reporter: yes, and more, john. how are you? happy new year to you. we are toasty, aren't we. >> we are. happy new year, john. this is my first time here at times square. >> this is her initiation. >> it is not so bad and we have a great lineup coming up. and you mentioned duck dynasty, willie will be on with us. >> willie and cory. >> and sarah palin will join us out of alaska when they will celebrate eight hours later. >> and we have some music. >> and blues traveller -- >> and bill o'reilly will give us tips for 2014.
3:32 pm
>> so we want to throw our arms out there and invite you -- your family to spend the night here with our fox family. >> and being together. >> and i'm excited as willie and cory being on. this is the first time they are speaking publicly since the whole -- the whole dust-up over phil robertson and the show being suspended from a&e. >> if you think about it in 2013, all of the news stories, they dominated the news and the headlines in december and we haven't heard from them other than a couple of tweets. they are in steamboat springs, colorado. and we'll link up with them at about 11:00 eastern time and figure out how they are welcoming in the new year. >> it will certainly bridge 2013 and 2014 to hear their sentiments on all that has transpired as of late. >> yes. because a lot has been going on. elizabeth and bill, thank you for the preview. we appreciate it.
3:33 pm
>> happy new year to you. >> and the same to you as well. both of you. well let's bring in our panel early tonight to talk about the consensus number one story of 2013, that being obamacare. joining me are jonah goldberg, fox news media analyst and host of the media buzz howard kurtz and of course charles krauthammer. and i want to play some sound we got from kathleen sebelius. she was having lunch at a restaurant around the corner and we hurried over with the camera and here is what she had to say about the pending inauguration of obamacare at mid -- midnight tonight. >> are you confident of people getting coverage? >> i'll thrilled we'll have millions of people that for the first time will have health security. it should be a great new year for families across america. >> do you anticipate any hiccups or how will you hanle that? >> i'm sure there will be some
3:34 pm
issues. people change plans every year and these are private and private markets and there are millions of people who change their insurance coverage every da day. >> so let's look back at the number one story of 2013, your thoughts. >> i marvel how pony happy kathleen sebelius is, it is so sincere how excited she is about all of this. this was, i would argue, the biggest domestic policy lie in history from a sitting president, how obamacare would be rolling out. and the source of the political problem, it was the biggest unforced error in american domestic policy, political history. you can point and argue that katrina was worse or vietnam, but this is something where the timetable was under the control of the administration, the surprises were all under their control and they just simply dropped the ball. >> is there was a -- there was a
3:35 pm
lot of warning about potential problems with obamacare and the problems eck lipped the warnings. >> a lot of red flags were ignored. look, obamacare could still wind up helping millions. the surge in the last few weeks help that. but it was so badly botched, it not only badly damaged this president, no question about that, but it undermined faith, even some on the left, in the liberal idea of activist government programs that will make it harder for any future president to push anything approaching this scale. >> was this the pinnacle, charles, of the hanib us plorrenis for the president? >> yes. this is the signature achievement of liberalism. it is sold as something liberals had aspired to for 100 years and then when it rolled out it was a disaster. and i think what is important about that, is unlike the other social innovations that
3:36 pm
liberalism has wrought, this one affects absolutely everybody. you do social security, if you are in your 20s, it is way out there in the future. but everybody is going to interact with the health care system, everybody gets sick, at some point everybody is affect the and that is why -- affected and that is why it has done the damage. it is a real issue. >> so the top story of 2013, obamacare but what were the other top stories of the year. we'll ask the fox all-stars for their picks as soon as we come back. stay with us. [ female announcer hands were made for playing. ♪ legs, for crossing. ♪ et...splashing. better things than the joint pain and swelling of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. if you're trying to manage your ra, now may be the time to ask about xeljanz
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we continue with our look at the top stories of 2013 with our panel. jonah goldberg, fox news media analyst and host of fox's media
3:40 pm
buzz, howard kurtz and columnist charles krauthammer. so yes, time for your picks for the top stories of 2013. and howie start us off. >> my pick is the nsa leaks. edward snowden is still in russia and i'm not condoning it, but he changed the debate around the world about privacy, the diplomatic fallout is huge and such things as the u.s. listening in on angela murkle's phone calls and he forced a public awareness of the magnitude of how much our government can listen and read from e-mails to phone calls, and one federal judge ruled against it and another federal judge has a different opinion. and i don't think we'll look at this decision the same way because we know so much more. >> so how do we look at -- michael hey done on television the other day, his thoughts on him are elevated and came close to using the word traitor.
3:41 pm
is he a traitor or a whistleblower or something in between? >> he is a whistleblower in his own mind. and by running away from justice, he didn't want to face the consequences of his action. i think it was okay to to get the material and publish it, but the main thing about snowden is he didn't hide behind the kurtan of anonymity and he did come out and put a video and his name to it but then ran off and is still in moscow. >> john, your pick? >> other than obamacare? >> yes. >> it is very much related to howie, is america's loss of standing in the world. when you look at the fact that the saudis are basically thumbing us in the eye, you look at how vladimir putin drank barack obama's milk shake. if you look across a wide spectrum of things, it is greek tragedy type of irony where you
3:42 pm
have a guy that came in who was preemptively given a nobel peace prize for things they expected him to do rather than for what he did and it turns out for things out of his control, like the snowden leaks, our standing with our allies, our standing in the middle east, the way he's wound down the iraq and afghanistan wars, maybe politically popular at home but it is not -- not sent the message around the world that we are to be feared or respected. >> and isn't this a president that came in with the grandiose of repairing america's image to the world. >> that was his whole shtick, he backpacked in pack pan and called it packi-stan. and so by being named barack obama and being african-american, this would have this fundamental change.
3:43 pm
>> and getting a nobel peace price within the first of his office days. >> and he couldn't live up to it. and that is the great irony. in a lot of ways george washington was hated more around the world but he was also respected more around the world. >> charles, your pick for 2013, other than obamacare. >> it has to do with the remarkable changes in regard to social attitudes, libertarians. the swiftness with which people have changed on gay marriage is astonishing. when you think 20 years ago democrats introduced don't ask, don't tell and that is a progressive idea. a democrat president signed the defensive marriage act which was essentially abolished this year, to the cheers of democrats. and the fact that only five years ago, the president said that he opposed gay marriage, because of religious reasons, which of course now he's
3:44 pm
rejected and changed on. that, i think, is an astonishing development. but it isn't only with gay issues, but it is the legalization of marijuana. >> and legal sales begin in colorado tomorrow morning. >> and a lot of people are hopping on planes and want to get there. especially a lot of the hippies '60s who dreamed of a day who could walk into the store. i'm not associated with these people of course. >> what time is your flight for denver? >> if you remember the '60s, you weren't there. well i was there. you walk into a store now in colorado and you can smoke. but there is one exception which i think is the story of the year culturally, which is the opposite has happened on abortion. and in part because of the gossnell trial. the fact that people are becoming aware of how late-term abortions are so near and the new technology and the ultrasounds are giving people
3:45 pm
awareness of how much an infant has developed in the womb. and so with everything else heading left on this issue, the movement has stopped and i think reversed, especially among young people. it is an extremely interesting and usual set of developments. >> so does this become an intellectual issue for the terms. >> no. it is just an issue in the change of our attitudes. does mean that you wouldn't have predicted 20 years ago that people who remain hard-line on abortion, and the supreme court decision would be written out of our political arguments but that is not the case. it is still a country split almost 50/50. >> it is part of a generational shift and i think the public is ahead of the politicians on same-sex marriage. 18 states have legalized it and republicans don't talk about it any more it. was a cultural wedge back in 2004 for example. >> and you said 20 years ago, the country today would get more
3:46 pm
pro-gay, prolife and pro-gun. guns were considered a right and the society has added to that. >> in canada they are discussing legalization of prostitution. you and i remember canada as sort of stayed, right shoe and conservative. >> rob ford changed all of that. >> he sure did. >> let's leave it there. coming up next, after the important stories for 2013, next up the people who made it so memorable. the winners and losers. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. [ m'm... ] great taste. [ tapping ] sounds good. campbell's healthy request. m'm! m'm! good.® with an ultra-thin coating and fast absorbing advil ion core™ technology, it stops pain before it gets worse.
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we're back with our panel for the winners and losers of
3:50 pm
2013. let's start with the winners of the year. jonah, kick us off. >> my winner, in part because it reminds me of an old robin williams joke. they wanted to make a sport in olympic because they wanted to see what they could come up and de blasio was designed by scientists to be unwinnable, the parity of a left-wing figure and yet he won by over 50 points, this huge margin and he is a winner because of the successes of rudy giuliani and michael bloomberg and the way the city is safer and prosperous enough it can afford to bet its values on someone like de blasio who is to me mind just slightly to the right of the jackovines but he lucked out. and anthony wiener couldn't control him. >> and we talked about this off camera. the daughter coming out with the
3:51 pm
addiction problem. they got that off the table got this off the table very well. >> they got a lot of things off the table. his formerly gay wife. if you were in a -- trying to come up with a scenario for someone how wouldn't think would be able to win, you would think he would have. >> it's new york, joan jonah. >> let's go to brooklyn for his winner. >> pope francis extraordinarily humble sty and message of tolerance towards gays and atheists and marxists has softened him to the church made him sparkingly striking figure to even people who are not. gays are also people of faith. he said who am i to judge? i think that resonated with a lot of people both of catholic faith. >> this was a real surprise. >> and his use of the media is he on twitter. he is accessible to journalists. is he revolutionary, whether you agree with his many distances or not he knows
3:52 pm
how to project and he has done it less than a year. >> he definitely wears the shoes of the fisherman. no question about that. >> president putin who i would have said ran circles around obama but now i have to say he drank obama's milk shake. >> go. he is so secure at home that he released political prisoners as a way to show how magnanimous he is. as a way to clear the decks before the sochi olympics which incidentally are going to be kind of a vanity project. he has put billions into it as a way to show the splendidness of his russia. it's not going to be exactly like the enter olympics of 19366. little like china in 2008 as a way to show that this is the new strong, russia. and what he has done is a complement to jonah's story about the retreat of america in the world. what he he has done is to insert russia into precisely
3:53 pm
where obama created a vacuum especially in the middle east where he supported iran and syria and lebanon. a year ago we would have all said some of us did unfortunately, that assad was done. but with iran, with revolutionary guards, lebanon and hezbollah, and with russia supporting all of them, he is now in charge. it's a remarkable achievement. and it is because of the power and the. >> sorry, charles. >> and the confidence, yes. >> starting the party too early. [ laughter ] >> let's go to jonah. >> sure. >> my first choice for loser was taken but my second -- my runner-up was harry reid. who, at least it's still fun to be the president of the united states if you are barack obama. you are still the most important leader of the world even if you are diminished. harry reid has done enormous damage to his institution and it is almost impossible to find a principle in anything that he has done
3:54 pm
other than to it be a water carrier for this administration. >> in my case water spiller. >> the media has had a terrible year from the "60 minutes" retraction on benghazi story and tarnished one of the jewels of the journalistic world. you had the cnn reporting the nonexistent arrest in the marathon bombing showed quick journalism and problems with msnbc host alec bashir and alec baldwin getting the boot. it already has unpopular business in terms of public confidence. >> charles, other than me being the biggest loser for spilling water on you, who would your second choice to be? >> as i depart to the dry cleaner, let me just say that it was only water, folks, it wasn't wine or anything stronger than that no, i have smelled it. the obvious loser of the year of course is obama. he had a terrible year. his numbers historically low. he had the signature astevement obamacare as the focus of the attack and of
3:55 pm
the demonstration of two items, the incompetence of his government, which i think is striking at the heart of the liberal idea of government as the manager of the economy and the cud ler of the population. but, secondly, it's a matter of trust. when he he said if you like your plan you can keep it, period. that was fatal. and i don't think he will recover from that. especially a president who came in on the charisma and trust and rhetoric and emotion. you break the bond and you can't repair it. >> all right. gentlemen, thank you so much for that my apologies, charles. certainly inadvert tent. >> i have a terrific dry cleaner. send me the bill, please. >> that's it for the panel. stay tuned to see what snuck up on this military family while swimming in the ocean. ♪ i wanna spread a little love this year ♪
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finally tonight, we are sharing our staff's favorite kickers of the year. a family vacation to remember. beverly and her two children were snorkeling in japan when something or someone snuck up behind her and her kids in the water. it was not a shark. it was her husband. the u.s. air force doctor who had been serving in afghanistan for six months. get the tissues ready. >> mommy, what would you say? >> love you, miss you. >> that's it? >> i want your body. >> i think. [ laughter ] >> too hottie for a to they? tottie. i'm requesting to send it to him on facebook -- i'm going to send it to him on facebook. [gasp] >> are you freaking kidding me? your husband is here reporting for duty. >> daddy. >> daddy. >> you get the first hug.
4:00 pm
she did eventually let him go but that was after a number of minutes. and that is "special report" for tonight. i'm john roberts. good night and happy new year from washington. up next, fox news our story with bill hemmer. they said it could not be done.h they said there was not enough news to go around. nearly two decades later, fox news channel and you, our viewers, have proven them wrong. ♪ ♪ hello, i'm bill hemmer, welcome to fox news, "our story." the channel launch from a more modest studio october 7th, 1996. from the very beginning there has been a mission. fair and balanced news and a motto: we report, you decide. today, i can report that you have


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