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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 3, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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nato and media issues and global security threats, maybe they could come on hannity but they had six schools from the u.s., clemson, duke, university of denver, yale, stanford and harvard and we're going to special report. bye. al qaeda terrorists, the president said were on their heels, put up a fierce fight against iraqi troops for control of two major cities. this is "special report." >> good evening. i'm bret baier. president obama has said al qaeda is on the run, on the path to defeat and decimated, yet fighter as lined with what was once the gold standard in terrorism are once again making games in iraq. catheri catherine herridge has an al qaeda surgence in a place where
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al qaeda fought, died and then left. >> these strategic cities were a third of u.s. lives lost in the war are under siege and at risk of falling to al qaeda extremists. with reports on the ground describing militants carrying the flag flag synonymous with al qaeda, setting fire to jails and setting fire. security is deteriorating. >> let's be clear who is responsible for the violence. it is the terrorists who are behind it. >> in the last week the violence came to a head after a prominent sunni was arrested leading to claims that the government was targeting its political rivals. the defense ministry released this video to underscore bagdad's attempt to push the militants from the two key cities in anbar province, the focus of the surge in 2007. while the president sites the end of the iraq war as a
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accomplishment, some say him not able to reach an agreement with bagdad has led to the blood she. >> when many look back on the obama area they will see his hasty retreat from iraq as his number one strategic blunder -- foreign policy blunder and that is saying something. >> the state department's spokesperson pushed by fox news and the press on the criticism. >> it is not like we flipped the switch or did x, y or z, and the terrorists goes away. that is not how it works. >> with attacks in iraq being carried out under the same banner as jihadists in syria, some think the obama administration created an opening for the al qaeda affiliates. >> the problem is the u.s. didn't move quickly enough in the rebellion to support the opposition. they allowed extremists to take over and they did so over the course of a couple of years.
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>> a new u.n. report says the conditions in iraq, 8,000 civilians were killed last year, the highest death toll in recent mom or -- memory, brad. >> thank you, catherine. 20 americans removed from south sudan, citing a deteriorating security situation for the latest evacuation. thousands continue to flee from a city, a major oil-producing area as ethnic fighting continues. preliminary peace talks began today. the australian ice breaker carrying climate change scientists stranded in antarctica has been told to stop. the chinese rescue ship may also be stuck in ice. it is another wrinkle in what has tushed -- turned out to be a high highly -- hi lie complex
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situation. and wendell goler has the latest from the presidential vacation re treat in hawaii. >> reporter: days after the little sisters of the poor won a temporary reprieve with having to comply with the obamacare mandate, the govern pushes -- the governor pushed back. it would leave the government to pay the coast. he said, quote, with the stroke of their own pen, applicants can secure for themselves the relief they seek from the court and the employees and their family members will not receive contraception coverage through the third party administrator either. but attorneys for the sisters said they would still be enabling morning-after pills which catholic faith forbids. >> it is a permission slip to give other people though authorize -- to authorize on their own behalf what they can't do themselves. >> reporter: at a speech at the
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university of notre dame, mr. obama said the government should accommodate religious objections. >> let's draft a sensible conscious clause and make sure all of our health care policies are grounded not only in sound science but also in clear ethics. >> reporter: in a written statement, the lead counsel for the little sisters said, quote, the federal government has started the new year the same way it ended the old one, trying to bully nuns into violating their religious beliefs. government argues the goal is to prevent unwanted appreciations and foft -- prenancies and foster healthy prenancies when they are wanted. secular employees. religious groups shouldn't be denied access to contraception even when the religious groups won't pay for it. an attorney for the group said one solution is for the government to pay for everybody. >> if the government tomorrow came out and provided contraception across the
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country, it is only here because the little sisters have been made part of their contraception and abortion system. >> the sisters asked the high court to exempt them for as long as it takes for the case to make it through the lower courts and up to the justices for a final ruling. meanwhile a doctors group ask chief justice roberts to deal with medicare patients, suggesting the legal challenges to the law continue. bret. >> wendell goler traveling with the president in hawaii. thank you. automakers are reporting strong sales for 1014. ford was up 11%. chrysler 9% and gm and toyota up 7%. the dow rebounded after yesterday's rough start to the year. industrial average gaining 29. the s&p lost two thirds and the nasdaq dropped 11. for the week, the dow was down.500 of a percentage point and the s&p and nasdaq both lost
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about half a point. one of the most premier companies in the native northwest may be decided tonight. union members at boeing are voting right now on whether to take a new deal from the company or reject it and put their jobs in jeopardy. dan springer has the latest tonight. [ chanting ] >> reporter: there has been anything but union solidarity in everett, washington, since boeing, the world's biggest airplane maker, threatened to move 12,000 high paying jobs out of the area if the machinist didn't vote yes on a contract extension. boeing wants to free pensions and move to a 401(k). members rejected the offer by a two to one objection and they vote to build the 77 x and the cutting-edge composite wings before choosing from 24 bid
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sites in 24 states, boeing tweaked its offer to the union. the local district 751 resisted. >> if we bring an offer every time boeing comes with a list of demands what, good is it to have a contract in place. it lends legitimacy that any time they come with commands, we have to bring it to a vote. >> reporter: jay inslee issued a statement saying i believe the machinists should have the opportunity to exercise that right. we are in a perilous point to bring the 777 x to washington state. a growing number of members agreed, including this family whose son and son-in-law both work for broeg and don't think the company is bluffing about building the plane elsewhere? >> i don't think that would be devastating not only for my family but for the community. >> reporter: the head office of the association of machinist exercises power and forced the seattle locals today to hold a vote.
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some view the broeg maneuver as an effort to break the union which is losing jobs nationally for years. boeing refused do comment -- to but givens it track record with the 787 being built in south carolina by nonunion workers, one machinist said it is a high stakes game of poker in which boeing holds the cards. dan springer live in everett tonight, thank you. up next, a cold and windy first weekend of the new year. but first here is what fox affiliates across the country are covering tonight. wjbk in detroit, a new term for high stove. a minor league ballpark near grand rapids caught fire. it is home to the tigers class a farm team. no one was hurt, fortunately. several fox stations are covering reports that former american idol clay aiken may run for congress in south carolina. he, among other things is a proponent for gay rights and
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considering a challenge to renee elmers. and a live look from eden prairie, and firefighters there still do not know what caused yesterday's explosion and blaze at a minneapolis apartment building. a second body was discovered there this morning. that is tonight's live look outside of the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. cause i'm really nervous about getting trapped. why's that? uh, mark? go get help! i have my reasons. look, you don't have to feel trapped with our raise your rate cd. if our rate on this cd goes up, yours can too. oh that sounds nice. don't feel trapped with the ally raise your rate cd. ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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a moment ago outside of the beltway, i said singer clay aiken may run for congress in south carolina, actually it is knoch. we regret that error. travelers regretting the effort to try to get home because it is tough to do today after the holidays. they are facing icy and snowy roads, thousands of flight cancellations and general discomfort from a major winter storm. at least 13 people are dead and another weather event may be on the way. correspondent molly line is in
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quincy, massachusetts, tonight. >> reporter: the first digout of 2014 was in some respects helped by the bitter cold that arrived with the year's first storm. single-digit, bone-chilling temperatures kept the snow light and fluffy, but there was a lot of it. almost two feet in parts of massachusetts. and now the boston wind-whipped waves lash the shore and there were white outs with visibility near zero and grounding planes at logan and leaving some passengers with no option but to sleep at theterminal. >> we were patient and hoped for the rest but unfortunately we spent the night in the chapel. and it was warmer there, and we felt safe. and that is what we did. >> she was far from alone. from los angeles to miami, atlanta to new york, more than 20,000 flights were canceled or delayed. >> we got to atlanta and found out that our stewardess was
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stuck on a chicago flight and that we were ultimately delayed and delayed until they canceled us last night. and most of the passengers got stuck until monday. >> determined to stay ahead of the weather, new york and new jersey declared states of emergency. six inches were reported in central park. even after the snow ended, the mayor urged new yorkers to stay home. >> it is very slick out there. it is hard to drive out there. the wind, the ice, there is a lot of blowing snow still so that will affect visibility. if you do not need to travel today, please stay home. >> reporter: those sentiments were echoed in massachusetts where their governor told state employees to stay home and urged businesses to give workers the day off to clear roads. and there is more to come. >> on saturday and sunday there is another storm set to hit
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indiana and illinois with more accumulation. but the next storm system is how cold it is going to be behind it, possibly colder temperatures than we have seen so far this season. >> and the temperatures are expected to plummet tonight. the snow may be done but here in boston the low is expected to be negative one. bret. >> molly stay warm. thank you. the marine corp is delaying the implementation of new physical fitness standards for women because less than half of females in bootcamp can do the minimum three pullups. the new requirements are part of the efforts to equalize standards so women can assume combat roles. critics say it is a clear indication that plans to do that will not work. the nsa is not commenting on a report that it is feverishly working on a new computer that could crack nearly every kind of incorruption. the washington post reports what is called a quantum computer
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would be faster than normal machines. government lawyers are asking an appeals court to overturn a federal judge's ruling that a collection of every american's phone records is illegal. and we have just learned that kentucky senator rand paul is leading a class-action lawsuit with hundreds of thousands of americans against the nsa. more on that tonight at 10:00 p.m. on fox news channel. an officer of the court who is actually breaking the law every second of the day. that is the situation for one man tonight in california. mike emanuel reports on what this says about u.s. immigration policy. >> reporter: in california, the first illegal immigrant has been granted a license to practice law following a unanimous vote by the state supreme court. >> i love this country. this country has given me a lot, even though it has given me a lot of heartache as well. >> sergio garcia is 36 and was graut to this country when he was a year and a half old. he passed the bar exam and now
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he is happy after a long, drawn-out struggle. his visa has been pending almost 20 years and he hopes it will impact others pending in california and florida. >> you can't have an illegal who committed a crime to come here and now he wants to expend law advice. >> they were allowed to practice law and said, quote, while washington waffled on immigration, we move ahead. >> brown was blasted and the courts and the california legislature for being commit isity inm nesty for illegal zbrnts. nevada became the last state to give illegal immigrants the right to drive.
3:19 pm
and in colorado, minnesota, oregon and new jersey are the latest states to offer, like california, in-state college tuition to those here illegally. this comes as there will be pressure in washington on speaker john boehner to pass immigration reform this year. >> we are going to try to do this in a common sense, step by step approach. >> reporter: some experts predict the california case will hamper that effort. >> what is really does is reinforce the idea that illegality is rampant. so i would say it undermines the argument for amnesty or politically it harms the argument for amnesty because it is yet another example of impunity for illegal immigrants. >> reporter: bob good zed while -- said while most agree we need to reform immigration, california has enacted a statute to circumvent laws.
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he said this violates the country's foundation on the rule of law. lawyers for same-sex couples in utah have filed papers with the supreme court explaining why gay marriage should be allowed to continue. it comes after state attorneys requested an immediate halt on the marriages which began after a surprise ruling from a federal judge late last month. still ahead, hayes, krauth and someone new with the week's winners and losers. but first a retired navy officer is reintroduced to someone who helped him get out of a tough spot 30 years ago. e- e- it could be a question of blood flow. cialisadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can beore confident in your ability to be ready. and the me cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequent or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex.
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the humanitarian aid group doctors without borders said five people have been detained for questioning in northern
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syria. it is not clear who detained them or why. three decades ago syria got its hands on someone who was eventually released, thanks to a person with some star power. garrett tenny reports today, they were reunited. >> reporter: the ongoing violence in syria has claimed thousands of lives. there doesn't seem to be an end in sight. but the scenes of bombing and destruction look familiar to a navy lieutenant who saw it first-hand 30 years ago. december 4th, 1983, lieutenant bobbie goodman was shot down over lebanon over a bombing raid against syrian forces. he was captured and held captive for 30 days. his release came thanks to jesse jackson who went to syria without the blessing of the reagan administration and negotiated for his release. upon return the president received him at the white house. goodman hasn't seen the civil rights leader in all of the
3:25 pm
years since -- until now. >> good morning. >> good morning, robert? >> yes. how are you doing? >> good to see you 30 years later. you do not look like a little frightened man in the jail cell. we first wanted to see how you were doing physically, were you being treated appropriately or abused but there was a press conference and did not mention you and that raised our concerns even more. and i said if we could get one lawyer in damascus, it would be you to argue the case. and he said i'll consider it. within 20 minutes he called us back to his villa and said here is your relief. >> it was very, very quick. and from the room where i was being held to the hotel in a manner of about 20 minutes and it was all over. i remember standing in the oval office with president reagan and you and my mother and father and i thought i cannot imagine that i'm here in the white house.
3:26 pm
>> president reagan was quite excited about your release. president reagan asked the emphatic question, reverend jackson, what can i do to help you. i said call president assad and say thank you. >> that helped for a time improve relations. this is one of many successful prisoner released negotiated by jackson and gave help to his presidential run. two american basketball players have been detained in benghazi. so far there is no word on who they were or why they were stopped. they are members of a team associated with benghazi university. in september of 2012 terrorists attacked the u.s. diplomatic mission in benghazi killing ambassador chris stevens and three other -- americans. the next story is not for the weak of stomach. a chinese newspaper said kim
3:27 pm
yong unwas eaten by a back of dogs after his death. this was considered kim's second in command. the papers said kim and his brother observed the one-hour ordeal along with about 300 other officials. finally some transparency from the president's transparency board and the justice department gets to read your professional file and you get to pay for it. the grapevine is next. [ coughs, sneeze] [ sniffles ] i have a big meeting when we land, but i am so stuffed up, i can't rest. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil cold and flu liquid gels don't unstuff your nose. they don't? [ male announcer ] nope. they don't have a decongestant. really? [ male announcer ] really. alka seltzer plus night fights your worst cold symptoms, plus has a fast-acting decongestant to relieve your stuffy nose. [ inhales deeply ] alka seltzer plus. oh. what a relief it is. [ male announcer ] can't find theraflu, try alka seltzer plus for fast liquid cold and flu relief.
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snond now fresh pickings from the political grapevine. you are paying a half million to the justice department can increase its presence on social media. not to fight crime, but to help business. the contract for linkedin's recruiter service was reported by the washington free beacon, giving the division access to see the profile of all linkedin accounts and the ability to advertise and promote job openings. the department said it will increase the brand awareness. one critic tweeted, quote, if d.o.j. would get linked in to its basic responsibilities,s it brand awareness would take care of itself. listen to the next sentence carefully. the government accountability and transparency board is going to hold the first ever public
3:32 pm
meeting this month. according to the federal a 2011 executive order created the board, to provide strategic direction for enhancing the transparency of federal spending and to detect, and remediate fraud, waste and abuse in programs. the board has publicly posted the minutes from meetings in the past. and the hawaiian woman's name who was too long for her driver's license. her old i.d. came in with a 35 character limit so her first name was omitted and her last name was cut off. the state transport ache department has changed its policy so the whole name now fits. next up, she'll go after social security the grave vine has prevented me from trying to pronounce the
3:33 pm
name. molly henneberg tells us tonight -- >> reporter: overnight when the park is closed to the public, dear watch out. department of agriculture sharpshooters are going to try to thin the herd and hunt until they get 106 deer or until the end of the march, whichever comes first. the national park service said there are be 77 deer per square mile in the park, much higher than the 15-20 per square mile than they believe the park can sustain and the overpopulation has caused the deer to go into neighborhoods and to traffic looking for food. and they are depleting too much of the local vegetation. >> right now deer are eating almost all tree feedlings and then no forests can re jenner arks this is the second year of a three year program to try to
3:34 pm
control the deer population in d.c. some neighbors support it and saying it is being done professionally and others want them to use nonlethal means to prevent the deer from continuing to reproduce. >> there have to be other options. they are just trying to go through the easy way of getting rid of them. >> you are not wounding them with bow and arrow, by untrained shooters and they do have to be cleared out. >> reporter: it is not just in d.c. the hunts are happening. department of agriculture sharpshooters are trying to help thin the herd at other national parks, including gettysburg in pennsylvania and in maryland. by the way, the deer meat will go to local food banks and homeless shelters. molly henneberg, fox news. a judge said the mother of a 13-year-old girl declared brain dead after having tonsil surgery can remove the child from a northern california hospital as long as she assumes full
3:35 pm
responsibility for the move. the girl has been on a ventilator for nearly a month. her family is fighting with medical officials to have her transferred out of children's hospital in oakland. we're going to fire up the sr bing polls for the first time in 2014. if you have not participated, take a moment and go to our home page at report. you can sit on the panel and provide instant feedback to the panel and access the polls on your smartphone or tablet at it is fun, you should try it. is al qaeda on the run as president obama says or on the rise? what about in iraq? we'll ask the fox all-stars when we come back. that make me smile. spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well-fitting dentures let in food particles. super poligrip is zinc free.
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i do believe that when future historians look back on the obama era, they will
3:39 pm
identify his precipitous flight and hasty retreat from iraq as his number one strategic blunder, foreign policy blunder. and that is saying something. we created a power vacuum and it was filled by the jihadist and the region is dejenner alting into what will be a multilevel war. >> it is not if we just flipped the switch and did x, y and z, the jihadist will go away. we are helping them with the tools and the guidance and assistance as they fight this fight but it is really up to them. >> getting reports on the ground in iraq as you take a look at a map of that country where u.s. troops are no longer on the ground, that the cities of ram addy and fallujah are under siege, that militants tied to al qaeda carrying the flag flag synonymous with al qaeda are fighting for those cities, setting fire to police stations, releasing extremists from jail
3:40 pm
and in some parts of the cities they are in control in western iraq of those places. places that a lot of you u.s. soldiers and marines die sod that iraqis could control those places. what about this rise of al qaeda in iraq? and all over the region. let's brick in our -- bring in our panel. steve hayes and elise viebeck and charles krauthammer. steve? >> i think what is particularly discouraging is the fact that the united states fought so hard in those towns and others in western iraq to win free dom for the iraqis alongside the iraqis and sunni tribes and now that is basically gone. what we saw over the last couple of days is just a culmination of a long build-up of fighting from the current version of al qaeda in iraq. and you've had a series of complex suicide bombings leading up to this.
3:41 pm
some two dozen suicide bombings in october in western iraq by this group, according to the author tative subject on these matters and it is a long series and this has been coming for quite a while. >> elise, is there a sense that the administration is dealing with this in any way, shape or form, is capitol hill engaged on this? >> well certainly the administration is quietly sending many weapons to the iraqi government in order to combat this rising tide of al qaeda in the west. but there is bipartisan opposition on capitol hill and skepticism, frankly, about president obama's approach to handling his relationship with al maliki. they don't think he has been vocal enough not to alienate his sunni opposition which is creating civil unrest which is not the foundation we need in order to ensure stability in iraq. >> take a listen to this back and forth with the state
3:42 pm
department spokesperson. the question was about the status of forces agreement back in 2011 and whether the administration really wanted to sign this deal back then with the iraqis, which essentially would have drawn down u.s. troops gradually as opposed to pulling them out immediately. >> i'm not asking you to relitigate it. was the administration not interested in concluding with the iraqi government. >> i'm just not going to go back down that road. >> well the answer is yes and you -- >> do you want my answer. >> no, but i prefer you not try to side step. >> i'm not trying to side step. we're focused on 2014 and the discussion and debate about what we may or may not have wanted in 2011 is not relevant to the discussion today, matt. it is just not. >> it is completely relevant to the question asked, which was -- his question was critics suggest or say, claim, accuse the administration of abandoning iraq.
3:43 pm
>> and i disagree with the premise. >> charles, what about that? >> here is why the history is crucial. the reason al maliki doesn't listen to obama is because america has no leverage. america evacuated. obama decided we were going to liquidate our presence. we were supposed to negotiate a status agreement and they would train the air force and train the army and also have special forces on the ground that would go into operations and that perhaps the most important would mediate between the sunnis and the shiites and the kurds as it had been doing during the surge. instead obama decided for political reasons that he would evacuate and call it a great victory and ended the war, but he ended the war in a way that liquidated our gains. the war was won when obama came into office, al qaeda was completely decimated.
3:44 pm
the sunnis who are now under attack had had turned against al qaeda and joined us in defeated al qaeda and al maliki had taken the extremists and the shiites in basra and into bagdad as he was a nationalist and not just a sectarian and we needed an agreement and presence and obama liquidated it and as a result he has created a vacuum in which al qaeda has come in and is strong not only in iraq and in syria and it is a catastrophe. >> a lot of activity on bing, in agreement there with you, charles, and as you look at questions, will militants take over forces of iraq, yes 98% across the board. will militants erase gains across the board, yes. and your feeling about the u.s. involvement in iraq war, it was a mistake, 41%, it was worth the
3:45 pm
cost, 51%, no feeling at all, 8%. it is a tough question, elise, and one that lawmakers obviously deal with as they look towards now afghanistan and the dealings with the karzai government in setting up a status of forces agreement there. >> that is exactly right. and in fact senator john mccain who is one of our leading voices on these issues was in afghanistan this week meeting with karzai to talk about the potential agreement which they hoped would be signed by new year's day and it was not and they are hoping to make progress in the next week. john mccain came out and said very strongly they are in the final stage of negotiation. and i think the stat sus a major warning for karzai because he doesn't want to see the security of his state evolve in the same way. he wants the presence there to maintain the stability. >> but is this the same thing developing here? is the administration really sending the signal that while
3:46 pm
they are saying they want to do this deal with karzcarkarzai, i reality they don't. >> of course. and it goes far beyond the talks of the specific agreements with either karzai or the iraqis, but the message we are sending to the region. we don't want to be involved. the president has made that clear. and that we will be there por karzai or his successor has to be seen by folks in afghanistan and the leadership in afghanistan as highly unlikely. i think if you go back and look at the history of this even further as it relates to president obama, that is where you begin to see the split. back in 2002 he called iraq the bum war. he built his career on opposing fighting in iraq. and it was very clear from the moment that he took the oval office that he considered -- he continued to consider iraq the dumb war. now a true leader would have said i don't care what i thought about it now, we need to consolidate our victory here and focus on winning the war rather
3:47 pm
than just ending it and he clearly opted not to do that and he sent those signals almost immediately upon taking office and by contrast surged forces to afghanistan. >> and didn't talk a lot about afghanistan either. >> he didn't say a word about it. and right now i remember saying i think it was last week, the support for the afghan war is the lowest of any war perhaps in american history. as long as we've actually had polls. and the reason is, americans don't like wars and they shouldn't. they'll only support a war starting with fdr or all the way up until today if the president will go out and explain why and make a case. he never did and three out of every four dead in afghanistan, american dead, has occurred under obama in a war in which he never supported and he essentially abandoned even as it was going on. >> next up, the fight in lebanon. welcome back. how is everything? there's nothing like being your own boss! and my customers are really liking your flat rate shipping.
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for hot topic we decided to let you choose, and charles? pick one. >> it's a popular choice. >> question is: what parts of obamacare will be gone by the end of this year? and the correct answer is by mid year the individual mandate will be gone and probably the parts that allow the administration to bail out the insurers if they are in financial trouble. >> elise? >> i don't know if the individual mandate will be gone, but i think it will be weekend. because the administration will grant a kind of immunity to people who had trouble signing up on or on their state exchanges as well as people who would have been eligible for the medicaid
3:52 pm
expansion in states who chose not to take it insurance companies will see greater financial revenues from the federal government in order to shore up the risk pools that we could see a a result of the web site's problem. >> union solidarity. washington shaken a bit as this vote about boeing whether they are going to vote to stay there or they are going to move out to south carolina. steve, what about this and that what does it say about unions? >> well, i think the kinds of fights that you are seeing both here and across the country are surely a signal of the last gasp of a dying set of worker protections that unions have provided in the past. i think the most interesting thing about this particular fight is the very different views of younger workers and older workers. now, part of that is explained because right in front of them and want to fight hard to keep them and younger workers aren't going to be affected as immediately. something bigger at play as well. i think younger workers
3:53 pm
generally. not just union members understand that the era of, you know, huge pensions, big give aways, deferred compensation, that's just coming to an end. whether you are working government. whether you are protected by unions, whether you work in the private sector. >> 12,000 high paying jobs on the line out there. we will watch it. the votes tonight. winners and losers this week. steve? the aaron work. he threw three fourth down completions to win a game to go to the playoffs against his chief rival in the chicago bears and the packers are headed to a very cold playoff game at lambeau field this weekend. the loser is the "new york times." the "times" published a huge piece last weekend that was designed to change the narrative on benghazi and made an allegation that there was no al qaeda involvement whatsoever. and that no one in the government, the author said, believed that there was al qaeda involvement there are plenty of people belief
3:54 pm
there was al qaeda involvement, involvement of the affiliates. involvement of associate the tastes who said so in public and who have said so since the report was published so i think the report back fired. >> elise? >> my winner related to the storm we are experiencing here in the northeast. retailers who didn't have a great christmas who are now selling out all of their inventory who are afraid to leave their home because of the storm. millions of users on snap chat and skype hacked this week not so happy new year for them. interesting the rise of these hackovist groups. >> winner is artic penguins whose life has rereturned to normal after rescue of the normal research passengers who were polluting their pristine environment. and disturbing their mating habits. the winner of the week -- oh, actually, the loser of the week is the justice
3:55 pm
department for taking on, regardless of the mayor's of the merits of the case and how it turns out. the optics of the government taking on the little sisters of the poor. it isn't even the big sisters of the poor. it's the little sisters of the poor. it isn't the little sisters of the middle class. it's of the poor. if you want to take on somebody and you are the department of justice, take on the packers. not the little sisters of the poor. [boo] >> you had to throw that in at the end, didn't you? >> i was with you until the end. >> until the end you had steve. >> i would love to have you back thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> the s.r. bing pulse highlights. ♪
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3:59 pm
region of that country. democrats agreed with the least less strongly than did republicans and independence when she said president obama has not been vocal enough with prime minister maliki on alienating sunnies. women agreed more than men with charles when he said that the individual mandate under obamacare will be gone by mid year. total votes tonight, 202,000. finally tonight, beat boxer yazin salman recently took to youtube to show off percussion talents. say that three times it was his one old niece natalia that really stole the show. ♪ ♪ [ laughter ] >> on "fox news sunday,"
4:00 pm
former governor republican presidential candidate mitt romney will discuss obamacare. terrorism in russia ahead of the olympics. remember he headed up to salt lake city games. interview with chris. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair balanced and unafraid. >> okay. i'm going to let new on a little secret. as a lawyer, no matter how strong my case might be, i really can't think of anything worse than being up against an opponent named little sisters of the poor. that is everyone lawyer's worst nightmare. and now it's president obama's reality. little sisters of the poor. now the president does have 11 states attorneys general breathing down his neck at least that's a fair fight. allen west joins us. good evening. >> good evening, greta. >> happy new year to you. involving the nuns, every lawyer's worst nightmare to be up against nuns. i want to talk about instead the 11


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