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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  January 10, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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>> i had faith in our viewers and they delivered. >> i didn't give enough credit. >> we'll put on our evening. >> thanks for watching i'm alisyn camerota. >> "the real story" starts now. we start with a fox news alert. hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. stunning new numbers on target's whopping security breach. now we're learning the whole thing is much bigger than we originally thought. target saying 70 million shoppers, almost a quarter of all americans may be affected, 30 million more than she said a few weeks ago. hackers didn't just get credit and debit card information now hearing phone numbers, e-mails, home addresses, all potentially compromised. one year to identity theft protection to any customer who signs up in the next three months. the breach affected even me. this past friday somebody used
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my car at a bunch of wal-marts in the boston area. here is a selfie. a microwave i had to buy the day after thanksgiving. i had to go and buy it because mine blew up. i don't always wear red or work at target but i'm here today. here to talk about the whole target situation and jobs numbers, charles, what do we make out of this situation? almost one out of four had their personal information compromised. >> it's the unmitigated disaster. the sad thing is, it's probably going to get worse. i have a lot of problems with it. u.s. corporations need to start investing money. there are great services out there, products out there, spend the money to protect our information. then when there is a breach, don't give me the rosey scenario. to your point, 30 million more. today they said the time line might be different. not the window they gave us.
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if the time line is wider -- >> apparently a digital code on the back of the card, a different kind of swipe system that is better for security. >> retailers are saying we don't want to pay for it. banks are saying we don't want to pay for it. credit card companies saying why should we pay for it. there's internal systems these guys should invest in. we have skype, snap chat, they all take a cavalier approach to this. when people's cards are used in a different state by someone else, it does matter. >> lets move to the job record. that was not a rosey picture when that came out. take a look how many jobs created in november, only 74,000 jobs. when you compare that, people hear that number, okay, that sounds good. when you compare it to the last five months, it doesn't look so hot. here it is. the expectation somewhere around 120,000 and it was half of that. why? >> we were hoping for more than 200. as the week went on, people got
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giddy on wall street. the number in the newspaper, 6.7% unemployment. the media is going to try to spin this as a positive. this is the story right here. this has been the story of the last five years. why do we get such a low number and so few jobs created, 347,000 people quit. they quit the labor force. they gave up. what they are giving up on is the american dream, everything. you can't have autonomy. >> labor force shrinking to 62.8%, the lowest in decades. >> since 1978, the lowest participation rate -- in fact, if the participation rate were the same as january 2009 when president obama came in, there would be almost 7 million more people in the labor force. that's scary stuff. what happens to those people. how do they live? >> long-term unemployment. charles, you've got to run. thanks for stopping by "the real story."
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governor chris christie, thousands more internal documents expecting to come out any minute now regarding lane closures near the george washington bridge that were apparently politically driven. meantime port authority official possibly facing a contempt charge after pleading the fifth on that issue. federal prosecutors looking into this case right now. at least six new jersey residents suing, hoping to bring class action suit. check in with our reporter checking into this. we'll get the latest from him when they do. tomlin about to have a news conference on a chemical spill affecting hundreds of thousands of people. residents advise in a lot of areas in west virginia simply don't drink the water. u.s. attorney in west virginia says federal authorities are opening an investigation into what caused this chemical spill that tainted a river and shut down capital city and surrounding counties will we'll keep you abreast of that situation as well. turning now to a new push on
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obama care. the house approving a bill that would require any breach of stuart-of- security in an obama care website to be made public. this comes as the white house reportedly fired cgi, the company contracted to build, the same company that tried to repair many glitches and bugs. senior editor and fox news contributor and my guest. great to see you. >> great to be here. >> first headline, cgi appears to be out after millions, billions to put together this website. what do you make of it? >> well, it's not surprising but indicates the administration continues to be worried about the website and it system. keep in mind cgi built this system, which was a disaster. memos show a week before the launch, 45 different tasks, even trimmed down website couldn't compete. it's been a disaster from day
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one. the fact they are changing midway, mid course like this also shows they are not happy with the movement towards fixing that. >> a lot of americans will say, really, now? what about when it launched and many knew it wasn't up to snuff. want to bring your attention to everything we talked about in the lead. the house passed this law that will make persons feel safer about going on if their information is breached, we're just talking about this massive breach with target, if this would happen on, they would have to know within two days. what do you think is going to happen? administration signaling they don't like this bill. >> democratic controlled senate is not going to take it up most likely, which i think provides a tremendous campaign opportunity for republicans going into the 2014 midterms people concerned about the security of their
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information with good reason. you talked about this and brought up the target issue. people are roared about that. there are also security concerns about health insurance website. there were social security numbers, if you recall, sent to the wrong place early on. there were officials at the website that say, looks we can't guarantee safety and security of personal information. there's lots to be worried about. the fact 66 democrats in the house supported this bill, senator reid, majority leader reid in the senate take it up, odds are no. to me that's a great campaign issue. >> quite honestly in bipartisan fashion for friday, i don't understand why anyone would be opposed to keeping americans personal information safe. here is what speaker boehner had to say. americans have a right to know if the president's health care law put their information at risk. the lack of transparency surrounding the security of the
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obama care website has proven that's the case. nina, i draw your taens to the white house already yesterday put out a statement saying the administration opposes this bill because it would create unrealistic and costly paperwork requirements. really? >> that seems crazy to me. you want people -- first, they are in a bind. they need more young and healthy people sign up as we heard time and time again. you need to enhance the sense of security in the system if you're going to do that. you need to make people feel safe if they are going to put their personal information into a computer system. why wouldn't you want to do that. to me the reason they don't want to is they don't want to acknowledge there are serious potential security breaches, that hackers are trying to get in now and trying to steal information and that experts, cyber experts are saying the health care industry is the most vulnerable industry going into 2014 when it comes to these data
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breaches. >> very scary. nina, great to see you. have a good weekend. >> you, too. take care. >> for the first time the majority of the members of congress, guess what? they are millionaires. that means congress members median net worth is more than 14 times as large as the median household income according to the census bureau. general electric followed by wells fargo. the richest member of congress, congress darrell issa, worth $54 million, a fortune he made in the car alarm business. new outrage over the irs tea party targeting scandal. fbi finally contacting groups targeted. some investigators late to the party and what they are going to do about it now. caught on camera, a womb jumping off a bridge.
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>> why she did it and how it ended. a huge document dump in the bridge scandal involving chris christie. real talk from our political panel about whether it all leads to a bridge to nowhere for governor christie or not. [ bottle ] okay, listen up!
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a driver in oregon risking her life to get away from the law. it's all caught on an officer's dash-cam. watch this amazing video.
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>> she actually did it. the woman taking a plunge into a freezing river in a portland suburb after police say she refused to pull over a stolen car. we're told she ended up getting pulled out and is okay but now she's in hot water over traffic crimes. new fallout for new jersey governor chris christie over traffic jam scandal that's getting national attention. nearly 1,000 pages of new documents will be released by state legislators any minute now. those documents expected to shed light into the probe into the lane closures apparently orchestrated by christie's top aides as polital revenge. mike gallagher, emily, campaign center at progress action fund. good to see both of you. mike, what do you think we'll hear? almost 1,000 pages of documents. >> it's only going to take page, one tech, one bit of information if governor christie was aware of it. you either believe him or you don't.
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if there's not any evidence to suggest he knew what was happening, americans will have in their hearts a belief it's feasible he didn't know what was going on in his self-described tight-knit circle of aides. >> did you believe him when you heard him yesterday? >> i did not. i don't believe it's even conceivable with all the press we were getting in the new york area when it was happening in september that he wouldn't have said to somebody what the heck is going on. i can't wrap my brain around somebody loyal to him doing something on his behalf politically and not telling him to be the beneficiary -- >> he claims one of his deputies lied to him when he point-blank asked her if head any involvement in it. your take. >> to your point, he said in a press conference yesterday he actually didn't ask her why she did it. there's only one reason to not ask her why she did it. part of the reason people are having trouble believing he didn't know that it happened,
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the whole thing is a little bit confusing. why would he want political receipt bougs against a mayor who wasn't going to endorse him anyway. new discussions today that it may not be the mayor that was the target but senate democratic leader that was the target. >> supreme court nominee. >> absolutely. the senate kept holding them up. >> the narrative is he wanted to show the nation that even democrats endorse me. that's why i'm bipartisan and can reach across the aisle. >> we'll wait to see what is in these documents but we should also mention his other deputy, who was very close to him pled the fifth yesterday when asked many questions about this. this is far from over. in the meantime lets talk about obama care, because a warning about obama care from health insurance humana says the risk mix of obama care enrollees worse than expected. health exchanges attracting older, sicker american than expected. humana blaming obama administration's 11th hour
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decision to stay on plans canceled due to obama care regulation. mike, this is the tip of the iceberg as far as hearing from the insurance companies. i've got to tell you, it has to be mass chaos, have people paid, have they not paid, has the paperwork been sent. are you covered? are you not covered. now we don't have numbers about -- >> i thought the video of the woman jumping off the bridge was emily trying to distance herself from obama care. >> i hope she has coverage. >> i hope she paid her premium. >> every day there's a new story about how bad this is for the nation, for insurance companies, huma humana. not in this for any reason than to say this is disastrous for us. i want to see democrats and perhaps obama do a chris christie apology. obama care was bad, we had no idea, we're sorry. we're going to give it up. >> only thing so far christie fired people and obama has yet
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to. >> although did actually today, cgi on the website is actually gone now. >> not an actual person. okay. i want to draw your attention to this poll. the uninsured, which was the whole reason for obama care, 38 million people, 68% of the uninsured adults haven't even logged onto a health care website. 69% lack basic knowledge of obama care. are you kidding me? we've talked about how many times they have advertised this. they had pajama boy, ties during olympics, people in hollywood talking about it, that big a number doesn't know about it. >> this is the push starting now, looking at the final phase getting people into it. this really is the push. a lot of plans have been early on to get people driven to the website didn't pan out. frankly you couldn't drive people to the website. >> didn't work. >> additionally polls show young and healthy, people that need to be joined in the poll -- the
11:19 am
pool, rather, do sign up at the end. that's the real push now. >> emily, the bridge is right over here. 69% is a huge number. >> we're right on track. >> could it also be that young people would rather pay the fine. that will be a lot less expensive than paying the premiums. >> the polls showing the reason people haven't signed up so far, they don't know subsidies are out there. that needs to come on. massachusetts at this point, only 22% of the enrollees have been young people. we're ahead of that based on projections. >> ahead of this. emily, the projections have been -- do you know how many millions are supposed to be there. they have backtracked. 7 million. >> this thing is a debacle, a disaster. it's bridgegate in the form of health care for all americans. >> tying news stories today. >> one big bunch. >> have a good weekend both of
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west virginia governor earl ray tombli about a chemical spill in his state.
11:24 am
residents warned simply don't drink the water. >> we encourage all residents in the affected areas to follow west virginia's water company's do not drink. this includes water supplied by west virginia american water in the area. if you live in one of these areas, do not use tap water for drinking, cooking, cleaning, washing or bathing. at this time i do not know how long the order will last. >> big problem there. federal authorities opening an investigation into exactly what caused that spill. well, it's january. that means flu season in full swing. annual outbreak steadily spreading. cdc officials reporting elevated flu activity in all regions of the country. in some cases the flu turned deadly including 29-year-old texas mom of three who passed away only five days after first showing any symptoms. dr. debbie is is an assistant professor of rehab medicine and
11:25 am
she's my guest today. this is spreading like wildfire. why? >> we're not sure why it's spreading so fast. what's most concerning, the swine flu is a greater proportion of the number of cases of flu. swine flu is so dangerous because it's not a huff virus. >> obviously it comes from a pig. i would think -- my daughter actually had swine flu when it first came out years ago. i thought every flu vaccine had the swine flu aspect of it in it. >> it does. we think the issue is everyone isn't getting vaccinated quick enough. not everyone gets vaccinated. that's a problem. even if you do get vaccinated, you don't have full protection. it's better if more people get vaccinated, you'll have more question. >> age old question people fearful of getting vaccinated because they think they will get the flu from the vaccine. you say? >> i disagree. it's not just me. there's no live vaccine in the flu virus, so you can't get sick
11:26 am
from it. what usually happens is people have already gotten exposed to the flu. they have it brewing inside them. it's not instantaneous, so it takes a week or two to flourish and come out. futures the flu vaccine during that period you might get sick. it's not the vaccine but the flu you got before hand. >> the big question for people watching, is it too late on january 10th get the vaccine now? >> they should definitely get the flu -- i mean the vaccine, sorry, that's the only way to prevent getting the flu. once you get the vaccine, adopt think you're automatically protected. if you get fever symptoms, 101, you need to be seen by doctor or er. it's better not to wait. if you have fever there's ann viral medicines to protect you, prevent things like this from happening. >> dr. devi, good to see you. months after irs scandal broke, fbi getting involved.
11:27 am
are they dragging their feet in the investigation? remember the old days where plowing fields a family affair? should kids 12 years old be allowed to work again? our panel of fellas will weigh in. when we come back.
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lawmakers want to give themselves a few extra days to
11:31 am
pass a new spending bill. house leaders plan to pass a short funding period to extend for a few days to give them until saturday to reach an agreement. paying respects to former beauty queen and her husband murdered in venezuela. a digital camera stolen led them to arrest four suspects. three others on the run. tighten security in russia, possibility of violence a growing threat with terrorist vowing to target the games. the wheels of justice moving very slowly in the irs targeting scandal. the fbi just now getting around to contacting some of the conservative groups targeted by the irs. this after we find out president obama's attorney general eric holder appointed one of the president's big donors to investigate the political scandal involving the president's tax officials. chief council for american center for law and justice and
11:32 am
my guest. hi, jay. you represent a lot of tea party groups. how many have been contacted by the fbi? >> well, the first contact came at the end of december. the fbi in a conversation we had with them said they wanted to speak to three of the clients, perhaps four. interesting, gretchen, look at the time line, the investigation starts in may. eric holder says it may well be criminal, open up a criminal investigation. we hear nothing for eight months. when we get contacted it's right around christmas. we get another e-mail requesting a follow-up. get, this the day before it is public that barbara boserman is the fbi or u.s. attorney in charge of this investigation. as you mentioned in your open, she's a major donner to the obama campaign, including the victory pack. so-so they put an obama donner
11:33 am
in charge of the investigation with the irs targeting what they perceive to be the president'sn. this has caused us to rethink completely how we're going to engage going forward with this fbi investigation. >> mean what? what would you do? >> look, i've got 41 clients. i've been practicing law a long time, including time of chief council of the irs. putting clients in a room with fbi agents and u.s. attorney supervising it from the department of justice who is a major donner to the other side, so to speak, at least the way they view it is probably not a wise move for a lawyer to do. we're reevaluating our position. barbara, casting no aspersions on her whatsoever. she should not have accepted the assignment and certainly should step down. instead of the headline being fbi contacting tea party groups and conservatives, the headlines are obama major donner running the investigation. that's not appropriate.
11:34 am
a breach of impropriety. >> it's crazy this the way it would end up. here is the department of justice's explanation. they say federal law and department policy prevents officials from doling out assignments based on an employee's political views. what's your response? >> they should have had a policy that said you can't target conservatives because you disagree with their point of view. this policy didn't bother them until they get caught. number one. number two, she should stay away from animus involved in this. we're not saying terminate her employment department of justice, reassign her out of the division. there's 17,000 lawyers, i worked with lot of them over the years. there's somebody that could run this, maybe in the public corruption unit, that could look at this and not have political baggage of being a major donner. they should not have political context or involvement.
11:35 am
you know, gretchen, we're not fighting over -- this isn't an argument about whether a trip, restaurant expense was tax deductible business expense. this was an admitted scheme by irs, illegal, unlawful targeting conservative groups. to do that you need a neutral arbitrator at the justice department running this. a huge political mistake. she should have backed out as soon as she was asked. she's not the person for this job. >> see what happens over the next few days. please keep us up to date. >> we'll keep you posted. governor of maine wants to change the law so kids can start working at a younger age. right now teens can be put on the payroll when they turn 16. the governor wants to let them start punching the clock at age 12, kind of like back in the good old days when age didn't matter on the farm. kids milking cows, i've done that, helping harvest, bailing hey. lets bring in guys.
11:36 am
host and comedian. >> hey. >> actor giani russo. i'm sure you all had jobs as i did growing up. >> yes. >> is this a good idea -- >> i started at 12. >> you started at 12. i'm assuming you were successful at that. >> i was for three our onfour years. seriously, made about $100 a day. >> kids younger and younger should be going to work. >> i think they will learn responsibility and the value of a dollar. >> i agree. i agree. kids got a lot of free time between the ages of six months and 12, right? i think they should start earlier. what are we waiting on? china is ahead of us in this race. >> what about the feeling in the country. you hear about this entitlement nation and kids don't want to do any work now. and they have a ton of homework we didn't have. that's sort of the predominant feeling, right? is it true?
11:37 am
>> i don't know whether that's true or not but this whole thing is kind of silly. there's two general purposes to child labor laws, one is to keep them in school. the other is protect them from physical danger. call me new fashioned but i don't see the harm in stopping either of those things. there's nothing preventing kids in maine from working at 12 years old. all they need is a note from school saying they are going to school and not failing. he's trying to streamline the process. >> what about the point there's a lot of adults that can't find jobs. >> the paper. >> that's one of the questions, gretchen, kids work for cheap. you don't have kids health insurance. it's a summer job. you pay them what's left in the register. >> i think it teaches good work ethic in certain cases. maybe not at 12 but certainly by the time you're 16. "time" magazine saying men
11:38 am
becoming obsolete. i love men. i love men. here is what they are saying. they are failing in the workplace, traditional household is vanishing. men lost their monopoly of violence and aggression. now obsessed with body hair? take it away. >> in a lot of ways men kind of -- we do feel obsolete. women doing a lot of things, out of the house more, working harder, working 80 hours a week. sometimes you feel emasculated by a woman bringing home more than you. >> i don't. i want to be a stay at home dad. i want the kids and working and i'm home. >> obsolete. >> a lot of people i know think i'm obsolete. the thing is, i think, women in the workplace today are taking over. they are. they are also accepting less money as the glass ceiling they say, try and equalize that.
11:39 am
>> there are more women in the workplace now than men. however, 3% are ceos of fortune 500 countries. >> wow. >> the thing is, she has some good points to make about the changing roles of women, fairly self-evident points then she buries it over proclamations like men are obsolete. she's trying to sell books. so she says things like that first of all, don't write "time" magazine if you want to talk about something becoming obsolete. >> if she's carrying books, who is going to carry books? >> men. >> kids working in the state of maine. gentlemen, you're not obsolete in my mind. thank you for being here. >> they love you in the barber shop, gretchen. >> thanks. fox news alert going through thousands of documents relating to allegations of bridge closure and governor chris christie. investigators looking through these papers trying to see if the closure of a major bridge between new york city, new jersey, george washington was politically driven. senior correspondent live from
11:40 am
the newsroom. eric, what do we know from looking at the documents? >> a lot of information. first comes through on the documents, officials running the alleged traffic study really concerned about what the media was saying about this, what reporters were saying. reporters calling port authority officials. that's indicated in these e-mails. some of the e-mails say officials did not know what they would say about that alleged traffic study that started these lane closings back in september. one of the e-mails david wildstein was called before assembly transportation committee yesterday. he took the fifth 20 times. he said he was actually going to be at the site at one point. if you will bear with me for a second? yes. we're trying to see if we can get further update a lot of information to go through these. wildstein saying he was going to be at the site and will continue to go through all these papers. of course governor christie has said he did not know anything
11:41 am
about this closure besides being an alleged traffic study until he found out and read about it in the newspapers. the record saying he was not at all involved with any political payback against ft. lee mayor. gretchen. >> eric, i'm glad you finally answered that call. i thought that was a direct line with document information for us on "the real story." let us know if it happens in the next 20 minutes. >> i'll look into it. reporting live from the fox news desk. >> hi, gretchen. do you read online reviews for restaurant stores an other businesses? a virginia court just made a huge ruling affecting one of the most popular review sites called yelp. the court decided the website must reveal names of some of the people who posted anonymously. it's supposed to be anonymous, that's why they don't give their names. what does that mean for us? that is ahead. we'll see at the top of the hour. gretchen. >> thank you so much. oklahoma state lawmaker trying to change a school policy
11:42 am
on toy guns. what's driving her mission? >> if there's no real intent, no real threat, there's no real weapon, no real harm is occurring or going to occur, why in the world are we, in a sense, abusing our children like this. >> the car crashing through the front of a rite aid store. the shocking way eyewitnesss responded. right back. it's hard to describe, because you have a numbness, but yet you have the pain like thousands of needles sticking in your foot. it was progressively getting worse, and at that point i knew i had to do something. once i started taking the lyrica the pain started subsiding. [ male announcer ] it's known that diabetes damages nerves. lyrica is fda approved to treat diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is not for everyone. it may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters,
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an oklahoma lawmaker pushing to ease policies on toy and imaginary guns. she introduced the measure because kids shouldn't be punished for the way they play. here is the reasoning. >> real intent, real threats and real weapons should always be dealt with immediately. we need to stop criminalizing children's imagination and childhood play. >> lets bring in our legal panel. a former prosecutor, criminal
11:46 am
defense attorney and army jag. rebecca rose woodland, a criminal defense attorney. good to have both of you. >> good to be here. >> steve, a lot of this plays off the fact we have school shootings, then we tend to go way to an extreme. a kid comes to a school, had bitten a pop-tart in the case of kind of what looked like a gun and they are suspended. does this lawmaker have a point? >> shee absolutely has a point. she has a strong and valid point. the fact is exactly what you said of there's good reason for concern as far as with toy guns. there's real tragic incidents where kids would have toy guns which would be mistaken for real guns and police officers have killed a child at different times. that was a true tragedy that did have to be addressed. here we go to the furthest extreme. you can't criminalize or penalize a child for drawing a gun or creating something that has no inherent threat or couldn't possibly be mistaken as a weapon.
11:47 am
that's the ridiculous news. >> it stays on their record from age six, rebecca. >> that's what bothers me. where is the criminal intend. when you have a criminal procedure that creates a problem, and then you have a judiciary hearing, this is a child who is six years old in school who is playing. they don't have an intent. these aren't children with an intent to hurt or kill. they aren't playing with real guns. they are pointing their fingers. this is not criminal. >> as a mother of a daughter and mother of a sun, boys sometimes inherently do that kind of stuff, even if you don't allow guns in your household or to play with guns. whatever the case is. where do you draw the line on this, steve. now it's going to become a squishy line. >> part of the problem, i'm not so sure this is an issue the state should be addressing. these aren't crimes we're dealing w this is an internal school policy. it should probably be dealt with on the local level where parents should be getting involved and coming to the school and saying, look, we're not going to put up with this.
11:48 am
who are we to say a state is going to dictate whether or not an individual school could have certain rules. i think that might be getting too much into the mix at the local level. >> a lot of zero tolerance, schools feel like they need that order. i have to move onto the other topic. judge ordering postal service to reinstate national guardsman. he was fired on military leave and pay. about $2 million in back pay is what he's asking for. he goes off to serve our country, our nation. he comes back, basically an exemplary employee and they said you're fired. >> u.s. postal service fired him. they said he had excessive military leave. there's a law that when men go and serve, they get their jobs back. this is ridiculous. he's been fighting 14 years to get what was owed him. all he wanted to do was come back and work. he didn't have any other issues
11:49 am
other than serving our country and protecting our freedom. >> this is microcosm of macrocosm because we have so many members of the military coming home. >> as was appointed out, this is a federal agency basically penalizing somebody for being called to active duty, which is federal service. that's ironic. what's really ironic, they are up front about it. the statements they made are clearly in violation of the law. they are setting themselves up for that. most employer, i hate to say it, will oftentimes try to skirt the law and make up other reasons why they are letting this individual go. here is a clear-cut case but should be an example, i'm sorry, employer ons, too, we have to share in the burden of service and have to help and accommodate soldiers when they return. >> to both of you, thank you so much. have a great weekend. talk about making an entrance, a car plows into a pharmacy. what happened to the driver. why are some criticizing the way witnesses reacted. plus, he planned this
11:50 am
winter, would you know the signs of avalanche conditions. alicia is live in colorado. >> reporter: gretchen, it seems like a deadly like a mystery but we'll teach you how to read the snow. we'll be right back. we'll have that coming up. too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection. i have a big meeting when we land, but i am so stuffed up, i can't rest. [ male announcer ] nyquil cold and flu liquid gels don't unstuff your nose. they don't? alka seltzer plus night fights your worst cold symptoms, plus has a decongestant. [ inhales deeply ] oh. what a relief it is.
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check out this dangerous trip to the drug store. a driver crashing into a rite aid in new jersey. a shopping inside getting knock back. the woman who was hit and the driver who lost control are both expected to be okay. it's the third anytime two years someone crashed into the same building. some now criticizing witnesses who are also seen on the surveillance video taking pictures instead of trying to help. this year's ski season getting off to a deadly start.
11:54 am
identify skiers and snowmobilers have died in avalanches in two weeks, and often times experts say even most experienced snow lohr don't know when they're getting into dangerous situations. alicia is live in colorado. >> reporter: the two people who died here in colorado had a great deal of knowledge about the dangers of avalanches. sometimessed it's a matter of just a little extra work. we snow-shoed into the backcountry at the 11,000-foot vail summit with an expert mountaineer. he says mountaintops and steep slopes he digs a pit in the snow. >> i'll dig one real quick just to look at the layers. >> checking for a weak layer below the compacted snow, a phenomenon nicknamed monsters in the basement. >> i'm just going to tap it. one layer here, one layer there.
11:55 am
see how that broke apart? if i dig in here and move my shovel, see that? that's the layer that can come right off. right there. boom. so that is why every layer and -- that's a danger. >> what made the bottom so flimsy is known at sugar snow. it's worth it to build the pit because underneath could be the seeing gar snowfall which -- sugar snow which is like ball bearings and it could be something like this. which is what friends say likely happened to the expert skier. he weak underneath gaveway. >> if there's anything we can move from the negative to the positive here, and especially on behalf of tony or anybody else that has been lost or hurt in such a situation, we just need to get out there and educate offers.
11:56 am
>> reporter: your equipment is very important as well, gretchen. people want to keep transmitter with them in the event something goes wrong. >> amazing trip you took. not only is it super cute but there's signs behind this. hello there, little prairie dog. why that's waving gesture is a critical issue for the little guys in these communities. let me see another wave. in-they? when you have diabetes like i do, getting the right nutrition isn't always easy. first, i want a way to help minimize my blood sugar spikes. then, a way to support heart health. ♪ and let's not forget immune support. ♪ but now i have new glucerna advance with three benefits in one. including carbsteady ultra to help minimize blood sugar spikes. it's the best from glucerna. [ male announcer ] new glucerna advance. from the brand doctors recommend most.
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all right. prairie dogs don't just do the wave for fun. it's serious business. research find the black are tailed prairie dogs do a jump and yip that spreads through the stadium to check their fell row rodents' aalertness. trying to decide if it's a good time to look for food. >> you had a lot to say about the governor of maine wanting to
12:00 pm
change child labor laws. one post, good idea, one says, wrong, we don't have enough jobs for the adults and they need to be kids. >> sharon says: better than texting all day. tgif everyone. harris falkner is in for shep. >> remember the huge credit card data breach at target, the ones where thieves report'd i stole some 40 million account numbers during black friday and the beginning of the holiday shopping season. now we just found out the breach is actually worse than originally advertised. nearly three times as many customers being affected. three times 40 million. wow. and now we know all sorts of personal data were grabbed, including home addresses, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, and much more. >> first, though, just into the fox news deck. we now have a pile of new documents regarding the bridge scandal that has


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