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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOXNEWSW  January 14, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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whatever vehicle she wants. >> you have sophia vargera pa parkpark parked in front of you. set your dvrs so you don't miss an episode of "the five." "special report" on deck. iran taunts the u.s., saying president obama's new sanctions deal represented a surrender by the west. this is "special report." good evening. i'm bret baier. so much for being graceful winners. iran is proclaiming victory over the u.s. and its allies in the deal that will ease crippling economic sanctions. in the process, iran is re-enforcing the point of the deal's critics, including many democrats that the deal is a major win for the islamic republic. and a major defeat for the west. chief white house correspondent ed henry has tonight's top story.
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>> in front of a huge crowd in iran today, president hassan rouhani declared the wall of sanctions has been broken by the interim nuclear agreement, and he charged president obama and key u.s. allies have basically waved the white flag. >> translator: do you know what the geneva agreement means? it means the big powers have surrendered. >> he even took to social media to tweet, world powers surrendered to iranian nation's will. a perfect storm of controversy when you add to the mix, iran's foreign minister laid a wreath at a hezbollah terrorist who killed americans at iran's direction, and another official claimed there's a secret side agreement to the nuclear deal that may have more favorable de terms for tehran. >> it doesn't matter what they say, it matters what tay do. >> officials insists it's nothing more than an attempt to please hard-liners, though they
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did denounce the grave visit. >> why would the iranian side be out there suggesting there's a side agreement? >> what iranian leaders say for their domestic audience purposes is far less meaningful than what they do, and what the agriements commit them to. >> all of this increasing pressure on harry reid to schedule a vote on a bill to prepare new sanctions against iran in case the deal falls apart. >> we're going to continue to press the majority leader to allow a vote on an issue that obviously enjoys the support of a very large bipartisan majority. >> with an increasing number of democrats defying the president by signing on to the bill, his aides have pushed back by charging the lawmakers should admit they really want war instead of diplomacy. that drew a sharp rebuke today from house democratic w.h.i.p. steny hoyer who declared, quote, i think that is absolutely untrue. an irresponsible assertion and ought to be clarified and
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retracted. the white house would not retract it, but touted the support of other top democrats like senator tim keene, who today said congress should hold off for now on new sanctions and, quote, give diplomacy a chance. as for reid, he will not tip his hand on scheduling a vote. >> well, the legislative process is working forward here, i'm going to sit and be as fair an umpire as i can be. >> on a call today sponsored by the israel project, a former iaea inspector called on the white house to release as much of the paperwork as possible. the white house has thus far refused to release the agreement. jay carney pledged today they'll release the details soon. >> ed henry live on the north lawn. thank you. the chairman of the senate intelligence committee still believes groups with ties to al qaeda were responsible for the benghazi terror attack, september 11th, 2012. dianne feinstein tells the hill, a "new york times" conclusion that the terror group was not
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responsible, quote, doesn't jibe with me. tonight, chief washington correspondent james rosen continues his reports on new information about the attack from the benghazi transcripts, top secret until monday afternoon. this evening, what the obama administration did and did not do to get ready for the 9/11 anniversary. >> on september 110th, 2012, th white house released a press release reading read-out of the president's meeting with senior officials on our preparedness and security posture on the anniversary of september 11th. it mentioned measures to protect people and facilities abroad. >> numerous steps were taken. >> in top secret testimony over the committee on oversight, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff said the meeting was a conference call and libya never came up. congresswoman martha roby chaired nine classified hearings
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examining u.s. forced posture on the day the press release went out. >> it was misleading and quite frankly as demonstrated on september 11th, it was wrong. >> using military lingo, congressman of georgia asked if the september 10th session triggered any moves to shorten response times? did we move anybody from an n plus six or an n plus 4? i don't recall that, dempsey acknowledged. there were the combatant commanders have the tloert to do that, so there was no command to do that from me. did you anticipate that september 11th, being the date that it is, going forward, we would have wanted to drop the notification times? recall that in the run-up to september 11th, dempsey replies, the threat streams took us other places other than libya. but general carter ham, commander of africom, who was excluded from the september 10th session, said they shared grave
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concern about libya. dempsey admitted the threat steam had taken him directly to benghazi. >> did you ever get the message they could not withstand a sustained attack on the consulate? >> i was tracking that intelligen intelligence. >> at the white house, the man who issued the press release saw no significance in the fact neither panetta or dempsey ordered more security. >> they don't wait until accept 10th to prepare for contingencies on an anniversary of september 11th, of any year. >> marine corps specialist bristol warned officials in libya about increased violence on 9/11, and he was uncomfortable with american security posture there and in other countries. >> you have more details on >> yeah, the online story. >> thank you. the u.s. is pushing back against israel over a comment from its defense minister
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insulting the top american diplomat. he said secretary of state john kerry's involvement in the middle east peace process is motivated by, quote, an incomprehensible obsession and a mesyannick feeling. that did not go over too well at the white house. >> to question secretary kerry's motives and distort his proposals is not something we would expect from the defense minister of a close ally. >> late today, the israeli prime minister said he had no intention of offending kerry. >> egyptians are voting on a new constitution, the first since the overthrow of mohamed morsi. morsi supporters promised violence and called for a boycott. 11 people were killed in clashes in several locations. it bans parties based on religion, gives women equal rights, and protects the status of minority christians. a billion and a half dollars in aid to egypt is part of a trillion dollar government
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spending bill unveiled last night. it's suppose to end, at least for a while, the budget gridlock on capitol hill. mike emanuel is here with the details. >> good evening. it's more than 1500 pages and would fund the government through october. the $1.012 trillion package would increase funding for head start to support early childhood education. it would allow the u.s. postal service to continue saturday delivery, provide $85 billion to the war in afghanistan, and cut funding for the irs and ban targeting of groups. some outside conservative organizations say it doesn't reduce spending enough, but a house appropriator says it's a good deal. >> i'm going to vote for it. i think it's -- it keeps with our principles that we set forth. this is the third year in a row that we have actually reduced discretionary spending. >> the measure was hammered out by top appropriators. some house democrats are complaining because it doesn't extend long-term unemployment
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benefits. yet, at the white house, president obama expressed support for the package while warning lawmakers if they don't get it done, he'll do it himself. >> i've got a pen and i've got a phone. and i could use that pen to sign executive orders and take executive actions, administrative actions that move the ball forward in helping to make sure our kids are getting the best education possible, making sure our businesses are getting the support and help they need. >> congress does not care for that type of executive action, and all indication are lawmakers want to get it done, likely by friday. >> mike emanuel live on the hill. thank you. stock husband their biggest day of the year. the dow gains 16. the s&p 500 was up 20. the nasdaq finished ahead 70. president obama and fellow democrats are targeting what they term income inequality as a rallying point for their 2014
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congressional campaigns. to some, it's a call for fairness. to other, it's a slap in the face of tonight, correspondent doug mckelway looks at how the income divide fits in with the american economic model. >> income inequality has been on president obama's agenda sns joe the plumbering raised the issue. he calls it -- >> the defining issue of our time. a child born in the top 20% has about a 2 in 3 chance of staying at or near the top. a child born into the bottom 20% has a less than 1 in 20 shot at making it to the top. >> class resentment is building. >> does it bother you some ceos make millions while their workers don't? >> yes, i think everybody should be treated equal and make enough money to be stable and comfortable. >> such resentment is sometimes selective. >> does it bother you tiger
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woods make $78 million? >> it doesn't bother me. >> whether it's a ceo or a golf star, that's how capitalism rewards and punishes. some people are better, smarter, harder working, or luckier than others. >> there will always be income inequality, in the literal sense, unless everyone earns equal incomes, and i don't think most people would want to see that. >> they warn of the growing income gap. >> in 2012, the top 1% saw their income raise 20%, while the bottom 99% saw their incomes rise by only a percent. what we have seen in the recovery is higher income folks have benefitted more. >> nobody in america is poor just because someone else is rich. consider if you were to double everyone's income in america, you would do great things for the poor, but you would also increase inequality. numerous studies show the greatest predictor of poverty is not income inequality.
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>> the academic literature is solid on what it takes to stay out of poverty. number one, graduate school. number two, if you're not mar married, don't have a baby. number three, get a job, even a minimum wage entry level job, and stick with it. >> only 10% of us who have a job live in poverty, but 52.6% of us are in the labor force. that's the lowest since 1967. up next, will president obama call for real change in the way the nsa keeps track of you? first, here's what some of our fox affiliates across the country are covering tonight. ksaa in albuquerque new mexico with a school shooting in nearby roswell. authorities say a student opened fire, hitting two other teens. the alleged shooter is in custody. one victim is in critical condition tonight. the other serious. kdfw in dallas, and a federal judge's rejection of a $765 million settlement of nfl concussion claims. the judge says the sum may not
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be enough to cover injured players. and this is a live look at los angeles, from our fox affiliate there, fox11, the big story there tonight is the search of pop star justin bieber's home by detectives. bieber is accused of involvement in an egg-tossing vandalism case that costs thousands of dollars in damage to a neighbor's home. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. [ police radio, indistinct ] the comeback trail. there is no map. no mile marker. no welcome sign. one day you may find yourself here. to carry you he. at liberty mutual, we believe with every setback there's a chance to come back and rise. liberty mutual insurance. auto, home, life.
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president obama will unveil his vision of the future of nsa surveillance later this week. today, suggestions that the changes may be more cosmetic than systemic. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is here with specifics. >> thank you. nsa supporters are filling records of metadata collected under the patriot act isn't as revealing as reading someone's
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e-mails. the performing director of the cia testified otherwise. >> there's quite a bit of content in metadata. when you have the records of the phone calls that a particular individual made, you can learn an awful lot about that person. >> lawmakers were also told the key recommendation that the nsa would no longer hold the phone records of american citizens may already be in trouble because the phone companies are not interested in holding that data. on the question of efficiency, witnesses testified they missed the boston bombers because the tsarnaev bombers were not communicating with radical groups overseas, even though the older brother openly posted jihadi media on his social media. the potential for abuse today was a dominant theme. >> my concern that the focus of the programs has been far too much on law-abiding citizens and
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far too little on people for whom we have significant reason to believe there may be a real danger of terrorism. >> and today's hearing really set the table for mr. obama who will address nsa reform on friday, bret. >> thank you. there are now concerns tonight about just how many people are actually signing up and paying for obamacare. we told you last night the numbers are hardly overwhelming. raising the prospect that a bailout of insurance companies may be necessary at some point. chief national correspondent jim ingle looks at the statistics and what they could be telling us. >> the numbers released by hhs this week raise a lot of questions about how obamacare is working. for one thing, 64.5 million people visited a website or called for information, but only a little more than 2.1 million of them actually signed up for coverage. >> many tens of millions of people said no thank you, that my coverage today and whatever arrangement i have today is better than what they're offering on the exchanges.
3:19 pm
>> it suggests there's a lot of disappointment once you get to the website. you go, you look, and you think, gee, i'm not so sure. >> the white house insists the sign-ups alone are proof obamacare will work. >> nobody contests anymore whether or not there's a huge appetite for this product. >> of those who did sign up, 79% got government subsidies to reduce the cost, suggesting subsidies are key for the vast majority. >> if i'm heavily subsidized and i have a pre-existing condition, this is likely to be a better deal. this is likely who they attracted so far into insurance programs. there the most striking thing is the number of young signing up is not yet enough to offset the older and sicker. if that continues, it will start a domino effect. >> the result is next year, premiums are going to go through the roof. in the interim, all the companies that are losing money on the policies. every single one of them under obamacare, is going to have the opportunity to be bailed out by the taxpayers. that's wrong. we need to stop that. >> senator rubio is pushing legislation to repeal that
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provision, but some take a different view. >> i don't see this as a bailout. a bailout is when i screw up and government gives me money to make me whole. the insurance companies aren't making errors. ritzer the policy and the execution making the problem. >> senator rubio says reimbursing the insurance companies for their losts could cost hundreds of millions of dollars for multiple years. others note that would only last three years and if the risk pool doesn't get better, insurance companies would start dropping out. bret. >> jim, thanks. still ahead, the irs wants to put political limits on tax exempt groups. first, chris christie tries again to save his governorship and his possible presidential hopes. we'll go to new jersey next. re. in fact, they depend on a unique set of nutrients. [ male announcer ] that's why there's ocuvite thelp protect youeye health. as you, your eyes can lose vital nuients. ocuvite helps replenish key eye nutrients. ocuvite is a vitamin made just for your eyes
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for the second time in less than a week, new jersey governor chris christie apologized to his constituents. christie gave his annual state of the state address, which doubled as another attempt to save his political career. eric shawn is in trenton tonight. the governor of the state of new jersey, the honorable chris christie. >> it was a warm embrace, even from the overwhelmingly democratic state legislature, for embattled new just jersey governor chris christie. hugs, kisses, pats on the back and applause confronted him. >> mistakes were clearly made. and as a result, we let down the people we're entrusted to serve. i know our citizens deserve better. much better. i'm the governor. and i'm ultimately responsible for all that happens on my watch, both good and bad. >> some in the assembly chamber
3:25 pm
have doubted christie's denials and accused his administration of a cover-up, but she vowed to fully cooperate with the two legislative committees that will investigate the bridge scandal. >> this administration and this legislature will not allow the work that needs to be done to improve the people's lives of new jersey to be delayed for any reason. >> on thursday, two former close christie aides are expected to be subpoenas to testify. fired deputy chief of staff bridget anne kelly whose e-mails and texts showed she ordered the four day long traffic jam, and bill steppian, christie's longtime campaign manager, david wildstein repeatedly took the fifth when asked about the reputed plot last week. democrats say they're not satisfied and vow to press forward. >> there's no amount of words that ths governor will say that will make this better or fix it. we need to understand why
3:26 pm
bridget kelly did that, who told her to do that, what was mr. steppian's involvement, and so many other questions. >> the scandal is not stopping governor christie from fulfilling his duties as the head of the republican governor pfsz association. he flies to florida to help rick scott. he'll be attending some private fund-raisers. the first time mr. christie steps onto the national political stage since the scandal broke. bret. >> eric shawn live in trenton tonight. eric, thank you. >> a follow-up on a story we brought you recently. the husband of a brain-dead pregnant woman in texas is suing the hospital to have her taken off life support. eric munoz said he and his wife, both paramedics, agreed they would not want to be kept alive in this situation, but hospital officials say texas law prohibits them from turning off the machines because of the pregnancy. >> a federal judge has struck down oklahoma's constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage, saying it violates the u.s. constitution. the ruling was immediately
3:27 pm
stayed, pending appeal. meaning gay marriages will not immediately happen in oklahoma. who's really pulling the strings here in washington? iran says it's aliens and they can prove it. we'll explain. plus, a criminal wants $100 million from nike. for not telling him to not do it. the grapevine is next. ould say t about the most track-tested is ever... but the truth is... we don't have to. the experts have spoken. now it's your move. ♪
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our top story was iran taunting the u.s. over the sanctions negotiations. now an iranian news agency is making other accusations about the u.s. and they're interesting. the washington post writes, fares, which describes itself as iran's leading independent news agency, claims documents leaked by edward snowden, provide, quote, incontvertible proof that an alien or extraterrestrial agenda is driving u.s. domestic and international policy. one blogger wrote while the story is entertaining and filled with bizarre conspiracy theories, quote, this is a remind er how some hardliners se the world. >> if you live in california, don't bother trying to buy tickets from the seattle seahawks website for this weekend's championship conference game. they're invoking the small business owner's decree allowing them to refuse service to anyone. in this case, fans who have a billing address in california. the site is selling only to
3:32 pm
states near the pacific northwest and west coast, as well as two canadian prov nlss, but not the home state of their opponent. california residents can still get tickets by going to secondary markets, usually at higher prices. now for the latest example of a crazy lawsuit. this time in oregon. a man serving a 100-year prison sentence wants $100 million from nike. a pimp from portland. it sounds like a limerick, but it's not. the pimp was found guilty of second degree assault and kicking and stomping a business associate. the pimp blames nike for not warning consumers that shoes can be dangerous weapons. it seems that enhances the prison sentence. besides the financial benefit, the pimp wants warning labels to be added to all merchandise in the future. nike has no comment. the targeting of conservative groups by the obama administration's tax agency is being chalked up to poor management instead of bad intentions.
3:33 pm
and there are indications what could not be done by intimidation may be tried through regulation. here's carl cameron. >> law enforcement officials have signaled there will be nor charges against irs staff for targeting groups for excess scrutiny prior to the 2011 elections, which they claimed irs mismanagement and misunderstanding of the taxes they enforce. and social groups on the right and left are up in arms over proposed limits to their political activity. >> somehow, we're going to make it as hard as possible. we're going to say no, that's not in the public good, not for the public good. i think that's crazy and we have to stand up and say, you know what? this is insanity. >> public input on the changes is invited until march, but the feds are vague after that, quote, we do not anticipate final regulations being issued before the 2014 elections. beyond that, it is difficult to predict how long the rule-making process will take, so expect the new rules sometime before the
3:34 pm
2016 presidential race. supporters say if social welfare groups want to spend more than half their money and time on mallt politics, there will be a way. >> they can set up different types of tax-exempt organizations and do political activities through those organizations. they can get unlimited money throw those organizations. they're in essence superpacs. >> the new rules would prevent social welfare groups from spending more than 40% on politics and among other things, ban advertising 30 days before primaries and 60 days before general elections. >> since when did educating the public about candidates and issues and holding public officials accountable, since when is that not in the public welfare? >> they're expected to hold hearing with experts before the final rules about a year from now. >> thank you. iran claims victory over the west in the new sanctions agreements. we'll goov over how this is goi
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in a few days, the geneva agreement will be implemented. do you know what that means? it means the big powers have surrendered before the great iranian nation. >> it's not surprising to us nor should it be to you that the iranians are describing the agreement in a certain way for their domestic audience. they did the same thing following the agreement of the joint plan of action in november, and we certainly expected they would do the same thing this time. it doesn't matter what they say. it matters what they do. >> iran's president rouhani, triumphantly saying iran essentially has won against the u.s. and west. even tweeted today, quote, world powers surrender to iranian nation's will. that has not really been sitting well with critics of the irain
3:39 pm
deal up on capitol hill and throughout washington. let's bring in our panel. syndicated columnist george will. julie pace, white house correspondent for the associated press, and tucker carlson, host of fox and friends weekend. okay, george, what about this and the status of the deal? >> well, the president and other advanced thinkers say what this town needs is more bipartisanship. he's got it now because there's a bipartisan majority in the senate for the sanctions the president says he will veto. i think there's an explanation of why kerry is putting as much energy as secretary of state into pursuing what i think is a chimera, an agreement with iran, and that's because the alternative is terrible. the president says i'm not just unwilling to contain iran. i'm committed to preventing a nuclear iran. he goes beyond that. he has said on november 23rd, he wants to be able to verify that iran cannot build, not that it's not building, but cannot build. trouble with that is as long as
3:40 pm
they have the right to enrich, the capacity to enrich, and the stock of low enriched uranium, they can build a weapon. that is why iran is claiming victory, and i think probably rightly so. >> long story short, they could flip the switch and this thing turns around. >> that's correct. reach the breakthrough point. >> julie. >> when it comes to rouhani, everyone, no matter what side of the debate you're on, has to agree you have to be skeptical of him. we don't know yet what his purpose is in pursuing these negotiations. that being said, i think there is some validity to what my friend jay carney said there, that you have to expect he's going to go back to iran and put a positive spin on this, particularly for iranian hardliners. when you talk about the sanctions build-up on the hill, what is interesting is we have no sense yet of when this is actually going to get a vote. when you talk to some democrats, you saw richard bloumenthal who was a sponsor of the bill, ben cardin, they're starting to walk
3:41 pm
back their support of it, and what influence this has on harry reid and whether he puts it on the floor will be interesting. >> tucker, about the legislative effort, take a listen to this back and forth on the issue. >> we believe that we ought to have that vote, and we're going to continue to press the majority leader to allow a vote on an issue that obviously enjoys the support of a very large bipartisan majority here in the senate. >> while they're going on and while the legislative process is working forward here, i'm going to sit and be as fair an umpire as i can be. >> what about that? is he going to bring it up for a vote? >> yes, i think they will. there's a lot of pressure to do it. the iranians didn't expect this? these remarks are almost so ludacrisly provocative that they didn't anticipate they would inflame the u.s. congress and possibly scuttle this arrangement? of course, they did, or you
3:42 pm
suspect they did. there may be more going on, and by the way, when did we all agree sanctions stop the iranian nuclear program sphif they did, we wouldn't be here in the first place. the thing to me is the president's striking patience. if only he were willing to work with the republicans like this. >> is this hurting the administration in the big picture foreign policy wise? >> the big picture is, leaving aside the merits of the case, what we should do, idealey, the public, the americanly public doesn't want a war, period, with iran. maybe they should, but they don't. that's the president's calculation, the options that the sanctions don't work, and i defend them on anything, but he's probably right about that, and the option to sanctions is either some sort of deal, even a phony one like this, or a war. and they know the public doesn't want it. >> one of the calculations also is a lot of lawmakers don't want a war, either. if you remember back to the summer and the votes on syria, there was a lot of talk about trying to ramp up military
3:43 pm
options towards syria. when it came down to possibly putting a vote in front of congress, it was clear the votes weren't there. >> right, but the flipside is if iran continues on this path and it's not verifiable, then israel may act outside of the u.s. not likely, but possible. and/or iran gets a nuclear weapon and it becomes a containment issue. >> that's exactly where i expect it to go. i think the israelis at the end of the day, and i think there are people in the israeli military who understand this very well, will understand that the number of numbers they would have to fly by themselves with refueling over long distances to first suppress sophisticated air defenses and then attack repeatedly hardened targets is beyond the capacity of something as extraordinary as the israeli military force. >> do you think congress acts in the face of the administration saying please don't? >> i expect they will act on
3:44 pm
this. i expect the president will veto what they do, and i expect the whole kabuki dance will make no difference whatsoever because the iranians want, can, and will get a nuclear weapon. >> exactly. >> julie? >> i think george gets to the crux of this, which is if the bill does go to the floor and it does pass and then the president vetoes this, one of the administration's arguments has been even the act of voting is going to putsh the iranians awa from the table. this will be an opportunity where lawmakers may be calling the administration's bluff on that, even knowing they're going to get a veto at the end of the day. >> and the president monday said, give peace a chance. >> yeah, it was not a moment of self-awareness for the president, i would say. give peace a chance? he really said that? the people to talk to are the israelis who have the most realistic and deepest understanding of this. i haven't met any who don't believe the iranians won't end up with nuclear weapons. they want it, they have the money, every incentive, and there doesn't appear to be the will or the means to prevent them.
3:45 pm
>> when we hear, well, we have to discount what he's saying because he's afraid of the hardliners, remember, the hawks in the kremlin? no matter what they said, he's got to protect the flank. >> well, he drinks scotch and likes miles davis wrfrb. >> exactly. next up, are we looking at an obamacare bailout? we'll get into that next. [ male announcer ] e new new york is open. open to innovation. open to ambition. open to boldids. that's why n york has a new plan -- dozens of tax free zones all across the state. move here, expand here, or start a new business here and pay no taxes for ten years... we're new york. if there's something that creates more jobs, and ows more businesses... we're open to it. start a tax-free business at
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the demographics and the actuarial soundness of the program are being brought into question. >> if the numbers are as bad as they seem with the lack of information, just imagine, perhaps, how bad it really is. >> what we saw in massachusetts,
3:49 pm
what we have seen in every other comparable past experience is that young people will sign up late and in large numbers. and that's what we expect. >> 60 million people clicked on the website. 2.2 million actually signed up. and most of them got paid to do it. >> well, the obamacare situation continues, as the administration is talking about the new numbers out. we brought you those last night. tonight, some more analysis of that. 4 out of 5 of the people who have signed up, the 2.2 million, as you just heard, are receiving some sort of subsidy or tax credit. we're back with our panel. tucker, what about this prospect of a bailout for insurance companies? and how that fits into this whole scenario? >> it looks inevitable. the numbers you put up were bad, but i think they're even righters have a tracking poll, and they found out the average person signing up is older and much sicker than the average person. that's a flat out disaster.
3:50 pm
and as you said, a lot of those people are receiving subsidies anyway. it's turning into a massive welfare program. and a really expensive one. at the end of that, when that all becomes clear, and it's happening pretty quick, you're going bailout. there is no other option. that's why legislation has already been offered up in congress to prevent that. it won't pass because they need it. >> the administration's take, julie, is that they are squeaking by the death spiral threat and that they think by march they can get the numbers they need? >> right. they feel like even though they missed their target for the young invincibles they need to sign up for this program that they reached a program sustainable even if it stayed here through march. to tucker's point when you have people who are older, who are sicker who are signing up, you can understand why those are the first people who want to get into a marketplace when they have health insurance available. weert a subsidy or insurance for the first time. but you can't have a program like this that is sustained on a vast majority of those
3:51 pm
people alone. eventually, we will need to see young, healthy people getting into this marketplace, each if it's end of march. eventually they have to come to the table and participate. >> otherwise, all of the premiums will be restructured by insurance companies, by the end of this year. >> they do not have to come to the table and participate. they can go on strike. the obamacare always has counted on the mass irrationality of young people. now, normally that's a good bet. but in this case it's not so for two reasons, the analogy to massachusetts is all wrong for two reasons. first, the youth today as opposed to when romney care went into effect, are the principle sufferers from the obama economy. they are just not feeling prosperous. second, romney care did not instantly become a buy word for incompetence as this has done. young people who are a suffering economically and b, recoilg from what they sees a people who can't run a web site, are not going to come in and come to the table. >> they certainly -- we
3:52 pm
can't say for sure that they are going to. in order for the program to succeed, they are going to have to. if they don't, then we are talking about cost restructuring, people who are in the program facing incredibly high cost in their second year of having coverage. >> how will the administration explain this bailout when it comes to that point, when the numbers don't add up and suddenly they have to get through this massive amount of money to insurance companies? >> the same way they have always explained it the insurance companies are shafting you. that was the original rationale for obama care. at the same time they argued that your healthcare is too expensive because insurance companies are greedy, they were signing up insurance companies right, to be signed on, of course, because they had a captive mandatory market in customers for their product. so, in the end, they will do exactly the same thing. they will publicly blame insurance companies for the debacle and then they will bail them out. >> what about the efforts on capitol hill from senator marco rubio and others who want to pass something that prevent this? feasible at all? >> do we have 60 senators?
3:53 pm
i don't think so. >> pass in the house and put the pressure on senate and put pressure on democrats like mary landrieu and mark bag given prior and others. >> we bailed out detroit because the executives of general motors and chrysler make a lot of dumb decisions and bad cars. the affordable care act is the ed sell in this story. the insurance companies can't make it work because the economic model is just faulty. now, the trouble is people kind of like fords and chevrolets and it's a brand they can identify with. no one identifies with an insurance company. so it's going to be intensely unpopular, but it will happen. >> julie? >> i think the politics would be interesting when you talk about a mary landrieu or bag g.p.s. -- bag given. maybe things aren't as bad as they looked in october or november. if do you have another round of votes, particularly like a bailout for insurance companies which are not wildly popular with the public. >> that was the original prospect or idea behind
3:54 pm
pushing to get the shutdown back and forth. that's what ted cruz and his supporters talked about. a lot of critics said it was misplaced at that time. but the pretty much would be on these red state democrats if it had already passed the house and now is coming to the senate. >> yeah it absolutely. would maybe out of that mess becomes single payer which is something that the left wanted from day one and some the president's most fervent critics predicted obama cass the stocking horse for. they were dismissed as conspiracy nuts. they make a good case. i don't agree with it. how much better would it be if we directly gave that. >> you are making a good pace for single pay. >> i'm not. i'm merely saying there is internal logic here, right, when we get to the point we have to bailout insurance companies. wouldn't we have saved a lot of money and taken money to sent it to hospitals to care for people. then you wind up with single pair. abomination which you can see how you could get there. >> george? >> that's the ultimate
3:55 pm
conspiracy theory that the affordable care act was written to fail. >> yes. >> and that the economic model is so obviously flawed that must have invented it that way. and to create chaos, cause a crisis in the insurance agency and go the distance you are talking. >> that's a long way from point a to point b, but we will see. we will follow every step on the road. that's it for the panel. stay tuned as lawmakers review some tough tweets. [ female announcer hands were made for playing. ♪ legs, for crossing. ♪ et...splashing. better things than the joint pain and swelling of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. if you're trying to manage your ra, now may be the time to ask about xeljanz xeljanz (tofacitinib) is a small pill, not an injection or infusion,
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energy lives here. finally tonight, forget the polls, just turn to twitter to see how americans feel about congress pretty interesting. mick micking a popular jimmy kimmel segment or now this news, rather, asked lawmakers to read some mean
3:59 pm
and hateful tweets they have received. paul ryan has such pretty blue eyes sometimes it's easy to forget he is satan incarnate. >> of course you would, you are a typical hash tag democrat, hash tag resign. >> at jason in the house, you are proof that this country has gone to hell in a hand basket. >> christopher your ignorance is overshadowed only by your nativity at naivete. >> make america outunderstanding. >> at rick falwell, when was the last time you heard voices? it is important to take your medicine regularly. what was that? >> at damn you suck. okay. thank you.
4:00 pm
>> take it head on. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. president obama getting ready to bull doze washington. his master plan now exposed. in an email blast to supporters today white house senior advisor dan pfeiffer promises the president went be waiting for congress to act and will use every, yes every executive tool available to get what he wants. apparently the years of action will be all about executive action. >> if congress continues to stand only for dysfunction and delay, then i'm going to move ahead without them. >> i'm going to do everything that i can do without congress. >> whenever congress refuses to act, joe and i are going to ask. >> with or without congress i'm going to act on my own. >> i have got a


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