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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  February 28, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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do say that, you sound like a dunderhead, do not be one. ms. megyn is up next, i'm bill o'reilly, we're definitely looking out for you. the spin stops here. breaking news as the president issues a warning to russia. also, tonight. a new democratic talking point? senator harry reid calling obamacare horror stories? all of them lies. >> there are plenty of horror stories being told. all of them are not true. lies. tonight, a more of five with her message to senator reid. she tells us how obamacare is not only hurting her family financially but also medically. plus, thousands of new clinton white house documents just released today. what it could mean for a possible hillary run in 2016. and new information tonight on the u.s. soldier accused of avoiding the flag salute and
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posting this selfie on line instea instead. echos of a cold war standoff as russia defies repeated pleas from the u.s. and reportedly sends military forces straight into ukraine. welcome to "the kelly file," i'm shannon bream in for megyn kelly, and on the border, a massive military exercise. but we're not sending video that shows at least a dozen russian helicopters crossing the border as well as masked gunmen who are believed to be working for the military and took control of two airports in various other cities. the ukraine ambassador now says there are some 2,000 russian troops on the ground. and while president obama sent the russian president a direct warning many are worried that this is too little, too late. >> we are now deeply concerned by reports of military movements
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taken by the russian federation inside of ukraine. any violation of ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity, the united states will stand with anyone against whom there are such actions. >> all right, simon, you heard the president's statement tonight. he says there will be costs. what did that mean? >> well, i think like so many other people watching the statement, my reaction when it ended was, is that it? i mean, he says there will be costs, he did not delineate the costs from the white house. afterwards his advisers were briefing reporters and saying it may mean that we'll terminate trade discussions with russia. it may mean that president obama will not attend the g 8 summit due to be held in russia in a few weeks' time. but does anybody seriously think that is a proportional response
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to what we've witnessed in the last 24 hours? in essence, the beginning of the annexation of the crimean forces? i don't know anyone who believes that is an appropriate response. >> others came out, said we support the president and stand ready in a bipartisan way to come together on sanctions or any other way we can to try to intervene in the situation and back russia off. would a move from capitol hill be anymore proportional in your estimation? >> look, i certainly things that should and can be done in terms of putting together some kind of military maneuvers, aimed at sending a very clear message to moscow as when the united states says, as when ambassador powers said at the u.n. that they will stand with the people of ukraine.
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that actually means something and will get translated into tangible action. on the global stage, this stands out as vladimir putin out-pacing the white house on the issue of edward snowden. it follows the russian invasion of the former soviet republic of georgia back in 2008. many international observers are looking at this and probably vladimir putin himself are saying at the end of the day the americans are not really going to do anything. >> well, it is complicated on so many levels, simon, thank you for giving us your perspective on this. good to see you, and joining me, former head of the heritage foundation and former defense secretary. all right, peter, this is a delicate situation in many, many ways. we have a complicated situation here with russia, how far publicly can the president go when we need to be aligned with them on other issues? >> yeah, shannon, i mean, where
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is the reset button when you need it? you know, this administration's policy towards russia has been a failure. i think what the president could have done is come out earlier as you mentioned in your lead-in, too little, too late. there is some value in strategic ambiguity, you're trying to involve yourself in further diplomacy, this should have been done a long time ago. and unfortunately this administration, like so many other issues is behind the power curve. >> all right, we want to play a little bit about what charles krauthammerer said earlier, after watching the statement the president made from the white house. >> the ukrainians, and i think everybody is shocked by the white house and the fact we've done nothing of importance. >> what else can we do?
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knowing all the other issues on the table as charles points out. is it better to say something and be viewed as weak or say nothing at all and wait? >> well, unfortunately, yeah, there are challenges in each one of those approaches. and unfortunately, the administration probably has not done the right thing up to this point. there is -- you know there will be private talks going on behind the scenes. and then the president felt like the private talks probably would not be effective. he doesn't have an ambassador in russia right now and probably felt he needed to come out and say something to the russians, and the united states. i think it will get a lot worse in places beyond crimea. you have 150,000 troops exercising right across the border. we've seen some troops coming into crimea, not a lot, only
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2,000, but there are rumors, this is breaking news, shannon that they're taking positions around the city, around things like the television station, are they protect assets at the headquarters and protect the sailors? or are they planning on doing something else beyond this and we'll see more russian troops? this thing could easily spiral out of control if there is a sort of violence against the ukrainians, and especially russians. putin will act. >> i believe it was the russian ambassador who made statements basically saying this is the eu and the u.s.'s fault, this exploding like it has. the agreement set up in ukraine is not followed. who is not following them? >> there is a lot of finger-pointing going on. the u.s. is critical to russia. we need to be sober and
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understand that they consider us to be historically tied to russia. it is this strategic soft under-belly of russia. the nazis came across ukraine into russia in world war ii. some of napoleon's army passed through there. they have a level of paranoia about the united states and nato. in 2005, putin said the greatest tragedy was the fall of the soviet union. that didn't make my list but gives you the mindset of the kremlin. we need to get out there and keep this from becoming a more severe conflict. >> and others and nato seem to be united on making sure the ukrainian people's wishes are carried out. we'll see how it plays out with putin doing a lot of posture in good to see you. >> thank you, shannon.
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yeah, may not want to hear it but trouble is raining down from the sky. a monster of a storm pummelling the west coast, heading east, soon to develop into another major system, with a third of the country in its past. >> you know, in fact, florida will probably be the only people who escape this eventually. but incredible rain across california, that you see there in the last couple of images is where the storm is. it will hit pretty much everybody and run into cold air. take a look at saturday night, minus 25 in fargo, sunday night. march, the cold air is in. and because the cold air is in we have the moisture coming. we're talking about a big winter storm. these are the winter weather advisories already in place extending out across the eastern seaboard, no doubt. our big concern is a big area of icing, a big ice storm on tap from places like tulsa, through parts of arkansas and a lot of
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kentuckys could see significant power outages here, through indianapolis, back to philadelphia and new york city. we'll look at another six to 12 inches of snow for sunday into monday. so get ready for the start of the work week. big problems again, all across the eastern seaboard, the roads once again, big problems. >> all right, well, it is a repeat. we know it is coming so it is important you tell us, so rick, thank you. we're following breaking news out of ukraine tonight, minute by minute, president obama warning russia if it intervenes militarily there will be costs. we're learning russia may have done that just now. more information from the pentagon coming up. also ahead coming up. new developments on the soldier who went out of her way in a refusal to salute the flag. plus, breaking news on a family who is trying to get their 15-year-old back from the state. this is really a simple
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seriously, that's a signature look. you don't have a signature look, honey. ♪ that's a signature look. [ male announcer ] only at&t brings you beats music. unlimited downloads for up to 5 accounts and 10 devices all for $14.99 a month. ♪ breaking news, in the custody battle for justina pelletier, the massachusetts department of children and services confirm they are working to get the 15-year-old girl back to her home state of connecticut. now, this news comes more than a year after she was taken away
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from her parents following a dispute with boston's children hospital over her medical care. while the dcf news appears to be a victory for the parents, they are still experiencing some setbacks when they tried to see justina for their friday afternoon visits, they were denied. >> how are they going to explain to her, when she waits all week to meet with her parents, and then they call it off. we clearly believe this is punitive. the dcf does not have justina's best interest in their hearts. >> joining me now, of liberty university law school and counsel, and his team is helping the pelletier family get their daughter back, matt, good to see you, what happened today. >> well, what happened today they went to see their daughter for their one-hour supervised visitation, instead of letting them see her they put it off
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saying the visitation was cancelled. when asked why, they said there was a video camera outside the building. that had nothing to do with the pelletiers, they were trying to punish justina and her parents, we protested saying this was simply unacceptable. finally after a couple of hours they relented saying okay, we'll allow them to have an hour of supervised visitation. that is what they get a week, last week they had five dcf workers in the room, along with a massachusetts state trooper. this is absolutely unbelievable. for the past 13 months the 92-year-old grandparents of justina have not been able to see this granddaughter. many of the sisters, the three older ones have not been able to see her since may. and the parents can only see her for an hour a week. they have not allowed any clergy, no easter, no christmas and they have not allowed any education to this young girl at all. she has lost two years of her high school education because of
9:16 pm
the abuse that she is suffering at the hands of dcf. >> okay, it is my understanding it is the first time we have heard dcf address the case, in a statement they said, our primary goal is the well-being of justina, we want the parents to work with dcf to move her back to her home state of connecticut. that is the objective, and if consistent to finding a place near her home, a family's provider of choice with the clinical expertise to care for justina, of course the doctors there diagnosed her with the mitochondrial disease, with the medical personnel at boston childrens. it sounds like it will be a positive move forward. what is your take on what you heard from dcf today? >> well, that is what they say. they say they're going to drop the contempt charge with the gag order, they're not going to
9:17 pm
resist our motion for the gag order. now they have decided to begin to back off. but we're not going to be satisfied until dcf is out of the picture. if we go back 13 months we have an ice skating person who is engaged in competitions. she has the flu and develops gastrointestinal problems, her expert has now gone there. she goes there for a routine emergency visit to see him. and the new doctor brings in a psychologist, they change the diagnosis, they say it must not be physical. it is mental. and when the parents are required to sign a new form removing all medical treatment, no medications, no vitamins and no second opinions they say sorry, we'll take her back to tufts to her experts who have been treating her. and that is when dcf was called in. these parents take their daughter, who was an ice-skating
9:18 pm
competitor, to see a physician of their choosing. they don't get a chance to see her, now she is in a wheelchair. they say now we'll allow her to go back to tufts. that is what she wanted to do 13 months ago. this is just simply unacceptable. dcf has no interest in this case, no interest in the well-being of justina or the family or the sisters. they have put this family through emotional turmoil that no family ought to experience. >> and matt, there are a lot of folks who think that dad being brave, going forward and breaking the gag order and going national on many outlets, including right here on "the kelly file," and your legal work, arrest wels well. so please keep us updated. >> thank you, it was us finding out about it, they wanted to bury this. when it came out, the dad just couldn't handle it anymore and
9:19 pm
came out on national television and on megyn kelly, and ultimately the media and the world began to look at this saying this is ridiculous, this is outrageous, this cannot happ happen. and based on that pressure, dcf is starting to move. we're glad for that. but we won't rest until she gets the kind of medical care she sought 13 months ago. >> all right, thank you sir. brand-new documents just released about the clinton presidency, what it could mean for hillary's possible run in 2016, and new developments. in the story of a soldier who went out of her way with a refusal to salute the american flag. you make a great team. it's been that way sincthe day you met. but your erectile dysfunction - it could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet
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we are tracking a very tense situation as it appears. the russian military is defies washington and our allies, sending military assets into ukraine, president obama sending to the kremlin a direct message saying there will be costs for their military intervention. those are reportedly russian helicopters seeing flying into the ukraine. we can't verify this, but will have more straight from the pentagon. developing tonight, new fallout for a soldier who posted a selfie of herself hiding in her car to avoid saluting the american flag. trace gallagher has more from our west coast bureau. hi, trace. >> hi, shannon, not only did this selfie go viral, it went higher up to the very highest
9:24 pm
levels. now, at fort carson, the salute happens every night at 5:00, it takes a minute and the soldiers are required to stop what they're doing and salute the flag. but private first class refused to do this, saying this is me hiding in my car so i don't have to salute the flag. keep all your that is so disrespectful, rude comments to yourself, because right now i don't give an f, she later doubled down, saying this is what taxpayers allow me to do all day. her pictures and comments sparked on line, most we can't repeat. saying soldiers have ducked the salute forever but none have ever documented it and made it public. she could spend two years in jail. these cases, we're told, are
9:25 pm
often handled administratively with the puzzle beinishment kep private. and just so you know, the social media is here to stay because the military maintains their free speech rights. but right now the military is working on keeping them appropriate. >> we want to know what you think at home. to and leave a tweet. use the hash tag kelly file if you tweet. and coming up, white house democrats accusing americans of lying about problems with obamacare. a mother of five says she has a message for them. plus, waiting for a supreme court decision that may save an evangelical christian family evangelical christian family from dep [ woman #1 ] why do i cook? because an empty pan is a blank canvas. [ woman #2 ] to share a moment. [ woman #3 ] to travel the world without leaving home.
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sheff . back now the our top stories, russian troops believed to have moved into ukraine, and there are other world powers concerned here. they have warned moscow not to get involved. this video reportedly showing russian helicopters flying overhead. this tense situation is being very closely monitored by the pentagon. national correspondent jennifer griffin has more. >> hi, shannon, well, ukraine's special representative described it as an armed invasion. but the pentagon was not able to characterize the movement of the russian forces into the crimea. the chairman said what other officials would not. congressman mike rogers issued the following statement, saying it appears the russian military now controls the crimean peninsula, this video shows a dozen or so helicopters crossing
9:30 pm
into the ukraine. about a dozen aircraft landed there. nearly 2,000 russian troops had been air-lifted in. president obama issued a statement, the first since february 19th. >> just days after the world came to russia for the olympic games, it would invite the condemnation of nations around the world. indeed, the united states will stand with the international community affirming there will be costs for any military intervention in ukraine. >> the troops that took over two television stations in crimea appeared to be the russian forces. the russian ambassador appeared to dismiss questions about a russian invasion. >> is russia willing to militarily intervene in ukraine to achieve your political goals? >> really, really, even the question is aggravatinaggravati
9:31 pm
>> a senior administration official said the u.s. and its european allies would consider a boycott of the june g 8 summit if the russian troops occupy the ukrainian territory. shannon? >> all right, jennifer, thank you so much for the update. developing tonight, the white house jumping in with democrats attacking the integrity of americans who have come forward to talk about the very real impacts of obamacare on their lives. first, to listen to senate majority leader harry reid and colleagues on wednesday. >> there are plenty of horror stories told, all of them are untrue. but they're being told all over america. >> in addition, the parade of horror stories trotted out by the haters of this bill will prove not to be true. >> began to hear the horror stories about these exchanges and about coverage under the affordable care act, and as we've seen, many of those horror stories have turned out to be invented. >> now today, the white house
9:32 pm
piling on. >> individuals who have had problems with the affordable care act and again and again, reporters have discovered that in fact the circumstances are not as they're being presented. >> many americans taking issue with those remarks. and the republican communications office releasing more than 100 obamacare horror stories that are now in question. including the cincinnati inquirer reporting on a kentucky mother who also lost her policy and complaining about not getting any straight answers about whether her son's specialist was covered under the new plan. the associated press reports on a doctor, a woman just found out her hospital is not covered by the only obamacare insurer in the entire state. and right here in fox news, reporting on the woman diagnosed with breast cancer whose potentially life-threatening surgery has reportedly been postponed after she lost her doctors. now the white house joining democrats hitting the republican communications office and
9:33 pm
suggesting those people are liars. former speech writer for president bush and a fellow at the enterprise institute. all right, mark, many of the americans know what is happening to them. can the democrats think they're possibly endearing themselves to these people and the fact that they don't exist. reality is reality. >> i mean, that is exactly right. let's get this straight, barack obama lied to the american people about obamacare. every single senate democrat who is running for re-election told the exact same lie. and their strategy to gain the trust of the american people is to call the american people liars. i mean, have they lost their lives? as someone who wants to see obamacare repealed, i hope every senate democrat says this. let them say it until november. as you pointed out, it is not a problem with one or two horror stories with a television ad, millions of americans are living the horror stories with
9:34 pm
obamacare. six million people got cancellation letters and even if they struggled to get coverage at the end, they're liars? they're living the obamacare horror stories, if you lost your doctor or insurance you're living an obamacare horror story, if your premiums went up when they told you they were going to go down. you're living the obamacare horror story, the problem is that millions of americans are having personal contact with obamacare and the polls show the more they learn about it the less they like it. >> what the senate majority leader, harry reid said these were all lies, they don't pan out. these are real people, though, how in the world do they expect to keep six million people and counting from telling their stories? i mean, that is pretty bold. >> harry reid was the same guy in 2012 went out on the senate floor and without a shred of evidence said that mitt romney didn't pay his taxes, oh, i don't have any evidence of it
9:35 pm
but the word is out. the word is out that harry reid is a liar, and the word should be out that any senate democrat that follows his lead will have the word "former" in front of their name. >> they continue to double down on the strategy saying that the problems are not as they're being represented. but voters will embrace them in the mid-term, as the dust settles people will see there are positive stories, as well. and certainly there are positive stories, people who didn't have coverage are getting it. those people do exist, as well. >> but they said before obamacare came into effect they said this is all just republican right wing propaganda. as soon as people see it in action they will love it. we're four months into it, and it is dropping in popularity. if you have had personal contact and tried to navigate the website, if you're that colorado
9:36 pm
woman in that document who talked about who had her premiums go up 70%, you don't love obamacare. the problem is not with republicans, not with the americans for prosperity and their ads, their problem is with the reality of the law and what people are experiencing day by day. >> well, speaking of those people, mark, thank you very much. because we'll talk to one of them this week. senator mitch mcconnell came on "the kelly file" to talk about the comments from harry reid. and talked about one of the horror stories. >> here is a letter i got from my constituent, angela lost her doctor. he basically called her a liar. what nonsense, these people all across america who are losing their policies, the premiums are going up, the co-pays and deductibles are going up, jobs are lost, they're not making it up. >> all right, angela, welcome to
9:37 pm
"the kelly file." >> thank you very much. >> all right, your reaction when you saw the senate majority leader stand on the floor and say that every ad about obamacare is negative, is a lie, including yours. >> i was actually shocked. it is not fabricated. it is not a lie, our insurance premiums have gone from $348 a month to $1200 a month, which then forced us to go on our kentucky connect website and search for a policy and then we were told that because we qualified for medicare that we had to have medicare. o or medicaid, i'm sorry. you because we were put on this medicaid policy i have also lost my doctor that i've had for the past several years. >> all right, you and your husband are self-employed. you are happy with your plan, you have five girls, there are a lot of concerns that you have to take care of and look out for. is it true the closest covered hospital would be 75 miles away
9:38 pm
from where you live? is that accurate? >> that is accurate. the current policy they put us on, we live in owensburg, kentucky and would have to drive to bowling green to get to the hospital. so we are working with kentucky connect right now to find a policy that we can actually go to the hospital in our hometown. >> i also thought it was very interest, in your letter you outline some religious concerns that you have, as well. that you see a doctor who specializes in natural family planning and does not work with things that you would find offensive to your faith. and yet now because of these changes that very specialized doctor that you see, you can't see him anymore? >> that is exactly right. we border on evansville, indiana, and his practice is in indiana, and because we have medicaid now, we can't cross the border. so i called his office and asked if i could still see him as a private pay patient.
9:39 pm
and that said that because i have medicaid that they are not allowed to take my money, that it would be considered illegal for me to just pay out of my pocket to see my doctor once a year for an annual exam. >> okay, so even with your ow r money, the plan you pay on, you are not allowed to see your doctor who shares your religious convictions. i understand, the deductible is up, you can't see the doctors you want and the closest hospital is 75 miles away. does that kind of sum it up? >> that does sum it up. also my husband was turned away from the desk at our local dermatology office. and they accepted our plan that was put out by humana. but what they put us on was humana, as well, but it is backed by medicaid. when the doctors saw medicaid on his plan they told him they would not be able to see him and
9:40 pm
he had to leave the office without getting his appointment. >> angela, you have well documented this. we wish you all the best, in finding a doctor or a better plan, maybe harry reid can watch this and see. thank you for joining us. >> i hope so too, thank you very much. all right, new questions about hillary clinton's health and her possible run on 2016, on the same day that thousands of presidential documents get released. a fair and balanced debate, could get feisty. low prices, i can cross even more places off my travel wish list. this year alone i hit new york... and texas! see, hotwire checks the competition's rates every day... so they can guarantee their low hotel prices.
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we looked at the possible impact on hillary clinton. this comes on the same day that thousands of previously confidential documents were just released from the clinton library. ebony williams is a trial attorney, welcome to you both on this friday night. >> thank you. >> ebony, i want to start with you, what do you make about what we saw about the documents, there was a lot of discussions about the role the first lady played and the discussions of health care reform and her image. getting discussions on that, what stuck out to you about the documents? >> i think shannon the issue was loud and clear, what we saw hillary struggling with in 2008
9:45 pm
and something she will probably still have to contend with in 2016. specifically, they're encouraging her to be more real, more likeable, humorous, more connected. she struggles with this, she often cites that women like ele eleanor roosevelt needs to grow a thick er skin, but it makes hr harder to connect with the voter, as well. >> what is your experience? before the presidential campaigns begin. >> shannon, there is still so much more documentation to come, they have an additional 8,000 that is due by the end of the month and what, 25,000 pages total? i think it will be peppered throughout. what i found most interesting in
9:46 pm
this, and i always look at hillary clinton as the grandmother of obamacare. i mean, she was the one who pioneered the individual mandate. and what you saw in excerpts, was kind of her evolution to accepting the individual mandate. you can kind of see her thought process, because at first she was not really on board with the individual mandate. she knew, shannon, that the american people were not going to go for it. just as democrats knew that people were not going to go for it now. and later on that ended up being the crux of her campaign, which obama then took and ran on later on. so that is what i found most interesting on this. >> i want to talk to you ladies about the rumors about the former first lady and former senator and secretary of state's health. because most of the time, i live and work in washington. and there are always the whispers, they're now getting a little more traction, showing up more recently, whether she has
9:47 pm
had more serious health problems than we've known about. ebony, she is a brilliant strategist, do you think she could cultivate these rumors and it would somehow benefit her? do you think she enjoys the speculation? >> i do think she enjoys the speculation. i do think it draws a little empathy, if she runs in 2016 she will be right up there with reagan to run for office at 69 years old. so as i said earlier she is struggling with the warmth issue, perhaps being more health-fragile is something that could likely make her more relatable to the american voter. but we're not going to presume something the clinton team doesn't want us to know, her wearing glasses, very much i think by design. >> okay, dana, i want to give you a final word. >> i actually agree with ebony on that. i campaigned for the clintons in
9:48 pm
college. i used to be a registered democrat. i saw how the machine worked. there are as few women as slick as hillary, i may disagree with her on other things but she is very strategic. when they had the hearings on benghazi, she was not able to testify. and she flew to an event for oscar dela renta, so it could be slick, a strategy, we'll see. >> all right, we are waiting for a supreme court decision that could save an evangelical christian family from being deported. why the obama administration wants this family deported even though going back to their home country could mean their children will be taken away from them. plus? hannity at the top of the hour. bottom line it is shame on both parties for talking about redistribution or cutting taxes without a goal, w
9:49 pm
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we are waiting for a decision from the u.s. supreme court that may save an evangelical christian family from deportation. the family are home schoolers, in 2008, they fled germany where educating your own kids in your home is illegal. and police in fact showed up at their house to take the kids. in 2010, the family was granted asylum in the u.s. but the obama administration decided to fight to revoke that asylum and won. the family repealed the decision and now their case has reached the supreme court. attorney michael farris represents the family. chancellor of patrick henry college, good to see you, thank you for joining us. >> thank you, shannon. >> so what is happening now?
9:53 pm
so people know, you appealed officially to the supreme court. today they were scheduled to vote on this case and decide whether or not they will hear this appeal. it is the last avenue for this family or they go back to germany. >> it is. >> we could find out monday morning and it will be a long weekend for you and the family as you wait to hear word. >> it is, this was actually on the court's docket for the second time today. back in december, the court ordered the solicitor general to give a brief, it shows that the court is actually discussing this case. so we have no guarantee they will take it but we're in the upper echelon of this case. if i try to look at it as objectively as i can i think we have a really good issue. the facts are important, this is the case, we believe, that the supreme court can and should take to settle important issues about our asylum law.
9:54 pm
>> and it is interesting that you note, you filed the petition for the supreme court to hear your case. normally in this case the other side, the government, would file its brief saying you should not take the case. they didn't even do that. and as i understand in watching the documents, they actually said you need to file a response to this case. and so brings us to where we are now. now, i have read the government's briefs and you ai talked about this case. the government said listen, if they go home they have to comply with the law. governments can tell people how children should be schooled. it is not a religious persecution issue and they should not have asylum. >> well, that is what the government says, they ignore the facts and principles on how this country was founded. they said the reason they banned this was to prevent religious minorities from developing and
9:55 pm
growing into a parallel society. they don't want small groups of people to differ from their government's policies. there is a clear factual religious motivation of the government of germany. the courts say so. the legal issue is, the obama administration argues this is legitimate policy for any government to make. that means it would be legitimate for our country to make. our country was founded for people who came here for religious asylum. i'm just glad that the department of immigration services and the obama services were not standing at plymouth rock. it would have been a very bad day for the pilgrims who came here. we need to stand for religious freedom and the freedom of parents and the obama administration is taking dead aim at both of those principles. >> well, we know that this administration has made a lot of decisions about immigration and not deporting others but very actively working against this family. so we know, 9:30 eastern time,
9:56 pm
we'll get those orders and personally watch it closely and watch if your case gets taken up. michael farris, thank you very much. >> thank you, we want to know what you think. please leave us a comment about this. ♪ they lived ♪ they lived. ♪ they lived. ♪ (dad) we lived... thanks to our subaru. ♪ (announcer) love. it's what mas a subaru, a subaru. huma. even when weross our t's and dot our i's, we still run into problems.
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if you missed the interview with angela strobel, the woman who was accused of being a liar for her obamacare horror go to this is "the kelly file." and welcome to this special edition of "hannity" tonight. for the full hour we'll be joined by a lively studio audience, they're here to analyze what we call the obama effect, how this country's policies have brought the country to a tipping point. now, we begin with professor jonathan turley who said it best on his comments. >> the president has exceeded his authority in a way that is creating a destabilizing influence. the rate at which the executive power is being concentrated in our system is accelerating. and fnk


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