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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  March 1, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PST

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tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye," how hard is it to be a dj? we will take new one grandmother's quest to prove it is the easiest job in the world. plus srkts white house hoping for george clooney and matt damon to retire from acting? >> obviously if that were to happen we would welcome it. we have been calling for it for some time now. >> and finally, are drug addicted dogs confusing snow for cocaine? our panel has hips on how to stop this frightening trend. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> and they call her the barber because her comments are sharper than a pair of shears. and her name is ellison
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barber. it may seem like she is laughing at you, but she is laughing at people less fortunate than her. there she is. and he is getting ready for another weekend of parties and social events. i'm kidding. he will be lucky to make it out of bed. it is andy levy. and six different types of contaminants in his beard. next to me, gavin mcguinness. look at him. something is happening to his urethra. his movie "the brotherhood of the traveling rant" is available on netflix. i watched it. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. wow, greg, how much have you been drinking? >> thank you. on your dvd for your movie you should have my endorsement, i watched it. >> "i watched it" greg
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gutfeld. >> i think it is good enough. they threw a flag on the flag. they put panic before patriotism, fear before freedom. brace yourself because it is time for -- >> yes, a federal appeals court ruled that officials at a california high school acted properly when they ordered students wearing american flag t-shirts to turn them inside out during sin co day -- cinco de mayo celebrations. the school is a san jose suburb and they had a problem between white and latino students on that day, and the court decided that officials' worries about racial violence was more than freedom of expression. how does the cat feel about the direction this cat is headed?
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>> i don't know. i sim sympathize with that cat. it seems strange, gavin. you said the court made the right decision. that surprised me. >> i am just shocked that we now give anything to anyone who screams the loudest. so if mexicans are fighting kids in american flag shirts, then the american flag shirts have to go. if someone makes a video that offends muslims, they have to go in jail. >> or katy perry does a video with an islamic symbol. >> remove it. if you had a black dog and called him mohamed and somebody killed your whole family, your wife would be mad at you. you should go, honey, what about the guys who killed our babies? i think the solution is why don't we start screaming as loud as all of these punks? >> have i been saying this for years. i said we should create outrage city where we spend the weekend screaming and
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yelling and when something happens we roll tape on that. >> the squeakest wheel gets the grease. if somebody does something about allah we freak and protest and freak out. >> it will never happen because we are too lazy. >> we are too civilized. >> isn't freedom more important than feardom? >> always. go ahead to the next person. it makes sense they would want to take precautions in terms of student safety. but why would they have allowed this parade to happen? why be a hostile environment if they knew there were tensions between white and latinos and hispanics. that seems to me to be facilitating a hostile environment. if that was their priority to say maybe we shouldn't do this parade instead of maybe kids shouldn't wear an american flag. it seems like a misplacement of priorities. >> i agree. in a weird way they are saying they have to do this to prevent violence.
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isn't that a form of black mail or while mail or hispanic mail? >> blackmail? that is a weird way to -- >> we are afraid of the violence that is going to occur, so we are telling them you can't do this. it is blackmail. >> most crime in america is blackmail. >> that's terrible. >> as a member of the pta, to a certain point i get the whole needing to avoid the conflict and make sure the kids are safe. unfortunately what is happening is this is becoming gang culture. this is like wearing the color red. that's the american flag. who ever is wearing these t-shirts will beat up these other kids which is unfortunate for our symbol in this country. however, what high school celebrates cinco de mayo. you know the real name is cinco de drinko so why are you celebrating it with underage children? >> it is for sunday drinking in new york.
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in chelsea it is an excuse to get wasted and then call in sick the next day jie. and wake a sombrero and moraccas. >> what does it mean anyway? >> the fifth of may. >> thank you. thank you so much. >> i jumped right on that one. andy, as the only mexican on the panel, what did you make of the school's decision. >> not bueno. not bueno, greg. i understand the court's decision. the court didn't say that safety is more important than freedom. the court said the school had the right to do that which it sort of actually does constitutionally. if you will limit kids' rights , you should limit the rights of the students making the threats. it was the kids wearing the flag shirts and a bunch didn't come to school the next day because they got threatened. so you are limiting their rights because somebody threatened them. it seems to me to be the other
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way around. >> this is essentially the school admitting it cannot discipline violent students. it used to be, okay, if you are going after a kid for wearing a flag, you are suspended. you punched somebody and you are expelled. >> or they are supposed to take away everyone's flags and take away everyone's -- >> strip them naked. that's what we used to do. >> can you imagine the outcry from salons and places like that if a court ruled that a school school -- it was okay to stop students from wearing a mexican flag shirt on july 4th? let's fight those kids -- >> let's fight those kids. >> there is no school on july 4th. everybody is out and having fun. >> can't it be a metaphor, greg? >> the school -- if you are paying taxes and that's your local school, how does the school tell you it is your right to not wear something offensive? >> their first priority is safety.
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in incidences they #r bebd together bully -- bend together bully. >> because they are a minority. >> i think it was in 1969 that students don't have full constitutional rights and that schools can override that in the name of safety or if something is disruptive. >> it all stinks, that's what i say. after this show i am going out to get myself a flag shirt and probably wear it around the house. >> don't you have one? >> no. and i don't have a flag lapel. i am definitely not patriotic. this is not about patriotism. this is about buckling to fear and a school's incompetence and they worry more about safety and the discipline and everybody knows discipline is more fun. all right, can a cape and tights win oscar night? that's the topic on tonight's -- >> "red eye" debate 2 014,
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live from the" red eye" debate center. >> welcome to tonight's "red eye" debate live from the" red eye" debate center. tonight's "red eye" debate, will a super hero movie ever win best picture? according to one writer, the answer is no. the academy always thinks of the flicks as low brown entertainment. that's mean. and path to oscar gold is to make a movie about the power of movies. like the last two winners "argo" and" the artist." a business insider said what is in the $85 grand swag bag given to oscar nominees including his and hers mace pepper guns. a home spa system and tens of thousands of dollars of a free trip and an o-shot vaginal rejuvenation treatment. i guess insert joke here about bruce willis. i don't know. let's take a look at a scene
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from one of the super hero movies numbered this year, "the wolverine." >> fantastic. i would watch that movie. andy, you are the film guy here because you don't really do anything but watch movies. what do you think? could a super hero movie win best picture? >> that's a fair point. it will be tough. "the dark knight" couldn't get nominated and it was" benjamin button" and "slum dog millionaire" who won. you can argue "dark knight" was the best out of all of those movies. they changed the rules after that year to go from five to ten specifically because "dark
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knight" didn't get nominated and it didn't make any difference
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>> a white guy named jim crowe. that's where we got the names from the laws from. >> i have to go. i have 30 seconds. >> we have to take off. our new no talking zone, a segment where we stair at each other for 10 minutes. first, a terrorist working for
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obamacare. a story so hot we made out with it before the show.
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she went from planting bombs to promoting them. a convicted terrorist in illinois and that means it is 900,000 of -- >> obama-apacalypso-gate. >> it is true. a terrorist from jordan, the country, not the british celebrity, was briefly helping people sign up for insurance while authorities were unaware of herat 10 past. seen here, apparently she was convicted for her role for several bombings including a 1969 attack at a grocery store
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that killed two college students. she was part of the liberation of palestine. last november the department of insurance quietly nixed her certification of a counselor after her history came to light. president obama and joe biden seem to have other priorities. >> it only happens once a year. it is the infamous, gathering of the juggalo's. we need you there because juggalo's. >> let's move. >> features 100 rap and rock groups as well as comedians, sideshows, contests, games, seminars, signings, parties, wrestling and much, much more. as they will tell you, the real flavor what separates the gathering from every other festival on the planet is the magic in the air. the feeling of 10,000 best friends around you, the comrade reand the family and the love.
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>> that was neat. >> what was that? >> i don't know, but it was beautiful. i am not saying this terrorist is friends with president obama. but i am also not not saying she is friends with president obama. what do you make -- blah, blah, blah, blah. >> i am just saying they are related or best friends at the least. this issue, this is what is interesting. it is an issue that goes beyond the issue of navigators which is an issue of background check standards because each say the can establish those and there isn't a pre set federal level. that is a separate issue of itself. but this woman got her citizenship in 2004 and the fact she was a terrorist didn't show up in her fbi background check? shocking that since 2004 not a federal law enforcement agent or immigration would have caught this by then. this points to a much deeper flaw in the system than what issues -- there are real issues there. >> and correct me if i am wrong, but there is a 2004 documentary about her and hersi?
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>> nobody watches documentaries. >> i love documentaries. but they are about food and wine and being a single woman in the city. it is a little different. >> the city is not a documentary. >> by the way, the documentary, it doesn't end well. they are all alone in new york, and they are crying. >> it is a documentary about dried up ovaries and spinsters. >> thanks for ruining it for me. i wasn't done yet. >> these people have access to to -- they can have access to your medical records. >> can you imagine if canada hired raymond vilnove to run sisus. [speaking french].
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>> did you see anything offensive? >> we will talk about it after the show. >> he killed two people. he was a french terrorist, a separatist. don't you know anything about the flq and canadian history? >> you are the guy who knows nothing about black face telling us what we need to know -- >> i know everything about black face. >> shut up! all right, andy. the attack killed two students, but we should let by gones be by gones. >> a couple of things. either robert redford should make a movie about her, or she can become a university professo the only difference between her and bill ares is she was a better terrorist. >> he only killed his friends. >> was he there? >> well, was he? >> i don't want to get sued by the creep. >> they were trying to make a bomb and it blew up. i don't know if he was there. >> considering the problems
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they are having signing up for obamacare, having terrorists threaten people, it might help their numbers. >> you can have this guy and we are worried if he is near the bomb or blew up two people. chris christie may have known about a traffic jam and the world has to end. >> it is true. we live in a troubled time. did we go to you yet? >> one more thing though. maybe it is because she is a woman. >> oh. >> i don't hear of many female terrorists. >> there are a few, but that could have sliped by. >> aren't all females terrorists in a way, joanne a? >> well, i do, yes. my victims. there are many with broken hearts. >> literally. >> while being interviewed if she had her [bleep] i can understand being distracted. i can't even remember what my question is. you are like bah, bah, bah. >> i don't even know how you
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can tell the difference. that's how you are all the time. >> good point. >> all right, coming up, my birthday, it's in september. i wear size 8. >> liar. size 8 dress? >> does monogamy make you stupider?
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should they ban giving kids a hand? that sounds weird. parents at a youth basketball game in idaho, where i go to all of my games were told to remain silent during the likely boring contest. the parks and rec department had a sigh lept cheer day that focused on sports man ship and encouragement without the yelling, supportive or not. any parents who broke the stupid rule were sent to a penalty box for a minute where they were stabbed in the eyeballs. no, not really. the man behind it wanted to get rid of the negativity. the coach said they played better because there was less noise. parents feel the only way they can encourage kids was verbally and then cuddled a small bag of turtle feces. true story. gavin, this is a true story. you are canadian. >> i imigrated here because i was interested in american
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values because i was interested in making money and entrepreneur ship which is us couraged in my hometown of montreal and it is what is wrong with the way we are going. there is a brilliant after burner video that says kids don't do sports to learn how to win. it is easy to win. you get the trophy and say yeah. they do it to learn how to lose. by parents taking it out of the equation and taking away the failure and the shame, they are ruining the sport and ruining america. >> i don't think you read the article. >> i actually agree with gavin. >> wait, why do you say he didn't read the article? >> it was about parents being put in timeout and not children. >> but the parents are told not to go yeah, you did it or boo because they don't want the kids to feel bad. it is a phenomenon called silent saturday. >> i had no idea. >> i didn't read it, but i am familiar with the phenomenon.
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>> they were allowed to clap. they didn't have to sit there and be quiet. >> the applause was even louder. >> that's what happens. >> but the big picture is they are trying to castrate sports. you should feel shame when you let a goal in. that's the deal. you screwed up, idiot. >> kids in schools now are being raised in petri dishes. you can't have the gross foods in the school and the anti-bullying and now this in sports. life is competitive and you will have negativity with what you do and with your performance. you need to develop a thick skin or have it fuel you or do whatever you need to do. what about the poor cheerleaders? what did they do? >> let's do that for awhile. joanne, do you seem to me like in about 5 years you will be that high pitched heckler who gets drunk before she sees her kid play. >> my mom is drunk off wine like, my kid! what
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do? get that one! you. >> anyway, andy, is there a better option here we are not considering? >> no. the worst part about this is they gave -- the parents who agreed to go to the penalty box, what is wrong with them? >> i know. who does that a? >> they are paying money to have their kids be in this thing. and then they go to a penalty box? >> no, i am an adult. i don't have to go on a penalty box. >> and the poor kid on the team. my mom is in the penalty box. >> the other stupid thing is they gave the parents a red card . that's unamerican. throw a flag or something. we don't give red cards. >> there was a place called the penalty box so maybe they were going have cocktails. by the way, how come in some sports you have to be quiet like golf. but if a guy is pitching you can scream at a pitcher. >> upper class things like
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cricket are posh and hello, hi. minor sports like soccer are all about yeah! they have been in the mines all day and they want to get out and scream. >> people are quiet when they are bowling. you have to be quiet when somebody is bowling? >> not on my bowling team. >> i am not sure anybody bowls. >> they do. >> senate democrats introduced a bill that would ban electronic cigarettes to teens. despite theett implications of e sigs are, like the rash on my back, not yet clear. we can't undo decades of risk of progress as i totally destroy reading this quote because i tried to read it too fast. i will start over. we cannot risk undoing decades of progress and and reducing youth smoking by allowing e-cigarette makers to target our kids. it will protect our children from an industry that profits from addiction. andy, are you shaking your head at how i read that? >> no, it made more sense the first time.
12:38 am
these people are clinically insane. there is zero statistical evidence that teens are using e-cigs as a gateway to cigarettes. there is data that shows as vaping goes up, smoking goes down. if anything, it is the opposite. you smoke cigarettes for the nicotine. you die from the tar. there is no tar in e cigarettes. it is simple math. any politician that makes it harder to get e cigarettes makes it easier to get cancer. >> i believe they are aiding and abetting the grim reaper. what do you think? >> absolutely. i do think this is a kneejerk reaction where it is implementing legislation when you don't understand the product. one thing i will say, i discussed this and they were trying to argue that this is a saferral alternative to cigarettes. on the surface i'm sure it seems like it is. it is tar that makes you sick from tobacco, but i think there is something to be said. i do not think this
12:39 am
legislation is a good idea or the answer. we don't really know what it is. this is made by one of the largest -- they produce tons of tobacco. it is an effort to fill a void because they see people not smoking as much. i am not convinced that it is less addictive. i am not sure i buy that. >> i don't care if it is addictive. it is harmless. >> i do think it is the tar that makes you sick. >> i don't think anyone is saying it is not addictive. it is nicotine. >> i am addicted to diet coke. this is just another example of government stoping a business, an incredible business that would save millions of lives. >> i love when this happens. liberals get themselves into a law gist cal hell hole where they have no idea what they are saying and they say we can't have e cigarettes in bars. you say why? they say because it it looks like -- it is targeting children. what? how is it targeting children? are there cartoons about them? they can't answer the question.
12:40 am
it exposed them for what they are, idelogs. >> they compared actors smoking to joe camel. it blew my mind. joe app, you don't -- joanne, you don't like e-cigs. >> i think they are stupid. i think they look stupid. >> they do look stupid. >> lawmakers think kids are more stupid than they are. i don't think any kid will see someone smoking this and say oh yeah, i want to try that. or oh yeah, this device used to help addicts quit. that's cool. >> you make a great point, it is powerful uncool. it is like the motor bikes that are three wheels and then two wheels are in the front. you have a motor bike for the risk. you have a cigarette for the risk. >> jenni mccarthy is the main person on the ad. what child is like, oh jenni mccarthy. i love her on "the view."
12:41 am
>> i haven't had a cigarettes in months, and you are right, you feel like a dork, but it will take over. >> you have always said you wanted to be more like steven dorf. >> i consider him like my muse. he doesn't answer any of my mail. but it is usually streaked with my feces. >> if these legislators cared about public health we have aids and can aer is and a lot more serious -- and cancer and a lot more issue. >> we have aids? >> they don't have a cure for that so maybe we should prioritize. >> robert they supposed to be -- aren't they supposed to be the party of science? >> they claim it is the right to be stupid. time to take a break. i have a new book coming out march 18th "not cool." buy it. i am coming to a city near you. 11 cities and 11 days. stop by and meet me. g for the entire tour schedule. g, go there now.
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>> does one hit of cupid make you stupid? ma mob me -- monogamy may make you dumber. it is a speos -- species of fly known for mating with multiple partner. it is called a fly slut. they found they were worse at learning or as the "new york times" explains, the polygamous males zeroed in on the receptive males and the ma dash monogamous male courted the restep tiff. receptive. gavin, yo married now. were you smarter during your single days? >> i think it is accurate and you can see it on tv. look at homer simpson.
12:46 am
look at the guy from "family guy." look at the "married with children" guy. >> you went far for that one. >> people who are with their family are morons and those who abandon their children are smart. people are fun and getting out there and doing stuff and guys who stay at home and dedicate their lives and provide for their family are morons. >> joanne, you were saying last week how you love swingers because they are so smart. this study proves you were right all along. >> yeah. my mick name in college was -- my nickname in college was wasp blood and not fly blood. sting. we have just given men another reason not to put a ring on it. isn't that great? i will lose my intelligence. i can't settle down. i understand to a certain degree you get comfortable and
12:47 am
you may get a little lazy. but i did bring this point up before. polygamists, they have to support multiple families so they need to be on top of their game. >> and they do support them very well. they are great with their payments. >> with their what? >> payments, child support payments. >> again with your documentaries. >> i can see how the energy is a little more, you know. >> that family on tlc looks like they are doing great. >> do you buy this? >> no, i don't. when ever i wonder about humans, my go to animal is not a fly. how do humans behave? let's look at the fly. >> have you ever seen the movie "the fly"? >> and now you are a scientist? >> some days. at some point he said he violently shook the fly for 30 seconds to give them like some stimulus. that's called shaken baby syndrome in the human world. of course their brains were
12:48 am
worse. >> it is one of the few people you could say, well, he would never hurt a fly. no, he would. he shook a fly. i saw him do it. >> for 30 seconds. >> andy, one professor says it shows the struggle to find a mate favors the evolution of better learning. i don't know what that means. >> i don't either. >> i think there is -- look, it wouldn't surprise me if human intelligence evolved partially in order for people to pick better mates. that's the point of evolution. the only point of evolution is to propogate the species. if you have not found a mate and are looking for a mate, you have to be smarter. on the other hand, i don't know crap about raising a kid. i am dumber than someone like gavin who sort of knows. sort of knows -- >> we are giving gavin a lot of credit. >> have you seen him with his kids? >> just start buckling down
12:49 am
and raising kids. we are always talking about families on this show and none of you are breeding. get breeding. >> i can't speak for them, but i want the human species to die out. >> i haven't found the correct species to breed with. people theng oh does -- think does it have to be an earth ling? >> i find your wife to be breathtaking jie. she is an earth ling. i am interested in something out there in the universe. >> you tell me how that goes. >> do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us on "red eye" at fox have an e-mail of your animal doing something? go to our website and click on video. something so important we didn't get to it yesterday.
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then don't miss sleep train's wbest rest ever? you'll find sleep train's very best mattresses at the guaranteed lowest price. plus, pay no interest for 3 years on beautyrest black, stearns & foster, serta icomfort, even tempur-pedic. and rest even better with sleep train's risk-free 100-day money back guarantee. get your best rest ever from sleep train. superior service, best selection, lowest price, guaranteed. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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returns on on monday. guests next week include, oh, patti ann browne, sonny johnson and mike baker and mike money -- moynihan will wander around. >> last story. that's the last story. >> what's wrong with you? does your pet feel regret?
12:54 am
dogs may look remorseful after pooping in your shoe, but studies show they don't feel guilt for their bad behavior. y believe it is a reflection -- they believe it is a reflection of their owner's shame and scolding. i feel no remorse at all for pooping in shoes. that's part of a club that pays me to do that. it is late. all right. >> you belong to a lot of clubs. >> i do. i am a joiner. >> half of your paycheck must go to dues. >> and dudes. quickly around the table. what is wrong with my mouth? true, untrue? >> i don't know. i had one dog growing up because my dad wouldn't let us get a dog because he said i will be the one to take care of it. but it is important to point out i am getting a dog in five weeks, a golden retriever. they know they are going to get in trouble for something
12:55 am
and they panic because they are hearing a loud noise. i don't even know. >> did you read the article? look at the block. it says e block. a dog on on shame. a dog is not remorseful when you shout bad dog and then it says nothing. >> what do you think? >> i have never had a pet which means i don't know how to love. i do live with a cat and she doesn't even give me a face when i yell at her. i would appreciate the sad face even if it means nothing. they are great actor expiz respect a good performance. >> dogs make faces because you know you will eat them and it is an evolutionary tick. >> guess who watched "the five." >> i can't believe this is an issue. it is like dana where she has this -- she sees her dog saying, hello. what are you doing? they say food, food,
12:56 am
territory, threat, food, food. when i yell at a dog i am not making him feel bad. i say if you get up on the table, bang, that hurts you. i want you to feel that. don't do that anymore. >> he didn't read the article. that's what i said. >> that's what she just said. >> andy? >> we are not doing it for shame. it is so they know bad things get them kicked in the butt. >> of course they feel no guilt. look. do i feel guilty? no, never. i can do that. i can do that all day. >> i feel bad. i feel really bad. >> no joke. >> that's how you pick up chicks. >> just make the face. >> it looks like you just relieved yourself. >> i actually did.
12:57 am
i feel much better. can we start the show over? >> no. tv's andy levy and gavin mc guinness. i'm greg gutfeld and see you next time. what the president o
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united states does on this. that's up next. this is a fox news alert. breaking news in washington where president obama is about to address the crisis in ukraine. ousted ukrainian president viktor yanukovych surfaced today after a week on the run. we're going to go to wendell goler at the white house with the latest. bring us up to speed, please. all right. do we have wendell? wendell, can you hear us? >> i can hear you now. >> thank you. bring us up to speed, wendell. >> the announcement came down maybe 15, 20 minutes ago, the president would speak to us here in the white house briefing room. it came after ukraine's


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