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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  March 1, 2014 11:30am-1:01pm PST

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that's it for this week's show. thanks to my panel and all of you. i'm paul gigot. hope to see you here next week. a fox news alert. russia stirring up even more tensions in ukraine. a short time ago the russian parliament approving a measure to deploy troops to ukraine's strategic crimea peninsula sparking fears of an all-out war between these two countries. i'm gregg jarrett and welcome to america's news headquarters. >> i'm arthel neville. ukraine's acting president saying their country's forces are on high alert but are seeking a political solution by russia. the latest move by moscow is being met with anger and violence with thousands of
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anti-russian protesters taking to the streets all over ukraine. meanwhile, hundreds of pro-russian demonstrations are being held there. rallies with protesters raising russian flags, fighting against supporters of the new ukrainian government. molly henneberg is live in washington with more. >> fox news confirmed that defense secretary chuck hagel spoke to his russian counterpart today about the situation in ukraine. pension officials said there are no military contingency plans for ukraine. we don't expect to hear from the president again today, although we possibly could get an offcamera update from the white house if there are new developments. in president obama's remarks yesterday he warned russia any violation of sovereignty and territorial integrity would be deeply destabilizing. >> represent a profound interference in matters that must be determined by ukrainian
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people. it would be a career violation of russia's commitment to respect the sovereignty and borders of ukraine. >> the president said united states will stand with the internationiale community in affirming there will be, quote, costs for any military intervention in ukraine by russia. some republicans are questioning what that means. what it means to russian president vladimir putin, especially since russia appears to be sending military assets and troops into the crimea peninsula of ukraine. putin doesn't think much of what president obama says. >> i'm sure putin is shaking in his fur-covered boots. this is an administration that issues warning, but thefr does anything about it. the red line in syria, we'll get control of benghazi. it means nothing. putin knows it means nothing. that's why they sent eight great big 141 transport planes filled with russian soldiers into the ukraine yesterday because they are not worried that the united
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states is going to do anything. this nonsense about there are going to be costs. what are they? >> republican house speaker john boehner put out a statement saying the obama administration and the european union should maximize economic and political pressure on russia to withdraw its troops from ukraine. arthel? >> molly, thank you very much. we'll have a live report coming up. police in western montana say it is absolutely incredible that anybody survived this avalanche. it slid into a neighborhood crushing a home in its path. rescuers did rescue an elderly couple that lived in the home as well as an 8-year-old boy. they were in the debris in the snow but pulled out alive. volunteers helping dig through the wreckage for victims. nobody else reported missing.
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pounding rains soaking parched southern california. the drought-stricken ground leaving the water nowhere to go causing serious concerns for flooding and dangerous mud slides. domini dominique di natale live. >> they are expecting the main front of this latest storm system to come in about an hour ago. it's running 06 minutes, possibly longer. we should be hitting about now. the storm system unpredictable. when it does hit and it will hit, right here in glendora is where there will be problems. up on the hill behind me you can see it's got a lot of vegetation up there. that means a lot of earth sitting on top of the rock there. the rains could be so heavy it will melt away the soil that vegetation is sitting on. that is the landslide they are worrying about here.
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this is the perfect example of the kind of mud we've been seeing. possibly major mud slides will be coming through. i can show you what's causing it. this burnt branch. this comes from the hillside behind me where we had the colby fire. destroyed a lot of the vegetation. the soil really can't retain the amount of water we had. three to four inches yesterday, possibly four to five today. some areas will be even higher. it comes rolling down those hills. these are steep hills. when the mud gathers, it's going to come at a speed and come at a pace. authorities here say people have to take this seriously. take a listen. >> when it comes to mud slides, you can't redirect them. there is nothing you can do. the only benefit of saying behind is that you'll know sooner whether or not mud gets to your house. there is nothing you can do.
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>> another town has 26 homes forced to evacuate there mudslides on the hills and apparently two to three feet of mud appearing in those yards. with the rain about to come our way, who knows how much more mud will be there and what kind of damage those homes could face. back to you. >> thank you for that report from glendora, california. march is coming in like a lion, as they say. a line of dangerous weather is stretching across the country. meteorologist janice dean is live in the fox extreme weather center with the forecast. >> we are going to have to watch the computer models carefully to see who gets the most snow out of this system. we are already starting to see it. part of the moisture in the southwest is going to make its way across the plains and northeast and give us the energy for our next winter storm. there is the satellite radar imagery. easy some areas 6-12 inches. you see that plentiful rain and
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rotation across portions of central california. much-needed rainfall, but it comes with a price with the potential of mud slides and flash flooding. we'll continue to see the onshore rain in towards california and the southwest. that energy is going to move eastward and give us the potential for a big ice storm as well as a snowstorm. you see the pinks. this is sunday 9:00 a.m. across the ohio river valley, tennessee river valley where we could see significant icing up to 1/2 inch of ice will be very dangerous on the roads and power lines. there is monday morning. we could see the potential for severe weather across the southeast where we have warm moist, unstable air ahead of this. then we have the icing in memphis to the northeast. the latest computer modeling is showing that this storm is going to move more southward than we originally anticipated. we'll have to fine-tune this forecast. here is the snowfall forecast for monday.
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close to six, maybe 12 inches in some areas. look at new york. right now we are thinking four inches, south of that including d.c., philadelphia, perhaps a little bit more than predicted. over the next 12 to 24 hours, we are going to have to fine-tune this forecast. i promise this time tomorrow we should have a good idea on snowfall amounts. >> are we going to get up to 60 inches of snow in new york? >> we could. philadelphia, for example, is probably going to get into its second snowiest snowfall this year. >> 60 inches. normally it's like 15 or 16, right? >> yeah. just over a foot. it's been an incredible, historic year for snow. >> it was wise of me to get my wife a new shovel for christmas. that was strategic. it was precient. i feel good about it. >> this story is getting old, my friend. >> yeah. >> i second that. he is a loser in the husband department right about now.
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>> pretty much consistent. >> we continue with this. coming up, prosecutors are saga cu saying accused boston marathon bomber let slip new info in prison. >> a new app could possibly save your life one day. >> it is said once something is on the internet, it is out there forever or is it? a new law could let kids hit delete on their bad decisions.
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time for a quick check of the headlines. federal prosecutors saying boston marathon suspect tsarnaev made a statement, quote, to his detriment when his sister visited him in prison, it was overheard by an fbi agent, but tsarnaev's lawyers are fighting
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use of the statement as evidence against him. >> the pakistani taliban declaring a one-month cease-fire, the step that could rekindle stalled peace talks. >> skin cancer's not only a risk with tanning beds but linking indoor tanning to other risky behaviors by teenagers including binge drinking and unsafe sexual activity. a brand-new law allowing minors to delete social media posts with an erase function. california requiring social media companies the opportunity to delete regrettable internet postings. that is redundant, isn't it? the first in the country law being hailed as a good step, especially in the absence of federal law. yes, regrets. we have many.
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>> you're saying no matter what you post, it shouldn't be out there. >> it shouldn't be on age limit. everybody gets a regrettable erase. >> i agree with you. your cell phone could be a life saver. the pulse point app is aiming to link heart attack victims with people nearby who are training in cpr. fascinating, right? one county on long island is hoping to make the most of this technology. brian, tell us more about this. >> the pulse point app was launched in february 2012, but just last week suffolk county, new york, became the largest municipality in the northeast to adopt the app. this is how it works. those trained in cpr are encouraged to download the app on their smart phone. then when a 911 call goes out for a victim of cardiac arrest, a simultaneous notification is sent through the app alerting anyone within 1/4 mile of the
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victim. an interactive map guides the citizen rescuer to the victim as well as the nearest locations of any public automatic external defibrillators. alerts are only made if the victim is in a public place, bringing people help while the ambulance is on the way. >> if we wait six or seven minutes for our first responders to arrive on scene, you are talking a reduction in chance of survival by 60% or 70%. statistics nobody wants. the application is really giving the everyday civic-minded citizen a chance in becoming an everyday hero. >> every day more than 1,000 americans die from sudden cardiac arrest. it's a leading cause of death among adults over the age of 40. suffolk county officials and pulse point say you don't necessarily need to be certified in cpr to download the app. all it takes to potentially save someone's life is 100 compressions a minute. any pressure is good as long as it's at the center of the chest.
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pulse point is a nonprofit foundation. the app is currently being used in 17 states and more than 525 communities. while there are hundreds of medical apps, this is really the first of its kind. look at suffolk county, the biggest in the northeast. >> thank you. that is so important because time is of the essence. >> that is one of the greatest apps i've ever seen or heard of. >> a good use of technology. >> absolutely. as another obamacare deadline moves closer, republicans are upping their attacks on obamacare claiming the president's signature health care law is not saving americans any money on health care costs, but will the gop's plan to hack away at obamacare pay them dividends in the next election? >> it seems like every week there is another broken promise from this administration about obamacare. ♪
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republicans stepping up their assault on obamacare accusing of the administration of breaking promises. listen to congresswoman ann wagner in the weekly gop address. >> are you willing to confession that obamacare is causing premiums to sky rocket while the quality of health care is going down. >> meanwhile president obama mocking the gop at a democratic fund-raiser for planning its 50th vote in the last three years to repeal, defund or change the law. >> 50th time is the charm. maybe when you hit your 50th repeal vote, you will win a prize. >> let's bring in our panel.
11:51 am
christy setzer, and former spokesperson for former vermont governor howard dean, chairman of the civic foreign pack. welcome to both of you. >> thanks for having us. >> ford, i'll start with you. if republicans never miss an opportunity to remind people of what is wrong with obamacare, what is the payoff behind the strategy for it? >> well, obamacare is without question the golden goose for republicans in the ballot box of n. 2014 and they're wise at every turn to remind voters of the broken promises. but here is the problem. only 64% of americans say they are directly affected by the loss or their families are correctly affected by the law. therefore if the republicans want to maximize their gains in 2014, they will have to get beyond the slam obamacare all day long strategy. they will actually have to put
11:52 am
forth plans to what ails america, and that starts with the jobs plan and growth. >> and how do expound on that plan that breaks it down to where people can appreciate it and see that it could possibly have some short term impact on our economy and quite frankly their pocketbooks? >> well, that is the thing, though. you actually have to get out on the stump and say we want to be put back in the government and we have plans to do it and if you put us back in control of the senate, we'll make america a better place. you have to go out there for a message for unemployment, growth, and explain how you'll repeal and replace obamacare. you have on make voters believe that you have a plan and you're ready to govern from day one. >> but christy, in the meantime, if you have the president mocking the republican party for constantly criticizing his failure to deliver on his promises, if that is the gop strategy, then will it help them win or regain more seats in
11:53 am
november or could it inadvertently help the dems? >> it's hard to say. look, it's not a bad strategy for republicans to go after obamacare. i'm not sure that i was on board when they took the 30th or the 40th vote against repeal. but the game changer was when the rollout was just so disastrously bad. they got lucky on that. a lot of people who may have otherwise been inclined to support obamacare sort of thought that republicans had a point after that. so i think that there is definitely an opening for 2014 on this issue. the question as you said, it can't just be being the party of no health care. they absolutely need to offer some other ideas about jobs and the economy especially. >> ford already said that that perhaps could be the messaging that the republicans can kind of go to. >> right. >> if they he do, though, chris
11:54 am
what would they have to say to make it really resonate with the people? >> you mean on health care? why why. >> no, if they turn to a message of jobs and the economy. >> they have to show people that they actually have a plan. people don't believe that they have any alternative. so they will need to be credible, they need to have plans. they can't just be the party of no anymore. and that is an issue that they have had for a while now. >> ford, what were you going to say. >> what i wanted to add is the obamacare all the time strategy could help republicans net four to six senate seats, but this is about maximizing gains. you really have to go out there and make voters believe that you have plans and you are ready to govern from day one, not just be against something. that you can actually modernize and reform and basically take america to a brighter place. that will be the key for republicans in 2014 if they want to make the real big gains. >> right.
11:55 am
and here is the other problem if i can. the other problem is that as more and more people sign up, we saw this week the administration hit a huge milestone in that 4 million people had signed up for obamacare. as more and more people sign up, this becomes sort of a done deal. >> actually, i -- >> it's like the point of no return. >> i disagree. here is the reason. basically the white house has made 20 plus changes to obamacare and delayed things. they have delayed it on purpose because they know a slam obamacare strategy all the time could work. but as i pointed out earlier, only 64% of americans basically feel that obamacare directly affected them as of this point and that is exactly doctor because of the white house dragging its feet and delaying, the republicans actually have to expand their strategy beyond obamacare. >> christy, 20 seconds and i have to go. >> sure. the more and more that republicans do this, continue to fight obamacare after this becomes law of the land, they
11:56 am
increasingly look silly as though they're trying to repeal social secure or medicare. that will be a problem. >> christy, ford, thank you guys so much. >> thank you. >> see you next time. a volatile situation in ukraine unfolding by the minute. russia has taken a hard line approving president putin's request to mobilize the military. we're live in the region. here at home, growing signs republicans are closer than ever to taking control of the u.s. senate in the midterms. what is tipping the scales. our political panel weighs in. when you have diabetes like i do, you want a way to help minimize blood sugar spikes. support heart health. and your immune system. now there's new glucerna advance with three benefits in one. [ male announcer ] new glucerna advance. from the brand doctors recommend most.
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hello, everyone. welcome to america's news headquarters. >> glad you're with us. topping the news this hour, russia and ukraine on the brink of a pull scale military offensive. troops from both countries on alert as russia sets the stage for a possible invasion in response to recent anti-government demonstrations. and months of delay, glitches and more than 6 million policy consolations, now harry reid claims all those obamacare horror stories just aren't true. the growing outrage, plus how
12:01 pm
those cropped fr those dropped from the policies are reacting. and bracing for another winter storm. yep. this will be another big one. can you believe it? aren't you sick of it? >> yes. >> don't you want to move to bermuda? a fox news alert on the crisis in ukraine. the country's acting prime minister is putting its armed forces on full alert combat. they are also warning that russia -- that any military intervention will lead to war, all in response to russia's parliamentary vote approving a measure to arm and deploy troops in the southern part of the country. take a look at this, a russian strong hold in ukraine and the site of violence clashes between ethnic russians and members of the region's minority ukranian population. fox news radio reporter jessica gohair joins us live from the
12:02 pm
country me an crimean peninsula. >> reporter: we've learned putin's request to use troops has been awarded by parliament. something strange that has come out since is that putin does have the ability to use troops, but he's still thinking about it. he might use another option which is basically withdrawing russia's ambassador to the united states. but tensions still very high here on the crimean peninsula. people are obviously either for russia or against. there are lots of demonstrations here in the region. a lot of the people that i talk to say they're very nervous because they're ethnic russians and about 60% of the people here speak russian. and the reason why they're so nervous is that the newly installed government in kiev that was voted in on thursday is more western leading and they of course are more leading towards moscow, they're afraid their schools will be closed, afraid
12:03 pm
that they will be targeted. so that is why a lot of the things have been happening here recently, armed men basically stormed parliament, russian speaking. they raised russia's flag. also armed men, as well, russian speaking have taken over every single airport here in crimea. so a very tense situation. >> we'll check back with you, jessica. thanks very much. let's get some con test tex ukraine. population of 45 million with around 3 million in the capital city kiev where all the protests all started a few months ago. ethnic ukranians make up around 78% of the population while russians are about 17%. ukraine became independent in 1991 after the former soviet upcollapsed. that is also when crimea became part of you ukraine. yalt amount, a port city, is also where president franklin d.
12:04 pm
roosevelt met with winston churchill and joseph stalin to sort out how european nations would change after world war ii. when you ukraine was under the leadership of moscow, things didn't go very well. the two nations have a history of war before ukraine was actually taken over by the soviets. in the early 1930s, ukraine was under the rule of joseph stalin, stalin forcibly took control of all ukraine yap farms, their land and crops included, leaves them with no food, or means to grow it.yap farms, their land and crops included, leaves them with no food, or means to grow it. an estimated 8 million to 10 million ukranians died as a consequence. 25,000 people every single day. when the united states and europe found out about it, tons of food were sent into help, all of it denied at the border by soviet authorities. back to homeland politics here. newly released documents showed former first lady hillary clinton's advisers image before
12:05 pm
her successful run for new york senator. thousands of pages of documents on the clinton white house released yesterday after passing the 12 year limit set by the presidential records act. the documents are the first of more than 25,000 pages expected to be released by the national archives in the next two week. >> it may have happened again, will is word now that the department store chain sears may just be the latest victim of a massive data word now department store chain sears may just be the latest victim of a massive data breach. reports say the secret service is looking into a possible hack at being a attack much like the one that exposed information of hundreds of thousands of customers at target and neiman marcus. sears has not confirm this hed . meanwhile extreme w
12:06 pm
alert out of southern millions of people now bracing for even more rain sparking fears of flooding and mudslides. as most of the state remains in extreme drought and cannot soak up the water fast enough. dozens of people in the los angeles area have already been forced from their homes. authorities there asking every to use extra caution and we'll keep you posted on the situation out there in so cal. snow, slick streets, causing a deadly pileup in denver. at least one person was killed, 50 cars, trucks and at least another jackknifed semi were involved causing traffic stand still for more than a mile. look at that. denver officials say they have deployed more than 70 plows throughout the week. they will need more than that. to spread the deicing solution over the roads. >> lots of plows and lots of salt. >> the lots of shovels.
12:07 pm
all right. stay in bed, gentlemen. get your wife out there with the shovel. just kidding. >> he's kidding, guys. meanwhile, the northwest is bracing yet again for another powerful snowstorm. people this philly are scrambling to find snow supplies as the national weather service says the storm could dump up to a foot of heavy wet snow in parts of the state. >> in fact i drove from philadelphia down to d.c. and couldn't find a single bag of salt from anywhere in between. >> been to walmart, been to target, been to home. now here at lowe's and no space heaters in all of philly. is that amazing? >> now more than 60 dump trucks were sent to delaware to pick up salt. >> i have that shovel. >> you don't have the shovel, you bought the shovel for your wife. but he's just kidding. it's a running joke.
12:08 pm
>> and my daughters stay in bed. they have never once come out and helped dad shovel. what is up with that? >> i like your daughters, but i think they should help, too. let's go over and ask your opinion. kids should be out there doing the work, right? >> in the old days they used to get paid for that right? knocking on doors and shoveling the driveways. i know. my boys are too young, but when they're in their teens, i'm going to make sure they're out there shoveling. >> get them out there when they grow up. >> you were talking earlier about philadelphia and how much snow they have received. so far this season, we're top three, close to 60 inches. but it won't take much, it might be just this one storm that will move into the northeast in the next 24 to 36 hours that could bring us to the top two biggest snow events for philadelphia. and there is new york city. so right now we're at 57.3, but
12:09 pm
it won't take much to get us into the top three. so this one storm could do it. we'll have to watch it carefully. a couple things i want to talk about. we have the cold air in place, but we also have all of the moisture coming out from the gulf of mexico. so the potential for a significant ice storm across the ohio valley, the tennessee river valley, the mississippi river valley, over the next 12 to 24 hours, and we also could have the threat for severe weather including tornadoes tomorrow. so we'll be watching that. and then north of that where we have the cold air, the freezing air, we'll see the potential for though. anywhere from d.c. up towards new york city. so stay tuned, we'll certainly fine tune that forecast and bring you the latest. >> tornadoes, too? >> yeah, tomorrow we could be talking about severe weather including tornadoes. >> hope folks will be okay. thanks. mass has could give up the marketplace website. officials say they still may not have a fully functional website by the end of june.
12:10 pm
now, that is the deadline to move more than 200,000 people into insurance plans complying with the new federal health care law. now officials say one option on the table is to just scrap the multimillion-dollar fight and start over. >> over again. all right. new outrage after senate majority leader harry reid claims that all of the horror stories that americans are telling about their obamacare experience he says is just not true. it's a lie. this as more than 6.2 million americans had their insurance policies could not seanceled. with more on this, elizabeth brant in washington. >> reporter: jay carney not receiving senate majority leader's harry reid comments about circulating false horror stories saying they're not as being presented. but those who are seeing premium increases or, worse, a drop in coverage disagree. >> there must be 6 million of us
12:11 pm
then. i think we should just call ourselves the liar's club. >> reporter: republicans are not backing down responding to a report which cites 11 million small business employees may see their premiums go up. >> not only is this another broken promise to 11 million people that will lose more of their hard earned money, it's another slap in the face to our already hurting working middle class. >> the administration tweaking the law by now allowing federal subsidies for insurance purchased on the private market outside exchange sites. a new adjustment because technical problems blocked consumers and n. states such as maryland and oregon are buying coverage online. >> the subsidies available because of the affordable care act remain available no matter how you hear insurance and we're make cms is working closely with states to support their efforts to successfully implement their marketplace. >> this while we learn covered california announces that after a five day outage of its website, more than 14,000 customers will have to redo
12:12 pm
their applications to complete the process. greg, back to you. >> elizabeth, thanks. coming up, retail sales slowing down and housing recovery has dipped. but is it just cold weather or something more worse that is slowing our economic recovery? and republicans are poised to shift the balance of you power in washington, take back u.s. senate after the midterm elections. so what is behind their latest push, who is? jeopardy? plus a connecticut teen is in the middle of a year long custody fight between her parent and the state of massachusetts over her medical treatment. the fight to keep her safe next. >> we're looking for the state to stop treating her as though she's a piece of property and rather as a person. [announcer] a healthy dog is a playful dog. give him the calorie-smart nutrition of beneful healthy weight. with wholesome rice,real chicken,soy, and accents of vitamin ric veggies... plus a taste he loves. beneful healthy weight...from purina.
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fox you news alert. a new report says two russian anti-submarine warships have appeared off ukraine's coastline near a port city off the crimean peninsula. so we'll keep tabs on that. and now a quick check of the headlines. officers kill this had pakistan after multiple bomb explosion. the blast going off as they were
12:17 pm
guarding workers. ten officer, one child reportedly killed. nobody claiming responsibility for the attack. emergency landing in dallas after a plane hit a flock of birds during takeoff. inspectors say the plane's left engine suffered minor damage. >> dick's sporting goods taking model's to court. they say the ceo tricked workers into showing him the back room of a store to learn confidential information. no word from model on that lawsuit. a bitter custody fight over a connecticut teenager between her parents and the state of massachusetts. the 15-year-old first came to a boston hospital for medical treatment, but after her parents rejected doctor's plan to change her treatment, the hospital filed medical child abuse allegations with the state.
12:18 pm
heather hedges has the story. >> first amendment, gone. >> reporter: visibly upset, they left roxbury where they had driven up to spend the only hour they're currently allowed each week to see their own daughter. without seeing her. for violating a gag order. and while they aren't allowed to talk to the media, the look on mom's face said it all. >> they had been waiting over 45 minutes to see her and they were told that the meeting would not take place today. >> reporter: for a year, 15-year-old justina has been caught in the middle of a battle between the state of massachusetts and her parents. >> we're looking for the state to stop treating her as though she's a piece of property and rather as a person. >> reporter: it all started last february when justina was september to boston children's for a neurological disorder that runs in the family. instead, she was diagnosed with somatoform disorder, a
12:19 pm
psychiatric problem, and her parents lost custody. over the past year, the case has received national attention. reverend mahoney came up from d.c. to support the family. he helped form the free justina campaign. >> it just shows the reckless irresponsible and cavalier pattern of dcf concerning the family. >> reporter: and just as things started out so promising, with dcf saying they would like to ultimately move her back to connecticut and announced a medical team has been identified as tufts, the family's prior of choice, to oversee her care. but they stopped short of saying justina's parents will be regranted custody anytime soon. and while it may appear to be still good news, it wasn't enough for them who in the past year they say they watched her go from a happy girl who liked
12:20 pm
to skate to a wheelchair bound patient. >> the ultimate issue is custody. >> and that was heather hedges. the next hearing in the case is march 17th. there are new signs that republicans are a whole lot closer than ever to taking control of the u.s. senate in the upcoming midterm elections. take a look. current balance in you power, there are 53 democrats, that republicans, two independents. according to brand new information, growing frustration mock voters over policy disasters like obamacare could easily tip the scales in the republicans' favor. joining us editor for comment taker magazine and he brings my favorite column. good to see you, john. let's put up on the screen the vulnerable democrats.good to se. let's put up on the screen the vulnerable democrats.
12:21 pm
senator mark pryor, mary landrieu, kay hagan, and mark begich. so these are all red states that have democratic senators up for re-election. >> right. in all of these states, president obama lost in 2012. in some cases by substantial margins. so they are facing headwinds, these are states that are going republican. and in each of these cases, these candidates are in extraordinarily vulnerable positions. landrieu is a very good politician, she's at about 40% in the polls. in the case of begich, who won in a freakish election against a senator who had charges trumped up against him, he's at 39% approval rating. in arkansas, mark pryor is on the verge of already having lost this race to the incredibly impressive freshman congressman tom cotton.
12:22 pm
he's circumstansix, seven point already. very impressive person. and in north carolina, kay hagan is down against three different challengers. >> she's getting beat in the polls against everybody. >> and in all of these cases, the issue is very simple. every one of these senators was the 60th vote for obamacare. so that is all these candidates, they would say if i had been there, would i have voted against it, it wouldn't have happened, you were the 60th vote. very hard to answer in these states. >> and republicans probably need to pay attention to that and not get distragcted with other issues. let's go to the retiring democrat being seats. there are three of them. the west virginia gop candidate is shelly moore lupita south dakota candidate is pretty
12:23 pm
popular. and max baucus, the replacement by the governor appointed. shelly moore's this state obama lost by 20 point. the senator there has been there for 30 years. this seat will almost certainly go to her. in south dakota, he's a popular former governor, the best democratic candidates decided not run against him. in montana where max baucus resigned to become ambassador to china, the democratic governor has put in jim walsh as the senator so that he can run as incumbent, but again that is another state that is a very, very republican state that is very hostile to obama care and the candidates who are running against him are 10 to 15 points and the candidates who are running against him are 10 to 15 points up. >> potential gop gains. congressman mark udall.
12:24 pm
is that winnable? >> apparently it's winnable because he was facing a damaged candidate who lost in 2010 and the rising star in gop politics in colorado, cory guard they e basically had the field cleared for him. he's the best possible candidate in a very purple state. in a state in which udall has to be very worried now. >> now, michigan, the gop candidate, terry lynn land, democrat retired here in this one. >> that's right. this is carl levin's seat. he retired after 30 years in the senate. she is a former secretary of state of the state and much to everybody's surprise, in a state that obama carried by eight points. three or four points up against her nearest rival. and it's very early, but if she holds her strength, she'll win there. >> what about new hampshire, the gop candidate has a familiar face. >> rublicans run away with it,
12:25 pm
in part what will happen, and that means if they win, they need to win six, but if they win eight or nine or ten, it will be because they widened the playing field and that is scott brown who was the senator from massachusetts who moved to new hampshire is going to run against the first term senator jeanne shaheen. his decision to run is a strong indication that that seat is in play because i don't think he would waste a year of his time running. and the same is true in virginia where there is senator mark warner will now face former rnc chairman ed gillespie. he's sacrificing millions of dollars to run. he wouldn't be doing it if he doesn't have his finger up in the air and said the winds are shifting. >> how about al franken? he may have arguably been a better comedian than a u.s. senator. >> he only won by 300 votes in
12:26 pm
2008. his approval rating is very low. this state is trending democratic, but he has not matt sale with the voters in the state. if they get a winnable -- if republicans nominate someone who can win as opposed to someone who is too i had lomicily to the right for the state million dollars of the road electorate, he's in jeopardy. >> i'm out of town. but if you were a betting man, put your money on republicans? >> i totally bet on republicans taking the senate in midterms. the question is will they take it by the narrowest of margins or by a comfortable of margins. that we can't know yet. >> john, thanks for being with us. >> thanks. a pleasure. president obama drawing a line in the sand over russia saying, quote, there will be costs regarding military intervention in ukraine. so what does this mean now as russiaeploys armed troops into
12:27 pm
crimea? >> in violation of you ukraine's sovereignty would be deeply destabilizing which is not in the interests of ukraine, russia, or europe. [bell rings] jane. her long day on set starts with shoulder pain... ...and a choice take 6 tylenol in a day which is 2 aleve for... ...all day relief. hmm. [bell ring] "roll sound!" "action!" but we're not staying in the kitchen. just start the slow cooker, add meat and pour in campbell's slow oker sauce. by the time you get home, dinner is practically done. and absolutely delicious. everne is cooking wiew campbell's slow cooker sauces.
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yep. yep. yep. yep. yep. yep. introducing our best-ever family pricing for instance, a family of four gets 10 gigs of data with unlimited talk and text for 160 dollars a month. only from at&t. just days after the word came to russia for the olympic games and would invite the condemnation of nations around the world, and indeed the united states will stand with the international community in affirming that there will be costs for any military intervention in ukraine. >> president obama's warning to russian president putin against intervening in ukraine. but today russia's parliament granting putin permission to use the country's military in ukraine. what exactly are our options right now? steve yates joins us, former
12:32 pm
deputy address tant for national security affairs, and distinguished scholar. are we witnessing do you think a serious breakdown of u.s. foreign policy in this? >> i do. i think when we look at several different crises, but this ukranian crisis really brings to the fore. we have an administration that wants to look at these problems in the most minimalist way. so we have a political dispute in the ukraine. and every should just negotiate their way through it peacefully without taking into account that you have a large significant have strategic force like russia that is seeking strategic advantage that frankly is working to indicadate. >> russia is expanding its control over sovereign territory with strategic interests. is that their desire? >> we've seen it before in
12:33 pm
georgia and we'll see it again if they have nothing but a green light in situations like this. they use economic leverage, whether it's turning on or off the spigot of gas and oil or other kinds of economic inducements. they use troop training and material assistance to these countries. and then they use ethnic russians in these geographies to flew politil influence politics, as well. >> not just ukraine. critics of president obama say he is passive, he is inattentive to the dangers posed by syria and iran, the latter country receding in developing nuclear weapons. so do you sooe view thyou view consistent pattern? >> doi do. and it matters less what american critics might say, but people who are against the for yourselves abroad, whether iranians under oppression, syrians under a civil war, and
12:34 pm
then the ukranians who are trying to get out from under the thumb of russia, the people who are seeking their freedom and self-determination are the ones that ask where is america. we have these empty talks of consequences and red line, but those pursuing aggression are moving forward mostly unhindered. >> do you suspect president obama is dedicated to a legacy, his own actually, of ending two war, starting no other wars, and is that in the end going to be a legacy of finalizing america's influence in strategic areas in the world, ending it, and sort of leaving a void for russia to exploit? >> avoid for russia and avoid for any other major strategic force. we have large movements like the iranian shia uprising reshaping the map. we have a presidency defined by withdrawal from the wars and retreat and sort of becoming a
12:35 pm
normal power, not a super power, leaving events to work their own way absent our influence. and those trends are not moving in a very happy direction for us. >> some people have said the president has no options here. that is not true, is it? >> i think that is very, very wrong. we've baeen stuck on a falses k40is betwee choice between invading or ignoring these problems abroad. troops have been aggressive and are trying to transform the world in incorrect ways, whether the islamist movement or in this case russia, we could at least be clear as to who is doing w t what. we should be working to wake them from their post modern dream to push back. >> and we could also make it clear that any other country that provides material support
12:36 pm
to ukraine will not be punished and in fact they will be supporting in that. >> that is a very important principle. we learned with libya and with some other places when the united states came board with a policy of supporting change, they left on the books sanctions that could have penalized those who acted in ways we did not. and so arming rebels in syria was something people could be sanctioned for for a very long time. and if some in europe want to help the ukranians protect their self-determination, we should oing to be the ones helping it, we're certainly not going to sanction those who stepped in. >> and the states that are most coerced by moscow, i mean, they need energy independence, we could help there, too. >> that's right. and the biggest tool of coercion that russia has used is turning on and off gas and oil. and i think western europe in particular should be willing and lead an effort to help eastern european states achieve
12:37 pm
independence from talk to you. >> thank you. the crisis in ukraine will be a major topic on fox news sunday tomorrow. chris wallace sitting down in an exclusive interview with the republican congressman mike rogers, chairman of the house intelligence committee. fox you news sunday airs at 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. whin we coen we come barks economy flattening out a bit. can warmer weather heat up the economy, also? maybe so. and we are just days away from the murder trial of blade runner oscar pistorius. why prosecutors say the case may hinge on what his now diocesed girlfriend was wearing on the night she was shot and killed. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu.
12:38 pm
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janet yellen saying the economy has shown signs of weakness in recent weeks with retail sales slowing down. suggesting the weakening may be related to the harsh winter weather we've been having. so is it just the cold weather or is there something more worrisome slowing our economic recovery? with more, michael seymour, private wealth strategies. >> thank you for having me. >> so is it the cold weather putting a freeze on our economy or is it something else? >> well, i'll tell you, i spent a lot of time this past week
12:42 pm
including watching the fed governor and fed chair, excuse me, and as well as looking at a lot of economic data. and i'll tell you, this is a tough call. i live in the philadelphia metropolitan area and this is the worst winter that i can remember in a long, long, long time. so i'll tell you, i pretty much drive to my office and drive home and if something is in betwee between, then maybe i'll stop there. so i think the cold weather certainly in big ticket items like and i believe sales, i don't think people want to drive on ice to test a new car. so i can see where there might be some major impact from the weather. on the other hand, there are some economic numbers that are out there that are really not that encouraging for all of last year. we finished last year as of right now i use a figure of unemployment called u-6 in my research, which is everybody that is unemployed, underemployed, gifrp up, everything else. that is still north of 12%. we were only north of 14% a year
12:43 pm
ago. so that is and that certainly wasn't just the winter. so we'll find out in the spring, i guess. >> speaking of spring, it will come at some point hopefully sooner than later. 19 day, yeah, but it won't warm up then. but when it does get warmer, do you think consumers will warm up to the idea of spending more money and putting more cash flow into the overall economy? >> well, i do. i think there has to be some types of pent up demand. it's not just the northeast that has been hit. midwest, north, everybody has had a challenging winter. and there are a lot of things you can't do around the house, outside of the house, things you might be spending money on when you're covered in a foot or couple feet of snow. so there is some pent up demand. travel has been pretty steady in places, but it's been affected, as well. the big ticket items like i said like automobiles, that is stuff that really moves the gdp.
12:44 pm
but like i said, i manage money for real people and people are still playing it close to the vest. so it's going to be very, very interesting. and i think very important the economic numbers on certainly things like retail and employment data that come out in the springtime. >> so if consumer spending accounts for about 70% of economic activity, and people, are they less likely to spend we already said when it's cold outside. you even said you go from work to your home and you don't make a stop in between. but really the cold weather is sort of here to stay it seems like. so what is the work around? we'll be having this cold weather each year now it seems like. >> well, there has been some positives out there, too. i don't want to paint a totally bleak picture. as many people with the stock market having had a very major recovery since the very low bottoms of '08 and 2009, people have seen at least they have a
12:45 pm
little bit more positive point of view on their personal financial situation given their retirement account, their investment accounts have probably recovered to some degree or maybe especially even a large agree. but i think there is a different mindset out there.even a large agree. but i think there is a different mindset out there. we've seen recovery in the housing sector has slowed a bit, but that's not unusual after a major run up from the bottom. so there are some positive signs out there. >> and i'm glad you clarified that. the purpose of the segment wasn't to put a damper saying it's doom's day. the point was it's been cold, people aren't going out as much as they could to spend, so it has a little effect. not overall it's in the toilet for sure. all right. michael, yo thank you so much. >> thank you. you know what i do when it's cold outside, i go to warm weather apparel stores.
12:46 pm
like tommy bahama. you walk in there and you feel like you're sitting on a beach. >> and you can eat at some of those. >> oh, yes, you can. they have their own restaurants up above. >> get a drink with the umbrellas. >> so you feel like you're in cancun. don't you? fantastic. the murder trial of double amputee olympian oscar pistorius kicking off monday in south africa. it's going to be on tv, folks. how prosecutors think the victim's clothing on that fateful night may help put the blade runner away for life. huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know that when a tree falls in the forest and no one's around, it does make a sound? ohhh...ugh. geico. little help here. i need>>that's my geico digital insurance id card - gots all my pertinents on it and such. works for me. turn to the camera.
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south africa preparing for the murder of the century of oscar pistorius. prosecutors say he intentionally killed his girlfriend, but he insists he thought there was a dangerous intruder in his home. now prosecutors say the victim's clothing will help them score a conviction. joining us now, defense former now. david, let me start with you.
12:51 pm
she was wearing shorts and a blacktop and prosecutors say, wait a minute, she's not sleeping in shorts and a blacktop. she was trying to run away from a man who was about to kill her. what do you think? >> that seems to be the more plausible story here. >> don't you have to know what she normally wears? >> absolutely. some people sleep in shorts. >> or nothing at all. >> i understand the prosecutors are on that. i don't think that's the greatest piece of evidence, certainly a great piece of evidence in this whole story. she's running into the bathroom and trying to get away from them, the screaming at each other and the fight and the shots. >> you get out of bed, wouldn't you know if your girlfriend is next to you when you get out of bed and you hear an intruder and if he is sincere in saying i want to protect her, wouldn't he at first determined she was next to him in bed or not and if she's not, she's at risk? >> you know, i've never been in a position where i thought there was someone in my house and i
12:52 pm
had to react from a sound sleep, so i can only assume that is it plausible that he was in some sort of what i call a sleep fog, woke up, thought there was somebody there, reacted without confirming whether or not his lover was next to him in bed, i think that is plausible. >> how do you account for the fact that neighbors nearby heard a loud, loud argument arguably between these two just before the shots were fired? >> i'm not giving that piece of evidence a lot of weight because the loud, loud argument was allegedly from 600 yards away. so, either, "a," it wasn't a loud argument and some neighbor thought it was, or how can you verify from six football fields away what you heard. >> five separate witnesses, that's a lot of separate witnesses. >> do you know what the bottom line is, it's all the pieces of evidence here. this is someone who had a violent past who used shotguns in the past.
12:53 pm
this is not a reasonable way to react. you don't react by shooting in the bathroom. >> it's been said by prosecutors he has a temper, violence, and he uses guns now and again. he was with a group of people and he was stopped and got angry about it. i think as they were leaving he shot his pistol through the windshield, the upper, you know, sky shield. and they are charging him with that at the same -- so the jury is going to hear both the murder charges and this other gun charge. that would never happen in america. >> never in a million years. it's just one example of the several differences between our system of justice and the system over there. >> it's prejudicial. >> he has a panel of judges apparently over there. big difference. >> it's prejudicial, it probably wouldn't come in, in certain limited circumstances like that, evidence like that would come into a case. >> his ex-girlfriend said this -- oscar is certainly not what people think he is.
12:54 pm
that would also be inadmissible here as collateral prejudicial evidence. the prejudicial value outweighing the probative value, but, boy, i'm not sure in south africa if that's the case. >> ex-girlfriends are never going to say anything good. that's like putting your mother on the stand to say how wonderful you are. >> that would open the door. in the american courtroom if you bring your character into play that opens the door to prosecutors who say he's an awful guy, here's the ex-girlfriend. >> you got to be careful just because you preclude evidence on the prosecutor's direct case doesn't mean you can't open up the door later on. >> is his defense what would be known in america the imperfect self-defense, that is to honest but mistaken belief his life was in imminent danger of serious bodily injury or death? >> i think that's exactly it. they weren't together that long. they were together for about four months. >> what does that mean? >> you know, i think that mean
12:55 pm
so he wasn't used to having somebody in his bed for four years. maybe that could -- >> this proves out, though, you can't lock yourself into a story if you're a defendant. you can't lock yourself into a story early on. because the facts came out and his defense is completely implausible and he's stuck with it now. >> what about jury empathy? he's not alone in owning a gun in pretoria and south africa. high rate of violence there and theft and burglary and so forth, so these jurors will say, do you know what, everybody's got a gun, there's all kinds of people here, we can all make mistakes and he's a celebrity. >> right. well, he's going to have -- technically he doesn't have jurors but he certainly will have empathy by the trier of fact. i don't want him to be guilty because he's a celebrity with a very sympathetic story. we like that about people. >> i believe in an imperfect self-defense but this is not even close. he's shooting into the bathroom. come on. >> imperfect self-defense was
12:56 pm
the menendez brothers and it didn't work for them. >> didn't work. >> all right, guys. >> good to see you both, thanks. stick around, and we're back at 6:00 eastern. >> we'll see you then. coach calls her a team player. she's kind of special. she makes the whole team better. he's the kind of player that puts the puck, horsehide, bullet. right where it needs to be. coach calls it logistics. he's a great passer. dependable. a winning team has to have one. somebody you can count on. somebody like my dad. this is my dad. somebody like my mom. my grandfather. i'm very pround of him. her. them.
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