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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  March 4, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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your home tonight, that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. this is a fox news alert. president obama says no. he will not go to the g-8 summit in sochi. senior administration officials announcing the president will not go to sochi unless president putin reverses course on the ryu rainy. also just breaking president obama reportedly offering president putin a way out of crisis. and minutes ago president obama getting off the phone with german chancellor angela merkel. the two speaking an hour about the developing crisis. this dramatic video does tell it all russian and union crew rainyian troops firing each other. both the violence and political tension escalating by the minute. for the very latest we go to live in ukraine. what's going on?
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well i'm here in kiev. what is happening seems to be crew rainyian side has attempted all attempts by putin tries to provoke choosing a fire fight which would ahim to justify his invasion of crimea and to try to justify an invasion of other parts of the ukraine. >> do you have the sense that this is getting worse? because we are looking at this video and we see, you know, this is obviously video of -- that is not live video but the increasing violence that we are hearing about and tensions. do you have a sense
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increasing or decreasing there on the ground? >> i'm -- the longer there hasn't actually been an invasion the more people aren't optimistic they get the feeling there went be invasion. people have thought this thing is a little bit crazy. i have compared it to drunk person in a bar trying to pick a fight with somebody who is just quietly drinking their beer. and the guys saying i the give you a fight. saying actually i don't want to fight and ignoring it so people have been worried. but the longer that they --
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there hasn't actually been an invasion, except in crimea where there is an invasion. but people are of course feeling that is tense. >> indeed. thank you very much. secretary john kerry is over in ukraine. president obama says he won't go to the g 8 and he spoke spoke to angela merkel. lots is going on in this story. but awful lot is going on in the ground there. thank you. >> there is no question this showdown with russia is dangerous. john mccain believes the the war is over but putin does not. senator mccain joins us. good evening, sir. >> thank you. i believe it because president obama r. president obama said 20 years ago the cold war ended. he said to medvedev tell val valentine's
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vladimir putin when i'm elected i will be more flexible. we are paying a very very heavy price for it. >> what do you think president putin is thinking tonight and what do you think that president obama is thinking tonight? >> i think that vladimir is thinking i got what i wanted crimea. by the way russia signed a treaty in 1994 guaranteeing crimea's territorial integrity as part of ukraine. but he is feeling good. he now is deciding how much of eastern ukraine he is going to cause problems in that really is something that we can't be really sure of. >> is he going forward than crimea? >> i think it's very possible that he would go further and cause, quote, demonstrations amongst the russian speaking people in the ukraine who by the way don't want to be part of russia. that's.
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-- unless we understand that vladimir putin is part of the old kgb that wants to restore the russian empire, he said, not me, putin said the greatest catastrophe of the 20th century was the break-up of the soviet union. this president totally misread him. ridiculed romney in their bebait when romney said that russia was a major geopolitical foe. keeps saying well this isn't east, west. this isn't the old cold war chess game. playing marbles and he is playing checkers. to putin it is still the cold war. it is still the russian empire. that's why he still has troops in trans -- and moreover. that's why he continues to occupy chechnya. he believes in the near abroad and russian empire. and we need to judge him as he is. not in a delusional fashion, which is the way president
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obama has viewed him. >> what is president obama thinking tonight as he sort of looks out at what has transpired in the last couple days? >> i don't know how honest he is with himself. because he now said that that the syrian strike is whether bashar assad would turn over chemical weapons which really he used the chemical weapons. i don't know except that he is now faced with a situation where vladimir putin in violation of all international law has asserted sovereignty over another nation. we don't know what he is going to do further. >> what putin said today in a press conference that he rejected the western accusations of rush that ukraine saying the u.s. should know better given what is done and identified u.s. action, iraq, afghanistan and libya. is he coming right back with that.
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>> and, of course, in none of those cases did the united states of america want to exert influence and have our troops stationed there to basically occupy the country. he may say he is not doing that but he is there is 16,000 rush troops there and also he said by the way when asked if they were russian soldiers that are not. he said those were local self-defense units. he even denies that they are russian soldiers there when we all know that that is the height of arrogance in my view. you saw the picture of those two sitting next to each other. have you seen the attitude that putin has towards the president of the united states. he doesn't respect him. >> so what are we going to do? it doesn't look like britain is going to go with us and germany is not going to go with us and western europe is so hungry for that oil that either originates in russia or comes through it or the natural gas. >> well, we are going to tell them they should be ashamed of themselves because you are right. but, we need to first help
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get ukraine back on its feet financially there. they're on the brink of collapse. second, make sure that we do everything possible to get mull dove have a and georgia into nato. third of all, we maybe need to do some military exercise with our small baltic state friends. we need to restate and start working on the missile defense system and the czech republic and poland in the name of appeasement president obama stepped down from and then we need expanded -- where we identify these people and we would prevent their travel, any visas in the united states, any banking practices that they would do and restrict their lifestyle. they don't like that. these allah garks. understand, most important thing, greta, understand who vladimir putin is, what he stands for, and what he is willing to do to try to restore the old russian
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empire. >> senator, nice to see you. >> thank you. >> june 12th, 1987, president reagan issuing challenge will to soviet leader gorbachev. >> mr. gorbachev, open this gate. [cheers] >> mr. gorbachev, tear down this wall. president reagan's confronting him head on. and now president obama's approach. >> president obama and i want to make it clear to russia and everybody in the world that we are not seeking confrontation. >> former u.n. ambassador john bolton joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening. glad to be with you. >> obviously a very tough position for the united states to be in tonight with germany probably not going with us or at least it wasn't until a little while ago. i don't know what happened with that conversation with angela merkel the brits not wanting to go with us.
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what are we going to do and how do you characterize the obama administration approach to this problem? >> well, i think the options we have at the moment are very few and the ones that seem attractive like economic sanctions are not likely to get the support of the europeans. i think we are at the end of a five year long failure. it's not a question of inadequate steps today. it's a question of inadequate steps over protracted period that created the strategic vacuum into which vladimir putin has moved. so, absent a fundamental change of direction in the white house i don't think there is much we can do. what we should do avoid any agreements with moscow that lock it beyond the period of three years. then we have to hope that in the united states three years from now we get a real president. then we may be able to do something. but i'm very pessimistic
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about anything before then. >> all right. well, i'm not seeking to go to war. i'm not suggesting that we should send military there. secretary kerry says we are not seeking confrontation which means send message to our opponent. green lights it he knows how far we are willing to go. >> yeah. just when you think this can't get any worse, you hear that kind of statement, really i feel it sitting here in london. it's very chamberlainesque. putin read obama in august of 2008 when russia attacked georgia and then candidate barack obama called on both sides to exercise restraint. russia and georgia. what a message that sent. and he is sending through secretary kerry essentially the same message today. and that is a green light for putin, and he understands it that way. >> you know, i see it also as sort of this whole situation is very
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unappealing to the united states. because if we do nothing, and if putin gets his way. that tells iran and syria that by hooking their horse to the cart of putin, that they made the right choice. that hurts israel. so this is far bigger ramifications in my mind than simply crimea and putin. >> certainly it has ramifications first in the territory of the other republic of the former soviet union. ukraine is the big prize. if putin succeeds here, i think he believes and i think they will believe he can get his will in the other former republics as well. i think in the broader world in the middle east and the countries you have named in egypt where the obama administration has squandered 30 years of american military assistance, i think russia will move there i think all over the world friends and adversaries alike will see a declining, weak, inattentive president and they will make
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their conclusions. not just with respect to russia but with respect to all of their complex, political situations and their particular neighborhoods. it's just -- it's bad news for the united states on a worldwide basis, i'm afraid. >> ambassador, thank you, sir, enjoy london, now to former new york city marijuana giuliani. he joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening. >> the two biggest players in this tonight are president putin and president obama. how do you think both of them are looking at this crisis tonight. >> looks like one has a predetermined plan and the other is trying to figure it out as he goes. obama clearly had a plan to do this. this wasn't executed. >> you mean putin. >> putin had a plan to execute this. thought out. end game might be to take ukraine. end game threaten to take more of the ukraine t agree to keep parts of the
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crimea. >> on the other hand, president obama has not scoped this out. this has come sort of like a surprise to him. is he trying to figure out what allies to put together. what strategies. it's astounding to me that he didn't assume this was going to happen. after what happened in georgia. after watching how this man operates, the white house should have had a game plan that was thought out a year ago of exactly how they were going to respond to this. responding slowly, ineffectively, only encourages putin to do more. so, this is another example, like syria. of an obama administration that kind of funnelables its way along while the other side is very determined, very clear has a very precise plan. >> in light of the fact that we have become a global economy. is it impossible for the u.s. to go it alone with economic sanctions? can we pinch enough people, economically that they will then, you know, they will
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come along to we can do something to try to squeeze putin. >> the first thing do you in a crisis like, this you do the things that are within your control. the things you absolutely can do. he was right to say i'm not going to go to the g-8. the second thing he should have done was he immediately should have sent somebody to poland and the czech republic and reestablished the nuclear defense treaty. that would have been a shot right in the you know what to putin. the russians are deathly afraid of an american defense shield. it gained us our treaty with gorbachev. the give up nuclear defense shield as an act of kindness. act of trying to be accommodating to the russians. when they announced they were going to re-set the relationship. well, they did re-set the relationship and the relationship is much worse for us.
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we have re-set it again. >> do you know what i am waiting for tonight. president obama says he won't go to the g-8. i'm looking for what other country says i'm not going either. >> the plan should have been there with those countries in advance that if he came into the crimea, he came into the ukraine, that we would live up to our treaty obligations. after all, the u.s. and the u.k. have a treaty with the u.k. they have no moral right to back us here. we are a signature just like we are. >> don't you agree it's very telling at least a big sign who is with us and who is not by who responds to that g-8 remark tonight. >> nor doubt. the major take away is how ill prepared the obama administration was for something that was entirely predictable. how much more are they ill prepared for and, frankly, i'm very worried as to how the chinese will react to this. they are seeking those islands that they're in contention with japan over. look at the way obama reacts here and they say to
4:17 pm
themselves, gee, what the heck is going to do to us if we just take those islands? >> mayor,s always, thank you, sir. >> thank you. for a closer look how things really are in kiev right now. check out this tweet from the "new york times" london bureau chief. he posts this photo with the caption, my hotel in kiev tonight. here is the picture. straight ahead is she horribly on obnoxious. elizabeth hesitate sell beck is here to talk to us tonight. our favorite toronto's crack smoking mayor takes on jimmy kimmel. we are continuing to follow the breaking news and ukraine. violence is ratcheting up on the ground there minutes ago, president obama getting off an hour long call with germany's angela merkel. and president obama is now officially planning to skip the g-8 summit in sochi. "on the record" is monitoring this crisis live
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new jersey high school student is suing her parents. rachel says her parents kicked her out of the house and now she is demanding they pay for her living expenses, future college tuition. they argue she left the house because she did not want to follow the rules. arguing the case before a judge. she made me responsible a for as we call it skin in the game. where she has a financial component in her college education and going forward. i don't think that's a surprise to this young lady who is already working, who is already paying for her
4:22 pm
car, and already paying for her uniforms and other things in this family. i think she fully expected that. but she really didn't expect to be left high and dry with zero. as the parents have left her and constructively abandoned her. >> and a short time ago the judge denying rachel's request for high school tuition and living cost. he delayed ruling on the college tuition. joining us my good friend "fox & friends" co-host elisabeth hasselbeck. nice to see you, elizabeth. >> great to see you, greta. thanks so much for having me tonight. certainly a case here that begs a good look when you get into the actual details of the court papers here. 95 pages i went through some this afternoon. you know, when you hear some allegations when it comes to abuse alleged on one time on the daughter, mental abuse and emotional abuse. allegations that the parents have toward her actions it
4:23 pm
certainly comes to emancipation and status of being unemancipated from your parents and also this fear of influence which actually then will determine whether you are fully emancipated from your parents or not. >> so where do your sympathies lie tonight. looking at your pleadings i saw how dog-eared your document is. you obviously devoured it today and edited it and marked it up. where do you fall on it? >> interesting. claims on both sides, allegations on both sides have been denied. >> you you don't see someone being unemancipated. probably going to just set precedence in terms of how we move forward. move forward to kids really wanting to step away from their parents she is asking to beqk@÷ unemancipated. she cannot exist without their financial support. needs the money for school, needs the money for college. needs the money for living
4:24 pm
expenses as you noted the judge ruled those things are denied at this point. the college tuition is status quo. next hearing is april 2nd. what's sad is right now we have the parents unified. also a difference-maker in this case. typically when there is an emancipation, when a kid is looking to say i'm completely free and independent from my parents. there is a split with the parents. the parents are unified here, greta, against their daughter. really saying that they want her back but she is saying that her actions are saying she is still dependent. they are saying no, your actions are actually indication that you are not emancipated. you are emancipated. >> this daughter used the most wicked language in a voice mail for her mother. so she is not exactly -- a little bit rough. do you know ohio blame believe it or not? the lawyers. what in the world is this in the court for? what kind of lawyers wouldn't sit down with the two and try to work it out? it's almost like they are
4:25 pm
making a fortune by the hour on these pleadings. this is ridiculous. it's a family and gone completely nuclear blown up. this is not a game i don't know what the lawyers tried to do. this is the worst use of court -- frankly at this point, from what i know and see in the pleadings, i blame the lawyers. >> what's interesting. so one of the lawyers involved not technically but funding the case is the gentleman which is you know she has been living with. that's the dad of her friend. so, he wants $12,000 of legal fees from the parents. >> exactly. denied by the judge today. what's going to happen is we will probably see them come forward and be asked by the judge where our judicial system is being exhausted right now for a family dispute. now, when their allegations comes to abuse, mental,
4:26 pm
physical, there are some strong allegations here on rachel's part which are fully denied by both parents. >> she should go to the police then. she is suing her parents. this doesn't belong in a civil court. if she has a criminal action. if they are abusing her for whatever, go to the police. this is a civil action. and, you know, i just -- obviously parents and their children have fights sometimes. but this is so escalated beyond anyone's comprehension. and i do not for the life of me know how lawyers could get to this point wouldn't corral their parents and try to work this one out. it seems though it's about money here clearly on the daughter's part. it doesn't sheep she could drum it up on their own talk about the sphere of influence declared emancipated or not. under she is under a sphere of influence right now. be it someone perhaps has a love interest or someone trying to get fees. i just hope for the sake of this girl. her family and really her two sisters who are 3 and 5 years younger than she is. they're probably going to feel the effects of long
4:27 pm
after as well. i hope this family can resolve this. the parents said, quote it should shock the conscience of the rewarded for college tuition. that's their position as of right now. and it seems as though from the judge's ruling he is not giving any sort of weight. by the way all the charges and agencies by rachel against her parents in terms of abuse, they were expunged by child services. >> well, it will be stage 2. because they are going back to court in a about a month. elizabeth, hope you come back to court when they do. thanks for having me tonight. thank you, elizabeth. and thank you, and be sure to watch elizabeth tomorrow morning on "fox & friends." >> and now it's time to show what you we are watching. putting together the most fantastic videos out there tonight. rob ford appearing on jimmy
4:28 pm
kimmel's show. get professional help. as a human being, you seem like a very nice guy to me. if you are an alcoholic, listen, if you are drinking enough that you can try crack in your 40s and you don't remember it, maybe that's something that you might want to think about like talking to somebody. >> i wasn't elected to be perfect, jimmy. i was elected to clean up the mess that i vin laterred and that's exactly what i have done. >> today there are reports that mayor ford was angry about his tv appearance claiming he was set up. >> jimmy fallon and the roots getting out instruments and teaming up with menzel. oscar movie winter movie frozen ♪ let it go ♪ can't hold it back anymore ♪ let it go ♪ let it go ♪ turn away and slam the
4:29 pm
door ♪ i don't care ♪ what they're going to say ♪ let the storm rage on ♪ cold never bothered me anyway. >> and that's what we are watching tonight. if you want to see more of the video we just showed you go to straight ahead we are monitoring the breaking news in ukraine. russian troops firing warning shots as russia's president fires warning shots off. john negroponte ponte is here next. for over a decade
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4:34 pm
putin a way out of crisis. latest from ukraine, jared morgan joins us from kiev. what's going on there. >> what's going on here? well, people are sleeping. it is 2:30 in the morning people have been watching developments today especially with a visit from john can kerry. developments. we are very much in a phony war. almost military game of chicken. nothing has really happened. >> do you have a sense that the people in kiev are aligned with the united states of course in the crimea area it is russian-speaking aligned more with russia. are people supporting the u.s. where you are? >> people are looking to both the u.s. and the eu if you like for some kind of concrete decisions. so far there has been a lot of rhetoric. people are a little bit mistrustful of that
4:35 pm
throughout this crisis, a lot of talk of strong condemnation of actions, but not a lot of concrete doing anything. >> so at this stage people are watching and hoping. >> ukraine, the united states or the eu? >> i think both equally. i think ukraine has great respect for the u.s. and that's a post soviet thing looking at a capitalistic system and seeing the way they could have learned. great respect for the u.s. and looking for the neighbors in the eu for some kind of backup. and what does people expect is going to happen? is there any sort of prediction? >> i think the ukrainian as a people and especially when it comes to government military are being very
4:36 pm
cautious they know that restraint is in order because as soon as anything happens, then putin may use that as an excuse to escalate the situation it is a game of being very patient. >> another big development today. intracon missile john negroponte director of national intelligence and former u.n. ambassador. he joins us. good evening, ambassador. >> good evening. >> i don't think what the russians did is surprising but on the other hand identifying the circumstances and the facts leading up to a situation like this is very very hard indeed. i'm not sure i would call it a an intelligence failure. it's easy to pin the tail on
4:37 pm
the intelligence donkey so to speak. i think given russian behavior in georgia a number of years ago. their support of these enclaves in georgia, and muldova and now they are moving in the crimea, that's all part of a pattern of them supporting these kind of independent type of situations so they can use them as kind of a political leverage. if we had anticipated 20/20 hindsight which is better to be in. could we have done something different to sort of head off othe pass of what we have now? >> i really couldn't tell you i can tell you what i think russia is trying to accomplish here. >> which is what. >> trying to compliant crew rainy. back in 2008, when in a nato
4:38 pm
summit in bucca rest. offered to georgia and ukraine. for them was a threatening move because of the importance of ukraine to heir history and so forth. i think what they are trying to do is establish some kind of strong leverage by goinged into the crimea to create a more come compliant government and the rest of ukraine maybe thinks twice before cozying up towards the west too much. is putin right. do they have real interest in that part of the world? yes, they do. it's in their backyard. >> nice to see you. >> thank you. >> you heard harry reid say it that the obamacare horror stories are all untrue is there any possible defense for harry reid's case. next guest says yes. you have to hear this next. low testosterone, not age.
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it does not matter how many times you hear it, it is still hard to believe that senate majority leader harry reid said this on the senate floor about obamacare. >> there is plenty of horror stories being told. all of them are untrue. >> democratic senator chris murphy of connecticut is defending leader reid's comments. he joins us. >> thanks for having me, greta. >> all the obamacare horror stories are untrue. >> i think senator reid even that day walked that back suggesting. >> i didn't hear him walk it back. when did he walk it back. >> i think he has made it pretty clear ultimately we are talking about very high profile stories that have been put into the response to the state of the union speech. commercials against a lot our democratic incumbents that really aren't true. there is a commercial running in michigan against a candidate running for the senate there who says that they lost sther doctor and they couldn't get affordable
4:44 pm
coverage. the truth was she could keep our plan and get a plan for half as much. i'm going to concede, right? separate and aside from what senator reid said of course some people will have that experience. a lot of people had bad experiences hear is the senate majority leader. he doesn't go back to the floor and correct it he had plenty of opportunity. he owns the floor. not simply a first offender and saying awful things about people. he said about -- he said about governor romney that he heard from a, quote. credible source. that he hadn't paid income taxes. is he a lawyer. he won't even name the source. but he says this stuff to slime somebody. this is a leader. this is ♪ just a rank and file senator. this is a majority leader. how does he get away with just saying awful things. >> well, listen, somebody has to push bag being back on the idea whether it be the koch brothers. >> how about george soros. talk about the koch brothers talk about george soros. >> people putting false ads on the air mary landrieu
4:45 pm
louisianans saying getting mail canceling health insurance they are all actors. that's simply not true. >> here is a way. some things are untrue. what he said all were untrue. that's his problem. and he doesn't go back to the floor and said i was wrong when i said all. and i really hammer him because is he a lawyer. and he knows, you know, getting the facts right matter. >> getting the facts right does matter. and the fact is that when there are allies of the republicans in the senate spending hundreds of millions of dollars lying about the affordable care act on the air. >> with the truth. >> the truth hurts here because the fact is that 11 million people have signed up for healthcare under obamacare. we have saved the taxpayers $1.2 trillion expected. that's the truth. and for republicans who don't like this law. that does hurt. >> i am -- obviously you and i are talking different stories. you are talking on obamacare and i'm talking about senator harry reid as a leader and saying things on the senate floor that are are just not true and he
4:46 pm
continues to be your leader and people step in line and nobody corrals him to get the truth right to be fair himself. >> let me say something about where democrats have been on this. i think democrats have been way too on the defensive about healthcare. >> i'm not talking about healthcare but senator harry reid. >> this is getting to-to-senator reid. >> i agree senator reid has been tough on republicans. >> i don't mind that he is tough. actually i admire somebody who is tough. i was a trial lawyer be tough. the facts, the problem is that he is very loose. he has saidg85m things about even president obama that were particularly unflattering that he had to walk those back. he has loose lips and he had to say terrible things and your leader. >> right now's it important for the american people to know there is hundreds of millions of dollars being spent saying things that are wrong. i know there are people with bad experiences with the healthcare law. listen my impression is that senator reid has corrected that. >> i don't know when. >> somebody on the senate floor should be talking that
4:47 pm
not only are a lot of these facts are wrong but we should have space to talk about good things that are happening. >> i'm totally with you on that. the truth on the senate floor, he owns the senate floor as the senate majority leader, he should be the last person on the floor with the falsehood and not going back and correcting it. >> again, i think he has been clear about what the real story here here which is that there are a lot more people that have good experiences than bad experiences and the fact is harry reid isn't spending hundreds of millions of dollars lying on the affordable care act and putting on to the air stories that aren't true. it's the koch brothers and the republican senate committee that are doing that. and it is worthwhile to bring that out on to the light. >> good sport to come on and appreciate it give you the last word. >> come back. >> i will. will she or won't she? former irs official lois lerner heading back to capitol hill. will she testify? the latest is next. don't forget to watch hannity tonight. talk with former secretary of defense about the ukraine situation. that's tonight 10:00 p.m. on
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last week senate majority leader harry reid insulted americans on the floor. the senate claiming that all of their obamacare horror stories were untrue. leader reid blamed the koch brothers for false ads. we looked up after senator
4:52 pm
murphy walked the comments back and hours later senator murphy did tweet this out. i can't say that all of the coke ads of obama care are deceptive but the vast majority are. was that walking it back. you decide that one. now he is bragging%çn about it today on the senate floor anyone turned on fox news lately knows i have gotten under charles and david coke's coch's skin. just for the record we looked it up and leader reid did tweet out sort of a correction i can't say all the ads on obamacare are deceptive so i repeated that. fox got more free advertising. >> e.y. he is playing exactly the game is he trying to play here. toss enough red meat to his base that people are going to fun and respond to it this is the thing that democrats are talking about they are very worried about the potential of being outspent by outside money this year. trying to get the big checkbooks off the sidelines. the way do you it is by
4:53 pm
attacking the boogie man out there and that's the koch brothers. try to continue to go to the senate floor to do that. he is provoking an action and has financial benefit. that's the game harry reid is playing. >> it bores me. i hear george soros and the koch brothers. you think those are the only people involved in politics any place. it's all the emails if you are persuadable voter out there. you don't care about the koch brothers. you don't care about george soros. what you care about is the fact that you are worried about whether you are going to have a job tomorrow. i agree with rick. this is all talking to the base ts and getting them to open their own checkbooks. americans for prosperity. something like $30 million in that the senate races to the degree anyone is on the
4:54 pm
air right now it's afp. >> during the break you guys teased me. i was horrified that a lawyer was saying false things on the floor and you was saying i expect more because lawyer and most of america says a lawyer what do you expect. >> susan, my god about what people say about each other. >> reid is fighting for control of the senate. he is this close to losing the majority. this election is going to be real close one for democrats. they may lose it is he going to do everything he can. >> david coch on fox free advertising going to win the senate for him. >> look at open secrets. which compiles list of donors. and the examiner did a good compilation that the biggest donors are unions. in fact, six unions gave 15 times what the koch have given. the uaw biggest donors for democrats. and for all political candace. not these individual donors. .hat's is what should be
4:55 pm
>> in this cycle, again, americans for prosperity, which is not the koch brothers but their organization of donors has, you know, again, $30 million. >> wealthy democratic donors putting together pacs too. >> it's going to be pretty much a level playing field here though. >> it's a little bit overwhelming. this is how you it works. >> at love money. anyway. lucky american people watched this one. anyway, panel, thank you. straight ahead, a witness breaks down on the stand during the blade runner murder trial. that's next. sailing past ancient glaciers in alaska -- makes you realize how old time is and how short life is. she can take all the time she wants.
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5:00 pm
tomorrow lois lerner is expected to appear at oversight committee hearing. darrell issa expected learn tore testify. "on the record" will be there. thank you for being with us. good night from washington. the o'reilly factor is onment tonight. >> continuing down this path of violating of sovereignty of another country will have costs and consequences. >> but now there are reports the british government and other european countries will not punish putin for invading ukraine. what should president obama do if europe once again acts in cowardly way. charles krauthammer on that. >> it'sing if to be run by bureaucrats and run by politicians who have no idea what is in your best interest then i'm getting out. >> how many doctors are going to opt out of obamacare. we have the number and it is shocking. extensive report tonight let's do this.


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