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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  March 5, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PST

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starting your day with us. we begin with a fox news alert for you. looking at the mounting crisis in the ukraine. russia admits to test firing a missile adding to growing tension. russian president vladmir putin claiming russian troops are not in the priemier region. >> promising american aid to the ukrainians. elizabeth prann is following the breaking news this morning. >> good morning ainsley and heather. they test fired that intercontinental pal lace tibal missile. tensions remain high over the military intervention in the region. routers got information ahead of the test but long before the crisis erupted. the ones responsible for the ukraine revolution is mostly neo nazi protestors bringing back
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cringing memories from world war ii. he says if armed forces are needed it will be justified. >> even if i take a decision to us use armed force it would be legitimate corresponding to international law and protecting the people who are closely tied to us historically, culturally, economically. >> yesterday president obama saying there's still the opportuni opportunity for russia to work with the international community to stabilize. people are blasting the way the president is handling russia saying he doesn't understand the geopolitical threat. >> it is time we woke up about vladmir putin time the administration got real and we are on the verge of possibly seeing a move to reassert the
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old russian em tire which -- em which is mr. putin's lifelong ambition. this president does not understand vladmir putin or his ambition. a g-8 summit is in june unless they change their position. >> oo u.s. counter sertism officials are involved in the frantic search for this woman, heather umarova. she failed to return to chechnya last year. she is seen in a photo here. they fear she became radicalized. she has been posting jihad type photos to social media sites. day three of the oscar
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pistorius trial is underway. today the de sense challenging a couple of testimonies they heard screams and gun shots coming from his house the night that he shot his girlfriend reba steenkamp. his next-door neighbor broke down on the stand recalling the screams she heard. pistorius put his hands over his ears muffling the sound of that testimony. he could go to prison for at least 25 years. >> he was convicted of killing a baltimore cop. today he walked free. 67-year-old marshall conway is a former leader of the black panther. he was convicted in if 1971 of fatally shooting 35-year-old cop donald stayingger. he is one released since the court of appeals ruled that judges gave improper destructinn to juries before 1980.
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>> heading the civil rights division at the justice department. he is facing harsh criticism for defending a notorious cop killer in court. >> there is a very, very poob choi poor choice. it is making a mocker rehaving this guy run the civil rights division of the just dipts it would be a tragedy. this morning they would require only a 50 vote majority. analysts say it could be close. >> a major delay coming from obamacare. the timing might not be a coincidence for struggling mid term democrats. we have the latest including what chris kris christie is tel them to do. it makes it political.
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there are 15-17 million people in the individual market. more than 6 million of them have he can experienced cancellations of policies forcing them to enroll in obamacare. to prevent that president obama is adding a new delay to the individual mandate. companies will be allowed to renew people under their old policies. they do meet minimum requirements. >> it is causing confusion. i think it will cause chaos. some states may not go along. some insurance companies may not go along because they know what it says. >> if 700 million have their insurance canceled democrats could lose control of the senate. at a town hall meeting chris christie offered another plan for dealing with the problems of obamacare. >> what do we do?
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>> elect a new president, that's what we do. >> governor crist tee who may run for president in 2016 says the president is dead wrong when he is talking of over hauling. an employee sentous 2400 social security numbers. the minnesota star tribune reporting the sloppy mistake does not inspire any confidence whatsoever in the up coming part data exchange. kelly wright live for us this morning. thank you, kelly. the president unveiling the 2015 budget and it calls for 59 trillion in spending. it would raise taxes on the wealthy and give tax breaks to poor and middle class americans. it will significantly reduce the size of the military with deep cuts to the defense budget. the proposal pushes health and human services spending over 1
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trillion for the first time ever. what does the budget proposal mean for your wallet? we will break it down at 5:40. the first primaries of the 2014 election season are in the books. the elections in the texas area easily solved abbott and davis get their party's nominations. but things weren't quite as simple for the nation's oldest member of congress. 90-year-old republican ralph paul who is seeking his 18th term did not win 50 percent of the primary vote. which forces him nool a may runoff against former u.s. attorney jay ratliff. son of former governor jeb bush
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won the primary for texas land commissioner. he's expected to win the january election in november. massive crowds celebrating mardi gras in new orleans. this morning the party is dying down because today is ash wednesday. this is a day where christians mark the beginning of the len ton season. they prefair for easter sunday and jesus' resurrection. on this day ashes are applied to believer's forehead like that. it is a time for reflection and repentance. some give up a favorite food or activity as a sign of sacrifice. >> another day, another blast of arctic air. but i am hearing we are getting some relief soon. is this true, maria? >> this is true coming up for so
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many of you buy the bi-- by the time we get into the weekend. before then we have to deal with a old one. cleveland, minneapolis highs in the middle 20's. take a look at the forecast 50 in chicago friday will be a warmer day for you chicago with the highs making it to the 40's. you will be shy of 70 on saturday in cities like atlanta and also new orleans. several areas of unsettled weather across the country. one in the northeast flurries and snow showers. in minnesota wisconsin and northern illinois. in the pacific northwest another
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storm system arriving heavy vain and high elevations to be seen from snow. >> well life just got more real for teresa and joe -- judechae. they pleaded guilty to fraud charges that could land both of them behind bars and lead to joe being deported back to italy. she released a stadium saying i am heartbroken this is affecting my family especially my four young daughters who mean more to me than anything in this world. the brand new cast of "dancing with the stars" was just ancen nounsed last night. who will we see? drew carey joined by wonder years star and danica mckellar remember her, winnie. the new season premiers march 17th. >> candice cameron looks great.
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>> i am going to pull for her maybe. >> a major airline is rolling out stricter policy for your carry on. they need passengers back to check their bags. lauren simonetti has the story in the other top business news. a fee, a fee another fee. >> good morning everybody. we have all been there you are the last person to board the plane there's no over head bin space yet. united has a solution the late borders might appreciate. the carrier is getting tough on passengers with over sized carry ones. told workers at security checkpoints to eyeball bags that are too big making them return to the ticket counter and pay to test the bag. there's money to be made for this obviously. they collect $630 million in checked bag fees a year. it wants to increase that figure by 700 million over the next four years. other carriers might follow.
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facebook tighten aerospace the maker of solar powered drones which can fly for five years without having to land. the price tag is a reported $60 million. they say facebook's goal is to plain ket parts of the world that doesn't currently have internet access. check this billboard out. it's a dove which is a unit of uni lever. new jersey when people call you the armpit of america take it as a compliment. it has been pulled because of outrage on fates book. unileve they are based in new jersey so they are making fun of themselves. >> best way to handle it is making fun of yourselves but i didn't like that ad either. >> 12 minutes after the top of the hour a home blown to bits by a gas leak. now investigators are determining if that is the whole
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story. we are live at the scene. >> one of the most popular diets out there. there's a new warning that could be as bad for your body as smoking. to talk to you about hotels. all-you-can-eat is a hotel policy that allows you to eat all that you can. the hotel gym is short for gymnasium. the hotel pool is usually filled with water. and the best dot com for booking hotels, is it's on the internet, but you probably knew that. or maybe not, i don't really know you. bellman: welcome back, captain obvious. captain obvious: yes i am. all those words are spelled correctly.
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>> off fish sthals are preparing for a investigation into a new jersey gas explosion. it left one woman dead. steve keeley is in union live with the latest for us. good morning, steve. >> this happened about noon yesterday about 65 miles south of new york city outside the capital of new jersey. even though it happened at noon yesterday 17 plus hours ago, they still don't know how it happened. ten homes are completely blown to bits, no longer here. look at our ariel picture. it looks like a b-52 dropped a big bomb on this development.
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10 homes gone 55 others completely damaged. 30 of those 55 may be not even livable any more and may have to come down. one of the residents who was here thought a plane crashed into their new development. >> i honestly had no idea. i started shaking like nobody's business. >> they exploded. all of the windows are blown out. the walls are crashed. >> amazing that what happened wasn't way worse. they say if it didn't happen when most kids were in school or most people were at work we would have a lot more than one women dead and 7 ue till the workers injured. the woman was in the house where the crews were outside digging a trench probably hitting the gas line. she was blown out of her house that's no longer even here. >> steve, thank you. the new jersey teenager who tried to sue her parents dealt a blow in court.
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a judge ruled her parents are not responsible for her private school tuition. her parents through her out and cut her off financially. but her parents say she moved out because she did not want to follow their rules. >> to be head as a family. i think she is being steered down the wrong area and it's killing us. it really is. >> they denied the request for her attorney fees were . they are still told to pay her allowance. remember when they said this last week? >> plenty of stories being told all of them true. it is time the american people spoke out about this terrible dishonesty about this two brothers that are about as unamerican as any one i can
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image. >> now reed going on a 12 minute long tirade on the floor accusing them of unlawful business practices an attempt to portray the conservative billionaires as election year boogie men. >> what is unamerican is when billionaires poor unlimited money into our democracy to rid the system to benefit themselves and the wealthiest one percent. >> representatives now firing back saying their disappointed read is attacking rather than the problem facing the nation. that brings us to our look at who is talking. connecticut democrat chris murphy on the record last night defending harry reid. >> how about obamacare. i am talking about senator harry reid as a leader and saying things in the senate floor that aren't true and how he continues to be your leader and how people
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continue to step in line and don't encourage him to be fair th himself. >> i think democrats have been defensive too long on healthcare. >> senator reed. >> i agree senator reid has been tough. >> i don't mind that he is tough. i admire somebody who is tough. i was a trial lawyer, be tough. but the fact -- the problem is he's very losen he has lose lips he says terrible things yet he continues to be your leader. >> rile now it is important for people to know there are hundreds of millions of dollars being spent on things being said wrong. i think my impression is that senator reed has corrected that. >> you say that but i never heard it. >> 20 minutes after the top of the hour every parent can relate to this. but should the people around you have to hear it? new parents getting a nasty note when they bring their baby on vacation. we are asking you to weigh in.
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>> a health shocker to tell you about. eating too much protein is maybe as bad for you as smoking. a brand new study finds for people between 50 and 65 eating a high protein diet increased the risk of dying from cancer by four times. that risk nearly as high as the danger of developing cancer by smoking 20 cigarettes a day. researchers say animal protein to meat and dairy products stimulate a growth hormone linked to stimulating cancer. while the cdc recommends 60 percent of the daily diet comes from protein researchers say it should be reduced to just 10 percent. reign in your rage.
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angry outbursts increases your heart attack risk. >> researches found explosive people could have a heart attack or stroke two hours from it the tantrum. those who suppress their rage face the same thing. it increases next time you lose it take a breath calm down. it's worth it. count to ten. >> count to ten. that helps. >> time now to brew on this. a couple takes their baby on a vacation to a ski resort and gets a judgmental note under their hotel door the note bee rating the parent because their baby was crying through the night while others were trying to sleep. the north says babies don't ski no reason to bring them to a ski resort.
2:26 am
i never brought my babies to a place like this. i was consider rat of others not selfish. they planned their trip a year ago and it was ruined because they couldn't sleep. >> we want to know is it okay to bring babies to adult places like resorts movies and restaurants? send us your comments on facebook, twitter or send an e-mail at fox and friends first or and we will read them on the air. count to ten before writing that. hard to reach the top of mount everest. why you have to do chores on the way down. >> the kittens take a much bigger dog refusing to let go. who won this battle? stick around. good job!
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>> it is tuesday -- wednesday march 5th. it is ash wednesday. t lois lerner heads to the hill today. >> holy guacamole. one of the favorite foods should be in short supply. wait until you hear the ridiculous reason why. >> seems everyone is getting in on the oscar selfie trend. which country star is using presidential power for his tweet. "fox and friends first starts right now.
2:31 am
corn mu [music] >> welcome to "fox & friends". you are planning a little fun today. i am heather childers. >> i am ain'tly air heart. in just a few hours from now lois lerner is expected to face lawmakers on capitol hill over her role of targeting the tea party group. >> will she testify? doug luzader has the latest news in the committee. >> it is a mystery. we think maybe we will cee-lo which is learner make another appearance before a house committee today. no one seems to be entirely sure. certainly house members would like to hear from her today. there are a number of different options as to how this could
2:32 am
play out. last year lois lerner who headed that division within the irs that improperly targeted tea party groups she gave a lengthy defense of what she did and then pleaded the 5th. there were people who say you can't do that you can't offer defense and then not take any questions about fear of incriminating herself. she p can't take the 5th. there have been questions whether her attorney would try to secure some sort of immunity deal in exchange for testimony. >> that is a possibility as well. one way we may see this play out is learner could ask for another week to give her attorneys time to work with members of this investigative committee to see if they can work out some kind of an arrangement where by she would agree to testify. but nothing right now is certain. this whole situation has been a head scratcher from the
2:33 am
beginning. she certainly knows some things that congress would like to know about. >> thaifshgs, doug. >> we all want to know about it. >> opening arguments in the biggest terrorism trial since 9-11. osama bin laden's son-in-law is charged with conspireing to kill americans on 9-11. the spokesperson played a pivotal role in the attacks. the kriel is expected to last about three weeks. >> day three of the oscar pistorius trial is underway. we have a live look inside the courtroom in south africa. today the defense challenging a couple's testimony. they say they heard screams and gun shots the night he shot his girlfriend reba steenkamp. his neighbor broke down he put
2:34 am
t his hands over his ears muffling the sound of her testimony. he has pleaded not guilty. >> 23-year-old heather umarova failed to return from a trip to chechnya. they are concerned she has become radicalized to commit violence in the name of islam. she has been posting jihad type photos at a site. more extensive investigation about massive gas explosion that rocked a condo complex that left one woman dead and seven others injured. this happened in new jersey after contractors responding to a power problem hits a gas line. neighbors say the force from that blast felt like a bomb. >> blew me back 10, 15 feet. it was chaos outside.
2:35 am
>> several houses were leveled a majority of displaced residents won't be able to go home until later this morning at the earliest. it does look like a plane crash. another fox news alert. looking at the mounting crisis in the ukraine. the nato alliance calling a meeting again today looking at possible sanctions against russia. this as russia launches a test missile. elizabeth prann is following the breaking developments for us in washington. good morning elizabeth. >> good morning, heather. according to routers they got information ahead of the balltis tick launch. the ones responsible for ukraine's revolution are mostly neo nazi protestors bringing back very cringing memories from world war ii. he's also alleging the far right is on the rise in the former soviet republic. he says if armed forces are used it will be justified. >> eeb if i take a decision to
2:36 am
used armed force it would be legitimate fully corresponding to the norms of international law. in this case it would also correspond to our interest in protecting the people who are tied to us historically, culturally, economically. >> john kerry visiting kiev showing support for the lives lost during the violent clashes. he is offering a $1 billion loan to the ukraine's new leaders. president obama announcing there is still an opportunity for russia to work with the international community. critics are blasting the president. they say he doesn't understand the geopolitical threat. >> it is time we woke up about vladimir putin. it is time this administration got real and we are on the verge possibly of seeing a move to reassert the old russian empire which is mr. put tin's lifelong
2:37 am
ambition. >> this president doesn't understand vladmir putin, he doesn't understand his ambition. >> the u.s. will not participate in a g-8 summit scheduled for sochi in june unless moscow reverses the course in the ukraine. >> that brings us this morning to look who is talking. democrats are talking scrambling to defend president obama's handling of the unrest in the ukraine. >> when it comes to vladimir putin the president knows who he is dealing with. >> i think president obama gets it. vladimir putin is a bad guy. i think we need a very robust response. >> but column nuss charles krauthammer says it is clear the response from president obama is not being taken seriously. >> put tin looks at this guy and says i am dealing with an adolescent. this is a community organizer.
2:38 am
he doesn't understand how the world works which putin did. he pockets all the things obama offers him for nothing he walks away then he struts the world stage knowing he has an add sar rein the white house who will do nothing. >> ralph peters was an intelligence officer in the soviet union. he appeared on "hannity" saying putin has a strategic advantage. >> it is clear to me put tin not only has the upper hand from a to z but he is enjoying himself. he enjoys obama. he's a big bad wolf and obama is a bunny rabbit. let's face the faths here. putin without firing a shot until the warning shots today managed to cease crimea. he will never give it back. there's nothing we can do to make him give it back. >> the alabama house of
2:39 am
representatives approving several abortion alternatives. a heartbeat is accepted as an indication of life and can be heard as early as 6 # weeks. the bill heads to the sen flat. >> in a dramatic turn around the german family that faced deportation will be allowed to stay in america. they were initially granted asylum in the u.s. after being threatened to lose custody of their children for home schooling them in germany. the obama administration appealed that decision and won. >> finally relief could be on the way. >> looking forward to that after freezing temperatures. things about to warm up. >> we have temperatures that are yet above average across the midwest and northeast. highs today only in the 20's for
2:40 am
cities like cleveland, chicago and also in minneapolis. take a look as we head into this weekend. by saturday temperatures will be much warmer across sections of the great lakes. you will make it into the 30's. philadelphia, washington, d.c. your highs in the 50's. that will feel much nicer especially after the cold stretch of several weeks we have had this winter. we have a few light snow showers across sections of up state new york. it is across the midwest where we have a quick moving clipper system. areas of rain quite heavy at times 1 to 2 inches possible. as many know it has been a tough winter well above average snowfall. many people wonder what to do
2:41 am
with all of the snow. a 50-foot snowman was created took nearly 5 weeks of labor involved an elevator. the nose is a 50 gallon barrel and t and. >> where is that? >> in minnesota. >> wow. >> it will take a while for that to melt. >> thanks, maria. >> country super star brad paisley paying a special visit to a former president. >> look who it is? president george h.w. bush. they fit some time in for a selfie. the former president wasn't able to make his show so the singer went to him. >> that's awesome.
2:42 am
love brad paisley. coming up we told you about president obama's $3.9 trillion budget. what does it mean for your wallets? we will break it down. >> takes a much bigger dog refusing to let go of that piece of meat. you will see who won the battle next. the new nokia lumia icon. it's got 1080p video, three times zoom, and a twenty-megapixel sensor. it's got the brightest display, so i can see what i'm shooting -- even outdoors, and 4 mics that capture incredible sound. plus, it has apps like vine -- and free cloud storage. my new lumia icon is so great, even our wipeouts look amazing. ♪ honestly, i want to see you be brave ♪ ♪
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a a
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>> in a rare move the gm ceo is recalling cars they have known about a fatal flaw in ignition switches for ten years. will she is leading the team to investigate the recall. gm has made numerous apologies in the past about the delayed
2:46 am
recall. she wants to hold themselves accountable. >> chipolte says it might have to cut the mexican food staple from the menu. it could cause a rice in the wersz of avocados. the sky is not falling don't let it ruin your day. >> your chips will be okay. >> taking the trash out on mt. everest? if i looking to climb the summit you better be prepared to take down the garbage. bring down 18 pounds of trash as they descend the mountain. the trash build up is so bad from numerous climbers abandoning everything from tents to oxygen tanks. that would be tough. >> president obama's trillion dollar budget.
2:47 am
what will it mean for your wallet? >> good morning ainsley and heather. no surprises in the president's budget proposal after all he did outline most of it in his last state of the union. it will expand opportunity for americans. the budget i sent congress lays out how we will implement this agenda in a balanced responsible way. it is a road map for creating jobs and wages for all americans. at a time when our deficit has been cut in half it allows us to meet op gagbligations of future generations without leaving them a mountain of debt. >> the budget will impact the bottom line for most americans for better and also for worse. the earned income tax credit expands eligibility to ages 20-24 and older workers ages 55 to 66. it is to offset payroll and intomorr income taxes but it will close
2:48 am
the loophole that is allow higher income workers to avoid similar. my irs it allows them to save retirement. they back savings up to 15,000 and rolls it into a traditional irs. college care tax breaks which would give 1.71 families an average tax cut. this budget like the previous two are certain to take an uphill battle in congress. tough battle ahead for this one. the time is 10 minutes to the top of the hour almost. an experienced pilot gets a rude awakening from one of the passengers. wait until you hear what his note says. >> a baby brought to tears through a sight on tv. >> who this little one can't stand to look at. >> did you recognize it?
2:49 am
>> wait to hear that one. >> can't wait to see that. in 12 minutes on "fox & friends" steve doocy goes one-on-one with former first lady barbara bush. keith ablow is here he's mart and went to college to tell us if we are normal or not. victoria, kobe of the preacher's daughters. dare i say we talk about what's happening in the ukraine and what it is doing to our markets with stewart barney. the music gets louder slowly zoom out in comes the animation then comes a commercial. don't ask me how i know. all-you-can-eat is a hotel policy that allows you to eat all that you can. the hotel gym is short for gymnasium. the hotel pool is usually filled with water. and the best dot com for booking hotels, is it's on the internet, but you probably knew that. or maybe not, i don't really know you. bellman: welcome back, captain obvious.
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captain obvious: yes i am. all those words are spelled correctly.
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2:52 am
it was the last thing the female pilot expected at the end of her west jet airlines flight. instead of a message thanking her for the good trip, the woman was left an
2:53 am
infuriating note by a male passenger complaining that the cockpit is no place for a woman. she posted this photo of that note on facebook with the papgs "i have heard many comments from people throughout my 17-year career as a pilot, most of them positive." your note without a doubt is the funniest. it was a joke; right? i thought not. a spokesman said, quote, we are enormously proud of the professionalism, skill and expertise of our pilot and we were disappointed to see this note. >> washington, d.c. is looking to loosen its marijuana laws under a new bill possessing marijuana and smoking it in the privacy of your home would not be a criminal offense. those doing it would face fines instead of jail time, stopping just short of legalizing the drug. >> snuffed out. the los angeles city council voted to ban e
2:54 am
cigarettes. the ordinance prohibits smoking them at bars and anywhere regular tobacco smoking is prohibited. some studies find ecigarettes are less harmful than smoke but others say they contain dangerous chemicals. >> it is a kitten on a mission. this little guy taking on that big dog ten times its size all for a piece of meat. the two are battling it out, as you can see. >> the fearless feline not giving up despite dangling from the dog's mouth. eventually the dog wins this dinner battle. >> i think the dog was having a little fun with that. >> cute. now six minutes till the top of the hour. every parent can relate to this, but should the people around you have to hear it? >> new parents get a nasty note when they bring their baby on vacation. we ask you to weigh in. as a business owner, i'm constantly putting out fires.
2:55 am
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welcome back. before you leave the house, it is about three minutes till the top of the hour. here's what's happening today. secretary of state kerry meets with russia's foreign minister to talk about the growing crisis in the ukraine, this as nato meets to discuss possible sanctions against russia. a few hours from now lois lerner expected to face lawmakers on capitol hill over her role in the i.r.s.'s target of tea party groups. still unclear if she will testify. finally, big changes today announced on the s.a.t. college entrance exam. specific changes not known but expected to roll out in 2016. >> time to take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. a race in california taking a heartwarming turn. 95-year-old world war ii veteran joe bell cheering on those runners in full military uniform. but instead of passing him by, the runners slowed down to shake the hero's hand and thank him for his
2:59 am
service. next the bad. a soccer coach gets slapped in the face with a soda. it was thrown from a rival fan who was angry over his team's victory. the game took place in greece. >> finally, the ugly. check out this baby who does not like watching brian williams. >> you don't like brian williams? it's barack obama. you're fine with him? it's brian williams. [crying] >> his dad says they don't know why but every time he comes on tv his son will cry until they turn it off. >> my goodness. time for your brew on this responses. we showed you this letter left under the hotel room door of young parents by an angry guest that said there is no reason to bring a baby to a ski resort and blame the baby for ruining their vacation. >> we asked you is it okay to take your baby to the resort, to the movies or to a restaurant?
3:00 am
a tweet, if you can arrange for a baby sitter, okay. if not, don't go. not fair to other patrons that paid good money to enjoy. >> ed says i think parents need to use common sense. if the baby gets fussy, have respect for others and leave. thanks so much to everyone who responded. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> bye. good morning. today is wednesday, march 5. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. we begin with a fox news alert. blastoff! russia test fires its weapons as president obama waits. is the white house putting the mid term ahead of missile. >> putin looks at this guy and says i'm dealing with an adolescent. >> we're live in kiev with the latest. >> a big development in the case of the teenager suing her parents over money. the judge making his ruling. so was this a case of entitlements or deeper family troubles? it's kid versus parents.


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