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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  March 10, 2014 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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welcome back. here is what we have coming up on the schedule tomorrow. cheryl casone with the companies hiring right now. >> laura ingraham is going to be here, unless you know something we don't. eric paisley will be here performing live. see you tomorrow. flight 370. still no sign of the malaysia airlines plane carrying 239 people. investigators wrapping up news conference where a major piece of evidence has now been dismissed. this is international mystery again today as we move deep into day three on this story. welcome to "america's newsroom." i'm bill hemer. >> good morning, everybody, i'm martha maccallum. this flight heading to beijing from kuala lumpur, disappeared between malaysia and vietnam. this is the latest develop mane. investigators announced a moment
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ago which the oil slick which we thought was the pretty much the only clue we had does not belong to this lost plane. rescuers thought at one point they saw a life raft out there. that turned out to be the garbage in ocean. u.s. is sending ntsb and search crews are at this point, completely stumped. >> it is unprecedented, missing aircraft mystery as you quote it. it is mystified and we are increasing our efforts to do what we have to do. bill: david piper, live in bangkok with the latest. why are they widening the search today, david? >> reporter: hi, bill. well basically answer because they haven't found anything yet but also because the malaysian authorities say the radar trace from the plane suggest it may have turned back towards malaysia nearly three days ago. now, and suggests that it could
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have gone even across peninsula malaysia into a much wider area of ocean. we're talking the indian ocean and the straits of malacas. just in case the aircraft could have crashed there, bill. bill: also the investigation, is there a central point for investigators with their focus at the moment, david? >> it seems to be the two passport holders, these stolen passports, italian and austrian. they held a news conference within the last half hour. they suggest that these two men, when they looked to the cctv video were not asiatic. malaysian ministers suggested earlier that one of them was. it seems these people were not asian. that is the main point of reference at the moment. but you got to be very careful, bill, about that because interpol is saying many millions of people travel on stolen passports every year and it could of course be a
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coincidence, bill. bill: you said the search area is being widened today. it is just mystifying how there is no physical evidence floating on that ocean somewhere. but when they widen the search area, david, where are they taking it? are they going further west or south or to the east or everywhere? >> reporter: well, between malaysia and vietnam which is the gulf of thailand and the south china sea they are expanding the square there, just about in the central part of that sea. the vietnamese navy and air force, they did spot the oil slicks on saturday and they have taken a test for analysis and proven not to be jet fuel. there is also a suggestion they may have found a piece of the plane, a door but, when they picked that up, it wasn't part of an aircraft. so they really stumped at the moment as to what's happened. so they're expanding in the south china sea now through the straits in the indian ocean in case the plane which was at
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30,000 feet when it seemed to have got a problem could have gone a long way on its descent, bill. bill: there are theories out there, david, i don't know aviation experts, saying distint graduation at 35,000 feet may have explained this? seems hard to believe that. in addition if you were to take that plane fly it nose first straight into the water, is that a possible explanation why there is no physical evidence today? >> reporter: i think the experts are saying a plane will likely disintegrate at 30,000 feet. we've had examples in the past with flights across the atlantic where they have taken many years to even find the black box and pieces of the aircraft but, south china sea is knot very deep. if they do get the boats out there and they're looking for the black box, trying to hear it, it shouldn't be too difficult for those experts to find, bill. bill: david, thank you. david piper watching all that
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bangkok thailand leading our coverage today on a mystery the world is waiting for when it comes to answers. david thank you. martha has more. martha: three americans aboard flight 370, one of them is ibm executive phillip wood. the 50-year-old had just visited his family in texas after relocating to malaysia from beijing where he was based. his anguished family says they are not giving up hope that they will find him. >> he is outgoing, gregarious, friendly, loving, you know what can i say. he is generous. i call him a free spirit. >> i've been reminded recently to not give up hope and not that i had but, you never know. you know. i'm not going to close that door until we need to close it completely. >> what i'm trying to think about, and i think what we're all trying to think about our brother and the good memories and the good times and the fact
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that we got to talk to him and have dinner with him and just enjoy his company. martha: wow. the other two americans aboard were children, identified on the passenger manifest as 4-year-old nicole mang, and two-year-old jan. it was not known whom they were traveling. go to bill. bill: martha we'll look at the flight path to give you a better idea what investigators are looking at. kuala lumpur international airport and this is the destination which took off a little after midnight local time. go in just a little bit. can show the flight path, just 56 miles south of fochu island, vietnam. 50 miles south of there they were looking. they were trying to expand the search area of any clues if you have a plane at 35,000 feet where it can go. there was a report over the weekend that suggested the radar indicated the plane was possibly
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turning back, suggesting it might be heading back to the airport at kuala lumpur. a lot of aviation experts were on the leading outer edges what the radar capabilities are at that point. accuracy is called into question whether they really was heading back or is that the signal they were watching as the plane hit the water from 35,000 feet on down. there is big mystery on trying to figure this out. there is talk about terrorism. that is not taken off the table. the chinese have had issue with this group from the far western region of china. we'll get into that a little later this morning that was a recent terror attack inside china. martha: a knife attack. bill: vicious, vicious stuff. that is not something that you normally associate within china itself. so mike baker and a few others will run that down for as you bit later. >> so adding to this mystery is
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the terror fear that is bill and i were just discussing. investigators say at least two passengers on that list had stolen passports. one of them belonged to this italian man who says that his passport was stolen in thailand. that is not disturbing enough, experts say the use of stolen passports on flights is common. doug mckelway is live with more. how is it possible in a post-9/11 world every time you get on a plane they're checking every single letter in your name on your passport that this could happen? >> martha, simply because many other countries are not bound by the same security concerns, procedures and criteria that we hold as vital in this country. listen to peter king. >> what happens is, when a passport is stolen, it is reported to interpol. then that passport is tagged. so there is no way you should get into airport at all using a stolen passport that has been reported to interpol. we don't know whether it was not properly reported or whether or
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not it was not checked at the airport. in kuala lumpur they do not have obviously the same standards that we have here in the u.s., and unsupport natalie, jamie, there is a number of airports around the world that do not comply with the same standards that we do. >> reporter: both of those passports identified stolen were reported missing in thailand the past two years. the bbc reported that the menussing the passports were purchased together with concurrent cereal numbers. because they were flying on to europe through beijing they did not have to apply for chinese visa to undergo further checks. abc news says the stolen passports may have been tied to drug running. we have not been able to confirm that. but also drug running may be tied to terrorism. kuala lumpur and china have been plagued by terrorist at activity. a knife attack by islamic separatists killed 33 people in china.
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kuala lumpur is where al qaeda planned the uss cole and 9/11 attacks. martha? martha: thank you very much. bill: this aircraft, the boeing 777 has been almost perfect. only two incidents tarnished its 20-year track record. one in 2008 when a british airlines flight came short of the runway. no one injured there. the only fatality, the asiana airlines flight that crash landed in san francisco. three people dead in that. 777 took off in 1994. put into service later. if all but one engine fails, it can still fly up to three hours. martha: disappearance of this flight 370 was almost immediately compared to another flight that went down over a vast expanse of ocean. air france flight 447 is what everyone is saying to the most comparable crash what we've seen over the weekend t vanish june the 1st, 2009, flying from rio to paris. the plane slammed into the
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atlantic, killing 228 people on board. it took two years to recover the black boxes and another year to solve the mystery what happened. the air plans jet never sent out distress signal, in four minutes it took to plummet into the sea. it division appeared from radar after taking off from brazil. like the malaysian jet, the airbus was sophisticated and advanced aircraft. they basically had issues with ice froze up some of the mechanic any ofs in the plane and the pilots at that cruising altitude were not aware that the plane was starting to sink even while it began happening. but it took -- bill: boeing recalled and fixed them. martha: took years to figure that out. bill: you mentioned two people flying, at least two people with false passports. martha: yep. bill: you wonder in a post-9/11 world how often does that happen? does that happen in this country you're able to get on a plane without -- >> i bet it happens more than we think, right? >> very disturbing too. it added this extra layer
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mystery into this entire story. a lot more to go through on the story. we will when we get developments and details on it. in meantime, one second, hundreds of kids performing on a stage. then this happened. [screaming] dozens of students injured after that stage collapsed. we'll tell you what happened and where and what was done about it. martha: unbelievable story of survival when a plane and a skydiver collide. bill: she did not win that straw poll but no one wowed that crowd at cpac like sarah palin. her rift on a kid's classic and what it showed about republican chances in 2016. first, "green eggs and ham." >> i do not like this, uncle sam, i do not like his health care scam. i do not like --
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martha: powerful earthquake streets off the coast of california overnight. largest one on the west coast in four years. the epicenter of it, magnitude 6.9, 50 miles west of eureka. thankfully no reports of injury or damage. it was felt widely across the region. some people reported that the shaking woke them up in the mid different night and knocked items off their shelves. the quake was followed by six aftershocks. good morning. spring ahead. bill: long night too, right? martha: yep. >> i do not like these dirty crooks or how they lie and cook the books. [laughter] i do not like when congress is still, i do not like their crony deals. i do not like this spying, man, i do not like, oh, yes, we can.
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[laughter] bill: sarah palin blowing the roofed off of cpac over the weekend. dr. suess i have there. showing a huge draw with the party faithful. want to talk about this with byron york, chief political correspondent, washington examine. >> fox news contributor. good morning to you. let me talk about palin for a moment. what did we learn about three days of cpac at republican party is now? >> they're not really united by anything. we saw a lost wings of republican party, factions. establishment wing represented by governor christie. social cone servetives by former above mike huckabee. we saw a lot of tea party with rand paul and ted cruz. we saw this group which is also tea party trying to work on reform agenda led my senator mike lee. people who are trying to change the republican party so it can appeal to a lot of middle class voters who left it in droves in 2012. bill: let me get back to
6:18 am
rand paul in a moment. palin, you say her speech did two things. what were they? >> quite a performer. very popular. well-received speech. one it told the obama administration she will keep up the attack until the president leaves office in 2017. maybe they didn't expect any different but that is certainly happening. but she also did, paid a lot of tribute to the tea party and its energy and paid tribute to those people trying to come up with reform agenda and new tax plans, new education plans, child care plans, to appeal to middle class voters. she gave them a number of shoutouts. republican party will have to have the voters back if it will ever win again. bill: rand paul, here he is. won the straw poll. rand paul's message in part right here. >> the message that i'm trying to promote, whether i do it or not, bringing our message to minority voters, to people who have been persecuted throughout history, to young people who feel like the government's grown
6:19 am
too big, i think it is a message that can grow the party and the party has to grow bigger or we will not win again. bill: that is big part of his message saturday night and that is what he had to say with chris wallace sunday morning. rand paul wins going away 30 1%. does that tell us much, byron? >> he tells us that he has a message that an appeal to more than traditional republican wing. cpac is very, very young group. 46% of that cpac in straw poll are between 18 and 25 years old. if you listen to rand paul's speech it was almost about nsa spying and government listening to your conversations on your cell phone. that is not a particularly republican or specifically republican argument. it was clearly designed by senator paul to appeal to a bigger audience and it worked certainly in the hall there. bill: especially when you talk about nsa and everybody is on their smartphone, man. >> exactly. bill: throwing up red flags everywhere. the second group that finished
6:20 am
here, interesting, rubio at 6%, paul ryan at 3%. if you're rand paul you want to win this thing. if you're any one of the eight, nine, 10 you want to win this. does the rubio and ryan finish tell us everything? >> they would say, guys who win the straw poll don't become president. rand paul's father ron paul won the straw poll and never got close to being nominee. rubio that is example of how working on immigration reform hurt him. he scored 23% in last year's cpac straw poll, down to 6% this year. that is a huge change. i think it is, you've got to attribute it to immigration. bill: all right. i mean that is kind of the word that is going around over the past year. byron, thank you for your time on a monday. good analysis there. >> thank you, bill. bill: byron york. see you later in the week. here is martha. martha: the prime suspect in the disappearance of an american teenager facing extradition now to the united states. do you recognize this guy?
6:21 am
joran van der sloot. we he will not be heading here anytime soon. we'll tell you when he could get out of that peruvian jail. bill: a stage collapses in the high school performance. students rushed to the hospital. so many on stage. we'll tell you how they're doing today and where that happened. >> everyone is jumping around like crazy. then all of a sudden the very front row just completely fell under. we were all in shock, then we all realized what happened. your mom could do anything.
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bill: joran van der sloot will be extradited into the united states in the year 2038. according to peru's government serving 28-year sentence for murder. he is still the prime suspect in the disappearance of natalie holloway from aruba.
6:25 am
that teenager went misses in 2005 but he faces extortion and fraud charges in alabama for allegedly taking $25,000 from her family but never leading them to her body. he will be 50 years old in the year 2038. martha: are terrifying moments in a high school play in california. students were packed on to the stage when this happened. [shouting] >> holy crap. martha: front of it going down. 250 students were on the stage when it gave way. dozens were hurt. some were hospitalized. will carr is live in los angeles. will, what do they think happened here? >> reporter: well, martha you mentioned it was terrifying, in one second you have hundreds of girls dancing on stage, jumping up and down. a split second later the stage collapses and sends dozens of people to the hospital this
6:26 am
happened saturday night. students from rosary high school a all girls catholic school in fullerton were performing annual rally at all boys catholic school. the girls were performing on stage when it owe lapsed and -- collapsed and some students went crashing underneath. >> everyone was jumping around like crazy. all of sudden the very front row completely fell under. we were all in shock and we all realize what happened. >> all the people who were there just like fell down and the beams and all the things that were there, like fell on top of them. everyone was crying. we were all like freaking out because we didn't know like, if someone was seriously hurt or what was happening. >> reporter: the collapse sent 25 girls to the hospital. most had minor injuries. if there is any good news, martha, everyone was able to return home at some point yesterday. martha: that is great news. what is the latest on the investigation here? >> reporter: well, the anaheim
6:27 am
fire department has launched the investigation. i had can tell you they will be looking at permits to see if the stage had the proper permits. they are also going to look at weight limits. think about this, they had 200 to 250 girls on the stage. so a lot of weight especially since they were jumping around. at the same time this school release ad state said they're going to have an internal investigation into this as well. we're told the official investigation should take up to about two weeks, martha. martha: all right. will, thank you very much. bill: a major supporter of obamacare now saying that new law will hit people hard right in their paycheck. details on that. martha: as the search for the missing malaysia airlines plane continues at this hour, we'll speak with a former faa official to figure out why no distress call would have been sent when we come back. >> our aim is to find be able to identify and that is very, very important. we want air force to locate the
6:28 am
aircraft. we are unable to determine the cause of this incident.
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it's a growing trend in business: do more with less with less energy. hp is helping ups do just that. soon, the world's most intelligent servers, designed by hp, will give ups over twice the performance, using forty percent less energy. multiply that across over a thousand locations, and they'll provide the same benefit to the environment as over 60,000 trees. that's a trend we can all get behind. bill: major american union bashing obamacare in a scathing report. unite here has more than 250,000 members. it says while obamacare lines the pockets of insurance companies with a billion dollars, it forces employers to cut back on hours which hits
6:32 am
employees wallets. stuart varney, host of "varney & company" on the fox business network. stuart, good morning to you. >> good morning, bill. bill: what's the story? >> donald taylor runs unite here. as you suggested, bill, that is very large union specializing in low-wage people, culinary workers, restaurant workers. he says obamacare, the law, gives an incentive for employers to push families on to these exchanges and lower the number of hours that they work. and the net result of that will be two, three, or even $5 per hour as a pay cut these already low-income people. he says it absolutely does knot reduce income inequality. and demand, when i say demands, demand what he calls, smart changes, bill. bill: wow, what is the impact of this, stuart? >> unions really are the largest donors to political campaigns to democrats over the last 25 years. the top 25 donors, 14 of them
6:33 am
are unions. and unions have given more than half of the money given to these political campaigns. money talks in politics. so when you have a significant union, like unite here, with all these members, coming out so forcefully saying that this really hurts my membership, that's a very big deal. the administration will have to listen to donald taylor. bill: five buckance hour. thank you, stuart. see you 90 minutes, 11:00 a.m. on fbn. >> race for answers as investigators toss out a key piece of evidence in the search for the plane that vanished in midair over this weekend. officials say that the oil slicks that were found in the south china sea do belong to malaysia airlines flight 370. search crews yet to find any sign of that missing plane. the pilots never made a distress call. which means whatever happened, it probably happened very quickly. scott brenner, former faa senior
6:34 am
official and he joins us now. good morning to you. >> good morning, to you, martha. martha: you're as baffled as anybody. >> this is troubling. it doesn't happen. when it does happen we usually start to get some clues early on. the simple fact there was no distress signal sent out, there was really no communication whatsoever from this aircraft and we haven't seen anything in the water yet is very troubling. >> let's say, because there is one theory out there, that it exploded and literally disintegrated in midair. does that make any sense to you? >> maybe the disintegration part but not the explosion. these aircraft are pretty hardy aircraft. for somebody to bring some kind of a bomb on the aircraft would cause the disintegration would have to be fairly large bomb. if i'm investigators and i don't really have much to look at right now i start looking at maintenance records. i see how this aircraft has been cared for. these are very good aircraft but you have to take care of them.
6:35 am
this particular care craft had an issue where it bumped another aircraft on the tarmac and had some damage done to the wing. normally those repairs make the aircraft even stronger this is something i would be focusing on. martha: how about the plane itself? it's a triple 7. it is about 242 feet long and about 60 feet from the belly to the upper, to the top of the plane. what we're hearing is that the water in this region is about 240 feet deep, maybe a little deeper than that in someplaces. it seems almost unfathomable, in those beautiful waters in that area you wouldn't see this plane sitting down there? >> correct. and you've also got some, you know, you always hear about the flight data recorder and voice recorder. i mean as soon as those two boxes hit the water, hit the ground at impact, it send off a beacon. it basically turns on the beacon which can be normally seen for about a couple hundred miles.
6:36 am
now underwater it is probably a little less but this beacon will go for about 30 days. you're right. if the aircraft was intact or partially intact you may have a little better idea but again the simple fact there was no distress signal sent out even those these aircraft are kind of equipped to be constantly updating what is going on with the aircraft it is odd, very odd. martha: obviously the pilots are trained to send out some kind of distress signal, to give some sort of indication what is happening, to send some message out there. what kind much scenario would you imagine if they would not? >> you just had that with the air france crash, martha. none of the pilots ever sent out a distress signal. even though the aircraft was automatically transmitting it was having severe failures going on the pilots themselves didn't realize they were in as much trouble as they were. that is not a common problem but it's a problem where pilots have to learn the fly the aircraft again and stop relying so much
6:37 am
on the automatic pilot. we see that a lot. martha: very interesting point. what do you make of two stolen passports of passengers that were aboard this plane? >> again you can't rule anything out. what did we lose, 40,000 passports every year, especially in asia where that is a very hot commodity. i don't know if i put much value on that but again you can't rule anything out yet. martha: they were purchased simultaneously. this is picture of the italian man whose passport, he said he lost his passport in thailand. it is of interest both of these tickets were bought right next to each other. they were bought simultaneously. these go passengers were going to two different locations after beijing in europe. >> again, i mean there is 100 scenarios you could create from that. i'm sure it was a couple guys looking to buy some stolen passports. once they got those passports they bought their tickets as soon as they could. again the passports were lost over what, two years i heard?
6:38 am
i'm not sure how much credibility i would put in the whole terrorist thing. martha: do you think it is possible that the plane is way off course from where they are? we did talk about how shallow the water is in this area. you would think any plane that is flying over it would have spotted it by now? >> i don't think it is going to be too off course. again, this aircraft is equipped with basically an automatic communication device that is constantly updating its position and pilots are trained to be checking in every way point they meet. so they're not going to go too far off course without some kind of electronic transmission going through that shows their new, their new location. martha: interesting. so it is possible that they did not know what was happening until it was too late as you point out. scott, thank you very much. good to have you here today, scott. >> thanks, martha. martha: you bet. bill: quick check of the markets. trading about eight minutes and brand new week now. the dow closing friday around
6:39 am
16,452. that was up more than 30 points on friday. keep an eye on the markets throughout the day. down a little bit but we'll see in the end how much that matters right? martha: right. how do you survive this? a terrifying scene when a plane and a parachutist collide. bill: also, what can be done with vladmir putin as the former secretary of defense robert gates says crimea may already be lost? senator john mccain is live next here in "america's newsroom" on this. >> what we need to do is to show russia there are long-term consequences to this aggressive behavior on their part. our tactical options are pretty limited.
6:40 am
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6:42 am
martha: so some new security plans for the boston marathon are being released today. authorities have been meeting for months on ways to beef up security following last year's deadly attack. three people were killed that day. more than 260 were injured after
6:43 am
two bombs exploded near the finish line. this year's marathon is on april 21st. police expect about 36,000 runners and up to one million spectators. so they will have their handful on april 21. bill: big day in boston, right? big day for america. new in the ukraine matter now on this monday morning. the head of ukraine's new pro-western government will meet with president obama at the white house sometime this week. this as defiant russia tightens its grip on the crimean peninsula. former vice president dick cheney says the president has been giving the world the wrong message and doing that in his words for a very long time. >> on a worldwide basis potential adversaries and friend are watching how the administration handles this. and president obama has got a steep hill to climb because he has been so feckless in responding to other crises.
6:44 am
we had a situation in syria not long ago. put down a red line and assad crossed the red line. he got ready to do something about it. announced he would move on it. talked to our allies about it. at the last minute backed off. bill: that why yesterday. senator john mccain has been outspoken of the president's handling of the crisis. he is with us in studio. nice to see you in new york, senator and welcome back to manhattan. drew the short straw today. weakness, syrian situation is classic. that is what dick cheney is saying. give a grade to the president. how is he doing in this? >> badly. feckless. a total, total misreading of vladmir putin and his motives. i mean, this whole business of the reset and tell vladmir, tell medvedev, i will be more flexible after i am reelected.
6:45 am
saying this is not east-west and this is not the 19th century. it's a failure to understand vladmir putin who is an old colonel, kgb who wants to restore the russian empire. it was vladmir putin who said the greatest catastrophe of the 20th century was the breakup of the soviet union. this constant idea that somehow he can be dealt with as friends or, you know, friday, a week ago, as russian troops were going into crimea, our secretary of state talked to lavrov, another old cold warrior, and lavrov assured him nothing was going on. so kerry comes out and says, well, we don't want any misunderstanding here. meanwhile they're going in. bill: is that a b, is that a c, is that a d, what is the grade. >> somewhere between d and f. i'm sure the president has done a lot of good things, presidents
6:46 am
do. as far as dealing with vladmir putin and russia, it is a total, absolute misreading and failure to understand who vladmir putin is. by the way president bush also did not read putin well. bill: in 2008 on the georgia matter you believe. >> right. bill: either put teen doesn't care or he is not listening or both. what is it. >> putin does not believe there is any price to pay. that's why, i watched the sunday shows, including fox. well, sort of happened. this sort of happened, you know. stuff happens. it is all got to do with putin's conviction that, confirmed belief which is verified, he can do whatever he wants to do and i predicted this back many years ago. in fact i said exactly, watch crimea because he was not going to give up that major russian naval base which gives russia access to the mediterranean.
6:47 am
bill: you mentioned the sunday shows. robert gates was on with chris wallace. he was asked this question right here. >> i do not believe we're going, that crimea will slip out of russia's hand. >> you think crimea is gone? >> i do. bill: is it lost? >> i'm afraid so. i'm very afraid. now watch -- bill: if that is the case what comes next as a result of that? >> have to be very heavy prices to pay. by the way, watch eastern ukraine. i'm worried putin after he has been so successful may have some kind of defacto partition of eastern ukraine. i don't know the answer to that i predicted crimea. i don't know exactly with will happen. restart the missile defense system that obama canceled in order to placate putin in the czech republic and poland. have military exercises with our baltic friends. they're under enormous pressure from putin.
6:48 am
bring georgia and moldova, both, parts of which are occupied by russia today into nato and do it quickly. sanctions on these oligarchs and corrupt people that surround vladmir putin. i guaranty you if they can't go to london with their kids and do all the things they can do, it can be extremely harmful. from now look at this guy for what he is. bill: would any of those measures get putin out of crimea? >> no. no. bill: so it is lost? >> now we have to deal with the situation as it is. i'd love to tell you, bill, there is a military option that i can see. i don't see it. but now, we have to understand what it is and now what we need to do to go forward to prevent further provocations we're seeing now and my heart goes out to people of crimea this is the old ploy. take over a country, have a referendum. 90% approval. bill: just to be clear, you
6:49 am
believe crimea is russian and not coming back? >> no, i do not believe it is russian. in fact i believe this is blatant violation of a treaty the russians signed in 1994 that guaranteed crimea as part of ukraine and that territorial integrity of ukraine. this is blatant violation of the treaty they signed, much less. you know, you hear about, i hate to go back in history, majority of the russian population, that is because stalin exported, deported the entire population. bill: a lot of them are coming back too. you listed a number of things the administration could do. they are not yet moving on any of that. i asked you whether or not would bring crimea back into the ukrainian fold. you said no but now you're saying crimea is still not lost. i'll trying to figure out and pin down precisely your position. >> i continue to hope it is not lost. i will continue to hope parts of georgia are not lost and part of moldova are knot lost but i think we have to look at it
6:50 am
realistically and accept at least in the short term it is lost because we don't have an option to remove him. that doesn't mean we don't respond and respond vigorously including a fundamental reassessesment of our relations with vladmir putin. get rid of this -- bill: i have one minute to ask two final questions. >> sure. bill: the prime minister will be at the white house this week. does that matter? >> i think it helps. it helps giving him a signal. as i said i'm worried what more the russians do particularly in eastern ukraine. so i think it's a good thing to do. bill: today he said he will not allow one inch of ukraine to leave. does that mean more bloodshed? >> i don't know what they can do militarily. they're facing a very, very strong military force. in georgia a mistake by saks vili by initiating a conflict. he is in a very difficult, impossible situation. this didn't happen by accident.
6:51 am
all apology and rationale by the administration spokesperson, this is the result of a feckless foreign policy. bill: senator mccain, thank you for your time. >> thanks, bill. bill: we'll talk again. people join angie's list for all kinds of reasons. i go to angie's list to gauge whether or not the projects will be done in a timely fashion and within budget. angie's list members can tell you which provider is the best in town. you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare. now that we're expecting, i like the fact i can go onto angie's list and look for pediatricians. the service providers that i've found on angie's list actually have blown me away. find out why more than two million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust.
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martha: this is scary scene for a skydiver after he collided with a small plane. watch this. dramatic pictures capture the moment of impact. straight into the ground nosedive that this pilot pulled off. phil keating joins us from miami to tell us what happened here, phil? >> reporter: fortunately, martha, there is a happy ending on this story. it appears the skydiver with the parachute fully deployed drifted a little bit with the wrong way with a spinning propeller coming straight at him. this all happened saturday outside of tampa.
6:55 am
about 30 feet off the ground was the parachutist and pilot. the pilot, an 87-year-old world war ii veteran was coming in for what he thought would be easy landing in beautiful landing at the south lakeland airport. suddenly there is skydiver in your sights. the he pulled back on the stick, bringing the plain's nose up probably killing the skydiver. >> i saved his life. the right-wing of the airplane would have killed him below the neck. sure i'm thankful to be here. how it wound up, i really don't know how i did get here after the what happened. >> reporter: his plane ended up landing nose first into the ground leaving the pilot with cuts and bruises and stitches on his throat. otherwise as you can see he is doing all right. martha: that is incredible. imagine being the skydiver just as this plane is coming straight at you. >> reporter: yeah, a terrifying to say the least.
6:56 am
he had gone skydiving that day with eight other skydivers and the skydiver, steve frost, 49 years old, probably made upwards of 90, 100 skydives in the past. of course nothing ever happened like this. he was diving down and as the plane roared at him, he tucked into a ball at the last second to try to speed his fall to avoid a direct hilt. the pilot's wife was watching all of this from the field. >> my heart was beating. i just, adrenaline was going. once i saw my husband and saw the airplane, i thought, oh, my gosh, how in the heck did you come out of it like this? >> reporter: as for the skydiver's injuries, hardly any. walked away with bruises and bumps surviving it all. martha: good thing both of them had quite a bit of experience doing what they were doing. that may have saved their lives. bill, thanks a lot. see you soon. bill: three hot and a cot and
6:57 am
obamacare. convicts may be the newest group to benefit from the health care law. martha: after three days there is still know sign of a plane packed with more than 200 people and the disappearance, a huge mystery. we'll be back.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> we are back. investigators are expanding their search as the mystery of the mising jet continues. i am martha maccallum. >> and i will bill hemmer. reports of wreckage was a false alarm. they lost contact an hour after taking off between malaysia and vietnam. >> they have no conclusions but
7:01 am
are considering terrorism saying malaysia is a terrorist hub. >> any number of 9-11 highjackers went through maysia. we have the league of problems which are chinease terrorist. >> what is the focus on today? >> the focus is on the stolen passports. they are identifying the images and looking for criminal images
7:02 am
to compare to. intelligence officials say the seat assignment is a priority as well. because to bring down a jet, an explosion must be over the wing and side. >> why is the ntsb getting invol involved? >> they have technical advisors and are looking at the maintenan maintenance records. they suggest it was a catastrophic event. >> it could indicate a mid-air explosion and there is no information for a radar or
7:03 am
information trail. but the distance between vietnam and malaysia is the size of the state of pennsylvania so there is a bit of water that needs to be investigated. how many boats and aircraft the local authorities are putting into this isn't known. it did take five days to find parts of the air france plane as well >> if there is a point that u.s. officials are insisting on is this is a drawn out investigation because the aircraft was lost over water and while there was evidence pointing toward a criminal element of the case, this is an area where human smuggling is rampant as well so that could explain the passports. >> they are saying there is no evidence the passengers using the stolen passports had
7:04 am
anything to do with this. but now we are learning this is a gaping loophole in int international security. interpool has a website with 40 million documents and there are no laws requiring passengers must be checking against this before loading a plane. this database draws from 167 countries and was searched 800 million times and 1-8 were done by the united arab emrites alone. when people fly into the countries that don't use it, it doesn't matter >> the mystery is where is the door, wind or piece on this
7:05 am
wing. >> he said it took five days to find the pieces of the plane from brazil to paris. >> i think that was a lot deeper water. you are looking at 300 feet maximum depth if it is where they are looking. >> back here at home, new insight into just who is signing up from a obamacare. the new york city times is reporting that jails and prisons across the country are enrolling inmates specifically expanded medicare. chris is here, and good morning to you. >> good morning >> it seems to inmates are getting to the question successfully. >> i don't think they are logging on themselves. the "new york times" is saying
7:06 am
cooke county is making this part of your intake. it is part of par for the course. they take your social security and here is obamacare >> some of the numbers that go along are 35% of those eligible for medicaid for a criminal background. so a large part of uninsured have a history. >> and the overlay between criminal behavior and low income is something we have known about. this isn't something they are talking about. the president, remember we are three weeks away from compliance with obamacare or facing a fine, they are trying to get manes team enrolled as they can so they can say everything is going
7:07 am
okay, we don't need massive changes. this is a way to get numbers in to the system >> their argument is it will help the crime rate because 70% of people who come out of prison have a form of addiction and there is a mental health issue. so the rate of going back in maybe lower >> it maybe lower. anything is possible. what is for sure, though, is that this represents a cost shift because if these correction systems can get the inmates enrolled into obamacare and putting them into the hospital, it goes from state to federal taxpayers and that is good news if you are a budget-strapped state like illinois.
7:08 am
>> thank, chris. that is definitely a motive. sign up for chris' newsletter at fox news first. the prime minister of ukraine says he is going to come to new york city and address the un security council and visit the white house. russia is tightening its grip and sending in a new wave of troops. russian president says he is just making sure the russians are protected. but experts are warning this is part of a bigger plan >> i think it is part of putin trying to re-create a russian block where they have economic, political and security relationships with these countries that make them all lean toward, or do the bidding
7:09 am
of moscow. >> and jennifer griffin is here today. is there any military solution for the west in terms of the crimea? >> not if you talk to officials at the pentagon. we are not going to go to war over the crimea. this was echoed by robert gates this weekend on fox news sunday. >> there are not any direct military options that we have. i think that some of the sanctions being discussed and the actions being taken, whether it is limitations on visas or travel or potentially freezing assets of specific individuals, frankly, i don't believe are going to be any deterant for putin. >> reporter: gates was defense secretary when russia sent its troops into georgia as well. also sending the uss trucks in.
7:10 am
a navy destroying in a black sea won't have an affect on putin. if putin is moving into the article states, that is a nato five status and would require united states action. ukraine isn't a part of nato so they are not required to act right now. >> what can the united states do about the russian-ukraine invasion? what should do? senator mccain gave a long list of things but didn't seem to think any of would get them to
7:11 am
exit. >> a top republican senator says it is time for the gop to step up the game. >> president obama and the democrats have done everything they can to deserve defeat but the republican party hasn't done what it must to do to deserve victory. >> mike lee is joining us here on what he believes needs to happen for a republican party >> and the father of sandy hook school shooter is speaking out and the startling claim he is making about his own son >> and should military family members get their citizenship if they are not here legally? >> those veterans and men and women who serve in the national guard certainly deserve the peace of mind that their family members will not be deported. ing)
7:12 am
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we have an agenda. and contrary to the establishments advice we are not hiding it from the people, the medi media. it is time for the republican party to stop talking about ronald reagan and acting like him. >> that was the senator from arkansas and senator lee is here today. let's look at the straw pole that came out on sunday on the last day. rand paul with 31%. ted cruz 11%.
7:16 am
parson 9% and christy 8%. so ryan and rubio barely made the list. what do you think of that? >> it shows a strong performance by rand paul. he is off to a strong start with the crowd. >> you talked about acting like reagan instead of talking about reagan and you have been characterized as someone who has a lot of tea party support but wants to create a real reform agenda. where do you think that needs to start? >> i think it needs start with republicans particularly republicans in congress, in both houses, putting forward a conservative idea that is
7:17 am
consistent with the message of explaining to the american people how conservative benefits the poor and middle class. there is a national tension between the base and elected le. that hole in our party is the shape of the pro-middle class agenda. a conservative reform agenda and that will help us move forward to victory in 2014 and 2016. >> one of the races that is coming up tomorrow actually in florida is one people are watching with jolly and sink. she is ahead at 46% and people are using it as whether the anti-obamacare vote is going to be enough to push republicans over the edge. what do you think? >> i think obamacare is going to be an important issues.
7:18 am
the american people don't like it, it is making health care less affordable and will result in people loosing their jobs. it isn't enough to be against obamacare or what the president is trying to do. we have to be for something. this was a lesson we learned from reagan who lost and then won after coming back with an agenda >> if there is one thing on the agenda you can think close the gap, what is the message? >> the message that we will help the poor and middle class. conservative policy facilitate upward mobility which is what makes america the envy of the modern world. >> why do you think rand paul
7:19 am
gets so much attention? younger crowd, 18-25, the nsa issue and having their smart phone free of being targeted and foreign policies as well. >> younger americans like the c-pac are concerned with keeping the government out of their phones, pocket books and out of their lives in as many ways as possible. so the message that is loudly proclaimed by rand paul resinates with this crowd very well. >> a lot of different voices out there sounding different kinds of alarms and we will see which one rings the bell for your side. thank you, mike lee. >> a potential breakthrough in the battle against alzheimer's.
7:20 am
a blood test that could predict if you will get the disease. >> and they said obamacare is the key for giving everyone their fair shake >> talk to your friends, neighbors, family and your coworkers and just ask them to take a look, does this make sense for you and your family and with do you need the financial security. >> unions are saying it does the complete opposite. ve we will be right back with the details on that. details on that. no two people have the same financial goals. pnc investments works with you to understand yours and helps plan for your retirement. talk to a pnc investments financial advisor today. ♪
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7:23 am
>> the father of the newtown connecticut shooter is speaking out saying he wishes his son was never born. adam lanza killed his mother and
7:24 am
left 20 children and 6 adults dead. peter lanza said quote you can not get any more evil. how much do i beat up on myself for the fact he is my son? a lot. end quote. >> a potential breakthrough in the fight against alzheimer's. doctors at georgetown have developed a test that will show the likelihood of developing the test before symptoms exist. >> alzheimer's is cell death. it is when cells in the brain die and it effects memory, decision making and problem solving and overtime, your personal starts to dissolve. you cannot recognize people or things and the big thing is just
7:25 am
this: what an emotional and financial cost for people taking care of alzheimer's patients. they may not be suffering, you are suffering >> that is very true and a good point. you have done work this morning and been in touch with the doctor at georgetown, do you think this test is credible? >> i think this is an incredible and exciting study because it looks at lipoids found in the blood and it is very specific to alzheimer's and dementia. we are talking 5 million people effected by this already. the membranes of the cells i said are dieing with made of fat and those fats are being found in the blood with ten markers. only 53 people we looked at so far. they started with 500, but found 53 and compared them to normals.
7:26 am
but it was over 90% accurate and it isn't showing up with other diseases. so in the future people will get a blood test in advance of this disease and know they are at risk. >> i think to caution, you want a big study and say that sample was enimbly -- enormous -- what about a false positive? >> the developer doesn't mean a false positive that means other diseases that could cause this problem is a false positive. he thinks these fats are very specific for these diseases. he needs a bigger, more diverse, larger study. it will be a few years before you can get this at the doctor's office. he need this to happen.
7:27 am
we have abnormal proteins now, be beta proteins but by the time they are there, it is too late. if we can find out in advance, we may be able to develop drugs that work to prevent alzheimer's. >> a minimum of a few years before hitting the market? >> i say a couple years. >> you have a loved ones and you suspect they could be an alzheimer's victim. how do you proceed when you here a study like this? >> there are people that are going to say i don't want to know. as a physician, i say knowledge is power. i want to know so i can figure out what to do. i want people planning for their future and i think it will help with treatments. before we get the treatments, i want people planning >> very intriguing story.
7:28 am
thanks. 34 planes and 40 ships are currently searching thousands of square miles of open water for a missing jetliner and so far no sign of the wreckage. >> reports that the plane may have gone offcourse. people are saying if that is the case there would have been record of that. the fact there is none is raising issues and serious questions. >> some of the questions include aviation security. two passengers bordered the flight with fake passports. >> and new immigration policy offering a path if you are relate today a service member. is that compassion or amnesty? >> a whole class is going to be
7:29 am
allowed to live and work on the bases of their relationship with military personal.
7:30 am
7:31 am
7:32 am
>> a second u.s. ship has joined in the search for malaysia flight 370 that has disappeared two days ago. they are working on identifying the passenger who boarded with stolen passports.
7:33 am
>> it isn't common, but it isn't unheard. they are used for the quality of the passports themselves. they were able to board and gain entry in this case. >> mike baker, the president of a global intelligence and security firm is here. welcome back, mike. were are you on the possibility of terrorism bringing down the plane? >> at this stage, and it is going to sound like a rogue answer, but this is a early stage of a very major investigation. this can go to catastrophic mechanical failure or terrorism. they don't have the evidence yet. they can look at the communication pattern.
7:34 am
when did they loose contact? why no may day call? a sudden drop in altitude? any indication of problems that could point to one or the other? and then you have the passport issue and mike rogers is being generous saying it isn't a common problem. 39 million or so passports are on the enter poles' lost and stolen database. that is about the size of poland for instance. >> greg sent us this story about the woman who helped purchase the tickets for the passports in question. it appears there might be a perfectly legitimate explanation on how they got on the plane and stole the passports with no
7:35 am
connection to terrorism. they were going to europe. how do you characterize the pas passport story based on what we think we know now? >> the military is doing the incredible difficult job of trying to locate the wreckage, there are things we can do is w passports and trying to con firm or deny the problem. part is understanding the process. they were stolen in thailand and you look at the cc-tv coverage of the person boarding the plane, identify them, and reverse engineer this process. how did this happen and in the course of that and a lot of
7:36 am
searching going on in the south china sea, you try to figure out if you have something related to the passports and then you have to try to prevent this from happening in the future. >> mike, look at the map, and tell us as much as you can about this province in the far western region of china that shares a boarder with india and pakistan and others. the weegars are from here. and here is kum ming and two weeks ago there was a vicious and brutal stabbing incideninci. this has to be on the list of possibilities and i think the question for a guy like you is hew high on the list to do you
7:37 am
rate this as a possibility? >> we immediatelyly default to al qaeda when we think terr terrorism. malaysia has a massive branch of al qaeda operating, but you have do keep your mind opens. the chinese terrorist have been in the brutal campaign against the chinese authorities because they want a separate state. this massacre at the train station is pointing to how difficult this is being as an issue for the chines ease authorities. watching how the authorities react to this and they are pulled on to the world stage with everybody else in the war on terrorism is going to be an
7:38 am
interesting problem. >> thanks, mike. appreciate your input. >> a new policy is granting status to immediate relatives of the members of the military. william is live on this. >> it isn't what the president did, but how he did it. amnesty without congressional approval. supporters say this is a shot at the american dreams for those fighting hardest to preserve it. >> i was like a magnet to an ied. i was blown up five times in a span of five days. >> reporter: christian gonzalez is on medical leave and the marine owns his life to his wife. >> they are looking at it in the
7:39 am
illegal alien way. they are not looking at it like a spouse of a veteran. >> a whole class of aliens are going to be allowed to live and work here in the united states on the basis of their relationship with military and veterans. >> reporter: under a new policy, the obama administration is offering benefits to thousands of spouses, children or parents of current and former military. >> those veterans, and those men and women who serve in the national guard, certainly d deserve the peace of mind their family members will not be deported. >> it extends to any former military member no matter how short they were in the army and
7:40 am
if they were discharged. it sounds close to imperil decr decree. >> she will have a social and driver's license. i married the woman i love and she should receive the same benefits i do. >> supporters say they deserve the health insurance and argue it isn't abusing authority. but it puts those ahead of those waiting in line. a union report is saying obamacare will hit people where it hurts: in the wallet. >> and a standoff after a man breaks into fbi head quarters. >> one of the security officers tried to stop him and in the course of doing so the man
7:41 am
indicated he had a weapon. i am told a weapon hasn't been seen.
7:42 am
♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] help brazil reduce its overall reliance on foreign imports with the launch of theountry's largest petrochemical operation. ♪ when emerson takes up the challenge, "it's never been done before" simply becomes consider it solved. emerson. ♪
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haha, that's a good one! haha! [ male announcer ] campbell's chunky soup. it fills you up right. >> a tense standoff in california ending peacefully. >> you can see this is a secured facility and if someone is gone to gain access, they will suffer injury. >> swat officers stormed the roof and led the man away on hand cuffs and no word on why he was trying tro break into offic. a union called unit here
7:45 am
that is representing 30000 workers say the consequences of obamacare will heighten inequality that the administration is seeking to reduce. we have a news editor from town hall and jessica ehrlich, who is an attorney and congressional candidate. welcome to both of you. what is unit here's problem with aca? >> their main concern is to make sure that the portion of the bill that is going to affect their union and the unique health care they receive is protected and their members can keep their health insurance they have going forward >> isn't that hypocritical? they want to carve out for these
7:46 am
so-called cadillac plans. everybody has been moaning about all of the states and enties that got a carve out and who is going to be left to suffer the consequences if they get a carve out? >> i think it is going back to the promise of if you liked your insurance you can keep it. >> i think a lot of people would like that. union or not. >> obamacare is treating people unfairly and unequally and that is the big problem. we have seen exemption for congress and big businesses. and we will see the middle class has lost their insurance in many instances. obamacare was supposed to be the
7:47 am
afford care act but it isn't affordable. the second issue is democrats and the president claim to be champions of the middle class and poor while trying to tout a law that is dismantles and doesn't redistribute the health to the poor and middle class and only benefits the rich. the rich are the only people that can afford obamacare. >> they get to keep their health care because they can afford it. let me go back here, you take a look and these were the groups that were the most supportive of the president and this health care act. people were yelling and screaming it would cost them more and they didn't believe it. now, i guess they do. >> in the report and in the letter it says that unions and labor are supportive of aca,
7:48 am
universal health care and the ability of universal health care to bring equality and help people across the board. they still support that concept. but this is an imperfect law and needs to be fixed and one of those fixes that needs to be happen so people can keep it is too a fix to it. i think that is what they are pointing out. the unions are saying this is a good law, but needs to be fixed. >> they have a very nice plan, these union members, so-called cadillac plan. they don't want to pay the tax on the plan. >> why don't they want to play
7:49 am
the tax on the plans if they like the problem? >> you are right when you say they don't want it repealed overall, but want it repealed for themselves. this concept that obamacare can provide affordable healthcare is a false concept. we are seeing when the government gets involved in trying to price fix, the price of everything goes up. so pretented this is going to get fixed and this federal program is going to provide the middle class and poor with the health care they need is a false concept. the free market is the only entity that can provide that. >> this is a very interesting -- >> if we saw that working, we would have people across the board with health care.
7:50 am
we have had free markets. >> 80% of people were healthy with the health care before signed >> there is a difference between being happy and having health care. thank you. >> we have two more hours tomorrow. >> come on back. >> jon scott is standing by with "happening now." >> we are ten minutes away. good morning to you. there is a special election in florida being seen as a test case for the 2013 mid-terms. we have experts here to weigh in. and what happened with the malaysia jetliner? we will talk to a navy commander helping in the search. and daylight saving times have you feeling woozy? we had a short weekend. the impacts coming up. >> the sun is out later. >> that is right. >> a veteran recognized for bravery seven decades later.
7:51 am
how richard faulkner feels unworthy still of the purple heart. >> he didn't compete for it. he earned it the hard way. anyone that has been in battle deserves to be recognized. deserves to be recognized. doing nothing puts jobs on ice... forces us to lose out on revenue for roads and schools. and sends a message to millions of dreamers, who study hard and want to serve our country, they might as well dream on. no, nothing won't do. call house republicans today. tell them we've waited long enough: pass immigration reform.
7:52 am
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7:55 am
it was shotdown in 1944 and three planes went down, 17 died and 12 were taken prisoners. he was the only only one that escaped >> he had to wait until the germans looked for him. they saw someone went down. and after they left, after nightfall started, the farmer came out and found him and started him through the french underground >> he refused the purple heart saying he didn't feel like he w was worthy of the honor. >> i don't deserve this. there is a lot other people that should be honored. >> he wanted to show his grand
7:56 am
children and four great grandchildren the medals. he wants this to quite down and go back to normal now it is over. >> this is just a big, big mystery. what happened to malaysia flight 370? we have more on what investigators are doing to try to find the answer. be right back.
7:57 am
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♪ martha: what is that thing? cardboard, duck tape. that is pennsylvania ski resort. 150 people made these cardboard shreds, bill. they showed off creativity. of originalitity did not mean getting down the hill one piece
8:00 am
was guaranteed. others completely fell. that take as lot of work. that is a several-day project right there. that went down pretty well. bill: would do that thing in a heart beat. good fun. see you tomorrow, everybody. martha:, bye, everybody. see you later. jenna: we start off with a fox news alert in the search for a missing commercial jet. the oil slicks do not appear to be from the missing malaysia airlines plane. there was something in the water but turn out not to be case. it was something else. the plane disappeared after taking off from kuala lumpur with 12 crewmembers andhundred passengers on board. they're looking possibility that the plain disintegrated in midair. we'll have more in a live report moments from now. meantime breaking news on today's top stories and brand new headlines you see here first. jon: graphic new


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