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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  March 11, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> he only wears mom jeans. >> high waisted, pleated front. >> you pay $200 for ribbed jeans. >> i don'tier. >> don't forget to set your dvr see you never miss an episode of "the five." we'll see you tomorrow. "special report" up next. from bad to worse. obamacare sign-ups already behind pace, slip again in february. this is "special report." good evening. i'm bret payer. late this afternoon, the department of health and human services released obamacare enrollment numbers for february. they're well behind the base the administration wanted. particularly with young healthy people needed to balance out the risk pool. with just 20 days to sign up, the administration is pulling out all the stops. and i mean all the stops. chief white house correspondent ed henry is live at the white
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house with the latest. good evening. >> that's right, bret. the president today even tried his hands at comedy, though the new numbers, no laughing matter. president obama's team is making progress on sign-ups but still well short by two key measurements. cath leave sebelius revealing through the end of february, 4.2 million people have signed up in the insurance marketplace, so they need 2.8 million more by the end of enrollment on march 31st to meet the original goal of 7 million enrollees or the recently revised goal of 6 million. >> we saw an increase in the proportion of young adults signing up to get covered. in february, that momentum continu continued. >> except secretary sebelius is still not reaching the right mix of young, healthy people. while they hoped to have 38% of sign-ups to be healthy 18 to 34-year-olds, only 25% are in the demographic, which is why
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jay carnsy is vague about where the final numbers will be. >> we're confident in the final month of open enrollment period a lot of americans are going to sign up, and a lot of young americans are going to sign up. >> it also pointed out why the president sat down with comedian zach galifianakis, star of the "hangover" movies for a funny spoof to reel in more young people. >> have you heard of the affordable care act? i i heard that. that's the thing that doesn't work. why would you get the guy who created zune to work your website? >> it works great now. millions of americans have already gotting health insurance plans and what we want is for people to know that you can get affordable health care. >> while conservatives charge the video shows the president is getting desperate with the deadline for first-year enrollment approaches -- >> that's in the end up to salesmanship. i don't think it's a very good strategy but it's pretty much all he has left to do. >> carney pushed back today on questions whether the video was
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beneath the dignity of the presidency and made the case the appearance was a huge success because got a huge surge in visits thanks to the video going viral. >> the average video gets something like 6 million views. i'm convinced we're going to break that average, and in fact, as i was walking out here, i think we were close to 3 million. >> there are two key pieces of information the administration is not telling us. how many people have paid for their plan, and how many previously uninsured people are now insured because of the new they're cited incomplete data to say they don't know. >> that is key info. ed, thank you. a leading international economic body is warning global economic growth is likely to remain sluggish. the group said a slowdown in the developing world undercuts gains in europe and the united states. the dow today dropped 67. the s&p 500 lost 10. innasdaq fell 27. a long simmering dispute
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between one of the country's most powerful senators, a democrat, and the chair of the intelligence committee, and the nation's most famous spy agency, the central intelligence agency, broke into open view in a big way today. not in decades has the nation seen these two powerful institutions go at it like this. with competing accusations of criminal conduct. chief washington correspondent james rosen has our report. >> i rise today to set the record straight. >> in a 38-minute floor speech, senator dianne feinstein, the california democrat who chaired the intelligence committee, accused the central intelligence agency of spying on her committee's oversight staff. she recounted how five years ago, cia set up a stand alone computer network for the staffers to use as they reviewed 6 million classified cia documents. in 2010, feinstein alleged, the agency inproperly searched the network and stealthily removed nearly 1,000 documents that had
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been uploaded to and which the staffers had already reviewed. >> besides the constitutional implication, the ci aa's search may have violated the fourth amendment, the computer fraud and abuse act as well as an executive order 12333 which prohibits the cia from conducting domest iic searches surveillance. >> cia director john brennan rejected the claims but in doing so used terms that were perhaps intended to limit cia liability in the matter. >> as far as the allegations of cia hacking into senate computers, nothing could be further from the truth. we wouldn't do that. that's just beyond the scope of reason. >> at issue is the intelligence committee's work for several years on a massive classified history of cia practices in the detention and interrogation of suspected terrorists during the bush-cheney era.
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cia's office of inpector general has referred to the cloefrbs to the justice department for possible criminal investigation as well cia's acting general counsel has asked doj to examine whether any of the senate staffers may have committed a crime by internally accessing an internal review known as the panetta report, named after the director at the time, leon panetta. >> i have not been provided the specifics of these allegations or been told whether the department has nish ated a criminal investigation based on the allegations of the cia's acting general counsel. >> feinstein's staffers have made copies of the panetta review and mindful that the a e agency has previous admitted to sd stroying of the investigations. >> it was lawful and handed in a way consistent with its classification. >> feinstein claims cia initially denied having removed
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any documents from the network, then admitted having done so and said it was done at the behest of the obama white house. aides to obama denied that but did not dispute that feinstein had complained to the council as the rare rift between the senate and ci arx deepbes. >> thank you. >> what do you think about the allegations that the cia spied on senate computers? let me go on facebook or twitter. use the hash tag #specialreport. >> as the investigation into malaysian airlined boeing 777 disappearance goes on, things seem to be getting more confusing, not clearer. correspondent catherine herridge on a mystery that continues to deepen. >> as the search for mh 370 expands to the malakha strait well beyond its last confirmed location in the waters between malaysia and vietnam, investigators are sharpening their focus on the transponder that went silent about an hour
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into the flight. four days into the search for the plane and its crew, reports it made a u-turn and was flying low several hundred miles off course before its disappearancd, they didn't rule out terrorism. >> what about the transponder? why did it sort of just disappear from the radar? >> a seasoned fbi investigator said disabled the transponder is not for amateurs given redundancies are built in for a loss of power or mechanical power. >> you can't cut wires like in hollywood. you have to know how to turn it off and you have to have access, which is in the cockpit. >> while they're investigating an australian tv report which alleged the copilot invited two women back into the cockpit for several hours in 2011, authorities say they're investigating several investigative threads including the possibility the jet was taken over which dove tails into
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concern about the transponder. >> one is hijacking. >> meanwhile, interpol released these images of two iranians who traveled to malaysian on iranian passports and switched to stolen documents. >> they boarded flight 370 using different identities. a stolen austrian and a stolen passport. >> u.s. officials say the men's images and limited biometric information are run through terrorist databases with no positive hits. one man said to be a refugee was trying to join his mother in germany. today adding to the mystery, some of the victims' families claim their loved ones cell phones were still ringing and they were using gps data, but tech experts mean it's searching for the device, not necessarily that the call is getting through, bret. >> catherine herridge. thank you. up next, all political eyes on a special election in florida. but first, here's what some of our fox affiliates across the
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country are covering tonight. fox 4 in anchorage is covering the record-breaking iditarod sled dog race. the first three finishers broev the previous record. >> chicago has a winter storm waurbing starting late tonight. hard to believe it's not over. winter storm watches and warnings areologist in effect for upstate new york and northern new england. >> this is a live look at miami from wsvn. the big story tonight is a s.w.a.t. team standoff with a man who has barricaded himself in his home, believed to be with his young daughter. so far, no gunshots or any violent sound there. we're following that story. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. ♪ from the classic lines to the elegant trim in each and every piece,
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♪ see what's new at polls close in about 45 minutes in a special election race in a key swing state that's
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seen as a bell weather for november's midterm elections. john roberts on florida district 13. >> it's the first big test of messaging in this midterm year. republicans looking to find just how potent an issue obamacare really is at the polls. >> if i win this race, i think there's no question republicans hold the house in november. i also think it means we take the senate. >> david jolly is the republican candidate, a former aide to bill young, who represented the area for 43 years. jolly's campaign, the national republican committee's in a collection of outside groups have spent millions hammering his democratic opponent on obamacare. >> the national sentiment is so exhausted by this president and his party's view of government and frankly the recent failings of his administration that it's time for a change. >> you're looking good. >> sink, who narrowly lost the governor's race to rick scott, has cautiously embraced
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obamacare while insisting it urgently needs fixing. she's paying down the importance in today's election. >> i hear a number of issues people are concerned about, like protecting social security and medicare. they're frustrated with washington and believe washington is not working for them. >> that's code for issues she thinks jolly is vulnerable on. his years spent in washington and lobbying work for a client who wanted to privatize social security. >> going to get it done. >> which message carries more weight? to be sure, there are plenty of voters here upset about obamacare. >> when that man can stand there and change any part of the thing without asking anybody, that's wrong. >> but others suggest republicans may need to seek a broader message for the fall midterms. >> i tried to read it or tried to follow up on it, and don't understand what it is yet. but i think there should be health care for all. >> the race leading up to today was marked with celebrity endorsements. marco rubio backed jolly's call for smaller, less intrunsive government while sink got a
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thumbs up from bill clinton. curiously absent was any appearance from president obama even though he spent last weekend in the florida keys. the overwhelming majority of votes in this special election were cast by apson tee or early ballots. republican returns were running about 5 pefrs ahead of democrats. three big questions remain. how much of the vote will cross over to the other side? how many votes will the libertarian candidate pull from both candidates, and how will today's vote shake out? any way you cut it, it looks like we have a horse race. we'll know the results shortly after 7:00 tonight. >> we'll have the results here on fox news channel. john roberts in florida. lawyers for two key figures in the bridge gate scandal in new jurisreare trying to p persuade a judge not to comply with subpoenas which carry the close down on lanes on the george washington bridge.
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republican contender chris christie said he knew nothing of the plot's planning or ux cushion. >> new york has opened a criminal probe of general motors. prosecutors are examining if they're criminally libel for failing to expose ignition switch problems linked to 13 deaths and a recall last month. the justice department offered no comment. gm is already facing investigations by senate and house committees and the national highway traffic safety administration. a well connected washington, d.c. businessman has been charged with funding off the books campaign activity for a number of prominent democrats. correspondent doug mckelway anybo examines the scheme, the players and the fallout. >> in addition to his guilty plea to running an illegal shadow campaign for dnk mayor vinlsant gray, jeffrey thompson admitted to giving $678 million for a political candidate for president of the united states in 2008. that candidate was hillary
3:18 pm
clinton. thompson is now cooperating with prosecutors. >> with the cooperation of mr. thompson and many others who have pled guilty in the inquiry, we'll now enter a new phase of the investigation seeking to hold accountable all those who conspired with him to hide the truth from the public. >> federal prosecutors say a trusted clinton staffer whom the washington post has identified as minion moore first approached thompson in 2008 asking for contributions to fund the urban street teams in texas, indiana, north carolina, pennsylvania, and puerto rico. >> these street teams and canvercanva canvassers bwould put up campain signs in support of the campaign in states. >> there's no indication that the presidential candidate was personally aware of thompson's illicit activities, but they say it raises red flags for a presumpative presidential
3:19 pm
candidate. >> the fact that hillary clinton's campaign approached thompson, knew he was a source of large sums of money. knew he could be counted on like most of the democrats he was supporting, he could be counted on to give large sums of money. and it is inconceivable to me that the details of that will not come out. >> in all, thompson spent $42 million in illegal contributions to 28 different campaigns over several election cycles including those of senators harry reid and arlen specter as well as jesse jackson jr., charlie rangle, and elnoeanor holmes norton. >> he said vincent gray and most of the other candidates he supported knew about his under the table contributions. the mayor says thompson is lying to shorten his prison term. we reached out to hillary clinton's office today for comment but have not heard back. >> doug, thank you. still ahead, senate dems pull an all-nighter talking and talking about climate change.
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could the standoff between russia and the west over crimea begin to diminish as the peninsula considered declaring unless from ukraine? amy kellogg has that story from kiev. >> planes from crimea's capital fly to russia now. there is no coming in from kiev. a pro-ukrainian activist who tried to enter was shot, though the ammunition was not lethal. the choice the propaganda presents the crimeans with, the
3:24 pm
swaus c swaus caw or the russian flag. the language appears to leave staying with ukraine out of the picture. now there's talk they may go for complete independence. they ask what happened to the deal signed by russia, britain, and the u.s. in 1994 guaranteeing ukraine's territorial integrity if it gave up their weapons? the most they can do is stage exercises with fighter jets and place a destroyer in the black sea, but this retired general says that helps add muscle to diplomacy. >> it's a good stimulus for negotiations without using force. its presence is very helpful because russia's black sea fleet doesn't have the same potential as the u.s. >> ukraine's army has been underfunded. the military has said it has no plans to fight in crimea, but people are worried about what happens next. ukrainians have shown they're not ones to sit by passively and
3:25 pm
allow events in their country unfold. they have started raising money for food and supplies for the army. rumors of the fugitive president's death are premature as he sentenced again. >> i main not only the only legitimate president in ukraine but also the supreme commander in chief. i didn't stop by authority before the appointed time. i am alive and i was not removed from power in accordance with the constitution of ukraine. >> it's not clear who was listening to yanukovych, but ukraine's acting prime minister will meet with president obama tomorrow in washington. in kiev, amy kellogg, fox news. being dead isn't stopping one woman from voting. and a 2-year-old gets suspended from day care over a cheese sandwich. what happened? the grapevine is next. [ female announcer ] a classic macaroni & cheese from stouffer's starts with freshly-made pasta,
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you haven't been forgotten. there's never been a better time to rethink your hep c. because people like you may benefit from scientific advances. advances that could help you move on from hep c. now is the time to rethink hep c and talk to your doctor. visit to find out about treatment options. and register for a personalized guide to help you prepare for a conversation with your doctor. now, some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. right now, president obama is in new york attending two democratic fund-raisers at private homes. with an entry fee of $32,400 a head, the president will raise about $810,000 for the dnc at the first event. no word how many $32,000 tickets were sold for the second stop. undoubtedly, a pretty good haul until you factor in the $1.2
3:30 pm
million the president's trip is costing. that includes the cost to operate air force one. $180,000 per hour for two hours. and how much past trips by the president have cost the city of new york and the authority. that does not include costs for operating marine one. how that tab is going to get paid is still in doubt tonight. a new bizarre twist in the case of a mummified body found inside a michigan home. the detroit free press reports the woman who lived there is on record as having voted as recently as 2010, two years after she is believed to have died. a contractor found the body last week. 49-year-old tia who owned the house, had no close family and was known to travel frequently, so the fact she had not been seen since 2008 did not raise any suspicions. all her bills were deducted from
3:31 pm
her bank account. city officials say records of her voting in the 2010 gubernatorial election could have been a mistake. the medical examiner has not yet identified the mummified body. finally, a student in ottawa has been suspended for three days for smuggling contraband into school. that sounds reasonable, right? it was a sandwich, and the culprit is a 2-year-old girl. faith murray's dad tells canadian media the toddler must have picked up the cheese sandwich and put it in her pocket at home. the school has a strict policy against bringing in outside food, so faith was immediately suspended for three days. school officials say there are students with severe allergies and families are repeatedly reminded of the policy wrrg faith's dad said the little girl was not even given a warning and the policy is too severe, especially since the sandwich was in a zip lock bag that was never opened. >> debates on climate change are often said to generate more heat
3:32 pm
than light. so what are the 15 hour talk-a-thon in which everyone agrees? chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel has the story from capitol hill tonight. >> it was an all-nighter on the senate floor to talk up a hot issue the democrats liberal base. >> climate change is real. climate change is caused by humans, and climate change is solvable. and we will not rest until congress wakes up and acts on the most pressing issue of our time. >> 30 democrats took turns speaking but were not pushing for a vote on a bill. today, senate republican leader mitch mcconnell noted the majority party could do more. >> the washington democrats are serious about all the talk last night, they should follow it up with action. democrats control the senate. bring up -- bring up the cap and tax bill, and let's have a debate. >> red-state democrats faying tough re-elections including arkansas's mark pryor, mary landrieu, kay hagan, and mark
3:33 pm
begich all stayed away. harry reid doesn't sound willing to force them to take tough votes on climate and today responded to critics. >> it's nice for people to nit-pick, why don't the democrats do this? we need a little bit of help. >> the one republican to crash the talk-a-thon, an out spoken critic of climate change, said reed doesn't have the votes. >> it's going to reverse direction. it's been virtually impossible to try to pass a cap and trade bill. >> california democrat barbara boxer fired back. >> i suppose we're making kroez. he used to call climate change a hoax, and he didn't say that, so maybe he's moving in our direction. >> there's also tom steyer who has promised to pop up to $100 million on this year's election focused on this topic. >> climate change is the issue of our generation and to truly limit the playing field, we have to act now. >> the all-nighter didn't address the most immediate
3:34 pm
crisis, jobs. >> talk is cheap. we know that, and america's middle class is tired of all the talk. they want action. >> while 30 democrats showed up, 25 others did not. for them, the politics may be just too hot. bret. >> mike emanuel on the hill, thank you. a new report from house oversight chairman republican darrell issa provides what he called detailed evidence of lois lerner's role in the irs targeting of conservative groups. lerner is the only official who has refused to testify to congress. the report relied on e-mails, documents and other testimony. some of the highlight, lerner guessed tea party groups would sue because they're, quote, itching for a constitutional challenge. in another e-mail, she discussed political scrutiny that isn't, per se, political. and new e-mails reveal she planned to retire in october all along, counter to the narrative she was forced out by the irs. issa's report notes it does not appear the irs penalized her in
3:35 pm
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have you heard of the affordable care act? >> i heard about that. that's the thing that doesn't work. why would you get the guy who created the zune to make your website? >> works great now, and millions of americans have already gotten health insurance plans and what we want is for people to know that you can get affordable health care, and most young americans right now, they're not covered. and the truth is that they can get coverage all for what it costs you to pay your cell phone bill. >> is that what they mean by drones? >> comedian zach galifianakis, star of the movie "hangover" has
3:39 pm
spoofed a video for funny or die. president obama on there to go after young people. he has reason to after new numbers for february came out. here they are. 943,000 enrollments. 4.2 overall total enrollments for obamacare. 25% young adults, 18 to 34. now, this is short of their goal. remember, originally, the goal was 7 million at the end of march. then the goalpost moved and it was the cbo's goal, the congressional budget office. now they're shooting for 5 million to 6 million. they're well short either way. let's bring in our panel. jonah goldberg mauryra eliasson and charles krauthammer. mara, what is the white house saying and what is reality? >> the white house has said for some time, they have kind of moved the goalpost again. they said under 30 is
3:40 pm
fine. or under 35, because that's the amount of young people that have signed up for the massachusetts health care system at this point at its inception. they're saying that's a number that gets them out of the danger zone. you're not going to have a debt spiral if you have a quarter being young people. originally, they were talking about 38% being young people, which is more than young people's percentage of the p populati population, but you need that cushion of young, healthy people to subsidize the older, sicker people. they're short of that. the question is are they so short that the thing will fall apart and collapse of its own weight? they seem to think no. will they get close to 5 million by the end of march? maybe. you know, they're clearly short of that, but i think they feel like they have now kind of whistled past the graveyard and they're out of the danger zone. >> i think, charles, there are many critics who think they're still whistling right in that graveyard. >> and apart from the enrollment
3:41 pm
numbers, and they are very low and they are skewed to the older and sicker and it's going to be a real problem, there's so many other problems with it, obama keeps having to postpone huge elements of it. and i think so he has to go on this ridiculous show last night, or the other night. it was shown last night. but i think he's got a problem selling this. you start with the fact that young people are averse to buying health insurance because they have a sense of being invincible, but it's worse with obamacare. in the free market, 60-year-olds cost insurers about six times what a 20-year-old does in health care costs. so the premiums are six times as much. but pelosi and reid decreed in obamacare it shouldn't be six times. it should be three times, which means that young people are paying twice the premium that they would in the free market. so not only is it a bad idea to
3:42 pm
start with, but they are clearly being overcharged as a way to subsidize others. you might want to sell it with a huge campaign, but it's a really bad deal, and that's why they're not getting a lot of buyers. >> effective to go on zach galifianakis? >> certainly for zach galifianakis. that was a coup for him. i think it was, you know, it may just simply be that we are witnessing the dawn of an era for the presidency where since going on nbc nightly news gets you nothing these days, and the media market is so fractures and spiraled out that you have to try to do these viral things, particularly to go for these niche demographics. >> by the way, spelling. question marks, spelling. >> and you know, it may be true that jay carney was talking about how they got 4 million or 3 million referrals from the website, the obamacare website. a couple things to say about that. one is we have been talking about enrollments. they're not enrollments.
3:43 pm
sign-ups are different from enrollments because we don't know if these people are paying. the number could be much lower than the white house is saying. second of all, what does it say about the country that five state of the union addresses, untold press conferences and media appearances did nothing to the kids, but somehow seeing it on the dinky, what looks like a bulgarian website talk show, somehow elicits these people to sign up for obamacare. that means we really are through the looking glass. >> we don't know how many signed up. what we do know is this was the biggest driver of traffic to the website. >> the biggest driver of traffic to the obamacare website might also be like the tallest skyscraper in kansas. >> yes, and we have no numbers on this, but the fact is it was a success for him. got 5 million views, drove traffic to the website. if this is what young people are watching, he was right to go on it. >> it also might look desperate
3:44 pm
for the nonyoung people. gr is it frustrating we don't know how many people have paid the premium? >> i don't know why we can't figure that out. >> we ask cms this question all the time, and we don't get an answer. >> they don't want to tell you. >> i could assure you, if the number was high, we would have heard it. ever since the rollout happened, whenever the numbers are bad, they're unobtainable. remember, there was a release in mid-month, which was extremely unusual, the one time they had a spike in enrollment. all of a sudden, the data is available. clearly it's munupulated, but in the end, the manipulation isn't going to help you. either people have paid or they haven't, and the insurers are going to get the money or they're not, and then we will know. >> here is john thune talking about what he thinks should be done. >> obamacare is making things for the middle class much, much worse. not better. and that just comes out in this report over and over again. and so what we would argue is if
3:45 pm
the president really does want to make things better for the middle class, a good place to start would be to put this thing on hold for everybody rather than just selecting a few people he wants a delay or exempt or carve out from obamacare, let everybody have a break from obamacare. and let's start over and do this in a common sense way that actually does lower the cost of health care and expand care for middle class americans. >> saying it for a while. is it working? >> well, there's no doubt obamacare is unpopular nationally and remains that way. the problem for republicans is they haven't settled on an alternative. now they're talking about repeal. they say replace all the time. we want to replace it. with what? they have to come up with something. >> they have many. they haven't settled with one. >> that's one of the advantages, that obamacare has burnt down the village, so republicans have to defend the old bad village and propose their own new one, but i think talking about the middle class, that's great, but all i know from the video, it's
3:46 pm
worth pointing out, this is designed to really stick it to young people. and the republicans could do a lot better job of messaging that to young people. saying you voted for this guy with idealism, and he didn't have your best interests at heart. >> the whole idea originally is to use some americans, upper middle class and middle class, and the young to transfer wealth to others, sicker, older, without saying so. that's the only way obama was able to promise obamacare would not cost the government a penny. the many would come from other americans and would be hidden. what we're learning now is exactly who is subsidizing others. next up, the cia accused of spying on the senate. check it out.
3:47 pm
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and a recognition that this cia search of computers used by its oversight committee was inappropriate. i have received neither. i have received neither. besides the constitutional imoccasion, the cia search may also have violated the fourth amendment. the computer fraud and abuse act, as well as the executive order 12333 which prohibits the cia from conducting domestic searches or surveillance. >> when the facts come out on, this i think a lot of people who are claiming that there has been this tremendous sort of spying and monitoring and hacking will be proved wrong. >> extraordinary day. the senate democrat committee chair of the senate intelligence committee, dianne feinstein, on the floor of the senate
3:51 pm
for 38 minutes, charging that the cia was spying on her committee and removed some 1,000 documents that dealt with detention policies and detention and interrogation of suspected terrorists during the bush-cheney era. there you heard the cia director pushing back. we are back with the panel. charles, it's hard to imagine this back and forth. it was kind of remarkable today. >> and these are two major powerful institutions. each run by democrats. as we heard feinstein accusing the cia of acting inappropriately. unconstitutionally and criminally. cia responds that the committee itself had criminally or unconstitutionally stolen what were copied report of the cia itself, the so-called panetta report, stashed it over in the hart office building illegally as well. the cia denies -- i mean, we
3:52 pm
saw the head of the cia says in the end will be shown to be okay. feinstein says that the cia actually confessed that it had done this and apologized. and then changed its mind and blamed the white house, another democratically run institution. what i like the best about this, is that lindsey graham, a republican, comes upon the brawl, and he says that if true the congress should declare war on the cia. interestingly, we haven't declared war on anybody, since pearl harbor. lindsey comes across the fight and he hands out molotov cocktails to all the participants. you have got to love that guy. >> it was something to watch. >> it was really amazing. this is not a partisan battle. this is a very complex bit of warfare. have you people like lindsey graham and john mccain who don't love the cia and have clashed with them in the past. and dianne feinstein. >> on both republican and
3:53 pm
democratic policies. >> this is not a partisan fight. and dianne feinstein is a supporter usually of the intelligence community, and she is hopping mad. we are going to get finally to the bottom of this and find out what happened. it's either going to be as she describes it or john brennan describes it which is nothing wrong happened. >> this is part of an angle it this. i agree the actual mess we are looking at now is not partisan it is all in the tail wind of the initial senate report which a lot of people at the cia consider to be a railroad job. really ununfair to the cia and to the bush administration. and the -- and their belief and other people's belief is that the partisan want to cast bad light on the institution. >> the theory would be that the white house and the cia director under brennan are trying to protect the bush administration? >> no. they are trying to protect the cia which doesn't want to air all of this dirty laundry and declassify all sorts of things that they want to keep classified. >> listen to the cia
3:54 pm
director asked about if push comes to shove and finds out that he is at fault. >> if it is proved that the cia did do this, would you feel that you had to step down? >> i -- i am confident that the authorities will review this appropriately. and i will deal with the facts as uncovered in the appropriate manner. and so if there was any inappropriate actions that were taken related to that review, either by cia or by the staff, i will be the first one to say we need to get to the bottom of this. and, if i did something wrong, i will go to the president and i will explain to him exactly what i did and what the findings were. and he is the one who can ask me to stay or to go. >> so there you have it. he is the one. >> he doesn't seem very worried. >> no. it sounds as if if he is saying if cia did it, it wasn't me. somebody else in the cia. look, everybody here is covering his rear end. i don't imagine that this
3:55 pm
white house would be defending the bush cia. remember, the beginning of this administration, the department of justice wanted to prosecute, re-try essentially people who had been accused of acting improperly in the bush years on interrogation. i think this is clearly a family fight among large personalities in the democratic party. and if feinstein is right, i think there are going to be people in the cia who are going to have to go. but it's not going to be the chief. >> but to jonah's point, there was a feeling that that report in those circles was unfair to that -- those people back then. brennan was one of those people back then. >> yeah. i mean, that's what makes this all incredibly complicated. >> but that's not why the obama white house was putting pressure on the cia. that was purely institutional. it was not a way to defend the bush actions because they try to go after the bush actions. >> even leon panetta says
3:56 pm
this report isn't what the press is making it out to be. >> that's it for the panel. we will stay on this. a look at what some are giving up for lent this year. tree falls in the forest and no one's around, it does make a sound? ohhh...ugh. geico. little help here. i need>>that's my geico digital insurance id card - gots all my pertinents on it and such. works for me. turn to the camera. >>ah, actually i think my eyes might ha... next! digital insurance id cards. just a tap away on the geico app. so our business can be on at&t's network for $175 a month? yup. all 5 of you for $175. our clients need a lot of attention. there's unlimited talk and text. we're working deals all day. you get 10 gigabytes of data to share. what about expansion potential? add a line, anytime, for $15 a month. low dues, great terms. let's close! new at&t mobile share value plans
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finally tonight, last week started lent when most catholics choose to give something up. what some famous catholics and non-catholics might be willing to forego. >> we he had academy award winner matthew mcconaughey. that man just won an oscar. let's see what he is giving up this year. the third all right. something we know he values so best of luck. now we have president barack obama. let's see what he is giving up. i'm just giving up. after all the scandals and botched rollout of ukrainian thing, i'm just giving up. >> that's not good. >> we also have one from vladimir putin. let's see what he is giving
4:00 pm
up. nothing. i give up nothing. >> thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. well, president obama hitting the comedy circuit. is he getting the last laugh or making a mockery of the office? >> that's disgusting. how long you have had that? >> just four months. >> really? >> spider bite. i got attacked by spiders. >> zach, you need it get that checked right away. you need to get on because that's one of the most disgusting things i have ever seen. >> this is a guy who doesn't have time for national security meetings. he doesn't have time to get a briefing from his cia guy. he doesn't have time to do all of that he will go do something like. this i think it's fair to say that i wouldn't be with you here today if i didn't have something to plug. >> what is it like to be the last black president. >> what it s. it to beik


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