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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  March 12, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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and town if you wish to opine. word of the day. when writing to the factor, no jobation, and don't be sending me candy, i'm bill o'reilly, please remember the spin stops here. i'm megyn kelly live in new york, and tonight. breaking tonight, new satellite images may show the missing plane and wait until you hear where. we'll hear from a satellite expert live. plus. >> the president's health care plan has hurt the people in this county. a number of people came out to the polls today to express that concern to the president. >> president obama won this district in his last two elections, but last night it went republican. and obamacare got the credit. karl rove and brent bazzel on the media and the spin and what comes next.
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and the national rifle association comes on to explain why every american should worry about the president's pick for the surgeon general, right now on "the kelly file." developing tonight, disturbing new details in the search for that missing malaysia airlines jet. more than five days now after it seemingly vanished into thin air. welcome everyone into "the kelly file." i'm megyn kelly. chinese media reports that the government has satellite images that may show the debris from the plane off the southern tip of vietnam. the images appear to show three floating objects of several sizes, the largest one, said to be 79 x 72 feet. but the mystery is what happened on this jet a and the 239 people on board. we know the plane left from kuala lumpur about midnight. about an hour later the authorities lost contact with the plane. but the recent reports claim
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that the plane at least as of yesterday they believe may have done a complete u-turn and started to head west for a significant period. which would appear to mean that the plane was traveling the opposite direction of where they now say they have spotted this alleged debris. so which is it? there is actually a conflict going on now between one official within the malaysian military who claims the u-turn happened and the authorities who run the government claiming it did not. also conflicting with the chinese report the search area. now, the malaysia military says it is now searching both sides of the country, both sides. so do they know what they're doing? in all the search areas about the size of the state of virginia. but if you take into account the amount of fuel the plane had when it vanished the plane could have flown anywhere in this circle we're showing you right now. look at that search area.
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our chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has more. >> reporter: well, thank you, the former ntsb investigator reviewing the images for fox news and offering a preliminary opinion that if the flight changed, it would still find large pieces of the plane. in this case, the dimensions reported on the chinese government website are consistent with the boeing 777 profile. that said, the assessment is only preliminary and the posted images are limiting. if these objects are located, investigators say markings such as an airline logo on the tail can provide immediate confirmation. this striking development on what may be another case of deep disappointment for the families comes as a recent event for the boeing. this air worthiness directive also known as an a.d. ordered
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checks on the 777 after problems were reported on the wing. there could be rapid decompressing and loss of structural integrity on the plane. there has been no confirmation from the u.s. officials, but it is my confirmation that they are working to either verify or knock down the claims. >> all right, catherine, thank you, more on this ahead including with a satellite expert on the images they just showed you, on what they believe they likely show. and in washington, an avalanche of bad news for the president and democrats facing votes this fall. first it was disappointing obamacare numbers yesterday. the white house's measurement of success was 7 million sign-ups by the end of march. so far they have enrolled 4.2 million. and by the way, nobody knows how many of those people are actually enrolled meaning they
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paid for coverage. we have no idea. and then a republican upset in florida, despite the fact that democrats spent almost four times more money than republicans and even recruited both vice president joe biden and bill clinton to campaign for the democrat there. she lost in a district that president obama carried not once but twice when he ran for ent. and today, the job approval shows it is tanking, 41%, a 20-point fall from the numbers he enjoyed back in 2009. mark teesen is a former speech writer to president george bush and a fellow at the george washington institute. what do you make of the poll numbers, mark? >> i think they're very significant. the approval rating falling is very bad. but what is really troubling for the president and what he should be worried about is the fact his disapproval rating is at an all-time high.
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54%. so negatives drive voters. to put that in context it was at 54% only once in his presidency, in december in the middle of the whole obamacare disaster. that is a really bad number. another number in the polls they need to worry about is that the statistics show that 48% of americans say they would be less likely to vote for a candidate if he is a supporter of obamacare, and only 26% more likely. that is what you had playing out in florida, you had a very strong democratic candidate who should have won the election against a very little known republican, but it was obamacare that brought it down. >> this is implications on how democrat democrats are going to run their races leading up to the mid-terms. but it has implications on the president's agenda right now. >> sure, absolutely, it is very hard to rally the country behind your agenda when your approval rating is so low. >> and when the democrats are giving you the stiff arm.
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>> well, exactly, i mean, what this does is it means nobody wants to be associated with him. nobody wants to be seen with him. when a vulnerable democrat is asked hey, do you want to come to the white house for a press conference about the minimum wage, they're not going to come. because even if they support it, they don't want a picture with barack obama right now. and when he comes to carolina or louisiana, they're not going to want to be near him. so i think it is taking the president out of the playing game, and will hurt the democrats in the election. >> all right, stand by, we'll talk about the latest obamacare news which also is not so great. we'll get back to him in a moment. meanwhile, it was not a tough day to only the president, an aide to hillary clinton, federal prosecutors linking her to a man who pled guilty in a scheme that illegally funneled
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hundreds of thousands of dollars in her run for the democratic nomination. lanny, good to see you. what happened is a guy, jeffrey thompson has pled guilty on felony conspiracy charges. and he admits to funneling money to a gal named minion moore who was working for bill clinton at the white house. and she took some of the money to have street teams to hand out campaign literature. there is no question that jeffrey thompson was doing something very wrong. there is a question though, whether minion moore, was doing something wrong in taking money on behalf of hillary clinton. >> well, personally, i know minion very well for years, she has denied any wrongdoing and because of the word "linked" in
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the headlines, she is being unfairly tarnished, i am 100% certain she is telling the truth. >> this is a person i want to point out that the prosecutors have not accused any wrong doing of, specifically. and yet this guy pled conspiracy, when you conspire, you need conspiracy partners. >> well, it is only the age we live in where you get swept up in the headline and your name is mentioned and the innuendo tends to presume guilt. it is unfortunate we're in that era, where even the name mentioned, a prosecutor holds a press conference and basically declares the mayor guilty even before he is indicted. so the democrats did the same thing to republicans in the reagan era to somebody named raymond donovan. >> let me get to this.
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is this a powerful person in her organization? or is it just a -- never mind, i couldn't resist. >> minion. well done, ten people, she is a good friend, well done. >> i understand. she has not been officially accused of any wrong doing, but -- >> a great friend. >> let me just tell you -- how does the terrible, horrible no good very bad day that the president had had yesterday with the obamacare disappointing numbers, with the poll numbers we just discussed and the special election down in florida. >> look, mark may be over-stating it a bit. this is not good news for us, if anybody tries to depict it as something we would expect, i was very disappointed. no doubt, obamacare which i support completely has messed up. and is not working very well. and i think we would be better off as democrats trying to fix
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it and acknowledging it that we got a setback yesterday. because people are disappointed, rightfully so in the messed up rollout. and i also think the president can do a better job telling people why this is a good system that got screwed up, and he takes responsibility. >> lanny, good to see you. thank you, megyn. and a powerful democratic senator accuses. a democratic senator. we have the details, plus. the nra is fighting mad over the president's pick for surgeon general. they join us on this nominee's desire to see your doctor monitor your guns. plus, we're getting reports that three different pieces of the missing jetliner may have been spotted on satellite. up next, we'll go over the pictures with the expert on satellite images. an, in this season's most important fashion trend, the long shirt. designed to flatter, with playful hemlines
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-hit the beach in florida. -and a reunion in seattle. make a my financial priorities appointment today. we can afford to take more trips this year. [man] when hotels have unsold rooms, they use hotwire to fill them. [woman] so we got our 4-star hotels... for half price. ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e ♪ . back now to developing news out of asia, a report saying satellite images may have spotted debris from the missing malaysia airlines plane off the southern tip of vietnam. but that location would contradict yesterday's reports that the jet may have done a u-turn and headed west before it vanished. so we called the experts, tim brown is a senior fellow at they specialize in security
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satellite imagery. and the co-founder of the security group, management advisory firm. tim, let me start with you. the satellite imagery, there is a lot of speculation about whether the chinese are releasing everything they have because it is kind of blurry. and i've heard experts speculate they have better pictures than what they're releasing, and why did they release them sunday? do you smell a rat? >> well, first of all, the chinese satellites are not as good as the u.s. satellites. and it takes time to tap the satellite, download the image and see what it says. i don't think there is any sinister there, i just don't think the chinese satellite is as good. and if we had u.s. commercial satellite we wouldn't be able to see anything that gives us a conclusive idea of what it is. >> chad, do you believe based on
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the information they have now, that if this really is the plane or pieces of the plane then the jet never did make a u-turn. then it just kept heading on its intended flight route and potentially had a catastrophic event over the sea? does that suggest no terrorism in your view? >> well, i think as the ci director has stated, even the fact that you described you can't rule out terrorism at this point. and as was -- as was just discussed there is clearly a situation here where the transponder was turned off. no one can explain why. in a world where in hollywood, we see accusations through people like edward snowden that the governments around the world can track our every call and movement it is hard for both the people of china and malaysia and around the world, those with citizens on board, find it hard
6:17 pm
to understand where 239 people just disappeared. >> but do we know that the transponder just turned off or just failed due to a catastrophe? you're shaking your head on that. >> no, we don't know if it was turned off, all we know is it stopped responding. we won't know for weeks, until they find the flight data material -- >> they mentioned the debris, half of a basketball court, three pieces, each one. so there is a question of whether or not it was too big to be a plane. moreover, it was found floating. there was a question of whether or not the debris would be floating a day after it was found in the sea. >> well, a, there are a lot of things floating out in the sea. number two, this is 100 miles east of the flight path.
6:18 pm
i would like for something around the floit paight path whe transponder stopped responding. and the area around the coastline is more than 100 feet deep. so if it crashed and went in the ocean it is either lying in the bottom in the silt or it went right in the mud and it could be weeks before they pull it out or even if they ever find it. we may not know. >> in the meantime, we haven't heard anything about mr. ali, the guy who bought the tickets for the people in advance, paid in cash, one-way tickets. >> that is certainly a scenario we've seen in other events. we all remember the bomber in 2009, abdullah, had one-way tickets. this is a teachable moment, whether it is the issue of where they lost the pass ports, where
6:19 pm
we have 90 members of interpol checking today. or whether we shouldn't allow transponders even on a voluntary basis to be turned off. if you go back to the hijacking, three out of four had their transponders turned off. there are a lot of lessons we can learn here. >> thank you, we are hearing accusations now that the administration is violating the constitution and threatening our national security. and those are coming from a democrat. we'll explore that next. plus? a gop upset and a special election in florida played out on this broadcast. tonight, see how the media and the democrats are handling the fallout and what to expect next. what this represents, the concern about obamacare is a view of government that has more government in our lives. more government in our businesses. it cripples the economy and hurts employment. there is an individual mandate that people cannot embrace. tall the building is
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from the world headquarters of fox news, it's "the kelly file" with megyn kelly. well, a powerful democratic senator is accusing the obama administration of undermining the constitution and the separation of powers. our next guest says it is a disturbing pattern, saying quote, they spied on you and lied about it. now they may have spied on congress, for legitimate reasons or not, the intelligence community and the white house have compromised national security. ron fournier is a senior columnist, joining me now, ron,
6:24 pm
what did the administration do, and senator feinstein, that you are so upset about? >> well, let's take them separately. the senator, and what could be a full-blown crisis with the executive branch accused of intimidating and spying on congress and congress accused of stealing documents from the cia. and that is not a pretty place for the president of the united states to be in the middle of that kind of cat fight. >> it is getting ugly, feinstein, ms. feinstein came out yesterday and said exactly as you suggest, that this is a defining moment for congress' role in overseeing the intel agencies. she suggested they secretly remove documents, search computers used by the committee. you say what it amounts to is we, the american people, are being lied to by the people who
6:25 pm
are supposed to answer to us. >> we have severe national security threats and dangerous people who want to kill us. we have to give our national security apparatus and our intelligence community the leash they need to protect us. but we can only do that if we can trust them and if they don't lie to us. we had the very obvious example with clapper when he told the senate that there had been no -- >> not wittingly. >> it was a flat-out lie, no accountability for it. >> that is why i don't buy the s adjective, he said well, saying we did something we wouldn't do. >> stealing the congressional documents and so on. but the american people, a lot of them don't seem to care about this issue. it is likely, the cia has to do
6:26 pm
what they have to do to take care of us. we haven't had any significant attacks since 9/11, so if they're going to spy on me and congress so be it. >> i can understand that view. i certainly want the cia to do what it has to do. and i really respect the men and women who work there. but we have to have a check and balance in this country. because we can't have the balance between our civil liberties and our national security tipped off balance. and the real irony here is you have diana feinstein, and congress has not been a credible oversight of the cia. one of the reasons is, they haven't been able to keep the secrets secret like they're supposed to. they don't trust congress, also congress has not been very aggressive, including senator
6:27 pm
feinstein has not been very aggressive in putting tough oversight over the national security. it is too easy to say do your job, i don't want to know what you're doing. well, somebody has to represent the people who can't know what is happening and really make sure our liberties are not being abused more than they have to to keep us safe. >> the president promised he would run a different type of presidency than president bush. i would like to end this with a quote. everybody is dump, dump, dumping on everybody. what movie character? anybody? >> sounds like bugs bunny. >> no, i'll put it out on twitter, let me know on twitter, everybody dump, dump, dumping on everybody. thank you, ron. >> you stumped me. >> a very famous movie and a very famous character, you're going to get it. coming up, the president's controversial pick for surgeon general could come up soon. and the national rifle
6:28 pm
association is here to explain why they think this man is something that every american should worry about. plus, the republicans are claiming a big victory. the fallout from florida next. >> yes, obamacare was an issue, the voters made it an issue. but at the end of the day obamacare just represents a view of this government that the president put forward and i think many people reject. uhhh. no, that can't happen. that's the thing, you don't know how long it has to last. everyone has retirement questions. so ameriprise created the exclusive.. confident retirement approach. now you and your ameripise advisor can get the real answers you need. well, knowing gives you confidence. start building your confident retirement today. starts with freshly-made pasta, and 100% real cheddar cheese. but what makes stouffer's mac n' cheese best of all.
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sacrifice, courage. which is why usaa is honored to help our members with everything from investing for retirement to saving for college. our commitment to current and former military members and their families is without equal. what is important, though, is that a republican in a district that president obama had won twice, a first-time candidate going up against a hand-picked candidate from out of town picked by the national party, the national democrats with all of the money behind her from the very beginning they were wrong with their message. they were wrong on the issues. the reason we won this race is because we stood on issues and
6:32 pm
for a message that is right for our community and right for the future of our country. well, that was part of my interview with florida congressman-elect david jolly after his victory last night over alex cin k., and they ignored the victory, others say it proves how obamacare is working and is not a threat for the election, and how the gop is weak. and the president of the research center, i want to get to some obamacare news with you. first i want to ask you about your reaction to what we're hearing from so many democrats, obamacare was not an issue in this race and this was not any sort of a comment on it. >> it is not surprising they're saying it in the media, but behind closed doors, they're panicking.
6:33 pm
this is a woman who was a state-wide official, almost was elected governor in the state of florida, a district is ththat o carried twice, way out-raised her opponent, and she still lost to a relatively unknown guy and the issue was obama and obamacare, this is sending a shock wave throughout all the other states where they're vulnerable democrats who worry the exact same thing will happen to them. >> meanwhile, the news keeps breaking, the approval numbers on the law are at an all-time low. we hear a couple of things, number one, low enrollment numbers versus where they said they wanted to be. and number two, now we all found out that the ones who got cancelled, suddenly and quietly they were basically given a waiver. they don't have to buy obamacare insurance policies anymore if they can show hardship. which basically means if they say your law, obamacare is a
6:34 pm
hardship on me you don't want to buy it. the obama administration is saying it's okay, we'll help you buy it. is this any way to run the railroad? >> the point is, they're desperately trying to stop the wave of rejections. we had 6 million people who lost their insurance last fall, and coming up there will be tens of millions of people. the problem is if they take all of these steps, then what happens is, as kathleen sebelius testified today premiums will go up next year. the effect is, if premiums go up young people don't sign up. it is not worth it. so obamacare spirals into a death spiral. they're trying to save their political bacon, but in the process, they're hurting us with obamacare. >> and kathleen sebelius said millions, not 7 million, watch.
6:35 pm
>> well, success looks like millions of people with affordable health coverage. >> so you're changing your standing -- >> i said success looks like millions. >> actually you said 7 million. >> i think success looks like at least 7 million people having signed up by the end of march 2014. >> it is called videotape and all of the television stations have it. mark, i got to run, quick final word. >> they're moving their red lines again. >> see you soon. >> thank you, megyn. >> speaking of videotape, as i say all the tv stations have it but not everyone cosmo to spend a whole lot of time using it when it came to the special election in florida. and joining me now with more on that is brent bazzel, president of the media coverage tracking the special election coverage. brent, what did you find? >> well, cbs last night voted two minutes to this which is a
6:36 pm
rather long time calling it a referendum on obamacare. tonight when the vote was in and the republican had defeated the democrat on obamacare, how much coverage does cbs give the story? answer, not one second. abc, nbc, no story last night. no story tonight. the morning shows. this morning, this is an interesting one. they gave almost nine minutes to the interview that the president did, that goofy interview where he tried to sell obamacare. but when you look at a vote which cost the democrat the race because of obamacare, 53 seconds total. they don't want to cover this story. this story was the defeat. >> and in the meantime, just to give the viewers a flavor in the headlines we saw today in the wake of this upset, that is how brit hume characterized it. the daily beat, despite their loss in florida democrats shouldn't panic, forbes, why the florida congressional choice is
6:37 pm
not a problem. and the new republic saying a loss in florida shows democratic candidates need more obamacare, not less. more obamacare, brent, i mean, this is -- you know, people who don't sort of stay abreast of these races and just see these headlines can walk away with a completely different impression. >> yeah, but they're in absolute denial of what is going on all over the country. megyn, you know it is certifiable truth. had the democrat won the race last night every network and all of the media outlets you just cited every single one would be talking about how this is a referendum on obamacare and obamacare won. every single won. so if that is true then when they lose the opposite should be the truth. >> brent, good to see you. >> thank you, megyn. well, breaking tonight, a
6:38 pm
third person now confirmed dead in a massive explosion in harlem, new york this morning. nine other people who live in the two apartment buildings are unaccounted for at this hour. trace gallagher has more on the latest developments, trace? >> reporter: megyn, this happened in the north central park in spanish harlem. this one was a major explosion, a lot of residents had little or no warning. these were very old stone apartment buildings, about 100 years old each, and the neighbors said they're complaining about the gas for weaks. con edison says this is the first time they heard about it. the explosion happened at 9:30, three killed, 60 injured, three killed. the nine people still missing, crews are now search iing the debris. but there is a sinkhole that is kind of getting in the way of
6:39 pm
the search. and many have not called the authorities as of yet. you could see smoke from all over manhattan and residents say it brought back memories of 9/11, listen. >> it was an extremely loud explosion, like a bomb. >> we're sitting there waiting for the store to open, when all of a sudden, boom, the explosion, boom, the train had just passed. we thought it came from the train. then we saw these boards like flying. >> and look at this before and after. we're talking about a 100-year-old apartment building brought down to rubble within minutes. 200 firefighters fighting the blaze. and now you have back hoes battling the debris. the national safety transportation is focusing on this and the infrastructure, listen to this. >> we have had a long-standing
6:40 pm
concern about cast iron pipe and we are certainly looking at that. just this morning we had a briefing to our staff. talking about a pipeline accident in birmingham, alabama, that did involve cast iron pipe. >> and you have to keep in mind, megyn, that those who were lucky enough to get out of the apartment buildings now have no place to go tonight. thank you, trace. also, the search for the surgeon general, we would like to know what you think about this issue, watch our next guest, leave me a message on, or send me a tweet using the hash tag, "the kelly file." everybody thump, thump, thumping on everybody. announcer: where can an investor be a name and not a number? scotade. ron: i'm never alone with scottrade. i can always call or stop by my local office.
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no two people have the same financial goals. pnc works with you to understand yours and help plan for your retirement. visit a branch or call now for your personal retirement review. well, the vote for president obama's pick for surgeon general could come any day now and we're getting reports that opposition is growing. the very powerful national rifle association says it will be scoring this vote on this nominee. a threat to those who support dr. vivek murthy. an advocate for stronger gun laws in america. the nra sending a letter reading, he would use the office of surgeon general to further
6:45 pm
his campaign against gun ownership. earlier i spoke with chris cox, the director for legislation, and i wrote and asked him why they are so concerned about this doctor. >> mr. murthy is not just a gun control supporter, but an advocate. his agenda is to treat the gun like a disease. that is not something that the nra will sit by and watch happen. we'll engage tens of thousands of supporters and make sure that everybody knows the truth. >> he was head of the group, doctors for america, which used to be doctors for obama, designed to get the president elected. he has sent out tweets and made comments that seem to be in favor of gun limits. tired of politicians playing politics with guns putting lives at risk because they're scared
6:46 pm
at nra. guns are a health care issue. and then he went on in december after the newtown tragedy saying that the nra conference predictable, blame everything in the world except guns for the newtown tragedy. wake up. other than that, what are you referring to when you talk in your letter of his record of political activism? >> well, megyn, he supported every radical gun control scheme out there, everything from gun control bans, ammunition bans, anything that prevents doctors from keeping records on their conversations with patients who are gun owners. repealing the protection to prevent insurance companies for charging the gun owners higher premiums. this is a gun control activist. so we have a lot of concerns with this nominee. and yes, the president can nominate whoever he wants. and the president is a partisan
6:47 pm
id ideaogue, but top doctors shouldn't be partisan id idealogues, teaching people about health care, and focusing on safety should be the issue, not focusing on gun control issue. >> he is controversial, only 36 years old, an attending physician for eight years, not long, but has a lot of recommendations in his favor from medical groups. he came out, saying, first of all the surgeon general doesn't have a political role, but he came out as a powerful pulpit. he says he wouldn't use his position. >> i do not intend to use the surgeon general's office as a bully pulpit, that will not be in priority. my focus will be on obesity challenges, there are a number
6:48 pm
of challenges facing our nation. the gun violence has to do with my experience as a physician. >> what do you make of this? >> we were told the trust the president when he said trust him on the second amendment. we were told to trust eric holder and the nsa when they said they would never spy on americans. we don't trust this nominee. there is a reason for it. he has been an activist. like i said he is hell-bent on treating a constitutional freedom like a disease, that should concern everybody whether you're a second amendment supporter or not. >> what do you think the outcome is here? now thanks to harry reid, they only need 51 votes to get this guy confirmed and the democrats control the senate. but there are at least several vulnerable democrats coming up in the election, and they may be scared when they think the nra will score this vote. what do you think is likely to happen? what are you hearing about these dems? >> well, we don't know what will happen, but we'll defend our
6:49 pm
position. when the nra gets behind this position and scores a vote it means that millions of nra supporters will know about it. not just that, this is a big deal, we'll make sure the american people know the truth on this guy. >> chris, good to see you. >> thanks for having me, megyn. up next, a new book out about the deadly attack that killed four americans in benghazi. why it points the blame at hillary clinton. ♪ [ male announcer ] how could a luminous protein in jellyfish, impact life expectancy in the u.s., real estate in hong kong, and the optics industry in germany? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global ecomy. it's just one reon over 75% of our mutual funds
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. well, a new book offering a different look at the bipartisan senate report on the deadly attack in benghazi. four americans were killed that day. my next guest calls it shocking failures by the president and his administration including then secretary of state hillary clinton.
6:53 pm
roger stone was the founder of an anti-hillary clinton political report. and was the author of the benghazi report. it is basically a synopsis of the intel report? >> yeah, basically this is not a bipartisan report, this is a year endeavor under chairwoman feinstein who we saw earlier this evening. and it definitely shows that hillary clinton and the state department and the obama administration have dissembled if not lied about what happened in benghazi, everybody needs to read the report. >> why do we have the report? >> well, a lot of people don't read the report so what i have tried to do is walk you through the cliffnote version so that you can see our ambassador asked repeatedly for increased security, they didn't ignore it. they denied it.
6:54 pm
hillary clinton herself was in the meeting with patrick kennedy, the number three man in the department when the decision was made to deny that request. and then most importantly this proves without any question that the idea that the attack on our mission was caused by an anti-islamic video is a fabricati fabrication, it is completely false. >> the report did find no evidence of a political cover-up, the kind of political cover-up the republicans had been alleging. do you dispute that in this book? >> well, is it incompetent or a cover-up? it is absolutely false that the demonstration as "the new york times" days before said in cairo was a precursor, and the actions in benghazi were caused because of an anti-islamic video. that is a lie. and the state department added this that were talking points by the cia used by susan rice to
6:55 pm
dissemble for the american people. >> what is the point of doing this some i know reading this you're not a fan of hillary clinton. and our viewers formed an administration, the acronym that begins with a c. >> it is a senate intelligence committee report by republicans and democrats, yes, i am a partisan, don't believe me. believe the committee because it was a bipartisan committee. this is not a republican or a conservative publication. i took the senate report and i basically went through and analyzed it. and the u.s. senate report which took a year to investigate, and many tax dollars shows that "the new york times" is wrong and that hillary clinton lied. clinton lied. people died. that is just a fact. >> roger, thank you for joining us. >> great to be here. up next, the answer to the
6:56 pm
quote. everybody thump, thump, thumping on everybody. plus, "hannity" at the top of the hour. >> conmen, in order to redecorate their office, in order to put in craft beer bars, they're doing that after what they call the establishment republicans. humans. one day we're coming up with the theory of relativity, the next... not so much. but that's okay. you're covered with great ideas like optional better car replacement from liberty mutual insurance. total your car, and we give you the money to buy one a model year newer. learn about it at liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? those litt cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment is right. cialis is also the only daily ed tablet helpsapproved to treattime the msymptoms of bph, like needing to go freently. tell yr doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthenough for sex.
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and in a film called saturday night fever, he won in the competition but the latinos
7:00 pm
lost. and he knew that it was that the latino should have won. he said everybody thump, thump, thumping on everybody. lots of folks got it. we'll see you tomorrow night. this was a fox news alert tonight. we will recap the big special election win for republicans in the all-important swing state of florida on tuesday. gop candidate david jolly defeated obama ally, alex sink, reaction from the one and only charles krauthammer . but first, the chinese are claiming their satellite found possible area where the plane might have gone down. for more, we turn to fox's over catherine herridge. catherine, let's look at the images. tell me what you think about them and the reports circulating all


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