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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  March 21, 2014 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> we'll be eating 20 of those. ever wonder what your pet is thinking? we know the answer. we will answer it this weekend on "fox & friends." >> what a program! >> have a great weekend. bill: there is breaking news out of moscow. vladimir putin signing a law anw annexing crimea. new developments in the search for flight 370. investigators scouring the ocean for possible debris spotted in the satellite images. so far they have found nothing. questions about what was given to malaysia in the early days of
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this mystery. >> a major satellite company telling fox news they told the malaysian officials the triple 777's possible location as early as two days after the plane disappeared. >> on a day we had handed over the basic flight data information to the supplier of the avionics of the plane. by tuesday they drew up a suggested arc to the north and south where you may want to look. bill: the latest at moment is what? >> reporter: another day of searching has proved fruitless. so night has fallen without any sighting of the plane debris.
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that's got to be a massive blow to families looking for closure or a shred of hope. the satellite manufacturer that first discovered the plane continued pinging basically admitted their estimations of where the plane might have gone down are not terribly precise. listen to this key statement in the point view last night. >> by tuesday they had drawn up a suggested arc to the north and the south of where you may want to look. it's not a case that we came up with an idea and said it's here. >> reporter: these images may have been pieces of the missing plane. they have been asking people all
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over the globe to scrutinize the images. i spoke to a man who is known to be one of the world's greatest note owe upper presenters. he said there should be many, many more images at that location from a variety of sources. he said there should be a flood of images but we are hearing nothing about other images in this search area. another sign that all this may be another false alarm, bill. >> reporter: australia's acting prime minister said nothing has been spotted the by air. as more ships are head together search area in the indian ocean. roger maynard is our grn reporter.
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can you tell us any more? >> following up on that remark he said given the images that are five days old, there is a possibility the debris could have sunk. we have had five aircraft out of the search area, 2,500 kilometers off the west australian coast. also a u.s. navy poseidon which is also in the area. this is one of the world's most advanced surveillance aircraft. it's a very welcome addition to the search mission because it has advanced radar to detect under water objects. so far it's been a frustrating day because they have come back empty handed. >> reporter: productive how? >> it gives them an opportunity
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to see the area themselves. they know what the conditions are like out there. and the weather has been good. the visibility has been good which allows them to fly fairly close to the weather. but the looks like the weather will be deteriorating in the next day or two which could hinder the operation. >> reporter: what are they looking for now? by all accounts it's a no-man's land out there in the water. you have the more advanced technology in the search and they are racing against time. what are they hoping to accomplish between now and sunday? >> they are trying to look for one of these large pieces of debris. this 70-foot long pieces of debris spotted by one of the satellites. that's a big piece of wreckage if it is connected with the
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plane. it is the sign of a tennis court roughly. so they would hope to be able to sight that if they came close to it. but it's the proverbial needle in a haystack. they are searching 23,000 kilometers and this piece of wreckage may have drifted hundreds of miles in the last few days. it's difficult to say if they will be able to find it in the next couple days. it could carry on for weeks. >> reporter: we've appreciate the update. roger maynard, grn reporter. bill: fire up and we'll share some of your thoughts over the next few hours. in the meantime there is breaking news from moscow. vladimir putin made it official, signing a law completing the
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annexation of crimea. russian troops building up along the ukrainian border raising questions about putin's intentions. >> reporter: moscow confirming what for all intents and purposes is the ground reality in crimea. russia have much in control, backed up by something like 20,000 troops that moved into crimea. a couple weeks ago this area was ukraine. no word on the bases of the ukraine military being overrun. there are 10,000 or more ukrainian troops on that peninsula. they are telling me an evacuation plan is underway. that would be a surrender from the ukrainian government. they do have concerns on russian
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movements on the eastern side of the ukrainian border. russia says it won't invade the ukraine but they are taking no chances. bill: what has the u.s. said about this? >> reporter: there has been a response from the u.s. and from the west and the folks here are pleased. in brussels the interim prime minister signing a trade and political deal with the european union. you will recall it was the former government's decision to back off closer ties with the west and cozy up with russia. international backing here in kiev in the form of u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon meeting with officials. president obama had the second round of sanctions announced yesterday that was welcome. but people are looking for more help on the strategic side. the military side.
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we have the militia commander who said we have been too close to putin in the past. weep talked to the chiefs in the ukraine. he said we got rid of our nukes, now we want help. bayback. -- payback. >> reporter: health industry officials are saying premiums could triple in some parts of the country as obamacare taking a dive in one key demographic. only 47% of hispanic now approve of the affordable care act. that's down from 61% in september. how significant are these new numbers on the hispanic support for obamacare. >> reporter: you just quoted two sets of numbers and they are
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both bad news for obamacare. let me start with what the healthcare insiders, the insurers have been saying. what they have to say is a true bombshell. premiums in some parts of the country could double or go up even more than that. the premium is what you and i pay on a month to month basis for our health insurance. can you imagine a double of that? it appears in parts of the country where the population is older and sicker, that's where the premiums will go up most. the baseline premium is what we have been talking about for a long long time, a lack of young enrollees. young healthy people not putting into the pool, and older, sicker people taking out far more. the bombshell comes this spring when the insurers start to post their new premium prices. that's when it that's when the insurance
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companies are squeeze and we find out how much these premiums are going up. bill: literally 9 days away from the big day. march 31. developing information on flight 370. the home simulator the captain build is on its way to quantity co, virginia. does it hold the clue to this mystery? nancy pelosi he obamacare despite dismal polling numbers is actually a winner for democrats. >> with all the money spent and a 13-point advantage republican district we do the it down to below 2 points. i think we are ready for the next cut but we'll talk politic another day.
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>> reporter: federal investigators say they could have a report on seattle's deadly helicopter crash soon. the helicopter killed both men on board and severely burned a third person on the ground. bill: if you are just joining us, they found nothing on the water overnight. and they are sending the flight simulator from the pilot's home to the fbi in virginia. i think we spoke two days ago. you have a lot of experience with what the fbi done as with these satellite images.
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on the sip layer to you could determine what, bill? >> you are going to look at this in context. you are going to look at what he deleted. you are trying to get a sense of what was going on in this man's meentd. man's mind. was he looking at a landing strip in the indian ocean that might give us a clue as to what he was thinking. but it's how you can match that up with who was emailing and what google searches he was make. so you can say what was his intent? what was he thinking? bill: you are suggesting even if you find something on that i am lay tar, that may not be your smoking gun. >> we don't have access to the scene or the perpetrators.
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so we have to look at whether someone researched flights going through the indian ocean and take those bits of sand and postulate what went through a human beings mind two weeks ago. that's going to be tough. bill: how long before they have a conclusion. >> i think next week. i doubt that it will be encrypted. it's whether they can recreate history being back 2000 two weeks or four weeks. i expect the clue will be difficult and it will take two to four weeks. bill: this satellite image was taken by a satellite company on sunday. you have a lot of experience analyzing these pictures.
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>> we have to differentiate what we have in our hearts. what are the facts on the ground. let's say there is a 10% chance we ever see something that they identified in those satellite photographs. let's say it's a 5% chance it has something to do with aircraft. we are down in that case to a less than 1% chance if you put those two factors together that we'll ever see anything relevant based on those photos. we are grasping at straws because we want to give those families answers. i think it will be extremely frustrating. bill: if they saw this sunday, that looks fishy, maybe we need to keep track of that. can that satellite company or a series of satellites around the world continue to track and follow that for days? >> my guess would be no because a lot of these satellites are on orbit so they can't stay on
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target that long. in my old life when we are looking at terrorism drones were so important. you could have surveillance that would target for a long period time. i don't think you could maintain coverage to watch this stuff. bill: that means they could have lost it. the defense minister in malaysia suggested he will call chuckle l chuck hageling for more assets. >> we don't know where the haystack is. in the two weeks past the haystack could have moved to places unanticipated because of the currents. the likelihood more assets find a moving needle and a moving haystack. bill: how much do you know about
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malaysian culture? why didn't they do this a week ago? >> i suspect they had such chaos they didn't have a plan in practice. when you hit the brick wall of reality the plan lose and the brick wall wins. everything i saw practiced in terms of emergencies, it trains your mind but reality is painful and the malaysians had an emergency they couldn't handle. >> reporter: the largest doctors' group in the country raising concerns about a little known obamacare rule that could cost doctors big time. >> there is nothing like it. bill: you know what that call that? they call that team spirit. how a temper tantrum got that fan exactly what he was looking for. whatever works.
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bill: a train crashes into a truck and the train wins. the truck was carrying furniture at the time. you can say good-bye to that. broken sticks now. no one was injured. >> reporter: the largest doctor's group raising the alarm about obamacare. the american medical association which once backed obamacare
6:25 am
warns it could leave patients with paying the tab when they skip out and paying their insurance premiums. good to see you. what's the headline? what's the head high pressure here? >> it's not an obscure rule if you are a doctor. and it's not obscure if you are a patient. we are talking about the 5 million signing up. 5 million that didn't have it before. doctors are suffering under obamacare. if doctors are suffering, patients are suffering. we are in trouble. >> reporter: they are talking about a 90-day grace period. >> isn't it ironic the american medical association that backed the law is crying about this rule. if you have subsidized insurance, you bought it on the state exchange and you find you can't afford your premiums even
6:26 am
with the subsidy and you bail and say i'm not going to be able to do this. the government says you have 90 days when you are still considered insured. the first month the insurer has to cover it. the last two months the doctors have to keep taking care of you even though we may not get paid. i can tell you from personal experience most of the times those bills don't get paid. it's on the doctor's back. i'm not that unhappy about that. i want to keep taking care of my patients whether i have get paid or not. but i have lights i have got to keep on and employees i have to pay. so this will be a problem with millions of patients out there. it will hurt doctors in a big way. we can't charge up front for this. >> reporter: you are raising the issue and so is the american medical association.
6:27 am
anybody to -- any way to tweak this rule? >> insurers are used to the idea of risk. doctors in hospitals should not have to handle risk. that's what the president of the ama is saying. he's saying we don't believe doctors should have to handle risk. but the ama is a little bit compromised and they should have seen this coming. the managing risk which you are saying is typically a role for insurers, but the grace period role transfers 2/3 of that risk to insurers and healthcare providers. so the patients don't pay. do they refuse service? >> they can. we are not really businessmen and we shouldn't be spending our time worrying that 90 days. i could take a credit card and hold it, but then i have to
6:28 am
start contacting the patient. this is going to get in the way of the practice of medicine. i want to know i'll be covered for the service i provide. >> reporter: does it matter if they get you right away when they tell you if the patient is running mind on bills? >> the insurers are supposed to do that. bill: there are new allegations against the malaysian government that it wasted time and resources in the search for this plane. an american satellite company says it located a potential crash sight 11 days ago. >> within 4 hours we hand over the basic fly data on th on on e
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bill: the weather is playing a role in the search for this missing plane. the bottom of the earth it is. >> reporter: it is a very remote area. we had a storm system that was hindering the search efforts. but that is clearing today. but we expect another storm system in this area tomorrow night and sunday morning. but 3:00 p.m. eastern time we have a wave of low pressure producing strong winds. we do expect gusts to be as strong as 30 miles per hour.
6:34 am
possibly even stronger out here. you can see the blue shading in excess of 30 miles per hour. not only for the weekend but even as we head into monday. choppy seas and poor visibility in addition to the other issues being that this is a remote area and the water is very deep. bill: maria, thank you. arthel has more now. >> reporter: new revelations on how much time may have been lost in the search for the missing malaysia airlines plane. satellite images show the two objects that may be debris from the aircraft sparking a shift in the search area to the southern part of the indian ocean. a british satellite company says it knew of a possible crash site there as early as two days after the plane's disappearance. >> saturday when the plane was missing we were asked if we had
6:35 am
any data relating to the flight. sunday-monday they mused the ideas maybe we can have satellite signals. they looked on the site and saw the plane had flown more hours. by tuesday they had drawn up a suggested arc to the north and south of where you might want to look. arthel: kyle bailey is an aviation analyst and licensed pilot. march 12 is when they shared the data. but the malaysian investigators didn't redirect their search efforts to the indian ocean until march 15. how much could that have affected the search? >> it's a shame in the beginning they were searching up near the straits of malacca. that's a waste of maritime assets and manpower. the bottom line is, this company, the satellite operator
6:36 am
and owners of satellites are a well respected corporation. 35 years in business. it's not their job for search and rescue. the acars system is transmitting critical engine performance, parameters of the flight. it's not meant for pinpointing the exact location of the aircraft. arthel: so talk about the kind of information that could have been collected during those 10 days and how much the plane itself could have been deteriorated in that period. >> it is a relatively short period of time. depending on how the aircraft impacted the ocean. whether it's in many pieces or whether it ex ploafd. the biggest is to recover the
6:37 am
black box. arthel: the battery power on that black box will run out and won't transmit information. >> there is a possibility they might have disconnected the circuit breakers for that black box so there might not be that much information on there. arthel: is there any valid reason why they would have waited three days before saying this is credible satellite company told us? >> i don't think so. usually with positioning there is three satellites. in this instance there was only one satellite. so you need three to triangulate the position of the aircraft. the system is designed for engine performance. it's not meant to pinpoint location. when they go to that company and they say where is our aircraft.
6:38 am
it's like when i have on star. you say i signed up for the service, so you should have found me. it's not their responsibility. they are not in the business of finding airplanes. they are in the business of receiving data from the aircraft to forward on to the maintenance base of the airline and the manufacturer. arthel: when you hear the news this morning which is no news, that nothing has been discovered overnight. what do you make of the status of the search? >> i think with the debreeze most recently spotted, my gut feeling it is probably maybe a container or parts after shipwreck. we have to remember the initial search area was 3 million square miles. there is shipwrecks, metal, debris, downed small aircraft. it could be a catalyst -- countless number of debris in
6:39 am
the ocean. arthel: the old needle in the haystack is what everybody is saying. kyle bailey, thank you very much for your expertise. bill: let's let the madness roll on. how is your bracket? stunning first day of upsets. harvard win, beating cincinnati 61-57. that was a great first round game. the triple some ending the bearcat season with that steal. harvard is on a roll. north dakota state beating oklahoma 80-70 in o.t. the sooners were way down in this game. they came back in the second half but lose in the end. how about this one. dayton gets its revenge. in the fine three seconds the flyers did the lay-up. the buckeyes try to respond. ohio state loses in the stunner
6:40 am
60-59. when you had the other upsets 95% of all brackets have been eliminated in warren buffets perfect bracket challenge. he put a billion dollars on the line. your chance of winning buffet's cleaj is 1.2quintillion. arthel: a wer falling into a hole. bill: betting on obamacare? nancy pelosi's answer to this question raise something eye brows. >> reporter: in the current environment in a swing district is obamacare a winner or loser politically.
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arthel: we have an updaten the shocking murder of an australian college student. two teenagers pleading not guilty and waiving their right to a speedy trial. 22-year-old chris lane was shot and killed while jogging near his girlfriend's house last summer. >> i believe it's a winner. by the way, it's called affordable care act. i know you didn't intend any compliment or derogatory -- it's called affordable care act. when people know what it is and see what it means to them. that's the case we have to make. bill where that is nancy pelosi's answer when asked if obamacare would be a winner or loser for her party in november. juan williams and brad blakeman,
6:45 am
gentlemen, we are all grownups. is it a winner or is it a loser? >> it's a huge loser. the fact that nancy pelosi is the cheerleader for obamacare. but you are not allowed to came that. she is the one who said you have to pass to it see what's tonight. she is the one who said you can keep your doctor. and your policy. now she is saying this is a winner for democrats? good luck. >> i think if you look back at the florida 2013 rink with jolly and sink it was an issue but when the numbers came back it wasn't a big negative for the democrat in the race. what the democrats learned from that, they have to go beyond saying let's fix it.
6:46 am
they have to say exactly what pelosi said. this is landmark achievement that will drive down costs. it has already driven down costs and it will help you with people with preexisting condition to get coverage. bill: just to be clear you think it's a winner in november? >> my guess is what happens is the emphasis is not what it is today in november. people see the healthcare bill will have gotten. i think it will be 5.2 million and it will just be the law. bill: back to the minority leader in the house. she wants to make it clear you are going to save money. watch here. >> affordable. there is a reason. affordable. affordable. affordable. affordable. affordable. the reason they changed the name it is they wanted to get away, the opponents wanted to get away
6:47 am
from the word affordable. bill: i think the president used the word obamacare. if it's not affordable, it's a loser. >> she. caller: it affordable 100 times. if you look at the recent rasmussen reports. voters said they are already negatively affected by we have seen the costs of obamacare skyrocket for individuals. that's the reason the president has offered the latest out for individual claiming a hardship. if it was work and was affordable businesses would be given the same opportunity as individual. they have been exempted. now individual are exempted. they are stalling the inevitable and that is obamacare cannot work because they don't have enough young people paying in who are healthy to pay for those sick who need it now. it cannot work under the president's metrics.
6:48 am
if it was good numbers they would tell us. bill: pew research yesterday, 53% disapprove. the american people will tell us whether they like this thing or not. they are the ones who will tell leaders in washington and across the country whether they believe it's affordable. >> the one thing i would say, every poll the "wall street journal" has come out. americans say it's the law, let's make it work. nobody is saying let's repeal it or reject it or it won't work. they are saying we'll make it work. bill: can you make the case's affordable? >> sure. it bend the cost curve in terms of healthcare nationally. the cost curve has gone down. business, individuals who suffered bankruptcy because of catastrophic health conditions all know as a result of obamacare they are in a much
6:49 am
better financial position. bill: i don't know about that, juan. a lot of these people are saying, i looked at the website and i see the premium costs and it's higher than i ever paid before. some people say doubler to triple. the question is how many of them believe it costs them more or less? >> the people i talked to and the polls justify this. and pan it out. obamacare premiums have hurt the middle class. if you are poor, you have got medicaid, you had medicaid before. if you are rich you are going the get the best doctors. the middle class is being squeezed because they will be on the hook. we know what employers are doing. that's why they were given a pass. they told the administration and unions who pushed this, if it's put on us we'll reduce people from full time to part time and that will hurt not on the
6:50 am
healthcare system but the average american. >> i come back to something very basic. it's like 70% to 80% of americans are not even impacted by this. we all get from our emploirts. as a result, these changes that affected 10% in the private market, those are the folks who may see some increases. but even for most of them who had canceled policies, they got new policies that turned out to be cheaper. arthel: one state hit hardest in the recession is making a big comeback. governor john kasich and how he is turning his state around. >> we are dwielgt the best we can. we understand that the focus in the u.s. is because there is only one american.
6:51 am
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arthel: we are closing in on two weeks since the flight of malaysian 370 went mission. on board the plane, american phillip wood who raised his family in texas before moving to asia. casey, it's hard to imagine what these families are going through. i don't think we can imagine. >> reporter: think about it. so many ups and downs. first they thought the plane had crashed.
6:55 am
then came the news and theory it had pen hijacked, and now they are waiting to see if the debris found off the australian coast is that of the jetliner. three american citizens were on board. we know that. phillip woods entire family lives in a suburb of dallas. his father he he feels his son is still alive. the 50-year-old was getting ready to move to kuala lumpur. he was telling us how beautiful kuala lumpur was and awas excited to be moving there from beijing. >> reporter: a 2-year-old and 4-year-old with chinese names were listed on the manifest. arthel: i believe there was another woman on board with
6:56 am
connections to pennsylvania? >> reporter: a malaysian national who had been transferred to the united states to work. she is an engineer forestman chemical. she just purchased a home in the public bush of pittsburgh in october. a company spokesperson releasing a statement to fox news. all of us at eastman are deeply shocked and saddened and our thoughts and prayers go out to all the families on the flight and especially to the family of our friend and coworker. it's been just two weeks into this mystery and til these families want and need closure. i think all of us do. bill: putin is making another move on crimea today. what will the up s. do to respond? critics blasting the justice department's latest controversial move. and the irs targeting scandal.
6:57 am
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>> 10:00 here in new york and 10:00 p.m. in australia. search planes flying deep into the indian ocean have come back to the west coast of australia with nothing to report. new hour begins now. i will bill hemmer. >> and i am marthel in for martha this morning. the focus this morning is on two objects spotted on satellite that could be from the missing the planes. they are being called the most creditable clues. >> william has more on this.
7:01 am
>> reporter: discouraging news after the five planes went out and all coming back empty with no visual conformation of the objects. they scanned 9,000 miles and no pings from voice data. so there is no hard evidence the plane crashed here. it was based on the sole satellite signal. >> this is going to be the long haul. the focus has always been to find the plane and reduce the area of search and possible rescue. >> reporter: the planes will try again tomorrow.
7:02 am
>> another mystery is the emergency beacons on board. explain that. >> reporter: this is another thing. there are multiple beacons on board and as soon as the plane hits the water they are supposed to transmit and it didn't. there are four on board, each has a battery for 48 hours. the signal transmits continuously to a network of 12 low flying satellites to 43 countries and bounced back to monitors on earth. it saves thousands of aviators and boaters every year. why it didn't work here? >> the aircraft hit the water
7:03 am
with such speed and angle, it may have been torn into small bits, including the emergency locater transmitters rendering them inoperable. >> reporter: that would suggest the plane is in small pieces and that is not good for the search, of course. >> they are using some of the most sophisticated aircraft. the lockede ryan can flow at low altitudes for the long periods of time. the p-8 can scan deep in the ocean waters. this global express is a long range civilian jet and it is
7:04 am
packed with state of the art emergency gear and there is the military transport plane and it is being used to drop buoys that can help searchers track debris moving. and an underwater explorer is weighing in saying the challenges can immense. >> we dump millions of pound of trash in the ocean so it could be debris, overturn boat, it could be anything. the fact they spotted anything is amazing even. >> he compares the effort of looking in an upstairs bedroom from a key hole on the ground
7:05 am
floor. critics blasting the justice department for refusing to appoint a special officer for the irs investigation. mike emanual is live. what are say saying >> they are not happy. a year later and no one has been indicted. special council t is a perfect >> if you look at the statute, there are three ways they are required to appoint spells council. if there is a conflict of interest, extrodinary interest, and in the public interest. this is three for three. >> he said a special council
7:06 am
would help people are confidence in the probe >> what is the response from the department of justice? >> they said it will continue to be directed in accordance for policy and procedure. the letter says quote after consideration of your request, in light ofther standards set forth, we are concluded such appointment isn't needed. ted cruz is saying it the height of the obama administration not taking this seriously enough. >> a house oversight committee raising big questions about a key obamacare delay regarding
7:07 am
the employer mandate. rich lowry editor of the national review and a fox news co c contributer, what is going on? >> well, everyone assumed he was delaying this to avoid the economic issues with the mandate. but the committee found interesting things. there was an exchange with the official over did you check anything and it seemed like he didn't care. and had hhs learned about the
7:08 am
delay by a white house official which suggest it was very political. >> this is from a letter: the committee is concerned about the role of implementation. what is the resource for isa? >> there is not much legal recourse. there is political resource. he is raising attention to the issue and trying to find more documents to embarrass the white house. the treasury bill says this is temporary relief and it has happened before. it has, but it was very small,
7:09 am
limited delays that had to with employer problems. the employer mandate hasn't been done because there is going to be political and economical problems with the i implementation. >> we were surprised they knew about the delay prior to the program. this raises questions about whether the fact they directed the man datedet for political problems. >> yeah, if it were just problems, you would have hhs saying we need more time. but this came from the whoite
7:10 am
house. you should go to congress and delay it the right way but they don't want them trying to change it. >> what is the incentive to delay this employer mandate? >> it applies to mid-range empl employers, having 50 or more people, so you are creating a disadvantage of hiring more people. if you on the cusp, you don't hire new people. or if you are above, you want to get below it.
7:11 am
st so it is a disincentive. all of the stories of the local businesses laying people off or not hiring because of the law. >> a terrifying scene on a construction site when work er slips into a muddy hole. >> after being hit hard by a crumbling economy, one republican governor says his state is making a big come back. which state is it in? and mean the governor when he is here live. russia makes new moves in crimea and where the crisis is heading next. glp >> god knows where the final destination. is it ukraine? or is it eu? russia decided to impose a new post-cold war order and to
7:12 am
revice the results of the second world war. this is the truth.
7:13 am
7:14 am
7:15 am
rescue crews rushing to free this construction working trapped in a muddy whole, stuck for more than three years in tampa. they used construction tools to keep his head above water and breathing. >> he needed to expand the travel bans, we did that. and specific measures were needed and further messages of destabilization further wide measure will be taken. >> that was david cameron sending a strong message to
7:16 am
russia about reprecushions and russian soldiers continue to march around the board. general jack keane and here. and what do you make about the latest troop movements? does he has his eyes set beyond crimea? >> they have been there a couple week and we has built them up. the russian military is a mere shadow of the former soviet union. but the ukraine troops are no match. when you move the troops up the boarder, you have to look at their intent. it is likely to want to occupy
7:17 am
eastern ukraine. they lied about georgia and they lied about crimea and now they all telling hagel they are conducting an exercise but they are there for one reason: waiting for the word from putin to go into the eastern ukraine. rail, gas, land transport for all food stuff go through eastern ukraine. they want to dominate that. and they have some people in that area, not like in crimea, but people that have ties there. >> we heard a message from david cameron. do you think putin is trying to get a military response? if so, what would that look like?
7:18 am
can the ukraine troops stand up against ukraine? >> i would not take cameron's statement as strong. there is no much we could be doing in terms of ramping up the sanctions. the ukrainians came to us asking for military defense and we denied them. we should provide them with flight training, and u.s. aircraft landing there providing them assistance. there is much we can do to demonstrate our resolve to the ukrainians >> so you are saying give more monetary support to ukraine. what about deeper sanctions? >> i am suggesting military assistance with trainers and
7:19 am
army forces. in terms of economic response, i think we have to expand from 20 or so russian leaders to scores of leaders and as opposed to one bank we need to focus on industries. i know the administration has that on the table, but we need to execute that, put them in play, and that would be a strong response. >> go from plan one to plan two immediately is what i hear you are saying and that is more financial pressure on putin and broader sectors of the economy. >> we have to recognize that putin's long-term strategy is nato and he may believe he can threaten nato because of our weak response. we should be moving troops in
7:20 am
the countries near the boarder so they know nato is going to stand by. >> thank you, general jack keane, i have to go. one u.s. senate is focused on the transponder aboard the bowing 777. and you don't pull on superman's cape or tug on batman's mask and you don't steal hulk hogan's shoes. the mystery behind the story next. the mystery behind the story next.
7:21 am
hulk hogan hog
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
are you a wrestling plan? well you can sigh a breath of relief because halk hogan's shoes have been returned to him. >> the fbi is going to analyze the simulator from that belong today the pilot. it may make 5-7 days to figure out what is on it, if anything, that will help. a georgia senator said one key investigation should be on who turned off the transponder.
7:25 am
>> those that examined it, and the folks from bowing, there is no way a catastrophic event turned the transponder event. someone had to manually turn it off. >> my next guess disagrees. he is a pilot and our fox news aviation analyst. why is the senator wrong? >> well, i think it bothered me he was so sure a human did this. we put circuit breakers in the cock pit because we know thinks break and the pilots need to isolate devices. so it tells me the switch could have turned off or something
7:26 am
along the electrical line could have gone wrong. >> bowing built the plane to make sure you could not turn it off? >> bowing built the plane assuming that everything was going to work 99% of the time. they build great airplanes. but we have a backup transponder. >> and you could turn them both off? >> sure you could. as if a short in the line from other reason shorted out and popped the breaker as well. that was the only issue i had; he was so sure he knew someone turned it off. >> let's talk about the mechanical theory or the
7:27 am
hijacking theory. why is that dangerous in this investigation? >> i think if we start lining up, and i see this in my blog or e-mail peal saying the plane was hijacked or it was mechanical failure. i am coming to the point where i believe the airplane could have gone down for both. it could have been hijacked and perhaps it turns into a flight 93 where the people in the back took control of the airplane. or a system or mechamechanical failure. >> the defense minister in kuala
7:28 am
lumpur is asking chuck hagel for more u.s. assets. it is dark there, 12 hours ahead of us. limited search overnight. they found nothing today. where are you, robert? >> we need to realize there are a couple facts that line up. everyone wants to find the plane in the indian ocean. but if you looked at the last place it was picked up, and you fly in the indian ocean, it is almost a straight line. it makes sense. >> especially when you consider the amount of time and the fuel
7:29 am
it had. >> exactly one state making a comeback and the governor is here to talk about the state making stride with jobs and whether it could work for other states. >> criminals cheating millions of americans and details on what is being called the biggest tax scam over. >> they said i owed $11,000 and if i didn't give him a $1,000 in the next 15 the sheriffs are going to arrest me at my job or resident.
7:30 am
7:31 am
7:32 am
7:33 am
listen up. new warnings about what is being called one of the biggest scams weaks before tax day. conartist ripping off taxpayers big time over the phone. how many victims are we talking about, elizabeth? >> about 20,000 taxpayers are reporting they have been had. they have stolen more than a million dollars. they are claiming they owe the person person through personal information and then walk them through and say they owe money,
7:34 am
many were immigrants so they threaten deportation. and irs agents usually contact you by mail, so remember that. >> if you are sitting at home and get a phone call, what should you watch out for? >> they are using common names and fake irs badge numbers and know the last four digit of your social security number, but don't know the whole thing. they call from a blocked number making it appear it is the irs calling. they will send emails with make insignas. you can call the treasure
7:35 am
inspector general office or file a cpom complaint with the federal trade commission. >> and they usually target the elderly people. >> they do. >> what a shame. new numbers on the economy showing one of the states hits hardest by the recession is making a big turnaround. ohio's unemployment rate druping to 6.5%, below the national late and lowest in the state since 2008. the governor says the state has brag rights and he is here to spell it out. >> hwe are not bragging here. we are pleased. >> the statistics say you are
7:36 am
number two in the country, number one in the midwest, and five in the country since you took office, and seven in the nation in the past year. give it your best shot. go ahead and brag. what is going in your state and what is ohio doing right. >> we saw the national economy not perform well and out here we believe we have a simple formula: balance your budget. we are running a surplus of a billion and half. and that is a 9.5 billion turnaround. and we are cutting taxes a lot of time because if you cut taxes, particularly for small business, it helps create excitement. and we priveatized private
7:37 am
operations and simplified our regulations. so we have stability and companies are looking to see where things are stable. if you look at illinois, companies don't know what they are doing over there. so when they see someone doing it right, it creates momentum. we have a long way to go. we lost 300,000 sector jobs. so we still have a ways to go. >> a colleague of yours, rick perry, he knows to california and says open up your business there. are you drawing more business into ohio or is your tax structure still preventive on that? >> we are trying to get sales
7:38 am
tax under 5% and helping people at the bottom of the income pool. whirlpool just created jobs in the area and another company created 800 jobs so people from other states are looking at ohio and people from around the world. we have a long way to go. we are focusing on workforce training and that is so people are prepared when they get education. >> look at the graphic going back to 2009, peeked in 2010. we are coming down. what can this white house do,
7:39 am
what do you think the president is will to do in his remaining three and a half years, to help the number go better? >> i would tell him to get the job creator in his office and listen to him on what caused the uncertainty. we are healing, but not like we should and the problem is uncertainty. people don't understand obama. the people that can apply don't even know how. it has been a series of uncertainty. allowing companies to bring their profits from europe back to america could be anothers think that mind be helpful. but he needs to listen to the people that make the job creating kig decisions and start on that tract. >> you mention obamacare, nancy
7:40 am
pelosi saying this is a winner for democrats in november. do you think it is winner for democrats in ohio? >> i think there is too much confusion, too much federal control, and no control of health care cost. people don't even understand it. best care to reform health care is from the bottom up not from 25-year-old staffers who wrote this in the dead of night. it isn't a winner for the people. >> politically ohio is important so we will stay with you. the white house is trying everything, meanwhile, to get young people in obamacare. the president stopped by the
7:41 am
ellen degenerous show. plus -- >> watch this right here. >> nothing like it. >> i like the strategy. >> sometimes you got to do what you got to to make it work. and this worked for him. and this worked for him. let's see what you got. rv -- covered. why would you pay for a hotel? i never do. motorcycles -- check. atv. i ride those. do you? no. boat. ahoy, mateys. house? hello, dear. hello. hello. van with airbrushed fire-breathing dragons. ah! check. thank you. the more you bundle, the more you save.
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now, that's progressive. ♪ ellejen ellen degeneres ♪ ♪
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this is how you get it when you want a souvenir. you have the meltdown to get the foul time. >> did he say it was dinner time? >> that is the dodgers playing in australia playing against an
7:45 am
all-star team. that young man wanted a gun. a security guard flipped the ball to the wrong person. give the ball to bird! that kid in yellow let's the fru frustration get the best of him. >> that is wrong. i don't agree. >> he got the ball. with the deadline approaching a week away, the president is pitching the plan in unusual places. yesterday he was on the ellen degeneres show. >> if you don't have health insurance, you should go on the health care website. especial especially all of the moms who have young people who think they
7:46 am
all invisible and don't think anything is going to happen the them. >> republicans say it is proving they are loosing support but the president praise the strategy for appealing to young people. >> jehmu greene is here and our other contributor is here as well. ellen degeneres show -- good move or bad move? >> of course it is good move. there is a generational divide here. young people, even with serious subjects, they have a better sense of humor than us. so the president is going to find outlets to connect with
7:47 am
them. ellen's audience is 40-year-old women likely so i am not sure it is reaching the young folks. but it is working. "between two ferns "spiked the increase in traffic. he knows what he is doing. they are more irrelevant. so it may seem odd to us older folks. but... >> i don't know why you are saying older folks. [laughter] does it look like he is making last-minute sales pitch? >> it reminds of the people
7:48 am
going from the town to town back in the day with elixirs claiming they would cure everything. most people realize the program is a disaster and it isn't working. they are great stratea great sy but it is hurting the creditability because most americans know he's selling an elixir. and here is my real concern: it is misleading americans. we heard this week many of the top american cancer hospitals will not serve people who have obamacare. and when leaders care more about perception than principle they are lost and the president is exhibit a of that. >> i am not sure where ken was
7:49 am
when the first president bush was working with dana carvey and enjoying his inpersoninations. but people like ken don't want people to understand the law. but 5 million americans have signed up and as young people are more attracted to the law, there is nothing they can do about it. most americans are looking at the scaretatics saying don't believe the hype. >> this isn't about scare tactics. this is about affordable when it is a crappy product. >> it isn't crappy if you never had insurance but you have it
7:50 am
before. >> we were going to give you the last word, but jehmu greene j jumped back in. >> "happening now" coming up soon in 10 -- >> no news in the missing malaysian flight, but are we getting new developments? and russia formally accepts crimea into it's territory. new sanctions and fallout for russia as the fears grow over the ambition of the other parts of the soviet union. thousands of convicted criminals could be getting shorter sentences and prosecutors are worried about the bill in congress because of it.
7:51 am
and the new kick at starbucks and it will not be from caffeine. star bucbuck
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eric holder is urging shorter sentencing in federal drug sentences. prosecutors have saying they are worri worri worried about this. >> reporter: someone busted with a thousand pot plants in the '80s could face 5-20 years
7:55 am
behind bars and as a result the crime is going down. but the mandatory minimums are under fire and coming from america's top cop. saying the prison sentences are hurting families, eric holderer is pushing the smarter sentence act. >> and such legislation could save the country billions in prison cost while keeping us save. >> reporter: but many federal prosecutors saying it is helping bring down king pins and crime rates >> they work very well who you have a drug offender who can tell you stuff if you charge 20 years of time and the defense
7:56 am
lawyers the only way out is cooperating. >> reporter: one federal prosecutor said if the bill passes, incarceration rates may go down, but drug crime will go up. it has passed from the senate committee and goes to the floor next. >> the hunt for clues to the location of flight mh370 with search planes on the edge of the indian ocean as the family of the passenger wait desperately for news. a live report coming up ahead. a live report coming up ahead. no two people have the same financial goals.
7:57 am
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8:00 am
so far starbucks said, initial testing, success. >> i bet. see you there after lent, right? >> with you after lent, sound good. >> fill up the gold card. happy hour. starbucks. >> let's do it. >> have a great weekend. 1:00. bye-bye. >> see yourow. jon: fox news alert. russian president vladmir putin signing bills today, officially making the black sea peninsula part of russia. it comes as ukraine signs its own deal aligning itself with the european union. e.u. leaders are slapping putin's inner circle with new sanctions, freezing their assets. the u.s. also hit russian bank and many of putin's allies with sanctions. toes sanctions are beginning to a of affect the russian economy. more on that coming up in a live report. jenna: but first another fox news alert. nearly two weeks after malaysian airlines flight 370 disappeared from


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