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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  March 23, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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now huckabee. >> tonight on huckabee. on thursday, president obama fires another warning shot at russia >> i signed a new excutive order that gives authority to impose sanctions on key sectors of the russian economy. >> and vladimar putin makes crimea a part of russia and it is taking a military option off of the table a mistake? >> and grasping at straws. >> the search for malaysian airline flight throe cent goes on. >> we are looking for a needle in the haystack. we don't know where it is.
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>> governor meek huckabee. thank youment thank you very much. and welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios in new york city. you think if the world were on fire, the president would use something more significant than a water pistol and damp clothe to quench the flames. president obama has the philosophy turn and let burn. turn the attention to the other things and maybe no one will notice if the fire is quenching our credible. russia took crimea and laughed at our threats to close the door to government officials and pretty much double dogged dared us to do anything to stop them.
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nsa spying scandal is so bad senator feinstein demanded the government stop speeing on congress. i wish she would have thought it was bad enough when they were spying on regular folks like you and me. and the iranians caught red handed hauling in missiles to gaza to attack israel. and when israel showed the plot, the possession of obama administration was lecture israel about building neighborhoods in judea and samaria. did we condemn iran? i think i missed that. 230 people missing on an airplane that just vanished. speculation of malaysian airplane is so far fetched that the anchor in one of those cable news network actually speculated
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that maybe, maybe a black hole swallowed it up. ine though's black hole would have swallowed up the entire earth and not just the airplane. but the president issued a terrific response to the rainfalling fires. he trotted out his ncaa bracket and talked about selfies with ellen dejenneris and sat tone two ferns. and he sent his wife and daughter on the excellent adventure to china that required cent staffer ares to go along with the ride and paid for with your tax dollars, they will not allow the press to ask the first lady to ask any questions or get near her. i guess his theme ought to be ain't no sunshine. and dugout the towns of greatest hits to lament how women were not paid the same as men. and claimed that women only make
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$0.77 on the dollar and urnls the government to take more action. if you factor out the woman who love the work force to have babies, the wage gap is a nickel. and now if the president wants to bring equality start with his own white house. accordingly to 2013 budget figures, women averaged 65,000 much and men averaged 74,000 a year. for someone who said he champions women. how come the percentage of the women in the work forces at a 16 year low. it pushed more policies to love women beh and instead of a four truck, we are driving an ice cream truck to the scone.
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-- scene. >> it is two books since the malaysian flight disappeared. a chinese satellite spotted's large object in the ocean. we'll go to james rosen for the latest. >> reporter: greetings from the capitol. this is the second time in a week a satellite generated a promising image of debris. once again ships and planes are scouring a remote 14,000 square mile area of the southern indian ocean. the australian satellite detected two pieces of debris. and the images captured showed an object 72 feet by 43 foot. one of the two objects detected by the australia satellite measured 80 by 15. >> my biggest concern is)/kawpáe are not able to identify the
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dead, having to go back to the massive area, and it is unpres depted and i have spoken to experts and leader in the world and in the scale of the rescue being done. >> lady mustangs airline flight 370 went missing on march 8th. and the final 54 minutes of cockpit communication with ground control. revealed nothing a miss. but the transcript prompted skrutny on the co-pilots. it revealed the abrupt left overnight forecast the gulf of thailand occurred as it was exiting malaysian air space. begin the typical currents. the debrie spotted by the chinese could have floated or sufrpg benegotiate the surface.
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governor? >> thank you for the update. joining me is commander. uss cole. and cia director of operation. and joining us navy and commercial pilot captain bob young. chief accident investigator for twa 800. thank you for being here. commander, let me begin with you. (applause) >> i want to talk about the latest discovery of debris. we may hear a ice chest or something. have we learned anything in two weeks substantive? >> absolutely yes. one of the most important things we learned is where not to look for debris again. if you look at where the chinese satellite was. it is days old. it gives us a starting point and using currents and wind we can predict the path.
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it may expand out from there. it gives a circle area where to begin the search and focus the efforts of a great effort like the pa posiddian and the aircraft that australia and japan are using to search huge swaths of area and find debris so we can locate the aircraft. >> captain young, if you were a signed the task of finding out what happened, what would be the first two or throw steps we should be taking to get to the bottom of the mystery? >> we have looked at the crew and at the radar data that we have from the malaysians and tha is. and we have the overhead imagery hits from the chinese and australians.
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i am afraid that i wouldn't have a different view than what is already taken. we have looked in very, very different areas in the gulf of thailand to start and moved to the indian ocean. it is difficult for us to localize and find the flight data recorders which is the key to the whole mist row. >> one of your expertise is dealing of al-qaeda and all of the things that deal with terrorism. many speculated that it looks like the work of terrorist. they usually boast and brag about it. if it is terrorism, how come there is absolute silence from any terrorist organization on earth? >> it is speculation? if they are going to the trouble and an operation. if it is an operation that is
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far more sophisticated than 9/11 was. and if they took that plane. they would have a purpose besides taking and crashing it. they wanted to do that, they would have claimed credit. if it is it a terrorist operation and al-qaeda. they want to use the plane as a weapon. and they may want to use the passengers to trade for the people in prison in the united states and europe. and on this occasion, i tend not to believe it is terrorism but i would not rule it out. >> if you are going to take hostages, wouldn't you take american hostages? most are chinese. i don't think the chinese happens to a couple hundred of their people. but we care about the americans. >> i think the chinese would care, they are so concerned with saving face.
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they might be more likely to try a military rescue than we would. but it would be a embarrassment for them. and i think really the target was terrorist attack and if it was a terrorist attack they were after the aircraft toous it for something else. >> we'll keep all of you here, when we come back, we asked you to send questions. our panel will take some of the questions and not only from those of you who sent them in with the facebook page but also in the studio audience. we'll be b
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>> and we are back. we'll get questions from our studio audience from our panel. members. and first of all this question from bomb bell in the audience. >> governor, is there a country
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that has an air strip long enough to land? >> captain young, you take this particular question. >> many countries have runways suitable for a triple seven in southeast asia and australia and undo nezia. it would require a 5,000 to the runway. and the other thing to be considered would be the ability to bear the weight of the airplane that is over 500,000 pounds. >> i want to apologize captain. i demoted you to a air force general and you are a navy apt captain. i have made theary force people unhappy. i wanted to fix it with you. >> nancy stevenson in our audience. >> since all of the focus on the pilot. are the pilots screened
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differently in the u.s. than other countries? z >> would you give us your thoughts on that? >> is there a difference on the way the pilots are trained andentious quipped for such a circumstance? >> yes, the requirements in the u.s. are amongst of the highest in the world. most airline does a standard back grouped check and crim names and substance abuse. and may affect our ability to fly safety. and some make them go thu psychological profiles. and some refer to have pilots work up through the ranks and other airlines if they have a need for a triple seven pilot, they will put that pilot in the training pop lean. and they will be amongst the best and brightest. there is a stringent requirement
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process. and i don't know the malaysian one and they have a high standard and we have the highest standards here in the u.s. and not only preparing, but we have an intense way of looking at what may have happen in a act of terrorism and our agencies and fbi and ntsb all effective. >> this one is from elizabeth castro in our audience? >> is it a cultural thing that the malaysian thing was so slow to react and respond. >> michael, what about the malaysian government? did they act differently and clues to why there is something happening with the airplane and was it targeted in our vow. we are speculating of of course. >> it is a good question, sir, i think the malaysians are not quite up to where we are in
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terms of equipment and talent. they were embarrassed by what happened. and they have with held information. that's clear. it is a cultural thing or if it is a simple bit of embarrassment. we are not dealing with britain or the united states or australia. the malaysians are doing the best they can. >> captain. one of the questions is about the potential fire in the cockpit story. is that a plausible explanation for what could have happen. >> we could have had a fire in the cockpit. they are equipped with oxygen mask and smoke goggles for the pilots and protect them from the fumes that the fire might cause. and even if they shut down the
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normal electrical power in the airplane. one of the communication is powered from the battery. they would have had the ability to keep the smoke and fire from affecting them initially and they would have had a radio to communicate about the problem. >> the key thing we are learning about. no matter what happen to the cockpit they didn't talk because they didn't want to talk to anybody. it was great to have each of you in your perspectives. thank you for joining us on the panel. >> american kids know little about the history. that is a series of animated dvd's to help our children learn the history. we'll have details at free easter vladimar putin defied the
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warnings and sanctions and signed a treaty that officially made crimea part of russia did you think putin is finished
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minister spearheaded a campaign. and russian forces invading chechnya. and there was allegations of rape and murder. and now under the watch, the conflict heats in late 2002. and 50 armed chechan. and russian forces killed most of the rebels and 130 of the hostams. four years later russia is at odds with belaerous over a pipeline. and august 2008. russia had a five day war with georgia over the territories. and after months of tension in the region, georgia attacked the south ossetia.
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a internationally brokered ceasefire halts the fighting and russian forces remain in buffer zones. 2014 after months of political unrest in ukraine. russia announces plans to use force and takes crimea. and results of the referendum are in. and 97 percent of the voters back a proposal to john russia. and the european union and u.s. retaliate with sanctions. >> we are developing severe actions. >> that doesn't stop vladimar putin to sign a bill to annex crimea as part of the russian fedication. >> and joining me now. richard ger nel. and former expander of the nato headquarters. general ralph jotac.
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>> rick, it looks like there are all kinds of signs and mind set that putin has. should this in any way been something that the obama administration could have seen coming? >> you and your team did a great job of the set up. you can tell it has been growing. it is it a growing concern. my issue is that last fall, november is when we really saw yanukovych turn away from the eu, and cancelling many of the trade pacts with the eu that he had would continue on. and in accepting an aid package from russia that's the time when we should have had diplomacy and doubled down on the debate to say, are we going to have a country that looks to free
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market or capitalism or human rights or turn away to the russian style and alternative. ngeneral, talking about the use muscullar diplomacy the president announced there will not be military force. i don't think it is a surprise. but is it a smart thing for the commander in chief say we will do a lot of things but military is not one of them. is that an invitation for putin to keep pushing further? >> you know, when we deal with a situation or croisis similar to. this we as a nation must use all instruments of our natural power and that dime diplomatic and military and economic. and it is clear that we have taken military options off of the table. we showed our cards too soon and if we want to maintain
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credibility across the board, we have to synchronize all elements of the dime and the diplomatic and information and military and economic. and when we do that we'll have an affect on the goals we need. >> would there have been a viable nato military option had the president not taken the u.s. out of that picture? >> governor, i think nato has done a now things already. we beefed up the air policing mission that takes place over the baltic nations and the united states is exercising with flying operations inside of poland. and we have air-borne early warning aircraft, over the eastern skies of europe and keeping an eye on ukraine. there is other things we can do. the policement of a now ships in
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the mediterranean or a key port visit in one of the alleys ports in the black sea or other exercises that could take places and other partners and nations could send a strong signal we mean business. >> we have staged military hardware and announced we are not going to use. it it hocks like all for show. president obama did dismiss mitt rom no when rom no raised red flags. i am wondering maybe we should have taken rom no's comments more seriously. stay with us. @w@wowowpg÷÷ow
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two tliep people vanished on boofrmentd -- board. now huckabee. >> and in october 2012 obama mocked mitt romney's concern over russia threat.
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>> what is the biggest geopolitical threat you said russia. not al-qaeda. and the 1980s are calling to ask for foreign policy back, because the cold war is over 20 years. >> russia undicated a geopolitical foe. i said in the paradprap and irap is a security threat. russia battles us in the un. i have clear eyes and will not wear rose colored glass when it comes to russia or mr. putin. >> you were the adviser in the campaign. was mitt romney more of a prophet and not just a presidential candidate. >> governor romney was right on this and what we saw was the political media covering the elections just jumped and they
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didn't get the nuance and geopolitical and the other threat. and so i think the lesson that we learned we have to let foreign policy reporters report on these different types of issues. and when governor romney was trying to seginal the fact that there was a growing threat from russia and they were on the offense, it should have taken more seriously by the president. we are seeing president putten withdrawing from wight white and u.s. and there is no question that the russians wanted to jump in and fill that void with the offense and with their arguments with a way of life. and that debate is really important. ngeneral, we are watching putin move troops in the eastern part of ukraine and so what he's done in crimea. and how concerned should we be
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that he will continue the expansion until somebody tells him he can't do it anymore? >> it is chlor that mr. putin had an agenda and he looked at the geopolitical landscape in europe and landscape in places like afghanistan and focus on afghanistan and rightfully so and things we have done and not done with regards to syria and the other places in the world and now at this time, this nation is coming off a post olympics high. he has an opportunity to exercise the influence in what he said former russian territories. >> one final thought, general. he got a 97 percent vote for approval to put crimea in russia. and you look at results like that. i would have loved to have a 97 percent vote in my career. is that legitimate and can you
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look at that and say nen percent of the people wanted it to happen. >> in my experience as a nato commander. i had the privilege and honor to lead nato air men and forces in peacetime and in combat and i interacted on a are you teen basis with many of the senior military leaders in the a liiance. and the 28 nations of the nato a liiance 12 of them are former eastern block nations and you speak with the senior military leaders and you ask them. what was it like underneath the soviet rule and what were you waiting for? >> all of them were telling you that they were waiting for the united states to come and united states and nato to come and liberate them and set them free. 25 years ago, we did. that those nations enjoy fro market economies and freedom of elections and in my opinion no
12:38 am
way to go back to the rush yap rule. >> very interesting. and appreciate both of you very, very much. >> and we talk about the president's actions when it comes to russia. is he doing better in israel and the members of the jury
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>> earlier this month israeli
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freedom prime benjamin netanyahu lashed out because they buried their heads in the sand when it it was headed for militants in gaza this month. is president obama doing enough to protect the ally in all of the middle east. i spoke to the israeli solution author. >> carolyn what kind of relationship are we dealing with in iran. should there be a different policy? >> iran right now, they are seeking to appease the iranians out of the nuclear weapons program. so there is nothing that the americans can give the iranians that is going to satisfy them short of having nuclear weapons. they are using all of the negotiations that the united states have been engaged in order to advance the nuclear
12:43 am
weapon's program. that were accomplishing the opposite. >> you don't think the sanctions and putting pressure on the iranians are doing anything helpful. it is counter productive. >> i wouldn't say counterproductive. it focuses attention on the fact that the program is so dangerous. but sanctions will not prevent them from a kwoiring weapons. they don't care if the iranian people suffer in order for them to a kwoir nuclear weapons and sanctions tend to harm mostly people who are not part of the regime. they have all of the money from taxes and other things to continue to promote the programs and that's what we have seen in the nuclear program. >> and two state solution is pushed by republican and
12:44 am
democratic presidents. and you have written extensively about it in our book. what is wrong with a two- state solution? >> one of the parties doesn't want it. that is the palestinians. this is a policy that has been tried and failed consistently for the past 90 years. the reason it is continuously failed. the palestinians in a larger arab world reject eseral's right to exist. and a bas said i will never recognize israel's right to exist as a state. and as long as they refuse to accept that jews have a right to self determination in the land of eseral, there can never be a two state solution. they will use as in the past all areas under their control to
12:45 am
continue their parto annihilate the jewish state in >> we have seen for 90 years and we see clearly sense the current peace process so-called began in 1993. there is only one thing that is actually working and one side that wants peace and that is israel. and so rather than trying to force israel to make concessions and kill all of the people in eseral and destroy the country. listen, you are the only liberal democracy in the middle east. and only with you israeli arabs and others have full civil rights. as i pose in my bock israeli solution. the answer of what to do and manage the conflict is for israel to apply the laws to the west bank of the michael jordan river.
12:46 am
and historically called judeah and sais maria. there is a palestinian partner willing to make peace. there isn't. >> delighted to have you here and look forward to talking again. >> it is great to be on your show. >> thank you,
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♪ thank you very much. >> that's captain jack, billy joel tribute band. i'll be back with some closing thoughts right a@w@wowowpg÷÷og
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when i think of the energy being expended to solve the mystery of the disappearance of malaysia flight 370, i realize that it is a point of great curiosity but it doesn't directly affect a whole lot of americans. what i wonder is could we muster the same energy that it would take on that issue to one that
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affects almost every american family, alwazheimer's disease i going straight one in six women. that's twice the rate. for a man that's a one in 11 chance of developing alzheimer's in his 60s. women are also 2 1/2 times more likely to be the 24 hour per day care giver for someone with alzheimer's. 6 million americans are expected to have by the year 2050 and the cost is going to explode to a staggering $1.2 trillion a year. that's five times the entire current medicare budget just for alzheimer's. isn't it time that instead of of attacking republicans and making empty threats to stand up to putin, maybe the president ought to be waging war on alzheimer's. i'd like to have urged the republicans in congress, take the initiative in this endeavor fund a space race type commitment that would find the
12:59 am
cause and then create a cure for this horrible disease that has touched most of our families and taken loved ones away from us slowly, dreadly, and ruthlessly. we once decided that polio needed to be eradicated because it was robbing our children of their strength and energy. so we funded the research, and that resulted in a cure. the co it's not only a human tragedy, it's a budget killer. we're already saddled the next generation from a huge debt of spending foolishly. i wonder if we will give them an even greater burden of having to pay the cost of long term care. the cure might be expensive but the cost of doing nothing is even greater. some solutions aren't cheap but they are certainly less expensive than $1.2 trillion. >> well, that's it for tonight.
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thanks for joining us. tomorrow night we're going to be back with a very special all new edition of huckabee live. to tune in for set your dvr. from new york, this is mike huckabee. good night and god bless. it has turned into one of the greatest aviation mysteries of all time. the disappearance of malaysia airlines flight 370 with 239 souls onboard. well could to a kelly file special report. of the mystery of flight 370. tonight we take you inside the story. how it happened as it happened. the questions we've answered and the riddled that remain. our story starts with the news of the missing plane first breaking on the kelly file friday


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