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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  March 30, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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on twitter. give our facebook page a like. we post videos there. check out our home page as well. we are back on sunday mornings at 11:00 and 5:00 eastern with the latest buzz. this is a fox news alert. there are new details on the sad recovery effort in the horrific washington state mudslide. crews in the town of oso pushing through wind and rain this weekend, as they comb through the mud-soaked debris. so far 18 people are not confirmed to have been killed, with more that two dozen others who are still, as of this hour, unaccounted for. and i'm eric as -- in honor of the dead or missing.
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and dominique is live near the scene in arlington, washington with more. as you told us yesterday, domin dominic, the task has been grim. >> reporter: it most certainly has. i think that's why sunday morning is a pause for a lot of people. people will be gathering at those services. in about an hour's time there will be a service at the chapel near the site of the mudside. here in arlington is another one, and the other side on the eastern side, people are gathering there today as well. the media did want to cover those services, but officials have asked the media to stay away, to give people time to grieve and allow people to come together as a community and try to get through this. it's a very small community here, very tight-knit, and people dependent on each other. so the media are giving people time this morning. i have to say last night there really was some relief to hear the number of missing had
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dropped to substantially. originally the figure was 90, now down to 30 people missing. they are expecting that number to decrease over the next couple days as people are found safe, or as the partial list that they have compiled are covered by duplicate names. so on the calculations we now have in terms of the number of bodies recovered and those that have been -- whose had identities confirmed, the maximum nim better of people that could ver killed is 58. it probably won't be that high. officials aren't expecting it to be that high as the number of missing gets cleared up. there has been a very slow process in identifying those people who have been killed. officials in last night's press briefing went to some effort to explain why exactly it's so different in identifying the dead. >> we want to make clear that due to the destructive nature, rescuers are not always making
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full recoveries. often they are making partial recoveries. that's a xhalening to the m.e.'s office as they try to identify these victims. the slide hit with such force that oftentimes they are not recovering full intact victims. >> and the benefits we have today, actually there's a slight easing in the weather. we had heavy rains yesterday. not so much rain expected today. the still challenging physically to get through the mud and try to search for anyone who still may have survived. >> i don't think i'm seen a scene like that since i covered a tsunami. thank you, dominic. please continue on that search for us. speaking of searching -- we pass the three-week mark and there's still no sign of malaysia flight 370 as planes and ships comb a vast new
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section of the indian ocean. now the search is about 700 miles northeast of the original search area. chinese state-run media seg objects were recovered, but adding so far they're not part of the missing plane. despite relatives of passengers are not giving up hope. >> when you look in your children's eyes, and i feel the pain, because i know the man paul was and the enormity of what they'll mitt out on the rest of their lives. that's so overwhelming, when i look at lincoln and tell him his dad is gone? >> she can't do that yet. meanwhile, an australian warship equipped with a black box detector has joined the search as the clock on the box quickly winds down. it has a battery expected to last only a total of 30 days, so search crews have ten days at
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most to find it before its locator beacon goes silent. many think that authorities should have found the plane by now as well. meanwhile, a brand-new fox poll asks -- given high-tech spy agencies, are you surprised they haven't found the plane? 67% of you were surprised. 30% not. our forces in russia are undergoing their usual routine, staying in their barracks or doing some training. they are good force, i must admit, but there's no worry of any russian initiative against ukraine. that's russian ambassador churkin, trying to ease worries that forces may be ready for a full-scale invasion. the comments coming amid intense diplomacy seeking to decrease
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tensions. secretary of state john kerry later tonight in paris sitting down with sergei lavrov. that's says to take place at the russian ambassador's residence in paris. that follows a conversation from president where the president told president putin to withdraw his forces. mr. putin complained about what he calms extremists and the iljet government in kiev. will he then move on other soviet republicans. ambassador john bolting, fox's contributor and senior fellow at the american institute joins us from canada today. kerry and lavrov about to sit down for the meeting. what do you think will come out of it, if anything? >> i think the odds are very little. my guess is that putin follows obama's speech in brussels on
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wednesday very carefully. if you read between the lines, obama essentially conceded russia has crimea. so i think putin offering vague ideas about stabilizing the situation in ukraine may think he can come away from this meeting with the two foreign ministers, with some more explicit american and western acquiescence that the takeover is permanent and legitimate. >> you think it's basically a done deal and the west can't do anything about it? >> well, watching kerry negotiate with whatever rove will not be fun for the west. i do think the obama administration is looking to do almost anything at this point to not interyear or have them change their views. i think that's uppermost in their mind, not the crimea. >> you think they'll give um the crimea for potential help with
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tehran? >> as i say, if you read obama's speech last wednesday and a number of comments by john kerry and other administration figures as well. they basically said crimea is gone. what they are hoping for is russian troops don't cross another ukrainian border before the presidential election. i think putin sees a way here to stabilize his control internationally in the crimea by getting some measure of legitimacy. it won't restrict him in the slightest by putting additional pressure on ukraine and other former soviet republic. i think it's one step at a time, one slice at a time, that's what he's doing. >> do you think he'll invade? they have, what, 40,000, maybe 1 hubz,000 troops sitting on the border, the crimean ambassador told fox news that they are afraid putin will invade. i don't believe he will. i think he hopes to have a
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government in kiev that's subservient to moscow and that would cover the whole country. i continue to believe that partition, particularly by mill fare force is plan b. plan a remains to be how meteorolo homogeny. >> you have two candidates, the so-called heroine, who was pris the other candy, a billionaire, a chocolate king. the russians even shut some of his factories. who do you think would be best for the west this? >> both these candidates have been on several sides of major issue, but poroshenko was pro-nato membership,
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pro-european union membership, so my guess is he is the most likely of the two prominent candidates to move ukraine in the right direction, but nobody should underestimate yulia, and there are other candidates in this race as well, one of which is more pro-russian. so iy polls here can be discounted. i think this thing is up in the air. it may be that putin thinks he can do enough ballot box stuffing to get an outcome he wants, and that's why he's holding off on fourth military force. >> voter fraud? ukraine? we'll have to watch for that, too. john bolton, thank you for your assist as always. >> thank you, eric. back here at home, march madness, pretty exciting stuff. then it turned out one school's diehard fans didn't taste last
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the clock is ticking down to sign up. the white house says so far over 26 million people have enrolled. critics say that number may not be enough to keep the program afloat. we are live in washington with the breakdown. >> hi, eric. it's the end of the first
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enrollment period, but certainly not the end of the debate. the affordable care act has created a deep divide. >> while enrollment is increasing, there's no telling at this point who is signed up, but not paid, and who already had health care and how many of the crucial younger americans are signing up. >> i think they're cooking the books on this. people want to know the answer toss that. they also want to know once this is all said and done what kind of insurance will those people have? can they keep the doctor they want? how much more will it cost them? we know some of the best cancer hospitals in the country want very little to do with the people who buy this insurance on the exchanges. >> despite the trouble with the website, angus king said today nearly 6.5 million have signed up. the number of young people is increasing in the final days.
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at the same time democrats are disputing republican claims that obamacare will hurt the economy. >> the cbo predicts that for 2014, the effect of health care will be to drive the unemployment rate down. the studies that everybody is talking about, they leave out the points of the program. they leave out the fact that health care costs are coming down, which is going to lead to more hiring. >> so it all remains to be seen. the deadline tomorrow night at midnight. it's counting down. thanks so much. >> jamie? with that deadline looming, we have a new fox news poll to tell you about where only 40% of registered voters while 60% oppose it. the numbers have remained fairly steady, and as far back as a year ago, too. joining us to offer her take on the law's potential impact, especially for the citizens of her state, illeana roth lateman of florida. thank you for joining us.
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>> thank you so much, and you know, jamie, you take about this deadline and i know you have the clock at the edge of your screen, but it's really a rolling deadline, because convince again that's one of the many changes that the imperial presidency has made to the obama care law. it's not a deadline. all you need to do is check off on the site that you're examining your options, then you don't have to sign up until much later. this is the many list of changes to obamacare, five pages of deadline. >> it's been one after another. one delay after another. but the people of your state, the ones who really do rely on health care, especially older americans and students as well in florida, are they signing up? the obama administration is bragging about some pretty big numbers. >> well, hhs secretary sebelius
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has practical by being a part-time resident of south florida. she has visited our bear about five or six times just in recent months. she was just here yesterday once again touting the wonderful marvels of obamacare. it's interesting in one of her previous visits when she was touting the program, the site crashed while all the reports were all around her. it has been a train wreck, it is a disaster. this last visit just yesterday, she's really preaching to the choir, to those folks who are already on the side of president obama. it's become sort of if you're with obama, then you have to say that obamacare has been a successes. here in florida, however, jamie, we have seen that senior citizens have become very much severely impacted by obamacare. why? because the president is taking the funds from medicare
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advantage, a very popular program for florida seniors, siphoning those funds to pay for a lot of the impact of obamacare, so it will not be a benefit for seniors form the young people are not signing up in the numbers they have watched. >> so in this other poll that we have, it shows that more americans believe that the president is making health care more expensive. 65% say that he's making it more expensive when only 24% say, which was part of obama care, now with this copper plan too, to make it less expensive. how hard are you having to work for protect your constituents against obamacare's flaws? >> well, we in that south florida are working hard to make sure that we can make the changes we need so that people don't have these onerous impacts of obamacare. the house led by speaker boehner, we have tried and tried again. how many times have we brought a bill to the floor to
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dramatically undo this law? and we need to get control of the senate, and even then once we make those changes and repeal this law, then we have the presidential veto awaiting us. those folks who say that medicare -- that obamacare has been positive for either medicare, medicare advantage or has been good for medicaid, let them campaign on that in november. i don't think you'll find too many democrats who have been touting the success of obamacare, and actually they're saying you're working to make the changes. >> many of them are pitching solution which is interesting. congressman, how long are you serving? florida? >> how long have i been? congress? >> yeah. >> well, about the civil war i came to congress, but we still have many more changes to make. i'm optimistic that we can make those changes in the house, take over the senate repeal
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obamacare. i hoe wet get enough votes to overrun it. >> i have to leave it there. i wanted to point out you've seen a lot of legislation come and go. you're working hard on this. we will be right back after this. thank you for joining us. [ woman ] i've always tried to see things from the best angle i could. it's how i look at life. especially now that i live
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someone didn't get the memo that it's spring. this is the snowstorm hitting the midwest. take a look at indiana. why isn't spring here? and when will spring arrive? janis deal is here with us. janice dean is here. >> what do they say? in like a linen, out like a
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lamb? not happening in a lot of sections, including new england, as eric pointed out, where we have another storm moving through, mainly a rain event. as we get into the opening hours, some will pull some cold air from canada. so we will watch the temperatures fluctuate here, you see the rain along the coast. as we get into sunday overnight into monday morning, the commute, we could see a few snowflakes on the commute. just keep that in mind, especially boston where we'll get the wintry mix. then across the west coast, things are quieter, but interior sections, in the great basin of the rockies, that's where our next storm system is forming, bringing the potential for a blizzard across the upper midwest monday and tuesday. we have blizzard watching up, where we could see very blustery conditions.
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a wide area where we could see winds gusting and over a foot of snow. so taking a look at minneapolis, enjoy it today, 61, but then it will drop tuesday and wednesday. >> i trust you, summer will be coming. >> i know we'll by complaining, and we'll check the videotape. autism is on the rise according to a new alarming report. what causes this heartbreaking disorder? are we closer to finding a cure? when you think of the pharmacy, you think of healthy stuff, but up next why that's not always the case. sunday's house call is straight ahead. ...and a choice take 6 tylenol in a day which is 2 aleve for... ...all day relief. hmm. [bell ring] "roll sound!" "action!"
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hi, everybody. i'm jamie colby, you know what time it is. and i'm eric shawn. office an autographed copy of the book. meanwhile, eric tell us about the new study. >> especially if you have children, there's an alarming new report about ought i.


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