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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  April 2, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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(speaking foreign language) >> now listen to the sirens sounding in the background. the quake also triggering a tsunami with waves as high as 6 feet. you can see people frantically running in the street as they try to evacuate. 300 inmates escape from a local prison. at least 16 of them have been sk captured at this hour. all of the warnings have been canceled. the sunni advisory it is in hawaii. >> gone sglzolo what do we knowt the damage? >> at this point walls have fallen but no deaths in that area. also some of the highways in the
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north have been damaged, too. t the electric was cut for several hours but now has been restored. >> are they expecting more than five dead? >> no, fortunately not. they have been health related like heart attacks for example and they expect more. >> what about the tsunami warning, i know it has been called off but are there more fears? >> the warnings from local interrogation has been partially called off (indiscernible) the northern coast of chile. 900,000 people were on the coast. >> thank you so much for joining us this morning for the very latest. as the story develops we will continue to follow.
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>> thank you. now to a fox news exclusive. a deadly fort hood style attack on u.s. soldiers. 19-year-old john booker also known as mow hack abdel-llah hassan had been writing about jihad and bin laden on his facebook page for months. this is the last post. getting ready to be killed in jihad is an adrenaline rush. i am not scared to die but i am eager to meet my lord. the kansas teen enlisted in the army in february and was due to report for training monday. they disrg chaed him last week. he's now in a mental health facility. >> the missing malaysia flight mystery now classified as a criminal investigation as the malaysian police chief says they have already ordered 170
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statements. they plan to interview more people. they are investigating four possible theories hijacking, sabotage or personal or psychological problems. the white house celebrating obamacare enrollment numbers but the president is saying they are here to stay. we are live in washington with unanswered questions for us. >> good morning. that's right the administration met the magic numbers 7.1 million people selected new plans on the health insurance marketplace. the white house was quick to hold an event and detract tors all heard the news. >> i said before i will always work with any one who is willing to make this law work even better. the debate over repealing this law is over.
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the affordable care act is the same. >> just because someone select add new plan doesn't mean they paid for it. still soon to tell how many were uninsured verses how many canceled when the affordable care act went into. the administration goals do not tell republicans they will be a success. >> you have a substantial amount. >> they have a banner saying open enrollment is over but a post at the site say they tried enroll beforing the deadline and ran into delays and can still
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log on and make coverage for this year. >> that brings us to our look who is talking. it is columnist charles krauthammer. they said you shouldn't believe the number. >> this is a phony number. it is wovnderfully precise. they don't know what the numbers are and all of a sudden 7.1, 7.2. it's meaningless because a we don't know how many have paid. it is an enrollment number how many were previously insured. >> the point of kicking off a program that will cause the 2 trillion over a decade was to insure the uninsured.
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>> ex cia boss will testify publically in front of the house intelligence committee. kelly, what can we expect to hear today? >> we can expect michael morrell will face tough questions they woefully disregarded on the ground in benghazi. it killed four americans including ambassador stevens was planned and coordinated. morrell will have to explain why that information was dismissed and why he was given talking points. it was over a p controversial video about mohammed.
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>> obviously there's disagreement between what mr. morrell has told the committee in the past and what the station chief brown has said. we interviewed nine people on the ground that day. not one of them said it was a protest or they had heard anything about some video. just the sheer volume of evidence saying they believed this was in fact sponsored by a protest. >> morrell must explain what evidence he has over the top office on the ground in libya. morrell says he welcomes the opportunity to testify today. >> kelly write, live for us this morning. the botched fast and furious scandal still have jobs. lawmakers ex cementing questions to that answer and more. he will testify for the first
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time in front of the house over site committee. it includes a top official to collect a government paycheck while on leave to work for jp morgan. one and done while you were sleeping vincent gray conceding the democratic primary race. he lost a bid for a second term to city councilwoman mirial bowser. he is at the center of a campaign finance. he will face independent candidate david cantonea. >> an incredible sight coming out of the devastation. an american flag pulled from the rubble and debris by a member of the washington guard. it is still in one piece. it can't be flown because of a condition. guards men are flying a clean
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flag. it is up to 28 and 20 are still missing. receiving flood waters are helping the search allowing crews to get to remote areas. >> from texas to illinois residents are bracing for potentially dangerous storms. there could be tornadoes in some areas. they are tracking that threat and she has the latist for us this morning. >> good morning heather and ainsley. the three busiest months are april, may and june. right on schedule we have a storm system we see tornadoes damaging winds and large hail to parts of northern texas just to the north of the city of dallas. as far north as illinois and missouri. st. louis, kansas city, wichita, kansas, tornadoes or even damaging winds. the storm presikdiction center
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upgraded the report for tomorrow. we have a moderate risk. that area is shaded in red including sashing saw and person parts of tennessee and northwestern mississippi. those areas are seeing longer tracks. this is a big concern. even parts of ohio and indiana. you could see severe weather. you can see temperatures in the 90s and 80s across texas 80s across carolinas and the state of georgia. >> gm's ceo had a question yesterday about why they built nearly a nearly $0.50 recall.
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lauren has this and more business news. >> congressional investigators want to know why it took so long for general motors to fix it. they didn't get much from gmc eo. >> it won't take long for it to be announced for this program. i can tell you we will find out. >> gm has hired disaster fund management experts ken fine bern to look at how they will respond to victim's families. he helped oversee compensation after the 9-11 attack and the boston bombing. >> updated the gop budget aims to cut the gop spending and balance the budget in a decade. he's proposing $2 million in cuts to healthcare subsidies and amopping other things ryan will be on "fox & friends" later this morning tune in at 8:00 a.m. eastern. you may have played an april
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fools joke yesterday or you may have been played by companies. there was air letting run out their homes that was crazy. virgin america and nest said passengers can control their own climab on airplanes. >> a new report about ma'am bm s mammograms. why they may not be lifesavers. >> how they used them to get out alive.
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>> a wealthy minnesota couple busted for welfare fraud charges. cops say the couple made over 160,000 dollars in fraudulent medical and food stamp claims. when the charges came down the couple fled to the bahamas. they arrested them and deported them to the u.s. they will be back in a florida courtroom today. >> we are learning more this morning about a tense standoff between u.s. and mexico border agents. according to a new report two heavily armed soldiers crossed inside the border and drew their guns against u.s. agents. the standoff is one of the most serious incident in recent years. mexico says it is all an accident their agents were
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pursuing drug suspects and didn't realize they closed the bord crossed the border. >> they are paying final respects for one of the firefighters lost in last week's tragic fires in boston. more than 1,000 boston firefighters and 4,000 other first responders from as far away as australia attended the wake. >> we have a close brotherhood the camaraderie is like nothing else. because we need to depend on each other. >> lieutenant ed walsh will be laid to rest later today. the wake for michael kennedy will be held later today with the funeral taking place tomorrow. both men will be posthumously awarded the city's medal of honor. >> here's a question. does getting a mammogram guarantee saving your life? a brand new study questioning the accuracy and the rates ce o women who get them. it is not coming without
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controversy. >> a provocative new study in the journal of americof the ame medical journal say getting a mammogram especially in younger women like age 40 may not increase survival rates as much as it does in older women such as 60. >> there is a benefit to mammography screening but the benefit is modest and smaller for younger women than it is for older women than it is for women with risk factors. >> nancy keating is one of the researchers who came out with the findings. >> as we increase the number and frequency of mammography screenings they are having more false positives and the chief harm is over diagnosis. that's when you diagnose a breast cancer that never would have become clinically evidence within a women's lifetime. >> surgeon warns women to be careful about reacting quickly to these study's findings. treating and preventing breast
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cancer is complicated. >> if they are screening later and finding the tumor when it is larger the woman can only do mastectomy and her treatment may have to be much more aggressive. >> she advises all woman to consult their own doctor when it comes to taking care of her health. >> it is now 19 minutes after the top of the hour. she just wanted to pray before eating her lunch. the little girl told her no. wait until you hear how the faculty defends itself. >> a snowboarder lost for days trapped on a mountain alone how he used his board and the trees around him to get out alive after days. the day we rescued riley was a truly amazing day.
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>> good morning, it is wednesday. you have made it halfway through the week. >> a snowboarder found alive after being lost in the mountains for nearly two-days. crews say snow is in the area up to waste deep levels. abraham finkelstein somehow got lost while boarding in the back country while snowboarding. we made a temporary shelter.
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he made it off of the mountain by turning it in half and having makeshift snow shoes. he is expected to be perfectly fine like gmacguyver. >> sad for hall of fame quarterback jim kelly. we are learning his jaw cancer spread to his sinuses. he will start chemotherapy and radiation next. a day before the procedures doctors decided to go to chemo instead. he had cancerous cells removed from his upper jaw. >> a school nurse is still collecting a paycheck. she was arrested after being found unconscious in her car outside of a liquor store. the school district put her on paid administrative leave and
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hired a nurse. that means you the tax payer hooked for both salaries. >> is it the end of controversial common core suffered another huge blow. they will repeal it from the state's curriculum. if this bill passes through the ok oklahoma house they will have some standards to fit the needs of the students. >> it is now time to brew on this. >> a 5-year-old reportedly forced to fight her faith at school. she bowed her head to pray. >> he said you are not allowed to pray. >> he said you are not allowed to pray. >> what did you tell her? >> it's good to pray. >> the school claims that never
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happened. the principal assured all of the students they have the right to pray in school. >> at this point we don't feel we have anything to apologize for. >> this little girl's parents will be home schooling this child. >> did the school cross the line or are the parents over reacting? >> send comments to facebook, twitter or send an email at it is 26 minutes after the top of the hour. 5 million of your tax dollars spent on renting office space sounds reasonable until you hear how many people are actually using these offices. >> and talk about flying the really p friendly skies. the performance that is sure to put a smile on your face. e low . there, i said it.
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>> it's wednesday april 2nd. a fox news alert. people running and ducking for cover after a massive deadly earthquake strikes after chili. a live report straight ahead. >> terrifying storms from texas to illinois. haft of the country bracing for heavy rains high winds even tornadoes. maria molino breaks down the
2:31 am
threat. >> you can be aging the most important part of your body. "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> we begin with a fox news alert. a powerful 8.2 magnitude earthquake rocking chili sending food flying off store shelves and shoppers ducking for cover. listen to the warning sirens blaring in the background. it knocked out power to buildings and started a fire. people scene een in the streets they are trying to evacuate.
2:32 am
300 inmates broke free from the scene. they have captured just 39 of them. >> the tornado season is just beginning. today we could see twisters touching down. we almost got rid of the snow. but wild weather expected from texas to illinois. maria is here with what you need to know before you leave the house today. >> good morning. the season is getting off to a busy start typically during the month of april, may and june you will see much of the weather that produces tornados damaging winds and large hail. they are bringing it across the center of the country that could produce some of this weather anywhere from parts of northern texas and illinois. in oklahoma city you have the possibility later in the'['p afternoon you have to have a way to get the severe weather warnings through out the day today. tomorrow the storm system slowly
2:33 am
pushes east pardon the storm temperatures into the 90s and 80s across texas. widespread into parts of the southeast as well like carolinas and georgia. that will feel the storms. temperatures on the cold side from minneapolis to chicago. contrast in temperatures that really helps the severe weather to get going. we will keep an eye on it again.
2:34 am
we will get the warnings today and tomorrow in these areas. >> now to the fox news exclusive. an update on the army recruit planning a deadly fort hood style attack on u.s. soldiers. we have learned 19-year-old john booker also known as mohammed abdullah sass hhassan had been g on his facebook page for months. this was his last post. getting ready to be killed in jihad is a huge adrenaline rush. i am so nervous. not because i am scared to die, but i am eager to meet my lord. the kansas teen enlisted in be february. he was due to report for basic training next monday. but the fbi formally discharged him last week and he is now in a
2:35 am
mental health facility. obama saying it is here to stay. they are still unable to answer important questions. doug, what is next for obamacare? >> heather, good morning. for the president this was a pep rally, a moment to celebrate the fact that obamacare enrollment across that 7 million threshold. but there was also a surprising acknowledgment on the president about the obamacare web site that there will continue to be problems despite the millions of dollars and the months invested in trying to fix it. he seemed to urge the news media to look the other way. >> there will be days when the web site stumbles. i guarantee it. press i want you to anticipate there will be moments when the web site is down. it will happen. it won't be news. >> in the meantime there are questions about not just how many people signed up but who
2:36 am
they are. are they the young and healthy that are needed to make the system viable. have they paid their premiums and how many are newly insured. >> by all kths accounts it will woefully falling short. you have people who were happy with the insurance you have disrupted the marketplace for a law that has failed to make a substantial dent on the number of uninsured. >> one thing that has approvimp is the inability to release enrollment numbers. when the numbers were bad it would take them a week to turn them around now that it is good it is done in a matter of hours. >> the amount of money spent on the web site, i am not sure why that is funny. thank you very much, doug. we appreciate it. >> thanks. >> just a few hours from now pivotal testimony that the
2:37 am
benghazi trial or benghazi scandal. for the first time mike morrell will testify publically in front of the house intelligence committee. kelly wright is live with the latest. what can we expect to hear today? >> former deputy director will be facing tough questions on the hill today. this is a day for him to set the record staraight about what happened in benghazi. the allegation that he disregarded the information from the top cia officer on the ground from benghazi who stated there was no protest leading up to the attack on the u.s. conflict. he sent an e-mail two-days after the attack to morrell and other leadership. the chief wrote the attacks were quote not an escalation of protest. it said ambassador susan rice was giving talking points that she used on sunday's show appearances stating the attacks were an escalation over protests over a controversial video about
2:38 am
mohammed. the house intelligence committee hopes to find out who is responsible for that. >> clearly what's happened is something happened. the folks on the ground -- the cia people were telling the states people you need to change your configuration. it is really dangerous. they asked for help. didn't get it. all of that leads up to the day of 9-11. certainly decisions were made in the state department that i at least argue are complicit in the murders of individuals. at least negligence was involved and you need to understand why would they have a political narrative that is different than the facts on the ground. >> the house intelligence committee needs to find out all of the answers to such questions today. he said he welcomes the opportunity to testify. >> kelly wright live for us in studio. thank you, kelly. >> oo the self proclaimed 9-11 mastermind will not be tried in manhattan. eric holder says while he feels
2:39 am
it is the right place for kalid sheikh mohammed he won't revisit a military tribe bunl instead. he said the terrorist would be tried he reversed that decision in 2011. well an incredible sight coming out of the mud slide devastation in washington state. an american flag pulled from the rubble and the debris bry a member of the washington national guard. you can see the flag is tattered and muddy but it is still in one piece. it cannot be flown because of its condition. so instead guards men there flying a clean flag at half staff in the wreckage. all of this comes as we are learning, though, the number of people killed is up to 28, 20 still missing. rescuers say receding flood waters are helping in the church allowing crews to get to remote areas. the missing malaysia flight mystery now classified as a
2:40 am
criminal investigation. the malaysian police chief saying authorities already recorded more than 170 statements and still plan to interview more people. he didn't identify who. right now officials are investigating four possible theories hijacking, sabotage and personal or psychological problems. >> today utility giant pacific gas and electric is facing criminal charges for the massive gas explosion that left 8 people dead and destroyed a california neighborhood four years ago. a federal grand jury found the energy company committed multiple violations and failed to identify the problem with the pipelines in that area. pg & e faces criminal charges each carrying up to a half a million dollar fine. >> tiger woods, he will not be playing in the masters. the 38-year-old bowing out of the tournament for the first time in his entire career because of a back injury. woods revealing on his web site he had surgery and then posting this on twitter, sad to say, i
2:41 am
am missing the masters. thanks to the fans for so many kind wishes. he has won the masters four times in his career. >> piem on a plight in awustrala they got a big disney surprise. take a look and listen. ♪>> that is the touring cast from "the lion king"." they decided to kickoff the flight with an opening song of the show much to the rest of the plane's surprise. >> i am sure the kids especially liked that. what a neat surprise. >> it is 41 minutes after the top of the hour. a women gets a shocking surprise when she goes outside. >> you hi had this unusual meta taste in my mouth. >> what she says happened to
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>> hello. we love you right here on "fox & friends." it is 15 minutes to the top of the hour. thank you so much for joining
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us. >> i felt a metallic taste and a flash bulb goes off and an orb of light goes down my umbrella handle. >> fortunately she was holding the plastic end of her umbrella the u.s. gets hit by lightening almost 70,000 times a day and your odds of being struck are 1 in 700,000. about 100 people a year they are actually killed by lightening strikes. your e-mail your text messages and phone conversations they are not private. big brother is watching, reading and listening. we now know warrantless searchs of americans have been going on as part of the nsa surveillance program for a while. the searchs authorized by surveillance court three years ago so the government could track those outside of the u.s. in the process the conversations of innocent americans are being
2:47 am
collected. the head of general motors is back on capitol hill today as testimony continues. in p front of a senate committee on potentially deadly defect that led to recalls of over a million cars. yesterday mary bara she apologized in front of the house committee. >> i cannot tell you why it took so long for a safety defect to be announced for this program. i can tell you we will find out. >> this morning we are learning that gm has hired disaster fund management expert kenneth fineberg to evaluate how they will respond to the victim's families. he helped the conversation after the 9:-11 attack. >> millions of tax dollars paying for vacant office spaces. a new shock factor on how the social security administration has been wasting our money. >> lori joinis us with the stor. >> $6 million.
2:48 am
that's how much the office of the inspector general says the social security administration is wasting each year on unused office stays. the findings released last week show the ssa spends more than $5.6 million in rent for buildings only half full. 100,000 in rent for 171 empty work stations in the building and another nearly 85,000 dollars for vacant space used for storage. the ssa probably responded and said we agree with the oig recommendations to terminate several leases and consolidate our employees. the ssa operating 1s 11 buildin. headquarters are in woodlawn, maryland. it has been planning to consolidate offices to 2012 and sounds like this report should jump start those plans. heather, ainsley, back to you. i have a feeling that it will. >> thank you. >> the time now is 12 minutes to the top of the hour and coming up did you not get enough sleep
2:49 am
last night? >> never. >> a lot of people did not. not only could you be exhausted you could also be aging. the most important part of your body. >> listen to this, the bald eagle shot and left to die. proving where that bird is a symbol of american strength and power. love that. >> i can't wait to hear the end of the bald eagle story. "fox & friends" will have the latest on obamacare. the president took a bow. is it a premature bow? senator tom coburn who knows a thing or two about this. a doctor through cancer treatment will chime in. paul ryan is here. he has a revolutionary budget he wants to talk about that he wrote. a benghazi blockbuster you have never heard before. dr. keith ablow will tell you if you are normal enough.
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our commitment to current and former military members and their families is without equal.
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>>peter: welcome back -- >> welcome back. a bad night's sleep could be making us older. a new study found poor sleep could be aging the brain by five years. researchers say reckless sleep can lead to a loss of memory and concentration. we can attest toç that. skip the burger and you could be putting your health in jeopardy. a new study found vegetarians are twice as likely to have allergies and have a 50% increase in
2:54 am
cancer and heart attacks. too much running could kill you. scientists saying those who run more than two or three hours each week tend to have a shorter life span. the federal government could soon be stepping into your kitchen. the dietary guidelines advisory committee reportedly wants to police what you eat by sending a daily text message to those who are overweight. even going as far as offering on-line weigh-ins. the committee is working on new healthy eating recommendations. >>ç the battle of the birds, it is chick-fil-a all the way. the atlanta-based chain has taken down colonel sanders and k.f.c. for the second year in a row. some say their breakfast menu helped push them past k.f.c. >> the bald eagle left to die making great progress.
2:55 am
he was found in february with a broken bone. he was dehydrated and malnourished. that is when wildlife officials in illinois took him under their wing to nurse him back to health. >> we put wingç wraps on him, a sling wrap for birds. he didn't tolerate that. he took it off pretty much every day. >> he is expected to be released back into the wild sometime this month. >> she just wanted to pray before eating her lunch but this little girl says that the school told her no. so we asked you to weigh in.
2:56 am
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time to look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. we start with the good. the only winner of february's $425 million jackpot finally claiming his prize. his name is d. raymond buxton. he chose the lump sum option of $242 million.
2:59 am
>> callç us. the bad. a starbucks customer gets a bad omen in her coffee. the panic symbols drawn in her coffee. starbucks has apologized. the ugly. a clear scoring opportunity by colliding. who gets the penalty there? >> time for your brew on this response. we told you about a kindergartner who says she was told not to pray over her food during her school lunch. >> the school is denying that ever happened. we want to know if you thought the school crossed the line or are the parentsç overreacting. lisa says just one of the many rights the government is trying to suppress. william writes they violated her freedom of religion. and gordy tweets the school
3:00 am
is way out of the line and bravo to the parents who decided to home school their daughter. >> thanks to everyone who responded. have a wonderful wednesday. we'll see you right back here 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. good morning. it is wednesday, april 2. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. we begin with a fox news alert. terror in the pacific. a massive fatal earthquake rocking the coast of chile causing chaos as evacuees frantically run to survive. the latest on that disaster andç the tsunami advisory here in the u.s. straight ahead. >> will the secrets of benghazi be revealed on capitol hill later today? the former c.i.a. official accused of covering up the truth is back on the stand today. and this morning we have some exclusive new information you will only hear here on fox. >> wow. if government isn't paying our health care, here's their advice.


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