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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 3, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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fox & friends. our special edition on spring break exposed tomorrow night at 10:00 eastern. see you then. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> why have active shooter on fort hood. we have multiple gunshot victims. >> i heard gunshots. at that point i was squared. >> another shocking mass murder at fort hood, texas. tonight, we will vet latest facts and how some pundits are exploiting the situation. >> you made significant substantive changes for the white house, whether it was on behalf, we don't know but we know you are the one. >> congresswoman michele bachmann grilled the cia guy who changed the benghazi report to it help out the obama administration including hillary clinton. mrs. bachmann will be here tonight. also ahead, miller on noah.
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maria bart roma on whether the stock market is rigid and martha maccallum on a big victory against child predators. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. another mass murder in america. that is the subject of of this evening's talking points memo. once again, fort hood, texas the scene of horrible violence. yesterday 34-year-old army specialist ivan lopez apparently went berserk shooting three people dead then he committed suicide. major nidal hasan murdered 13 people at fort hood in a terror attack. he has been sentenced to death. sergeant hughes said this about lopez. >> he did have detwo deployments including four month approximately four
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month deployment to iraq as a truck driver. his records show no wounds, no involvement direct involvement in combat. >> lopez was having emotional and mental problems. he was being treated. he leaves behind a wife and at least three young children. now, some irresponsible pundits will blame this on guns. others on untreated mention illness. still others on a bad culture in america. but what this is really all about is freedom there are more than 325 million of us living in the u.s. right now. we have freedom of movement. we have freedom to protect ourselves with firearms and we have the freedom to act crazy without much accountability. very difficult to get any mentally unstable person off the street because of freedom. places like china, they can control violence to some extent because the chinese live under government supervision. government tells the folk what is to do and when to do
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it. if you are a loon in china, believe me, with you will be removed from society and the aclu will not be able to help you. but here in an open society, we tolerate all kinds of bizarre behavior. and a portion of any population is going to do violent things. there is nothing on earth we can do to stop those people. nothing, that is, except give up our freedom. the mass killings at fort hood are are unacceptable. and if i had a solution to them, i would give it to you. after covering the news for almost 40 years, i can tell that you random violence will always be with us, always. evil human beings, armed with freedom make that terrible scenario inevitable. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, analysis. joining us from orlando, florida, colonel david hunt and from washington, lt. colonel ralph peters, both are military experts. colonel peters we are hearing some say the military should be armed on
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the bases. what say you? >> well, i have only heard people that never served in the military themselves say that it's absolutely nuts. and let me give you four quick reasons why. one, if our soldiers carried their loaded weapons at all times. that assassin yesterday wouldn't have had a 45 caliber handgun. he would have had a loaded assault rifle. two, soldiers wouldn't want that. it would be enormous hassle. most are not storied eyed killers. they are mechanics and real work to do. carrying a loaded weapon around all the time is a burden. how would we like it if people carried assault weapons. everyone had an assault weapon in our work place? three, do we really want a soldier to have a loaded m-16 on his shoulder if he is having marital spat. how about a suicidal soldier thoughts and tendencies. should he have a loaded weapon? fourth not least when you have an incident like this and i agree with you, bill, in a free society you have incidents like this. you want trained responders
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who know what they're doing. you don't want every finance clerk in fort hood firing his m-16 on rock and roll in every direction. you could argue we should have more trained responders. but i heard so many on fox just a little while ago saying well it took them 15 minutes to respond. how long did it take to respond to columbine? how about the denver theater issue. >> in any base, colonel hunt, have you m.p.'s. you have military police. they are armed. all right. it's just like any other society. they are there to stop crime. protect the people. but, the -- what happens is that everybody knee jerks this stuff. you know, oh the guns, and if you look at what colonel peters just said, i mean, it makes perfect sense, i understand the other side as well. how do you come down on it? >> well, to me, it's tragedy. my thoughts and prayer goes out to the families. i don't think it's a second amendment or gun issue at all. i think that we absolutely do -- could use much more help mental health.
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the only possibility to discuss, not implement would be considering arming some leadership on the military. but you really have to look at it. i agree this a random act of violence. >> even everybody in h. a gun it would be a shootout. >> colonel hunt do you work in boston and i have helped you a little bit with that work. among soldiers who are mentally ill. who have mental problems. >> you are right. >> now, lopez was being treated. but there is only so much the mental health industry can do. you cannot cure people. it's not like you bring them in and then their illness goes away. it doesn't. the army, the navy, and the air force marines reflect society. most people are good, all right? but there are some crazy people. it doesn't matter some of those people are going to act out. colonel peters. am i right? >> yeah. you certainly are right. there is also, for me personally, i see a deeper cultural issue here.
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when i was at fort hood 25 years ago in the days of chariots and spears. it was unthinkable. it was in our behavioral vocabulary to do mass shootings. we had psychos and criminals. there will also be massive organizations some will slip through. you didn't think of it. now, in our society, between video games, the internet, 24/7 constant near celebration of mass shootings, it's become almost an act of self-actualization that is semi approved by society. i'm exaggerating. but it's a change in our society where you see all these mass shootings. >> there is a cultural change and it does effect the armed forces as well whereas boundaries have broken down. >> yes. >> across all lines. boundaries have broken down. traditional ways of behavior, traditional peer pressures are gone. all right? so, therefore, if you have this impulse to kill,
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colonel hunt, all right, you are more likely to act on it, perhaps today than you were 50 years ago. however, i want to get back to the mental health stuff. you, yourself, know these people. you know they are in the street. you know they are substance abusers, some of them. you know they can adjust to society when they get out of the military. there is very very little that a huge society can do to force them into some kind of behavioral pattern that will be positive. you know, tell me i'm -- i want to be wrong on this. but i have never seen it. >> i know because, we need more professional mental health experts. money has to be spent. bill, we have got 22 servicemen we tired and active duty killing themselves every day. this kid was under some kind of beginning to get treatment. he was. i agree in a larger scale. my problem is we have got to spend -- this, to me, if it's any one side or other
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issue, it's a mental health not a weapons issue. do i understand the freedom point. i wanted to -- i want to see more help given to the service members to deal with these. we have got soldiers waiting a year to see a mental health professional. >> i don't know if it's more help but quicker. got to set up apparatus in this country where when you -- this guy from all reports, he wasn't under any kind of pressure other than being in iraq. he was a truck driver. he wasn't out in fallujah watching his buddies get shot in the head. but, i do agree that the federal government, look, track wheelchairs, they are not funding the wheelchairs, we are. there has to be reevaluation of that next on the rundown, anti-american people will use the latest mass murder to attack the u.s.a. do we deserve some of that to an extent. we have debate. congresswoman michele bachmann grilling the cia guy who did not tell the whole truth about benghazi.
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factor is coming right back.
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continuing now with our lead story, another mass shooting at fort hood: violent crime in measure has been dropping drastically since 2008. lately ticked up a bit. 2012 the fbi reports nearly 15,000 persons were murdered in the u.s.a. 2007 that number more than 17,000. joining us from miami dr. daniel bober. a psychiatrist. and dr. keith ablow psychiatrist and fox news analyst. violence how do you put something like that in perspective. colonel hunt wants more mental health action for the vets. i don't think anybody opposes that. but, again, is that gotten that stop mass murder, random murder? jonks. go. >> i think it's going to have a big effect, bill. i i wouldn't be defeatest about this. you can cure mental illness.
8:14 pm
we have disassembled our mental healthcare system. here is a young man who is in treatment. this shooter was in treatment. >> right. and i don't know the specifics and i'm not going to it opine as to the quality of the care. but we know in other cases of mass shootings the quality of care was loudy. and i can can tell you as somebody who has been in this business as 20 years as a psychiatrist. now to get somebody hospitalized who is dangerous it's a fight. the hmos have closed the doors and the military isn't much better. >> the freedom aspect, dr. bubber basically eliminates society from forcibly taking a lot of people off the street who should be taken off the street. >> bill, you know what it's a balance between individual rights and public safety and the obama -- bottom line is if you look at the statistics and use the fbi's definition of a mass shooting which is four more individuals killed, not including the perpetrator in the same general area, there really has not been an
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increase in mass shootings over the last 40 years. so we really need to be careful about who we pin the blame on because it's very difficult to prevent a random event and while certainly we need to improve the mental health system, i don't know that there is much more we could have done in this situation, which feels very helpless for all of us to accept. >> i just want to be clear. your information is that in the last 40 years, is there has been no uptick in mass murder. it's just the media now it's 24/7. so it reports these stories very aggressively. so in the mind of people, it seems like there has been. but, in reality, it hasn't changed in 40 years? is that what you are saying? >> what i'm saying is that there is an old saying, figures lie and liars figure. you can use statistics to undercut or support any argument. if you use the definition that the fbi uses of mat shootings, there really hasn't been an increase. >> interesting. >> certainly in the last few years we have seen higher
8:16 pm
body counts in mass shootings. despite what people think, most mass shootings involve handguns and not assault rifles. the argument can be looked at from many different anglings to support whatever conclusion you want. if you look at the fbi's definition, which may be to some arbitrary, there hasn't been significant increase in the last 40 years. >> what about the lack of boundaries, dr. ablow, the collapse of that? because, surely that's happened in the last 40 years. we are just simply not the same society we used to be. you know, aberrant behavior is now accepted. whereas it wasn't 40 years ago. what kind of effect does that have on this kind of violent crime? >> i think that the average behavior is not only accepted but we have become a nation that fails to listen. we want to see each other's faces on facebook but we don't want to talk to each other. and my profession, psychiatry, a listening profession killed himself
8:17 pm
and 16 organizers. maybe it was quality care but it sure doesn't look like it. if you were doing a morbidity and mortality conference you gold in there with a head of steam to look at that medical record. the army has to look at it i don't want to place game on any analyst or psychologist who was working. >> doesn't look good. >> i know it doesn't look good you can't be a miracle worker. >> sure you can i do it every day. >> if i ever run into trouble. in you ever run into trouble i don't know if i can afford you though. you can't be a miracle worker. you just can't. there are some people so troubled, so screwed up that they are going to do this kind of thing mr. bobber, i'm going it give you the last word.
8:18 pm
>> if you have one determined individual who wants to do violence on to other people, it's going to be very hard to stop' that person no matter what system of care you are using. i definitely agree that our men and women in uniform need all the support they can can get and there definitely needs to be improossmentsd in the mental health system. >> i would like an investigation into this guy and what he was doing and who he was seeing and how this could come about. just like we did in colorado with the university of colorado student who is going to the psychiatrist and, you know, the psychiatrist didn't warn anybody. i would like to know what was going on here. i hope we get that information. doctors thanks very much. directly ahead michele bachmann grilling the cia big shot. then miller on noah and violence at sporting events. that's on the rise. those reports after these messages.
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three others killed by terrorists 9/11 2012. morell tried to deflect attention away from the terrorists who committed the crime. michele bachmann called him ton. >> you made significant substantive changes for the white house. whether it was on behalf, we don't know. but we know you are the one who made those changes. >> ma'am, if you look at the record, what you will see is the changes i made were fully consistent with what our analysts believed at the time, period. >> that isn't a period. not the analysts on the ground in libya. they disagreed with what morell did. now, last night before all hell broke loose at fort hood, i talked with
8:23 pm
congresswoman bachmann. >> so, number one, did you think that morell was telling the truth today? >> well, the way that they usually do this is they tell segmented truths because mr. morell just said that he paid attention to what the analysts said. translate that that means what the bureaucrats in washington looked at. but that doesn't include what the eyewitnesses on the ground said happened. their conclusion was 180 degrees different than bureaucrats sitting in washington who are reading press accounts written by the islamist press. so, of course you are going to come up with a certain conclusion if you only look up press accounts of the islamist press. the eyewitnesses were completely different. >> he is trying to say and not trying, he said flat out, look, i said that it was a terror attack and i said there were elements of the videotaped demonstration involved with it because i was getting all kinds of information from all kinds of people. that's his story and as they say in every high school in
8:24 pm
america. he is sticking to it. so we have to just -- let me frame the question though. for relevant is not going to deviate from that story. that is his story until he goes into the grave. all right? i heard a whole bunch of things from a whole bunch of people and i incorporate that into the talking points i gave to the white house. okay. so, how can we advance the story past that? >> well, what we know today is that various committees have done their work. they have completed their work. they have done a good job. they have done their investigation, but now what we need to do is take all of the component parts from intel from. oversight, from all these committees, and put it together. because the american people need the broad overarching narrative story of what happened. there is still unanswered questions. you tried to pin leon panetta the defense secretary down as to what he knew, when he knew it. we still don't have answers
8:25 pm
from secretary of state clinton or frankly from the president ofhe united states. >> i went to the president of the united states as you know. >> i do. >> and i asked him if panetta told him on the very day of the attack, september 11th. did leon panetta tell you it was a terror attack? and president obama would not answer the question. he wouldn't answer it. and pa net tax i mean, we were chasing him around the country. he won't answer it. however, i understand in florida he did say that he did tell the president that. but, even if that comes to light. even if panetta tells president obama it's a terror attack. the president is going to fall back on morell. and he is going to say well then i asked mike morell and mike morell said well, there could have been this and there could have been that, mr. president. it seems to me you are never going to nail down a sole villain here. >> the headline from today, bill is morell took the fall for hillary clinton and barack obama. that's what this is. it can't be lost on people that his current job is
8:26 pm
working for four individuals who started a consulting company. three of whom are major hillary supporters. >> he pointed that out, yes. absolutely. >> one philip reigns is the gate keeper for hillary clinton. this is the narrative that if hillary clinton decides to run for president in 2016, this will be the narrative. and they will blame it on some bureaucrats at langley here in america who came up with an inclusion that it was protester. so they will point to some underlings, rather than they had knowledge. even the state department during the attack, bill, put out two cables that said they -- number one, they knew it was terrorism and, number two, they knew that it could be ansar al al sharia al qaeda group. >> morell took that out. >> morell took that out. who is taking the fall? morell is taking the fall for hillary and for barack obama. that's today. >> earn agonize salary at the consulting firm.
8:27 pm
you did a nice job today. you were tough and tenacious and i appreciate you come omg today. >> thank you, bill. >> talent more as the factor moves along this evening. factor child predator and the union backing him in michigan. then, miller on fans committing violence at sporting events. also the legacy of noah. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. [ dennis ] it's always the same dilemma -- who gets the allstate safe driving bonus check. rock beats scissors! [ chuckles ] wife beats rock. and with two checks a year, everyone wins. [ female announcer ] switch today and get two safe driving bonus checks a year for driving safely. only from allstate. call 866-906-8500 now. [ dennis ] zach really loves his new camera. problem is...this isn't zach. it's a friend of a friend who was at zach's party and stole his camera. but zach'sot it covered... with allstate renters insurance. [ female announcer ] protect your valuables for as low as $4 a month when you add renters insurance to your allstate auto policy. call 866-906-8500 now.
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did you see that segment tonight. which we taped yesterday, again before the fort hood story broke big victory on the child protection front. here is a summation former math teacher at rose city middle school pleaded guilty for raping a student for three years. now serving 15 to 30 years in the penitentiary. but, this slug demanded a $10,000 severance package from the school and the unions supported him. we sent watters out to michigan in february. >> you had a teacher who repeatedly raped one of his own students and you are trying to get him $10,000. can you please explain that? >> i don't have any comments. >> you know you are hurting the student and his family even more. don't you care? >> no comment. >> you have no comment whatsoever? you have a teacher that raped a student and you want him paid? you know that's wrong. you know it and i know it.
8:32 pm
>> that was the union chief, with us now to update the story fox news anchor martha maccallum you see it at 9 eastern time what happened? >> they withdrew their grievance, the union. they want this to go away essentially. >> so watters frightened them? >> yeah, if they had a shred of decency. >> which they don't. >> which they don't. when this teacher it pains me to even call him a teacher because he assaulted a boy who was 12 to 14 years old. for three years. >> right. >> was convicted of that convicted saying there is no way you are getting your severance, sir, you have violated every code in our ethics and criminal code. there is no way you are getting it and we fought for him. michigan attorney general on. no way it's going to happen. he is right. the union then withdrew its petition to get this guy 10 grand. >> that's right. the idiot in prison, any reaction from him? >> no, no reaction from him.
8:33 pm
allowed to resign after these charges were brought against him. he should have been fired by the school system anyway so he wouldn't have a case to fight for this money. >> now, as everybody knows big election year a lot of senate house action in iowa, there is an interesting political ad. >> i'm joan herns i grew up castrating hogs an a iowa farm. when i get to washington i will know know how to cut pork. >> my parents taught to us live within our means. it's time to force washington to do the same. to cut wasteful spending, repeal obamacare and balance the budget i'm joany earnst and i approved this message because let's make them squeal,. >> the little squeal at the end. >> did i hear the word castration? that.
8:34 pm
>> what did you say? and then you look at these little pigs and thinking oh my gosh, run, run for your lives. >> run, pigs, get out of there. >> why do they castrate? i don't know anything about farming. >> i'm from new jersey so i didn't know why they castrate. >> why do they do that. >> hog. >> don't need every single hog to productivity. it makes the meat better according to some reports. >> makes the meat better? >> apparently it does. thank you for all that good bacon. >> is joany ahead? >> she is behind her closest g.o.p. primary contender by quite a bit. mark jacobs and both of them are, you know, in a really tough race against bruce braley. this is tom harkin's seat he is retiring in iowa. >> running in the primary to represent the republican party in the senatorial race. six republicans running and she is number two. >> mccallum is from new jersey and i'm from new york.
8:35 pm
we heard cutting the pigs and we got a little. >> and jody does look nice. but, i wouldn't want to be around her if she has a knife. >> run for your life. >> if she has a knife. >> martha maccallum, everyone. and we'll have our mad as hell segment usually seen in this spot tomorrow. also tomorrow, the results of our bill o' poll. you may remember bernard mcguirk did a satire in the press coverage of the missing airliner. can you see that on bill o' if you dare. then we want you to vote. was mcguirk's segment great or awful? tomorrow mcguirk will be here. we will give him the results of the poll. come right back and the stock is the stock market rigged? and your retirement at risk. maria bartiromo on that. and miller roaming up. don't miss it. we'll be right back. what if a photo were more than a memory?
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thanks for staying with us, bill o'reilly in the personal story segment tonight. a few weeks ago i said this to maria i lost 25% of my investments in stocks -- i don't trust it. i think it's a rigged game. people who manipulate the
8:40 pm
market up and down, short sellers this and i don't understand any of it. >> now, at the time i was up aware that a guy named michael lewis is putting out a book called flash boys which flat out says the market is rigged. but many disagree. here now fox news business anchor maria bartiromo see her at the morning on the fox news channel. you interviewed lewis guy, right? >> yes i did this morning. >> amazing that you said it first. >> obama -- bottom line is he said it again and i disagree again because i don't think the stock market is rigged and i think that it's fiery and abusive to be saying that and pushing people out of the market and scaring them away when, in fact, the best way to have wealth creation is through equities. >> let me tell you why i'm not scared but why i'm hesitant. i think that's a better word. i watch the stock market kind of but i'm not like you and cavuto who like every second are looking at it.
8:41 pm
but i see these wild gyrations and high tech stuff you can 2 million shares of a stock in a millisecond. that frightens me because i don't have any control over that no guy named lenny is calling me up and saying hey, o'reilly, you better get out. i'm the last to know and i don't like that feeling. >> you are right. it's not a good feeling and there definitely are abuses around high frequency trading for sure. the truth is, these high frequency traders don't know the first thing about stocks. they know about technology, they know he about speed. and they're were they are reacting on rumor. these guys make a lot of dough. they make a lot of money. goes up and they sell. >> investor is not impacted. the retail investor is putting orders through the retail shop like a tv ameritrade, a schwabb, that's being executed immediately. >> four times since i began investing in stocks which was kind of around 1982
8:42 pm
because then i had some money. four times i have seen my whole portfolio wiped out. wiped out. >> the whole portfolio. >> pretty much. all the stocks go down like now i have stops on o. i put stops on the stock. all right? so that means if. whatever it is. a lot of people saying i have seen it time and time again it's done. >> this goes back to the discussion about trading versus investing. if you want to trade and in and out all day long, then, yes, you are competing. >> long term though. high frequency trade. if you want to invest in companies that you belief in and you are looking for these companies to grow their earnings, grow their businesses oover a long period of time. you are not getting impacted by this stuff. >> what if you die then you don't have any money that's
8:43 pm
long-term cautious. 25% from me is fine caterpillars, they have $2.4 billion that they should have been paid in taxes but they aren't switzerland. they don't even have any plant there. >> this is all going to come down to whether or not the government prove they put that money in switzerland not because they was demanding but to avoid paying taxes. >> how do we know? there is no caterpillar plant there. >> they are making. they wanted them close to manufacturing operations that are nearby, they are making a case, they are making a case that they, look, bill, this all goes back to the discussion about tax reform. >> of course it does. but caterpillar like general electric and other big con glom rants are coming ting
8:44 pm
taxes. they are keeping the money overseas. >> they have a responsibility to pay taxes and i totally agree with that however, there is demand overseas. they have got operations international. >> i was going to buy a giant tractor. i'm not going to do that anymore. i was. i'm not buying it caterpillar until you pay your taxes. all right. watch maria 10:00 a.m. on sunday. you are live here, right? >> i am live fox news channel. >> all right. thank you. >> miller is on deck. what more can i say? factor tip of the day bill clinton aliens and me. kimmel is an not an alien but he is involved
8:45 pm
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back of the book segment tonight. miller time. we had a chatted with the sage of southern california tonight.
8:48 pm
the first topic was another violent display by sports fans, this time in southern california. >> witnesses say it all started with an argument between three women. one angel's fan and two dodger's fans. >> the girls, yeah, they got a little out of control and started hitting each other. >> hundreds were on the street after the bars let out. police say at that point three marines who were on leave from camp pendleton jumped in to help the angel's fan being beaten by the other two women. soon, a group of men believed to be the two women's friends got involved. take a look at this video. police say when officers tried to break up the fight the man in the gray shirt stabbed one of the marines in the face with a broken bottle. the jagged edge of a broken beer bottle. their injuries were significant. they were both hospitalized and admitted and will require surgery. >> both miller and i follow sports. we talk about it all the time on the road. why do you think all the craziness? the guy dodgers stadium was in a coma his whole life.
8:49 pm
brain damage now attacked by giant fans there this crazy stuff. what do you think is going on? >> i think throughout history when you have bread in circuses there is always some human attrition attached to it nowadays though you can conkle it with a small thing in your hand. man is going to become. because in a crowd of 50,000 there are 50,000 now who have the ability to tape it or photograph it. i will go by myself if i had a small kid i wouldn't take him. you know how they always say hgtv is just as real. it's even better real because you don't get stand by it. >> i agree all of this taping and internet stuff is desensitizing people, i don't know if it's encouraging but certainly desensitizing. eric bolling and i had a debate over the tesla car, the electric car. had hurts opec and putin i think it's a national security issue to get away from fossil fuels as much as we can it will help the
8:50 pm
folks, make their lives better. not dependent on high oil prices but i wanted to get your opinion on it. >> i agree with bowling, i don't want to get bolinized on this. i don't care if they pay it back or not. like i said i see now that i hope you don't get lapsed into that thing, billy where somebody says the tesla is not for me that you go to, what's the matter, do you what't have -- do you not want putin to be -- i think putin's a bad guy. and the next thing, what is it, is do you not want clean air? i want cleaner air. i'm just saying, it's not for me. because i think that when you have to burn coal to get electricity, to me, it's just my judgment, like you said, i'm not trying to get you angry and get bollenized here. >> no, no. i'm asking. >> but i prefer that we drill in our country, but i don't want to -- i'm not a putin fan and i'm not a dirty air fan. and i'm not a bad guy. i just --
8:51 pm
>> if the -- >> listen, here's the great thing about me and you. i've been with you for years. you've never asked me to agree with you on anything. >> no, no, no. >> i just don't agree with you on this one. >> okay. but keep this in mind. the federal government has funded national security stuff, and that's what i believe this is, for hundreds of years. the atom bomb. all of our weaponry. all of that is funded by the government because it is in place. they're developing it for our protection. >> i'm for what truman did to end the war, if that's not been brought into this. but what do you like about the tesla so much? does it drive nice? how's yours? >> i think the prototype's going to come down. i think they're going to make all of these plans -- >> but i'm saying now that you've got one and you're an advocate -- >> i don't have one. >> oh. you're kidding me. >> no. don't have one. but i'd like to get one -- >> is this like the senate not having obamacare and telling me how good it is. >> i'm so bad with electronics
8:52 pm
i'll probably plug it in something and it will blow up. so that's what i'm afraid of. >> but that's spin. why don't you have one? >> because it's not marketable here in new york. there's nowhere to plug it in. we've got to get the whole soft structure up. >> why do you want me to get one? i thought we were friends! >> look, i've got 30 seconds. go noah. what about noah? he's causing trouble. >> to me noah is the titanic with flatulent animals. i'd rather -- billy, let me tell you the story of noah. just sit right back and you'll hear a tale. a tale of a fateful trip. started on board a tropic port on board a tiny ship. my favorite pair on the ship was tina louise. >> she was on noah's ark. tina. >> well, that was my favorite pairing right there. tina louise. that sticks in my head. >> dennis miller, everybody. and here's a footnote. i would like to thank everybody in grand rapids, michigan.
8:53 pm
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bill clinton and me your humble correspondent. don't miss this one. but first something that will definitely help american children. my brand new children's book. "the last days of jesus" came out on tuesday, doing very well. we encourage all parents and grandparents to get the book, give it to the kids, because they should know the history surrounding the most famous human being who has ever lived. and believe me, if they go to public school, they're not going to get any of that history. any mention of jesus is fraught with danger. as someone will complain. if you become a bill
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o' premium member you get any one of my books including "the last days of jesus" absolutely free. also premium membership a great gift to give with mother's and father's days coming up fast. copley, ohio. doesn't much matter what mike morel testifies the obama administration will continue to say there was conflicting evidence on benghazi. that is what the compliant media will report. ester, sarasota, florida, leon panetta spoke here and said he was surprised and shocked by the cia memo mentioning a spontaneous demonstration. he said he told the president terrorists were involved but the problem is secretary panetta will not say that here, esther. and he has had plenty of opportunity to do that. raul otra, singapore. bill, eric bolling was trying to tell you that markets some decide what technology gets advanced not you or the government. not if you're interested in national security, raul. u.s. government funds research as i told miller on many things in the interest of public good like weapons that protect us. getting away from opec and high energy prices should be a top priority for this country.
8:57 pm
robert bland, sydney, australia, "don't want to be rude but bolling didn't make much sense. he must an ulterior motive." he doesn't have an ulterior motive. he's a small government capitalist. and his analysis reflects that. stossel doesn't gamble, he bets. gambling is when you can't afford to lose. james carroll, san diego, bill, having worked in public schools for seven years i can tell you that students ignore cell phone rules and create privacy issues for teachers and other students. please keep on this issue. i will, james. and c. hodgson, battle creek, michigan, has a poem for us. there once was a mystery confounding that had all the newscasts expounding. but bill stuck to the facts unlike some of the hacks and maintains ratings astounding. very creative. signed copy of dat the last days of jesus" on the way to you. and finally tonight, the factor tip of the day. last night on jimmy kimmel an
8:58 pm
other-worldly -- otherworldly conversation about aliens. >> if we were visited, someday, i wouldn't be surprised. i just hope that it's not like "independence day." >> yeah, right. >> the movie. that it's, you know, a conflict. it may be the only way to unite this incredibly divided world of ours. they're out there, we'd better -- think of how all the differences among people on earth would seem small if we felt threatened by a space invader. that's the whole theory of denc" >> you're right. >> everybody gets together and makes nice. and you know -- >> you and bill o'reilly would be hiding in a bunker together. >> yeah. bill o'reilly, every mean thing he ever said about me, i don't care. look at that. >> now, for the record, i didn't say many bad things about bill clinton, many mean things. and he knows it. he's helped us out with the veterans and has appeared here on the "factor." also for the record, if aliens
8:59 pm
do come to earth, i will fight alongside former president. but kimmel's another story. he's likely to be with carolla. and you know, whatever they're doing in that bunker over there, it would confuse me. i want to concentrate. clinton and i would be concentrating on defeating the aliens, and kimmel and carolla, they'd be podcasting or something. so i'm going to go with bill clinton on that. that make any sense? no, it didn't. i'm just -- i've got to kill a little time. so i'm kind of just doing this. i don't know what i'm saying. i'm going to have to watch the rerun, figure out what i just said. that is it for us tonight. please check out the factor news website which is different from bill o' spout out about the factor. o'reilly do not be impertinent. i first heard that word in sixth grade. mrs. boyle. william, stop being impertinent. since i didn't figure out what the word meant until i was in college, i was confused for all those years and my self-esteem
9:00 pm
went down. again, thanks for watching us tonight. i am bill o'reilly. please remember, the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you.