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tv   Bulls and Bears  FOX News  April 5, 2014 7:00am-7:31am PDT

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this initial spot we had been looking at. it's farther to the south. now it's closer to land but also in the deeper part of the ocean. probably 10 to 15,000 feet deep and a lot of canyons and mountains can make it difficult as well. >> keep it here on the fox fuse channel. here's if headline you are seeing, 192,000 new jobs in march. but here's what you are not seeing, the number of americans working part time. that's up again and some here say that's a full-time concern. why? hi, everyone, i'm brenda butner. this is "bulls and barbies." let's get right to you. we have gary b. smith, tracy burns, john layfield along with john greene, tracy, basically, why is this trend towards part-time work bad news? >> well, you take a part of time work hoping you become full time eventually. we are not seeing that rollover.
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people are taking them economically not because they want to work part time. it's entirely different. that's not what we are seeing. health care and payroll taxes, employers don't want to take on more full-time employees right now. unfortunately, that will hurt us down the road. >> how do you see this trend? >> there is good news in the jobs report. there is some bad news. >> particularly this part-time issue. >> there is actually an equal number of folks who involuntarily got part-time jobs in equal to the numbers that voluntarily got part-time jobs. a number of those are due to the fact they're no longer blocked into jobs because of health care. thank obamacare. the other thing is you have half a million people who have entered the work force, so they may not get that job they wanted in the beginning, but it is a good thing they have now re-entered and this may be their first, the first steps that they're taking to get in. it's good and bad.
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also, the stockmarket yesterday rallied when they saw these numbers until there was bad tech news, but overall, an increase -- >> it's not always the barometerer, but gary b. alwaysç is, he started laughing. >> well, i started laughing because she makes a distinction between voluntary and involleytary. a person who voluntarily takes a part-time job, it's a person that can't get a full-time job. they go, yeah, i'm take the part-time job if that's the best i can get. thank god for obamacare for freeing up all of us citizens from part time to2full time. its been a blessing. i can paint. i can do all the things i couldn't do before. tracy makes a good point in that most people take a job with a company hoping to work their way up through the ranks. it gives them a sense of community. it gives them a permanent. it gives them a location to call home, if you will. it starts for many a career as
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it did for many of us on this panel. but the other thing is, part-time workers generally lack benefits, things like paid vacation. they lack things like health care. they lack things like pensions, 401-k plans. being a part-time worker is fine if you are in college and trying to pay for your education on the side. it's not good if our work force increasingly moves towards that. that's what companies are having to do, because quite frankly, they fear obamacare and they fear what's happening with this economy. >> let me get john layfield in here. so many part-time workers, what do you think of that? >> well, i think the economy has added a lot of jobs. most of those jobs have been lower paying jobs. we are still down below the number of jobs that when president obama took over. we are still down about a million jobs overall. so we have high structural unemployment. jobs that we've added back have been lower paying jobs and they have been jobs that are part-time. look, in parts of the country
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where you have fracking, we don't have to worry about unemployment. we don't have to worry about min much wage. we don't have as to worry about overtime. because of the fact they have allowed this to take place in their economy. we don't have a national energy plan. we don't foe where fracking fits in, pipeline fits in, we have a natural infratrur bank, both supported. every $1.2 billion spent in infrastructure creates 35,000 jobs. >> you heard all the arguments, what do you think? >> i think we also have to look at the fact with this new report, we have actually replaced all of the jobs that we lost in the great recession and for the conservatives out there. >> that's not true. >> who rail against government jobs. >> that's not true. >> but the reason the unemployment number isn't as low as it would be is conservatives have been so busy hiring cops and firefighters an teachers, private sector jobs have grown. >> first of all, 49 months in a
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row. >> okay. >> all right. tracy. >> all in unemployment number is actually up this month. so it actually is getting woors. all in, it is still bad out there. all in, people don't want to work part time and all in, we are not seeing companies come to the forefront of the. we talk to them all the time. they're not looking to hire. so i don't know what we're talking about here. great we got some jobs back. but we are not seeing a thriving economy. i'll tell you, it is tax hikes that kills the small business owners. earnsth and united states did a report that said 710,000 jobs are lost from taxlike hikes alone. you are killing our little guys. i don't know why, the focus seems to be on the small mom and pops wage or indirectly. translator the ones getting hurt the most. >> gary b., you thought cutting down on religionlations might make us full time again? >> my gosh, brenda, the federal
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registry of the registration, i forgive the snaim name of it. it's 17,000 pages. we've created regulations this year alone we spent $1.75 companies do in adhereing and it costs upwards of 25,000 jobs a year in complying with the federal government. if i had to create jobs now in this country, the one thing i would do, my overriding goal would be to have governmentstead step aside, do things likes a flat tax, unleash, john talked about fracking, allow things like oil shale development, offshore drilling. the list goes on and on. it's one main central theme. have the government pull back and be a lot less intrusive than they used to be. >> john, you mentioned fracking. of course, we know in many states where that is taking place like north dakota, the unemployment rate is very, very low. what other things do you think can take part-time workers to full time? >> look, the infrastructure bank
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both sides agree on, d.c. line, al goer was actually right about it, the problem was he was sprayed with human repellant somewhere in his life, every time he says something, everybody is against it. he's right about that. you put wind energy in west texas, north dakota, solar energy in southern arizona, can you take these places to met trop po liss, much easier than ac lines. this adds jobs. it would free up this renewable energy that is there and can be viable with d.c. plans, d.c. lines. >> so, jamill you heard tax cuts, fracking, what down of those as solutions to the part-time trend? >> well, the infrastructure bank for sure is something i agree with john on and this president has been calling for increase infrastructure spending but for partisan reasons, we have not been able to get people to come
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to the table in the same way they have during other times of recessions and the fact that our infrastructure is falling apart. now, on the regulations, i'm sorry, i don't want to live in america where you can have cardboard in your baby formula. so regulate away. >> part of the baby formula. come on. >> john, you want in? >> yes, this is the problem with american politics. i cannot believe you actually believe all this stuff this is terrible. let me finish. you blame conservatives. do you believe that? look, here's the problem. these guys if d.c. can't get along with each other we have no national energy plan. we have no plans whatsoever because these cats cannot get
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along, they blame the other side for everything does nothing but harm this country. >> that has to be the long word. while democrats are cheering 1 million obamacare enrollees, neil and the gang are saying not so fast. they've taken out the calculators, after doing the math, have the real number that woenl have ywon't have you cheering. up here first, do lawmakers deserve a pay hike? this democrat thinks so. why he says $174,000 bucks a year isn't enough. really? isn't the only return i'm looking forward to... fosome, every dollar is earned with sweat, sacrifice, courage. which is why usaa is honored to help our members with everything from investing for retirement to saving for college. our commitment to current and former military members and their families is without equal.
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♪ with equity experts... who work with regional experts... that's when expertise happens. mfs. because there is no expertise without collaboration. . >> hi, everyone, this is a fox news alert. i'm jamie colby. we want to tell i about a possible major brake in the search forflight 370. china's state run media is saying today one of its ships detected a pulse signal in the southern indian ocean. the vessel dragging a pin locator to find the plane's black box. it pay have picked up the
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frequency in time. the 30-day beacon battery has just hours left. cries at this hour working to confirm the signal. it may be from the plane. we'll keep you posted. over in afghanistan, the polls are closing in the latest presidential election. deadly attacks outside kabul. despite the tal been's added threats, voters waited in lines to cast their ballots, hamid karzai reaching a two-term little as the security pack remains in limbo. i'm jamie colby, much more on the plane 30 minutes away. . okay. so they make $174,000 a year. but for one democratic law maker, it's still not enough. >> i think that the american people should know that the members of congress are underpaid, and i understand that it's widely felt that they
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underperform, but the fact is that this is the board of directors for the largest economic entity in the world and a lot of members can't even afford to live decently when they're at their job in washington. >> okay. keep in mind, lawmakers are in session for less than half the year, so, john, are lawmakers underpaid? >> they work less than 120 days. there is 268 millionaires in congress. the average congressman is worth over a million dollars. i don't get this, they have a five-week vacation in august. back in the day, the air conditioner didn't exist. they had to take off. so when it exists, they said, we won't work anyway. they don't produce anything. these are the most overpaid buffoons i have ever seen in this entire world and i have been to all seven continents. >> right. tell us what you really think.
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okay. gary b., don't we want the best and the brightest in d.c.? isn't pay a part of that? >> well, exactly, brenda, and i hate to take the other side from john in this one. >> don't do it, gary. >> the fact is in 1970, the average pay of a congressman was inflation adjusted a dollar $250 thousand. now they get $174,000. they've taken a 30% pay cut in the last 40 years or. so if you say they were overpaid now, they were dramatically overpaid in 1970. the other thing you mentioned, john said, yes, they're buffoons, one of the reasons is we're not paying to get better people. john would make a great congressman. i am positive he could not afford the pay cut to be a congressman in texas. that's the fact of the matter. you will not offer john the millions he makes now. i grant that. but they need to have something to attract better and brighter
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people. >> wouldn't you rather see a smackdown in congress? tracy, did our founding fathers want this? >> thomas jefferson said, do your time, go back to your darn farms. you don't belong here for life. this is the problem. they think it's a career. it's like philanthropic work. go home. we need term limits. if you are looking at who's got more money, who makes four britches list the whole thing gets diluted. they're not focusing on why they're there. i think it's laughable. we're the board of directors, they don't know anything about financing, accounting, oh, but we're the board of directors, there's our problem. >> if they don't get a pay raise, they're saying only millionaire, the wealthy can afford to represent us? >> you are right. and i certainly think that regular americans need a pay raise before members of congress. >> amen. >> who are clearly underperforming. >> let's tap into the middle
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wage get out of this low wage economy. these members of congress do have to have two households. >> one in d.c., one in their district and d.c. is in one of the top five most expensive cities to live in this country. i don't want them on someone else's payroll. i want them on our payroll. not a billionaire's payroll, not someone they will owe favors too. we are already seeing that with campaign finance. we need more people not wealthy representing us. ted cruz said the other day, we need more farmers as elected officials and i believe it was mitt romney's dad who told him, don't run for office, if you have to get elected to pay yo mortgage. we need people who are not millionaires and billion nafrs. >> john. if it were pay for performance, how much would these guys be making? >> they would owe us money. they'd have to write a check. >> they do, actually. >> we have a huge debt. >> yeah, we have a huge debt,
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wah, wah, wah. they live in a high city of d.c. you know why? all the lobbyists are driving up real estate prices there. so what we have to pay them more so they won't be corrupt? you got to be kidding me. this entire system is broke. we need people in there that will help the country, instead of argue for minimum wage because it is a political football, not trying to help the average american person. >> okay. last word again. >> think those potholes are annoying? try another tax to fix them. .çç
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coming up, paying for miles you drive on top of paying at the pump. is that how to fix those holes in the road or leave a hole in your walle
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. >> talk about a road warrior. try a mileage tax on top of a gas tax to fix roads and bridges and not just for fuel efficient cars. every car north carolina is putting the wheels in motion right now the fear is other states will follow. gary b., you want to know where all the tax is going. >> exactly. i'm all in favor of a fileage tax, easy enough to do. most of us have those readers when we go through the e-zpass. on top of a gas tax? the money is wasted. we go to build like bicycle paths and the bridge of nowhere. it's another slush fund. what we should do is have a mileage based tax. which the government by the way takes right at the refinery
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level and just go with the simplest way to tax usage. >> right. mileage tax on top of that tax, what do you think? >> no, this is a regressive tax. we need progressive taxation so you are not affecting regular americans. we need the folks who do well in america to do well by america when you look who drives to work longer distances, it will be people who have
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there are some privacy concerns, what do you think? >> i think the problem is right. the tax goes into a slush fund. the idea of this aggressive tax, there is no facts behind that the people that tear up the roads are your truckers who work for big companies. they're the ones that should pay for the usage. i like the gas tax. the problem with the mileage stacks you are adding an infrastructure into cars, gas tax penalizes those who use it
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more or rewards those with a fuel efficient vehicle. >> it's like a big brother, if anyone is making a pit stop. >> what kind of pit stop? >> no, we only talk about that on commercial break. gary b., you weren't too worried about this ez structure. >> they're already attracting people by the miles they drive. do you drive on a turnpike? they're showing they're not pulling over to have a beer or two at the bar. look. the government you think they will go through that data? they can't figure out who cared for obamacare, for crying out loud. they won't go through my mileage records to see if i got off the record or not. >> we will talk about those tips
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box in real detail. okay. thanks, guys, thank you for joining us. it turns out money can buy happiness when you spend it on fun not things. could we find out how to don't worry, be happy?
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pediatric, let's go to gary b. >> brenda, twitter users can tweet us using those imogee characters. >> you can tweet us. we teeth tweet throughout the show. we want to hear from you. >> it's a great way. >> it's like the family vacation. not the shoes in the car.
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>> john. >> russell mania in new orleans, hulk hogan, new orleans is back, tiedwater is up 20% on the year in there smackdown, guess what, neil is next. >> 7.1 reasons to celebrate. hi, everyone, neil cavuto, while the white house is celebrating those 7.1 million obamacare enrollees, it might not mean nay are new enrollees or paid enrollees, we are talking about the millions of americans kicked off their coverage, so there are like no enrollees. is all of this adding up to you paying a lot more for the coverage you got if you got it.


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