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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  April 15, 2014 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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they said to punish the bullies and leave him alone. >> what other recourse do these kids have if not to document and report the abuse? >> stephanie says what is the world coming to when a person can't protect themselves? thanks to everyone. "fox & friends" starts right now. good morning. today is tuesday, april 15. democrat harry reid says the big battle at the nevada ranch isn't over. this fight is about animals -- or is it? we think it's about freedom. what do you think? the ranchers aren't ready to give it up. you will hear both side this is hour. >> that's a cattle battle. eric holder under fire for inciting racial tensions with these comments. >> what attorney general has had to deal with that kind of treatment? [ applause ] what president has had to deal with that kind of treatment?
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>> what was he talking about? this morning he says we all misunderstood him. really? we'll report. you will decide. >> want to avoid arguments like this? >> you're saying i'm upset because i don't have a strong desire to do dishes. >> no, because you don't have a strong desire to offer to do the dishes. >> steve shaking his head. >> doctors figured out the reason it happens. there is an easy fix. it's called do the dishes, vince vaughn. mornings are better with friends, i think. >> announcer: it's time for "fox & friends." good morning, ron. that's ron, a cpa in our
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green room. today is tax day. it's april 15. taxes are due at midnight unless you have an extension. ron is at the computer to take your questions. he will try to answer them. e-mail us. >> all through the show he'll help you. if you have a question, send him our way. >> every year steve and i bring in our taxes and expose everything to the show. did you bring yours in? we could hack into your system and find out what your taxes say. >> i brought my device. >> we'll get the elisabeth hassle back refund? >> on twitter. you can check it out. >> we have talked about how there were more than 400 tax increases on barack obama's watch proposals. he didn't get them through. >> if you have questions about taxes this year, go ahead. ronald is standing by to take
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them. >> questions being raised. the cattle battles has been brought to a fiery front. harry reid yesterday was standard asked about it. he was silent until this point. this is about land and freedom. he said, look, this cattle battle is far from over. take a listen. >> he said it's not over. we can't have an american people that violate the law and walk away. it's not over. >> you sound just like harry reid, steve. >> thank you very much. >> we saw languishing, have to nod off in the middle of the sentence to be harry reid. >> he says it's not over. a member of bun di's family said we are not afraid of harry reid. he needs to be kicked out of office. the feds had taken 600 cattle which they said they returned. they only returned over 260 head. >> hundred plus. during a tile when profit is important for farmers and in terms of cattle. what their value is. >> what harry reid said is putting everything back. we thought we were seeing an end
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to the stand-off. the ranchers feel like they won and the eights to own the land is over. they will deal with it on possibly a state level with more level heads. then harry reid says that. with the power in the senate and the power in 9/11 that it isn't over. >> is this about the bureau of land management, cattle. is it about the tortoise? there are many that say this is about freedom. they spoke out yesterday and said this is something that has to do with protecting the integrity of the land and freedom of the people. there was a documentary film maker dennis michael lynch who faced down armed officers himself. he said they are willing to die over this. >> i'm a new yorker. you're not going to b.s. me. when i went down there, before i put myself in harm's way i had to understand who the bun dis were. if they were shysters i was going to stand back.
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they were willing to die. i heard it in their voices. i saw it in their eyes. that's when i really got nervous. you have americans against americans. this is becoming a trend. that's why we are standing there and they are making a prayer before they go into battle. >> the bundys are all in. we have told you on the channel about how they have been ranching this land since the 1880s. they were induced -- the family was induced to go to 9/11 banevk in the day by the federal government wo promised to go out the to the territories to graze your cattle for free as long as you want to. mr. bundy, he says he doesn't recognize the federal government as the land owner. he says we ran this land ever since it was a territory. he recognizes state rights, not the federal government's rights. the federal government owns 80% of nevada.
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>> certainly on tax day the expectation is you pay the taxes. but the heaviy handedness is rallying people and getting their voices loud and proud when it comes to freedom. >> on a separate note. last week we brought you the fiery interchange with the with attorney general, holder and congressman gomer. we talked to the congressman, played it back and after the interaction which these two got personal. it looked personal. but no one would admit it. he spoke at al sharpton's event commemorating the civil rights law whiches passed in 1964. he said this. i concluded he was referring to ace in america as it relateses to the attorney general and the president. you make the call. >> forget about me. you look at the way the attorney general of the united states was treated yesterday by a house committee. had nothing to do with mement what attorney general has had to
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deal with that kind of treatment? [ applause ] >> what presidents has ever had to deal with that kind of treatment? >> so there he was at the national action league here in new york city last week. a predom the nantly african-american crowd. some say, okay, we had bill o'reilly on the next day. he said he may have been playing to the crowd. now mr. eric holder says, i wasn't playing the race card. i was talking about the lack of civility in washington, d.c. back in the old days people were much more civil. now they are not. >> the back room are deals that lbj made democrats and republicans do that were unsavory. things we saw in "lincoln"? it was almost blackmail. >> or the civility paid to ashcroft, janet reno, meese, john mitchell. look at those in the position eric holders has held and the resistance or criticism they
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faced for different reasons. some may say this is not about race. this is about the lack of providing documents, the fast and furious issue and why the truths has not been given to the american people. >> if congress will have oversight and you ask the executive branch to provide documents and they never come, that's a big problem. >> i think this is about ginning up the base of the party. not getting ratted out of the house again. having them be more over ruled than before. here is dr. ben carson and reverend faulkner. >> i think it is one of the oldest tricks in politics. if you don't like the story, divert attention away from it. the democrats are simply trying to rally your base. using the race card. we don't need more division in our country. race is a very touchy subject for all of us. we may disagree.
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it's ideas that win the day or lose the day. >> you can't oppose anything that a progressive black person is doing if you're white waus being calling a racist. you can't oppose abortion without being called anti-woman. you cani think the solution is the people to be much manufacture sophisticated in their analysis and not accept what the manipulators are trying to pull over. >> you can't be a low information voter. you have to know what's going on this the world. when you see a 30-second ad where they say there is a war on women and that's all you know. if you know you have education. >> the democratic leader is in charge of getting democrats in the house. he say it is gop base is animated by racism. really? >> racist elements.
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>> racist elements. i have racism. hes also said this is what he's pushing. if eric holder happened to make the comments on a wednesday and steve israel is making the comments on a sunday it seems interesting the timing. >> is there a closed argument? if you're making a speech they exist in a broader audience. we have a president who promised to unite, not divide when it comes to uniqueness in terms of belief, ethnicity, gender. some would argue it's gotten worse under this administration. i think that's disheartening for the american people who would rather have a real discussion. the discussion on race makes people defend it when it's not there. when it is there, nobody is there to look and call it out. >> well put. >> thanks for joining us on this -- let's see, tuesday. you weren't here monday. >> it's tuesday. >> take out the calculator. >> it's tax day. that's why she's wearing green. >> speaking to a woman who
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doesn't pay her taxes. >> right. >> you can look at tax day as being in the red with heather or symbolizing money with the green. >> it is a busy news day. we'll talk in the break. good morning to you all. investigators are trying to figure out how two registered sex offenders wearing ankle bracelets ended up arrested for four murders. 27-year-old frank tano and steve gordon head to court later today. 21-year-old geray is tap's body was found in the fall. other women were missing. there may be more victims but the guys may have killed the women while wearing ankle bracelets and that's how they were tracked down. today the former ku klux klan leader accused of killing people in kansas at a jewish center will be heading to court. frasier glen cross could get the
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death penalty if conconvicted. in a few hours boston will mark a year since the terror attacks that left three people dead and so many injured. remember that day. church bells today will toll in the heart of the city at 2:49 p.m. that's the moment that the first bomb exploded near the finish line. the marathon is set for next week on monday. last night an emotional tribute for wrestling superstar, the ultimate warrior. take a look. [ bell ringing ] that bell ringing ten times in his honor. thises as we learned the cause of death. the 54-year-old died of heart disease. those are your headlines. we have a lot going on this morning. we'll get back to it in a little
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bit. >> thanks, heather. >> what do crimea, ukraine and the internet all have in common? russian president vladimir putin wants them all. will the white house let him have control over the internet? former fkc chairman coming up on that. >> the bond films wouldn't be complete without a leading lady. now we know 007's new love interest. [announcer] play close-good and close. help keep teeth clean and breath fresh with beneful healthy smile snacks. with soft meaty centers and teeth cleaning texture,it's dental that tastes so good. beneful healthy smile food and snacks.
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co: until you're sure you need a hotel room bartender: thanks, captain obvious. co: which is why i put the mobile app on my mobile phone. anyone need a coupon? i don't. ♪ happiness is a drive-over mower deck. [ male annourun, and nothing runs like a deere. ♪ the united states has been by far the country most committed to keeping the
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internet free and open and uninterrupted. >> once we surrender our unique position it will be impossible to take it back if something goes awry. >> it's important for free speech and it is important for the continueded freedom of the internet. >> after weeks of criticism, republican lawmakers, democrats and bill clinton, the obama administration is finally backing off a plan to give up u.s. control of the internet which al gore invented. why did the white house let it get this close? is it just pushing the move down the road? joining us now is former fcc commissioner under presidents bush and obama robert macdowell. you cautioned me that we are not exactly deciding yet not to do this globalizing the internet. >> exactly. the administration actually hasn't backed off their plan. there's been talk about timing. but they have not backed off. i was at the event where there is dispute whether or not they were backing off. i don't think they have backed
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off at all. >> assuming they went ahead with what they were insinuating at the event you were at, they are putting it off at least two years but we are not out of the woods. >> a lot can happen over the coming years. the idea is there is a last tether from the department of commerce to an outfit called i can which runs the web addresses, dot comes and do dot orgs. i'm generally in favor of oh privatization. is there a way for other governments to grab that tether. that's the big question now. what guarantees can be put in place? i'm not sure there are any. >> guys that do it for a living like you say i think america is over reacting sometimes by saying we'll give iran, russia and china access to what created. do you believe if we had given this up and in fact, stopped
3:19 am
that that it would have given china, russia, iran more power? >> absolutely. for well over a decade russia, china, saudi arabia and iran have been looking for ways to absorb more of the internet's functions into these international internet -- intergovernmental bodies. so they are hell bent on doing that. vladimir putin said in summer of 2011 he wants international control of the internet through the international telecommunication union. i think he's serious. your lead-in about what the ukraine and crimea and the internet have in common which is vladimir putin wants to all of them. it's something i said a few weeks ago that's absolutely true. they were relentsless, patient and persistent incrementalists and won't stop until they get this way. looking at the plan is interesting but there is risk. >> we'll have you on when it becomes a deaf it in. we hear you, america. we have reformed our ways for
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two years at least. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> 11 minutes before the hour. i did that math in my head. marijuana may p against the law but new rules could let drug addicts off the hook. plus, want to avoid fighting with your wife? there is one simple thing you need to do. we are using voodoo dolls to explain? is that elisabeth? is that steve? all we do is go out to dinner.
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o'reilly here. is there any hard evidence of oh life after death
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quick headlines now. making news around the world we'll start with the fox news alert. the bluefin submarine going back
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into the ocean in search of the malaysian jet. yesterday it was pulled back after six hours. it reached its halifax multiple depth short of the ocean body. next, speaker of the house john boehner making a trip to afghanistan leading them to check out the historical election which went well. temperatureses rising between russia and the united states after a fiegtder jet buzzed a navy warship. the yet making 12 low level passes by the ship in just 90 minutes. that's provocative. >> maybe they were being friendly, waving. want to avoid an argument like this? >> are you still upset because i don't have a strong desire to clean dishes? >> i'm upset because you don't have a desire to offer to do the dishes. >> if you're acting crazy or your wife or husband is check their blood sugar. in a new study husbands and wives got so angry when they were hungry they stuck pins in their spouse's voo do dolls.
3:25 am
>> it made them feel better. it's called hangry and dr. brad bushman joins us. professor of communication and psychology at ohio state. explain why being hangry matters. >> aggression often starts when self-control stops. the part of the brain behind our forehead is called the prefrontal cortex of the brain. it's in charge of regulating emotion including anger and although the brain is only about 2% of the body weight it consumes about 20% of the calories. to regulate anger the brain need as lot of fuel. we get fuel from the food we eat. >> sure. you come up with a word hang ary -- hungry and angry --. even spouses with good relationships occasionally get the low blood sugar and they lash out at each other.
3:26 am
>> right. >> taerkt. we controlled for the quality of the couple's relationship. >> are you saying we should argue over or discuss issues over cook i didn't say and chips and make sure we're not hungry when we have talks? >> we shouldn't discuss it over an empty stomach. the problem with sugary foods is they increase your glucose rapidly. then you get a quick decline. it's better to eat, like, vejys, whole grains or proteins which take longer but keep your glucose higher. >> okay. so you have suggestions. first of all, make sure you are not hungry. avoid tough topics on an empty stomach. eat carbohydrates or sugary foods. that's the prescription to a long, healthy relationship. explain the voodoo dolls. how you would measure somebody's anger using a voodoo doll. >> we did this study for 21
3:27 am
days. every morning each partner would measure their blood glucose before they ate breakfast and at night before they went to bed. we told each person independently to stab into the doll that represented their partner the number of pins according to how angry they were with their partner that day. so it takes effort to stab pins in the doll. it's quantitative measure rather than just asking people how angry you are with your spouse. we have a quantitative measure of how angry they are with their spouse. this is a standardized procedure. my colleagues developed. >> a big lesson to everybody. bring snacks for your spouse and yourself for a big talk. dr. bushman, thank you for that. >> my pleasure. >> steve keeps stabbing the doll. he must be hungry. >> is this your kidney, elisabeth? >> ow!
3:28 am
>> i'm sorry. >> interesting stuff. >> thank you, doctor. >> meanwhile, 28 minutes after the top of the hour on this tuesday. >> that's right. the teenager who tweeted a fake terrorist threat against american air linebackers said she didn't want to make osama bin laden famous. now is finding out this is no laughing matter. she's been arrested. >> rocker brett michaels the here. good morning, mr. michaels! ♪ [ female announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms.
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i need the boss's signature for this. i'm the boss. ♪ honestly ♪ i wanna see you be brave ♪ >> what? >> fantastic! >> oh, my goodness. looks like a big skent. >> what? >> a 79-year-old grandma stunning the judges with her impressive salsa dancing skills. her partner is half her age. the pair have already won the top prize on the spanish version of the show which is easier, i
3:33 am
think. >> not for us. >> outstanding. >> she's fantastic. >> shocking the audience. >> she's all right. >> by the way, why did you just ask me for the brunette voodoo doll? >> i did not say that. the doctor didn't seem clinical about the voodoole dolls. >> they were clear. if you don't feel good about your spouse, stick them. >> dawn just e-mailed me. >> stick them with needles. >> yes. >> you should have plenty in your stomach for a happy marriage. >> that's what it comes down to. >> as opposed to last week's diet doctor who said don't have sugar. >> same argument. or discussion. >> bret michaels is here. >> we have to ask him about it. heather is giggling. but you have important news. >> we have to ask if he takes voodoo dolls as well.
3:34 am
an update to a story yesterday. police arresting the 14-year-old dutch girl who created a real firestorm after she tweeted a terror threat to american airlines. the she said she thought she was having harmless fun when she wrote this. i'm from afghanistan. i'm part of al qaeda and on june 1 i will do something really big bye. she stopped laughing when the airline said, we take these threats seriously. your ip address and details will be forwarded to security and the fbi. the girl first tried to blame her friend and then backtracked writing, i'm so sorry. i'm scared now. she went on to say, i always wanted to be famous. i meant like demi lovado famous, not osama bin laden famous. >> police have released her. it's not clear what charges she'll face, if any. learned he. marijuana may be against the law in maryland but it is
3:35 am
becoming the 17th strait to decriminal niez pot. martin o'malley says possessing less than ten grams will be a civil rather than a criminal offense. the penalty? a fine. this is a family member's worst nightmare for those with loed ones with alzheimer's disease, worrying if they would wander off. there is a new shoe insert that is equipped with a gps tracking device. once the person goes beyond the zone the family creates you are instantly notified. listen to this. >> the day they make a wrong turn, can't find their way home that's when everybody in the system receives text messages and alerts, lets you find them. >> it costs $249. it will be on the market by the end of summer. we need that. track them wherever they go. we can use all the help we can
3:36 am
get. penelope cruz has pulled off the pirate look. >> there is a chest with jewels with the power to rule. >> you're making that up. >> she's about to pull off the bond girl look. she's rumored the to join daniel craig in the 24th 007 film. her name was listed as a cast member. a release from sony pictures french office. that's how we know. i love that alzheimer's gps tracking device. >> great idea. >> great for the families. >> remember the l.a. lights shoes back in the day when the kids would walk around and they would light up snm yeah. >> this lights up the gps. >> way better than that, for sure. >> great technology. >> let's go to maria with the latest on the news. >> people in mississippi cleaning up after heavy storms barrelled through the region. strong winds flipped 25 rvs as the storm tore through a campground in the southern part
3:37 am
of the state. >> maria malina is joining us now. >> good to see you. you can see pictures of the damage out of parts of mississippi. severe weather ripping through that part of the country. we have a risk for more severe weather including flooding. on the back side of the storm system it's cold enough that the rain is actually transitioning to snow. the snow coming down across ohio, kentucky, and as far south as parts of tennessee. the severe weather risk doesn't the include parts of jacksonville, southeastern georgia. the carolinas and also across southeastern virginia. out are there, the concern is damaging winds, large hail and even isolated tornadoes. that's something to watch coming up this afternoon. here in new york city we have had rain this morning. that's all associated with the same storm system. unfortunately, all the clouds here in the northeast made it impossible to see the blood moon. we want to show you beautiful
3:38 am
images from l.a.'s griffith observatory. the lunar eclipse turns red because the earth's shadow is cast on oh the moon. it's beautiful. i wish we saw it in new york city. i was running around with the app on my iphone trying to find the moon. i couldn't. too overcast. >> next time, maria. >> we were up at 3:00 in the morning. cloudy. >> my alarm went off. 22 minutes before the top of the hour. he's the ultimate rock star. ♪ every roses has its thorn ♪ just like every -- >> this morning bret michaels is stopping by the couch. some say he's on the couch. >> good morning. >> good to see you. >> what are you doing? >> i was coming around. >> like it or not when i think of donald trump i think "celebrity apprentice." behind that is bret michaels.
3:39 am
>> thank you very much. >> what advice do you have to geraldo rivera because you're a champion? >> number one, believe in your fight. the weirdest thing about it is everyone there is your friend when you start and the fighting starts. you're not sure who's got your back. stay focused on you. >> they lie to you right off the bat. tell you they will get you up about 9:00 or 10:00, 5:00 a.m. they wake you up. >> there we are. there's brian, little brian, kate plus 8 and vivica a. fox. we're buying wedding dresses for charity to benefit geraldo's charity. >> geraldo is great, smart, intelligence. he has a good chance of winning. knowing his opponent. know your friend and your enemy. >> good advice.
3:40 am
>> welcome to reality. >> what do you call us? friend or enemy? >> fr aenemy. >> you say keep your mind focused on the cause. you have had such success in music and business. tell us about operation home front. you joined general martin dempsey. you guys sang. >> he tested you. >> that was incredible. he pulled one out. i'm a military child and i was tr there for the military children. it was one of the best nights of my life. it was fun, great, not stiff at all. it was a party. as someone who comes from a family in the military, i have been to iraq, afghanistan, kuwait. played at the forward operating bases and with operation homefront. >> what's he doing here -- putting on your headband? >> this was a great moment. what a great guy. he and his wife are incredible. this is a great molt.
3:41 am
doing a little "proud to be an american" right here. >> let's listen. ♪ god bless the usa >> he broke into that song without telling you. >> i had no idea. come on, sing something. next thing i know we were singing lee. >> good duet. >> i did the old school mike pull away. >> it's hard rock in times square. >> this is awesome for me. i do great stuff with the hard rock. not only concerts, party, but tonight sing for your supper kicks off at 5:00 at the hard rock. we have done a lot of amazing things together. it benefits hunger. it's one of the -- am i saying that correctly? >> who is it benefitting? >> hunger. >> you talked about the brain
3:42 am
hemorrhage. >> i always yell that out because i forget things. >> it's a double whammy for me. sometimes my brain -- we were talking about things. yes, it benefits why hunger you come up and it's live karaoke. you can sing for your supper. they have a new insane menu that they worked on. we worked on it, too. they built the biggest suite. the bret michaels suite has a tour bus, motorcycles. >> you're kidding. >> i'm not making the this up. >> every hard rock across the country. >> it kicks off. the hard rock makes it a party. sing for your supper, live karaoke. >> you have to be good? >> no, of course not. that's not importantment you get a great meal and it benefits whyhunger. >> posted this on twitter. you with my husband backstage at a party. his bachelor party actually. >> uh-oh.
3:43 am
he was totally sober. nothing happened. nothing at all. my bloodshot eyes, there was pollen in the air. >> allergies. >> thank you. he still married me after that. >> you got an alegra deal. who will be many the summer concert series? include yourself. >> i will be here. >> you're coming back? >> i'm returning. we had an amazing time last year. we'll play a beautiful soul, the new song. it's got a million -- am i saying that right? a million, 700,000 views. >> 2 billion sounds better. >> i'm telling the truth. >> he's coming back. >> july 18, friday. >> thank you, sir. >> you remember that. >> i got that. >> straight ahead on this tuesday telecast, while you were sleeping there was a huge development in the tax law about old debt.
3:44 am
you could have one. we have an accountant with the breaking details. in pursuit of all things awesome, amazing,
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and that's epic, bro, we've forgotten just how good good is. good is setting a personal best before going for a world record. good is swinging to get on base before swinging for a home run. [ crowd cheering ] good is choosing not to overshoot the moon,
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but to land right on it and do some experiments. ♪ so start your day off good with a coffee that's good cup after cup. maxwell house. ♪ good to the last drop it's april 15, tax day. are you expecting a refund this year? before you look for the check in the mail you should know the government has been intercepting $2 billion in tax refund this is year alone to pay off old debts of family members. meanwhile new details that the social security administration embarrassed by this, got a lot of bad publicity and will suspend the practice of holding adult children responsible for their families' decades old debt. what about people who is already had their tax refunds taken by the government? ronald weck is a cpa and a member of the american institute of oh certified public accountants. shouldn't you be busy, some
3:48 am
place else, filing taxeses for somebody? >> i will be doing that as far as i'm done here. i have been doing it all night. >> i'll bet you have. how about the story about some line years ago added to the farm bill are where the irs could go after taxes -- social security payments made to family members decades ago? >> that was typical with a lot of bills written that the government immediates the to find a way to pay for them. they stick provisions in bills that most of the members don't see are in there that allow them to find other sources of rev thu. they said forget the ten-year statute of limitations on debt collections. anything owed we can collect. >> they wound up with billionses of dollars over the last number of years. what's interesting is they were going after -- the washington post had the story last week. they were going after somebody
3:49 am
whose father died in 1960. got some social security money for the family. they were trying to claw it back. >> right. while it might be legally collectible, the worst part is they couldn't prove it was owed. that was the big issue. >> that was the big issue. now they have switched things around. thank goodness. it is tax day. what bothers you most? fox news poll says the way the government spends our taxes. 14% say too many don't have to pay. the top one is really -- you know, if you have to pay you write the check and think, you know, it would be one thing if the government spent the money wisely, but they don't. >> that's true. it's the price we supposedly have to pay to live in this democracy. but it does get annoying when we pay our fair share of taxes and see it going to waste system how much went to solyndra? ron will answer your tax questions all day long. we're getting a lot of e-mail in
3:50 am
the green room. >> we are. >> if you have a question for him, e-mail us, friends@fox or tweet us or facebook. >> bundy, so how far will the government go and could something like this happen to you? judge napolitano next.
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
welcome back. the ranch stand-off is far from over and this morning we're finally hearing the agents on the ground. >> we don't want to create a
3:54 am
flash point for conflict. we're all about free speech. that's the same constitution. the very amendment you speak of, we defend. so we understand free speech. we get it. but people hold rocks above their heads. >> the blm agents, we are here with judge andrew napolitano. we have some questions here. blm agents. bass guys? >> i don't know who the bad guys are. i don't know if it's the actual young troops on the ground. it's probably their civilian superiors. a couple problems here. the blm is not a military or law enforcement entity. i was shocked to see they on have troops dressed in camouflage and with m 16s. it looked like they were fighting a war rather than against a foreign invadeer rather than enforce ago judgment against an american. in this case, a patriotic heroic american. they are not defending the first amendment. they may think they are, but when they say here is a free
3:55 am
speech zone and they literally cordon off 25 square yards and say if you want to criticize us, you have to get inside that tape. if you're outside the tape, we're gog arrest you. and by the way that, 25 square yards is three miles from where we're having the confrontation with this rancher. that is prohibited by the first amendment. the first amendment presumes that you can say anything you want about the government and if the government makes it impossible for the government to hear what you're saying by putting you three miles away, then they have interfered with your first amendment rights. this whole thing is done so inappropriately. i happen to believe that this land belongs to the rancher. but the courts have disagreed with me and decided it doesn't. >> right. >> and the courts decided because he grazed on this government land, he owes the government money. but when you owe the government money, they don't come with guns and troops and don't threaten the media that are there to cover it. you file document in the courthouse and it's a judgment
3:56 am
on the property. and then when the property passes by inheritance or when you sell it, one of which must eventually happen, the government will get its money plus interest. the draconian, authoritarian way they're going after mr. bundy is obviously to scare him and scare ranchers and send a message that is utterly unamerican and not in line with the free people. >> are they trying o scare his family? it seems they are willing to die. >> oh, they would love to. they've been there 150 years. they would love to scare his family away. i don't think they'll succeed. >> thank you for being us. >> heat up down there. >> yes. coming up, the top democrat investigating the irs scandal finds himself at the center of the targeting allegations. was he leading the charge against conservatives in the first place? and then no shirt, no shoes, no service. right? we heard that. but what about no pants? this story is coming up top of
3:57 am
the hour.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
good morning. today is tuesday, april 15. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. the top democrat investigating the irs scandal says it's time to move on. >> based upon everything i've seen, the case is solved. if it were me, i would wrap this case up and move on. >> well, there is explosive new evidence that he was leading the charge against conservatives the entire time. >> wow. but he's going to move on. after a week of criticism, eric holder changing his tune about these comments. >> what attorney general has ever had to deal with that kind of treatment? what president has ever had to deal with that kind of treatment? >> this morning he says he was
4:01 am
misunderstood. really? we report. you decide. okay. you heard of no shirt, no shoes, no service. right? but what about no pants? >> you didn't write it. he's got his shirt on. high socks. >> you're watching "fox & friends." it's tax day. >> this is bret michaels. i have not been to bed yet. you're hanging with me on "fox & friends". i just had a chance to talk to bret michaels in the hall, which is odd because guests a lot of times after they're on -- >> were you talk being tax day? >> not really. but he said he practices free cologne. >> when he came in, he had a certain perfume about him and he said that's -- >> he created it. it's rose and thorns. >> yeah. >> he'll be sending us over a complimentary bottle.
4:02 am
i think we have to share it with the crew. >> they'll smell nice. >> for tax purposes, that's what we're going to say. we got it and shared it. it's april 15. we've got ron standing by. he's answering your questions in the green room. there he is right there. call him -- >> call him on the internet. >> with any questions you have. >> a lot of people have questions about their taxes. they've seen what happened to the tea party, conservative groups. they're wondering, could i possibly be targeted? will i get audited? there is news out about the top democrat in congress investigating what's gone on at oversight regarding the tea party groups and irs and looks like he may actually have been involved in targeting somebody who never wound up with their tax exempt status. >> think about what happened last week on the 9th, the washington times revealed the dallas irs office was covered with vote for obama stickers. irs office. the hill broke a story revealing lois lerner that tax information
4:03 am
to elijah cummings. the house ways and means committee last week referred lois lerner for criminal charges. none of these stories made it to the sunday shows, which as you know, i watch all of them. >> right. the house oversight committee chairman actually produced e-mails from 2012 that show lois lerner accommodating requests from elijah cumming, who was leading the charge in this investigation, but wants to move on, providing the information about an organization called true to vote. it's a conservative organization that was singled out by the irs and scrutinized. >> so let me get this straight. you just said that guy right there, the top democrat on the house oversight was coordinating with that woman, lois lerner, targeting a texas conservative group called true the vote. >> yeah. >> they were coordinate to go crack down on them. that is so wrong. isn't it? an attorney for true the vote was on the channel last night and has this to say about what
4:04 am
happened to her group. >> the irs came to see its role as somehow the enforcement role of the democratic party and democratic members of congress and the white house and began to carry out these activities to pursue conservative groups because these politicians were demanding it. and yet, all of these people, lois lerner, all of them, they have civil service protection and the only difference between what happened in watergate when richard nixon asked the irs to go after his political enemies was when richard nixon asked, they refused. when these democratic politicians said go do something about these conservative groups because they are challenging us and we don't like what they're saying about us, the irs took it upon itself to do their bidding and to try to silence these groups. >> she's absolutely right. and keep in mind, they started cracking down in the runup before the election so that
4:05 am
these groups on the right, although some left groups were named, they tried to crack them down, tried to keep them from mobilizing and being able to help their candidates in the election. in that regard, the irs was effective in tamping down free speech. >> it matters to the american people if their pom ticks are being -- politics are being scrutinized in terms of tax exempt status. you would think, brian, on the eve of tax day, they would be talking about it. it would be like march madness happening and no one talking about any controversy surrounding it. here we are tax day and still croceates. no -- crickets and no other network talk being it. >> people who don't do this for a living don't know with it. most team don't have time to look into the irs investigation. they think well, i haven't read about that in a while, i guess it's over. it's done. but yet the irs is the one
4:06 am
industry, the one agency that really everybody is involved with. everybody. like it or not, you're involved with. you would think a year and a half ago when this came out this would be resonating regardless -- let's see where the chips fall. the chips fell and no one heard them. that was profound, by the way, what i just said. >> and the irs is even involved in obamacare, which impacts one sixth of our economy. and what do you get on the other channels like you said? they didn't talk about it. fox news sunday talked about the irs scandal, but nobody else did. and when you think about some of the other channels, what are they talking about? they're talking about 20 cones on a bridge that screwed up traffic for a couple of days. >> you mean chris christie thing? >> uh-huh. >> i thought it was the malaysian plane 'cause there is one network, that's all they talk about. >> one is the bridgegate channel and the other is the missing airplane channel. that's if you want to make it that simple -- >> you know with a they all want? heather nauert. >> but we got her.
4:07 am
>> you're on a roll, brian. good morning, guys. today is a tough day for a lot of folks in boston. in a few hours from now, boston will mark one year since the bomb attack that left three people dead and more than 260 injured. church bells will toll in the heart of the city at exactly 2:49 p.m. today. that is the moment that the first bomb exploded near the marathon finish line. this year's race is set for next monday. investigators in california are trying to figure out how two registered sex offenders out on parole and wear ankle bracelets may have murdered at least four women. 27-year-old frank cano and 45-year-old steve gordon will be in court later today on charges of rape and murder. the body of 21-year-old woman was found last fall. you can see her there. three other women went missing
4:08 am
from the anaheim area around the same time. authorities say that gps data from the ankle bracelets that the men were wearing linked them to the crimes. we'll keep watching that story. senator harry reid says the battle with the bundy family over their ranch is far from over. here is what he just said: quote, while it's not overment we can have an american people that violate the law and then just walk away from it, so it's not over. that battle started when the government sent in contract cowboys to round up the family's cattle. they had been grazing on public land for more than a century. >> you don't look at them as real cowboys. real cowboys are honest. they weren't doing an honest thing. >> we'll watch that story for you. and who needs pants? certainly not this lady. police in florida say this woman wanted wine so badly, that she stole it from a supermarket wearing just slippers and no pants. she grabs the wine in the box
4:09 am
and walks right out. she was busted and charged with theft and disorderly conduct. what's the problem with that? i fail to see the problem with that. >> she was if a rush. -- in a rush. we've all been there. >> how do my shoes look? >> thank you very much. >> all right. in the first hour we found out that there was a study done to gauge how angry a spouse was at their spouse that gave them voodoo dolls and figured out how many were stuck in the doll to figure out how angry they were and traced it back to the blood sugar. people who are hungry and angry or hangry need to eat something before they tango with their special loved one. >> right. dr. bushman joined us. this is the reasoning why, he's from ohio state psychology. >> we did this study for 21 consecutive days. every morning each couple, each
4:10 am
partner would measure their blood glucose before they ate breakfast and at night before they went to bed. and before the evening reading, we told each person independently to stab into the doll the represent -- that represented their partner the number of pins, according to how angry they were with their partner that day. >> does it matter where you put the pins? >> it all depends on how angry you are. >> if you're a little angry, you put it here. >> in the arm? >> that hurt. >> this was handed to me with one in the heart. don't get me in trouble. >> greet your spouse when you get home with snacks before you have a big talk. >> do you notice that certain times of the day where your spouse might be more argumentative than others? >> you're speaking generically? >> right. if it happens at night at certain time, do you think maybe the blood sugar could be low or maybe in the morning at a certain time?
4:11 am
>> we have no talk zones. there is no freedom of talking about 4:30 or 4:45 when i'm getting dinner ready. >> think of how many people are dieting. they're not eating and blood sugar is low and so next thing you know, they're arguing. it's not necessarily the person talking. it's their stomach talking. they're hungry and what the doctor said is you have more carbs and never have a big talk on an empty stomach. >> first see how many needles are in you in a daily basis. see how many times you've been stuck. if there is a lot of pins in your puppet, then you know you have to go get a blood test. >> or feed your spouse. >> have a bagel. >> right. have a bagel. >> it's 7:11 in new york city. talk about biting the hand that feeds them, a new report on how much money democrats are taking from the same people they are now attacking. we're talking to the koch brothers. we're talking about them. and report just out, the number of americans on food
4:12 am
stamps just hit a frightening new high. stuart varney on that and his blood and how that relates to his relationship coming straight in your direction.
4:13 am
4:14 am
4:15 am
you got a scary new report that shows more than 46 million people collected food stamps while 44 million women worked full time in 2012. that means the number of people living on the government dole outnumbered full-time work women what does it mean for the economy? here is stuart varney. a lot of people are caught up in the fact that the stock market turned around and the unemployment is at the 6.7%. but this is a telling number. in what way? >> ma what it tells us is that in the obama era, welfare is
4:16 am
replacing work. there has been an explosion in welfare payments outgoing from the government to individuals. and a decline in work. this is the classic example, you now have -- in 2012, 46 million people getting food stamps. 44 million women working full time. that tells you you're at a tipping point. if you just go back to 1969, it was 2 million on food stamps and 15 million women working full time year round. completely different relationship between welfare and work. >> what role do you think the fact that people are advertising for food stamps and saying hey, there is an option for you here. let's pull you in. they're not advertising for unemployment insurance. >> president obama is buying votes. nancy pelosi said food stamps give you the best bang for the buck. she's wrong financially. she's right politically. vice president biden said we will liberate you from work with obamacare. essentially what he's saying is
4:17 am
we'll pay you not to work. we'll give you free health care and food stamps and all of this stuff. you don't have to work, but you better vote for me. all of these programs are essentially buying votes for the obama team. so far it has worked. but it's bad for the economy. >> it's going to take a politician with courage saying this is the number we're at. we have to get that number down and here is my plan. >> you got to change the relationship between welfare and work and you do that with economic growth. you don't do it necessarily by just cutting welfare, cutting entitlement programs. you'll never get elected if you try that. but if you go for growth, which grows the economy, grows the number of jobs and grows tax revenues coming into washington, then you've gone partway to solving the problem. >> i think you got to sunset the food stamps, don't you? don't you have to say just like unemployment insurance? >> i would say that's a very good idea. >> that's very rare, you've never said it on camera before.
4:18 am
brian, you had a good idea. coming up on your show at 11:00 o'clock you'll expand on it and done expanding at 1? >> that's accurate. yes, 11 to 1. >> welcome to the week. this is my monday. >> thank you very much. two minutes before 20 minutes after the hour. remember the comments eric holder made about him not being treated fairly? well, this morning he says america misunderstood him. we'll explain. try it. and there is only room for one little girl at this dance floor. wait 'til you see what happens when another girl takes her boy. ♪ ♪
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4:22 am
time for news by the numbers. first, $316,050. that's how much democrats collected in campaign donations from the koch brothers in the last eight years. isn't that interesting? this despite democrats' constant attack against those same koch brothers. next, $1.2 million. that's how much the president's pick for health and human services secretary sylvia burwell made at her zero salary job at wal-mart. the money comes from her as a company vice president. and last, $760 million. that's how much unclaimed cash the irs is ready to keep. it's tax refund money from 2010 returns that have not been reclaimed. $760 million. one year ago today, terrorists bombed the boston
4:23 am
marathon. three people died, 260 others were hurt. >> but the people of boston are not afraid. the terrorists did not win, as you know, because this year the city is coming out stronger than ever. 12,000 stronger to run that very same race. anna kooiman is hire with that story. >> good morning. i'll be taking on the iconic 26.2-mile race next monday with the second largest field of runners in history. 36,000 of them. i had the opportunity to do some training with the eight-year-old little boy, martin richard, who has since become a symbol of peace after dying that day. take a look. >> mostly i remember just screaming. not wanting it to be real. wanting to be away. >> but the horror is very real for the family of eight-year-old martin richard who lost his life in the boston marathon last april. >> surely if there was anyone
4:24 am
who deserved it less, it would be a young child who was clearly just loving, compassionate. >> chris peterson is a friend of the family. although he never previously claimed himself to be a runner, he's taking on the iconic 26.2 miles this year in martin's honor. >> for so many people, it really hit home was that could have been someone they knew or someone that they loved. >> just days after last year's tragedy, chris launched a campaign that raised over a million dollars for the family's recovery. >> people just started pouring money and leaving little notes. some of the money that was raised through this has now gone to help form the mra foundation, which is in martin's memory. >> over 250 people applied for the coveted spot to run this year's marathon as a member of team mra. number 8 for martin's age and favorite number.
4:25 am
team mr 8 is 100 runners strong. some are friends, coaches. others are perfect strangers. >> i decided i wanted to run it and i wanted to run it for the martin richard foundation. it's a huge honor. i'm happy to help out any way i can. >> hands down it will be the greatest athletic experience of my life, if not the greatest experience to run it for his family. >> a -- what do you think about? >> self- reflect on how fortunate i am and then when you meet richard's family, i can build off of how they've come together and set up for the city of boston, didn't back down. >> how is the family doing? >> better than i would be. they're doing much better than i would be. they're impossibly giving more strength to people than people are giving support to them. >> how do you say marathon training helped the healing process for you? >> i think marathon training is hard and it lasts a long time.
4:26 am
so does the grieving process. so it's good practice. >> for more information on how you can donate to team mr 8 and also the boston one fund, you can visit our web site. you saw the picture there with martin said peace, no more hurting people. we can all learn from that. he didn't have to die. let's just show -- let's name our enemies today and let's show them on monday that they can't hold us down. >> absolutely. running miles for martin and those that were affected that day and really resilient, boston strong. great job. >> thanks. >> see you monday morning. >> good luck. >> thank you very much. 26 minutes now after the hour. here is what's straight ahead. it's tax day. if you have last-minute questions, don't worry. our accountant expert on hand answering all those questions and most of them are correct. >> good morning, ron.
4:27 am
and the bond films would not be complete without a leading lady. this morning we know 007's newest love interest that will have you shaking. ♪ ♪
4:28 am
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4:31 am
♪ ♪ >> look at that! >> this is about territory and love. it's your shot of the morning. do not mess with her man. a little girl gets so angry that this boy was dancing with another girl at what appears to be a wedding. she cuts in and pulls the boy close to her. he was not happy. he turns her away and keeps on dancing. she has tears. >> it's like mini junior high school right there. >> poor things. >> let's try to track all three of them and see how their lives turn out. 25 years, you want to try that? >> dance with the lady you came with. >> that's the rule. >> what about the lady who cut in? we don't know. >> all three of them. if chris chulo doesn't interrupt again, we'll move on. >> let's see how many times he interrupts heather nauert.
4:32 am
>> good morning. i hope everybody is off to a good day. 32 minutes after the hour. new overnight, the iraqi government is shutting down a abu grad prison due to security concerns. criminals were transferred throughout the country. you may remember back in july, militants attacked that high security prison and set free hundreds of terrorists, including senior members of criticism, eric holder changing his tune about these comments. >> what attorney general has ever had to deal with that kind of treatment? what president has ever had to deal with that kind of treatment? >> holder now says he was not playing the race card with those comments. he made those comments during a speech to the national action network. dr. ben carson speaking to bill o'reilly says voters should not be manipulated by holder and other democrats. listen to this.
4:33 am
>> you can't oppose anything that a progressive black person is doing if you're white without being called a racist. you can't oppose abortion on demand without being called antiwoman. this is really a state of sadness and maturity and i think if the solution to it is for the people to be much more sophisticated in their analysis and not simply accept what the manipulators are trying to pull over. >> dr. carson says he also believes a lot of groups are using the race card strategy. marijuana might be against the law in maryland, but don't worry about it because there are new rules that could let drug use off the hook. maryland is becoming the 17th state to decriminalize pot. the governor sign ago bill that makes less than 10 grams of weed a civil rather than criminal offense. the penalty? just a fine. here is a fun story. neither snow nor rain could stop them. the tiny dog here, in iowa, the
4:34 am
mail delivery stops because of a vicious chihuahua mix. the mailman says he feels threatened and the neighbors seem to agree with this. >> we got chased a couple times just bringing groceries into our house. two weeks later my five-year-old was bit in the leg in the back of our own yard. >> neighbors now have to go to the post office to pick up their mail. how about that? those are your headlines. my kids are scared of chihuahuas and little dogs. we have german shepherd examines they're not scared of big dogs. >> put down the chalupa. thank you. now moving on to weather. people in mississippi this morning cleaning up after heavy storms barreled through that area. strong winds flipped over 25 country recreational vehicles as the storm through a camp ground in the southern part of mississippi. >> maria molina is tracking the storm and joins us with the latest. >> good morning. that's right. that storm system producing severe weather across parts of the south and still has a threat
4:35 am
today to produce more of that damaging winds and possibly even some tornadoes. you can see it stretching from parts of the florida panhandle all the way up to parts of new england and behind this system. it is a lot colder. some of that rain has transitioned over to snow across parts of kentucky, ohio, and even moving into parts of the state of west virginia. so that's what we're looking at with that storm system there. otherwise that severe weather risk extends to jacksonville, through the carolinas and southeastern virginia as well. behind the system, much colder. so we do have freeze warnings and advisories in effect from new mexico to parts of the mid-atlantic. this storm system making it very tough along areas east of the mississippi river. you see the lunar eclipse last night. we want to show you this video so you can see the lunar eclipse called the blood moon because the moon starts to appear red as it does move into the earth's shadow. i didn't see it here in new york city, but a lot of people did
4:36 am
across the western part of the country. let's head back inside. >> thank you very much. let me tell you what's happening in sports. guess what? michael phelps, maybe the most success of the olympic athlete ever. set to come out of retire. the 22-time olympic medalist will compete for the first time since 2012. london games -- he will compete fort first time in arizona next week. expect the ratings to be high. his coach says he's, quote, pretty far from top form, but has been training five days a week. want to one $100,000? just guess the st. louis rams' 2014 schedule. they're challenging their fans to correctly guess all 17 weeks their regular season. you need to pick who they play, where they play and which day and then do that again 16 more times. and also pick the right bye week. if you can pull it off, you'll be $100,000 richer.
4:37 am
the schedule will be released at the end of the month. i think a is flat out impossible. is this the next tiger woods? three-year-old baby james grimes hits the ball like a pro. louisiana toddler has been playing since he could walk, which was yesterday. this video taken when he was just two. his mom says his love for the sport comes from watching golf on tv with his dad. bubba, phil and tiger, you've been warned. baby james will compete in his first tournament in june. at the does well, he might replace me when we play with the president on labor day. coming up on radio, we'll have chairman mike rogers, governor bob and gretchen carlson will be joining us between 9 and noon. >> how fun. >> today is tax day, april 15. your questions have been pouring in. robert hecht is a cpa and he joins us. you've been looking at the e mails. many people writing in. >> lots of people asking questions. lots of people really mad about what today is. >> why? it's so fun to give away all
4:38 am
your money. >> people don't like paying taxes. beyond that. don't we love doing it? >> i know. >> let's go to jody who says i owe $10,000, but usually get a refund. what happened this year? >> one of two things happened. either your withholding could have been fouled up or more likely with a large increase in tax rates this year, if you paid what you paid last year, you might still end up owing significantly more money because of the higher tax rates. >> how high did people's tax rates go up? >> the top tax rate started at 35%. the regular income tax rate went to 40%. but when you add the medicare surcharge on net investment income, people could effectively be paying 43% federal tax rate. >> painful. >> debbie has this question, may accountant seems overwhelmed and hasn't called me back. should i go ahead and file my own extension? >> i can't imagine overwhelmed
4:39 am
accountants. i just can't imagine that. but yes, you should file your own extension. just keep in mind that an extension is an extension of time to file, not to pay. you got to make sure you pay in at least 90% of what you think you're going to owe. otherwise on top of all those wonderful taxes, you may owe 5% a month penalty as well. >> you're kidding? >> no. >> don't shoot the messenger, please. >> not again. >> ron, crystal writes, all of our tax we want to pay my husband's student loans and since we aren't together now, i'm trying to get my portion. how would i do that? >> this is an interesting and tough one. but the law actually does provide protections called innocent spouse rules. what you need to do is get a professional to help you file an innocent spouse claim with the internal revenue service and they will determine which spouse owes the money and if one -- the wrong spouse got the money, they may be able to help the right
4:40 am
spouse get some of their money back. >> wow. interesting question there. >> real quickly before you go, i know you're a tax professional. but the on-line services like turbo tax and stuff like that, they work pretty good. >> they do work well, yes. >> a lot of people use the computer. >> what about robots that host morning shows? how do they work? >> ron, thank you very much. >> thank you. coming up straight ahead, just when you thought sean penn was a nice guy -- i've been forced to read this -- what he reportedly did to his ex, robin wright. >> should kids learn about christianity in school? matt lauer told bill o'reilly he's not so sure. but our next guest has something to say about that. >> born on this day in 1990, this magical actress starred in "noah." who is that? e-mail us. correct answer, you'll be the
4:41 am
winner. ♪ ♪
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4:44 am
time for headlines out of hollywood. an emotional tribute for wrestling superstar, the ultimate warrior. [bell tolling] >> a bell was rung ten times in his honor. this as we learn the 54-year-old died of heart disease. just when you thought sean penn was a great guy, he apparently replaced his ex robin wright with his new girlfriend in his new film. he will direct charlize theron. penelope cruz, the new bond girl? she's set to join daniel craig in the 24th 007 movie.
4:45 am
her name we leaked and then we saw the video. steve, on something unrelated. >> thank you for alt actress news. should america's schools teach kids about the influence of the bible on america? bill o'reilly got into that with some guy named matt lauer. >> kids need to know what judeo-christian tradition is because that's what all of our laws are based on. that's what the country's philosophy is. >> one of the things that's interesting about public schools these days, you sit in one of those classes and you're surrounded by kids of four, five, six different faiths. why should they sit there and listen to the story of jesus christ? >> if they are american children, because that's what forged the constitution. >> our next guest says many people in america still have no idea that many of our founding principles came from the bible. angela is the vice president of
4:46 am
the american heritage educational foundation and the author of the textbook "the miracle of america." good morning to you. >> thank you for having me. >> what did you think about bill o'reilly's argument with matt mt lauer? >> i think schools are allowed to teach about religion. there is a need and legal right for them to teach it. >> sure. really -- this is one of the reasons you wrote the textbook, is the bible was in some ways essentially the instruction manual for the country of america. >> it was. they looked to the bible as guidance and building a civil society. the founders really created the first greatest experiment in which people came together to form a new nation, with new ideas. >> let's look at some of the ideas new to america. for instance, the mayflower compact came from where in the bible? >> it came from isiah 33. the pilgrims signed an agreement
4:47 am
to come together and form a civil society and they looked to god as their authority to sanction that agreement. and doing that, they referred to isiah 33, which says god is our judge, law giver and king. >> all right. what about popular sovereignty, where did that come from? >> another idea of popular sovereignty, which was the idea that all humans are equal in standing. so political power resides with all of the people. not just one person. that came from genesis 1 where god created mankind and gave dominion to all people. not just one person. >> how about resistance to tyranny? that's something big these days. >> that emerged during the american revolution and there de over whether it was biblical to go to war with britain. and they centered on romans 13, which describes the role of
4:48 am
government as a minister of good works and a force against evil. it instructed people to submit to authority. >> sure. so for the people trying to scrub god from the public place, get in god we trust off the money, get rid of god and all references to christmas and stuff like that, you look at our history and the bible was what we base so much our country on. >> that's exactly right. our nation was shaped by judeo christian ideas and we can see that in our political philosophy, our culture, and our civic institutions. so we could definitely say that we are a nation influenced by the bible. >> interesting stuff. the new textbook is called "the miracle of america." angela, thank you very much for joining us today from houston. >> yes, i am. and you can find out more at >> thank you very much. straight ahead on this tuesday, new study shows more women are staying home than
4:49 am
working. if you're one of those who still wants to make some cash at your house, stick around. cheryl casone has some jobs you don't have to leave the house for. that sounds good. first on this date in 1820, maine became america's 23rd state. in 1985 the first internet domain name was registered. in 1978, the bee gees singing to the number one song in america. this one. ♪ she moves through the night ♪ controlling my mind and my soul ♪ ♪ the feeling is right ♪ that night fever, night fever ♪ ♪ we know how --
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welcome back.
4:53 am
the answer to the "fox & friends" trivia question of the day, emma watson. our winner is darren from florida. you'll be getting a copy of brian's new book "george washington's secret six." congrats. well, a new study shows that three out of every ten moms would rather stay home with their kids then spend a day at work. the reason? too hard to find a job. what if you were told you could. cheryl casone is here to explain all of that. >> good morning. got some ideas for all the moms at home that do want to work, but here is the problem, it is amazing to me that 6% of mothers in 2012 said they're staying home not because they want to, they want to go back to work, they can't find a job. what's happening -- and we talked about this in the past -- is that the cost of childcare completely negates going back to work. why would i leave the house if i'm going to lose money? it's going to be a net negative for me to go out and find work. so it's not that they're not
4:54 am
motivated to find work. it's just the economics of this don't make sense. it's a real shame. >> it sure is. but you are offering some solutions where you can have both, make some money at home for moms. you have three companies today? >> yeah. there are some companies now that you can work from home. you do have to kind of report to work. but you can sometimes choose the hours that you want to work. a lot of the call center jobs. there is a company called a rise virtual solutions that i've talked about them before. it's customer care, things like that. you can make from 9 to 30 bucks an hour. they serve like staples, carnival cruise lines, aaa. so you're on the phone. but you're on the phone at your home. now, i want to caution you, you can't be distracted when you're doing these type of jobs. you really got to focus on picking up the phone. that's where the work is. has company called live ops. live ops is customer care and inbound sales, financial services, things like that. but this company has about 1,000
4:55 am
jobs open. ten to 12 bucks an hour. a lot is financial and retail. and then southerland. it's jobs on the phone and you could be a personal concierge. why not? be an assistants. i have a friend that's a mom that's work as a personal assistants during the day. there is all kinds of things you can do. >> right, that offer flexibility and help at home. tips for moms looking for this kind of work? >> here is the thing, especially for those of you that maybe did get that degree and now you're at home. you want to keep up with that network. that's big thing, in my opinion. you got to keep those connection. have lunch with friends you went to college with. keep the e-mails coming. maybe take a class at night. also volunteer work. people say oh, volunteer, i'm at the shelter. no, that's actual work experience you can use on a resume. so all of these things are great
4:56 am
ways to keep engaged. maybe when the kids get bigger and if i can hopefully see wages get better in this country, which i'm not seeing this year, but maybe next year, that will be the reason for these moms to actually go back to work and not have the financial side of it work against them, which is what we're seeing. >> certainly disheartening when we heard the vice president say stay home. that's okay. but when you're looking at reengaging, these are great opportunities and tips to do so. cheryl casone, thank you so much. >> you bet. coming up, harry reid has a brand-new message for the ranchers in vegas. so how far can the government legally go? laura ingraham on that. you better believe it, top of the hour. and country star sarah evans is here. did you know she takes her kids on tour with her and what else you might not know when she stops by the curvy couch. ♪ ♪
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5:00 am
good morning. today is tuesday, april 15. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. harry reid has a message for the ranchers in vegas. the fight isn't over. so far can the government go that far? we're going to find out. laura ingraham on that moments away. another democrat dealing the race card. >> the republican base does have elements that are animated by racism and -- >> is this just an orchestrated attempt to deflect criticism? we're going to report and you will decide. >> i'll take it from here. he's been trying to get back on our show for years. >> wait. there he is right there. >> i can't get in! >> let yourself in, mr. big shot! >> today might just be the day we let him back in.
5:01 am
william shatner live this hour. mornings are better with friends. we have no scotty. speaking of beam me up scotty, brian was beamed out to suburban virginia over the weekend. >> yeah, my first stop was maryland to go to bethesda, unbelievable. then right to fredericksburg. >> it was a great event, you said. >> it was unbelievable. i got to meet a lot of greating "fox & friends" people. >> i got a note from one of them that we would like to share from karen in culpepper. she wrote, i met brian kilmeade in fredericksburg, virginia on saturday for his book signing. i have what i call my steve doocy pen that steve used to sign a picture for me in the summer of 2012 in new york city. i have kept the pen ever since. brian kept the pen.
5:02 am
she goes on to say, steve's assignment is to get the pen back. thank you, karen in culpepper. >> in culpepper where they named the culpepper spy ring. there she is. can you describe the pen? >> it's a sharpie! she's had to t for coming up on two years. it's been very close to her. i deeded it over to her and you took it? >> why didn't she ask for it back? >> are you jealous 'cause she named it after steve? >> a little bit. >> you have exactly 58 minutes to turn that thing over. >> i'm going to try to go through it. if there is anything distinguishing about it, please let me know. i'll go -- i'll pat myself down later. >> what's distinguishing about it, it has your dna on it. we're going to get her a new pen. laura ingraham joins us from our nation's capitol. >> i found it. it's like a 37-cent paper mate. hey, kilmeade, is it true you're
5:03 am
doing your next book signing in the powdered wig? you've been all over the country like four times. >> you are so not telling the truth. >> it's never ending. it's like the share retirement. when is this book tour going to end? >> i've only had six or seven stops. >> oh, please, this has been -- you're like o'reilley. this thing that never ends. it keeps going on and on. >> you never turned on me on camera before. you usually wait fort cameras to go down. >> we just want to see the wig and the whole thing, the pose. >> this is laura ingraham who is on another network on sunday. what about you with your thirst for tv and radio? >> well -- >> maybe brian will go to vegas. >> we're spreading the love to our friends at abc. but no, no. "fox & friends," primo here. >> let's talk about the cattle
5:04 am
battle, cliven bundy, he had a stand-off with the federal government. harry reid just told somebody yesterday the battle between bundy and the feds not over. he said, well, it's not over. we can't have an american people violate the law and then just walk away from it. so it's not over. laura, has the federal government handled this thing the right way? >> well, i think a couple of things are going on here. number one, harry reid is a former -- reid's former aide is head of bureau of land manage. a lot of people question his experience. we don't know how much that relates to this stand-off. but when we keep hearing from the federal government that we can't round up illegal immigrant s and then we see 200 federal agents surrounding a land, you have first amendment zones where they have o stand to say their peace. it looks like a ridiculously disproportionate response.
5:05 am
another thing harry might not be aware of is the u.s. constitution. i think we have to remember that nothing in the u.s. constitution really allows for the federal government to buy up millions of acres of land and use it for whatever purpose they want, whether it's to protect a tortoise or frankly to do anything else. they have the ability to set up ports and military base. but now i think there are a loft western states, especially trying to push back against this land grab by the federal government and they're losing a lot of state revenue. that's the issue that's kind of being lost, i think, in the shuffle of bundy versus the federal government. but it's a larger issue of what's happening to these western states when the federal government just gobbles up all of this land. again, which is not permitted under the u.s. constitution. >> right. three miles away for the freedom of speech zones. what about bailey, bundy's daughter? she said it really boils down to protecting our freedom, sovereignty and honesty. take a listen to this.
5:06 am
>> t cowboys and they come out and do this for a living. they were hired. lots of money. they were paid lots of money to come and do this. we don't look at them as real cowboys. real cowboys are honest and they weren't doing an honest thing. >> laura? >> well, i think -- again, this is a federal court order saying they got to pay these grazing fees and the bundies saying north texas this is nevada territory. we'll pay the fees to nevada, which they tried to do at one point. but that's not -- the court says they owe the money. so they claim and said to me on my radio show they're willing to pay, they just don't want to pay the federal government. so i asked them, is this an act of civil disobedience? it seems like this is what they're doing. if harry reid gets on a horse and saddles up and goes to his own version of the ok coral, we'll see. i don't think he would be talking this way if he were up for reelection in nevada this year. >> we've got a sound bite from
5:07 am
one of the agents on the ground there. this is how things are stacking up in their perspective. >> we don't want to create a flash point for conflict. look, we're all about free speech. that's the same constitution -- the very amendment you speak of, we defend. so we understand free speech. we get it. but people holding rocks above their head to throw at a police officer. >> yep. so that's one of the agents. by the way, we should point out it was the feds that tased one of bundy's sons and started things falling down the stairs. >> right. >> yeah. there is a lot of interesting things going on, right? now our border patrol agents are told to back off when an illegal immigrant throws rocks or other projectiles at them, oftentimes hitting them. they're told not to engage. but now the feds are engaging with some ranchers about some grazing rights and surrounding them with 200 people. i mean, i think to regular folks, this seems like wrong. this doesn't seem like the right type of response. i think harry reid is frankly
5:08 am
perhaps escalating this once again, which i think is really stupid. >> noted the imbalance there of response, which i think is what american people are responding to. >> meanwhile on the political front, it seems the democrats' new strategy instead of saying obamacare is my plan and i want you to vote for me because of it, it seems as though they're going after divide and conquer. let's divide the american people on race now. it seems steve israel is backing up what many people thought was insinuations of race being behind a tax on the attorney general and the president. he is the chair of the dcc. he wants to get more democrats in the house. so nancy pelosi becomes speaker again. he just says just intellectually, it just so happens that when it comes to race, republicans are really -- have a problem. let's listen to nancy pelosi and steve israel try to solve that problem. >> i think race has something to do with the fact they're not bringing up an immigration bill. i've heard them say to the irish, this would be easy. >> certain policies for the right reasons.
5:09 am
>> republican colleagues are racist. >> not all of them, no. of course not. but to a significant extent, the republican base does have elements that are animated by racism. >> to the irish? she's whispering to the irish? if it was only you sneaking through mexico and canada, we would say okay? no italian, by the way. >> i'm polish, so the polish never get mentioned. >> don't try to get in. >> guys, if you have nancy pelosi on your show and i know she doesn't come on frequently -- >> because we're irish. >> if she says something like that, don't you say, can you name some names here? and steve israel, when he says, well, some elements, some people, not all republicans. which republicans who serve with him in the u.s. house of representatives have racist elements in their personality or in their conduct on policy matters? steve israel is represencible in what he said.
5:10 am
nancy pelosi, throw her into the ring. i say this is a race to the bottom. the democrats have failed the black youth in this country with their terrible economic approach. do we call that racist? they turn their heads away from the millions upon millions of black babies slaughtered in the womb over ten years. is that racist? is it racist that they allow inner cities continue to crumbles as families decay across the board in america, especially hard hit is african-american families. it's all about november. this is not about they care about black people. they care about their majority eroding away. that's all this is about. >> i cannot believe that follow-up question is okay, who are these irish people that are whispering to the former speaker? >> yeah. let's know who they are. name names. >> jerry cooney? >> you can't level charges like that without real evidentiary
5:11 am
basis for leveling those charges. they were never called on this. >> if they did have those names, would they be withholding them if they could use them for their benefit? >> bingo, elisabeth. no, they'd be doing campaign commercials. but they're running away from their record and running to familiar territory. it's their security blanket. race. but the new pew survey that just came out, "washington post" wrote about it, the majority of americans do not consider barak obama black. they consider him mixed race, which, of course, is what he is. he's half white and half black. and that's what the majority of americans think and i don't think they're thinking about his race. they're thinking about their income and job. >> i just think of him as president. that's it. it's about the policies. that's it. >> if they were up in the polls, they wouldn't be talking about race. they're just talking about this because they're down in the polls. >> laura, thank you very much. always peppy when she shows up. >> great to see you. >> time for headlines. good morning. we're watching a really creepy
5:12 am
story coming out of california. federal and state investigators trying to figure out how two registered sex offenders who were out on parole and wearing angle bracelets at the time may have murdered at least four women. 27-year-old frank cano and 45-year-old steve gordon will head to court today on charges of rape and murder. the body of a 21-year-old woman was found last fall. three other women went missing around the same time in california. authorities say that the gps data from the ankle bracelets links the men to those crimes. we'll keep watching this story. today the former ku klux klan leader accused of murdering three people in kansas will head back -- head to court for the first time. frazier glenn cross is set to be charged with a federal hate crime. he could get the death penalty if he's convicted of this crime. this guy lucky to be alive thanks to his ford focus? a driver in england losing control of his car. it went over a cliff and plunged more than 80 feet down and
5:13 am
crashed into the ocean below. that car was pretty much completely destroyed, except where he was sitting. he was able to get out of that car with just scrapes and bruises. what a miracle there. those are your headlines. >> a good ad for ford. >> no kidding. >> thank you very much. coming up, the teen-ager who tweeted a fake terror threat against american airlines under arrest. but now there are dozens of copycats doing the same thing. so will the teen face more charges? peter johnson, jr. on the case. plus, want to avoid fighting with your wife or significant other? there is one simple thing you need to do and we're using voodoo dolls to solve your relationship issues. it could change your life and hurt something on your body. ♪ ♪
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we told you about the 14-year-old dutch girl who could face charges for sending a threatening tweet to american airlines. it's this: hello, my name is ibrahim and i'm from afghanistan of the i'm part of al-qaeda and on june 1, i'm going to do something really big. bye. apparently she considered that a funny joke until she got this response from american airlines. sarah, we take these threats very seriously, your internet protocol address and detail also be forwarded to the security and the f.b.i the exchange created an internet firestorm and the girl now has attracted 20,000 nitwitter followers before her account was suspended. but seriously, what was she thinking? let's talk to fox news legal analyst and a father of two
5:18 am
daughters, peter johnson, jr. >> she was thinking she had no common sense and when they put her in handcuffs in the rotterdam police station, she was thinking i made a serious mistake. what's happened now is there are dozens of now nitwitter trolls. a twitter troll is someone that likes to throw a rhetorical or verbal bomb onto the twitter feed and they have put out these three threats adds -- as well. so now american airlines and others will go after all these folks as well. i think they better go after all these folks as well because otherwise there will be an explosion of these idiot tweets on the internet. we've known in the past people made twitter threats against personalities, against the president. they've gone to jail as a result of it. in fact, it's a federal crime -- we haven't talked about that. an act of terrorism transcending national boundaries based on a threat against an american airliner, she could be charged
5:19 am
by the f.b.i. under the federal code here in the united states. so it's a serious matter. >> one of the -- the internet is a beautiful thing. it's fantastic. but at the same time, so many people have fake twitter handles and do stuff that they think they can get away with. i can change my user name and they'll never know that i'm not really sarah or whatever. it is anonymous in a good way, but at the same time, you got to realize you can be held responsible when you do some dumb stuff. >> it's really not anonymous because american airlines, as soon as she tweeted it out said, we know who you are and we're going to report it to the authorities and a inn a short time, even though 20,000 people followed her, she was reported to the police. >> maybe this is a good opportunity for parents across the country to sit down with their children and explain what happened to her and it shouldn't happen to them. >> i think you're right. in the united states, making a terroristic threat is not only a state crime in most states, it's a federal crime. >> even if you're trying to be funny.
5:20 am
>> it's not funny. we've all been on-lines in airports where people made stupid comments. sometimes they get arrested. most of the time they get bad looks from us who say, listen. don't be saying stupid stuff on-line. >> that's right. good advice. peter, thank you very much. >> yeah, weird. >> 20 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up, brand-new acts of aggression from russia. but this time the russians are targeting american warships. we're going to tell but that. allergy season worse than ever. but don't run to the drugstore. open your refrigerator. awesome home remedies. the doctor is making a studio call. good morning to you. ♪ ♪
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5:24 am
now headlines making news. we begin with a fox news alert the. but fin submarine going back into the oce the malaysian jet. it was pulled back after six hours because it reached its maximum depth short of the ocean bottom. next, john boehnering a surprise trip to afghanistan with a few others. he checked out the country's election which went well and had 60% turnout. tensions rising between russia and the united states. a russian fighter buzzed a navy ship 12 times in 90 minutes. but it was unarmed, so therefore, we did not shoot. elisabeth? >> tensions rising between me and my allergies. now that spring has sprung, are you under constant allergy attack? i am. an estimated 50 million americans suffer with seasonal allergies. guess what? the best remedy for your spring
5:25 am
fever is probably right in your own home. here with more is physician dr. nina radcliffe. thanks for being with us. so this is almost scratch your eyeballs out bad allergy season. is it worse because of this winter that we had? >> absolutely. every year we're hearing it's going to be the worst allergy season ever. i think this year there will be some truth to it. we had our polar vortex, every form of precipitation fall, snow, rain, sleet, hail. and that means there is lots of water. what plants love is water and sunlight. so we have the water tables high. it's getting warm. and with the extra heat that's there, it looks like everything is going to come into bloom all at once so we'll have a pollen vortex. >> you said there are home remedies we can look at to give aid. help us through. so tea is one. is there a specific kind of tea? >> peppermint tea is a great thing. it has an essential oil that decreases congestion. then tea reduces inflammation. so having peppermint tea is having the best of both worlds. >> drinking it? >> exactly. >> the nasal rinse.
5:26 am
you always hear about them. they really work? >> they do. pollen can collect in your nasal passages and you want to flush them out. you can buy them over the counter. they're very affordable. it's a saline solution. you bend overt sink, cover one nose. put it in the nose, allow it toc back and spit it out. there is something called a neti pot and people have variable success with it. it's again like washing it out. for some of us who don't want to go that route, you can take some water, add a teaspoon of salt and you can take something -- this is my baby's nasal aspirate. you take, you do the same thing with that and spit it out. >> you want to make sure you're dealing with clean water. >> absolutely. warm water in general can help? >> yes. and wasabi. >> take, two, three glasses of boiling water, put it in there. then bend over. you bend over it, you take the towel. you put it over your head so you can create a nice, wonderful --
5:27 am
just like that. perfect. >> then wasabi. >> because of the spice, anyone who had a little bit of too much wasabi knows how it does. it makes your nose runny. it is a member of the horseradish family and it has a chemical that helps help mucus clear. that gets rid of the pollen. >> we'll try that also. so there is a new drug that uses real grass. is this helping? >> it was just approved by the f.d.a. this past month. it's a tablet you put underneath the tongue and disintegrates. it's freezed dried extract from five different grasses. many of us have allergy to grass pollen. it's new. for those who suffer from serious allergies to pollen from grass, it is something to talk to your physician about. >> preallergy season, building autopsy tolerance? >> yes. four months ahead. for awful us, start now. >> thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> next up, marijuana might be
5:28 am
against the law in maryland. don't worry about that. new rules could let drug addicts off the hook. then, he's been trying to get back on our show for years. >> wait, there is william shatner right there. >> i can't get in! >> beam yourself in, mr. big shot. >> well, today just might be the day we let him in. i'm going to throw him the key. william shatner coming up next.
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5:32 am
in just a couple of hours, boston will remember one year since the bomb attack at the finish line that left three people dead and injured more than 260. >> church bells will toll in the heart of the city at exactly 2:49, the moment the first bomb exploded near the finish line. >> there are still so many questions about the warning signs that were missed. martha mccallum has been investigating and joins us this morning with that. good morning. >> good morning. >> the focus on all the things that were missed up to that moment that gives everybody chills.
5:33 am
what are you going to be telling us? >> we did an investigative piece that really looks with clear eyes at exactly what we knew about tamerlan tsarnaev. it's essentially focused on the older brother before the attack. we know that the russians alerted the c.i.a. and the f.b.i. on two straight occasions months apart that they were concerned about him. we know the boston police were never alerted to the fact that there was an investigation going on into someone who lived right under their noses. in the hearing, the police commissioner was asked by the chairman of homeland security, were you alerted to the fact that there was an investigation going on? he said no. would you have liked to have heard that information? would that have helped you? yes. >> right. let's hear the c.i.a. officer -- >> he has some thoughts on how it was handled. >> they do the minimum necessary to then be able to say, i didn't find anything, so i'm done. and then in most cases, it goes into a file and probably in most cases turns out there was
5:34 am
nothing there. unfortunately in a certain number of cases, it ounce out it was a completely valid lead and we blew yet another opportunity to stop an attack because we didn't run it to ground. these things can be incredibly frustrating because for every one that turns out to be valid, there are going to be a lot of them that are dry hole. so yes, you'll waste a lot of your time chasing stuff that's not valid. but that's the game. that's how it works. >> here is the thing you also told me is it got to the point where we're put how long a want ad -- putting out a want ad and the f.b.i. still isn't saying check tamerlan tsarnaev. >> when the f.b.i. came out after they got the video of them at the bombing that morning and they had interviewed him 18 months prior, there was a warning to stop him by customs and border patrol going in and out of the country saying if you find this guy, you need to round him up and turn him in immediately. yet when they found the video from that day, they put it out there and says, does anyone know who this guy is? we need the public's help.
5:35 am
pretty stunning. >> you got a full report on "america's newsroom." >> exactly. coming up at 10:10 this morning. >> we'll watch you the whole time, though. >> thank you. it's an out of this world performance. who better to give it than an out of this world actor, william shatner. >> i looked at the pilot and it was wonderful. it had heros and villains and aliens and beautiful girls in green paint with tiny by kuehnes -- bikinis, everything i'm interested in. we made another pilot, it went on the air for three years. it was moderately successful and it was canceled and that was the end of my association with the program. i thought. >> you thought. joining us to talk about his one man show coming up in nine days, william shatner. so mr. big shot, now you can't come into studio. you're via satellite from los
5:36 am
angeles? >> i'd rather get up at 3:00 o'clock in the morning and greet the blood red moon with blood red eyes. >> there you go. very good. >> that broadway show was critically acclaimed by both reviewers and audience alike. then i went on tour. then i filmed it and a unique event. that film, that captured live event is taking place in movie theaters across the country. almost 700 movie theaters across the country inhe new york area, there is one theater sold out. go to shatnerworld you will get the information necessary to get a movie ticket to see a broadway show and you'll have the best time. >> you can watch it all across the country. >> william shatner, you talk about your entire life, your entire career, including your
5:37 am
dad who told you you couldn't be an actor and quit school. >> all of the above and more. it has music. it has motorcycles. it has dancing girls. it has rocketships. no, not really. >> you said music. do you sing in this? >> well, i sing in my own way. >> like give us a little example. what does william shatner singing sound like? >> well, you want me to him? >> just a little. >> hum, and it sounds a lot better when adjusted by machinery. it's filled with laughs and filled with tears and it's filled with some observations and it's a wonderful evening's entertainment which finishes with a rousing song that i do one of the songs that ben folds and i wrote. >> wow. >> okay? >> how fun. i say sold.
5:38 am
>> it's a unique event at a movie theater near you. actually all across the country. >> it's going to be nationwide on april 24. famously you were captain kirk. you actually had some interaction with a real life captain kirk. he's the fellow who helms the zumwalt. he says know that you are in our thoughts, mr. and mrs. shatner and that we bless you and hope that you have a safe journey. >> goodness me. how did you get ahold of that letter? that was like a personal letter. >> the nsa sent it to us. >> fox news is my friend. no question about it. >> you're right about that. >> so william, looking at your career, is there anything left for you to accomplish? you've already done a look back.
5:39 am
we still see you on commercials. what's left out there for you? >> well, i'm doing everything. i'm doing a reality show. i'm writing a book. i'm designing a motorcycle. got some watch designs out there. a documentary that i finished directing. a lot of stuff going on that has got me occupied. but at the moment i'm busy proposalling the fact that this unique event is taking place on april 24. >> and folks who would like to get information, go to bill shatner, thank you very much. >> congratulations. >> appreciate you having me. >> you bet. >> take care, everybody. >> take care. heather nauert just makes you smile, right? >> likewise. good morning, everybody. we have an emotional tribute to tell you about. it's for the wrestling
5:40 am
superstar, the ultimate warrior. take a look at this. [bell tolling] >> that bell ringing ten times in his honor as we learn the cause of his death. the 54-year-old died of heart disease. marijuana might be against the law in maryland, but don't worry about that. new rules could let druggies off the hook. maryland now becoming the 17th state to decriminalize pot. the governor signing a bill that makes possessing less than 10-grams of pot a civil rather than a criminal offense. snickers has been telling us for years and years that we're not ourselves when we're hungry. >> i feel like betty white out there. >> tell them what your girlfriend said. >> eat a snickers. better? >> better. >> there is a brand-new study that reveals snickers is right.
5:41 am
lower levels of blood sugar make married people angrier, or as we call it, hangry, and more likely to lash out aggressively. there was a study done about this and measured the anger with voodoo dolls. the hungrier the people were, the more pins that went in their spouse's doll. so why does low blood sugar make people more ticked off? glucose is fuel for the brain and energy and self-control needed to deal with anger is in part fueled by glucose. those are your headlines. we're got not guilty some comments from people on that one. we can't relate to that at all, right? you don't get angry when you get hangry. never happens to you. >> thank you very much. by the way, earlier during the peter johnson, jr. segment, we put up a graphic that was supposed to be blurred out. it was not. we apologize for that. >> thank you. we still have 19 more minutes. >> coming up parents, you're going to love this. an inflatable car seat. you can carry it around in a
5:42 am
backpack. i could have used that here in new york city. then the irs made big tax changes. gerri willis will reveal it for us and reveal elisabeth's tax.
5:43 am
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5:45 am
time for technology news. volvo invented a car seat that deflates. it can be blown up in 40 seconds and weighs about 11 pounds and fits into a backpack. no word yet on when it will hit the market. but that could change travel everywhere. and google buying the tech giants titan aero space. they make solar powered drones capable of staying in the air for five years.
5:46 am
five years without having to land or refuel. google will use the drones to collect images and provide internet access to far away remote areas. interesting. brian, over to you on tax day. >> it's tax day. the irs making big changes to taxes this year. if you haven't filed yet, don't worry about it. only kidding. what you need to know. gerri willis joins us right now. welcome. >> hello. good to see you. >> you're only here on important days. what's new about today? >> we have higher taxes for people who are well to do. so if you are in 200,000 or 250,000 as married filing jointly, watch out. you've already seen medicare payroll taxes go up by almost a percentage point. that's already come out of your earnings. there is a lot of deductions. home office, mortgage, sales tax from states, all of that is being phased out. so the more you make, the less you'll get of that. and finally, investment income
5:47 am
is going to get hammered here. 3.8%. if you have investments that are not inside a 401(k), aren't inside some kind of tax shelter, you're going to pay a lot. if you sold -- this is really hitting people in silicon valley >> this passed and we hadn't thought about it that much. i think this is going to affect behavior when it comes to investment. >> it absolutely will. it will have a chilling effect on people who put money in the market. i think overall, you might see an impact on the economy here from these higher taxes. >> all right. now we want to give people good news. undiscovered deductions. maybe we can help some people write things off. your college loan is interest is up to $2,500. >> mom and dad, if you're putting johnny through college and paying that much in interest on the loan, you can deduct that. if you have a dependent parent and you're paying up to half of their income, you can deduct that. and finally, if you're paying pmi, private mortgage interest,
5:48 am
remember that? you didn't have enough money to put 20% down? you can deduct that, too. if you took out the loan after 2007. >> we're going to get to red flags to this segment. red flags for those people looking to investigate you. home office. why would that be a red flag? >> this is just one of those arenas where people do it wrong and they take more than they should. so the irs is all over this. the rules are different this year. so make sure you do it the right way. if you make a noncash charitable contribution. this is what happens. people give the old family car to the red cross in their hometown and they don't value it right. so they say it's worth more than it is. then you're in trouble. so make sure you don't do that. earned income tax credit, also a big arena for problems. >> good news, irs doesn't have enough irs agents, so there is less of a chance being audited. correct? >> that's right. pay your tax. if you can't pay your taxes, form 4868, that's how you delay paying tax. you got to pay something.
5:49 am
but you can figure out some way to figure out how to pay and do it over time. >> more on the willis report. good job. we'll watch you at 5:00 o'clock on the "fox business" network. coming up, did you know that country star sarah evans takes her kids on tour with her? what else you might not know because we have a big announcement about her. ♪ ♪
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5:53 am
♪ sarah he have evans' new als climbing the charts. don't let the title fool you. >> she's not slowing down at all. joining us right now is country music star sarah evans. welcome back. >> thank you. good morning. >> how are you? >> i'm good. i just realized i think i'm wearing the same earrings i had on in this video. that's embarrassing. >> that's good continuity. it makes it look like you shot that this morning. >> when you make that, they're blasting the video, are you singing or mouthing the words? >> when i am shooting the video, i have to have the music so loud because you do want to actually sing to make it very authentic. like the veins in my neck to pop out. >> you want it to pop out? >> yeah. >> how could you not sing? >> yeah. you have to do it. by the end of a video shoot, i always lose my voice 'cause i sang the song like 100 times. >> tell us about how you almost lost your voice singing doobie brothers' song.
5:54 am
>> i was invited to be on a tribute album with the doobie brothers. so that was incredibly special. i don't know when the album is coming out yet. >> what song did you sing? >> "what a fool believes." >> awesome. >> long-time idol of yours? >> one of the best voices in the world. >> wow. what a treat. with every success, i think comes a bit of mom guilt, i'm sure for you. how do you deal with that and how do you manage all -- you have seven total. three with you all the time? >> my three with me all the time. i have four beautiful amazing stepchildren. so we have seven children a lot of the time. there they are. so this is -- any three children have been touring with me since they were born. but now that they're getting older, they're all in sports, they have school. so they can't go with me as much as they used to. so i try to only tour on the weekends and in the summer time. i made an exception today to come see y'all. >> is it a lot harder not having
5:55 am
them with you or -- >> i hate it. i'm like loretta lynn, remember when dolittle said sing to the babies. i'm so much more relaxed when they're with me. but the typical mom guilt. so before i got on my flight yesterday, i cooked this huge home made dinner because i'm like, i don't want to leave and make them have to eat out tonight. so i made a turkey. >> in our house, it would be called break out the hungry man mans. heat it up, minute and a half, on high, baby. >> whatever you got to do. >> tell us about how you teamed up with hidden valley ranch. >> speak of cooking, so i'm a huge cook and i don't like for my children to eat junk food. i'm really, really big on that. so i partnered with hidden valley ranch to work on helping other busy moms -- 'cause i'm the busiest mom -- but it can be done, helping to get children to eat their veggies.
5:56 am
and so it's been an incredible project. we visited an after school all-star program in l.a. in march and so we're just focusing on getting kids to eat their veggies. the best way is hidden valley ranch. >> of course. it's one of the greatest tastes ever invented. >> exactly. >> in addition to that, she has got a big announcement that you will hear first here on "fox & friends" in two minutes. is that okay? >> that's fine. >> we'll find out if she minds as steve touches her back, when we come back.
5:57 am
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5:59 am
>> you ready for a big announcement sarah evans will kick off our all american summer concert series in the summer. it begins may 23. that's a friday. come on down. did you know that? >> yes, i did. >> you agreed to it. >> they begged and begged. so fine low i said yes. >> of course. >> before we go, one of our editors works here, his mom is
6:00 am
battling cancer. we know she's in the hospital right now. we just wanted to send her some good wishes. we love you. >> yes. >> and we'll see you in may. >> i can't wait. >> will you be in the after the show show? >> yes. >> see you tomorrow. move. what will america do ... here is a camera to catch it. if you thought things were cooling down it appears to be going the other way. president obama telling vladimir putin he has grave concerns about what is happening now and what could happen next. that's where we start. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to america's newsroom. >> reporter: the government buildings in 9 cities appear to be con


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