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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  April 16, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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executive producer, jen williams and it was from social media and he was able to pull out this gem from the archives. this is what she looks like in real life. you look the same. >> actually his college girlfriend made him throw out all the other photos. >> gretchen, a man went away right after somebody said somebody was trying to attack a united states marine. witnesses say and cops say a guy pulled a gun and shot this veteran in the face. general motors has recalled hundreds of cars after problems linked to the deaths of hundreds of people. gm says, wait, that was another gm. we shouldn't have to pay any victim a single solitary dime. protection from legal claims because they're all new, the companies that made vehicles before 2009, that was old gm. we're new gm.
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we didn't do it. plus, you've hear of car sharing programs, right? bike sharing programs in new york city. what about umbrella sharing? it's coming, so let's get to it. >> good wednesday afternoon to you and yours. a hate crime against christians. somebody is attacking churches trying to burn them down as christians mark the holiest week of this year. it's happening in brooklyn, new york. police say a man tried to set fire to not one but three churches. it started over the weekend while christians marked palm sunday. in this recent attack, a church secretary found a room filled with smoke, somebody smashed a window and tossed a flaming newspaper in there and the fire spread. as the story goes she ran to get the reverend and they put it out before it caused too serious damage. the reverend is thankful they caught it in time.
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the secretary arrived at the church earlier than normal that day. the preacher said he had no clue why anybody would target them. >> maybe he's deranged or something or maybe he's ju just -- maybe he just hates churches >> maybe he just hates churches. the reverend says he's ramping up security ahead of easter weekend and also attacks on two nearby churches. live at the church of st. mark in brooklyn, new york. i understand the fire there almost destroyed some 200 years of history. >> reporter: that's right. this church was built in 1835. i'm here in the church's office where there's hundreds of years of people's history and birth certificates and death certificates. this is where the fire was lit. it happened right behind me in this window. the suspect pushed a piece of lit newspaper through this window and actually lit a box of candles on fire.
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the pastor was alerted and carried this box through this corridor i'm walking through trying to get to this door behind me. he only made it so far before it became so hot he dropped the box on the floor and used a mat to smother the flames and a fire extinguisher. the pastor tells the only an act of god could have prevented the entire church from going up in flames. most of the in ter-year is wooden. it's only by happen stance the staff was here earlier that day and able to catch the fire when it was first lit, shep. >> what do we know about the suspect? >> reporter: the greatest lead they tell me they have is the surveillance video taken in the entryway. you can see the suspect coming in with a piece of newspaper in his hand and crouches down. the pastor tells me he then noyed the surveillance camera and got up and turned that camera away before climbing over a wall or fence to get to that window where he lit the fire.
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the other two incidents happened within a mile of here. one was on palm sunday at this church. someone threw a lit object through a window in a bathroom. the pastor says he sure hopes the police finds that culprit. >> we have justice in heaven and here we hope for justice. we're working with the police many many years. sooner or later, whoever is doing this will be caught. >> the police say all three of these crimes follow a similar pattern. as you mentioned, on this weekend leading up to easter sunday, the nypd has their hate task force investigating this. general motors wants immunity of sorts. ve to pay after its bad equipment triggered trashes that killed people. here's how gm is making the case. the new gm is different from the old gm. the new gm will soon ask a federal bankruptcy judge to protect the company from dozens
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and dozens of lawsuits over a huge recall because they claim it started over the old gulf of mexi mexico -- the old gm that we bailed out with our tax dollars and the new gm has nothing to do with it according to a legal filing. the problems extends from faulty ignition switches that triggered crashes that killed at least 13 people. gm officials admit the company did indeed know about the problem not just for a few days, at least a decade before it finally recalled 2.5 million vehicles in february. the automakers new ceo testified before congress earlier this month. she apologized and blamed the slow response on that other company, old gm and this new company, new gm, is seeking advice on how to compensate the victims. just yesterday at the new york
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at all t auto show said they're focusing on a new product unit to focus on driver safety. is the new gm not responsible for what the old gm did? judge napolitano is here. the warranty seems the same, the cars look the same and all of a sudden because of bankruptcy they're protected from what they did. >> if you recall, this was not your ordinary garden variety bankruptcy. if it had been, the new gm would be liable for the design defects and faults of the old gm. this was a very different bankruptcy, a junk bankruptcy. the federal government was involved in it. the treasury was there with its check for billions and billions, the white house wanted it done within a week. the court wiped out billions of money owed to lenders of gm and it wiped out the ability of love plaintiffs injured by the old gm to sue the new gm.
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now, the obama administration has to make a choice. it was involved in the old administration and is it going to get involved in the new gm because it still owns some stocks whether it wants the new gm to be responsible for the old. the constitution says where there's a wrong, there's a remedy. i in injure you, you have the right to sue me, you cannot escape me and you do not lose that right. gm wants to deny these people, some are dead, as well as deny the estates as well as the living injured the right to sue. i hope the courts reject it. >> what's your sense of what the court might do? >> my sense is the court will grant gm what it wants. my sense is that this argument of old versus new will hold water. then the injured plaintiffs will have to sue the manufacturer of the defective switches and hopefully whoever that manufacturer is, if it's not
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owned by gm will have deep enough pockets to compensate them. in my world, gm should be liable for all of this. here's why gm doesn't want to be liable, you mentioned it in your intro. gm knew about this for 10 years and knew nothing about it. guess what that does? trebles the damages. whatever damages owed to the plaintiffs or injured estate's multiplied by three and comes out of gm's bottom line >> if the company had a defective part, later found out, fixed and some people were injured, that's one thing. >> right. >> we knew about it, didn't say a word, knew about the problem for 10 years. >> and we had an obligation to tell you about it and swept it under the rug. that's what came out of the congressional hearings. if this were an ordinary
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bankruptcy in which the federal bankruptcy had not gotten involved this issue would not have come up. the company that comes out of the bankruptcy can be sued for what the other did to people. this was a strange strange bankruptcy the most unique in modern times and i'm afraid the court sat around like potted plants and let the white house have its way. >> judge napolitano, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> what do you think of this? you can tweet us and we'll share some of your thoughts later on in this news hour. to an incredible story, a former marine shot in the face not in combat but as he tried to help people after a car crash. right now, there's a manhunt in florida for the shooter. the story is one of unthinkable violence against a man trying to be a good samaritan. he's a marine and you will hear from his wife coming up on the fox newsdesk. this ain?
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cops in florida say they're hunting right now for three men after one of them shot a retired u.s. marine in the face. they say that veteran was just trying to help. this happened on saturday near jacksonville. cops there say the father of two heard a crash outside his home, so the drove down the driveway to try to help. they say the suspects approached the car and asked him for a tire. then the victim's son says his father weighed in, a tire? i think you need more than that. that's apparently when one of
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the men took his gun, pointed it and shot the u.s. marine in the jaw. his wife says her husband's marine experience kicked in. she says he opened his car door, whacking one of the suspects, then ran to the house. she says was spitting blood and teeth everywhere. the suspects made off with the vet's car. the man spent hours in surgery monday. doctors say he'll need even more. steve maylive in our south flor newsroom. how is he doing? >> he has titanium plates in his jaw and can only ed jell-o and missing several teeth. and his training as a marine saved him. >> he said helping people anymore, he can't do it. that was the last time. that's a shame. >> he expects to be released sometime today but still facing several more surgeries.
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>> and word the suspects may have stolen the first car from another marine? >> that's right, shepherd, two former marines victimized in this crime spree. the three gunmen originally stole a car, carjacked one former marine, drove, crash that car and shot and stole a car from a second marine. it's his training and also this is a man who is really had a history of trying to do good for other people. he once, according to his wife, ran into a burning wife to save a dog. now, he says he won't try to help them out anymore. he wants viewers to know he wants these three gunmen caught. >> thanks a lot. students returned to class today at the high school outside pittsburgh where a 16-year-old went on a stabbing rampage just a week ago. members at a nearby church lineded a street outside a school this morning to show support before the students. before class started, people gathered for a prayer service at
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a football field and held a memorial service at a park last night. he stormed through with not one but two kitchen knives and stabbed and slashed 21 of his classmates and a security guard. the suspect apparently threatened two students over the phone sometime before that ah tack happened you may soon be able the 0 throw away your wallet. there's a new way to make payments. no cash, no credit cards, no paypal or google wallet, not in your smartphone at all. all you need is this. i'll show you. [ male announcer ] this is kevin.
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you may never knead your wallet again. there's a brand new payment system than your credit card. we're talking about paying with your veins. actually, sort of a pattern in your veins, something i think would be difficult to copy. paying with your veins. >> here's one of the devices from a swedish start-up company called qwikster. there are other companies that have something similar. what it does, it's a biometric machine. it looks at -- here's an image what your hand looks like underneath the skin. it's not a fingerprint scanner or palm print scanner, looking at the veins to identify you. everybody has a unique vein pattern like they do with fingerprints. using a very harmless infrared light like on your tv remote control, it scans your veins and gives you clearance. this one has a pin pad on it for
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an extra step of security. >> is that a little creepy? >> it's a little creepy. you don't need to worry about signing a receipt anymore and giving your cashier a zip code because tai now have everything about you. >> be hard to copy. >> now, we go to heather, do you buy this? >> i think it's kind of cool. >> i think it's kind of cool if not freaky. i guess they couldn't cut your hand off anymore and use it. wouldn't work like that. >> it does seem kind of creepy to us. you think about these new technologies, they're looking for a way to increase security in transactions, entrepreneurs are trying out new ideas. to us, we're used to these old ways of paying for things. they might sound kind of freaky. if you went back 20 years ago, it might have sounded kind of creepy to pay everything with a piece of plastic that had a magnetic stripe on it. >> might have.
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i was listening to how this all came about and they installed terminals in 15 different shops developed, i'm told, by an engineering student waiting in line one day and felt like there's go the to be a better wa way. >> yeah. definitely. that's the way entrepreneurs work. they find an opportunity and think how could this be better. security is probably the most critical topic for payments and transaction with all the breaches that are happening. it's more important than ever to have a security payment transaction. biometrics is very promising because it's not easy to replicate. you can't fake it. the idea is that by using biometric payments -- using biometrics in payments you will be able to have secure and safer transactions. because we're not used to them and a new concept to a lot of us, it does sound kind of
12:22 pm
freaky. >> they're kind of liking it in sweden, huh? >> here's the thing. that's why the pilot is important, it gives people an experience with what the transaction is. we're just thinking about it now but it sounds kind of creepy. i was thinking about it this morning. walking my dog in the morning, stopped by the coffee shop, didn't have my wallet and cash and really wanted a cup of coffee. it would be neat to say, i would like a cup of coffee and have to pay without my wallet. >> pay out your vein. good to see you. >> thanks, see you neck tixt ti. >> folks have just released sample questions for a new format for the s.a.t.s. they're about to be brand new. over here is an example of the new questions. example one. you cap see it's pretty long and complicated. only four choices at bottom.
12:23 pm
revised test will go back to a new scoring system. they went to a 2400 point scale, some kids coming in i made a 2330 on my s.a.t. go out and work somewhere where you need that. under this new test, the sa will become optional and you don't have to take that part and they're replacing obscure volcano words with on ones -- obscure vocabulary words with ones normally used in offices. and you kcan guess. you can check it out at a spooked horse took tourists on a wild carriage ride at the university of georgia. security surveillance got it. >> >> three kids were inside the buggy when the horse took off. it's not clear what startled the animal in the first place. witnesses said it crashed into
12:24 pm
several cars. a rancher chased after the thing as it tore through the streets. it stopped inside an alley where restaurant workers fed it some carrots to calm it down. the horse is reportedly doing fine. the carriage driver broke a heel bone. as usual, people care more about the horse than the carriage driver. some companies have agreed to cut down on phone thefts, a move that could save you big bucks. critics said -- here's what happened. we've known for years and years it would be very simple to stop all the cell phone thefts across america. the big companies that make the cell phones wouldn't do it. now, they're about to. plus, big changes for america's top selling car. we'll show you the new model and get a live report from the new york auto show. rick leventhal is there. you'll be there shortly. how d ee one of the biggest financial services companies in the country? hey. yours? not anymore. come on in. [ male announcer ] by meeting you more tn halfway.
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it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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fox report update on the
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search of the missing airlines jet. they dove back in the water for a third time. so far no sign of the jet and aircraft is helping in the search for debris in the southern ocean. more than a month has passed since the jet went missing with 239 people on board. they may soon end their search for the above part of the water because they have not found debris. but they may change their mind after malaysian officials say they consider everybody a suspect. and families walked out of a conference with malaysian officials. one told the government you have absolutely no shame. there's an update related to the search on the missing airlines jet. we've done in 60 seconds what it takes some networks 24 hours to do. copd includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis.
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[ banker ] sydney needed some financial guidance so she could take her dream to the next level. so we talked about her options. her valuable assets were staying. and selling her car wouldn't fly. we helped sydney manage her debt and prioritize her goals, so she could really turn up the volume on her dreams today...and tomorrow. so let's see what we can do about that... remodel. motorcycle. [ female announcer ] some questions take more than a bank. they take a banker. make a my financial priorities appointment today. because when people talk, great things happen. bottom of the hour now. survivors are describing moments
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of fear and panic as a ferry started to sync off a coast. most of the passengers near south korea were high school students. at least four people are now confirmed dead. white no white -- right now, hundreds are missing. state media said the ferry sent out a distress signal 9:00 in the morning local time. on its way to a tourists island of the southern tip. some survivors said they heard a loud bang and the ship suddenly tipped on its side. some pictures. one said people scrambled to get to the upper deck the ship began to turn on its side slanted at a left angle. the coast guard sent helicopters to pull victims from this syncing ship. it went down pretty quickly. eventually only the keel was sticking up. some passengers jumped into the
12:31 pm
bridge gid sea. water temperatures about 50 degrees. crews carried survivors to the shore of an island where some families were waiting and here some parents of students who were on board the ship looked for their children's names on the list of survivors posted at a nearby gymnasium. at this point, no word what caused the ferry to sink but some 300 people are listed as missing. your smartphone could soon come up with a powerful tool for crooks and save you money. for years consumers have begged for a kill switch for their products. they resisted and hard. in part because when the phones get stolen the victims buy new phones. cell phone theft is good for business for cell phone makers. now, some of the top wireless companies have caved to pressure and offered kill switches beginning next year and this enables you to stop the function
12:32 pm
and then it won't be anything more than a paper weight. this should cut down on thefts because why steal something you can't sell. those sales wracked up a huge tab. lost or stolen devices cost people more than 30 billion dollars in the last year alone. samsung said we're willing to include kill switches on the new devices but the carriers are against the idea. a washington based lobby group that represents the carriers said quote a kill switch is not the answer. those carriers said kill switches could make phones more vulnerable to hackers, as if they're not already. fox business network gerri willis is here. we talked about it, a great step and consumer groups saying it's not enough. >> consumer groups and law enforcement saying it's not enough.
12:33 pm
it is automatically activated and consumers don't have to do a thing and would keep your person information safer. i know you're a big fan of these cell phones and people are at risk of losing personal data and their lives. people have been killed for these phones. 1.6 million phones stolen last year. 1 in 3 robberies involves a smartphone. think about it. we have a phrase for it here in new york city, they call it apple picking. that's what the cops say when somebody steals a cell phone. >> if you apple pick the cell phone you could not then resell because it's worthless, you wouldn't sell a cell phone. these carriers and manufacturers have known it for years. big money in this. >> finally today caving in, apple, samsung, all the major service providers on board as well. again, we're being told maybe it doesn't go far enough but this is a step in the right direction. >> certainly sounds like it. will see you this afternoon on the fox business report.
12:34 pm
>> thank you. michael bloomberg says he will spend 50 milli$50 million own fortune to take on the gun lobby taking a page from the national rifle association's playbook by taking it straight to voters. he said the money will go to push for gun control laws at both the state and national levels. he said on nbc today's show that the critics are wrong >> nobody will take your gun away or keep you from target practice or using it yourself. just to keep the people who shouldn't have their hands on guns don't get their hands on them. >> the nra has been successful defeating gun laws. they spent about $20 million on lobbying and they did not comment on this except to reference the organization's next meeting. see you in indianapolis next week and we'll have a lot more to say then. and we'll report on it when they
12:35 pm
do. this year's auto show getting under way making their north american debut including one of the biggest talkers, the 2015 toyota camry. the camry has been the best selling car in the states for more than a decade and it's getting a makeover, in fact a big one. they exchanged every exterior piece except the roof. the old camry was kind of boring but a family car so what do you expect. analysts say mid-sized cars are getting more competition as folks look for style and space and so many drivers are switching to small suvs. rick leventhal is live on manhattan's west side at the new york auto show. it is a paradise for you, i know. >> reporter: it really is. a lot of beautiful machines and affordable technology. we saw a chrysler 200 earlier, a median priced sedan that parks itself. put the turn signal on and takes
12:36 pm
you to a spot or perpendicular parks. and the renegade being shown for the first time. the newest entry in the small suv class, sells for less than $20,000. a great buy for a family. there are also a lot of cars families can't buy. new york is known for its exotic car display. they have bentleys, a swedish hyper car that get to from zero quickly. and they have cars i really fell in love with, a v 12565 horsepower 0 to 60 in four seconds. you might be able to afford them but fun to look at. >> i know your first car was a black mustang and it rusted in your driveway on long island for a long time. now, they have a really killer one out, huh? >> this one is in wednesdimbled white. the 50 year limited edition,
12:37 pm
released in 1964 so it is a '65. i don't think this is open. it is. this is the 2015 mustang limited edition. it only comes in two colors, welco white or blue. there is another mustang in town on top of the empire state building and wanted to recreate what they did in 2004. they chopped it into pieces, shipped it to new york and loaded it onto the elevators at the empire state building and rebuilt the car at the empire state building observation deck, where it sits now. the question is how to get it off the roof. they talk about parking in new york, there's another spot right on top of the empire state building. >> very nice. rick leventhal. just into the fox newsdesk, we have video of an extreme bike
12:38 pm
ride out of utah. over here on the wall. this biker captured his entire ride down a mountain using a helmet cam. watch this thing. making it down this particular mountain is a lot harder than it looks. one wrong turn and it's all over. just as ukraine starts to fight back, pro kremlin forces are making big gains against the west. now there is word the white house is ready to get involved and send ukraine much needed help. how is the united states getting involved in ukraine and its business with russia? what's the end going to be there? all the details coming next. [ hypnotist ] you are feeling satisfied
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without standard leather. you are feeling exhilarated with front-wheel drive. you are feeling powerful with a 4-cylinder engine. [ male announcer ] open your eyes... to the 6-cylinder, 8-speed lexus gs. with more standard horsepower than any of its german competitors. this is a wake-up call. ♪
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little things, anyone can do. it steals your memories. your independence. insures support. a breakthrough. and sooner than you'd like... ...sooner than you think. die from alzheimer's disease. ...we cure alzheimer's disease. every little click, call, or donation adds up to something big. alzheimer's association. the brains behind saving yours. 19 minutes before the hour. an embarrassing and serious setback in a fight to defend ukraine. pro russian forces somehow seized ukrainian army vehicles
12:42 pm
and now the russians and ukrainian army vehicles are on the move. president putin says ukraine is on the brink of civil war. wonder how that happened, mr. putin. armed men sitting on top waving russian flaggings it's not clear whether they stole the equipment or troops switched side. either way it's a black eye for ukraine's backed western government. the head of negotiations set to start tomorrow. and russians still control many of the government buildings in the cities marked here in the east of ukraine. all through here, there are a couple more as well. officials say vladimir putin has 40,000 troops stationed along this red line here and from satellite images you can see them lined up and ready. nato reports it will ramp up its security along its borders, borders here in yellow, to protect all these other nato countries, making sure putin
12:43 pm
can't advance further than ukraine. there's a lot of ukraine in the way. officials say the white house is working on an aid panel for ukraine, one that would send medical supplies and clothing. no weapons. >> what we said is, the president has said, there's no military solution here. we don't want to see more escalation. what we want is deescalation. at the same time we're constantly reviewing ukrainian requests what's most appropriate to provide. >> president putin is denying his country has anything to do with this uprising, he's lying. western officials say it is absolutely not true. bill richardson is with us, former ambassador to the united nations live with us this afternoon. governor, i don't think anybody thought we would get this far and now we're here. what do you do? >> i believe this meeting will be very important in geneva tomorrow with russia, the u.s. and european union. this will be the last chance for
12:44 pm
russia to say, look, we're going to be restrained now. i wouldn't count on it. you have to give them that option. what will follow are very tough sanctions on them, banking sanctions, energy sanction, all kinds of economic sanctions. european union sanctions from us. russia doesn't want those and doesn't need them. they may say that they won't affect them but they're a global economy and it will affect them. the problem, though, is what you're talking about on the ground. what we don't want to do, shep, is provoke the russians into having a full-scale invation of ukraine. they're already all over eastern ukraine. what they want, i believe, is an excuse, such as the united states provides military aid. i don't believe that makes sense right now. i'd hold that back. i'd see how much diplomacy and the sanctions work.
12:45 pm
and then i would consider other kinds of perhaps assistance like body armor, goggles, non-lethal, before we look at a real full-scale involvement like military equipment. >> i read from one ukrainian troop, who was quoted by a journalist over there, who said, look, we've got to get this started. the russians are coming into our country. we've got to ramp something up because if we don't do something foreign aid and foreign help will never come. are you concerned? are there concerns at the highest levels in this country some folks in ukraine are going to do something that will require president putin or at least push him to act? >> i think there's been some inconsistencies in the ukrainian government. they're our guys, we're supporting them. on one hand they give the ultimatum to the russians they wouldn't permit pro russian forces to come in. there are a lot of defections.
12:46 pm
there's some kind of worry i have the ukrainian government -- by the way their presidential elections in may doesn't have the full support of its institutions. that's a worry that i have. there's no question the ukrainians want to keep their country intact and we would support them. let's find a way to do it that works and doesn't provoke the russians into a full-scale invasion that goes all the way to kiev. >> to make sanctions work you've got to have europe and have to have angela merkel and germany. and germany needs that natural gas. you're telling me they will go along with real sanctions and sacrifice that? >> we'll see. you're right, shep. one-third of germany's natural gas comes from russia. but angela merkel has been very cough tough in her words. now, it will be up to the 28 countries of the european union to see what they do. i think they will step up. will it be fully involving their
12:47 pm
natural gas? maybe not, but there are other levers that are economiced on russia that involve all kinds of trade with them, all kinds of commerce that are significant levers on russia, which is a global economy. energy, for instance. but then i think we have to take steps like export america natural gas into the region so that the region isn't dependent on russia natural gas but is dependent on our natural gas, which provides more jobs for us, more manufacturing for us and brings more transatlantic energy security. >> ambassador richardson, good to see you. thanks so much. >> thank you, shep. we're turning to breaking news now. a serious situation coming to us from just outside st. louis. there is reason to believe, according to authorities, that a boat has overturned in lake glenn carbon, illinois, where police are now on scene and our
12:48 pm
local helicopter from our local fox station is now overhead. you can see that. at some place in this lake, according to authorities, at the end of a street called sherwood drive, is a boat that contains children. and now sky fox is flying away from this lake. what does this tell us? is it possible the police were m misinformed or the people on the overturned boat if it exists have been rescued? i believe it is possible. further, i believe we will know more in just a moment and when we do, we'll bring it to you. a fox report, more headlines from the fox newsdesk. a defense witness claims bullet wounds show reeva steenkamp may have been trying to open the bathroom door when oscar pistorius tried to kill her. that contradicts the prosecution's claim she was trying to hide. and got the expert to admit he's not an expert on bullet wounds. and he says he shot and killed his girlfriend by mistake
12:49 pm
thinking she was an intruder in the bathroom. and the prosecution argues he murdered her. >> paul walker was killed in a car crash outside los angeles. universal pictures reports his brothers are filling in for the scenes he hadn't yet filmed. a lonely panda in china gets his very own panda cam. zoo staers say the animal was depressed and stopped eating after another panda moved out, so they give it a television to watch videos of its old friend. they say that work and the panda is chowing down on pam boo again. they also installed a swing and exercise bars to make sure it doesn't become a couch potato or panda. spring is on hiatus for a few days. on the upper west side it snowed last night. folks in new york and across the northeast got a dose of it on
12:50 pm
their cars and on the roads. last night, there was sleet and snow and all kinds of horrible stuff that ought to be coming in canada. but, no, it's here. show you which part of the country gets more than a foot and if you don't like carrying around a soaking wet umbrella all day, we've got you covered. details of an upcoming umbrella-sharing program. so you get to work, and you -- we'll figure it all out. over 1. if you have a buness idea, we have a personalized legal solution that's right for you. with easy step-by-step guidance, we're here to help you turn your dream into a reali. start your business today with legalzoom.
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it looked and felt like, ehh, the middle of winter overnight in many parts of the country. i saw snow last night after dinner. high 20s in pittsburgh. even stuck on cars. look at these temperatures. it's a little better today. all of this is well below normal. you're supposed to be warmer
12:54 pm
than that in memphis, new york, and atlanta. today's highs about 10, 20 degrees below average. folks across the northeast woke up to snow outside. forecasters say another storm system is moving into the midwest and northern plains, and could bring, in some places, up to 15 inches of middle of april snow. here in the city, it's been miserable. everybody carrying umbrellas yesterday, an last night after dinner, it was coming down, sleet and snow. umbrellas, by the way, cost four, five bucks on the street. so you can always pick one up. now, creators of one start-up company say they plan to start renting umbrellas. an umbrella-sharing company. they're calling it brel lala box. you swipe your credit card in one of the dispensers and for $2.50, you can rent one of these for half a day. and when you're done, you just drop it off. chief meteorologist rick reichly is here. in some places you can buy them for two or three bucks. they're terrible, and they only work once.
12:55 pm
but they work. >> yeah, they work once and they work until you get your first wind gust, and then you see the garbage cans full of umbrellas. if these are decent, it's a great idea. they started city bikes, where the people shared the bicycles, and dropped them off in another spot. the same thing with the umbrellas. all of the common idea of collaborative consumption, if it works and the umbrellas are good, this is an amazing idea. >> as long as it's not too big. sometimes people from nebraska or mississippi come with the big golf umbrellas, which are weapons on the sidewalk. >> they are big weapons. they will attack anybody. if they're not too big or too all sma. you have to have the right umbrella. >> all right. get it right. thank you, rick. >> you bet. ready for action?
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12:59 pm
this person tweets, gm should create a set amount of money to compensate victims. >> i like the create money thing. >> this person tweets, yes, they should be responsible. that's the price of running a business and having a bad product. and mike here on facebook actually sides with the new gm. he says it's not the same company. the old gm should be largely responsible for events prior to its ban2009. the new reorganized company should be responsible post-bankruptcy. >> yeah, good luck. thanks. on this day in 1972, three astronauts climbed aboard apollo 16 and rocketed toward the moon. of course, it wasn't the first moon landing, but it was the first trip to the lunar highlands. two crew members would explore the surface collecting hundreds of pounds of space rocks with the lunar rover. days later, all three would splash down safely in the pacific ocean, but the crew blasted off on a historic mission to the moon 42 years ago today.
1:00 pm
when news breaks out, we'll break in. earlier, we were reporting on these kids they believed were in an overturned boat. turns out, they've saved them and they're doing fine. the dow if? up 161. here's cavuto. you know, i knew it when i looked at the hug. >> thank you, sylvia. >> the minute i saw that hug -- look at that -- something was up. it's, like, every high school i ever -- i'm no body language expert, but that hug that the president gave kathleen sebelius didn't look right to me. and then there was this. >> did he try to talk you out of it? >> well, he made it clear that it wasn't an option to stay on. >> oh, i see. a little awkward. and now, now, now, we are hearing ms. sebelius is considering a run for the senate. why the white house may just want to run.


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