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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  April 25, 2014 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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dejanerio in the hallway as an ox runs through. have a great weekend. it is friday, april 25, 2014. a hijacking scareç overnight. >> explosive allegations. veterans are literally dying because veterans affairs officials are keeping a secret list. it's all to cover their tracks. they keep two appointment books, one that is real, one they shred. a family member of a veteran who died waiting for care joins us live. >> president obama and vladimir putin go on
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dr. phil to settle their differences? >> he keeps putting up walls. it's like i try and i try but i can't get through. >> you mean like obamacare website? >> it happened in the afternoon at the president's expense. mornings, by the way, are better with friends. >> hi, this isç dolly parton and you're watching "fox & friends." >> thank you, dolly. >> dolly parton wrote the profile on miley cyrus. >> they're related. >> for the most 100 influential people. are they related? >> she's kind of like her godmother. >> i like hearing her voice. >> unlike her she's not working 9 to 5. we're working 6 to 3.
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>> heather nauert withç headlines. >> steve we don't work 6 to 3. we work 2 a.m. to who knows when. >> i'm not throwing a pity party. >> we've got a fox news alert. president obama wrapping up a press conference in south korea. he talked about north korea and the ferry disaster. the president offering condolences to the families who lost loved ones during that sinking. >> so many were young students with their entire lives ahead of them. i'm a father of two daughters of the same age or close to the same age as those who are lost. i can only imagine what the parents are going through at this point. >> the president presented that nation with the american flag that flew over the whiteç house the day that that ferry sunk as well as a magnolia tree from the white house
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garden. what a beautiful gift. another fox news alert. a real scare overnight. a drunk passenger arrested in a hijacking scare overseas, and we are now getting this new video. it shows the very moment that the plane landed in bali airport in indonesia. it was a boeing 737 carrying 139 passengers and six crew members on board from australia. the pilot of the virgin flight was forced to signal a hijacking call when a guyç tried to break into the cockpit. officials say he was a drunk guy pounding on the cockpit door. he was taken off the airplane in cuffs. a lot of people tph-r have -- nervous when that news first broke. a terrifying ride home for middle schoolers in california after their bus driver loses control and crashes into trees. the impact so hard that it split that bus in two. the students and that driver had to be cut out of that bus and they are now in critical condition.
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witnesses say that they saw that bus speeding down the hill when it hit the curb and went flying into the air. >> pretty scary. >> i feel lucky. >> i was in the only seat that doesn't have a large piece of metal through the window or crushed. >> police believe the driver may not have hit the brakes beforeç crashing. we'll keep you posted. more than 44 years since a group of vietnam veterans had seen each other but that changed when they were reunited in southern california. four members of the 133 airborne division coming face-to-face in a tearful reunion. >> i cried. i can't imagine them being alive. >> the men say that they had all been looking for one another for years and years and they finally found one another through postings on a website that's dedicated to those; @&c@ who served in their unit. what an emotional reunion
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for them. those are your headlines, steve. >> thank you very much for bringing that to us. >> and thanks to them for their service. >> let's talk about new york city where the united nations is located because iran is little by little getting into the family of nations thanks to our deal about a year and a half ago really engineered and pioneered by hillary clinton. we are in a year long negotiation to try to come up with a nuclear deal with iran and in exchange freeing up their assets. so it should be of little surprise that iran won a seat on a prestigious committee, a committee they should be ill qualified to serve. >> they have been appointed several positions for protecting women's rights across the globe. >> because they are so good at that. >> exactly. theç problem is not one member even objected to their candidacy, they would have gone into a secret ballot.
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>> how does iran wind up on this commission to promote women's rights? samantha tweet, who is a woman and -- samantha powers, that is to say, she is our ambassador over there. she tweeted out, hash tag iran, ran unopposed and was elected to commission on status of women. given record on women and human rights this is anç outrage. this could have been stopped. according to rick grinnell who has worked for four ambassadors to the united nations, all she would have done is been in the room. because nobody was there, nobody objected. it was automatic. it took 103 seconds for iran to get pushed under this. we could have stopped it. nobody was watching the store. >> where was she? she was on twitter.
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an official said he was unimpressed by her. when you look at what is outrageous, though, it is what iran is responsible for when it comes to human rights. this is just a glance here. iranian authorities executed 270 prisoners from january to october inç 2013. they deprive them of necessary medical treatment -- women. >> so they're perfect to be on the committee. >> here's the thing. they fired back at tehran. they said, iran wrote in a statement to critics, iran has developed effective approach to all multilateral issues within the framework of the united nations. this is why israel and other nations in that corridor in the middle east them into mainstream? why are we allowing their prestige to rise? why are we allowing them to serve on that committee?
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we're in sensitive negotiations to somehow get them to level off on their enriching of uranium. we freed up $1 billion on monday to interject into their economy. how can we be outraged? samantha powers is the one messing us up. >> $1 billion is small. take a look at the amount of money the united nations spends out of our hearts, out of our treasury to fund the united nations. there it is. $7.8 billion. and so it's laughable, the fact that, okay, iran says we're not building nuclear bombs or any of that stuff. right. iran says we'd be perfect to be on this commission for women and then you look at theç stats. we could have stopped this. but because our ambassador, our american team across town apparently was too busy to go put the kabash on this, iran is on two of
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these committees. >> number one on the globe in terms of persecution per square mile, yet have the ability to be in a position to protect women's rights and human rights across the globe. >> we blew it. the american team blew it on this. we should have been there. i'd like to hear samantha powers, where was she, where was the team thavç they couldn't go to this. >> she was on twitter. >> maybe they're working on the israel-palestinian peace accords. vladimir putin, the one thing we can be assured of, whatever we ask vladimir putin to do, one thing we can be sure of, nothing changes. their relationship is terrible. we asked them to pull back in ukraine. they have done exactly oppose. we warned them. they have ignored us. where are we at now? is there anybody that can intervene to bring vladimir putin and barack obama
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together. >> i think they should hug it out with dr. phil. >> dr. phil here. today we are focusing on a very serious issue. troubled relationships. >> i'm the one that's always reaching out. i call and he doesn't pickç up. i send a text and three days later i get a text back that says sorry i just got this [bleep]. >> is it true you're been ignoring the president's calls and why? >> i've been wrapped up in the game of thrones. >> the tv show? >> no, my life. >> that is the problem right there. dr. phil, he keeps putting up walls. i try and i try and i can't get through. >> you mean like obamacareç website? >> you know what? jimmy kimmel tries to do a lot of that stuff but mr. fallon has really pioneered these kind of sketches where he does such
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a good job. he looks so much like vladimir putin. but did you notice how much that guy looked like dr. phil. >> strong resemblance there. >> in the real world, we did yesterday warn vladimir putin to start paying attention to the accord and nothing happened again. the violence is ratcheting up. next thing you know ukraine will be gone and then they'll set another red line. >> 11 minutes after the top of the hour. remember the state department official who couldn't remember a single hillary clinton accomplishment during her four years as secretary of state. remember this? >> i am certain that those who were here at the time who worked hard on that effort could point outç one. >> is that going to come back and haunt hillary if she runs for president in 2016? our next guest says no. he will explain. >> they cite religious freedom around the world but atheists want our military to back out of the national day of prayer.
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don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. ask your doctor about lyrica today. it's specific treatment for diabetic nerve pain. can you off the top of your head identify one tangible achievement? >> i've only been here since it was concluded. i'm sure there was a range of things put into place that i'm not aware of. >> the state department official who could not name a single accomplishment of hillary clinton's as it relates to that program which was supposed to be a quick reaction program to bypass the bureaucracy that plagued the state department. the next day she tried a do-over. watch. >> stronger emphasis was placed on trade promotion, investment, leveling the mick playing field -- the economic playing field. >> could someone say duck
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when the camera is on. if hillary makes a run for the white house,ç will the fact that the state department has trouble naming her accomplishments matter? >> joining us is the author of common sense solutions for america. i'm going to tap into your known experience in politics. you know hillary clinton. she's one of the most famous people in the world at this point. you know her accomplishments and her report card on the state department. everyone is having a tough time getting their arms around it. will the a.p. reporter give her a real look? >> i was shocked the a.p. reporter asked the á reminded me a question asked of dwight eisenhower over 50 years ago to name one idea that he accepted from richard nixon, his vice president and he said give me a week and i'll get back to you. john kennedy used that as a sound bite attack ad during the campaign. i doubt whether the press will be following up on
3:17 am
this. they are going to be drowning in grandmotherhood. they treated barack obama as the messiah. they'll treat hillary clinton as the virgin mary. >> we're not easy on bill clinton. you know "the new york times" pushed a lot of story when the scandal erupted. why do you think they'll be getting over years of hibernation. >> the masses don't seem to care. they like this idea of symbolism. we've had symbolism and how is that workingç out? we're embarrassed with russia, the middle east. we're going to reset relations with russia. how is that working out? there is nothing she can point to that she has accomplished. this leveling of the playing field, what is that about? the president failed in japan to come up with a trade agreement. the middle east is broken up against with hamas and fattah, all of them getting together and israel is not closer to a peace relationship with any of those countries. they're going to focus on
3:18 am
grandmotherhood, focus on superficials, the first woman president. we've had enough of that for the last sixç years. >> a legitimate contender for the democratic nomination, that would force scrutiny on both their records. there was elizabeth warren or governor o'malley. would that change your opinion? >> it is not about my opinion. it is about what is best for the country. i think she could be open for a challenge from someone like elizabeth warren. this whole grandmother thing, we read in the papers the other day that the networks are competing through her representative in washington who can get her first for the promotion of this book. i've been around washington long enough. this is how it's going to go. they'll say you can have hillary first if you don't ask her about benghazi or if you don't ask her about this. this is the way the game is played. >> do you believe the fact that you have an opportunity to have a first woman in the white house would even get republican women who would traditionally vote for somebody in their own t)ty
3:19 am
to vote for her? >> maybe so. it reminds me of the woman with five kids who was asked if you had to have five kids, would you do it over again and the answer was yes, just not these five. we ought to be beyond gender, beyond color. it's about the ideas in your head. >> i hope we get to that point. let's see what's going to happen. i know she had anything but an easy time six years ago. even s.n.l. parodied the fact that she's going to have a hard time. let's see if she's going to >> if the press is honest they will ask the tough questions and demand answers. >> cal thomas, congratulations on your book what works, common solutions for america. 19 minutes after the hour. coming up, are veterans died because officials are keeping a deadly secret? a veteran who passed away
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>> our hearts are with you and a lot of work needs to be done. sally, thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> terrible. next up on the rundown, they fight for religious freedom around the world but atheists want our military to back out of a national day of prayer. plus maybe parents shouldn't text. this mom who thinks her kid is changing the google logo. kids sharing hilarious proof ahead. first happy birthday to al
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while he was in japan today, president obama visited a science museum where he actually played soccer with a robot.
3:33 am
yeah. biden is negotiating with the prime minister in ukraine and obama is playing soccer with a robot. like the white house version of freaky friday. >> keep your eye on the ball. >> by the way, did you see that video? >> of the robot? >> it is the craziest thing i've ever seen. i thought there would be a person inside it. it looked like a mascot. >> the robots can get you. almost like mine. >> very good. >> looks like there's a person inside. >> do that again. put your hand out. >> what are you doing? >> i'm trying to getç a connection. if you do it the right way, you'll feel it and it -- try this. ready? there you go. >> got it. got it. are you all right, steve? >> try it the other way.
3:34 am
>> it doesn't work. >> going to have to turn my attention to heather nauert standing by. mrs. roboto. >> good morning to you. not sure how far this is from your house but out of the state of new jersey, we[e steve lives, hundreds of people are waking up outside their homes because of raging wildfires that span at least 300 acres. more than half a dozen fires are sweeping across ocean and gloucester counties. extremely dry air is fueling the flames. >> just being able to see the heavy smoke so close to the house and with the winds being as strong as therbgs there is no telling -- as they are, there is no telling what could happen. >> fire fighters continue to drop more than 300 gallons of water on the fire each trip. atheists going after the national day of prayer.
3:35 am
this atheist group calling military freedom foundation does not want that day recognized by the u.s. military. they claim itç violence defense department regulations. the opposition is promising not to go down without a fight. listen here. >> we have men and women across, abroad and across the world fighting for our religious freedom and for our freedom to have a national day of prayer and to block them from being able to participate is just unheard of. >> military officials say they have no plans to back out of the national day of prayer. have you seen this video? a u.s. army veteran fired up about his right to bear arms? this happened back in february during a gun control hearing in new jersey and now the whole thing is going viral. take aç look. >> [inaudible] >> every one of you out of office.
3:36 am
lunacy! [inaudible] >> we're american citizens. read the constitution. >> talking to public officials there. the crowd then erupting in applause numerous times throughout the speech. despite his protest, lawmakers approved 20 bills that day to further restrict access to firearms and ammunition. hilarious text message fails from parents posted on a website called parentsshouldn' one mom thought her kid was changing the googleç logo. the kid said no mom, google changes it. she then said you don't run the google? a father accidentally sent a text message eight times in a row. we've all done that. finally a mom thought l.o.l. meant lots of love
3:37 am
when sending a message about a relative passing. l.o.l. means laughing out loud. hey, it's mom. you've got to cutç them some slack. >> every person handles death differently. >> she's talking out loud about the weather. she's on the streets of new york city and it's a little chilly this morning, isn't it, maria? >> that's right, it is a little chilly but the sky looks good. we're expecting sunshine in new york city. there could be rain later today but that is welcome news across the state of new jersey. let's look at the weather maps. we have that system across parts of the great lakes and down into kentucky. it is that system that will impact parts of the east coast coming up later today and into tonight. welcome news for fire fighters across the state of new jersey. farther west we have a storm system that is going to be exiting the rockies. this weekend we could be
3:38 am
looking at the first multiday severe weather event saturday, stretches from texas upr)uz nebraska. by sunday arkansas, eastern oklahoma, northeastern texas looking at the potential for violent tornadoes. by monday to kick off the next work week that severe threat continues. let's head back inside. >> i'm going to kansas city. i hope i don't have rough weather. >> you might have to drive. >> it's kind of a long haul. 22 minutes before the top of the hour. it's that time again for a flashback on friday. >> we're going to rewind and see what happened this week on "fox & friends." joinç us. >> today is easter monday. it's going to be the white house easter egg roll down there in washington, d.c. >> they don't have to cancel this year because the government is not going to shut down; right? when you met curious george, could you describe
3:39 am
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>> how much did training against brian in a race you had here on the plaza, how much does that factor into your victory? >> the training i had to do with brian aç few years ago made me who i am. >> it is throwback thursday. this is me and my prom date for both the junior and senior year. >> i believe this was the first selfie ever taken. >> you and the other three guys, you all coordinated your outfits? >> we were not coordinating. i think we rented from the same place. >> i'm showing off my perm and my date showing off his mullett. >> what about your prom? dugout with a guy in a -- did you go out with a guy in a van and a mullett. >> i did not have a date. i knew it would upset my dad so i went alone.
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>> i'm pregnant. >> you'reç pregnant? >> she was kidding. >> just to reiterate. >> although i've never seen a guest more comfortable on the couch than debby. she didn't want to leave. >> she is comfortable on the couch and she is having a child and she's going to be in that big reunion show with you. >> that's right, coming up in may. >> that was the week that was. let's finish the week with a bang. they spentç nearly $250 million in health care exchange but they have nothing to show for it. where did all the money go? we will try to answer that. >> it's an organization that's all about pulling the obama administration's full efficiency standards. stuart varney says there is a problem with the sierra
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and they matter most to us. if you're caring for a child with special needs, our innovative special care program offers strategies that can help. quick headlines now. he was supposed to be a watchdog but he ended up being more like a lap dog. a senate probe showing ex-department of homeland security probe altered,ç delayed at the request of senior officials he considered friends. he has now been placed on leave. no kidding. where's all the money going? oregon set to use the federal marketplace, this after spending $248 million from a $305 million federal grant to create the site. state officials will decide what to do with the extra money and that doesn't involve giving it back. maryland had a similar situation.
3:46 am
steve? >> thank you. the sierra club, one of the nation's oldestç environmental organizations is about the obama administration's increased gas mileage. one problem with that. their board of directors don't do what they say. some of them driving around in gas guzzlers. not only that but between 2008 and 2012, 99% of the group's donations went to democrats. stuart varney is the host of "varney and company," joins us with more on this. stuart, shocking. they say they're all for big, high gas numbers and yet gas guzzlers. >> you've got to practice what you preach. if you tell somebody else you do this but you don't do it yourself, you are a hypocrite. if you dictate national policy but you don't support that policy in your own actions, you are a hypocrite. as you say, let's take the case of the sierra club, a conservative oroaoization
3:47 am
looked at the sierra club and what they do. they are saying to the world, you get out there and you drive fuel-efficient cars. but the board of directors, 15 of them of the sierra club, they do not practice what they preach. they've got 32 vehicles between them. 15 board members, 32 vehicles. the average fuel economy for those vehicles is 27 miles per gallon. and they've got in their team so to speak, seven s.u.v.s, a couple of luxury jaguars which gets low gas mileage and that fuel economy is about half of what the president wants and half of the policy which they supporteo and spent money to push on the rest of us. >> i think what's interesting is while the administration is saying we need cars that get 54 miles per gallon and here they're doing less than half of that, i think it's interesting that of the people detailed in this report more people drive s.u.v.s than drive hybrids, they're trying to get us all in hybrids and nobody on the board of directors is driving the hybrid cars.
3:48 am
>> this is the sierra club. they're saying climate change is a threat to our children. that is a direct quote. in 2012 their executive director was saying that, support the president on fuel economy because climate change is a dire threat to our children. if the threat is so dire, you'd better make sure that what you are doing yourself in your daily life conforms to the policy laid down by the president. and they don't. aren't people getting a little tired ofç this? we've been told you do this, you pay that, but we don't have to do it ourselves. >> do as i say, not as i do. it's like the hypocrisy of hollywood celebrities who are always talking about there is a hole in the ozone and we've got greenhouse gases as they fly across the country in their private jets. >> are you tired of this yet? aren't you tired of being lectured to by people who don't follow through? california is now charging over $4.20 per gallon of gas. that is at the urging of
3:49 am
environmentalists. that price is the urging ofç environmentalists. yet they're driving around in gas guzzlers. >> thank you very much. we're going to be watching him on fox business later on this morning. have a good weekend. coming up, illinois is one of the most liberal states in the union, but picking up steam there? a billionaire republican businessman who wants to be the governor. he's even getting some democrats on his side. what can other candidates learn from him? actor dean cain has super ideas. he joins us live. your workout, whether on land or in water, nikki fitness will be here. ♪ ♪
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>> good morning. >> love how you try and get us up and moving. is that a wehoo? >> this is a family experience. fighting child obesity, the kid can actually pedal. instead of falling asleep on the bike trail, they can pedal. >> and you can attach that to another bike, right? it doesn't have to be the same one? >> you have storage in the back. 2 to 9, 27 pounds behind you. >> love the idea that the kids are functioning on there skmoan moving. that's great. when you go from wheels to feet, obviously big business. shoes this year. what do you have for us? >> i'm wearing these and they're so light. >> new balance. these are the fresh foam 980. i like these because your feet don't sweat in the sun, you're hot. they're kind of a mix between the barefoot trend and ones that are super padded.
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so they're lightweight but you still have some stability. >> now we'll move to the links. you have some golf apparell for us? >> the clothes are uva protected. the shirts have mesh to cool your core. so how light is that? it's amazing. it's so light. >> no sweat, no smell. so this is a little sound device here for music? nicki, tell us about it. >> if you're working out and you want -- i have wireless headphones which i think is great because when you're running you don't get tripped up in the cords. this is from java. it's all bluetooth, so both these, and this is bluetooth, and if you drop it in the water, it still works. you're not dropping your phone in the water. it works for 3 feet, 30 minutes. >> are those headphones waterproof, too? >> these are not waterproof.
3:56 am
they're great because they're wireless and you're not getting tangled up in cords. >> are these water workout toys. >> these are mitt. you can do high intensity interval training in the water. you put your hands on them so they kind of create resistance. you're doing high intense interval without the injuries. >> so you're going to cool down and make iced tea in this incredible cup mug thing. >> this is wonderful because nothing says summer like iced tea in the fridge. you put this loose container in boiling water. wait five minutes, take it out, put in ice, shake it up, shake it up and five minutes later you have brewed iced tea. >> nicki, we thank you so much for showing us these items today. >> all of these products are on my blog at >> you can check those all out. nicki fitness, thank you. brian is inside. are you working out? >> we were working out while you
3:57 am
were working out. you'll just have to take our word for it, there's no footage available. coming up in the next hour, a young girl stunz the first lady. she hands her her father's resume. will the first lady help him get back to work? i hope so. in front of our house again. it's a free country dad. our house. our spot. those are the rules. ok who wants sweet rolls? i do! me too! are those king's hawaiian rolls? thanks, carol! people go pupule for the sweet, fluffy deliciousness of king's hawaiian. find us in the deli or in-store bakery. is levy using our clippers? nobody ever stomped their foot and asked for less.
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or any allergic reactions like rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breaing or swallowing, op taking cialis and get mecal help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a free 30-tablet trial. . good morning, today is friday, april 25, 2014. i'm melissa hassellback. we begin with a flight stair. a man stormed the cockpit and the captain calls in a hijacking. they are home but left to die. could this be true? ex cloplosive allegations about veterans not getting the care they need. the first lady with the sign of the times. >> my dad has been out of a job for three years, and i wanted to
4:01 am
give you his resume. >> oh, my goodness. >> wow. so will the white house help him get back to work? we're going to tell you what we know about that story and a whole bunch more. we have two hours of "fox & friends" because fridays are better with friends. hi, this is steve moline with "fox & friends." >> he hasn't been here for a while, but we would not roll over for him. >> i've actually implemented some of his policies. >> with your children? >> with people. >> there is no dog in your house. let's talk about what's happening with the veterans because a disturbing story comes up when you talk about the care of our veterans. when i saw the headline, i thought, this cannot possibly be happening. is it true that up to 40 veterans are set to lang wiuishd die in a va hospital. >> they put their lives on the
4:02 am
line day in, day out for us. now they're on a list called left to die, that may not even exist post time. a retired veterans affairs doctor was on "the kelley file" coming forth and break sig lens for the first time. >> what happened in february 2013, they started a secret list which was a paper list. when you would come in for an appointment, they would tap your information into the computer, and rather than hit save, they would print it, and then there was actually no record that you had been there in the computer. they would take that piece of paper up to health administration services, and then they would enter that on a secret paper list at that time and then shred the other document. >> it was a brilliant scheme except, unfortunately, for the perpetrators of this, there are some whistle blowers there. they're saying, this is absolutely -- first of all, it's illegal. if this was happening in the private world, people would wind
4:03 am
up in jail. but, of course, because it's the government nobody is going to be held accountable. unfortunately, as elizabeth said, it sounds like 40 americans, veterans, were waiting for help and it never came and they passed away. one of them is -- was the father-in-law of sally barnes. she talked to elizabeth just about half an hour ago. it was heartbreaking watching him die because he didn't get the care because they didn't have room for him at the hospital. >> they do not care enough for the patients, obviously. they treat them unfairly. they're heroes. they're heroic veterans that deserve a red carpet. they just dismiss him like he was an animal. i believe that if they did further testing that if there was cancer, they could have gave him the care he needed. >> it's all about efficiency.
4:04 am
what the va wants is they want their hospitals to go ahead and see the veterans as kwibquickly possible. so because they had this real list and they had the paper list they shredded, they didn't put the names on the real list until two weeks before they could see somebody. so veterans were still waiting months and months and months to see the doctors, but when you look at it from the washington, d.c. headquarters, it's like, look at that. phoenix, arizona is doing really good. they're seeing people within 10 to 14 days. then we pulled back the onion skins and discovered there was mass corruption at this particular facility. somebody has got to be held responsibl responsible. some u.s. senators are already talking about having some hearings and investigation. >> the va director there, shannon helman, certainly going to have some more questions to answer providing anybody a reason. this is disgusting to hear. should this actually have been
4:05 am
happening all this time? 40 veterans dead after they laid down their lives to protect our freedoms? they come here defenseless, left to die, because they're not being treated under the guise of a system that's supposed to be working. an attack on our own, some would call it. let's move on to something else that will probably tick you off. if you look at one country that seems to have less use for women's rights than others, it would have to be iran. especially over ahmadinejad's regime and others. when it comes to women, they become very orthodox in pushing traditional women's wear, keeping them out of the workplace. you don't go there if you want the equal rights for genders. >> not according to a big building on the east side of new york city, because iran has just been elected to a four-year term on the commission of the status of women. how ironic is that? this is a country, brian, you're absolutely right, they don't respect women at all.
4:06 am
our u.s. ambassador to the united nations, samantha power, tweeted out this. yet again iran ran unopposed and was elected to commission on status of women. given record on women's and human rights, this is an outrage. there were four u.s. ambassadors to the united nations. we could have stopped this. all we had to do was hold up our hand and say, we object, we would like a vote on it rather than by acclimation. but because the united states didn't send anybody in the room to object, it didn't happen. where was samantha power? where was a member of the u.s. team? nobody was there, and so iran is on this great committee to help women have rights all over the world. >> protecting human rights and protecting the rights of women when they rank number one in persecution per square mile under the globe. when you see these details, authorities executed at least
4:07 am
270 prisoners from january to october 2013. the abuse, brian, you mentioned this, depriving them of necessary medical treatment, women facing discrimination of marriage, divorce, inheritance and custody of their own children. the details ar bring outrage. certainly presence of someone to raise a hand, as you mentioned, steve, would have at least stopped this. >> it just took one hand saying, look, i got a problem of iran being in charge of women's rights. nothing. >> there was also a protest this week as a group of women got together and went on a hunger strike right outside ruhani, the president's facilities, because their husbands were taken away and jailed for no apparent reason. they were sitting there and they were pushed out, and remember the women who were assassinated in 2009 had become a symbol of the green revolution. we said absolutely nothing then. why should you be surprised? we have reopened, we have allowed iran to come back in the mainstream of nations. more and more of our money that's been frozen here, their
4:08 am
assets, have been given over there, why, because of possibly leveling up on rich uranium. every day they're getting closer and closer to being accepted by western nations. >> it's an outrage. we got some headlines now with heather nauert and an update on where our president is now. >> that's right, he's overseas, and just a short while ago he wrapped up a press conference in south korea. the two talked about the ferry tragedy and north korea about to begin more nuclear testing. he said we stand by the people. listen to this. >> the united states and south korea stand shoulder to shoulder, both in the face of yingyung's provocations and our inability to accept north korea. we are deeply concerned about the suffering of north dori kor people.
4:09 am
the united states and korea are working together to find a balance of serious crimes being committed. another fox news alert to bring you right now, a hijacking scare overnight overseas when a drunk passenger charges the cockpit of a plane that was filled with passengers. new video shows the moments the plane landed at the bali airport in indonesia. it was a boeing 737, and it was carrying 139 passengers and six crew members on board from brisbon, australia. the captain was forced to serve a hijacking call. the man was eventually taken away in handcuffs. the airport was closed for nearly two hours. an incredible act of forgiveness for the wife of the doctor who has gone down in afghanistan. listen to this.
4:10 am
>> we don't hold any ill will to afghanistan in general or even the gunman who did this. we don't know what his history is. >> dr. jerry humanis, it doesn't matter who pulled the trigger because the pediatrician who had dedicated years of his life to treating children in afghanistan died doing what he was called to do. urimanis was one of three doctors killed when a security guard opened fire in kabul. the two others were a father and son. they were visiting umanis. we'll keep you posted. a young girl stuns the first lady at take your child to workday in the white house. listen to what happened. >> my dad has been out of a job for three years, and i wanted to give you his resume. >> oh, my goodness. >> well, it's a little private, but she's doing something for her dad, right? got it. >> will the first lady be able to give her dad a new job? no word on what the white house
4:11 am
plans to do with the resume. the dad actually worked on the 2012 campaign. he's trying to get a policy job. hasn't been able to get one yet. his mom actually works for the executive branch. >> so he had worked for barack obama? >> yeah, on the campaign. i don't know if he was a volunteer or a paid staffer, but he had worked on the campaign. >> hundreds of thousands of letters like that could be delivered every single day, right, to our first lady and the president when it comes to jobs. >> it's hard to take your kid to work on a day when your father doesn't have a job. that changes everything. it's also a sad commentary on the economy right now, but there are so few full-time jobs out there right now. >> a real state of the union right there. coming up, they've owned their land for generations but now the government might mess with texas in another big land grab. one of those men fighting against the feds, joining us next. then remember this lone turkey preventing people from getting into their houses? well, now the turkey has got some pals.
4:12 am
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or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history. and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. texas ranchers are gearing up for a potential battle with the federal government. the blm, bureau of land management, is trying to claim 30 acres along the red river, the line between texas and oklahoma. it stems from a federal case 30 years ago, in part, when tommy henderson lost 140 acres of his land to the government. now many sphefear the bureau ofd management may use that case for a precedent to do it again. one of the private land owners down in texas, gene haul, joins
4:16 am
us. gene, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> we're talking about 90,000 acres, and what's interesting is, the bureau of land management came out and said, no, no, no, we're not talking about grabbing any land, so texans, just relax. but the back story is they're saying that because they think they already own it. >> they absolutely do. and they've been very cagey about this and kind of a double speak that a lot of federal agencies are getting altogether too good at. this situation, you mentioned the tommy henderson case in 1984. that is a factor, but they go further back than that. they claim they have actually owned this land since 1803. >> right. >> and that has to be the louisiana purchase. thomas jefferson was president, for goodness sakes. if that's true, what's not fair game for the federal government to take? so we're very disturbed. we think this is very alarming. it's pretty scary that they're actually using that as a basis. this is a federal land grab.
4:17 am
these farmers and ranchers have been on this land in some cases for several generations. they've been paying taxes, they have titles and deeds. so we're very concerned about what the federal government, the blm, is up to. >> sure. and gene, you just made a great point, and that is different than what was going on out in nevada where the land is held by the federal government, 8 or 9% of the land there is held by the federal government. in the case of the land in texas, the farmers have deeds. they own that property and have in many cases for generations. >> you're absolutely right. they have deeds, they have titles, they've been paying taxes. in the case of tommy henderson who lost his land, we disagree with that decision, by the way. he actually had to pay off another agency of the federal government, his lender, and just recently finished paying it off. they took it and then he had to pay them for it. this is an outrageous situation. >> it is outrageous, and i understand, gene, you were talking to somebody yesterday
4:18 am
down in texas. how many acres did they stand to lose if the federal government goes and head and says, by the way, we own that land, get off. >> several hundred acres. and this is a situation where this young man is a cotton farmer. this is irrigated cotton land, some of the most valuable real estate in the state of texas when it comes to agricultural property. $4,000 an acre. losing several hundred acres of that could -- i don't know his situation personally, but someone like that could stand to go out of business if you lose a substantial amount of your crop basis like that. >> absolutely. and the way the federal government operates, they'll just take the land. they're not going to give these farmers anything for it. not a penny. >> this is not an imminent domain situation where we've been involved in texas for several years where you get compensated. there is no compensation. you know, really, 1803. really, you're going back that far? what's not safe? america needs to pay attention
4:19 am
to this. these farmers and ranchers are salt of the earth kind of guys. the only similarity between what's going on here in texas and out in nevada is the letters blm. they have titles, they have deeds, they've been paying property taxes fire loor a long time. this is a land grab and we need attention on it. >> you say blm. many people are thinking bs but that's completely different. gene haas joining us from texas. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> the federal government should know you don't mess with texas. straight ahead, once a principal says he knows how to get kids to perform better on tests, but parents aren't too good to hear about that. a republican who wants to be governor getting democrats on his side in one of the most liberal states in the country. dean cain just spent time with him and says everybody should pay attention, he's super. dean would know about that.
4:20 am
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"news by the numbers" sounds like this. the 2% is the milk people want banned in day cares. they say whole and 2% milk leads to child obesity. the next ten years. that's how long florida gave students before standardized tests. why? the principal said she once read that three tablespoons of the soda had a good health impact. she had to get rid of the dew
4:24 am
after complaints from parents. >> she read it in mountain dew d digest. 692 pounds. that's the size of this mako shark. the three kids were fishing off the coast of tampa with their dad when they reeled this in. they fought it for 20 minutes. well, imagine being in a relationship like this. >> i'm bruce rouder. >> i'm diana rouder. >> i'm pragmatic. >> he's cheap. >> we don't agree on everything. >> like politics. >> i'm a republican. >> i'm a democrat. i'm voting for him anyway because i know bruce will take on both parties. >> i'll drive the politicians nuts. >> i know, honey. i know. >> refreshing, isn't it? not the only wife supporting her republican husband.
4:25 am
bruce cain just visited him and says everybody should pay attention. >> he works across the aisle. he has to deal with this every single day. i had the fortune of meeting bruce a few weeks ago. i spent a lot of time with him. here's a great guy in politics who really will make a difference if he wins in illinois. >> what is it about him in particular that so many democrats are saying, i'm going to vote for the republican? >> he's going to get he's really going to get something done. the best thing that could happen to rahm manuel's leadership is that rauder gets elected. that doesn't help your approval ratings when you're in prison. he's not a career politician. he is sternly for term limits. if he wins, he'll be there for eight years and that's it and he's out. he didn't want to do this to
4:26 am
begin with. but illinois, like my state of california, is hostile to business and he knows how to fix that. >> sure, and if he says he knows how to get things done, you know how to get things done here. illinois's unemployment rate 8.7, $100.5 billion unfunded pension. if he can do that there, he can do it anywhere. >> the politicians are a bunch of big kids. >> and when dean cain is not here, he's in los angeles. he's also from the state of california who we know usually runs a deficit. we know the taxes are extremely high. and that did not elude a superstar like tim allen last night. >> i'm saying because there's no hotel rooms, you can sleep anywhere in los angeles because we're kind of a socialist state. if you sleep on the street out here and you stay long enough,
4:27 am
they start giving you free stuff. >> they do. you'll get a cell phone, birkenstocks, cargo shorts. and if you stay long enough, you get a free tesla. >> he has kind of worked some conservative messages into his sitcom over at abc. >> i can't argue with his message too much there. that's why i think illinois rates are so important nationally because that's the kind of stuff we need in california. i feel like that's what we need in california, and if a guy like bruce rauter was running in california, he would get my vote. >> i saw the beard, and i was reminded this is what you wear in your show premiering may 26. >> he's a little bit unrefined. i know you were thinking it was sexy. >> we all were. >> we can prove it, actually, with a clip. take a look. >> what are you doing here? >> i'll be in your courtside seats at your next game. i know how under your skin i am,
4:28 am
so i just wanted to give you a heads up. >> you're not under anyone's skin. what's your angle? you hate basketball. the only thing you love besides seeing yourself on a screen is screwing with me. >> until our divorce papers are signed, those seats are 50% mine. >> then you can have one. >> good. one is all i need. it's good to see i'm not under your skin. >> a little pillow talk there. >> do you guys focus at all on the game? >> what? oh, it's all on the game. we focus on the game a little bit but it's all about the relationships and it's set in the power that goes on there and the relationships and the excitement and the drama and all that, that's really what we focus on. >> and the dance team. >> the dance team, the players, the money, the fame, all that stuff. it's an amazing show to work on. i love working on that show. i hope it goes for ten years. season 2 is pretty strong. >> season 1 was a hit. >> it was a big hit. >> may 26, 9:00 p.m., "hit the
4:29 am
floor" premiers new season. dean, thanks for being here. and this camera we're keeping an eye on here. nfl cheerleaders now suing over a so-called jiggle test. >> he needs his job so we're not going to ask him about it. s jiggle test. now you won't see them cheer or jiggle, why they're packing up their pom-poms all together. lots of cheer for these men and women. heather childers takes on an amazing ride. she'll take us with her and some wounded warriors. for paul ridley there's no substitute for advil. it's built to be as fast as it is strong and fights pain at the site of inflammation. advil has the strength and speed to help you move past pain. advil. make today yours. improving everything from booking to baggage claim.
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which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need... ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza. it's covered by most health plans. ♪ ♪ you know it's thriller ♪ thriller nights ♪ you're fighting for your life inside thriller, thriller ♪ >> your shot of the morning. check out this video made by a fan of "frozen," the disney characters doing a choreography of michael jackson's "thriller." >> it shouldn't be "thriller," it should be "chiller,"
4:34 am
shouldn't it? it's now 33 minutes past the hour. for your news, we go to heather. >> your home state of new jersey, hundreds of people have been forced from their homes in new jersey this morning because of raging wildfires that span at least 300 acres at this point. wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour and extremely dry conditions in the area are fueling those flames as they inch closer and closer to homes. >> it's more nerve-wracking than anything, just being able to see the heavy smoke so close to the house. the winds being as strong as they are, there's no telling what could happen. >> firefighters continue to work to tamp down the flames. terrifying moments for the mother of a california child. she rushes her 21-month-old daughter bridget to the hospital. the child was unable to stay
4:35 am
awake, was slouching and couldn't even keep her head up. doctors took some tests and realized she was suffering from a marijuana overdose. doctors believe the little girl ate a piece of pot candy she found on the beach. her mother? furious. >> recreational marijuana is not legal in california. chocolates, cookies, brownies, that's a party favor, in my opinion. it needs to come in the form of pills, something that's not tempting to a child, and it needs to be in a locked prescription bottle. >> boy, can you imagine how upset you would be, too? doctors monitored the little girl for 24 hours to make sure she didn't slip into a coma. she is now doing much better, we're happy to report. a connecticut high school senior fighting her school after administrators say that she can't bring her 21-year-old boyfriend to the prom. the reason? they worry he could buy them booze. 18-year-old michaela peroto asked in advance if she could bring the guy. the school said no and now she's
4:36 am
appealing to the school board. the school board agreed to meet the boy before making a final decision. the problm is on may 23rd. angry birds are actually terrorizing drivers by blocking traffic and some are actually coming up to cars. drivers have been forced to turn around and head the other direction. turkey experts say, yep, they're male turkeys and they apparently get more agressive during mating season. they're trying to establish their dominance so they're taking on the cars. don't mess with those turkeys. >> just tell them thanksgiving is coming up and they'll run the other way. meanwhile, a small missouri town shaken up by violent storms. trees in holden were snapped in half and hitting houses. strong winds up to 80 miles per hour in some areas out there. >> is there more severe weather out there today ? we'll check in with maria
4:37 am
molina. >> we have a system bringing rain on parts of the east coast and there is a chance for severe weather across parts of north carolina. but i want to take you to this weekend. this is our next big weather system that is expected to produce a first multi hi-day weather outbreak of the season. up into parts of texas, kansas, nebraska and also across iowa. you could be looking at large hail, damaging winds and some tornadoes possible. on sunday we do have all the ingredients coming together for a potentially dangerous situation, especially across arkansas, eastern oklahoma and eastern texas. that area shaded in red is where we could see some longer track tornadoes that stay on the ground for some time. that's a big concern there. then by monday, the severe weather risk continues, so again, tracking a potential multi-day severe outbreak. over to you, brian. >> thanks a lot, maria. let's tell you what's happening in the world of sports. pitcher michael panetta slapped
4:38 am
with a ten-day suspension for having pine tar on his neck. >> wait a minute, what's this on your neck? >> nothing. >> go ahead. you're gone. ten shows, gone. >> this is ridiculous. michael panetta, 10-game suspension. the substance pine tar is used by pitchers to get a better grip on the ball, not on the script. it's illegal. despite the suspension, panetta will still get paid for the time off. that's a pretty good job. the buffalo bills cheerleaders will not be making any appearances this year. the decision coming just days after five former cheerleaders sued the team for being forced to take a jiggle test to check for firmness. they did not say how long they were suspending their operations or if the squad was being removed permanently. i sure hope not, that's my home team.
4:39 am
>> dean cain with sports. thanks a lot, dean. >> you got it. >> you can't throw me out for ten sportscasts. you can't make up these rules. >> violating the violation. >> these hollywood superstars. >> just a little joking around. dean, thank you very much. according to the wounded warrior project, nearly 800,000 of our disabled veterans are living with a physical or mental disability, and one of the things this organization is doing to help is putting these veterans on a bike. heather childers joins us with more on that. >> it's a great program. it is called the wounded warrior soldier ride. it's a four-day event that takes place in cities all across the country and i went along for the ride in washington, d.c. riding side by side, bonded by wounds of war. for soldiers, this is about
4:40 am
support and recovery. seth banks was my partner for the ride. he was injured in iraq. >> i broke my neck, portions of my back, my hip, got holes in the brain. being injured and going to the hospital, you become this patient now. you feel like, okay, this is where i'm at. now do i stay here? >> his answer was no. so he is here with other wounded vets cycling to overcome physical, mental and emotional wounds. >> it's looking to your left and your right and seeing your brothers and sisters doing the same thing. it's very important having people around you saying, you know what? you're a strong person. you can overcome this. >> the wounded warrior project provides customized equipment to accommodate any injury for free. >> we've got three sets of these kinds of bicycles, bicycles, try sick -- tricycles, you name it. >> he says rides like these help his family at home.
4:41 am
>> i wanted to tear up. she knows it helps me and that kind of takes some pressure off her back. >> 17 miles, and for these wounded warriors it's now time to cross the finish line. but for these men and women, it's not about where the race ends, it's about continuing their journey on. >> this is us. we know we feel like forgotten wounds, but we have a soul and we express ourselves by reuniting with each other and just having fun. >> you are not the forgotten ones. this, by the way, is the tenth year for the soldier ride. if you would like to participate or just show up to support our wounded vets, visit for more information. >> he started it on this program, took off the first one from our show. >> it was such an honor to be there. it really was. >> heather, thank you. meanwhile, coming up straight ahead. you could call it the most bizarre political ad of the year. >> i'm matt rosendale, and this is how i would look from a
4:42 am
government drone. and this is what i think about it. >> wow. do ads like that actually work? we are going to rank them. >> then we are going to watch them. from above. sfx: car unlock beep. vo: david's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. help keep teeth clean and breath fresh with beneful healthy smile snacks. with soft meaty centers and teeth cleaning texture,it's dental that tastes so good. beneful healthy smile food and snacks.
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4:45 am
this is how i would look from a government drone! and this is what i think about it. >> do ads like that actually work? i know they get us talking.
4:46 am
expert matt lozansky. he breaks down these ads and we have him here. michael, welcome. >> thank you. >> what do you think of that? >> first of all, is it legal to shoot down a drone? and would it be over america. i think there are many ads about guns today, and while the point is to show how tough the republicans are, that one doesn't seem realistic. >> but it also taps into that thing that people are worried everyone is watching them, so that's what rand paul is using. here's another one you say goes too far. >> i'm joanie ernst. i grew up castrating hogs on an iowa farm. >> i like that ad. >> it's one of the best ads of the season. she is likeable, she seems like she's tough. it's a contagious ad. it's been seen by, i think, a million people already. that's the kind of ad what i
4:47 am
think embodies a good political ad today. >> normally when you see castration in a copy, you're probably thinking this is heading the wrong direction, but you're actually pleased by this. >> she's got a smile on her face, uses it well, tells us where she comes from. you wouldn't think castration would work, but it does. >> haey, classrooms, change you agenda. let's talk about connecting emotionally. >> i have to sit here and listen to the federal government say, we can't share a penny with you? i will not rest until this injustice is fixed. >> what do you think? >> this ad has taken a little bit of heat because some of the scenes were actually reenacted because you can't show senate hearings on tv. if you look at the ad, it's a very authentic ad. it shows mary landrieu in action. she's working for the people. she picked up a public issue in that ad about oil and gas rights. it really kind of goes through
4:48 am
here career and it shows how people are watching her on tv and really connecting with her emotionally. >> obamacare, pro or con? americans for prosperity took it on. listen to this personal story. >> so i get a letter from my insurance company that said my insurance costs were going way up because of obamacare. and oh, by the way, you should be happy about it. mary landrieu said obamacare is going to make things better. better? not for people like me. >> effective? >> yeah, really effective. it's one of those stories that immediately connects with you emotionally. it feels real because you see the letter and it's the kind of story that's been out there a lot, and it's calm. it's not a kind of hard core attack ad that i think people are going to tune out this year, so i think it's a really effective emotional ad. >> red, white and blue, served our country, just wants some health care. michael benslanski, thank you. good luck. we'll have you back because
4:49 am
we'll have more ads coming out in the summer and fall. 12 minutes before the top of the hour. one of the final moments in a career that ended tragically. the late actor paul walker returned to the box office this weekend. kevin mccarthy saw the movie. he'll review it next. but first, looking back on this day in 1966, elvis presley released the song "heartbreak hotel." ♪ i feel so lonely, i could cry ♪ ♪
4:50 am
4:51 am
4:52 am
welcome back. it's one of the final films in a career that ended tragically. the late actor paul walker killed in a car crash five
4:53 am
months ago returns to the box office this weekend. "brick mansions" is being reviewed by kevin mccarthy. >> "brick mansions" is one of paul walker's actual completed film but he still has "fast and furious" coming out in 2014 and his brothers are finishing the scenes paul walker was unable to do. this feature says paul walker as a detective. he goes undercover to basically disarm a bomb. it's going to go off in a section of detroit called brick mansions. it has a very cheesy script at time, but the martial arts scenes are fun. i wanted a better script and i wanted more fun moments. i just believed paul walker
4:54 am
deserved a better last completed film. if you're a paul walker fan i recommend "running scared" or the "fast and furious" movies. i met paul last year and he's one of the most incredible guys on the planet. >> i'm sure we'll be talking about it again as the last "fast and furious" comes up. who will win an oscar? the three women. >> i think you're right there. one of the things about this movie is it celebrates love but it's also a really cool revenge story. i want to see these three women in every movie ever made take down villains. so i asked them if you could be dropped in any movies and take down any villains, who would you like to take down? this is what they had to say. >> i want to see you take down any villain. >> i want to turn these three women into superheroes.
4:55 am
>> the green goblin. >> mhmm, "lord of the rings." yes! >> you want to be shot in "lord of the rings"? she's wearing viking clothes? you know, how many stars? >> there's something incredibly awesome about watching kate upton do an impression of "lord of the rings." the movie itself has a lot of funny laugh out loud scenes with cameron diaz and laura mcmann. i thought the movie was 30 minutes too long, but there was enough funny moments where i recommend a c grade, a 3 out of 5. >> you give it 3 out of 5. the daily news in new york gives it one star. >> out of four. >> no, out of five. they give it the booby prize.
4:56 am
they say "woman rom con is a total bust." >> it's an okay film. >> is it true that all three of them came on to you? >> they did. i had to fight them off, brian. kate upton passed me her number. i was very excited about that. >> they looked like they had a good time. >> it was a lot of fun sitting there. i was a little bit intimidated, but when she did the "lord of the rings" thing, i was digging that for sure. thanks a lot, guys. they fight for religious freedom around the world, but atheists want our military to back out of a national day of prayer. how low can you go? a guy steals his baseball from a child. how do you sleep at night, sir? [ male announcer ] a long weekend is just an excuse...
4:57 am
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good morning, today is friday, april 25, 2014. i'm melissa hassellbeck. another scare in the air, this time with a congressman on board. what went wrong? we have those details ahead. they fight for religious freedom around the world, but atheists want our military to back out of a national day of prayer. will the army stand down? we'll tell you what we know. and president obama and vladimir putin call in dr. phil to settle their differences. >> dr. phil, he keeps putting up walls and it's like i try and i try but i just can't get through. >> you mean like obamacare website? >> some more late night laughs at the president's expense. mornings, by the way, are better
5:01 am
with friends. hi, i'm danny did eveto and you're watching "fox & friends" and i'm sitting here with a nice lemon chilla. >> do you know where he went after he had lemon chello with us? >> he sat with us, had his lemon chello, then he went and sat with you. he seemed to be having it on the car ride over. >> he had a good time. >> it was. and it was good television. >> interesting television. he ended up having his own lemon chello after that. >> we got a busy final hour right now, and heather joins us with news on a flight. >> this would be very nerve-wracking for passengers on board. tense moments for passengers on an american airlines flighof ta. the captain was forced to make an emergency landing after
5:02 am
panicked passengers heard a loud boom and then they smelled smoke at 30,000 feet in the air. for one of the 46 people on board was a republican congressman from florida, mario diaz ballard. they all landed safely in tampa and then were rebooked on flights to miami later on. that was their original final destination. no word on what caused this, and it was an explosion on board that plane of some sort. we'll bring you more as we get it. another fox news alert right now. overnight a hijacking scare overseas when a drunk passenger charges the cockpit of a plane that was packed with people. new video shows the plane just moments after it landed at bali airport in indonesia. the boeing 737 was carrying 139 passengers and six crew members from brisbane, australia. they were forced to serve a hijacking call. it was just a drunk passenger
5:03 am
who was banging on the cockpit door. tefs tak he was taken off and the airport was closed for two hours. the president went to south korea. with the president there, they talked about north korea as it vows to begin more nuclear testing. the president said we stand with the south korean people. listen. >> america and south korea stand shoulder to shoulder both in the provocations and our refusal to accept north korea. >> the president also offering his condolences to the families who lost loved ones during the sinking of that ferry last week. and look at this story. the yankees and the red sox, we all know they had intense rivalry for years and years, especially among fans, but it is so ugly even adults are stealing balls from kids! >> yes! >> take a look at this. boston shortstop xander bogart
5:04 am
tosses a ball to a young yankees fan but another guy takes it in mid-air. i would slap that guy. >> can you imagine that? >> get that ball back. >> how do you do such a thing. >> kids have it too easy in life. it's time they learn that things are going to be tough. that kid will learn not to trust. i bet that kid has matured already. >> heather and i are going to find that guy. >> we are, we're giving him a beat-down. meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about this. it looks as if the president's team at the united nations has really dropped the ball, so to speak. it looks like the country of iran, which, you know, per capita ranked number one in executions. they have been selected to sit on a commission for the status of women. also another position that enables them to silence human rights, which is so unusual considering the fact that they -- you know, do they stand for human rights, the country of
5:05 am
iran? do they stand up for women? absolutely not. and yet they have been put on this particular commission for four years. >> it's a four-year position. and this actually took place in 103 seconds. so in 103 seconds, there was zero opposition. there were other democracies that could have stepped in and raised their hand and said they opposed which would have force aid secret ballot at minimum. but nobody did, including the united states. samantha power, the ambassador there tweeted -- she wasn't there, not on the committee -- but she tweeted this saying, yet again iran ran unopposed and was elected to commission on status of women. given record on women's and human rights, this is an outrage. >> any time there is going to be a women's movement or a condemnation of various nations over the next four years, a nation like iran will say, i have no problem with that. look how we treat our women. so their criteria for
5:06 am
condemnations and their threshold for spending money on women's rights and women's issues is going to be extremely high because they're not really doing that in their own nation. >> they don't respect women. just look at the stats. iranian authorities executed at least 270 prisoners from january to october of 2013. prisoners are subjected to abuse and deprive them of necessary medical treatment. women are discriminated in marriage, divorce, inheritance and child custody, and now that nation is on this particular commission. how does this benefit the united states of america? how could our team over at the u.n. building right behind us, how could they possibly have dropped this ball? >> after we've given almost $8 billion to the u.n., you would expect some sort of action to take place to prevent something like this from happening. if you want a glimpse of what we're talking about here, there were two former iranian prisoners that actually wrote a fantastic book about the realities of what happens. they were both imprisoned. one of them actually -- and i want to make sure i say her name
5:07 am
correctly -- marzeri amir marzeri amiri azotta -- had this to say. she was condemned to death. she was going to be executed and made it out. here's the reality. >> women don't have equal rights with men. even in prison we could see they don't have rights to divorce, they don't have rights to have the custody of their children. they are subordinate. they have to subordinate to their husband. and i believe that women in iran are under so much pressure because of the iranian government and they don't have any rights. >> that i think about it. in our country we're outraged because there might be in some stats 12 cents difference between how much a man gets paid and a woman gets paid. that's where we're at. we might not be perfect but that's our issue. look at their issues. >> now the very place that had that woman in prison set to die
5:08 am
is going to be overseeing women and how safe they are across the globe. >> topsy-turvy world. on may 1st, there is going to be a capitol hill event where at this particular event they pray for the leadership of this nation and ask god for wisdom and blessing over our leaders. it's a really nice message. it's operated by the task force, however, the military of religious freedom foundation has a problem with it. they're trying to crack down on what they call the fundamentalist christian foundation of the u.s. military. they're asking the army, which is supposed to send a chaplain over and a band and a speaker, you can't do that. you just can't do that, army. so far the army has said they're still going, to their credit. >> they're not backing down. this is shirley dobson. this is what she had to say about the national day of prayer task force and why we shouldn't back down. >> we have men and women
5:09 am
across -- abroad and across the world fighting for our religious freedom and for our freedoms to have a national day of prayer, and to block them from being able to participate is just unheard of. but this country was founded on the judea christian system of values. and our national day of prayer task force is an expression of that. we don't bar anyone from attending our event. we have a rabbi that reads scriptures and makes remarks on them. any faith is welcome to attend. but we are the judeo protection of the national day of prayer. >> it's interesting because the christian group has no problem of the day of prayer started by harry truman back in the day, but this one they have a problem with. so they're asking the department of defense don't send the chaplain, the color guard, the vocalists or the military band. but they were all requested by a congressman of alabama who is
5:10 am
one of the organizers of this event, and so far it looks like they're going to go. >> no backing down yet. it's about 10 minutes past the hour. coming um, op, our veterans are literally dying because the government is keeping a secret. why are these women running for their lives? what you're about to see is not a prank. go long, look lean, in this season's most important fashion trend, the long shirt. designed to flatter, with playful hemlines and length for everybody. the new long shirt. visit the shirt boutique, only at chico's and help keep teeth clean and breath fresh with beneful healthy smile snacks. with soft meaty centers and teeth cleaning texture,it's dental that tastes so good.
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5:14 am
veterans that deserve a red carpet. they just dismiss him like he was an animal. >> that was sally barnes breen who earlier shared the shocking story of the death of her father-in-law, thomas. he was a proud navy vet who was told to see a doctor immediately, but for months struggled to get an appointment at the phoenix va. he died eventually. so what can lawmakers do and how can veterans' families help? i'm joined by fox news legal analyst peter johnson, jr. apparently the va in phoenix had two lists, a real list and a fake list that they would go ahead and put in the computer. >> this is friendly fire on steroids. this is willow brook times ten. this is a national scandal. if we can't take care of our older veterans, what will we do in the future, and what motivation will americans have to fight for our country when we treat our veterans like animals as this family was exposed to? there are three issues to be
5:15 am
faced. congressional action, criminal action ask civnd civil action. what do you want me to start with? >> let's start with the first of the c's, congress. >> congress has stepped in, senator mccain, he's called for an investigation. house and senate, they're going to investigate it. the veteran senator is going to go before congress and answer for this double secret shredding information by which people allegedly died. not only in arizona but allegedly in other states across the country. >> peter, they said 40 people died waiting for doctors and they had that fake list where they go, stand by, stand by. then they've got this other list where they were waiting for -- two weeks before an appointment was up and then they would take it from the fake list to the real list, and that's how they did it. >> you said earlier, in any other walk of life, in any other hospital in america, would that be a crime? that brings us to the second issue. >> criminal.
5:16 am
>> criminal negligence. kt folks, if they're found guilty of this, be charged with criminal negligence, with mail fraud, with other federal statutes? i believe that they can, and i believe the u.s. attorney in that jurisdiction and others going all the way up to the attorney general should open up an investigation immediately as to what's happened in each and every va facility across this country. >> but you know what, peter, we've seen this before. when there's corruption and problems, for instance, at the irs, does the department of justice look into that? no, they don't want the administration to look bad. >> let me revise what i said. this goes beyond attorney general holder. president obama need to address today and immediately this is our national future based upon how we treat our national past. >> and finally, civil. >> civil, absolutely. you can bring wrongful death lawsuits whether based on intentional or criminally negligent acts or just negligent or reckless acts. there will be -- there will be a
5:17 am
flurry of lawsuits as a result of what's occurred here. can you imagine being a family member and being told that your loved one died, your sergeant, your lieutenant, your petty officer, the person who served this country died because he or she couldn't get an appointment and they lied about it. >> it's heartbreaking. >> a national outrage on a friday. >> it is. thank you very much. by the way, we should point out peter johnson jr. was up late last night. he was honored with the defense association of new york's public service award. >> thank you, steve. >> very nice. no one more deserving than you. >> appreciate it. have a great weekend, steve. >> very nice. just ahead, a warning for iphone users. what you need to know before you hit update and why it could ruin your day. get nervous before you fly? just reach for one of the dogs. meet one of the canines that are helping passengers relax before they take off.
5:18 am
here, doggie. ♪ [ male announcer ] this is the age of knowing what you're made of.
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quick headlines. he was supposed to be watchdog but he ended up being lap dog. a new senator probe says walter edwards altered investigations from citizens he considered friends and later wanted a job from. he's now been placed on leave. iphone users beware. a new update could wipe out your data. a new self-update causes your phones to crash. the only way to fix it is a
5:22 am
complete restore which you lose contacts and everything else. apple advises people to back up their phones or get a blackberry. only kidding. did you ever see a cute puppy and you wanted to reach out and grab it? those wide eyes, that wagging tail? it's anything to turn a bad day upside down and back the other way. which makes me think the pet program at los angeles international airport might be great. it stands for unstressing passengers and it's been kmin existence for a year. thanks for being with us. i see finn. is finn 180 pounds? >> he's about 160 pounds. he's an irish wolfhound. he's quite big. >> why did you want to start this at lax where the puppies actually go around -- they're
5:23 am
really meant to calm passengers down during stressful times, but you had a mission. >> yes, yes, we did. it's part of the overall experience for passengers at lax. we have a customer service team which includes customer service representatives, volunteering information professionals and our pup volunteers. we're really excited. >> this has been going on for a year, and brian, you were right on the scene after a shooting at lax leaving a tsa worker dead. the day after you got there, you and finn stepped in, and did you know it would be a success that day? what did you see? >> we sure didn't. we actually were there in the terminal right next door the day before about 15 minutes before the shooting took place. so when we heard about this, we ended up going down the next day, and it was in the area where all the people were picking up their bags. and it was pandemonium and people were really stressed out. what happened was all the children came and started petting finn, and we started to have a very normal conversation.
5:24 am
we talked about the pets they had at their home, we talked about just their home life and how they're looking forward to getting home. and just for a sliver of time, it was normal. >> i know for anyone that day it was tragic, but travel in general is stressful. this has been going on for a year. on an average day, would you say this helps passengers lessen the tension and enjoy the process more from your experience? >> absolutely. i've heard a passenger tell me it's cheaper than the bar and more effective than toys, and, of course, we're all volunteers, so it's free. >> look at that baby there. i tell you what, it would help our family if we were going through the airport, because you're just trying to get everybody's backpack together, shoes back on and kids having to go to the bathroom before the flight, hoping they don't leave without you. finn is a good dog. if people want to be a part of this, how do they volunteer for the program? >> yes, they can visit our website. it's www.oawa/pup.
5:25 am
they can also call us at 716-846-0411. >> finn it's nice to meet you, buddy. i want to thank brian and monique bell for being with us today. >> thank you. remember the state department who couldn't remember a single hillary clinton accomplishment as secretary of state? >> i am certain that those who were here at the time who worked hard on that effort could point out one. >> will that come into play and hurt hillary in 2016? chris wallace about to weigh in on that next. president obama and vladimir putin go on dr. phil -- of course, to settle their differences. >> he keeps putting up walls and it's like i try and i try, but i just can't get through. >> you mean like obamacare website? sfx: car unlock beep.
5:26 am
vo: david's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. carsthey're why we innovate. they're who we protect. they're why we make life less complicated. it's about people. we are volvo of sweden.
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choose from over 250 spring valley vitamins and supplements at the trusted destination for healthy savings... save money. live better. dr. phil here. today we are focusing on a very serious issue: troubled relationships. >> i'm the one that's always reaching out. you know, i call and he doesn't
5:30 am
pick up. i send a text and three days later i get a text back saying, sorry, just got this. you know i'm spying on you. >> vlad, is it true you've been ignoring the president's calls and why? >> i've been wrapped up in "game of thrones." >> the tv show? >> no, my life. >> see, that's the problem right there. dr. phil, he keeps putting up walls and it's like i try and i try but i just can't get through. >> you mean like obamacare website? >> what a good idea. now, maybe if chris wallace on his sunday program had a couple world leaders together and he wanted to really get them on the same page, would you call in dr. phil, chris? >> no, but i'll tell you, i've had jimmy fallon's vladimir putin, he is brilliant.
5:31 am
he is just great doing that. >> i think he does a better putin than putin. he's like that guy on "saturday night live," brian. >> just like him. >> yeah, okay. >> chris, in real life, the president is not having much success. he was -- the red line question came up again. as you know, he drew the red line in syria and there was no red line. and now john kerry is saying there's going to be big consequences in ukraine and nothing happened. that all bounced back to the president yesterday on his asian trip when he got a little testy with one of these questions from a reporter. listen. >> first of all, the treaty between the united states and japan preceded my birth, so obviously this isn't a red line that i'm drawing, it is the standard interpretation over multiple administrations of the terms of the alliance.
5:32 am
there's no red line that's been drawn. >> little testy, chris. >> right. >> you know, i have to say as a white house correspondent, a million years ago, during the van buren administration, there was nothing more fun than going on a presidential trip and trying to get under his skin in front of the world press. yeah, he did look testy there. and look, it's a legitimate question and there's no doubt -- you know, it's like anything. when you're dealing with somebody all the time, you're kind of testing him. you're sending out signals and assessing them, and clearly the president has sent a number of signals that would lead a leader like putin to believe, you know, i can push this guy around, or i can get away -- >> and get away with it. >> right, without paying any penalty. >> maybe china gets this message, too, because they're in a dispute with japan about these islands and other things. maybe they're saying, hey, i can steamroll the president as well. >> that's what they were talking
5:33 am
about right there, the senkaku islands, which incidentally, brian, i think you and i should go on a vacation there. they look like a really lovely spot to go. >> it's like three rocks and a pebble. >> exactly. >> hillary clinton might need a vacation if this continues to haunt her. her rep was actually asked by an ap reporter, jen psaki, if she could name her accomplishments in the state department. and they couldn't come up with anything. take a listen. >> can you, off the top of your head, identify one tangible achievement that resulted from the last appointment? >> i was only here in the last part, so i'm sure there was a range of things that were put into place. >> i won't hold my breath. >> jen psaki actually came back, right? she had a do-over moment after she was posed the question. she came back and said, about yesterday, we're going to do this again. >> a stronger emphasis was placed on trade promotion
5:34 am
investment and leveling the economic playing field, a fuller integration of women and girls into our policy framework. >> well, after the first moment of silence with crickets, she gave a try there, but will that make it better moving into 2016? >> that specific moment isn't going to matter a lot, but i think hillary clinton's performance as secretary of state, look, it's the biggest job she had on her own, and of course that's going to be a huge -- both in a negative sense. obviously benghazi which the other day she said was the greatest regret of her time as secretary of state, and then also in terms of positive accomplishments. she did do a lot in terms of promoting women's rights, but when you look to north korea, to iran, to the middle east, to russia, there's not a whole lot of there there. and that's going to be something she has to answer for in 2016 if she decides to run. >> and, of course, all of her supporters say, look, she
5:35 am
traveled around the world. she traveled a million miles. okay, and what did she do? chris, we know you haven't had time yet to book dr. phil, but who do you know is going to be on your show on sunday? >> we're going to be talking about affirmative action. we had the big supreme court ruling this week that said the voters of michigan can vote to amend their constitution and ban affirmative action in public education. we're going to be talking to two women who are on opposite sides of that issue, and then part of 2016 on the republican side, we'll be talking to indiana governor mike pence. >> great show. we'll be tubeside on sunday morning. >> sure will. >> bye, chris. go pick out an outfit. see you sunday. >> same to all of you. brian, are you mad at me? >> no, of course i'm not mad at you. this is quality time i look forward to, thursday on the radio, friday on television. i just to share you a little bit. hits the sharing part. >> that hurts my feelings. >> you are sensitive. >> i'm calling dr. phil. >> brian, when you go back and look at the transcript, he did
5:36 am
invite you to go on a vacation with him to the islands. >> the senkaku islands. >> you just wanted to say that. >> i love saying kaku. it's a great word. >> it's a funny word. time now for the news and we've got some news about a childhood disease. >> that's right, measles. and it's something you don't hear too often about, but increasingly these days it has become a problem. we have a health alert for you this morning. the cdc has reported the biggest measles outbreak since 1996. 129 people in 13 states have now been infected with this highly contagious and potentially deadly virus. california has been hit the hardest so far with 58 reported cases. the cdc says it was brought into the united states by international travelers. be on the lookout for that. and where is the leftover money going? oregon is set to trash its state-run health care exchange and now start using the federal marketplace instead. about $248 million from a $305
5:37 am
million federal grant was spent to create the website. and now state officials will have to decide what to do with the extra money, and apparently that doesn't involve giving it back. cover oregon was supposed to launch october 1st but never did because it had constant technical problems. staff at a rio de janeiro hospital running for cover as an ox roams the hallway. it shows people scattering. police eventually manage to capture the ox before anyone was hurt. it broke down a few doors. he was probably just a little lonely. needed to see a doctor. wanted to make some friends. >> wants to be inside for a while. >> exactly. and the folks there all had a really good sense of humor about it. they all laughed. they weren't too scared. and this is why technology just isn't for everyone. parents fail to texts is now being featured on a website
5:38 am
called "parents shouldn't text." one mom writes, please stop changing the google logo so much. the child says, mom, i don't change the logo. google changes it. >> on my computer. you don't run the google? >> if i did i wouldn't be driving a 2004 ford. there's another one that reads your great aunt just passed away. lol. why is that funny? it's not funny. what do you mean? mom, lol means laugh out loud. >> oh, my gosh, i sent that to everyone. i thought it meant lots of love. >> when someone passes away, you usually never do that, but i remember mary tyler moore and chuckles the clown when she left when he passed away. do you remember that? >> no. >> i think what he said was a
5:39 am
little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down your pants. >> that was funny. that was the only time it was really okay to laugh at a wake. >> it made sense. meanwhile, it's time to take a look at the weather. we've had some substantial weather overnight, and it looks, maria molina, like there's a real good possibility of a big outbreak over the next couple days. >> reporter: absolutely. that's what we're going to be watching over the weekend and even as we kick off the work week next week. this could be a multi-severe weather outbreak. i want to say hi to my friends here. i found some friends from the state of maine. you guys have a message for steve and brian. >> we love "fox & friends"! >> way to go, you guys. thanks for visiting this morning. it's so great to have you here but we do want to take a look at the weather conditions. before the weekend outbreak, we do have one storm that's bringing areas of rain across the great lakes and into parts of kentucky and also eastern tennessee. and this system could be bringing in some rain across parts of the east coast.
5:40 am
this is good news for the state of new jersey which has been dealing with very dry conditions and high winds as well that have been fueling some fires out there. but farther west, we mentioned the severe weather outbreak. there's a look at saturday from texas up into iowa and parts of nebraska. and then on sunday, there is a higher risk for long track tornadoes that could be particularly violent in parts of eastern oklahoma, northeastern texas and also arkansas. so keep an eye on the sky, as we say. back inside. >> maria, you're not afraid of those people. they just couldn't get up the stairs, right? >> well, we kind of last minute planned it out. now i kind of want to go back down there because i feel bad. i'll go back down there. go take some pictures. >> all right, 20 minutes before the top of the hour. >> it's happened again. university students banned from handing out the constitution. but what about their first amendment rights, i ask you? >> good question, brian. and in case you missed it, all the week's best highlights coming up next. why are you blindfolded?
5:41 am
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we have a fox news update for you right now. hundreds of people forced from their houses in the state of new jersey this morning where raging wildfires have swallowed up nearly 300 acres of land so far. 44-mile-an-hour winds overnight keeping firefighters on the defense. two students are suing the university for not letting them
5:45 am
hand out information over the constitution. the students are suing for violating their first amendment rights. since it's friday, that means it's time for a flashback. >> we're going to rewind right now and see what happened this week on "fox & friends." take a look. today is easter monday. it's going to be the white house easter egg roll. >> they're not going to cancel it this year because the government is not going to shut dourn down, right? >> when you met prince george, did you get a feeling? >> you know, shorter than i thought. >> treat your kids to an animated musical. that "frozen" movie. oh, my gosh. why do they have animated characters sing? ♪ let it go, let it go >> are you serious in ?
5:46 am
s siri, where is the nearest dunkin' donuts? >> why does siri listen to you and not me? the healthy donut is supposed to be just as good as krispy kreme. what's the verdict? >> they're both good. >> so the claim stands to be correct. >> normally we do squat thrusts. >> go like this. >> how about training against brian in a race you had here in the plaza. how much of that factored into your victory? >> brian a few years ago had me be who i am. >> you came on very cocky. >> this is me and my prom date for both the junior and senior year. >> i have to say i believe thfls
5:47 am
t -- this was the first selfie ever taken. >> you and three guys coordinated your outfits? >> we weren't coordinating, i just think we rented from the stam pla same place. >> i'm showing off my perm and my date is showing off his mullet. >> what about you, did you go to the prom in a van with a guy with a mullet? >> i didn't have a date. i knew my dad would be happier if i didn't have a date, so i just went alone. >> i'm pregnant. >> you're pregnant? >> it's yours. >> sorry, i missed that. >> steve, what were you doing? you were asking siri all sorts of things and siri didn't have a
5:48 am
good answer. >> she was trying real hard, though. >> we're nearing the top of the hour. >> you wouldn't guess it but this song is actually about god. ♪ got a couple rips in my jeans ♪ ♪ try to fit the pieces together ♪ >> the christian singer making it popular to sing about the bible. she's here next. >> good morning. first let's check in with martha mccallum who has a wonderful singing voice and don't be surprised if she has some music. >> i'm singing this morning. i can't get over those prom pictures. i love them. he wined and dined with them, but he was supposed to be inspecting. he is now on leave. the senator behind that investigation is going to tell us how they found out and how they knew this was going on. interesting stuff. should college athletes get paid in a former union? justin bieber back in the news today, folks. we'll see you at the top of the
5:49 am
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♪ i got a couple dents in my fender, got a couple rips in my jeans ♪ ♪ try to fit the pieces together ♪ >> you wouldn't expect it to be, but that song is about god. christian pop superstar christian vicelli is making it cool to sing about god. >> she just wrapped up a new album, and now write your story coming out of number one. what's it about? >> you know, it's i song about letting god write your story and saying, i trust you with my life and i want you to be in charge. >> a powerful message with a powerful voice right there for sure. >> no kidding. are you and the guys and gals ready to do the number.
5:53 am
>> i think so, yeah. >> we're going to get out of the way. "write your story." ♪ ♪ they say you're the king of everything ♪ ♪ the one who makes me sing ♪ my heart keeps beating ♪ you say you keep them in your sight ♪ ♪ you can bring the dead to life ♪ ♪ i want to tell you now that i believe it ♪ ♪ i want to tell you now that i believe it ♪ ♪ i do ♪ oh, i'm an empty page, i'm an open book ♪ ♪ write your story on my heart ♪ author of my hope, maker of
5:54 am
the stars ♪ ♪ let me be your cover, won't you write your story on my heart ♪ ♪ write your story, write your story ♪ ♪ come on and write your story, write your story ♪ ♪ my life, i know it's never really been fine ♪ ♪ so do whatever you like i don't know what your plan is but i know it's good, yeah ♪ ♪ i want to tell you now that i'm believing ♪ ♪ i want to tell you now that i'm believing in you ♪ ♪ so do what you do ♪ i'm an empty page, i'm an open book ♪ ♪ write your story on my heart ♪ author of my hope, maker of the stars ♪ ♪ let he be your work of art ♪ won't you write your story on my heart ♪
5:55 am
♪ write your story, write your story ♪ ♪ come on and write your story, write your story ♪ ♪ i want my history to be your legacy ♪ ♪ go ahead and show this world what you've done in me ♪ ♪ and when your music plays ♪ i want my life to say ♪ hey, hey, i let you write your story, write your story ♪ ♪ oh, write your story, write your story ♪ ♪ i'm an empty page, i'm an open book ♪ ♪ write your story on my heart ♪ come on i look the part ♪ honor of my hope, maker of the stars ♪ ♪ let me be your work of art ♪ won't you write your story on
5:56 am
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why did you want to do christian pop? >> it's just kind of what's on my heart to write. i tried writing mainstream music and it didn't come out right. i love the lord and want to sing about him. >> the interesting thing is your christian music is now going into the pop world. it's making an impact there. >> it's cool how that works.
6:00 am
i love to see it on different venues and i'll take it. >> you were on the pepsi can last year. >> yeah, that was so surreal. i never thought i would see myself on a diet pepsi can. >> we look back and find out who laurel actually went to the prom with. breaking news this morning as tensions are continuing to mount at this hour. ukranian forces sweeping in to gain control in cities in the east that have been taken over by ukranian separatists. they have reportedly killed five of these pro-russian militants and that has prompted a response, as you would expect, from vladimir putin who has warned of the consequences to those actions. good morning, everybody. martha mccallum in america's newsroom. >> good morning,


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