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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 6, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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disorderly conduct. >> that was the report of the dad arrested at the school. william bear is here tomorrow. set your dvr. i'm meagan kelly. and this is a alert. brnd new information reveals the obama administration is withhold information when it comes to e-mails related to the benghazi attacks that left four people dead. here to explain more is katherine hairs >> we're learning more tonight about fax news reported after two weeks after the attack that the intelligence community knew within 24 hours that was terrorism. the report in recounted the statements of the president and the senior officials. the fox report was the subject
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of a seven-chain e mail. dennis mcdonough, the president deposit any national security adviser, john brennan, the former terrorist adviser and ben broez, linked the video to benghazi were all part of the discussion. >> the seven-page dialogue concerning one fox news report to me demonstrates an alarm well situation where they're reacting to and trying to shab a response. >> the contents of those e-mails are being withheld because government lawyers told a federal court, quote, the release of this information could reasonably be expected to chill the frank deliberations that occurred when state department and other u.s. government firnls are formulating public response to address sensitive issues. separately fox news confirmed tonight that the select committee will have 12 members,
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seven republicans and five democrats if the democrats choose to get involved. >> katherine, thank you. unfortunately it's come to this. a benghazi select committee is now being formed to get to the bottom of the terrorist attack that left four american dead ap and tonight we're going to break down the anatomy of a lie ai and how we got to this point. now immediately after the attack in libya, instead of teelg you, the american people the truth, members of the obama administration began politicizing this tragedy. >> this is a volatile situation and sit no response not to united states policy, not to obviously the administration, not to the american people. it is in response to a video. >> some have sought to justify this vicious behavior along with the protest that took place at our embassy in cairo yesterday as a response to inflammatory material posted on the internet. >> we can all condemn this
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reprehensible video be the crude and disgusting video sparked outrage throughout the muslim world. now i have made it clear that the united states government had nothing to do with this video. >> now everything you just heard was nothing more than a fabricated and calculated lie by members of the obama white house. we have the e-mails, the documents and the sworn testimony to prove the. but first let's start with the latest piece of evidence that's been uncovered. last week, thanks to the efforts of you additional watch we were gin a smoking gun, the e-mail written by this man, ben rhodes. in this he provides talking points to susan rise ahead of her now five sunday show appearances. the document reads, quote, to underscore that these protests are rooted in an internet video and not a broader failure of policy. now there's the hard cold proof. they wanted everyone to blame it on a video. but this recently released
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e-mail isn't the old cold hard evidence we have. for months information has been literally trickling out of the administration and what they knew almost immediately that the amateur youtube video had nothing to do with the attack. for example, internal state department e-mails sent just two hours of the attack began show that officials were advised, saying, quote, the extremist group has taken credit for the attack. and just a few hours later, another e-mail said that after talking to the libya president he said, quote, when he said his government suspected that former gaddafi regime elements conducted the attacks, i told them that the groups that conducted the attacks is affiliated with islamic extreme mists. all references to sharia were stripped. so they blamed an amateur
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youtube video for the attack. immediately after the administration began politicizing the tragedy, the libyan president said this. >> what would you call the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi an act of terrorism? >> i have no doubt of that. >> this was a preplanned attack, not a reaction to a controversial movie in. >> yes, i have no doubt about this. >> do you think the movie had anything to do with the attack? >> not on this attack. not on this attack. has nothing to do with this attack. >> now if that information wasn't enough, we also have sworn testimony from people who were on the ground contradicting what the administration was telling you the american people. for instance, there was the testimony of this man, gregory hicks. he's the former deposit any chief of mission for the u.s. in
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lib libya. he was on the ground the night of the deadly attack and reportedly spoke to ambassador steechbs hours before he was killed. watch this. >> would a highly decorated diplomat told you there had been a demonstration out-facility that day? >> yes, sir, he would have. >> did he mention one word about a protest or a demonstration? >> no, sir he did not. the youtube was a nonevent in libya. >> did you know about that within a couple of days or the day of? >> yes. >> did you report to anyone in washington within the first couple of days that there was anything in connection, a protection in connection to a youtube video? >> no. the only report that our mission made through every channel was that there had been an attack on a consulate. >> now, he never blamed a spontaneous demonstration, he
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didn't talk about a youtube video, nobody did other than the obama white house. joining us tonight is former clinton adviser, host of his own radio show, dick morris is with us. what do you say when you have one lie after another when they were told within 24 hours they knew it was an attack and they were told who it was from? >> a coverup, an effort to avoid political harm. this question is whose coverup. my wife i lean uncovered evidence the other day that we put in the column yesterday that this was something that may well have originated with hillary. because a day and a half before rhodes, the white house aid sent that smoking gun e-mail you just talked about, hillary made a statement and embedded in that statement was the exact same language that rhodes used word for word. >> i have it right here. she made this the day before
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rhodes released -- >> 36 hours before. >> let me state clearly the u.s. had absolutely nobody nothing to do with this video. rhodes said the u.s. had nothing to do with it. we eject its message in content. hillary, we reject the video in content. hillary, the video is disgusting and reprehensible. >> there's no justification for violence. it's an identical statement. and so there are two questions. first, did hillary's statement form the basis of that smoking gun e-mail, and was hillary really the author of the coverup and the second question is how did it get there, sean? was it smoke signals, tell lep think, channelling? there's no e-mails it's been exposed to the authority. so are they covering up yet another e-mail? >> well ve to --
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>> or did he get it from the newspaper. >> i think tray gouty, a well known attorney. when they wore told otherwise from the people on the ground, no spontaneous demonstration, no youtube video connection, they manufacture this lie, cover it up and four americans are dead. compare it to water gate? >> you know i think what your question is sean? what difference does that make? >> yes, hillary. >> the difference is very clear. >> four dead americans. >> to the extent it's obama's coverup, it was obviously related to the election so he could still say he killed terrorism when he killed bin laden. but if it was hillary's coverup because she was the first one out of the gate talking about it, it was because she didn't want anyone to pulp. warnings that hillary had. she didn't want anyone to talk about why they didn't send
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reinforcements and why they took away half of chris stephens' bodyguard before the attack. >> we're going to continue to follow it. i think they've been caught in a lie. it will be interesting to watch the american's reaction. coming up next, we'll explain how the mainstream media is doing everything they can do to help the obama administration in this coverup. you won't believe what they core to be more newsworthy than this. that and much more on this busy night as hannity continues straight ahead. as a kid, i made a list of all the places i wanted to visit.
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trying to tell you that even though four innocent americans lost their lives, this is somehow not a story. for example, there was no coverage of benghazi or the newry form select committee on any of yesterday's evenings news programs on abc, nbc or cbs. earlier today, instead of focusing on the attack, the morning news shows decided these stories were much more important to share with you, the american people. take a look. >> to the voice on today, great performances last night on the voice but the real tack was abouted a da levine's platinum blond hair. carson, take it away. ♪ >> it's fashion's biggest night. >> it's the most glamear anywhe. >> the metropolitan museum of
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art costume gala has become the hottest ticket among a-listers. >> with the semifinals one week away, the pressure is on in the ball room. >> they're back in full force after a trip to the hospital, gaining perfect scores. >> so where are these network priorities. four people are dead, benghazi is and will always be a huge story in america. here with reaction, peter johnson jr., roy murdoch and dana. good to see you. adam levine's hair. >> i saw it and was really shocked by it. i don't understand how he did it. that was a bad move. i give the morning shows more of a pass. they do morning stuff, breakfast
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tv. the nightly newscast it would have been worth a mention. >> wort a mention? >> yes, worth a mention. they don't think that there's enough news yet for it to warrant a story. they decided a while ago that the story was irrelevant and they will not be shamed into covering it. the only way that they will is when and if, if and when there is new information that i think will be revealed in the investigation. >> i agree. we had what i believe is a smoking gun e-mail because the white house and jay carney repeatedly said that the only influence they had on the talking point was changing the name to consulate. >> i spoke about this on "fox and friends", the select committee and the history of it in the congress. yeah, the white house brought this on themselves by the release of this new e-mail that shows, in my mind, definite
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evidence of a coverup. >> we were forced to release the e-mail because of freedom of information act. and they didn't give it to congress and they labeled it differently to congress the documents that they did give. the point i made, a select committee like we're going to see here is part and parcel of american history, goes back to 1792. >> it's also a rarity. you don't have very many special committees. that's important. i happen to think this is very important to get to the bottom of an attack that killed four of our public servants. even if you think this is not important and the republicans are wasting their time, that's important too and that's the perspective that ought to be out there. they ought to report the tori and get both sides and put that out there. >> in water gaet, did anybody died. >> no. >> peter? >> no. but i think what we're pointing to, sean, is there's an atmosphere in washington that
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the press may becoming collaborators. instead of becoming explainers of the news, they're becoming claks and shields and applauders. mr. president, that's wonderful. really? really? >> i guess i could be flattered that i was mention bid the president at the correspondents' dinner. there have been a few people that have stepped up and saying this is getting too inaccept chewous. has it gone too far? >> it's the media, the president's administration and the democratic party and hollywood. but together it's quite a powerful force. if they decide that a story is not important, then you will not hear about it unless you seek alternative ways to get information. >> what if george bush was
7:18 pm
president? >> we would be hearing about this nonstop. the brick gate story with chris christie, that got 88 minutes of network coverage the first two days. e-mail releases on benghazi, six minutes. that's a tremendous disparity. >> look at where we are now. the mainstream media now have us believe this has been a situation, it usz pollicized. there's a four letter word. lied. >> this is what i'm trying to lay out here. we're being lied to an awful lot. irs, we're lied to about rogue agents in cincinnati, we've been lied to about health care. the fundamental promises were not true, they knew it was not true and we were lied to here in the leadup to a presidential election. >> enormous, isn't it? we've seen issue after issue after issue. and i think at some point you've got to stop giving the benefit of the doubt to an administration that keeps
7:19 pm
getting caught in one lie after another. >> it's bigger than benghazi. it goes to confidence. do we believe the government? can we believe them in the future? can they be credited with truthfulness? what can our children expect going forward? good too talk with you. the world's most infamous intern has now broken her silence. monica lewinsky is now talking about how she was treated by the clinton family. and the most horrifying video of the day. you won't believe what happened next with this man and that cat. seems like he's being nice, right? not true. we'll tell you about that more as "hannity" continues. that's why there's ocuvite to help replenish key eye nutrients. ocuvite has a unique formula not found in your multivitamin to help protect your eye health. ocuvite. help protect your eye health.
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clinton. she recently penned an essay for next month's vanity fair. she admitted that while the relationship was consensual, there were consequences that followed. now the essay reads in part, any abuse came in the aftermath when i was made a scapegoat in order to protect his powerful position. clinton administration, the political operatives on both sides of the aisle and the media were able to brand me and that brand stuck in part because it was in view with power. how will these revelations affect hillary clinton's possible 2016 presidential run. she was just one of several women who say they were abused by the powerful clinton. over the years i sat down with many of these women and take a look at what they had to say to me. >> there's been a lot of people that's come up in arkansas and i've had a lot of people ask me,
7:23 pm
aren't you scared for you life? actually i have been. >> we will destroy you is what they said to me. >> who said? >> my brother said it on behalf of billy when he was campaigning for him in 1992. >> did do you feel you're in any danger. >> not nem. >> you were threatened? >> yeah, i was. we was horribly horribly threatened. and people don't know that story. >> maybe you'll come back. >> why did you originally deny it considering this was a legal matter? >> did you see what happened to gennifer flowerss? did you see what was happening to paula jones? my allegation -- >> you consider afraid? >> no, not afraid. i just knew what would happen. >> who was really waging a war on women. seems to me that mitt romney and his binders pale in compare so to. this here with us, alexis johnson and katie. i love the new show.
7:24 pm
you're doing great. congratulations. >> thanks. >> it's a lot of fun to watch. a little scarey if you're a guy. >> when are you coming on the show, sean? we're waiting on you. >> you know, this is a serious issue. i have interviewed all of these women, in many cases numerous times. they all said the same thing, that something comes out, they were smeared, attacked, besmirched just slandered and batten up and left like road kill because they dared to tell the truth. how did democrats make the case republicans are at war with women when that's how women were treated by some of the top democrats? >> look, i think this is a challenge women are facing across the grobe. there are 200 girls missing in nigh geeria right now. >> 3000. >> i think this is something that women face globally. >> you're really going to make the comparison?
7:25 pm
>> i don't want to be crude but a governor who would drop his pants and say kiss it, an allegation of rape, then you have kathleen willie looking for help and a job from a friend thrown up against a wall and attacked, assaulted in. >> we can talk about the context of how women around the world are operating and in those kinds of situations. that is separate from what's happening politically here in the united states. when you bring up those instances it shows how ridiculous the warm on women is in the first place. women in united states are not facing what the girls in nigh ge nigeria are facing. but they're claiming constantly today that they have a war on women. and mitt romney to promote based on their skills, not based on their sex or the fact that he
7:26 pm
wanted to sleep with them in the oval office, that is going to be hard for the democrat to square. let's not forget -- >> she said it was consensual. >> that's fine. >> she was old enough to decide. it's the treatment of the women mpl right. >> the assault of their character. >> which is not just about the clintons. right? that's my point. it wasn't to bring -- >> what we're talking about here was just about the clintons and how they and their fellow democrats smeared these women, assaulted them. >> she talks about opportunities on her side. he's not forget linda tripp's role in this whole story, a conservative person who brought her into this world. >> this is not just about the clintons. >> i'm talking about the supporters of bill clinton, a dollar through a trailer park. >> let's talk about bill clinton setting the precedent, not to defend monica lew swin ski or
7:27 pm
gennifer flowers, bill clinton is upheld by women's groups all over the country and has been for decades as a hero for the wom women's movement. >> does it all come down to abortion? >> it does. absolute by in if you support abortion you can overlook -- >> what does it come down to. >> a set of needs that women have to create opportunity in the country. >> needs? >> it is about access to contraception. >> so that transcends apus? >> it is about minimum wage. >> that transcends the visual -- >> nothing transcends it. i'm trying to separate it. >> whoa. stop. is bill clinton here a chronic abuse are of these women? do you believe he allowed these attack to go forward to protect his political career? >> what i believe is that bill clinton and all of these women were admired in scandal. >> stop. do you believe -- you're not
7:28 pm
answering my question. i'm going to ask it again. do you believe bill clinton allowed these women to be smeared so he could continue his political career? >> he has no career over the political experience. >> yes he did. he orchestrated it. >> h e watched it and orchestrated it. >> i think it's incredibly brave for monica lewinsky to come forward. >> i wish her the best. you're missing the point and you're defending it? is it because of the agenda you're defending it? >> i think there are a number of things that the clinton -- we're not talking about the clintons at large. >> trashing these women is okay? >> you're bringing up the war on women -- >> because that's all democrats have been talking about for the past four years is how republicans have a war on women. >> okay. so because access to contraception trumps actual abuse from the clintons. it's not just bill clinton. let's not forget it was also hillary clinton
7:29 pm
>> hillary was a victim as well. >> -- in order to protect his power she had to do that because she has to protect her own power. let's not forget before this affair happened, hillary clinton was not a popular person in washington, d.c. people felt sorry for her which is why he is where he is. >> i wish her the best, monica. i think it's sad what happened in the aftermath of all of that. coming up, the video you're about to see in the next segment is absolutely horrifying. you'll watch this. a man caught on camera kicking hard an innocent cat. we're going to analyze people that harm animals this way. and also a left wing activist filming her own abortion. he calls it a quote, positive experience. we'll talk about it next. ...and a choice. take 4 advil in a day which is 2 aleve... ...for all day relief. "start your engines"
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cruelty was caught on tape. now, we will show it now, but i have to warn you, it is extremely graphic. now police are identify and arrested this brock line new york man, 21-year-old andre robinson. he admits to being the person seen right there luring a cat and then violently kicking the cat in the stomach. you can hear right there, you can hear robinson, all the people around him, the guy flmenting him, laughing as the cat goes flying in the air. just maddens. here to ek plain all of this is -- how a person could act like this and commit harm to an animal like this, are my guests. i personally don't want to know why. i want him to pay a dear price and that would be serious jail time. there's something missing for
7:36 pm
somebody to do that, right? >> clearly, there's an anger problem, someone who is sadistic. it's very easy to feel like you are in control when you're kicking something that -- >> kicking a cat? >> -- that is not going to challenge you in any way. it's also a way to be provocative and in some cases to send a message. you're next or i'm not somebody to mess with. >> i feel like i'm in a therapy session in this sense. >> you're welcome. >> i look at that as pure evil and somebody that is really twisted and sick. now the mother said he really loves animals. i'm like really? >> even if he's high there's in excuse for that. the drugs lower your inhibitions. this is a guy, you're absolutely right, this is a guy what not only has anger issues but has no humanity. when you say you're next, meaning that anyone who gets in the way of an individual like
7:37 pm
this can be someone who can hurt not just a cat but next time it might be a human being. >> let's go back to the tape. watch the tape and there's two things i want people to watch here. number one, how far this cat -- look. you can take me off the screen and throw it in full. he lures the cat and then bam. look at that and in slow motion when you see he kicked that cat what looks like 20 feet. look at this. right. >> what's disturbing too is the manipulation. >> exactly. >> bringing the cat in, playing nice with the intention of kicking this cat in such a horrible way. >> and then laughing. >> it seems like there might be been friends around. >> somebody is videotaping him. >> in some cases it's showing off to friend saying look what i can do. >> whom ever has posted this is just as guilty as this guy. but people are laughing and it's not funny. by the way, the back story on
7:38 pm
this -- >> this is the cat. they found the cat, i guess but this is a cat that was very familiar with to neighborhood and that cat was missing for a while. so that cat certainly was traumatized physically and lord knows -- >> the cat is going to be put up for adoption. apparently it wasn't hourt that bad although it could have killed the cat. >> clearly this is a person who not only needs to be punished for the crime but needs psychological intervention. we need to find out if he's reacting as a victim of abuse. >> you know what, i don't care -- i do care. i don't buy these excuses. >> it's not an excuse. to say why something happened is not making it okay. it's saying let's understand it so we can prevent it. >> you don't want to release somebody -- you don't want this kind of a person out on the street. >> isn't there a correlation between people who commit acts like this, for example, serial
7:39 pm
killers. >> when they're kirn. >> that's right. >> they can become conduct disorders anti-socially. >> criminals. >> it's certainly a sign that you have a disturbed psychotherapy. >> you want psychotherapy and i want punishment. >> we want both. sometimes you need to be punished and that's part of the therapy. >> who's going to fif you therapy. >> that's my tv psychology wife right there. >> oh boy. >> we've been helping each other a long time. >> a long time. >> well, any way, i'm glad the cat turned out okay. >> that's the upside of the story. >> coming up, a shocking story, left wing activist tapes her own abortion. why? she wanted to show the procedure of abortion in a positive light. i'm not kidding. we have the video. later, nfl legends are here to pr view this week's draft. you don't want to miss that as hannity continues.
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could mean less waiting for things like security backups and file downloads you'd take that test, right? well, what are you waiting for? you could literally be done with the test by now. now you could have done it twice. this is awkward. check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business built for business. welcomeback to hannity. emily letts is an abortion counselor from new jersey. she wanted to demonstrate that an abortion could be a positive experience so letts unbelievably filmed it and posted it online.
7:45 pm
here's what e sh said prior to having the abortion. >> i found out that i am pregnant. >> okay. i'm pregnant. and -- i'm pretty early. i'm not ready to have children. yeah, i'm going to be having an abortion tomorrow morning. i just want to share my story. to show women that there is such a thing as a positive abortion story. >> stadly letts kept the cameras rolling throughout her procedure and provided commentary afterwards even claiming she did not feel guilty. instead she said she was in awe that she could make a life. here to discuss, my guests. what's your reaction? >> i think it's sad. i think it's sad that a woman has to go through something like
7:46 pm
this on her own and has to make a decision like this on her own. this -- she did this to create an educational tool for other women. >> looks pretty happy in the videos. seems like she likes the attention. >> she wasn't happy. in her article she talked about -- i'm not sure you read it. >> of course i read it. >> she said if her house was burning down, the first thing she would take is her sonogram. this is something she had to go through by herself. >> that's not true. there are plenty of people in this county that do not have af and accessible abortion care. >> abortion care or contraceptive in. >> both. >> no. you can go to any pharmacy in the country and there's a whole aisle full of contraception. make your choice. >> this story is so disturbing on so many levels and it's sad because it could have been prevented np is a girl who
7:47 pm
admits that she was depressed and competitive and yellow of other women. what's her job,ceptive counselor. she also was a contraceptive counselor and she said she didn't believe in contraception because she had heard bad stories from her friend. this could have been prevented. >> you're attacking her character in. >> i feel very sad for this girl. here's the thing. you said she did it alone. no, she didn't. an administrator at the clinic introduced her to a whom who also filmed herself taking the abortion pill and posted it to youtube. there is no such thing as a positive abortion. cosmo elevated her and should be ashamed of themselves. i would like to read the editorial in ten years.
7:48 pm
where is this goirl going to be in five years. >> there are many women who have regretted deeply having these abortions and had psychological consequences as a result. i want to go back to your statement. you said contraception is not available. how can you say that? >> she wouldn't have taken it if it was. >> how can you possibly say that contraception is not available? you can go online -- >> she worked at a clinic. >> she worked at a clinic. >> she was a contraception counselor. >> i did not say she had it available. >> that would be the height of her responsibility that she didn't take the birth control that's available free for her. >> can i finish? you asked me a question and i would like to finish. i spoke to one of the communications people people at the health center today. i said to her, i have a problem with this woman knowing to take birth control pills and she said that the didn't. he did admit to that. there are plenty of women who don't have health care or access
7:49 pm
to health care. people come from alabama, tennessee, florida and north carolina all the way to new jersey to get an abortion. now -- >> $9 a month for birth control pills. >> if you have health care. now -- >> condoms are 25 cents online. >> we're not talking about that. if you don't believe in abortion, and i understand if you don't and i understand if you're upset about the story, we should legislate against it. >> we're not talking about a woman who couldn't get an abortion. we're talking about a disturbed woman who needs psychological help who had one and put it online. >> you don't think that's sick putting it online. >> shouldn't the lesson be prevent unplanned pregnancy? >> bingo. be responsible. >> we got to go. >> coming up, two of the best men ever to play in the nfl, great quarterbacks, joe namath and
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welcome back to "hannity". nfl draft kicks off thursday night right here in new york city at radio city music hall here now with a preview, two of the greatest legends, creator of the name it rabbit cooker and former super bowl champion, joe namoth and mr. joe thisman. i had you up until that game. what happened? >> i tried to tell you. sooner or later the swing runs out. >> joe, namath, i picked every win except the super bowl. >> joe, i think i will be on
7:56 pm
your side. . >> i appreciate it. what is with the apron? >> can't you figure it out? i know you can read of course you read it. getting closer to spring, summer, we're cooking man we've got our cooker and tail gating and that stuff. >> two of my favorite things in life. i don't see the beer. you've got to have a beer there on ice. >> i had a quick trip. >> let me play harry reid. every politician wants to stick their nose in sports these days. this is harry reid on the senate floor telling redskins they've got to change their names. get your reaction right after this. >> how long will the nfl continue to do nothing?
7:57 pm
0? going to do what is morally right and remove this degrading term. >> come on. joe. your reaction to this? >> well, i, you know we've heard it quite a bit, sean. there are a lot of people out there that are against it. i happen to be in new mexico in january. i had 7 or 8 native americans come up and say i hope they keep the name. i think it's -- you know i'm not sure, if the entire native american nation is in favor of changing the name. or what percentage is not. not being native american, i don't know. listen. i know when i played for washington redskins i was proud to wear that uniform and represent native american nations of the country in the best way i could. what daniel snyder is going to do, no one knows he said he's not going to change it. but from my perspective, i was proud to wear the uniform. like i said i've spoken to
7:58 pm
people said they'd like to keep the name. so yeah. >> you don't know where this is going to go >> i'm a jets fan. how is gino going to come around this year? who is going to win the race? nick or gino? joe namath putting you on the spot. >> i'm not keen on eernl one of them at this stage. >> ouch. >> offensive line plays well, they want gino to run the show. there is no doubt about that. however, i think best player at this stage is michael vic if he's healthy and gives them a better chance to win. we'll see what unfolds and of course, i am a fan and pulling for the jets. >> what about mansel? >> i think johnny is the most-intriguing guy in the draft. he's small, and that is not to his advantage. when you look at the way he plays in college host of the time when he's in a game he's probably the best layer on the field. that is not going to be the case now translating into
7:59 pm
professional football. he's exciting and fun. he throws the ball well. but there is such drama with him the way he's dressed for a workout, coming out with music. it's like he says i don't want to be a show. i want to be a normal person. not really. and you're never going to get away from johnny football. i think he has a chance but he's got to be in the right system with the right people around him. but it's still going to be tougher because of his size >> i agree. tough sport. hard to translate from college football to pros but you know both of you said i should play. based on watching me throw on tv. right? >> well, i worked hard with you. >> you did. >> there is potential there. i did. i think we have more work to go but there is a start. we started some wrchlt >> that is the important thing. >> throw downs. boom. you see that? going down. >> good to see you. >> joe, i'm going to cook you a steak next time you're up here. appreciate you being with us. >> thank you, joseph, take care. >> you too.
8:00 pm
>> set your dvr. don't for yet "hannity" 10:00 eastern. start your day fox and friends weekday mornings at 5:00. here is my shot. ready? right here. eilly factor." good night from washington. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight -- >> behind moncue lewinsky, there is a person, and there's so much pain caused by all this. >> she's back. monica lewinsky breaks her silence after nearly 15 years, revealing new details about her relationship with president clinton. will this spell trouble for a hillary presidential run. >> it depends on what the meaning of the word is. >> i'm not interested in summaries, i'm not interested in synopsis. i'll decide whether or not the appropriate questions were asked in the past. >> will the


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