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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 6, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> set your dvr. don't for yet "hannity" 10:00 eastern. start your day fox and friends weekday mornings at 5:00. here is my shot. ready? right here. eilly factor." good night from washington. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight -- >> behind moncue lewinsky, there is a person, and there's so much pain caused by all this. >> she's back. monica lewinsky breaks her silence after nearly 15 years, revealing new details about her relationship with president clinton. will this spell trouble for a hillary presidential run. >> it depends on what the meaning of the word is. >> i'm not interested in summaries, i'm not interested in synopsis. i'll decide whether or not the appropriate questions were asked in the past. >> will the white house
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cooperate in the expanding benghazi investigation. >> this sends a message that basically, you can come forward and tell the truth and say what happened to you and nothing is going to happen. >> a texas judge recuss herself after giving an outrageously light sentence to a convicted child rapist. is it legal? we'll analyze. caution, you're about to enter the no spin zone, and the factor begins right now. hi, everyone. i'm laura ingram, in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. hillary, monica, and 2016. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. in a new essay in vanity fair, monica lewinsky acknowledges her deep regret over her sexual relationship with bill clinton. although she says the relationship with the president was consensual, she also
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charged, my boss took advantage of me. in the scandal's aftermath, she became disposable. quote, i was made a scapegoat in order to protect his powerful position. basically, this woman's life was ruined. her name became radioactive, no one would hire her. beyaunlsy even recently mocks her in a new song. meanwhile, bill and hillary clinton, well, they went on to become one of the most powerful and most admired couples in the world. so why does any of this matter today? oh, as it was recently revealed in the midst of the scandal, hillary referred to lewinsky as a narcicisstic loony toon in correspondents with her close friend, linda blare, and she even blamed herself for being emotionally withholding. lewinsky's reaction to that? she said i find her impulse to blame the woman, not only me but
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herself, troubling. the fact remains, a young woman was being manipulated by the most powerful man on the planet. and mrs. clinton's reaction initially was to write her off as a nut case, and of course, blame the vast right wing conspiracy. when rand paul raised the lewinsky saga as perhaps relevant in the examination of the overall clinton record, he was excoreiated by the media and political elite. but i say why? democrats claim to champion women's rights in the work place, for equal pay, against sexual harassment in the military, and recently against date rape on campus, but the instinct here was to duck, cover, and blame the young intern as a narcicisstic loony toon who was obsessed with the president. monica lewinsky was used and she was tossed aside. when she became problematic for the clintons' political
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ambitions, she was demeaned and discredited by the presidepressn protectors, including hillary herself. war on women? you bet. in the 1990s, the clintons pioneered it. that's the memo. now, on to the top story. reaction, joining us from new york, fox news contributor monica crowley, and from tampa, democratic strategist jessica erlich. ladies, jessica, you heard the talking points memo. what do you take issue with, if anything? >> well, i take issue with several factors. first, in terms of the war on women, you can definitely draw distinct differences. i mean, democrats have been out there champions legislation repeatedly that would help women, including the first law that the president signed into effect, being the lilly ledbetter act. this is something that we're out there in front of on a regular basis. secondly, i do think that there certainly is a sadness that when you've got a situation where
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the, you know, hillary has said in a personal statement to a friend that she was going after monica lewinsky as the other woman, i think that's actually just a natural human reaction. that i know everyone that i know of who has been in that situation, they always tend to blame the other person, whether it's a woman whose husband has cheated on them or a man whose wife has cheated on him. >> we talk about the war on women, and monica, you can chime in here. how about the war on a woman? like when you get it down to one person, and in this case, obviously, it involved the clintons. the first instinct was, it's the vast right wing conspiracy trying to get my husband, and this woman was obsessed with my husband. she was -- they called her the clutch. remember that in the white house? they had all these nickname s that they claimed for monica lewinsky. she said it was consensual. she's not saying this is sexual harassment, but she goes on to say basically, they have
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disposed of her. she became an inconvenience, and they got rid of her, and they demeaned her. and mrs. clinton did that, and it was a personal e-mail, i think jessica is right on that. >> a couple weeks ago, kathleen willey, another one of clinton's victims, came forward and said hillary clinton is the war on women. i thought that was a really apt description. remember when the lewinsky scandal was unfolding, it was said that hillary clinton was the one who came up with the nuts and smuts attack to go after all of bill's women who came forward, like kathleen willey, like paula jones. monica lewinsky was thrust into the situation. the truth of the matter is for all the talk hillary clinton is some kind of feminist pioneer, the truth is hillary clinton was always about protecting her political meal ticket, who was bill clinton. even at the expense of throwing these women under the bus. this suggestion somehow, and we just heard it from yes caw, but we constantly hear it from the left, it's okay to overlook men
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on the democratic side who abuse particular women, whether it's monica lewinsky or ted kennedy, any of that, okay to overlook that because they're good on women's issues. i they think that's a very corrosive and destructive thing. >> jessica, your response. i don't want to be two on one, but juanita brodrick, i interviewed her a long time ago, she said she was raped by bill clinton. she had a fat lip. this was not an insignificant charge against bill clinton. and some corroborating evidence, at least. so again, he's -- you can't touch bill clinton. he's a global celebrity. but is this relevant today? will this be relevant in 2016 with hillary, or are people going to say monica lewinsky, she just wanted a little bit of attention and she doesn't have a job, apparently, so maybe she wanted some money. is she going to be demeaned again? >> i don't think this is actually relevant as we go forward into 2016 because it
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really has no bearing on the ability of hillary clinton to be a national leader and whether she can lead our nation. she's already proven she has the qualifications to do that and has been out around the globe representing our country. and she has actually been an incredible champion of women's issues, even when i was a young woman, first out of school and working in new york, her work with uniafem and united nations and as a national champion for women's issues around the globe -- >> how about if you're an intern in the white house? do you have rights then, or are you just you have rights. >> you have the most powerful guy, you know, feminists used to believe that positions of power and sexual relationships trump consent. i guess that's out the window with feminists today. those old ways of looking at the world don't really apply when it's bill clinton. he gets to kind of do what he wants, i guess. to me, it flies in the face of what feminists always thought about consent and rape and consent and relationship.
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and look, monica says it was consensual. i'm going to take it as face value, but that's not how feminists used to look at it. >> the details of the relationship have been litigated over and over. we had hearings about it. it was well publicized. i think monica is coming out now in particular. no one was blameless, but she's now advocating for the way she was attacked, particularly in the media, and she specifies the drudge report making her this celebutante that she didn't want to be. you know, this is a general issue. she's now championing thebullyi. i think it's particularly poignant that the media does go on the attack on the internet, on both sides where there's anonymity. >> we had a 50-plus-year-old man and a 22-year-old woman in the work place. but i appreciate it, ladies. thank you so much. >> when we come back, we'll have much more on the liewinsky revolutions. first, as the new benghazi
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in the impact segment tonight, the white house and the new benghazi investigation. press secretary jay carney is calling the probe nothing but a, quote, highly partisan effort to politicize the deadly attack. and here's how secretary of state john kerry responded to a subpoena request to appear before the house oversight committee. >> i've guaranteed we would cooperate in every single way. we have. and i will. and the department will. that's our obligation, and of course, we will. but i think everybody needs to take a hard look at, you know, sort of measuring what has already been put out there versus where this effort is going, and you see a very partisan response on the hill with respect to it. >> does this all imply the white
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house will not cooperate with the investigation? joining us now from los angeles, mark hana, who is also a former aide to the obama and kerry presidential campaigns. okay, mark, what did you take away from what kerry said there? he seemed to say, look, we're going to cooperate, but -- >> sure. sure, i think what i took away is that the white house has nothing to hide. the state department has nothing to hide. they have been cooperating up until this point, handing over 2500 pages of documents and participating in 13 congressional hearings to this point. but what i got from secretary kerry's tone, they're kind of exasperated by this. they're facing a nuclear russia that is making some imperialist actions. you have china, which is on the economic rise, threatening america's economic supremacy, so the white house has more important things to spend time and effort and energy thinking about that the kind of games that the congressional
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republicans are playing with benghazi. >> the white house has a lot of time for a lot of things. the president is headed your way. he's going to be in los angeles for three days for fund-raisers with fat cats. he seems to have time to do other things rather than focus on russia and the economy. michelle obama is up there with anna wintour. they're doing other things other than focusing on the flexibility with the russians. >> every sitting president, right -- >> my point, and you can't really refute it, the president finds a lot of time to do socializing and fund-raising beyond the work of the presidency. 100 pages of documents were not turned over even though they were requested last summer, including the key one from ben rhodes, and the arv, the investigation that pickering led, tom pickering, never did interview hillary clinton. yes, there have been some investigations. i would say the congressional investigations have been hodgepodge, but there hasn't
8:16 pm
been one central body that has looked at the totality of the information. and now we see conflicting information, and i would ask as an american, forget as a democrat, isn't it important to find out what really happened and why we had these conflicting narratives in the days and weeks after this event? >> well, the only thing i would contest is there is conflicting information. ben rhodes' e-mail only goes to show that the preliminary data that the cia was sending around was being used by him and by the white house. there's no smoking gun there, necessarily. what you do see is congressman darrell issa said the accountable review board didn't interview senior officials. in fact, they did. in fact, moe of the accusations issa has been making, such as the fact that al qaeda was somehow involved in this, have been thoroughly shown to be false and misleading. i don't think it's surprising that congressman boehner, for example, gave issa the cold
8:17 pm
shoulder in picking gowdy to lead the committee because -- >> uh-oh, boehner better look out. he better look out if you're taking his side in the way he handled this. john boehner is in trouble. >> i think it's great. the question, though -- >> in the state department, remember, 19:45 a.m. the next morning, beth jones, assistant secretary of state, wrote in an e-mail that ansar al sharia, al qaeda affiliate, likely responsible for this attack, no me memgz of a protest or a video. the fact the narrative continued to get pumped by the president on shows like "the view" is quite curious, but it was a presidential season as well. we're out of time. on deck, lynn cheney enters the no spin zone. the wife of dick cheney weighs in on hillary's presidential chances. >> the condi rice rutgers
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in the personal story segment, lynn chaina, wife of former vice president dick cheney. mrs. cheney is the author of numerous best sellers and she's written a new biography about one of my favorite founding fathers, called "james madison, a life reconsidered" and she joins us now from new york. there's a lot to get to. let's start first, before we get into the book, with hillary clinton, mrs. cheney because she's back in the news. obviously, the monica lewinsky essay in vanity fair, and also of course, more importantly, the benghazi deal, and her famous what difference does it make comment, and this e-mail emerged
8:22 pm
with the document dump from the judicial watch lawsuit. >> the issue of benghazi is devastating. she was secretary of state, an ambassador is killed, three others, and then there's this huge effort to make it appear as though this has nothing to do with terrorism or an organization affiliated with al qaeda. adding on to all of that her television appearance, which will be played time and time again, when she was before the congress saying what does this matter anyway? well, it matters a lot. if she wants to be a leader, she needs to take responsibility for what happened on her watch. and this is just, you know, one in a long series of foreign policy disasters in this administration, and she was secretary of state. >> what would you grade her, if you had to give her a grade as secretary of state? what would it be? >> secretary of states are never that outstanding, it seems to me, in modern case times in an, they don't have a role to play
8:23 pm
as important as in the past, so maybe average. c, c-minus. >> you must be grading on a curve, mrs. cheney. that's an amazing grade. i want you as my professor when i'm in school. you know, one of the things i'm getting now in e-mails is people saying, well, bush lied and people died with weapons of mass destruction. you're saying they may have lied about a narrative, but the bush administration was one big lie about iraq. that's what we're getting on twitter, by the way. >> it's astonishing to me how this whole idea becomes distorted when it's about the clintons. you're doing a section on monica lewinsky, i noticed, at the top of the show. i really wonder if this isn't an effort on the clintons' part to get that story out of the way. would vanity fair publish anything about monica lewinsky that hillary clinton didn't want in vanity fare? >> that's very interesting. i love the theory. that makes perfect sense and i'm
8:24 pm
mad i didn't think of it first. >> it happens at a time where rand paul has been criticizing the clintons. it's happened at a time when hillary is getting wrapped up to run. getting it out of the way so they can say one more time it's old news seems to me like a strategy or a tactic, perhaps. >> mrs. cheney, very quickly on the condi rice. she withdraws as commencement speaker at rutgers. i found it heart breaking but maybe she felt it was a gracious thing to do. intolerance on campus, is that at an all-time high? >> in case of idealogical intolerance, it certainly is. it hasn't diminished and it's not ever from the right. it's always from the left. it's usually commandeered by professors and then students who follow along like a bunch of lemmings. madison being the father of freedom of conscience would be absolutely appalled at our great institutions of learning have
8:25 pm
become so intolerant. >> and mrs. cheney, james madison, such a critical and pivotal framer in our country's history, and to listen to people talking about partisanship today, partisanship is the problem. everything is partisan. some things shouldn't be partisan like national security, i agree with that. but partisanship serves a really important purpose. you point that out in this terrific new book. >> right. when the government in power is going in the wrong direction, you need to be an organized opposition. that was madison's insight. parties were not any more highly regarded then than they are now, but he perceived when hamilton is trying to make the federal government into an unlimited power, when he's trying to run the national debt up beyond belief, in that case, it's really important to set yourself in opposition, to be partisan. and usually, you hear these
8:26 pm
laments about partisanship by the party in power, the democrats in this case. the condemnation comes from hillary clinton, for example. >> i think the republicans should embrace their obstructionist label and say, yeah, we have been obstructing big spending. we tried to obstruct obamacare. we're obstructing what is a lawless agenda. that's what i would say. you're right, we're obstructionists. mrs. cheney, thank you so much. and plenty more ahead as the factor moves ahead this evening. the white house releases a dire report on climate change. is it trying to distract its critics from benghazi and other problems? and later, why is monica liewinsky breaking her silence after 15 years? we'll have analysis. we hope you stay tuned for those reports. i'm type e.
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8:31 pm
great to see you both. simon, what's going on here with climate change? i mean, the president has been in office now, going on his fifth year. and hasn't really done much on climate change. there seems to be little appetite in the public, especially with the economy as it is and middle-class wages stagnating and now it's kind of an election year. is this a get off the base strategy or a pet issue of his? >> i think the weather events of recent years has spurned a lot of people to try to do more. i think the president has shown that he's invested -- allowed investment, domestic energy production. we have lie leveled of domestic energy production, lower levels of dependence on foreign energy. >> still no keystone. >> i think it will come. so i think the time is right now to focus on the complete picture. we can do more to combat climate change while also making sure we're increasing domestic energy production. >> climate changes, right? i was reading a piece before the
8:32 pm
segment started, how these tropical storms, cyclone myth has been debunked by scientists when they studied the full plethora of information, the data on storms, that that kind of has been pushed to the wayside. there's other issues with frost, i understand. but climate changes. they termed the technolorminolo. it was global warming, then climate change, now is it climate disruption or climate insecurity? i don't know, they keep changing the brand. i think a lot of young folks are worried about climate change and they're concerned about the environment. i'm a conservationist. i want the environment to be clean, and i want us to have healthy food to eat and so forth, and i don't want excess pollution, but i also want government growth. could this be a good strategy for the president because he wants to spike voter turnout, and will this spike voter insecurity, climate insecurity. >> the president needs to pander to his base and advance in the
8:33 pm
midterm elections because they have had enough of obama themselves. every promise he made, whether it's climate change or immigration, taxation, the president has not made good on his promise to the liberal base. this is nothing but giving them something, anything, before what will be a disastrous election. you know, john coleman had it best. he was the founder of the weather channel. he said this is the greatest scam in history. this is the latest w2k. and look, the president now is going to speak to excellent meteorologists. 82% of which believe in climate change, don't believe that it's humanly created. so the president is speaking to a group that hasn't bought in to this democratic strategy that we're responsible for climate change. we are not responsible for it. >> well, i think it's climate change of subject. that's what i'm going to call it from now on. isn't that clever? simon, look, to some extent here, these issues, whether it's climate change -- one moment, it might be gay marriage, then it's climate change, then it's women in the military and sexual
8:34 pm
harassment. these are all kind of democrat issues for the most part. although there's some bipartisan agreement on them. the bottom line, in this country right now, is america's in decline. we're in economic decline. a lot of people believe we're in cultural decline. and i don't think anyone is talking about it. maybe he's thinking we're in climate decline, i guess, but when the country is in so much economic trouble, our deficit, our debt, trade deficit continues to be an absurd rate with china. i don't think anyone is going to lose sleep over the number of cyclones. >> i don't agree we're in decline? >> really, by what measure are we not in decline. >> i don't think there's any country in the world that wouldn't trade places with the united states. >> why isn't anyone listening to us, then? >> if you look at the economic data, the budget deficit is half of what it was when obama took office. the unemployment rate is down 4%.
8:35 pm
>> people out of the work force, dropped out. >> that's not fair. stock market at an all-time high. the aca is working far better than we thought it was going to. clearly, we could be doing better, but there's no country in the world that wouldn't change places with us. >> they think we're in decline. but i appreciate it. great discussion. thanks so much. up next, an outrageous story out of texas. a judge is under fire after blaming a 14-year-old girl for getting raped. it's unbelievable. it's unbelievable. is it legal? huh, 15 minutes could save you 15% or more
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thanks for staying with us. i'm laura ingram, in for bill o'reilly. in the is it legal segment tonight, perhaps the most outraging story of the evening, a dallas judge forced to recuse herself from a rape case after she blamed the 14-year-old victim. it's been two and a half years since this dallas teenager was raped by a classmate at school. but she says she had been victimized again by the judge whose job was to levy justice. >> to me, this sends a message that basically you can come forward and as you're supposed to, and tell the truth, and say what happened to you, and nothing is going to happen. >> after ordering the rapist to
8:40 pm
spend five years on probation, state district judge janeane howard further enraged victim's advocates by telling the dallas morning news that the light punishment was in part because the girl wasn't a virgin. saying she, quote, wasn't the victim she claimed to be. >> i was 14 years old, and i was a virgin. i have never been pregnant. >> joining me now from new york, fox news legal analyst kimberly guilfoyle and elise wheel. it's like you can't even believe some of the things that are still said in courtrooms, but elise, you can take the first crack at this. what's the story with this judge? the comments about this victim, she was 14. >> exactly, and blaming the victim. she wasn't quite the victim she portrayed herself to be? are you kidding? both of them testified at the trial, the rapist and the victim. she said no, laura. she said no repeatedly. that's rape. whatever her past, whether she's a virgin or not, it's inkaungs
8:41 pm
conventional whether a rape was committed. he admits to the rape. he could have gotten 20 years. what did he get? 45 days. >> it's inadmissible for the judge to bring up past sexual history of the victim in a sexual assault case. as you saw in the clip you provided to the viewers, the victim strongly denies having any sexual intercourse or any interaction like that, and said she didn't have a baby. these are statements that were made by the judge. it's very inappropriate, it's immaterial, irrelevant, shouldn't come up and shouldn't factor into a weak sentence. >> the judge in giving that weak sentence, as kimberly said, factored that in, put it in her report. part of the reason is she wasn't quite the victim she portrayed herself to be. >> the fact you can give consent to adult at age 14 -- the results are ground for d disbarment. he said as part of your
8:42 pm
community service, you can serve in a rape crisis counselling center, where there are rape crisis counselors. imagine if you're a rape victim, is he going to answer the phones? what exactly -- well, i raped somebody, so let me tell you how to get through it. >> let me get it straight, so we have a rapist in a rape counseling center, counseling rape victims? >> it's riley bad. not only that, she gave him a five-year probation adjudication, which means if he stays out of trouble for five years so no one will know, it never happened. and he doesn't have to keep away from children. >> he can watch all the pornography he wants, all the usual things rapist have to abide from. >> it won't be expunged from this girl's mental record. let's talk about oregon and the health care exchange in oregon which we have lots of problems with. here's how they promoted the oregon health exchange. let's listen. ♪ each student and teacher neighbor and friend ♪
8:43 pm
♪ long live oregon to care for each one ♪ ♪ every daughter and son ♪ live long oregon >> first of all, i'm really dating myself, but it looks like a clip from the old new zoo review. remember that? >> really, really bad folk music. >> something, so bad. >> this is so bad. cover oregon. we spent $303 million of the taxpayer dollars to build this site. what happened? >> it was a complete bomb. 14 states including oregon have tried to take obamacare and said, hey, you give us federal money and we'll do it state-wide. it just failed. now the fbi has been brought in to investigate whether or not it was incompetence. you kind of can see that, or if it was more than incomitance,
8:44 pm
whether there was criminant fraudulent activity. did the folks in oregon, the people in charge of cover oregon defaud the federal government and the $303 million. >> i think holder should look into it. he should prosecute these people for bad commercials. okay, bad folk music. they should be put away. throw away the key. >> isn't it obvious they're not masterminds, like criminals conspiring to defraud the government. we're going to figure out, we're going to do a really bad commercial and take the government's money. >> they ran two successful presidential campaigns. couldn't they give a little commercial advice to these people? they're not going to get that image out of my mind. thank you, ladies. we're out of time. don't forget, bill and dennis miller bringing their boulder tour to honolulu this week. tickets still available. go to billo' for more details. also perfect for dad's day. if you sign up for the premium membership, you get any one of bill's books, a pen,, all
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for free. check that out. up next, biden heckled by an immigration activist, and jeb bush making more controversial statements about illegals. >> plus, monica lewinsky resurfacing just as hillary clinton prepares for a possible presidential run. presidential run. a many of my patients still clean their dentures with toothpaste. but they have to use special care in keeping the denture clean. dentures are very different to real teeth. they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can multiply. polident is designed to clean dentures daily. its unique micro-clean formula kills 99.99% of odor causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains, cleaning in a better way than brushing with toothpaste. that's why i recommend using polident. [ male announcer ] polident. cleaner, fresher, brighter every day.
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in the factor follow-up sector, the immigration debate is moving front and center again. over the weekend, vice president joe biden was giving a commencement address when he was confronted by a heckler. >> the immigrant community represents something special we never talk about. we'll do that, too, kid, but let me finish my speech. >> meantime, former florida
8:49 pm
governor jeb bush who is mulling a possible 2016 bid, is making more controversial statements on immigration. not only is he praising florida's house for a bill that would give in-state tuition to the children of illegals, but he said florida succeeded in doing what the government failed to do. joining us, a professor of chicano studies at ucla. professor, great to see you. where are we here on this? you heard vice president biden, the shout-out to him, stop deportation. do you really believe that this administration has been worse than, let's say, the clinton administration on deportation? >> well, the facts are that this obama administration has been diligently enforcing the laws that were actually most passed in the bush era, so we had this increase in up to about 400,000 deportations a year, which is a
8:50 pm
record. and obama has now passed five years going for 2 million people. you have to understand, this is -- he is doing this in an attempt, thinking he's going to have a rational discourse with the republicans to create comprehensive immigration reform which apparently the republican party is too divided to come to grips with. >> can i get to your numbers for a second? because it's important that we all understand what numbers we're talking about. in 2000, in the year 2000, bill clinton, and these are the statistics from homeland security previously immigration services. bill clinton oversaw in 2000 1.864 million removals from the united states. the last year we have the full numbers for obama, 715,495 removals. so you said he's been doing record removals, absolutely untrue and now the president is counting -- hold on. now they've changed the
8:51 pm
traditional definition of deportation to include border turnbacks which don't involve actual deportation and don't act as a black mark on your record of trying to come in again. so turnbacks at the borders aren't traditionally counted. the obama team now is counting them. that's the difference. go ahead. >> there is no doubt that actually, and you're right, deportations have been going up while removals have been going down. there's been a substitution of policy -- >> deportations have not been going up. that's my point. >> -- used to stop people on the border and return them. now they're actually deporting them. >> they're deporting fewer though, raul. i don't want to go around and around on this but we're actually deporting fewer. the center for immigration study report that just came out took the internal numbers from the administration, and it's a blockbuster. they're going down year from year. i think the last count down 19%. so, look, we're deporting some people, but interior enforcement in the united states, it's just not happening.
8:52 pm
it's not happening to the extent i think a lot of americans think it should happen. my question to you is what can a country do to deport or enforce its immigration laws when there's a lot of people who are illegally present in a country? does a country have any right to enforce its own laws or does that meaning of country just go away? >> you know, everybody -- there's a wide consensus, everybody will say the current immigration system is broken. >> that's a cliche. >> what we're doing is continuing to build a detention system which is increasingly privatized and costly. let me tell you something, 20 years ago it used to cost $1,000 to catch and send back a mexican. now we're spending close to $30,000 -- >> well, that's because you all are making it more difficult. >> -- private detention system -- >> we're overrun at the border. >> and what we're trying to do is actually finance this detention system which is breaking apart families. what we need to do is move towards comprehensive immigration reform. what we're doing now in terms of
8:53 pm
going on the border and interior enforcement is a bad policy economically speaking. >> right. so you didn't answer the question. just for the record, you didn't answer the question. can a country enforce its immigration laws and how does it do that if it can't deport people? but you didn't answer that question. >> what we should do is everybody agrees we need to change our immigration laws. >> so you can't deport people. >> -- if we deported everybody that the law says -- >> i didn't say that. that wasn't my question. >> -- 11 million people. and then that would cost $2.6 trillion -- >> yeah, okay. where did we get that number? that's a number i have never heard before, but i appreciate it, professor. thanks so much. >> actually -- >> and up next, monica lewinsky returns, but is there more to her revelations than meets the guy. a factor analysis in just a moment. ♪
8:54 pm
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segment tonight, monica lewinsky back in the media spotlight. how much ridicule does she face after her new revelations about her affair with president clinton? and is there more than meets the eye around the typing of all this in here to analyze, howie kurtz, host of "media buzz" which airs, you know, at 11:00 a.m. i love watching it. howie, great to see you. we feel like this is your life. >> two years we did very little else. >> we were all young back then and now she's 40 years old and the rest of us are older. that's all we'll say. interesting theory posited earlier by lynne cheney on this show. she said she wouldn't be surprised if the clintons encouraged "vanity fair" to push forward this narrative, get this out there now, have it be done with before she announces she's running for president and after the rand paul thing, this will be all done. i think that's an interesting theory. "vanity fair" loves the clintons. >> i think this is a stretch for me. i think it's more about image rehab for monica, a job application, a photo spread that
8:57 pm
case i still look pretty good at 40. a chance to pushback. but you have to feel some degree for sympathy -- >> i feel a lot of empathy. >> bill clinton, global statesman, trotz around the world, has the big foundation, star of the democratic party, lewinsky is a verb, she's a punch line. >> we have a global celebrity former president who has been accused of raping a woman. kathleen wily said he groped here. paula jones, obviously sexual harassment and then this young woman says it was consensual. it was consensual but, you know, he -- basically people were protecting him and if there was abuse it was in the propping up of his political position. >> i think that, look, that monica lewinsky did some dumb things beginning with flashing her thong at potus. at the same time it's been a long time and i think she's had trouble getting a job, and she wants to have a second act. >> the woman -- her life has been ruined. it's completely ruined and he's gon on to great celebrity. so, again, we've been hearing the war on women meme from the
8:58 pm
democrats. we talk about comparative worth, lilly ledbetter. the great issue that is are the pet projects of the democrats but when it came down to one woman and one controversy, it was demean her, diminish her, blame her. they called her the clutch. they said she was obsessed with him. from that e-mail we found from hillary, she basically was saying the same thing. >> often the women in these sex scandals are the ones who get pushed to the side while the guy gets to rehabilitate himself. i think also there's a plea to the media here because she says she was made the scapegoat, not just by clinton aides, not just by ken star, but by the media. now she wants to have a drink with maureen dowd who makes so much fun of here. she wants kinder treatment. >> it's not about her, it's about him and the clinton machine which sought out initially when they didn't know which way she was going to turn, initially, you remember it as well as i did, they were trying to sideline her and dispose of her early on in the scandal. i remember it very well. >> the presidency was at stake, but i think for her --
8:59 pm
>> and hillary's future was at stake as well. i think they were thinking that far ahead. >> i think republicans can go overboard in relitigating this, it's price into the hillary stock. in raising her head, she's exposed herself to more media ridicule. my twitter feed is ex ploting. she's going to learn what it's like in the age of social media. >> the person you ridiculed is not the 21 to 22-year-old intern and the ridiculing of her, that's really old news, and for, you know, all the men watching this, i just think, look, the fact is this occurred. she said it was consensual but power differentials in the workplace, feminists used to believe that power differential quetly nullified consent. >> she told her story. she had the barbara walters interview but i think she wants a second look. >> that's it for us tonight. check out laura and check out my radio show, sign up to become a laura 365 member.
9:00 pm
watch me or listen to me whenever you want. follow me on twitter and facebook. "the kelly file" up next. remember, the spin sto we're always looking out for you. i'm megyn kelly live in new york, and tonight -- new calls to draft attorney andrew mccarthy to make the case before congress on benghazi but will he take the job? mccarthy is here. and then -- >> to have all of that on the internet for the entire world to read was -- it was pretty violating and embarrassing. >> monica lewinsky says it's time to come clean about everything in her affair with president clinton. is this helpful to hillary? kir steen powers on the interview getting attention from millions. plus, what is the administration doing to help free


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