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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  May 7, 2014 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> you called this morning. >> this is not in the book. i'm going to give you a book for your birthday. >> round of applause for this guy. >> thank you very much bill: big five-o, brian, see you on radio. very busy day on the hill. get red different the investigation in benghazi take as big leap forward. the select committee looking to fallout from the attack starting to take shape as we get word the white house is holding back key emails, with its quote, media strategy. a lot to get to and we do now. welcome to "america's newsroom." how are you doing, martha. martha: i'm doing well. good morning to everybody at home. i'm martha maccallum. democrats backing off threats to boycott the benghazi hearings with john kerry saying he is ready to answer the questions. >> we'll respond because we have absolutely nothing to hide what
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so every and i look forward to complying with whatever responsibility west have. martha: catherine herridge says the administration is refusing to release the full contents, the back and forth of some very potentially interesting emails that discuss combating fox news's coverage of this scandal. bill: chris stirewalt, fox news digital politics editor leading our coverage. you get the sense these controversies are coming to a head starting today, chris. >> well what we're seeing now is, the consequence of a strategy that was slow walked, stonewall,down play, ignore for a couple of scandals, the irs, benghazi, that cropped up more than a year ago and linger, linger, linger. the administration probably felt good about it in real time as it was engaging in these tactics but now what you see there is long hangover into election year. because of their decision not to be forthcoming at the time it is harder to make these things bo
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away, and harder for democrats to ignore and that's why they will be participating in the benghazi panel. that is why they have to tread very carefully, very carefully, around the issue of irs targeting. bill: white house with regard to the emails, the white house says releasing them would have chilling eon frank deliberation. what is that defense all about? >> i bet it would have chilling effect i'm sure, this is just my surmise, i'm sure the administration doesn't have any problem dumping on fox news. the president has done it himself. that's not a problem for them. i would suspect, and again my surmise, the thing they don't want to come out in these emails if they are are as they appear to be identifying of reporters who are pro-administration. the identifying of news outlets that are supplicant to the demands of the administration. that will shut down their pipeline for getting their narrative out. if they identify people who do their bidding, those people can't do their bidding anymore.
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bill: you heard john kerry say he will talk, he has got nothing to hide. >> he doesn't have anything to hide. he doesn't do the griming in the back room where you figure out this reporter will take layoff on this this guy will get up out of bed in the middle of the night and put our talking points out in a story. it is not those people, john kerry flies in jets and deals with lofty issues of state. this is talking about the boiler room operation of harassing unfriendly reporters and coaxing and rewarding those who are favorably inclined. bill: more to come. thank you, chris stirewalt, teeing it up for us today in washington. >> you bet. bill: here's martha. martha: meanwhile congress is also debate lois lerner's fate today. a vote is expected to come later today whether to holder in contempt of congress. she ran the division of the irs that targeted conservative groups for extra oversight. that has been admitted when they applied for their tax-exempt status. many were waited for years, they
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were asked questions, what do you pray for, what books do you read? you remember all that. she pled the fifth over and over but that was after gave a very clear and bold statement which she protested that she was innocent. now the chairman of the house oversight and government reform committee darrell issa said he never wanted things to get to this stage. >> she asserts in front of us, under oath, she broke no regulations, she broke no rules and clearly the facts show that she did certain actions. that's what we want. we would much rather, like any judge, in any courtroom, we'd much rather have the witness answer the questions then hold them in contempt. martha: we're going to speak to utah congressman jason chaffetz who is also on the committee and we'll see how things are looking ahead of that vote. bill: we're waiting to hear from both sides. you will hear from both side this morning. house speaker john boehner in 55 minutes from now holds a news conference. we assume he will have a lot to
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say on this whether it is benghazi, irs, the select committee, the elections we'll talk about in a moment that occurred last night. also democrats will speak this morning. we'll bring that live to you when that happens as well. what do you think at home? what will come of the irs matter, specifically, what do you think will be the results? send us a tweet @marthamaccallum and @billhemmer. we'll get to that. talk to us on twitter next two hours. martha: big stories coming to a head these coming days. also a big victory for mainstream republicans in a battleground state last night. north carolina house speaker tom tillis beat a handful of tea party candidates to secure the nomination. this gives him the chance to take on a newly-vulnerable democratic senator kay hagan. she is taking a hit after the beginning of health care started to kick in as they head toward november senate election in nc. >> if we want to change the mess
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of obamacare, we have to change our senator. [cheering] if we want to change government's overreach, we have to change our senator. and if we want to end our nation's financial crisis, we have got to change our senator. martha: his campaign laid out quite clearly last night. chief political correspondent carl cameron joins me live from washington. so, carl, how do you sum up what happened last night? >> reporter: that was the race to watch and it was as mainstream for a victory. this was a huge battle. super pac money, out-of-state interests, tea party money, tea party groups from all over the country came here. house speaker tom tillis in north carolina needed 40% to avoid a run off. that was 46 es. that doubled the tea party backed candidate. he argued he would be best candidate to defeat kay hagan in the fall. hagan is one of most vulnerable
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democrats in variety of reasons. mitt romney won north carolina in 2012. the president and his agenda is really unpopular. hagan tried to distance herself from obamacare but like other senate democrats she voted for it. here is tom tillis last night. >> we need to be not clear. it is not end of the primary, this is beginning of our pray marry mission all along, that is to beat kay hagan and make harry reid irrelevant in american -- [cheers and applause] >> reporter: this is cast as establishment versus tea party but really oversimplification. the truth is tillis drew social conservatives, tea partiers and establishment mainstream republicans. at one point eight candidates actually running against him. he got 46% in very, very crowded race, martha. martha: what other states had elections. what happened there, carl? >> reporter: not a lot of big surprises, martha. john boehner bested his tea party off significance. got9% of the vote that is blowout by most standards.
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that is lower than last few primaries. it is very conservative district. john kasich, ohio, didn't have opponent but he will face key lock ga county -- cuyahoga county representative. a awful lot of incumbents across the country are safe this year. we'll see a lot of big primaries that may give us a idea what is going on between the tea party and establishment itself. martha: great to watch. carl, thank you. bill: meanwhile "american idol," the alum, clay aiken is in a race that is too close to call this morning. the singer turned politician facing a textile entrepeneur in democratic congressional primary by the name of keith chris co. with no winner yet the two could find themselves in runoff. they take on republican congresswoman renee ellmers. martha: senate committee pushing for tougher sanctions on russia
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ahead of ukraine's presidential elections. protests and deadly violence have not stopped in the east. they meet with leaders to make sure the may 26th elections go smoothly. senator lindsey graham says president obama has to do more to stop russia from tightening its grip on that country. >> i would urge the president to get on national television and lay out the plan if the elections do not go forward in fair and free fashion in ukraine i will impose section tomorrow sanctions which means it will hurt our economy but the price we would pay i think would be worth it to bring about some stability and make russia pay a price. martha: the state department says it will widen the scope of the sanctions if russia does not change course to diffuse to crisis. bill: let's hope the fbi can help now. the u.s. sending help in anight. the brutal islamist group, boko
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haram, kidnapping 100 girls. on top of 200 taken a month ago. the u.s. is trying to help. amy kellogg is in london. time is of the essence. amy, what help is the u.s. sending there? >> reporter: bill, president obama says he will send military personnel and intelligence into nigeria but it is not clear exactly what that team which is being called a command cell will be able to on the ground as protests mount and people around the world, not just in nigeria stand up to condemn the kidnapping and criticize their bought for not doing enough. it becomes increasingly clear the rescue operation will be complex and very high-risk. the girls are believed to be not held in just one location. they're thought to be taken by poke cohair ramiltant into the boko haram. they claim to be the spokespeople for pure islam, bill. just to give you a sense how very brazen this group is, knowing now that they are in the
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spotlight, and likely the object of large operation imminently, they carried out another attack in the village on the border of cameroon, killing hundreds of people, hacking many of them to death, bill. it happened monday. we're just getting information about it now. martha: bill: amy, watching that story out of london. martha, what is next? martha: we have a pretty packed show and we're glad you're joining us today. he hitched a ride in the wheel of a jet. there is brand new video that shows how he did this in subzero temperatures or at least how thing folded. many questioning whether that was even possible. the surveillance video that will prove this actually happened. it is unbelievable. bill: sure is. also lois lerner on the hot seat today. benghazi intensifies. how jason chaffetz fees about that new collect committee trying to figure out how the white house responded that night and the days after. >> we didn't run to the sound of
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non-insulin victoza. it's covered by most health plans. martha: so the white house was put on lockdown after a car snuck into the motorcade that was carrying daughters of president obama. it happened late yesterday afternoon. secret service stopped the sedan after it followed the motorcade through a security check point just a short distance away from the white house. agents arrested a 55-year-old driver. matthew goldstein is charged with unlawful entry. we're told he had a pass for the treasury department which is next door to the white house. police say there was nothing suspicious in the car. perhaps he made a left turn at the wrong time. >> i have not done anything wrong. i have not broken any laws. i have not violated any irs rules or regulations, and i have not provided false information to this or any other
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congressional committee. bill: so that was about a year ago. lois lerner protesting her innocence about the targeting of conservative groups by the irs and that statement, according to republicans has her in hot water. she went on to plead the fifth at two different hearings, refusing to answer questions about her role. today congress is set to vote on whether to hold her in contempt. will that happen? jason chaffetz, congressman out of utah on the house judiciary committee with me now. good morning to you. will it happen today? >> yeah, late this afternoon. lois lerner, for somebody who says she wanted to remain silent certainly did an awful lot of talking. we know she went and spoke to the other branch government, again, as many of pointed out on our side of the aisle, she waived her fifth amendment rights. when she made the statements that you just played on the air, we have a right to question her about those statements. bill: if you hold her in contempt, referred to the department of justice, right? eric holder could do nothing?
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>> we have a variety of other tools and i'm not at liberty to talk about those but believe me, we have thought that through. we're not just pogue to let go of this you can't just have this executive branch say that they will continue to do nothing. if we hold her in contempt of congress, there's a very serious charge. these things are not optional in this country. bill: if you have other tools, are you still in contact with her attorneys? is there some sort of negotiations still underway? >> i wouldn't necessarily refer to it as a negotiation. i know the staff has their telephones open there. they can call and communicate, send us letters, in any way, shape or form but this has been going on mowerthon 10 months now. i will also note later on, early evening tonight we'll debate a resolution offered by jim jordan out of ohio, it is a good resolution, i cosponsored it, the that the attorney general should appoint a special
6:18 am
prosecutor or special investigator i should say to look at this. appoint somebody truly independent to come in to get to the bottom of this that would be ideal. we'll debate that tonight. and then, have a vote on that probably tomorrow. bill: sorry for the interruption. you wanted a select committee on benghazi and now you've gotten it. now you want a select committee on irs as well, is that right. >> i'm not saying necessarily a select committee. maybe a special prosecutor that the attorney general would identify. we have need to make sure that person is independent and unfettered act test to help get to the truth. all we're trying to do is get to the truth. i don't know exactly where it goes. that is our process. that is the constitution in motion. that is the checks and balances that the legislative branch is supposed to be providing but it totally breaks down if you have the attorney general and white house say no, no, no. don't look at us. nothing wrong here. clearly there's something fundamentally wrong. benghazi, fast and furious, irs. we have a long list. bill: you ticked off a number there. democrats are saying it is all
6:19 am
political. you're doing this, one phrase yesterday, to get ratings. >> no. that is not what the president says. bill: democratic congressman from massachusetts saying something similar. want to listen to it and get you to respond to this comment. >> it looks so political. you, you leave this beltway here and, people who are watching this, i mean, it looks like, you snow, it's, a political process, pure and simple. aimed at trying to appeal to the red meat, choice of red meat, political base. but, but the facts don't seem to matter. bill: you would say what on that, sir? >> the facts do matter. i'm sure politically they don't like it, because it tends to be embarrassing for them. remember when the irs thing first happened, it was the president of the united states that went to the microphone and said he would get to the bottom of this it was attorney general who went before the american people and said they would dive deep and investigate this.
6:20 am
and that they had an open investigation. it wasn't just some crazy, house republicans saying that. it was the administration as well but we haven't gotten to the truth. we haven't gotten to the bottom of it and if lois lerner will come before congress and say she did nothing wrong and not break any rules, then we have a right to question her about that. she didn't plead the fifth. she made statements and that we'll question her about that. bill: we ask viewers at home, the office, wherever they're working today, what they think will come of this irs investigation? and 20 seconds or less, what do you think will come of it? >> well, i think we clearly demonstrated we have roughly 300 or so organizations out there that were prohibited from moving forward and exercising the their first amendment rights. that is not right. the irs has a heavy hand on both sides of the aisle. we should be pursuing that, making sure it is not a political organization. bill: jason, thank you. we'll see if the contempt vote happens as you said, later today it is expected. thank you, sir for coming back
6:21 am
to. martha, what's next? martha: straight ahead on "america's newsroom" this morning, paying for a life in the fast lane. a possible new tax that could have you thinking twice before hitting the road. we'll explain. bill: also he opened fire at a fedex facility before turning the gun on himself. now we hear those chilling 911 calls. >> 911, what is the emergency? i've been shot. >> 1675 airport road? >> kennesaw, georgia. >> who did it, sir? >> i don't know.
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bill: president obama visiting some of these communities in arkansas today devastated by the deadly tornadoes about a week ago. those storms slamming towns north of little rock, killing 15 people there and destroying hundreds of homes. the administration already
6:25 am
designated four different counties as major disaster areas. severe weather killed at least 35 people. martha: parts of the united states are now in desperate need of new roads and bridges but the nation's infrastructure fund, like some parts of the country, are running on empty these days. money for those projects comes from the federal gas tax that you pay every time you fill up. but president obama is now proposing another source of revenue, interstate tolls, which is something you don't have to do apparently. doug mckelway is live in washington. so, doug, there is tremendous urgency for congress to get something done on this, right? >> there really is, martha, the highway trust fund which pace for up keep of the interstate my e highway civil is expected to run out of money in august, go bankrupt. better car mileage means we're paying for less gas and therefore paying less gas tax now at 18.4 cents a gallon of federal taxes. >> it hasn't been increased in
6:26 am
20 years and according to the american society of civil engineers, all of infrastructure in this country gets a grade of d plus. so we're in trouble in terms of our investment in infrastructure. >> reporter: so how to pay for that highway trust fund? the obama administration now favors lifting prohibition on tolls on interstate highways. many living in the northeast saying wait a minute, we already have interstate highway tolls. those were grandfathered in in 1956 from existing toll roads. tolls on interstate is found receptive audience on capitol hill, even among some small government libertarian types. >> interstate highway system is owned by state governments. i think we ought to free state government ability up to be able to respond to infrastructure needs. in any way they can. >> reporter: many in congress think interstate tolls would hit the poor, hardest and raise little money in rural states.
6:27 am
martha? martha: what is issue of this, federal gasoline tax, when was that last raised? >> reporter: last raised during the clinton administration. as we all know gasoline prices risen considerably at that time but federal gas tax has not kept pace. they say raising federal gas takes is cheaper way to pay for maintenance of crumbling interstate highways and bridges. >> we don't understand why we ought not take the lesser of evils, the most inexpensive of options available to us. >> reporter: opponents of tolls say the administrative costs are far higher for tolls than with a gasoline tax. martha? martha: interesting debate. hard to believe there is not enough in there to pay for it based on all taxes now being paid. of the. >> reporter: so true. you bet. martha: thanks a lot. what do you think? do you think there should be tolls on interstates we do have in new jersey? send us a tweet @marthamaccallum and @billhemmer. where is all the money going? another tax, right?
6:28 am
bill: somewhere out there. so the white house says it has got nothing to hide. why won't it hand over the full contents of one specific email chain? debates that. what is in that, huh? plus there's this. >> conde lied a thousand times. martha: so students out of tens of thousands of causing condoleeza rice to back out of graduation speech. now college republicans are fighting back. we'll talk to a student who argues that a lack of free speech is hurting the national debate. >> we wish the school could have defended her more over the past few weeks rather than just send out emails, especially following the protests. they did not disavow the actions of the protesters for damaging university property and there is no place for that in a college environment at all. ady, ya know what salesman alan ames becomes? i think the numbers speak for themselves. i'm sold! a "selling machine!"
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bill: fox news alert, 9:30 in washington as the epa goes under the microscope. a house oversight committee holding a hearing want to know whether the epa is stopping its own internal investigation from investigating the epa. all this coming as president expected to unveil new climate energy initiatives this week. darrell issa as the hearing guests underway. more on this a little later. stuart varney will drop on by. martha: interesting story here today, the white house is refusing to disclose the full contents of an email back and forth about seven emails back and forth on the subject of
6:33 am
benghazi. saying to do so will have chilling effect on their quote ability to have frank shrub shuns on subjects in the white house. basically an executive privilege argument. told you about email in question yesterday. those on the chain trying to come up with a strategy to deal with a specific fox news report. now our report, this is on the 27th of of 2012, contradicted the white house narrative about what had happened in the 24 hours after the assault on the consulate. alan colmes, is host of alan colmes show and fox news contributor. rich lowery, editor of "national review" and fox news contributor. just to lay there out a little bit more, reporting from our washington bureau came out on the 27th of september which was really the first time that it was said no, actually the white house did not, did not admit that it was terrorism in the first 24 hours after the attack. so then there's a back and
6:34 am
forth. ben rhodes is involved. john brennan, the counterterrorism advise so the president is involved and pictures we pull up. denis mcdonough was involved in the email chain back and forth. was a strategy. how do we combat this story coming out of fox? what do we do? they're refusing to turn over content of emails as context of benghazi. alan. >> i don't know why they're not turning it over. it is not whether it was a video, not a video which we can debate. the intelligence sources said they believed it to be video first. strategy how to deal with what fox said and not release memo. this is where the worse not even a crime. i don't know what they're hiding. they should put them out. why not? martha: must have some reason, rich. >> tell you why they're is not releasing them. there is something embarrassing there. same reason they didn't release the ben rhodes email forever until under threat after lawsuit. if it was benign they would have
6:35 am
released it long ago and released email chain. really striking if you look at judicial watch email, there is huge mass of redaction. pages and pages of redaction with email chain. there has to be something there. they don't want it public and -- >> nothing in those emails -- martha: redactions on those as well. when you redact something requested by a freedom of information request, you have to cite the reason. the reason was not cited on these emails. >> when they redacted looks worse than whatever might be in there. looks like they're hiding something. martha: how do you know? >> they should not do it. put it out there. get it out there. they should have gotten out there. always get ahead of whatever the issue is. martha: you know what? the only thing i can imagine, you're saying get it out there, they don't want to. that makes me think -- >> ben rhodes memo released thanks to judicial watch and foia, if you look at it, what are we saying sunday morning shows, concurrent with what the
6:36 am
cia was saying at the time. susan rice kept saying best of our knowledge right now, the quote was word was evolving. it is revolving. so put it out there. martha: based on this massive redaction of seven emails, rich lowery, that this may have been the development of the total strategy. it may be, okay, guys, this is not, this does not look good for us. and here is what we need to do. and if that's what's in there, that's huge, rich. >> we don't know what is in there. but we can almost be certain what is not in there, oh, there is this report. let's check it out. got to be careful. maybe you're wrong about the video. shouldn't have put video story out in the first place because we're so committed to the fact, that would have been released already and released long, long ago. there are two strategies when it comes to scandals. one is suggested by alan get out ahead of it one is the what they're doing here, slow walk anything. cover up any embarrassing information.
6:37 am
when it comes out do what they're doing now, this is old news and those republicans are nasty because they're still obsessed with this. they kept this email under wraps for years and now jay carney is putting out ridiculous story it is under wraps nothing to do with benghazi because -- >> republicans are obsessed with it and i think obsessed with wrong thing. what is at issue security at these embassies and why security is lapse. what we need to do in the future who perpetrated horrific events that is what the focus should be. martha: that is the focus, alan. the truth is if the security requests had been answered potential this would have never happened and never would have to be explained away in a different way, is, is there. so, i mean, think that to say that it is just political and it is not about what it should be about but really about security at embassy, never happens again and appears all these efforts are effort to cover up the fact
6:38 am
it is not happening. >> there is security breaches during the bush administration, 13 different times at embassies. it is not fault of the president or secretary of state that it happens but should release all the information we know. this is all about media strategy. martha: why don't they want to. >> clearly because they have a guilty conscience. why don't they release it if it is obvious they should and haven't under force of a lawsuit. >> they should have used the first strategy. this is about strategy and media strategy. not about who did this, how do we address security in the future. >> i'm glad we agree they're using cover-up strategy. >> how many times have i sat here today they should have released all the email. >> we agree. martha: eventually the ben rhodes email came out. these as catherine reported have been redacted without being cited for a reason why. that pushes it to next level of information request that may be answered in the near future. so we'll see. thank you very much.
6:39 am
good to talk to you both. >> thank you, martha. >> looking for a place to retire, aren't you, alan, rich? go to south dakota, folks. a new study says it is the best state to retire beating out colorado, utah, north dakota, and wyoming although all five ranked very high in the study. researchers at looked at weather, cost of living, overall well-being of people that live there. it rose above the rest because of low tax and low crime rate and what is considered, a solid wellness score. wellness. and living. i don't know where new york ranked on that yet. i don't know where ohio ranked on that or new jersey. south dakota could be the place. martha: new york, new jersey, great places to retire. you take the bus to the museums. good place to be when you're older. bill: road trip to south dakota, "america's newsroom"? martha: love to do that. good skiing. we've been talking about this story all week. there is outrage over condoleeza
6:40 am
rice being pushed out as the speaker for commencement at rutgers. we'll talk to a member of the republican student organization and see why the students say they're very disap.ed at this point with their school. bill: if you thought that story was going away, think again, right? it is still out there. chaos when a gunman opens fire. hear the chilling 911 call, one of the victims pleading indoors for help. >> he has a shotgun. i've been shot. i've been shot. >> stay on the line with me. stay on the line, okay. >> tell my wife i love her. cúp,b [ female announcer ] this allergy season,
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martha: chilling 911 tapes reveal chaos when a gunman opens fire inside of a fedex facility outside of atlanta. listen to this. >> 911, what is the emergency? >> 1675 airport road, i've been shot. >> 1675 air report road? >> ken saw, georgia. >> who did it, sir. >> unknown gunman.
6:44 am
i've been shot. i've been shot. >> stay on the line with me. stay on the line, okay? >> tell my wife i love her. >> what is your name? >> -- i'm losing energy really fast. martha: how frighten something that. the caller, a newlywed and army veteran. reportedly now in serious condition. he was one of three people shot in the rampage last week. three other people were hurt in the commotion that followed. the 19-year-old gunman, an employee there, ended that whole episode by taking his own life. >> understand there's a need for tolerance and diversity of thought on our college campus because that has not been demonstrated by the protesters. bill: there is so much reaction what is happening out of rutgers. that is a student talking with greta after the former secretary of state condoleeza rice withdrew from a speaking engagement at graduation. student protesters staging a sit-in last week, rallying against rice over her ties to the bush administration and war
6:45 am
in iraq. rut guess says there has been overwhelming response by students and staffers disappointed by her decision, brought on by what one school official called a small minority of intolerant students and faculty members. alex smith, the president of the college national republican committee. alex, good morning to you out of washington, d.c. >> good morning, bill. bill: what do you think rutgers is missing now that condoleeza rice will not speak there or bring whatever message that she had planned for that school? >> well they're simply missing out on hearing from one of the most accomplished women in american history. i mean the university is supposed to be a place of competing viewpoints and dialogue and that is not what they're getting in allowing this tyranny of the minority of faculty members to take over and essentially deny the students that privilege. bill: why do you think rutgers reacted the way it did? based on everything i read, you have 45,000 students, undergrad at that school. you had about 50 that were
6:46 am
upset. >> you know, i think honestly it is one of these things where the university has become just such a place for liberalism and for intolerance of other viewpoints that rutgers simply decided not to make any waves with this select group of facultity members and students and defending dr. rice and her visit there. back in march. bill: what do you think of that decision, alex? how does that sit with you? >> i think it's a terrible decision. dr. rice is one of my heroes, one of the people that inspired me to get involved in politics personally and i think that there are a lot of students sitting at commencement interested in public service and interested going into the foreign service, who will be denied the opportunity to hear from truly one of the most amazing figures in our lifetime. bill: also, some of the groups that rutgers now, it is not a place where some free ideas and diversity of opinions are encouraged. i mean do you think that is the
6:47 am
case? >> for sure. the left claims to be the side of tolerance and of diversity but this demonstrates that they don't want the dialogue and they're not interested in it. i mean for example, rutgers paid over $32,000 to hear from snooki but they, they will deny their students the opportunity to hear from dr. condoleeza rice, who is one of the most instrumental and historical figures in our lifetime. it is truly just a travesty. i'm really disappointed in the university's decision to deny the students the chance to hear from such a great leader. bill: you wonder, the president apparently of the school will meet with the students who want condoleeza rice to come back and apparently that is not going to happen. that decision has been made. they will go forward with the former governor there. do you think this is something that rutgers looks back and says, you know what? we kind of screwed that up? we regret that now, because the way it went. >> i absolutely do. i think there was a time in history where liberalism on campus could succeed and could
6:48 am
basically take over, because we didn't have access to social media. we didn't have access to new forms of media that allow us to get out our message, that allow us to get out these moments of intolerance on campus. so i think that the public relations backlash that will hit the university over denying the students the opportunity to hear dr. rice speak and decision not to vigorously defend their invitation to her will really hurt them in the long run because now we have access to new forms of media that allow us to have our voice be heard. bill: that is a fascinating answer you just gave there. you're saying that technology today, gives you a whole new avenue which to speak? >> absolutely. for example, if the recent professor tire raids we heard of on -- tirades, the republican create ad hashtag, my liberal campus to share their forms of
6:49 am
bias. our contention bias takes many force. the snide comment so passing and so quick you can't really respond to it. all together it builds a culture where conservative students don't feel welcome on campus. we invited students to share the stories using hashtag. the stories that we heard, they were breathtaking in some cases. just incredibly sad this is the state of our universities and some of our taxpayer-funded universities at that. bill: alex, thanks for coming in out of washington, d.c. >> thanks, bill. bill: one of leading student members was on with greta last night. what he talked about the physical damage done to damage on campus. we'll track that down. alex smith, thank you out of washington. >> thank you. bill: 11 minutes before the hour. martha: the former governor, tom kaine, apparently is going to speak. i think that presents its own controversy as well, whether or not he should put a vote of confidence in for rutgers university after what has happened in the course of all of this much. texas tech has another
6:50 am
invitation to condoleeza rice to come speak at their graduation. no word whether or not she will do that. but not a great day for rutgers university. bill: dr. rice will speak again of the question is where. martha: still to come in "america's newsroom." we told you about a teenager that defied death as a stowaway in the jet engine of that plane. now the complete lapse of security that is caught on surveillance video. wait until you see think, rob ford has been out of the spotlight because he's in rehab and now why he says he is finding the experience amazing. ♪
6:51 am
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martha: undeniable proof now that a california teenager did in fact hitch a ride to hawaii in the wheel well of a plane. transportation officials released security footage of the 15-year-old, look at this. you can see him jump off the plane and walk around on the runway. how did he survive this at those temperatures and be able to get out and walk off? william la jeunesse is live for us in los angeles on this extraordinary story, william. >> reporter: if you doubted, that anyone could survive five hours, 30,000 feet, subzero temperatures, here is the video to back it up. a 15-year-old somalian immigrant from san jose, captured by airport surveillance cameras in hawaii, jumping down from the wheel well of the boeing triple seven and stumbling around for several minutes before he approaches an airline emmoye e.
6:55 am
he ran away from home after argument with his dad allegedly said his mother died in somalia. he learned she was alive. and climbed the fence in san jose, airport and jumped on the first plane he could to go see her. it was blind luck he got on hawaii air flight 45. some would argue that it's a miracle that he survived. martha? martha: incredible story. where is he now, what happened and what happens next? >> reporter: he is back in california. he is in the hands of child protective services. his mother is in refugee camp in ethiopia. there are efforts to reunite the two. the dad said his son with no formal education in somalia is happen having trouble at high school. san jose airport is trying to figure out their airport was so easily breached and how he hung out for six hours before takeoff before get without getting caught. they may cite him for criminal trespass which is misdemeanor and a fine. but he may not have a home but
6:56 am
we do know he does have lawyer. martha? martha: quite a story. william, thank you. bill: so sad when you talk about wanting to go home and see his mom and resorts to this wow, out of desperation. >> i feel for that boy, i really do. hope it works out for him. bill: william, thanks for that update on that. we're about to hear from house speaker john boehner. the list is long for him. irs debate, contempt for lois lerner and special committee on benghazi and primary results that included speaker boehner. we'll take you there live when it begins only moments away. woman: everyone in the nicu -- all the nurses wanted to watch him when he was there 118 days. everything that you thought was important to you changes in light of having a child
6:57 am
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martha: important moment coming up as we get closer to the dueling news conferenc conferenn capitol hill. leaders from both parties expected to speak out as two major controversies are now coming to a head. brand new hour of
7:00 am
"america's newsroom." i am martha mccallum. bill: i am bill hemmer. we will hear from john boehner and nancy pelosi. and the formation of a select committee on benghazi. making manual leading the coverage on that this hour. hello, good morning. reporter: we expect will open with jobs and the economy recognizing that is still the number one priority. and then we expect some questions on the benghazi select committee. the speaker was initially reluctant to go forward but authorize going forward just last friday. on the democratic side we expect nancy pelosi and others to talk about what the plan to do in terms of the benghazi select committee. there was talks perhaps they would not play ball. we know they have asked for equal representation on the panel.
7:01 am
it is currently set up for seven republicans, five democrats, they would like an equal balance there. suspect boehner will get questions on the irs investigation. bill: what is ahead today for that? >> we suspect lois lerner at the center will get found in contempt of congress. the recall she defended her actions, refused to answer questions. she has not been asked to come to capitol hill today after making several appearances here and claim in the fifth. they will press the attorney general to name a special counsel to investigate the irs targeting conservative groups. it is clear many house lawmakers have their little faith in a justice department investigation. bill: we talked about 45 minutes, he did not reveal much
7:02 am
if holder drops the issue and if doj does not pursue lerner. but they have a lot of tools they will not reveal right now. do you have a sense of what the tools are in the toolbox? >> i have heard a lot of cryptic talk this is not the end of the game trying to get to the bottom of the irs investigation. the american people still want answers what went on, how high up the government it went. the bottom line, they do have other tools they can utilize, there being careful with their language revealing what those precise tools might be. bill: and if h if you still in h with the attorney's behalf of lerner. reporter: there has been a lot of a lot of back and forth between the house oversight committee and the attorneys for lois lerner. lot of words back and forth. negotiations even late in the game get her to come to
7:03 am
capitol hill and talk to lawmakers. they say why won't she come up and talk to the people representing the u.s. congress. there's a lot of friction about that because the legislative branch may feel she should come up here and talk about what went on at the irs part of the executive branch there. bill: when speaker boehner talks, we will go to him live. martha: more on the vote on lois lerner. that debate got heated at times, watch some of this. >> nobody can find a scarier organization, at least one without guns, then the irs. >> may be can do another investigation and waste taxpayer money. martha: a lot of back and forth over whether or not they should be moving forward with these contempt hearings on lois lerner. remember when she sat down to plead the fifth and say she would not be answering any other
7:04 am
questions she did a rather lengthy explanation why she was innocent in all this and that has prompted the contempt hearings. representing dozens of stations targeted by the irs. what do you make of these proceedings, this issue of a contempt hearing, do you think it will happen, play it out. >> first of all it is the logical next step in this process of the investigation, a vote on contempt. the house has passed a contempt order, the attorney general will not follow up on that contempt. the irony, of course martha, is lois lerner gave testimony to the department of justice, albeit not under oath. she is not giving the same to tt monkey house oversight committee so what you have is just a logical next step of bringing contempt action. i don't expect doj to move
7:05 am
forward with it, you will have a call for a special prosecutor which has to go through doj. something that is clear, people have to understand have civil litigation against the irs on this very same matter. if she takes the fifth amendment, it is deemed an omission of the fact that is in dispute. and the purpose of a criminal case not have it held against you under the fifth amendment, although i think she waved it, but if she were to revert the fifth, she in terms admitted it. >> you feel there is a stone wall, so what is the point? >> you have to go through this process. the house is doing this correctly. you need to have a process put forward because there will be litigation over if she actually reserved her fifth amendment right.
7:06 am
she proclaimed her innocence, said i did not violate any rules and regulations and then all of a sudden a situation where she says i am pleading my fifth amendment right. a lot of people believe that is a waiver. she could be compelled to testify. i think it moves forward the possibility her lawyers not wanting her to get into a contempt situation move to tell at least the committee behind closed doors what she would say if she were to testify and if there is a immunity deal. martha: if she was more forthcoming with people. >> she sat down during an interview to discuss the case and the issues. she is apparently not under oath when she did it bu for the lawys agreed to that. as is more pressure on her to engage in a conversation that may ultimately get her immunity.
7:07 am
the american people are still asking these questions. martha: absolutely be at something she must be mulling over on a daily basis with how to proceed to all of this. we will see you next time. the picture we have up on the screen is a daily briefing, we don't often go to these. this morning because of the nature of what is on the table between the irs and the benghazi hearing and select committee, we feel like this is going to be newsworthy and something you will want to hear. we do expect details about who would be on this select committee to do the investigations and benghazi, the makeup of it is a major component, whether it woul to bn republicans and five democrats or if it would be evenly split. but it is completely on
7:08 am
customary to do an even split. a similar situations for democrats that has weighed more heavily to the democratic side. so that would be rather unusual. bill: in the end you have four dead americans. if you protest this, what does that say about where you are? i rather animated meeting happening behind closed doors among democrats about if they participate or not. we should see nancy pelosi in about 20 minutes or so. knowing that speaker boehner and no space committee on a friday afternoon before we can last week, i don't know publicly if he had even been asked about it. as mike emanuel said, he is pushing jobs, obamacare is still
7:09 am
in maine talking point, so we would expect the first subject matter out of his mouth. martha: it is worth pointing out he didn't want to do this necessarily. here he is, let's listen. boehner: this week it will pass to more bills that will help expand economic opportunity and security for america's middle class. one to make research and development tax permanent and a second to develop access to charter schools. last week we learned economic growth in the first quarter was an anemic one-tenth of 1%. but sitting over in the united states senate are nearly 40 job tools that will deliver the title of economic growth the american people are demanding. i think president obama should call the senate leader and demand these bills be brought to the floor of the united states
7:10 am
senate. >> good morning. this has really been a week of irony at the white house. president obama was quoted as lamenting the amount of focus on jobs and then democrats spent their days promoting policies that will do little but eliminate jobs. i think the bottom line is democrats are all talk and no action on jobs. today we in the house have sent 200 bills to the senate. those were 200 bills that remain blocked by senate democrats. dozens of these bills would encourage jobs and economic growth. the fact is many of them are overwhelmingly bipartisan, some are even sponsored by democrats. so it is unfathomable to think why wouldn't the senate want to take these up, instead what we
7:11 am
are seeing is more political theater over the senate while leaving working middl middle-cls americans behind. as was just said, we will take up a big jobs bill this week. it is the permanent extension of r&d tax credits. this has been a provision that expired over and over again over the last 30 years, this is one of the most generative things we can do for my policy standpoint that has been confirmed by independent economic analysis to grow jobs and to have america work again with more people. martha: eric cantor. they're making some opening statements. along the lines of jobs and some of the other business of the day. when they get to the q&a section you will hear some questions about the irs and about the makeup of the benghazi select committee. we will keep an eye on it and ring you back as this gets a
7:12 am
little more interesting shall we say down the road. bill: very vital issues. we will get back to that in a moment. toronto's mayor admitting, here is rob ford now. >> yes, i did smoke crack cocaine, but am i an addict? no. have i tried it? probably in one of my drunken stupors. bill: he has a new message from rehab. martha: rescuing a girl clinging to an overpass. we will show you that. bill: and white house issues a dire warning on climate change and a call to action now. designed to change the message? >> it was on the old testaments. if you see the skies will not cooperate.
7:13 am
this is quite superstitious.
7:14 am
7:15 am
woman: this is not exactly what i expected. man: definitely more murdery than the reviews said. captain obvious: this is a creepy room. man: oh hey, captain obvious. captain obvious: you should have used their genuine guest reviews are written by guests who have genuinely stayed there. instead of people who lie on the internet. son: look, a finger. captain: that's unsettling. man: you think? captain: all the time. except when i sleep. which i would not do here. would have mentioned the finger.
7:16 am
bill: a primary victory for some who may be a bellwether state. north carolina house speaker beating out several tea party candidates to secure the nomination for senate. that will pit him against democratic senator in november. that will be closely watched race. it could help the u.s. senate come november. here he was last night. >> thank barack obama for trusting barack the mack big government. but like you, i put my trust in freedom. responsibility in our citizens instead of the political machine. bill: he easily picked up 40% of the votes, what's needed to avoid a runoff election. watch the tar heel state in
7:17 am
november. martha: president obama sounding the alarm on climate change calling for sweeping new regulations to prevent serious harm, he says, to our country. critics say the actions proposed by the administration would put a chill on the economy. and throw more americans out of work. >> what they tell you is that you should be scared about what's happened today. if we could have a pact with other countries in which everybody would reduce their emissions, i would sign on. in the absence of it, all we are doing is economic suicide. in the name of do-gooders him that will not do and i had to somand iota issome of good. martha: environment and public works. thank you for being here.
7:18 am
he says if you cannot get the world to cooperate in this, you have china admitting an enormous amount of pollution into the air. does it count if we are doing this on our own? >> he is right. it is costing significantly in terms of higher energy cost as well as cost of people looking for jobs. in this is your position, don't be afraid to bring it to the united states. on the floor right now, let's have a vote on what you're proposing because even when the senate has 60 democrats, president obama didn't bring this to a vote in the senate, he couldn't get it done because there was bipartisan opposition to a president obama is
7:19 am
proposing. martha: he says this is being up a bit to the now. in terms of priorities and what is going on in washington and across the country, how do you feel about that in terms of the political focus being put on it right now? >> the focus should be getting people to work, getting people back to work, jobs and the economy is such a big part of what is on people's minds in addition to paying more and getting less. what the president is proposing will make it harder for people to get back to work. don't hurt the economy relative to what is happening around the world. that is why we have come out the western conference has come out with reports specifically talking about washington getting
7:20 am
it wrong on environmental issues and the states getting it right. and wyoming one of the most beautiful places in the world, we focused a lot on protecting our environment, at the same time using the resources we have been given to help our communities and help our state. martha: you say this would like bipartisan support, so why is the president pushing it if you can't really make it happen? and that i look at the keystone pipeline issue that has a fair amount of bipartisan support in the president seems to be not interested in that. >> i agree with you, martha. the president seems to be held hostage by the extreme left, the key donors have promised to help him maintain control of the senate. the individual for san francisco who promised $100 million to the democrats to help elect or reelect democratic senators who believe in thes in the things te
7:21 am
president is talking about, but i believe things that would hurt the economy, making it harder for people to get back to work and would raise energy cost on american families. none of that is good for our country or our economy. martha: thank you, always good talking to you. >> thank you for having me. bill: willis into the speaker boehner stuff. stay tuned on that. and the u.s. government sending a highly trained team to rescue hundreds of young girls held captive for trying to get an education. they are being held captive by a brutal islamic group. how the u.s. might be able to help them. martha: explosive out of this world video coming your way from nasa. an incredible display. on the surface of the sun. we will show you what it looks like. really pretty cool.
7:22 am
7:23 am
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martha: we are back, moments ago we showed you the g.o.p. news john boehner was speaking at. here's where he addressed the issue of the select committee at benghazi. >> it's clear we need to proceed. many of you know i thought and continued to believe there are four committee committees invesg benghazi and have done a good job. but in line was crossed last week. one of them became clear that the white house played a more significant role in the developments of how they were going to describe this, certainly more than anything that had been disclosed so far,
7:26 am
and then secondly when it became clear documents that were turned over to a private organization that frankly have been blocked in terms of giving them to us, it was time for us to bring this together in the one place and focus our efforts. this is all about getting to the truth. it will not be a sideshow, there will not be a circus, this is a serious investigation. listen, our system of government depends on transparency and accountability. we owe it to the future of our country and to the next administration to do our job, to make it clear place of activities that may have gone on here are not acceptable in our system of government. martha: all right. there had been another question and went off in another direction and then moments later the irs issue came up because
7:27 am
they are talking about whether or not lois lerner will be held in contempt. there will be a vote coming up on that over the next possibly as early as this afternoon and john boehner addressed the irs issue as well. boehner: i think it is about reading these activities into one place. being paid for out of existing irs counts. >> you said they would appoint a special counsel. can you tell the american people if they will produce results? boehner: who's been fired over the targeting of conservative groups by the irs? no one that i'm aware of. who's going to jail? for violating the law? when is the administration going to tell the american people the truth? they have not told truth about benghazi, they have not told truth about the irs, they have not told the truth about fast and furious.
7:28 am
only one would have to guess if they are not willing to tell the american people the truth, it must not be very pretty. martha: interesting. he said he must not be very pretty when it comes to benghazi, when it comes to the irs, even mentioned fast and furious. he believes the white house is hiding something and now there are two very strong front split up to find the answers to those questions. the select committee in benghazi and contempt hearings for lois lerner. bill: once a headset for quite some time with did not want to go to select committee route unless he could determine there was a connection inside the white house. it was the ben rhodes e-mail that surfaced that triggered his decision to go forward with that. off we go now. nancy pelosi was just asked about whether or not democrats are enjoying the select committee. we will see where that goes on the hill.
7:29 am
meantime, 28 minutes after the hour. u.s. forces joining the hunt for a ruthless leader of an islamic terror group of ducting hundreds of schoolgirls in nigeria. the leader vowing to sell them into slavery. meanwhile mothers of the children protesting in nigeria's capital hoping it will force the government to do more. they are heartbroken, as you can imagine. repaired u.s. navy captain and fox news military analyst with us this morning. captain, good morning to you. >> good morning, bill. bill: they don't want any western education. i think what viewers need to understand is how brutal this group has been in killing innocent people in nigeria for a long time. >> they are led by a psychopath. on monday they entered another village along the camera on village and hacks to death and shot another 100 people.
7:30 am
these people on a scale of 1 to 10 for brutality are a 10. bill: so what can we do? there is a group to nigeria now. i know you wanted to help them for quite some time, we offered that help but the government in nigeria did not take it, now they are. >> we are providing an interagency group made up of law enforcement intelligence, people who are familiar with hostage negotiation. they will be operating out of a coordinatiocoronation sell out r embassy in the capital city of nigeria. we will not put troops on the ground, per se. loading marines are army combat troops, that is not what is being discussed here. what we will do is provide the people who can then access intelligence and information that the united states had and capabilities and bring them to bear to help the nigerian government solve their problem.
7:31 am
bill: you know that operate in the north and east nigeria. should it snuff them out? >> it is going to take a full effort by the nigerian government. up until this point they have not demonstrated that. they have been holding them off, trying to contain them, but now it is clearly out of hand. the man running this thing has taken this to a whole new level. they were brutal poor. now they are just maniacal. this is not going to heal itself, nothing could be done other than nigerians solving this for themselves, united states cannot solve the problem. bill: you cannot use a drone with the captives. they are big exporter of oil, the world economic forum there. it is important. the muslim extremist know that.
7:32 am
from washington, appreciate it. martha: monica lewinsky was quiet for years, so why now? the article that just came out. avo: with expedia
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7:36 am
lobbying group projecting hundred ever thousands of jobs will be lost due to obamacare, much higher number said previously projected because of added costs that small businesses will take on. what about this, gerri willis, host of "the willis report" and charles payne, both from the fox business network. >> good morning. >> food to see you. bill: blessing us with your presence today. this group came out a year ago, the law will cost a lot of jobses but now they're saying more jobs will be lost. how many, gerry? >> we had as many as 250,000. we're seeing this play out. we're less entrepreneurial today according to a study from brookings than ever before. more small companies are being destroyed than created right now. bill: the decisions because they till do not know still? >> not just because they're halting. they know it costs them more to have more employees. they stop hiring. they stop growing.
7:37 am
they stop planning for future. they can't do it. because it costs them more money. bill: charles, do you agree? >> i do i agree. here is the sad irony, piggyback off something gerry said with businesses starting, with interest rates this low, with computers so cheap you would think people would start businesses left and right. you know when the last 30 years businesses spiked? under ronald reagan. i have to to tell you something. this is sew amazing, this number, the nfib number is lowest number i've seen. cbo said half a million people. i've seen projections of 3 million people john dropping out of the market because of obamacare. this is earnings season. companies from united health said we had a hard time because of obamacare. intuitive surgical. tenet healthcare, hospital visits, emergency room visits exploding to the upside. that wasn't supposed to happen. bill: you think obamacare keep as lid on all of this, all the economic growth? >> obamacare reshuffled deck of
7:38 am
people already had insurance. we need to know, supposed to help 40 million people without health care insurance. that number is low by all estimates. bill: 30 million and went to 45 million. >> numbers change all the time. but the other problem is, that it is putting a knife in the back of employers health care, right? because now these employers say, hey, put them on the exchange. who does that hurt? that hurts taxpayers. bill: to that point, gerri, you can't believe the national foundation of independent business, nfib as charles referred to, large companies will be saving money once they put their employees on the plan. do they? >> companies save money but who picks up the tab? the taxpayer picks up the tab. we already have 17 trilliondollars worth of debt in this country. why do we want more? the problem with health care, the problem with obamacare isn't as republicans say not enough people are signing up. it is that too many people will sign up and we'll have another entitlement program that we can't afford. >> here's the thing. if you're in a business and you
7:39 am
want to attract great talent, you probably will offer some form of health care. the larger companies have that advantage. smaller businesses which is the crux of this problem can not compete in that arena. how can you bring on best talent, how can you compete? this is a perfect backdrop for people to start businesses right now. bill: that's a bite point and you're saying small businesses are being held back. >> this is one of the roadblocks. one of the gigantic roadblocks and high taxes and and regulations that one of the things that dissuade people. bill: do you agree with the premise that large companies will be more profitable because they will be able to trim some of theirs costs because of government health care. >> i do. >> i do believe a lost larger companies will go ahead and bite the bullet and find a way to make it up. >> we've already seen companies start to say they will throw people -- >> some will. there is no doubt about it. >> as more people do it and pressure for eps and earnings around performance continues
7:40 am
more will be pressured to do it. >> to gerri's point, i'm watching in earnings period, pride themselves on conscious capitalism, they're getting crushed. whole foods is getting crushed. bill: crushed on what. >> getting hammered. they believe in higher minimum wage, all the social things, socially conscious and social things ahead of profits. the container store, panera bread. whole foods today getting annihilated. it will be interesting to see how corporate america holds up with more competition. bill: see you guys on the other network. gerri willis, charles payne, thank you. >> were you involved -- >> can you get off my driveway please? can you get off my driveway? can you get off my property please? get off my property. >> i'm leaving. >> take it off my property. >> i'm leaving. thank you. thank you very much. >> get off my property. >> thank you very much. get off my property. martha: one of the greatest hits
7:41 am
from rob ford. who can those prosecutor or not toe mayor, repeatedly dodging questions from reporters about whether he had smoked crack. so now, somewhat loveable mayor, we must admit is speaking out from rehab, confidentially telling supporters that he will be back in the city mayoral election and plans to win it and before making decision to get help for addiction after another video surfaced of him in a drunken rant n interview with toronto sun about rehab. i feel great. rehab is amazing. reminds me of football camp. i do feel bad about what happened but he says it might have been the best thing that happened because i'm working on getting better. good for rob ford. football camp. bill: we sat back here and chuckled over his antics the last year but let's hope he gets better. >> i hope he gets better but i never heard them say rehab reminds them of feed ball camp. even the old charm with rob ford. bill: monica lewinsky breaking
7:42 am
years of silence in a new article. we'll talk to a man who was president clinton's advisor for the scandal. what it could mean for the hillary clinton's potential run in 2016. >> "vanity fair" published anything about monica lewinsky that hillary clinton didn't want in "vanity fair"?
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
>> i want you to listen to me. i'm going to say this again. i did not have sexual relations with that woman, miss lewinsky. martha: remember that? who can forget it, right? after for than 15 years of silence, monica lewinsky is speaking about her affair with former president bill clinton, publishing an article in "vanity fair" as the nation awaits to hear if hillary clinton will run for president in sift is. in latest issue, with beautiful picture of monica lewinsky, with
7:46 am
hillary's reaction to the affair. my first thought getting up to speed, if that is the worst thing she said i would be so lucky. yes, i get it. hillary clinton wanted it on the record she was lashing out at her husband's mistress. she may have faulted her husband for being inappropriate but i find her impulse to blame the woman, not only me, but herself, trouble troubling. the timing of this article is raising eyebrows and impact of it on hillary clinton's possible presidential campaign of course. this sound bite from last night from lynne cheney. >> i really wonder if this isn't an effort on the clintons part to get that story out of the way? would "vanity fair" publish anything about monica lewinsky that hillary clinton didn't want in "vanity fair?" martha: joining me, doug schoen, he was in the white house during this entire episode and saga with monica lewinsky, advising president clinton. he knows more about this than any of us do, that's for sure. >> thank you, martha.
7:47 am
martha: good to have you here. i want to make clear in that passage she is referring to the tapes that were revealed of hillary clinton and she called monica lewinsky a narcissistic loon and that is when monica lewinsky reacted to that, if that is the worst name she called me i understand. she is talking about her husband's mistress but she also talked about the fact in that hillary expressed that she felt she hadn't been there for her husband emotionally and blaming herself. a lot of psychology that we could get into this all of this. >> right. martha: let's address lynne cheney's comment. she thinks this is clinton plant, this story. >> i think that's silly. i think, the clintons and the american people, martha would like this to go away. i don't think this will have any discernible impact on 2016. monica lewinsky did what she did for her own reasons. i don't think the clintons have anything to do with it. martha: the suggestions that the clintons are so powerful and done lots of glowing in depth pieces on clintons on in "vanity
7:48 am
fair," do you think "vanity fair" bow to the wishes of them and have the monica piece run if they didn't think it would be a good piece that sells magazines? >> i think it's a good piece that sells magazines. whether it has political significance and whether clintons have anything to do wit it is entirely different issue. martha: cuts monica lewinsky issue hurt hillary in 2016. >> i don't think so. i don't think anyone really cares. they didn't care in the run-up to the midterm elections in 1998. we won a smashing victory. i don't think they're going to care now. let's put the past behind us is what most people think. martha: what do you think, looking back on what monica lewinsky says about all of this? that she was a victim and that they ruined her brand. she says, it was a consensual relationship. she said i said that from the beginning. she knew what she was in for. she wanted to have an affair with the president of the united states and went after him and she did that. that they were consenting adults. she says in the aftermath she
7:49 am
was abused in that way? >> look i was there. you're right. and we were very careful and i think for very good, both substantive and arguably procedural reasons not to do anything or to say anything to besmirch miss lewinsky's character and i wouldn't do that now. the sad by-product of one of these instances it is very difficult for a woman in her position to move on and move on successfully. she has tried a number of things. she has a degree from the london school of economics but she herself acknowledges in the article, martha, to her, quote, history makes it hard for employers to sign off and hire her. martha: what about the bashing that is being done by some of democrats, saying, look this is a party that launches the war on women, that says that republicans don't treat women well and, you look at the history of bill clinton and in my mind he may be the one who suffers the most from this, i hadn't heard the names
7:50 am
kathleen willey or juanita broderick and paula jones in long time. you're hearing them quite a bit. and brings up some not very pleasant memories. >> that's true. i don't think you will hear too much of it during the 2016 if hillary runs for a couple reasons. one, it is distant past. , and it is hillary running and not bill. this is fundamentally in the past. it is extraneous to issues now. i think republicans have real issues which go well beyond the matters you mentioned. martha: all right. thanks for the trip down memory lane. >> thank you. martha: back to the white house in 1990s with doug schoen. bill: i guess. where were you? thank you, doug. you heard of the housing crisis. we'll show awe housing solution. some amazing new homes made from something you would not expect, america. stay tuned. if i told you that a free ten-second test
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could mean less waiting for things like security backups and file downloads you'd take that test, right? well, what are you waiting for? you could literally be done with the test by now. now you could have done it twice. this is awkward. check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business built for business.
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>> big day on capitol hill. hairings on obamacare and irs and epa. we're awaiting contempt vote of former irs official lois lerner. so we'll keep you posted on that. the man some named as potential special counsel for the benghazi select committee will join us whether he wants the job of the annual so-called "pig book" is unveiled in six minutes. with details on pork barrel projects congressional leaders are squeezing out of the federal government and taxpayers. that is all coming up on "happening now." bill: thank you, jenna. some creative thinking outside the box to cop up with ingenius solution, solving several problems at one time. a company that recycles shipping container boxes to build a new home. steve harrigan checked it out live in miami. how are these containers different from, maybe a mobile home, steve? >> bill the owner gets angry if you compare these containers to mobile homes he says because they're made of corrugated steel
7:55 am
and they're much stronger f you use concrete pilings to anchor down the four sides he claims they do much better in hurricane areas. >> the hurricanes come through and they level the mobile home parks this will be standing basically undamaged. >> sawyer says these container homes also appeal to green buyers because basically, he is taking rusting containers out of ports, junk and turning them into homes for people, bill. bill: how are sales. >> right now he has two different models for sale. one 20 feet by eight feet for $37,000. the other bigger, 40 feet by eight feet for a $57,000. they both come out with fold out sofa a queen bed size. sales are pretty good. could turn into a lucrative business model. buying containers off of a port, a rusty container you can pick one up under $2,000. bill: that whole hurricane idea makes sense too. thank you, steve. steve harrigan in miami.
7:56 am
martha. martha: we're getting closer we believe to an impending contempt vote in the house against former ears official lois lerner. we have the latest developments on that story from capitol hill. , how much money do you think you'll need when you retire? then we gave each person a ribbon to show how many years that amount might last. i was trying to, like, pull it a little further. [ woman ] got me to 70 years old. i'm going have to rethink this thing. it's hard to imagin how much we'll need for a retirement that could last 3years or mor so maybe we need to approach things dferently, if we want to be ready for a longer retirement. ♪ if we want to be ready for a longer retirement. honestly, the off-season isn't i've got a lot to do. that's why i got my surface. it's great for watching game film and drawing up plays. it's got onenote, so i can stay on top of my to-do list, which has been absolutely absurd since the big game. with skype, it's just really easy to stay in touch with the kids i work with. alright, russell you are good to go!
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>> really nation moment we want to share. kevin durrant was named the valuable player of the year. his speech brought the crowd to their feet and many to tears. >> you kept us off the street, kept clothes on our back and food on the table. when you didn't eat, you made sure we eat. you sacrificed for us. you the real mvp. >> wow. >> wow. that was a beautiful tribute to
8:00 am
his mother and his ability and his moment to thank her. it is his first time mvp award. lebron james was second and he was very happy for ckevin. >> thank for sharing that. we have to run. >> fox news alert from capital hill on the benghazi scandal with new details about the select committee tasked with investigating the deadly terr terrorist attack. i am jon scott. >> and i am jenna lee. in less than three years, the house committee will create the resolution to get the details on what happened before and after the attack of the murder


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