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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  May 7, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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that guy, the original criminal, is set free. why? our legal panel takes up the case. i know you saw that film. jenna: all of a sudden he is is free. jon: we'll talk about it next hour. see you then. jenna: "outnumbered" starts right now. >> this is "outnumberedded." i'm sandra smith. here today, harris faulkner, andrea tantaros, katie pavlich, today's hashtag one lucky guy. he is outnumbered. >> i feel very out numbered. you have named the show correctly. >> this is opposite dynamic. you have two boys. she is out numberedded. >> why is your wife's name? >> so man that. >> we're here for you girl. >> weighs on phone, with the topics, hey, what do you think. i will be channeling her. >> senator man.
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>> i will be defending all things manhood. >> by the way you will be on lighter subjects. veterans affair. ur, iraq and afghan war veteran. you will give us your speculative as well. >> absolutely. >> she's back. monica lewinsky opening up about her affair with president bill clinton for the first time in a decade saying it is time to burn the beret and bury the blue dress. now 40, lewinsky admits she deeply regrets the affair and says the media firestorm during the investigation nearly destroyed her life. in next month's issue of "vanity fair," she writes, quote, sure, my boss took advantage of me but i will always remain firm on this point. it was a consensual relationship. any abuse came in the aftermath when i was made a scapegoat in order to protect his powerful position. and lewinsky wants to set the record straight when it comes to hillary and the recent revelation as first lady, hillary referred to her as a
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narcissistic loony tune. she writes quote. courageous or foolish, maybe but narcissistic and loony, i find her impulse to blame the woman not only me but herself troubling. and so there is so many dynamics to this, andrea. there is obviously that question. there is the political angle to this as well. interesting how she points out that hillary attacked her, really there was unperson to blame for this at the end of the day the married man. >> now considered one of the most popular and loved men in the entire universe. who is kidding who? hillary clinton knew there were plenty of woman before monica lou quinceski. she wanted to go on record. i think monica even admits this, on record, chastising the woman to show that she was outraged about this but we know it was faux outrage. as far as monica lewinsky colluding with the clintons on this story. i don't believe it. i think monica lewinsky is angry. i don't pity her but i think she was dealt a really bad hand.
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she tried to get involved in handbag lines and what else did she do, "saturday night live." >> reality tv show. >> her life has been kind after mess. if you read this you see a woman who is ticked off. you don't need miss cleo to predict if she runs her name is in the spotlight. i will set the record straight for my own good. >> some other things i learned from this, her own personal road. she didn't actually attempt but contemplated many times suicide because of the scourn and the fear. and then also, i thought it was interesting just kind of tagging off what you said, what she did fine troubling in all of this the fact woman at the center, the wife of that married man blamed everybody except for him. and the idea of this sort of cover-up for his career is really kind of unfolding, according to her. >> that's right. mention what came down on her. i'm not here to empathize but i do understand. she is 40 years old. this happened in early 20s.
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natural human desire to want to tell your story. she did 2020 and wrote a book. imagine if you were defined by the worst action you took in the early 20s of your life. you would explain that and attempting to come out from underneath it. i understand. i don't think it has anything to do with -- i think she is ready to move past it. >> contrast between how monica lewinsky and bill clinton and hillary clinton have been treated in response to the entire thing happened a long time ago but absolutely brought up in 2016 is quite frankly appalling to me. hillary clinton turned the feminist movement into a joke when allowed her husband to continue to abuse women, take advantage of women, continue to do that so not only hold on to her husband's power and her own power to get back into the white house whether it will be soon or later. we're seeing that now. the whole point of feminist movement was not put up with stuff like this and hillary clinton over and over again on a national stage put up with it. they had all the their minions and attack her and ruin her
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life. >> we remember that day when she stood there stone-faced as then president clinton said i did not have sexual relations with that woman. that being said, spinning the story forward, andrea, we talked about how it would affect a potential hillary clinton 2016 bid. rand paul already come out calling mr. clinton is a sexual predator. this is going to play a big part in the presidential elections? >> i hope not because when this happened, i think it was more taboo to talk about sex and people's private lives. now this is pretty mainstream stuff. so if republicans will do this throw back to the clintons i think it's a bigger mistake. with issues like benghazi and how she handled benghazi and what happened that fateful night and what she said, what difference does it make, that is far more important than drudging up paula jones, jennifer flowers. >> i don't often quote rush limbaugh but i'm going to now. he asks the question, does this actually prove the theory that
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democrats are hypocritical when they talk about a war on women, when you look at how the 19-year-old at the time was the person attacked. >> what they do, they differentiate between a woman and women. the biggest indicator in that particular aspect is that individual treatment. but all of our policies help women which is the root of the hypocrisy. >> you have to go back to, becomes relevant because i can guaranty, hillary clinton if decides to run will use the war on women argument. you can not use that argument when you have someone like bill clinton it on the and women's movement did not support woman he abused and accused of raping. they instead upheld bill clinton because it was all about his policies, when you look at his policies they weren't necessarily good for women either. it becomes relevant if they use the war on women rhetoric which worked in 2012 significantly to get votes for barack obama. that is when it will become relevant. >> even at the height of this scandal though, women overwhelmingly voted for bill clinton, ladies, really?
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they overwhelminglying voted for him when they knew he was a sexual predator. monica lewinsky was not the first. women already proved they don't care about this stuff. >> you think they see him as sexual predator? i don't. >> i don't think they do. republicans should not make the case. >> why do you think people don't ehim. >> i think they moved past that. i don't think they agree what he did was predator. well, he is a guy with sexual appetite shouldn't have done what he did but doesn't disqualify him to be president. >> she said it is consensual. >> i don't think that is right. >> it was consensual relationship but she did stress that point but also said i was taken advantage of by my boss and entire feminist movement, the whole idea, men in power should never take advantage of people. this is situation again where it was intern in her early 20s, the most powerful man in the world, let's remember that when it comes to feminist screaming about republicans.
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>> with the ken starr report the blue dress is least of it. >> stay on hillary clinton at moment. she is at center of something else, playing blame game when it comes to unpopularity of the affordable care act. her reaction to polling found most americans do not approve of obamacare, even this far down the road with 8 million people signed up, so says the white house. mrs. clinton pointed to politics and media as reason. >> i do think, if you tell people something long enough, with great passion, they get perhaps inclined to believe it. and there is so much misinformation about affordable care act, the economic stimulus, you name it, all of these big political issues, and there is a very effective campaign to confuse and provide a different reality. >> you know, i was going to start with some of the numbers
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but now that i have watched this, because i read it but now they've seen the emotion behind it, sandra, as journalist i have to ask this question. first of all she has given us a tremendous amount of power, right? is she assuming that the american public is stupid? they can be told anything? >> listen, the mainstream media, which has been, you know, widely protective of this administration, they too are cracking down on obamacare because of how unpopular it was. they are citing all of the same polls by the way. but when you look at the democrats right now, running in the senate, they're not even talking about obamacare and if they are, they're talking about fixes for it. so how can she point all fingers at the media when her own counterparts are not even, you know, are not even boasting about it? >> let's be clear. she is not pointing media at large. she is pointing to fox news and talk radio of the that is all she is pointing to. go to the previous segment, where she blamed vast right-wing conspiracy in the white house. now she is blaming mass
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misinformation campaign as opposed where real people are hit in their pocketbooks, when it comes to obamacare. >> she says, andrea, a small majority of americans don't want obamacare. a small majority, isn't that a oxymoron? >> a small majority. >> if you say something over and over long enough, people start to believe it. who knows that better than the clintons. maybe if keep saying a small majority people will start to believe it. my point, she has to do this. she is the godmother of obamacare. remember hillary care. rather than talk about monica lewinsky, i would like to know what hillary clinton would say how she ported a public option? would she support a delay of the individual mandate. >> those are tough questions. >> those are tough questions. we need to ask her questions to make her look like a victim. also why do they keep blaming the pr on this? remember nancy pelosi, oh, people just don't understand it. it's a bad law. it is bad policy. people are very savy when it comes to their health care.
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she can talk all she wants. they can talk all they want but reality is the policy is rotten. >> katie, i'm curious, this is like peas at the table with my five and seven-year-old where you have to eat your peas and they still don't like it. why do people don't like obamacare at this point? that this is the thing, the obama care and hillary clinton continue insult everyday americans who have seen their premiums increase by $1,000 a month, not $1000 a year. people lose cancer care coverage. doctor pool shrink. people see that every day and pretty insulting to continue to go out with the message they don't understand it. if we tell them it is good for them they will get it. when it comes to people's health care they know exactly what is going on. again i reminded of this yesterday. obamacare has never been popular. it wasn't popular when they pushed it through in 2010. it isn't popular now. among independents, 57% of independents do not like obamacare. >> playbook stuff.
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attack the messenger if you can't support the policy. >> "outnumbered"ded," outnumberd you you are. >> i'm glad to be here. >> survey find 7% of journalists identify as republican. and are millenials more promiscuous than their parents? a look at long-held belief that young people abandoning their relationships in favor of casual hook ups. ♪
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well, what are you waiting for? you could literally be done with the test by now. now you could have done it twice. this is awkward. check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business built for business. >> welcome back toout numbered. -- "outnumbered." a major drop in number of reporters that identify as republicans. indiana university says 7% ever support of the grand ol' party. that is down from 26% in 1971. the vast majority are not talking or claim to be independents. does this raise questions about the coziness of some media outlets with the white house? andrea, i will go to you first on this. we know reporters and journalists in general are
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notoriously liberal just like our university system but there is a point in the survey where they say, a lot of people are actually leaving both parties because they feel like both parties don't represent them. also we've seen a lot of conservative journalism pop up and a lost conservatives don't necessarily consider themselves republicans but they are journalist and reporters. >> i think you're right about the conservative media. it definitely has grown. however if the reporters are becoming more independent like they say they're not going to mainstream news organizations and reporting in a independent fashion i think. probably just coverage of benghazi and is scandals are recent example how they dropped the ball. i don't like to use my words. i like to quote those in the mainstream media like mark hall present talked about it at journalistic conferences and look the newsrooms lean left. it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out this is more omission, the
9:18 am
stories that they're not covering than the way they slant the pieces that they do. >> i think there is ray of light. 50% of the journalists recognize themselves as independents. >> but is that -- i think, intelligent to think i'm independent. >> i don't know what it says. what i'm hoping and i say see it as ray of light because i'm optimistic bit. what i'm hoping the other part of the equation is that 78% of them said that they say investigating journalists or government's claims is majority and major point what they exist for. so if you have more people feeling like they might be able to act -- >> what are they doing? >> this is younger, younger demographic. i still got the feeling for it. think there is hope for the future. that is all i'm saying. i'm optimistic bit. >> you're optimistic but they are not. another tidbit, nearly 60% of the reporters surveyed. by the way these are not just political reporters but all reporters of different
9:19 am
journalistic areas. 60% think journalism in the u.s. think it is heading in the wrong direction. they're rather pessimistic about the coverage. >> maybe they think they can fix it? >> i think they feel too with the obama administration, the survey comes out now, we've seen the obama administration treat reporters as if they're criminals and so they probably feel a little bit negative on that aspect of trying to go after some investigative stories but i'm not going to give them a free pass. because all the major scandals we have seen past six years, and there have been a lot, people claiming they want to investigate the government haven't been doing it and people who have been punished for it. >> this includes all reporters, sports reporters, if you talk about political reporters i bet these numbers are screwed left. count me pessimistic but i think he is on that. >> they don't want to admit they're biased in talking to someone surveying them. you may want to forget all you heard about the supposed hookup culture. a new study says it is a myth. people with no time for
9:20 am
relationships whose love lives consider hookups with strangers. most people are having sex with regular partner, either spouse, or significant other, not randoms. sandra, i don't buy it for one second of the there is absolutely no way, unless i don't know, maybe they surveyed these kids and their parents were horny hippies. >> i'm trying to think how i respond to this i have an infant at home and up early in the morning walking around neighborhoods of manhattan. what i see maybe you know the walk of shame. i see a lot of it. i don't buy it for a second. >> wearing last night's clothes ga? >> they're not going to church. >> may be a bit of a bubble in manhattan. i live in minnesota. might be a little different there. the survey compared 1988 to 1996, 1988 to 1996, to 2012.
9:21 am
none of those years i was not in college. i will say no comment because it doesn't affect me. >> hashtag silent? >> hashtag silent on college hookups. >> you didn't volunteer to be silent. >> there are websites out there liketinueder and people sitting in cafe and find someone to hook up with. harris, are you buying this? kids are more sexual than ever. >> part of driving this, i think men did the study. men see it as badge of honor. they are more likely to fib on this they say it is a badge of honor to hook up. >> you're getting committed a little bit later in life now. >> who? >> men and women. >> men and women. >> we're not talking about chitment. >> wait a minute -- >> i don't know how you define hookup but i don't find it commitment. >> people say i hooked up. what does it mean? goes from making out to the whole shebang. >> could it be people doing the
9:22 am
survey, maybe no one wants to hook up with them so they're saying, like little lab geeks? i don't know! >> could be opposite. people who are engaged in the hookup culture around don't want to feel guilty bit. it is just the same. my parents -- >> i for one don't want to talk about my parents or what they were doing at my age. >> amen. >> ask you about your sexual progress, oh, yeah, i had about 30 in the last year. >> same thing that -- >> i don't want to know. earmuffs. earmuffs. >> sandra, that was very funny. >> depend how ask, andrea. some people are proud of that. >> commercial break we have a story. calls growing louder for veterans affairs chief to resign after a scandal that may have had deadly consequences. should he be held responsible? we'll debate that. skipping booed room for living room is becoming more common. are men bitter working at home than women? some experts think so. we'll debate.
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>> you are watching "outnumbered." as many as 300 people have died when a remote village was burned to the in nigeria. this is a story captivating the world. nigerian lawmakers are blaming one man, this leader of islamic terror group, boko haram. they kid understandped 200 schoolgirls last month and threatening to sell them to slavery to the highest bidder. now the united states is preparing to head in and help out. they're putting together a team.
9:28 am
amy kellogg following the story from london. amy, the worldwide outrage is now including americans. >> reporter: that is absolutely right, harris. the raising of this village that you mentioned seems to have happened because local police got some sort of a tipoff as to the whereabouts of the girls and some boko haram militants and they went off after them in vain apparently into that vacuum and town that the police vacated moved the broke cohall ramil taints and -- bow coha ramiltant and hacked and burned everyone in site. the building protests against government inaction is seen everywhere. it has been three weeks since they were kidnapped from a school preparing for exams. 50 have escaped and the rest are believed to be in the vast forest that is hard to search. some may have been taken to kammer ran or chad. some may have been sold to militants as wife, for $20 each.
9:29 am
11 younger girls were kidnapped sunday. united states is sending a team to help nigerians find the girls t will consist of 20 personnel, military, logistics and communication. but they are not considering conducting a operation to rescue the girls. the name, bow coha ran is against education. this is story that is not making headlines, harris, the kidnapping of young boys and young girls in that part of nye gia, so endemic, apparently in villages everywhere, there are families who haven't seen their children for months because they have been taken as brides or soldiers. jenna: you're right. that is not something that gets talked about and happens on other places on the african continent as well. amy kellogg, that so much. >> veterans affairs secretary eric shinseki is telling "the wall street journal" he is not resigning amid mounting
9:30 am
scandals at va facilities and allegations of falsifying documents and deadly treatment. whistle-blowers coming from nine va hospitals, latest from san antonio and austin, texas that higher ups kept a secret list to hide lengthy wait times for medical care. this as two republican senators, jerry moran john cornyn saying it is time for shinseki to go. pete, our organization, concerned veterans of america called for his resignation but president obama is standing by him saying that he has full faith and confidence for what is happening. they want to wait for an investigation to play out. this is not a isolated incident but a widespread problem all over the country. what is your reaction to him saying i'm not stepping down and i'm not leaving? >> this is not surprising. this administration is good at closing ranks for can cabinet secretaries that have failed. the american legion is the single largest veterans organization in the america that
9:31 am
is the voight of no confidence. if the legion says he will not cut it that is a game-changer. they have recognized this is systemic, bureaucratic system that is supposed to be serving our veterans. shinseki, the white house knows at this point in light of another revelation out of texas, after phoenix and colorado, they keep coming, shinseki is on borrowed time and we need a reformer to clean it up. >> harris, don't you think this should be taken more seriously. we have 23 confirmed deaths by va and al division of dozens more. the president doesn't seem to be outraged. shin connectsy is -- shinseki is not saying he will resign and not saying this is outrageous situation. >> 23 confirmed deaths and 6.7 million visits by veterans every year so that is reason to be concerned. i want to ask you, pete about leadership in the va and veterans organizations across the country because you are a veteran. do you feel like you are
9:32 am
represented by shinseki. do you feel the people chosen to lead are like you? >> some are, some aren't. there are great va hospitals, there are poor v aft hospitals. regardless that manager is not held accountable. no one is fired for preventable deaths in phoenix or colorado. takes act of congress to get fired. two negative reviews over three years. it is bureaucracy. joe klein, and i rarely agree with joe klein called va worst bureaucracy in government. it is like the dead wood everywhere throughout the system that prevents reform and actual dynamism. >> what is next? you're the authority. you talk to veterans every single day. you have a feeling for what is going on here. what should be done the legion saying that the white house has been silent on this. president obama is standing by shinseki. what do you feel needs to be
9:33 am
done now. >> leadership matters. shinseki has got to go. from there you have to put tools in the hands of next va secretary to actually bring about reform. there is piece of legislation, john corrine and moran both supported, va management accountability act. it would give va ability to fire managers. >> does that have a shot. >> it does. it has 100 cosponsors and we'll see in harry reid puts it up for a vote. he is good on sitting on things. >> congress in infinite wisdom decided to localize va. i think it is dysfunctional and decided to localize va. to give them more autonomy to make clinical divisions. that is why i'm not so fast calling for shinseki's re ignition. i think congress outsource ad lot to the local hospitals. he is not a kathleen sebelius. >> secretary said the same thing yesterday. i wouldn't call for his resignation. >> be great to get pete's
9:34 am
perspective on that today as well. is working at home harder for women? one writer thinks so and it is even harder for mops. she points to social psychology research women have a supportive network and by establishing meaningful work place friendships. another study says women like to multitask and are more easily distracted working from home unlike men who move from one task to the next. so, katie, i bring this out to you first. they're basically saying that women thrive when they go to work because they need that social network of other women to interact. >> i mean, i don't know. i am fine working at home. i like going into the office to talk to people but i also, the office is a place where you're working. you're not necessarily always talking to people. i think that is can serve as a distraction too. i think it is, i don't think it's a man and women issue. it is a matter what your responsibilities are. sure, if you have more distractions at home you're
9:35 am
obviously going to be more distracted. some people's work places are more distracting so they prefer to be at home. depend on person. >> harris, given opportunity to work from home, couldn't exactly do this from home, mom sees opportunity to see when their kids come home from school. the argument, women will see housework and dishes. will get distracted and won't do work. >> i found the study to be very condescending. honestly you don't think we have the attention span to sit and ignore a stack of dishes? i can do that. >> pete is chomping at the bit. >> no, agree. i think it is person by person. it is not female, male thing. women feel inclined to be there as caretakers. that is big part of who they talked about in the article. if you have got kids, even if you put yourself in different room or floor or different buildings there is inclination -- >> need child care when you're working whether at home or -- >> i work from home. >> the study was basically
9:36 am
saying men were more narrow -minded. >> i go task, by task, by task. it is ridiculous and overgeneralization, absolutely. people sometimes work better in collaborative environments sometimes alone. >> i think i am this study. >> really. >> i'm a very good self-starter, after couple weeks and months working from home you do get distracted and lonely sometimes. >> i like being alone. >> listen to this one, laudis. you may hear this tonight from your guy. i need some time with the boys before you say no, hear why bro time may be good for the both of you. what about gals time? shouldn't our time with pals get the same kind of attention? it really doesn't as we all know. it is not your usual prom. the outcry over boys at one school picking their dates through a draft that ranks the girls. the school now trying to crack down on this. is this just guys having fun?
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mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition inharge™. >> moreout numbered in just a moment. first to mr. jon scott with the what is coming up in the second hour of "happening now." >> thank you very much. 19 minutes when "happening now" resumes. congressional lawmakers debate a contempt charge for former irs official lois lerner. a big vote expected later today. the annual pork book is out. we're keeping an eye on the pork-barrel spending of some of our congressional leaders. we'll have the biggest offenders
9:42 am
to show you next hour. russian president vladmir putin claims he is pulling russian troops back from the ukrainian border. it is supposed to be a deescalation but nato and pentagon say they are not seeing any evidence of it. we're all over that story on the next hour of "happening now." back to "outnumbered." >> we'll be watching jon. jon: thanks. >> this caught our eye. reports for years that boys at a california high school have been pick their prom dates through an nfl-style draft. how creative. you heard that right. one junior said he brought a higher pick in for 140 bucks after after a big outcry on social media the school is cracking down on the tradition saying it had the potential to hurt and objectify girls. so i'm guessing, pete, that guys are picking these women just maybe based on looks or perhaps reputation because it is prom? >> or tis cores. >> oh, yeah. i agree. >> if i'm channeling guys the
9:43 am
draft we care about on thursday, is actual nfl draft. i'm a minnesota vikings fan. we have the 8th pick. that is what we're teaking about. if i'm channeling my teenage self. these are kid will be kid. i'm not saying this is a good thing. this is not sanctioned by the school. this is bunch much rich boys. seems like girls are participating in the article. this sea accept it. >> come on, pete. >> if you're a female who will be a first round draft pick i would see why you like it. >> you know what though? the problem with that, sometimes the team you don't want to play for picks the top person. want to be number three. >> you maybe say no. >> no thank you. >> i had to say no once. and i always hated prom. i hated dances because no offense, guys, i always got asked by somebody i didn't know very well, someone i really never talked to and awkward and miserable for me. >> oy. >> ladies, say no, if you don't want to go. say no.
9:44 am
>> tell women not to participate in the draft. >> good luck. >> i don't know. i found this to be disgusting. i think the biggest problem would be all of sudden the list gets out and the girls, while they might be, this is so stupid, this is horrible, they're really going to look at it. they will all look at it and judge each other and get mad at each other. >> that already happens. prom queens, prom kings. >> they didn't mind all of this, because they thought it was fun way to meet the guys and see who was interested in who. >> who did they ask? >> a little bit fundamental worked about paying money for dates and then you can outbid other guys. >> like pimping? >> who makes the money? >> yeah, like pimping. >> i think guys are combining two 6 their favorite things, football and girls and this is way they're doing it. in terms of girls being mean to each other. it is mean. this is not a nice thing but guess who thought of that? high school is not always a nice place to be. >> kind of levels the playing field. any kid in the corner can throw
9:45 am
down 300 bucks. >> number one draft pick, now you have to hang with him. >> they say yes. >> means the rich kids win. >> that's true. >> you know what? it doesn't make the boys work for it. these guys need to have the courage to come up to these women, put their wallets away and ask them to go to prom. >> go, andrea. man up. athletes are not necessarily the only ones consuming sports drinks. find out why doctors say aside from the sugars those beverages could enable very bad behavior in young people. while girls have relaxing spa day, guys go out and play golf and binge drink with the boys. when your man is away, maybe that is actually helping your relationship? >> kind of funny, when he is gone it's better? ♪
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9:49 am
>> i may beout numbered but now it is my turn for this yarr. after the show i will need bro time. time away with the guys is good for marital relationships. not because we don't want to
9:50 am
spend time with ones that we love. men also want to belong to the tribe, have the life we once had of the getting out of the house for baseball games and bars and man brunch which is apparently a trend give us time to clear our minds of the so it is undisputed guys need the time, golf, football. >> bromance. >> the article in the "huffington post," that women don't need the same time. is that true. >> that is so untrue. women need the alone time as much as men do. i think guys need to get away. i think they need to miss the woman and bang their fist against their chest and hang out with other guys. not just going to the spa. i want to play golf. i want to go for a run. i can't find any girls -- >> you want to go for a hike? my wife is, are you kidding me? that is what i would love to do on saturday morning. >> my husband play as lot of golf. >> i know you play a lot of golf, sandra. >> yeah. >> but he will play 36 and a day, next day, can i, he brought
9:51 am
his clubs on our honeymoon. i'm, more than 18 holes in one day is -- >> 36 holes, is five, six, seven hours. that is lotlong time on the golf course. >> eight. not that i was counting. >> i agree with sandra i think we need our time to be with the girls. the missing part is important. >> is that, you're both married. you're both single. is there difference between single girls? >> issue with my girlfriend an we're going to the shooting range and guys are jealous and they want to come. this is girl time. you can't come with us. women also need time with their friends. so it is the sail thing. >> i think harris and sandra need it more because they have little kids. >> that is true. >> they can justify needing more alone time than i do. but i love my alone time and i love my time with my girlfriends. i do find you need to have the guy miss you. i give them a very long leash. you know what, you can hang yourself with the very long leash. it is better than the short leash. spend time with your friends. >> you're absolutely right.
9:52 am
let me read something from the article. talks about alone time. she argues women don't need it. the issue isn't men are always excluding us. the issue we want to feel included. women are not like men. they don't go to basketball games. even we couldn't, women don't do serious book clubs. these are not my words. these are the author in the "huffington post." i want to throw up a photo. my wife would agree with all of you. this is her this past weekend in las vegas with her friend. she is on the right there, samantha. in the picture and politically i would say. and andrea appreciates she is lehigh girl. all five of them are lehigh girls and they went out to los angeles. >> she needed it. >> no monopoly on wolfpack. we refer to ourselves. >> lion he's pack. >> not a problem with finding guy or girl that will do with
9:53 am
you. honeymoon, week long, we played five rounds of golf. >> you're kidding? >> you don't want your husband shoe shopping with you though? >> you do have an excellent point. there comes a time where you have to say i need my space. there are things i do that he really doesn't want to dove. he doesn't want to spend all day shoe shopping. >> you don't want him there when you're doing your kind of thing with the mud bath. >> getting hungry when i pick out shoes. he says i'm getting weak from the shoe shopping. >> it is very true. i don't want to do a whole lot of shoe shopping. but, finding someone thaw appreciate and enjoy doing regular things with. >> well-said. >> we'll leave it there. >> picture this, you're on a date and it is going downhill. the jewelry that you will need to rock to make "the great escape." ♪ stay connected...with halo...
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and then a lot of people get in this situation. >> where was i in my 20s. i had a terrible date that was a creep and he brought his friend. i said order me a marga rita and i went to the bath rom and snuck out through the kitchen. >> you like it, what do you make of this, katy? >> it is a good idea. you are on a bad date leave and make up a story pretend a text messang or calling you. try not to get in an awkward date in the first place which tends to happen. >> i think the really weird guys are going to notice what you are wearing and say i know what that is. nworst part when you check out. creepier guys will say let me take you and help you. i just want to leave. >> did any of you find out. you are a married man, did
9:59 am
someone use this. >> how many bad dates dow have to go on before you use one. >> i went on a date in college and i leaned in to kiss her and she leaned out. i am guessing it makes sense. emergency function if you are in distress. >> it is it a safety. >> and the emergency part is interesting. it costs $120. it is an investment. >> you know what i find myself in. i am walking down to the hall and a frienda me. and you are locked in a conversation and i might want to trigger the bracelet or whatever it is. it doesn't have to be married on a date. >> and weird neighbor and alert, alert, alert. and we'll always have an emergency. you got the drama in your life.
10:00 am
and what is harris doing? >> thanks for having me. >> one lucky guy. and we are going to toss it over to jenna and john for happening now. >> we have three developing stories, congressional law makers could decide on lois lerner's fate if they hold her in contempt of congress. we have a live report moments away. monica lewinsky opening up about her affair with president clinton and how it impact the 2016 presidential race. what do you think of all of this? and a convicted murderer played by jack black in a hollywood film is set fro. remember the guy from bernie from texas? our legal panel takes up the case. house law makers could decide what hpe


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