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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 7, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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statement. >> oh, boy, getting a lot of reaction and tomorrow night, dr. charles crowdhammer is with us and go to facebook/the kelly file. thanks for watching us. i'm megyn kelly. this is the "kelly file." welcome to "hannity." tonight we have a jammed packed edition of the show. will democrats boycott benghazi, one of the big questions we'll answer for you in the course of the next hour. america, are you ready? let's roll. this is a fox news alert, the leader of boca haram is threatening to sell them. >> ladies, get married, leave
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western education. i captured your girls. i'll sell them in the market. there is a market to sell people. god commended me to sale. >> amy, what is going on? >> hi, sean. it is a warped ideology, boca haram says he loves killing people what alah tells him to do so. it a terrorist organization that prays off poverty where 2/3rds of the people live on about $1.25 a day and in the country where corruption is ripe. people are furious that not enough seems to have been done to find the kidnapped girls and bring them to safety. it has been three weeks and with the warning that they will be sold as slaves, wives, on a market, nigerians are horrified. the united states is sending a team to advice the government how to find the girls and bring
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them to safety. they are not planning on staging the rescue mission. that is for the nigerians. the british and french are sending teams. boca haram is increasingly violent with links to al qaeda franchises. this is the first real brush nigeria had with terrorism on an international scale. oil-rich nigeria is africa's richest economy. the hunt is on and they are still brazenly carrying out their campaign of terror. they raided a village and killed well over 100 people, chopping, shooting, taking advantage when the local police had gone to hunt for the girl whose are believed to be in a vast dense and remote forest. sean? >> thank you, amy. very disturbing. with more, lieutenant colonel
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bill and lieutenant journal thomas. i think this is a good thing for the people that say never say a good thing about obama, i have questions why we don't do other things. we can't be the world's policeman but this is a guy that's a terrorist, threatening to sale, wonder the they are raped, there is 50 that have escaped. they are in a paralaos position and i like the fact we're involved. >> sean, you're right about one thing. the fact they grabbed the girls and put them in the international spotlight, they healed over 10,000 people. the girl thing with the young students next to the big one. i think we'll put a lot of intelligence in there to help the nigerians determine where they areme. i don't think the nigh gear gear yins are up to it.
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i don't think they can run a rescue operation. i don't think we have drones and at some point we might and take out the leadership. >> what do you know about boca haram? >> they are unstructured, they have qualified fighters among the group but the leadership is spread out, although there is clearly the one central leader. they don't go to formation and march. they are not in good communications. they are a ruthless gang without being confronted and whether or not they can stand the challenge of a true military engagement remains to be seen and that's in our advantage to the nigerians and u.s., british and french that play over there. >> one problem with so many
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hostages, their lives are at risk if there is a rescue operation. they might have a plan to kill the kids. very difficult, delicate military maneuver. if the united states goes in, i want them to go in full bore because they probably have the greatest chance of being successful. >> the brits and french are very capable. >> and israelis. >> and israelis. we probably won't get them because they have other challenges. we need global hawks because they have the range and they will have to proposition predators or reapers that can give a full motion video picture, but we're going to need those assets and we should send our special force teams over there as soon as we can. the nigerians cannot handle it, particularly when you have 280 girls out there still, 53 have
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escaped but >> well, that's why i think we need some special ops teams in there and that would mean jay was involved, as well as nigerians but i said it is important to have the brits and french with us. they are very capable and a combined force like that has the best chance of success, sean, and it's important that we step up to it right away than have a team of fbi investigators over there advising. we need more than advisors.
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>> all right. and if i can go back to you colonial, duncan hunter was on the air last night here on fox and talking about what about for example a marine being held in a mexican jail. roll this tape. >> what this shows me mostly is the entud of john kerry. you can't stop putin and can't get a form erma rein oer marine mexican jail. i don't think kerry has the power to do anything. we'll appeal to the mexican attorney general to expedite the case so he doesn't have to wait until may 25th for the next hearing. >> i'm about helping the girls and helping nigeria and the mothers and fathers but sometimes we don't do enough for
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american citizens held and i would bring up the issue of benghazi. tea these families don't have answers in america and we've been lied to. >> first of all, the fact that we can't do something for that marine in mexico shows we don't have a good relationship. they wouldn't have this guy inside a safe place where he's not being attack by other people and benghazi, they picked the bulldog of all bulldogs to be on that, to head that committee there -- >> we'll have more on that. >> all right. one thing i want to add to this, the issue of the law comes up. this is an issue we talked about at length, the way woman machen treatedarabia. they can't drive a car or go out
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without a male family member. they must cover themselves. hollywood, jay leno, ellen degenerous have spoken out against the owner ship of the hotel in hollywood and i want to show you a piece. >> what year is this? 1814? come on, people. it's 2014. people are being kidnapped and sold and we sit around, evil flourishes when good people do nothing. there is nothing extreme happening. these aren't crazy femininests. >> i like jay leno. we've been on this over a decade. talking about gays and lesbians, why is hollywood silent up until now?
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>> that's a good question. i'm delighted they are. the law is part of an ideology when you talk about it and look what it does to women, demeans them, murders them, stones them and hollywood has never said anything to this day. i say congratulations jay leno and your friends, pick up what sean hannity and us have been pushing for the last ten years. >> guys, good to see you both and i agree. welcome to the party. the entire world, every liberal ought to stand with conservatives about the treatment of women, human rights and how oppressive it is. good to see you. coming up, will democrats boycott the benghazi select committ committee. and after years of silence monica lewinsky surfaced and conspiracy theories start spinning and speaking of the clinton family, you may want to watch this. >> what is your guilty pleasure?
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i sat down with many women. take a look at what they said to me. >> there is a lot of women that came up in arkansas and people ask aren't you scared for your life? actually, i have been. >> we will destroy you is what they said to me. >> who said? >> my brother said it on behalf of billy when he was campaigning for him in 1992. >> do you feel you're in danger? >> not anymore, i used to. i was threatened really, really, yeah, i was. i was very scared. i was horribly, horribly threatened and people don't know that story. one day -- >> maybe you'll come back -- >> why did you originally deny it considering this was a legal hatter? >> did you see what happened to jennifer flowers? did you see what was happening to paula jones? my allegation, no, not afraid. i just knew what would happen. >> here is reaction our great, greatç american panel bernard, how are you? >> how are you?
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>> hell of a day and senior fox correspondent geraldo rivera and sandra smith is here. it's a great show. >> 12 noon. >> what? >> 12:00 noon. four girls and one guy. >> yeah. >> out numbered. >> that one, lucky out numbered guy. >> that's geraldo's dream. >> geraldo, i'll start with you because you actually broke the story that the stain on the dress would be positive. >> right. >> kathleen willy, jennifer flowers, monica lewinsky, paula jones and junita, all of them say the same thing, that shay smeared, attacked, tell me who is responsible for a war on women if not the clintons and the abuse they gave the women. >> may i answer more specifically with due respect. let me divide it into two parts. there was the buildup to the
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revolution that the stain was on the dress, up until the fact we knew that was human dna on the dress. the clear he message to me, the best source, talking to me on a nightly basis, my highly-rated program, breaking news day after day. >> they ran you out of town on that show. [ laughter ] >> after the impeachment. >> yeah. >> up until the time i reported she's crazy, a nut job. >> the nut attack. >> the attack. >> once it became clear that she was telling the truth that there was the dna, then it was much more damage control. so it was definitely a period -- >> you agree -- i want to hear you say you agree that the clinton's mo for all of his shenanigans was to attack the women brutally? >> let's get more broadly.
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that was just clinton. they had their own enemies list, that's what they do. >> that's an honest assessment. why then do the clintons get away with it? we keep hearing the war on women and mitt romney has binders of women's resumes. >> they are liberal. they advance the causes that these people like when bill maher calls a woman the c-word it's okay because he's on their side. so it is ranked hypocrisy is what it is. i think her coming out was more a shot at hilary and maybe a shotout to the big dog, bill clinton because the guy is charming, he's a little older but richer -- >> but we're talking, juanita claimed rape and kathleen went to a friend for help and thrown up against the wall, paula jones, pants go down, kiss it. this is the abuser they are describing.
7:18 pm
>> right, a complete dog. >> he gets a pass. he's the most loved guy in the democratic party today. >> monica lewinsky, people are speculating to the timing of the "vanity fair" piece and hillary clinton signed off. maybe this woman is trying to get out in front of this as hillary clinton potentially launches her campaign. her life has been turned upside down. she talks about how she considered suicide, that she can't find work today because of her history. but i don't know that hilary would sign off on a piece in which she says she was troubled by hillary clinton's impulse to blame the woman. i mean, she really, to your point, bernie was going after hilary and talked about how hilary called her -- >> wait a minute -- >> consecutive -- >> why is that too far? >> why do you have to imply a conspiracy involving the former first lady -- >> wait a minute, why did
7:19 pm
hillary clinton -- >> do you think monica lewinsky picks up the phone -- >> silently and watched these women one after another get abused by the machine. >> you congratulated me for giving the appraisal. >> a moment of weakness. >> and take the next step and say aliens made her do it. >> i'll throw this out. why is hilary, why didn't hillary clinton at some point, the champion of women's rights say leave these women's character alone? >> what about her love for her husband? >> that's bs. >> you don't think she loves -- >> they are control freaks no doubt but the idea they colluded with "vanity fair". >> i'm not buying the conspiracy. >> thank you. >> everything that comes out of her mouth will hurt the clintons like a drip, drip, drip -- >> oh, geez.
7:20 pm
>> seminil observation -- >> i lost it. >> this new "vanity fair" piece, she burned the burr ray, burned the dress and looking -- >> i don't fault her. that's her choice. god bless her. the fact that she stood by and watched these women get smeared and attacked, james you drag a dollar through a trailer park? really? that's how you treat a woman with a lawsuit. he lost his law license. >> who? >> bill clinton. >> he lost it. >> he purgered himself. >> he lied in a civil deposition -- >> called perjury. >> then now and throughout history, he lied about sex. >> i'm glad you agreed the president lied in court -- >> admit thatç you had oral se in the office with an intern
7:21 pm
when asked. >> if i'm under oath, i'll tell the truth. >> read the depositions of every divorce case filed in new york supreme court. >> look, she said she was fearful of becoming an issue, monica lewinsky. this is going to stick around. ran paul started it off. >> it would depend who the candidate is. >> she cannot have the champion of women's rights as her husband's, you know, hit team slandered the women. >> i guarantee jeb bush will not bring it up -- >> i will. >> welcome back, monica, that's all i'm saying. welcome back. love to have you. >> i want to apologize for sandra for the difficulty of the panel we put her through. just a couple. >> coming up, another bombshell revelation out about the nba. what michael jordan is admitting he was once against quote all white people? first, no ptopics off limit whe
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welcome back to "hannity." you've been posting questions for me on facebook and twitter using the hashtag ask sean. it's time for answers. she loves to humiliate me. she's back. you do love, dagen mcdowell, how are you? >> good. i'm in the same dress as the promos, so -- >> is that true? >> yeah, pretty much. >> i like it you brought no new cloths and wearing clothes eight sizes too big. >> i hate wearing a tie. how does eric bowling not get to wear a tie and i'm here from the beginning and i got to wear one.
7:25 pm
>> we got to get to the first question. let's talk more about monica. people are divided and all over the place and some comments we got, one from gail, why give this woman the time of day? she's yesterday's news, blah, blah, blah, but a lot of people were sympathic toward her wishing her the best in life. hoping she makes tons of money -- >> i feel sorry for her. she said she had suicidal thoughts, that her life was put on hold. my wish for her is that she puts this whole thing behind her, you know, look, if every wrong thing i did in my youth were publicized, even in my adulth d adulthood, it would be humilia e humiliati humiliating. move on. leave this girl alone but i think it's an issue as we argue that all these women accuse this guy of being a serious abuser of women and yet, he's the most loved person who says republicans are at war with women. so the irony reeks. >> yeah, i still want to know
7:26 pm
why she did it, which we don't have the answer. >> she was probably asked to. if she turned down $10 million, probably should have taken it. >> i know. tomas asked, what should we do? the fec chair warns that conservative media like drudge and sean hannity face regulation -- >> there is the article and my name in the headline and mat drudge, it's true, fairness and doctrine hasn't worked. i haven't talked publicly about this until today. i had a case where the head of the democratic party in new york literally accused me of giving an unkind contribution because my best friend from third grade was running for congress. i put a link to his website. i had to pay tens and tens of thousands of dollars to a lawyer to win the case. is this a form of intimidation
7:27 pm
and an effort to silence? absolutely and talk radio? sure. >> i read the comments from the head of the fec and it did sound like -- >> he was -- he wants freedom of speech. >> he wants equal play for everybody. >> he's sending a message that this is going on and we better pay attention to it is how it read this. >> yeah, i absolutely agree. last thing. >> you haven't embarrassed me yet. >> well i'm about to. who do you think is going number one in the draft tomorrow night? >> not manziel. what is his name from south carolina? clowning? >> yes. >> i think it's -- >> clowney from south carolina. >> is that a good answer? i don't follow the draft as closely as my friends. >> we should get cheeky out here. i can see him there. you know how you can embarrass -- >> where does manziel go? this is tv, you got to talk --
7:28 pm
>> even though it was strongly intimated cleveland was not going to take him. >> my assistant, you can get in the shot. she's the girl that catches the football right there. say hi. >> if cleveland takes him, manziel goes number six, right? >> four. >> four, you're right. >> we got to go. >> you didn't embarrass me, no pictures -- >> no, i'm waiting for you to throw the football to her because you will embarrass yourself. >> you know i can throw. major win, what does it mean for the november midterm in the senate. we'll explain later michael jordan admitting that he was once quote against all white people. what is that about? set your dvr to "hannity" the series and tell your friends. thanks for being with us. music♪
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all right. welcome back to "hannity." last night kicked off the primary season and a big win in north carolina. tillis defeated greg brannon with 45% of the vote. he'll go on to battle kay hagan in the fall. so what is the establishment win in this case? does it mean for the 014 midterms that is six months away? with reaction, press secretary and democratic strategist penny. i stayed out of primaries for the most part, ronald reagan did not. i want a win. kay hagan said what obama said on health care. i think she will lose because of that. >> it's one of the most vulnerable democrats in the united states but not the most. no adays
7:35 pm
nowada nowadays, if republicans don't play, we can yield the field to the weakest candidate. this is a case where the strongest candidate won and enhanced republican chances. >> there is a battle between the tea party and establishment and one thing i'm urging, i'm impressed with republican governors, rick perry, john, scott walker, rick scott. they are getting things done and i don't see a vision coming out of republicans in the house and senate five issues, unify the country, balance the budget, energy independence. don't hear it fromç them. >> sean, that's a point but this is an opposition cycle. in the year of the bush presidency, the democrats took the house by running against bush and iraq. republicans are doggiing the same -- >> why -- >> don't do it then republicans will weaken themselves in the presidency. this is an opposition cycle k-- >> you believe you should run
7:36 pm
and not tip your hat. >> tactically you -- >> this is opposition cycle. >> if the republicans had five things that would inspire the base and that every -- if you're a conservative in any way you support, i think it would be helpful. >> i think it was tragedy if you saw the voter turnout, 16%. >> terrible. >> but it's really low and that's a shame because they are not excited. there is no one that's excited to vote. >> nobody is excited about kay hagan. kay hagan is under water. >> she's not. she's leading, the candidate just nominated -- >> last week she was losing by three or four points against an unknown candidate. >> but now that you have -- you're not running against the all mighty, you're running against the alternative. >> if you like your plan, you can keep it and if you like your doctor, you can -- >> there are things she's trying to do. >> she was saying back in 2009.
7:37 pm
>> there is things you well know republican candidates are running away from. >> not one republican voted for i it, not one. >> they say yeah, we'll keep preexisting conditions and keep the -- >> they said that before. >> they have no -- >> but ari, this is a good point. let me concede one point to penny. it's four years now since this law was passed and republicans haven't built a consensus about their opposition plan. that's tactically not smart. >> well, no, that's not right. consumer based health care -- >> not consensus, seven or eight different plans -- >> have they put it up for a vote -- >> when you're not minority, you don't. when the democrats -- >> not when you have the president of the opposite party. >> when they have control of the house. >> i'll agree with ari, let him talk. >> they have control and allow people to tort reform, long been
7:38 pm
established. it's the approach to throw everything out. >> look at rick perry or scott walker, guys that took deficits, turned them into surpluses, unemployment that's how brought down significantly. conservative principles and governed at conservatives and loved in some cases in blue states. >> this is the difference between being a governor and legislator. when i helped write the report about the future of the party, the so-called autopsy. we called it a tale of two parties. >> you're right. >> legislators are different. the republicans for the presidential is going to be letting a man or women, a vision in 2015 what does have positive ideas because it's not enough to run on opposition. different in 2014. >> i will go to your expertise. i want the vision. >> i think the american people want the vision and contrast. >> you're excited.
7:39 pm
>> can we bet? >> how much. >> whatever we want to say. >> what -- >> our usual standard. >> thousand dollars crity choice. thousand dollars charity choice. you got two grand, we'll be criticized for being mitt romney wannabes here. >> ten -- >> coming up, the obama administration resorts to scare tacti tactics to sell climate change and nba michael jordan was quote against all white people? what is that about and tiki basher and the big nfl draft coming up this week here on hannity. awesome, amazing, that's epic, bro.
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good is maxwell house. trwith secure wifie for your business. it also comes with public wifi for your customers. not so with internet from the phone company. i would email the phone company to inquire as to why they have shortchanged these customers. but that would require wifi. switch to comcast business internet and get two wifi networks included. comcast business built for business. welcome back to "hannity." it seems as though administration is resorting to scare tactics when it comes to pushing climate change agenda. administration issued a dire report, that the america's future will be filled with droughts and heat waves, water shortages, hurricanes and the list goes on and on. john addressed the issue on monday throwing down the
7:45 pm
gauntlet to anyone that opposes the president's climate change agenda. take a look. >> they will find various ways, particularly in the house to try to stop us from using the authority we have under the clean air act, all i would say is that those have zero percent chance of working. we're committed to moving forward with the rules. >> here to debate whether administration is in fact using scare tactics to push for regulations on you, the american people, we have author chris warner and echo entrepreneur chief client officer of brands with us. i watched this whole debate over climate change from "time magazine" saying the next ice age is coming in the '70s to one out british papers printed the arctic ice volume, do you think it went up or down? s
7:46 pm
s >> no, we know it went up slightly -- >> 50%, is that slightly? >> well -- >> how can that happen in global warming? >> the entire globe, different ecosystems, 48 states had record high temperatures since 200 -- >> we've had a record -- we had temperature dropping for the last 17 years, the temperature has gone down worldwide, the last 17 years. >> where did you get that number from? because that's not true. >> that is exactly true. >> name a scientific organization that is quoting that. there isn't one. >> chris warner -- >> the temperature is going up. >> where has the temperature gone in the last 17 years? >> state diverging between the climate model projections, their p properties of the future, which they call a pause stays flat. >> this is what we keep hearing. >> that reality -- >> they keep saying, literally the temperature is going warmer but then you see change or no
7:47 pm
change and then they say no, it's just a period of stability taking place that they didn't expect which changes the narrative. what i'm trying to under from you. if the ice volume is increasing 50%, that proves that the temperatures are getting colder. temperature rising -- >> you do not understand -- you have to understand the fact you don't live in the city. there is a different temperature outside of the city than in the city. there are different weather systems that goes on. because one place is cooling doesn't necessarily mean that the entire globe is cooling. >> you guys told us and all your scientists including harvard and big schools, the scientists you referred to and the debate is over, you told us in the 1970s, we were heading into a new ice age. now you say the world is going to burn up. why would anyone believe you when they cite experts and they are so wrong? >> people used to think smoking is good for you.
7:48 pm
there is science -- >> science -- "time magazine" said the coming ice age. >> that is 40 years ago. >> now you're telling us global warming. >> there is evolution even on the science, there is new equient that is remote sensing equipment. this is a fact that temperature is going up. >> chris, why in england did they manipulate the data if in fact, science is so overwhelming. >> because the scientists settled, even if what settled keeps changes. that's true. it was warming and that was settled and now it's climate d disruption because you rebrand. people aren't buying it. the proper process as they proved with cap and trade rejects the agenda so they need people to not come out -- >> it was designed by republicans. it was a republican product. >> well -- >> no, no, let's have a vote on it if that's the case.
7:49 pm
harry reid's senate killed cap and trade because they apparently care about jobs, theirs and saw they were threatened. so now they are doing it around the democratic process and they got a rule coming up to close all existing power plants, they got an election coming up this year. they did it again in 2000, the same report -- >> i got news for you -- >> the selection campaign. >> there are almost as many right now, solar jobs as there are cole jobs and growing at ten times the national average. >> theyç are welfare cases and collapsing all over the world. every word the president said, look to spain if you want to see -- >> last question -- >> doesn't give that speech anymore. >> i have an exit question. our pentagon laying off military people and cutting the defense budget to the bone, they are forcing war planes to use green energy fuel that cost $150 per gallon 60 normal cost of jet fuel. do you think that's a wise thing to do?
7:50 pm
>> the u.s. navy is one of the forefront leaders on talking about climate change -- >> why would we pay 60 times the amount for jet fuel when we are laying off brave men and women serving the country? >> this is the >> just cling onto the past saying we're going to keep this oil though oil is damaging. >> you know oil is keeping people working chris, in north dakota, in texas and louisiana real jobs. we can end our dependence on foreign oil. >> and wind isn't doing that? >> in europe energy poverty deaths are dropping like flies. how many people is the right number to die for no impact on climate? >> are you really saying --
7:51 pm
>> we've got to go. al gore is on a private jet. is that wrong? robert kennedy gets on a private jet is that wrong? >> these people need to be in places to spread the word. >> oh, oh. they can't travel like mere mortals on jet blue. >> i got it. >> spread the pious fiction. >> michael jordan on the issue of race. and tiki barber will weigh in on and much more, tomorrow is draft day in the nfl. more on that straight ahead. i had to do something. i saw mdoctor. a blood test showed it was low testosterone, not age. we talked about axiron the onlynderarm low t treaent that can restore t vels to normal in about two weeks in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18
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7:57 pm
a book details what his life was like in north carolina in the 70s. one excerpt he recalls an instance when a white female class mate called him the n word he reacted saying i threw a soda at her. i considered myself a ratist at that time. i was against all white people. here with reaction tiki barber. i guess in light of the clippers owner some people may take that one way. i take it a different way. >> he didn't have to say that. he was explaining a timeç whene grew up and what he experienced i just don't think he would have said it unless he wanted to be a teachable moment i kind of admired him for it. >> you can't begrudge someone for growing up with a certain set of ideals or beliefs but you can if they do once they become
7:58 pm
educated and enlightened. there are instances where people grow up a certain way. donald sterling is the example he became learned and a person of the world let's say, and bought a clippers team, that was full of african american players he never changed he was interacting with african americans yet still held prejudices. contrast is that michael changed. >> he didn't have to -- >> of course. >> everybody loves michael jordan. >> if you love basketball you want to see michael jordan and magic johnson. you want to say larry bird. the miami heat. and it's interesting because he's never been someone to speak on political issues really any issues that are somewhat controversy controversial. >> do you think the sterling case showed that if you are racist, you will be ostracized? >> i think in a private organization like nba, that can
7:59 pm
happen. it exists hank aaron said it we know it exists >> you don't think it's the majority of people? >> absolutely not there is a percentage because they grew up ignorant and never changed they never learned themselves out of it. you can't help those people you hope they keep their mouths shut and not prove their ignorance and let society move forward as it has over the last 50 years. >> who is going first in the draft tomorrow? >> to me, it's timmy watkins. >> i would have told you cleveland two days ago but here is the thing. it's maybe come to the jets. >> michael vick? . >> i like michael vick. i'm worried about gino. >> yes. >> we'll see. >> are you going to throw it out tonight? >> wait, wait. that is all the time we have
8:00 pm
left. set your dvr on "hannity". we'll see you back here tomorrow night. there you go. go! the "o'reilly factor" is on tonight. >> there's not going to be an inside joke. this is a serious investigation. >> john boehner throws down the gauntlet on the benghazi investigation. will democrats sign on to the latest effort to find out what the white house knew and when they knew it? >> when is the administration going to tell the american people the truth? >> i think that we have to reign in. anybody can have a gun anywhere, anytime. >> hillary clinton sounding like a presidential candidate as questions surface about the timing of monica lewinsky's reappearance on the public stage. >> i wonder if this


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