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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 28, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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president says is we have been through a long season of war and this is had first graduating class at west point since 9/11 that will not have a duty to go serve in afghanistan and iraq. >> there maybe other places that need or support so we will see what the action is that follows the speech. >> we have to wrap up now and we will watch you moments away. "happening now" starts now. >> president obama making a commencement speech at west point where he is outlining the foreign policy vision
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putin is sitting in the kremlin laughing. think about that. the of the said as a sign of success. we have removed troops from iraq and allies in the middle east are saying to themselves. the iraqis wanted stay behind force. israelis and south did is both. instead you pulled out, iraq is falling back into conflict. is being, unduly influenced by iran. do we think if there were u.s. troops still in iraq that the iranians would be flying over iraq in order to resupply the syrian dictate to? he said ukraine is success. sign of quote, american leadership and american
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strength. can you imagine what putin is thinking about that in the kremlin today? he is has taken crimea. he has trooped massed on ukrainian border in order to influence the country. he was special russian troops inside of ukraine to foment dissent in the east. he has embarrassed united states and embarrassed nato and trying to reassert the soviet empire and the president says this is sign of american success. and i just the speech was not anything new. it is what we've said before, put together with nice packaging and a with few new straw men. it has done nothing to advance the strategic interests of the united states. jon: he talked about the difference in opinions between what he called self-described realists who say that conflicts in syria or ukraine or the central african republic are not ours to solve. then he said, talked about interventionists who said, america's failure to act in the face of syrian brutality or russian provocation, not only violates our conscience but
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invites escalating aggression. he said that he doesn't believe either one of those approaches is directly correct. and, i guess he is advocating taking some kind of a middle ground. >> this is a false choice. this is a straw man. i don't know of a significant realist who says, as the president implied we don't need to ever get involved. i don't know of a, of an internationalist, serious internationalist, we always need to deploy the u.s. military. it's a question when it is appropriate and when it is necessary. even president obama had an argument with himself in that speech. today he indicated it was time to take action in syria. nearly three years ago, over three years ago, he said, if the syrians did the following thing, it was a red line for the united states and assad must go. three-years later assad is still there after they have violated the president's own red line, now he says, vaguely we'll take
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some new action in syria. the president engaged in straw men and tossed them out there every few moments. at another point in the speech he implied there were people that believed that only thing america should ever do, its prime response in every instance was to respond with military. i don't know of a serious leader who believes that. serious leaders believe in using diplomatic power, economic power, soft power, military power if need be but i don't know of anybody who says the answer in each and every instance, as the president himself said today is to use military power. let me give you one other thing that blew me away. here we have iran, the president said we're on the verge of getting something we've never been able to pet, implying an end to iranian nuclear program. i don't know what world he is living in. i don't know what plane of existence he is living in. the iranian supreme leader responded to the recent negotiations by saying, our object is to destroy america.
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we will never give up our nuclear program. maybe the president is an optimist. make he thinks there is pony underneath the pile of manure. the iranian situation is knot on the verge of being resolved. it is intractable negotiations that are going nowhere. jon: there is an awful lot to take apart in that speech. we'll, we will certainly be doing so throughout the day. karl rove, our fox news analyst. thanks. jenna: we thank karl rove. issue we're dealing with right now. we want to talk about america's asking question today. we want to know in light of the president's speech, what do you think of president's obama foreign policy. log on to,/happeningnow and click on "america's asking" tab to go to the live chat. we look forward what you have to say on that. the president is adding energy and the environment. he is making a proposal next week to limit carbon emissions from our nation's coal-fired plants. doug mckelway with the latest on this part of the story.
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doug? >> reporter: hi, jenna. in departure from the normal procedure the president himself will announce the epa clean air regulation. it will be the most stringent yet and natural gas plants and coal-fired plants to produce no more than 1,000-pound of co2 per megawatt hour of electricity. natural gas plants can do that very easily. even the newest coal-fired plants can not meet that standard. that has set off a firestorm of protest, not among the fossil fuel industry and congressional republicans but seven energy state democrats facing tough midterm re-election battles signed a letter to the president expressing deep concern about these new standards. their fears, bolstered by a u.s. chamber of commerce study released today, finds the new regs will impose huge costs to the economy and to every american household. >> in terms of disposable income, over the course of the study, 2014 to 2030, the american households will lose $586 billion of disposable
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income. or at its peak, $367 a year. over aggregate. that means for a household losing $3400 of income they would otherwise be spending on something else. >> reporter: the chamber adds these regulations will result in average loss of 224,000 jobs every year and sustained lower standard of living. the regulations will impose kind of a cap-and-trade system on each individual state but the states will have tremendous leeway how to implement the regulations. people will have an opportunity to weigh in on this rule after the rule is announced on monday by the president, a one year public comment period begins. tweaks will be made after which the rule will be implemented. jenna? back to you. jenna: now we see again as the president goes into final two years in office, we see foreign policy on top of the agenda and now the environment. a lot to pay attention to there. thank you very much. >> reporter: yep. jon: more bloodshed in eastern ukraine to tell you about. dozens of fighters including at least two civilians killed after
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government forces thwart an attempt by pro-russian separatist its to seize the airport in donetsk. gregpalkot streaming live from there with more. greg? >> reporter: jon, it is calm here right now but it wasn't earlier here today. we mr. out in a residential area near the airport where the fighting occurred. listen to what we heard. [gunfire] ukrainian authorities say they have control of the airport but apparently are still skirmishing with rebel militants in the outskirts. ukrainian fighter planes also buzzed the center of the city in apparent show of force. that alarmed a lot of people. take a look at what we saw. train station in it is not far from the airport where rebels have been fighting with ukrainian forces. you can hear the fighter jets overhead, on loud speaker, warning to these passengers, to
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run, to reach for cover, just for their safety. militants were so schocked by the fly-bys they apparently started firing heavy automatic weapon at the jets in attempt to bring them down. that caused even more panic in this city of one million. the ukraine now says it intends to target rebels occupying post builds here. good reason why they are on edge. information on who is exactly doing the fighting. a separatist leader admitting to fox news, among the rebels are tough fighters from chechnya. that is part of the russian federation. the pro-moscow leader of chechnya is denying he is sending troops but admitting there could be volunteers here. most analysts say moscow would have to get tacit consent for that to happen. all along vladmir putin is saying russia is not involved here. jon. jon: so many machinations there. greg palkot. thank you for your reporting.
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jenna: who the baby's mother is now thinking for helping this story have a happy ending. plus a new warning about libya today amid fears our embassy will have to be evacuated at a moment's notice. less than two years after the deadly benghazi terror attacks. the action the u.s. is taking now. we're live at the pentagon with that story just ahead. [ laughter ] smoke? nah, i'm good. [ male announcer ] celebrate every win with nicoderm cq, the unique patch with time release smartcontrol technology that helps prevent the urge to smoke all day long. help prevent your cravings with nicoderm cq.
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jon: right now a quick look at some stories we're keeping an eye on. the missouri man accused of killing three people outside of a jewish center in over land park, kansas is facing more charges. prosecutors adding three charges of attempted murderer. frazier glen cross is in custody under $10 million bond. the judge on the jody arias murder trial is issuing a ban on media coverage and 15 minute delay on live broadcasts. last year she was convicted of murdering her lover but jurors could knot reach a on her sentence. online detective showed the security camera picture of the suspect posing as a nurse to a friend on facebook who then realized it was her neighbor. the police quickly rescued the baby and arrested the woman. jenna: the president wraps up a
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major speech on foreign policy, news in a part of the world continues to be embroiled in conflict a new travel warning for libya today amid a new military move by the united states. amphibious assault ship is heading for libya just in case our embassy needs to be evacuated because of militia battles plunging that country into political chaos. this comes amid the ongoing controversy over the u.s. responds to the benghazi terror attack nearly two years ago. national security correspondent jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon with more on this story. >> reporter: hi, jenna. roughly 1,000 u.s. marines on board of amphibious assault ship, the uss bataan, is parked off the coast of libya in international waters waiting for order to help evacuate the american embassy in tripoli as fighting in the libyan capitol escalates. last week 250 marines left spain for italy. equipped with the seven osprey
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tiltrotor aircraft and they cc-130 cargo planes. the pentagon is making a effort to be ready and avoid past mistakes. >> this is part of what we consider the new normal. one of the things we learned from benghazi was the need to have agile, footprint that, you know, that you can, that you can move quickly to address just these kinds of issues in north africa. >> reporter: the state department says it hopes not to have to use the marines. >> this is a, a portion of a special purpose marine air guard task force crisis response that moves to ennaval air station in sicily and this positions was done in the event these resources are needed in the future. this is taken as a precautionary measure. >> reporter: late tuesday the state department warned all u.s. citizens should leave libya citing lawlessness and threats to american interest and yet to order the evacuation of its own
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embassy personnel. security in tripoli worsened dramatically since the renegade general launched an attempt to rid the country of islamist militants. the enemies of the general claim he is american agent though the state department criticized his efforts which amount to a coup. jenna: more to watch there. jennifer, thank you. jon: we are awaiting breaking news on that u.s. marine jailed in mexico. the latest on his fate as he prepares to make his first court appearance there since was arrested by mexican authorities. plus, you ever wonder why so many of those online ads seemed specifically targeted at you? turns out they are. and why that happens and why some consumer advocates are crying foul. [ female announcer cre presents:
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jon: a u.s. marine who says he made a wrong turn and landed in mexico faces a judge for the first time about one hour from now, act andrew tahmooressi, is expected to appear in mexican courtroom almost two months after he was arrested and jailed. hopes to explain how he accidentally crossed into that country with three legally registered firearms. will carr, live in the los angeles newsroom. he has latest on that. will? >> reporter: jon, it has been a long two months for andrew tahmooressi, he lost weight. tried to break out of jail. reportedly tried to slit his throat because of miserable conditions to the mexican jail to south of us. he will finally get his first court appearance this morning. it is not open to the public. it will be held in a small room in the federal courthouse in tijuana. that is war tahmooressi, a narine suffering from ptsd who served two tours in afghanistan will be able to tell his side of the story. he will get to question customs
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officers and members of the mexican military who he ran into on march 31st. tahmooressi maintains he took a wrong turn, wound up at the border and immediately called 911. >> 911 emergency. >> hi. i'm having a little bit ofage emergency here. my problem is, i crossed the border by accident and i have three guns in my truck and they're trying to possess, they're trying to take my guns from me. >> so you're in mexico? >> yeah. i'm not sure if i crossed yet. >> reporter: he did cross and was immediately arrested. now the big question is, will he be set free today or possibly let out on bail? we can tell you that the mexican judicial system is very unpredictable though. the judge, though, jon, set another hearing for next week to listen to the 911 tapes that you just heard. so we'll have to wait and see exactly how this all plays out about 40 minutes from now. jon: despite all the international pressure he
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remains in jail? >> that's right. jon: will carr in los angeles. will, thank you. jenna: new information today about a controversial new marketing practice and here's how it works. it starts with data collecting firms compiling vast amounts of personal information about you, literally, billions of data points. those firms then turn around and sell that information to advertisers who use it to taylor ads -- tailor ads specifically aimed at you. federal trade commission voicing its concerns calling for more transparency for consumers. raising the the question is all this collection legal. judge andrew napolitano, fox news legal analyst. is it, judge? >> as long as people advertising to you are gathering information from pub sources, that it is legal. jenna: what are source public sources in this case? >> public sources would be efforts you made to look at a product online and the company
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with which you communicated selling your email address to these entities. say you're looking for, forgive me, maternity clothes. jenna: you can use it as example. it is actually reality. >> you're looking for maternity of clothes. you google ma ternty clothes. next time you go online, there are ads for maternity clothes. jenna: we have wardrobe department at fox. first time, we're exchanging emails about maternity clothes. >> right. jenna: i open a link, take a look what they're saying, might look good on the air. every time i open up a major newspaper online the ads are all maternity ads. i notice that. >> how did that stuff end up on, end up on your screen whenever you start to email? you could be emailing me about this. on the side of your email to me will be an ad for maternity clothes. jenna: isn't your email private? >> yes or no. if you google a company that
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sells maternity clothes they will sell the fact thaw googled them and your email address to a company that collects that and in turn markets it. is there a way to stop this? well, would require legislation to stop it. jenna: what do you think about that? lobbyists working on behalf of data collectors say that the potential for harm does not elicit the need for new legislation. if there actually is harm, if someone feels that their privacy has been violated, that is a different story but the potential is not enough to -- >> i tell you what i like and i rarely like this but in 24 instance i do. it's a decision by the highest court in europe. usually they're a bunch of socialisting giving government more power at price of individual freedom but last week they had a very interesting ruling saying you have the right to disappear. you have the right to disappear from the internet. you have the right to erase your footprint from the internet. which of course which stop all of these ads from coming to you.
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now we don't have that right in this country but our cousins in europe do. jenna: but it is an interesting private market solution potentially. >> yes. jenna: we could see private data brokers we could hire to make sure our private information is not out there. >> all that could be done without the government. jenna: what do you think true transparency looks like in this day and age legally? that is what the ftc says they're concerned about for consumers we don't realize these data collectors might know more about us than our families? >> i'm afraid of what true transparency looks like. the biggest spy of all is the federal government that wants to regulate this the federal government listens to our phone calls and captures emails and telephone bills and doctor bills and lawyer bills and all that kind of stuff. jenna: what is private now, judge? you mentioned public sources. >> very little. very little. if you asked me that question 40 years ago. the law would have been if you have expectation of privacy, if you expect it to be private, if it is rational if it is private it is private.
8:27 am
not any longer. very little privacy left in our society. the leading assaulter on our privacy is our own federal government. popularly elected government has done this to us. industry, where we started the conversation picked up on that. jenna: do you think it is too much to put it all back in the bottle? >> i think it can be put back in the bottle if there is will to do so. jenna: does that mean more laws? more bureaucracy, more legislation here? >> more restraint for government and more freedom for consumers. jenna: is it philosophical rather than legislative. >> it is philosophical. if there is market for you and me to find a company to go out there to erase our footprint from the internet, that company should exist and survive and thrive and get rich. jenna: maybe we could talk later. i think that sound like a great idea. >> what would we name this company? jenna: we'll ask our viewers. twitter followers will have a lot of ideas, judge. great to talk to you as always. >> glad, to, jenna.
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always is. jenna: jon? jon: as president obama turns the page on the war in afghanistan, why al qaeda might not be as weak as the white house has said in the past. maybe not even as weak as the president said this morning. also your steering wheel could soon be a thing of the past. how one internet giant wants to take the driver out of the daily commute. 1x,y-é%úw
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jon: still to come this hour, new reaction to the president's foreign policy plan as laid out
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this morning at west point. did he hit the right notes when laying out his vision for america's role on the world stage? we'll go in depth. a tech giant developing a driverless car. how it works and how soon you might be one on the road. would you get in if. plus madonna skipped out on jury duty. why the material girl is courting controversy now. we have the lowdown. with president obama laying out a new foreign policy agenda during a commencement speech at west point today, there is new testimony on capitol hill raising doubts about the administration's previous claims about al qaeda and the threat that it poses now. our chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live in washington. catherine, the president talked about al qaeda again in that speech this morning. what are you hearing? >> reporter: as one example defense officials point to the nigerian terrorist group boko haram saying it benefits from alliances with al qaeda in
8:33 am
north africa and al qaeda in somalia. they began sharing best practices and at a training center in ethiopia. this is described by defense officials as a win-win, situation, this al qaeda sympathetic group can stand up to the nigerian government which will raise the group's profile which would raise funding from terrorist groups in the future. it is allied with the al qaeda movement ideology which is bigger than usama bin laden as we heard in recent testimony. >> the reason for that is what is important about al qaeda is that not so much any individual leader. it's the organization and what's important about the organization is the ideology behind it. >> reporter: fox news has already reviewed an advance copy of the west point counterterrorism journal and it specifically has new analysis on boko haram saying that the sharing of these best practices
8:34 am
between aqim and al-shabaab with boko haram may actually predate 2011, jon. jon: are there other examples of al qaeda affiliates like that working together? >> reporter: you hear increasingly from officials who study this area is this emphasis on the killing of usama bin laden may ultimately be displaced. misplaced. >> went into afghanistan out of necessity after our nation was attacked by al qaeda on september 11th, 2001. we went to war against al qaeda and its extremist allies with the strong support of the american people and their representatives in congress. >> reporter: but these officials say that that kind of statement which puts the emphasis on al qaeda in pakistan, afghanistan, is misplaced just by recent example the attack in benghazi, libya, where you saw different operatives from yemen in and al qaeda in north africa and people with support
8:35 am
structure with links back to usama bin laden really pull off a very strategically effective attack on u.s. interests. so it doesn't have to necessarily be dictated by the core. these affiliates increasingly are working together. this is creating a new threat from al qaeda to u.s. interests specifically in africa, jon. jon: the president once again said usama bin laden is no more in that speech this morning. catherine herridge, thank you. >> reporter: you're welcome. >> here is my bottom line. america must always lead on the world stage. if we don't, no one else will. the military that you have joined is and always will be the backbone of that leadership. but u.s. military action can not be the only or even primary component of our leadership in every instance.
8:36 am
just because we have the best hammer does mean every problem is a nail. jenna: the president laying out his foreign policy plans for the rest of his second term today. he re-emphasized what he is now calling a new chapter in the story of american leadership around the world. to talk more about that chapter, greg stevenson, foreign affairs columnist for "wall street journal," ambassador nick burns, former ambassador to nato and former undersecretary of state for political affairs. nice to have you with us today as we tackle these big topics gentlemen, because these are big questions. who are we, what do we stand for as a nation? bret, based on what the president had to say today on leadership, what do you think defines that? >> well the speech struck me as kind of a repackaging and a justification for his foreign policy. it nice to hear him sound notes you just excerpted that america needs to be a leader. the real question is whether the record of his five 1/2, six years as president shows that he is prepared to fulfill that role
8:37 am
for the united states. the record of the obama administration is generally been one of retreat. it has created allies who are uncertain and enemies who are increasingly ambitious. all i can say i'm very glad he didn't mention the russian reset in his speech. jenna: and why? >> because we see how well that worked out and what is happening in crimea and obvious panic allies like poland, estonia, lithuania, georgia feel at this country we attempted to make a friend of. jenna: he didn't mention it directly, nick, or i should say ambassador. let me use your title. i know you worked hard for that ambassador burns, what he did mention is what is going on in ukraine. he said that is example of american leadership working and his third principle which he mapped out which is building coalitions. that is something we do he will. he mentioned ukraine and mentioned iran as examples of success of that based on your work in nato, would you agree those are successful indover,
8:38 am
and support american strong leadership in the world? >> the president had a major challenge in this speech, jenna. he had to over come the growing perception internationally that the united states has pulled back too much on the throttle of leadership. we are not energetic and clear as we're number one power in the world. i thought it was an effective speech. he answered that question. he said we're both indispensable and exceptional. very clearly argued against isolationism. he was right to point to the fact that at least there's a chance to make progress on iran. ukraine is a problem because we really have not found yet a way to stand up to president putin because the europeans pulled back from strong sanctions because they're hook on russian natural gas. i don't think that is a strong point for the president. syria's a problem because we drew that line in the stand last year but when assad crossed it the president didn't use force. but i think the president was right to point to the fact that al qaeda has now metastasized
8:39 am
into al qaeda affiliate groups across north africa, into east africa and arabian peninsula. he promise ad $5 billion counterterrorism training program. think that was the right point for the president to make. jenna: seems, am bass do, you believe most of the cases the actions are following the words appropriately but, bret, brings up another question as well. not just how we perceive the president's words and policies but how do you think our enemies perceive what he has to say? >> i think the big challenge, the president needs to translate a speech into effect tiff action. he needs to raise the cost to president putin on ukraine and we need to push back politically, diplomatically on the chinese flexing of their muscles and bullying filipinos, vietnamese, japanese in east and south china sea. there are big challenges ahead. i do think this was the right speech. jenna: okay. >> you need to bring it forward
8:40 am
into better action. jenna: what is the way to bring it forward, brad? how do you think our enemies are perceiving what the president has to say? >> i think enemies judged the administration by its actions, not rhetoric. now we're hearing supposed administration announcement we'll be training syrian rebels. i've been maring that from the administration for at least a year. so either it hasn't happened or hasn't happened in any substantive way and the lesson thaw draw if you're an iranian commander who is helping the government of bashar al-assad is this, is that this is one more announcement by a president with no reality. by the way, jenna, just as important how our enemies look at the speech is how our friend will read the speech. how do the polls receive us? how about israelis and taiwan east? we're seeing great many countries, saudis i might add as well, looking at united states no longer see it as guarantor of their security interests they had under previous presidencies. that is unnerving as action of
8:41 am
our enemies. that means a world of foreign policy freelancers when many of our friend will start taking matters into their own hands because they don't think the american president is as good as his word or as good as his speeches. >> ambassador, how concerned are you about that and what do you think is the ultimate effect of that on the average american? >> i think it cuts two ways. i think our friends and allies in europe and japan is reassured by what the president is doing last few weeks. we need stronger european leadership on russia. bret is right. one big problem for the united states is the middle east where israelis and saudis are beginning to doubt american leadership and iran deal will help with that we also got to do more on syria, to arm moderate rebel groups to push back against assad and hezbollah and the iranian revolutionary guard core command. again speeches are very important to pave the way forward. but now we see to see the actions. the president's has got a lot of time left in his term of office. he is certainly capable of
8:42 am
changing the tune and changing the perception. jenna: like to have you both back as we have seen perhaps more action on any of these fronts. bret, ambassador burns, thank you so much. great to see you. >> thank you. jenna: well now to our america's asking question. we want to know in light of the president's speech what do you think of the president's foreign policy? log on to click on "america's asking" tab to weigh in on the live chat. senator mccain joins us at top of the 1:00 hour. he will talk about america's leadership and way forward in leadership. we look forward to your comments and perhaps share some of that as well. jon: tech giant google unveils the car of the future it says. why this thing could change the way we get around forever. the material girl choosing not to express herself. next what happened when madonna was called for jury duty. ♪. ñ
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jenna: let's check out what is ahead on "outnumbered" at the top of the hour. jedediah and kimberly standing by. hi, guys. >> just moments from now the u.s. marine jailed in mexico for nearly two months goes before a judge to describe what happened the night he says he accidentally crossed the border with three registered guns. >> some say men's magazines are causing guys to misbehave but is it fault of magazines like maxim
8:47 am
and men's health or is it more personal responsibility? >> good question. new trend among younger people, involves a pen, piece of paper and list of romantic rendezvouses. >> our hashtag #oneluckyguy hass of his own at the top of the hour. >> he has a list. jenna: guys, thank you. >> all right. jon: well her "blond amibition" apparently does not apbly to jury duty. madonna was scheduled to perform her civic duty this week but the material girl was a no-show at the manhattan courthouse. julie banderas joins with us the fox 411 on that. julie? >> stinks being celebrity and being called to jury duty. madonna like the rest of just got called to jury duty. she had a valid excuse for not showing up a doctor's note according to sources at courthouse. the material girl was due in manhattan supreme court yesterday in new york. no-show jurors are automatically allowed to postpone civic duty
8:48 am
one time here in new york but must apply first. it is unclear exactly what her medical issue was. but one source tells the "new york daily news" it is not serious. don't worry, folks. she is okay. this isn't the first time madonna had to report to jury duty. back in 2008, she appeared in a beverly hills court where she lived before moving to new york where she now lives on upper east side. she was dismissed after four hours. the doctors note this time around won't exactly get madonna out of jury duty all together. she will eventually be reassigned. no word on madonna's next day in court. we reached out to madonna's manager but haven't received a comment yet. she will be a jury juror at some point. jon: she has one name. how did the computer find her. >> that's a great point. i'm dropping my last name. maybe i get out of the jury duty next time. jon: call you julie. >> how about jules? has more of a ring to it. jon: thanks. jenna: has top speed of 25 miles
8:49 am
an hour but where is the steering wheel? coming up we'll take a look at google's newest prototype, a car that drives itself. plus we've all seen the car chases out there, right? how about a dump truck on the run? the story hyped the video next. >> i'm just glad that they caught him. i mean it is pretty crazy he got this far. [male vo] inside this bag exists over 150 years of swedish coffee experience. that's 150 years of experience
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in refining an perfecting the rich, never bitter taste of gevalia. and we do it all for this very experience. this very second. this exact moment. [woman] that's good. i know right? cheers to that. gevalia. 150 years of rich, never bitter coffee.
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that corporate trial by fire when every slacker gets his due. and yet, there's someone around the office who hasn't had a performance review in a while. someone whose poor performance is slowing down the entire organization. i'm looking at you phone company dsl. check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business built for business. jon: some dramatic new video coming in of a high-speed chase in california involving a, dump truck. that's right, a dump truck. police say it was stolen in ontario where the suspect allegedly tried to run over a police officer before crossing the border and sending officers on a wild chase. >> stopping a vehicle like that isn't easy to do by any means.
8:53 am
spike strips against large tires like that, we can't use our cars to do pit manuevers. it is enormous and weighs more than everything we've got. jon: police eventually called up to the suspect after he pulled into a gas station where he tried to make a run for it on foot. he did not get very far though. as you can see, police arrested him right there on the spot. jenna: this goes along with our next story, moderately. google unveiling the first troat type of a car that drives itself that would change car chases quite a bit, right, jon? making google the first and only company to build a car without a steering wheel, accelerator, brake pedal. maybes me question how you crawl into the front see to grab things. jo ling kent here. hopefully you don't have to. >> no front seat necessary. as they say, no brakes, no wheels, no problem? i don't know we'll have to wait and see about that. google planning to start testing a fleet of self-driving cars by end of this year. according to google cofounder sergey brin, they have only two
8:54 am
seats. they go 25 miles an hour with a start and stop button only. what it doesn't have, things you're used to seeing in a car, no steering wheel, brakes, gas pedal. it has designed sensors to steer clear of accidents. google plans to build 100 or 200 prototypes. the cars have been testing without any accidents. probably helps that they have two feet of foam on the front end. in a blog post google's time highlighted potential benefits for elderly and poor. this car could help those who can't get around on their own, get back out on to the streets. right now google hasn't said whether they will make the cars themselves or supply this technology to car-makers but sergey brin saying hopes regulators see it's a safe transportation opportunity. so, jenna and jon, i have to ask you, would you get in this thing? jon? jon: i would not. >> no?
8:55 am
jenna: that is clear. jon: i like to drive myself. if i want to be energy efficient i get on my bicycle. >> would be comfortable trying it without being in a lot of traffic like around a open parking lot. jon: too many stories of people who relied on gps and took them straight off of a boat ramp into the water someplace. all of this is gps technology, no matter how -- jenna: using google map. >> i would try it for all three of us and i will report back. jon: all right. in one of those shots they had colonel sanders in the back seat it looked like. >> yeah. it is for all ages. jenna: very well-put, jo, don't deal with the guy next to you. >> anytime. jon: brand new stories we're working on for next half hour or hour i should say of "happening now." jenna: could be next half hour, why not? jon: president just laid out his foreign policy vision a day after detailing his plan for withdrawing u.s. forces from afghanistan. senator john mccain joins us
8:56 am
live to weigh in with his thoughts on what the president had to say. plus a former football player claims he was just defending his girlfriend from another guy at a bar. a fight spills out on to the street. the guy gets run over by a car. now the former football player on trial for murder. is that fair? our legal panel is on the case.
8:57 am
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8:59 am
>> now from north dakota, a graduation gift like no other. a deployed dad surprises his daughter onstage. and member of the air force has spent nearly five years away from his family during his daughter's life, and he wasn't about to miss her high school graduation. he kept his plan secret from the
9:00 am
family until the big day. unfortunately the family reunion will be short-lived. chris heads for cuba later this week but at least he made it there. >> we will see you back here in an hour, everybody. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ >> this is "outnumbered." i am sandra smith. here today, her although rivera joins us. >> the beast among the beauty eric shinsek.>> my mom met you o insisted i tell you that, by the way. >> putting me on one of those lists? >> i remember, absolutely right. a


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