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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  May 28, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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break in from the fox news desk because breaking news changes everything. not a horrible day on wall street, the dow close to record territory yesterday. the s&p 500 hit a record yet but scaled back just a little bit. neil will have all the news, and i'll see you when stuff gets weird. vet.when vets vent, only this this is montel, raising hell. >> guys are still dying, we're at war. how dare the nation treat us this way. there are some form of -- war being waged against us. veterans. we're being used as political pawns. we're being used to stretch across tables.
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i don't care about politics at all. >> we don't either. >> what i care about is the fact that this country lives up to its obligation to all of us veterans and provides the care we deserve. some of you guys don't know about me. the last four years i have done over 30 visits to walter reed, sitting bedside, every single month trying to see every single soldier, army, air force, marine. please, that is expected of me. >> wow. let's just say montel williams is a guy you want on your side. because before he was a hell of a host, he was a hell of a soldier. 22 years in the military. a marine who graduated from the u.s. naval academy, the first
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african-american enlisted marine to the complete both the academy prep school in annapolis itself. his superiors said he was a standout, even if now and then he had a habit of speaking out. that was then, you should see how little montel williams has changed since. welcome, everybody, and boy do i have a special show for you now. i'm neil cavuto, and with apologies to the hulk, you don't want to get montel williams angry. well, he is here, first, on what if anything washington is doing, michael? >> well, on the other growing calls here on capitol hill for eric shinseki, the v.a. secretary to either resign or be fired by president obama. this comes following an internal watchdog report which says that 1700 veterans at the phoenix v.a. facility where the scandal
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all started. sources calling this damaging, taking confirmation of the secret wait list. the incidents are department-wide, systemic, averaging 115 days for a veteran to get a first medical appointment. and the schemes at the v.a. has been jeopardizing patient safety. that led arizona senator john mccain to draw this conclusion some time ago. >> i also believe with some reluctance that it is given the lack of responsiveness of secretary shinseki, with numerous inquiries from others, that it is time for secretary shinseki to step down. if he does not step down voluntarily then i call on the president of the united states to relieve him of his duties, to fire him. >> also a report from "the daily beast" says that the v.a. was run like a crime syndicate.
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that according to a whistle-blower in texas who described pressure to cover up what was going on with our nation's veterans. that sets the stage for a rare evening hearing here on capitol hill with three v.a. officials due to testify before the house veterans affairs committee. and i should note following the release of this inspector general report the chairman of that committee, jeff miller, is now calling for shinseki to resign. >> mine eunanim emanuel, thank . you're saying that firing secretary shinseki doesn't do any good. we're losing sight of the real problems? >> absolutely, let's look at solutions, you can chop off heads for as long as you want and bodies will still be running around, there is a chicken out there still running around, the chicken lived for almost a year
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and a half and people put it on show and displayed it all over america, and fed it through an eye dropper. well, that is absolutely what is going on. chop off its head, the same system is going to operate because it is the same system that is flawed. there have been 30 years of studies, committees, it is time to stop the ignorance, take the soldiers off the battlefield now. they came back from afghanistan and iran. they're in battlefield, usa. look, this ig report, i hope all america gets that, fortunately, neil, you get it. i just got this report 15 minutes ago and read it before coming on. the ig report said offensive, 1400 soldiers were made to wait for up to 17 months. and there were 1700 not even on a list, so how can we solve a problem where we don't even know where the problem begins. i am angry, my friend. i'm angry because you know, we
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made a promise. when i stood with my hands up proudly, i said i do solemnly swear to support the constitution against all enemies. i went through my oath. i told the world i'm willing to put my life on the line and die for you. now, our guys went over. they have left body parts, some of them never made it back. some of them are here now and their souls are still there. and we have the audacity to turn our back on them? i'm going to tell you something. all societies are judged by what they do for the least of us. the least of us that protected this democracy. we owe this debt, more than anything else. the president just promised $5 billion for terrorists? around the world at west point? where he could have used today to say i'm sorry for the pain that i've caused you. the families.
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and i'm going to fix it today. and i'm going to fix it by doing something like that. everybody who hears my voice you can tweet me at montel under score williams and use hash tag v.a. surge. neil, you know this, four years ago this government did a surge in afghanistan. we put 33,000 troops on the ground in less than 90 days. cost the taxpayers of america over 50 billi$50 billion. we did it. it was assessed, it needed to be done. we got the assessment finished in 20 days. i'm going to tell you right now, there is a budget before congress, we know there is over $4 billion of waste in there. there is a whole bunch of stuff we don't want. take a billion dollars out of that right now. just add it to last year's military budget and without presidential orders and a presidential signature each
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branch of the service can put on temporary active duty any corpsman that just went off active duty because their service was over. bring them back, let's surge for the next 90 days, clear the entire back log of appointments that have been missed. understand what we need to do because there are soldiers who haven't seen doctors for three years. we don't even know the level of illness they have. >> but montel -- >> we don't even know how much we have to pay. >> but would you be nervous about giving the v.a. more money if it has a record of losing it or not covering it or -- maybe the v.a. itself is not up to that job. >> well, put the money into the military just so we can pay for the salaries of the soldiers we can bring back on. i spent 22 years in. and let me explain my service so
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everybody understands. i'm a vietnam era vet, i came in, in a delayed program, was a marine, entered the naval academy, went from '76 to '80, then served from '80 to 1989, active duty. from 1990 to 1992. i did temporary active duty, they were able to bring me on active duty 20 or 30 days period of time. when there is something, a crisis, they have the budget to do it. >> no, no, i see your point. obviously, if we were good at surges in the military to go after bad guys we should be up to surges that help these guys. but you know, i think you had noted or commented in a recent column you wrote, that we're generally forgetting our soldiers, those who have been in
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and those who just long left the service. and you note it with celebrities. >> not just celebrities, neil, you think about this. four years ago, five years ago, every award show, i don't care if it was the grammys, the emmys, people stood up and said i want to thank god and thank all of our soldiers. it rolled off our lips like a saying, i support the troops, i support the troops. well, four years ago when i visited walter reed, i saw other celebrities there. three years ago, there were maybe three or four. you see a couple of congressmen there. two years ago? the numbers started to go down. i talked to the guys myself -- >> do you think it is battle fatigue? do you think the president -- that is what he was saying, we might just be taking it out on these guys? >> yeah, but guess what. the barbecue you had on sunday was paid on the backs of
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soldiers who left the battlefields. so you have no right to forget. this is not a debt where you say we have to pay more for a school lunch program. or add more money -- excuse me, this is the reason why we have a democracy and until people come together and get this, we're going to have a hard time coming together. because guess what? at the same time we are having this conversation there are people in congress getting ready to put troops on the ground in syria, africa, troops on the ground in the ukraine. well, tell me who is going to sign up and enlist today when they know that the government they're sworn to serve and protect, because when they come home, it is as ignorant and as distasteful as giving me the middle finger. we have to stop. >> do soldiers tell you that when they see you, like come on,
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what was this for? >> brother, let me tell you what, i see, talk to on a regular basis people who left more of their bodies and more parts of them overseas. their souls are still here. but they just wonder why. why? you know, four years ago people bought them lunch in the airport. now they just kind of look at them as they kind of pass by and kind of wave. and i'm not telling you to go buy them something, they just want to know you appreciate the fact that the reason why we and you didn't have to send your children to go do this is because they do it for you. the only reason it is going to happen. people get really angry at me, the only reason this happens is we look at our congress and senate today. we had less than 20% of them who served and put a uniform on. and i believe the figure is less than 40% of them have children who served. so therefore, they are easy and quick to send someone else's child off to die. and they should be just as quick to protect them when they come
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home. >> what kind of reaction do you get when you say this? when you talk to that crowd? >> at the crowd, those guys went nuts. they were extremely happy that i even came to see them. the reaction i'm getting right now. i'm really kind of blown away that people are angry at me because i'm just trying to tie that democracies don't stand when you can't man an army and you can't man an army if you lie to those who want to protect you. so i have people tweeting me saying how dare you even talk to glenn beck about this? why would you talk to glenn beck about this? guess what, i put out my op-ed piece, glenn beck was the only person who picked it up. i put it out in "the new york times," and people wouldn't hear me. >> it is not a right or left, how are you feeling these days? i know you are dealing with ms,
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how are you? >> brother, thank you so much, people like you -- >> how are you holding up? >> i'm doing really well. i am working on some things that i hope to come and talk to you about. i'm working on a special medical device that we're looking for approval for. >> there could be no stronger ally in your corner as you, they always said you spoke your mind, i don't know where they got that from, montel, keep it up, my friend. >> think about what he said folks, i don't care if you're on the right or left. montel is right on this one. we owe these guys a hell of a lot more than we're showing them now. we'll have more on this. you told us your number one olive garden dishes. now they're part of our 2 for $25 guest favorites!
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. the white house is launching a probe into the outing of the top official. the ongoing investigation we're getting into with montel and
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benghazi and the irs, what is taking washington so long to button these up? sources say that is kind of how government works. governor, good to have you back with us. we do have a lot of these investigations going on. what do they prove? >> they prove that government works as government works. and it is very unfortunate. the thing that bothers me, neil, and i teach at the school of government in public policy at the public affairs at virginia commonwealth university, and i see in my students a lack of real appreciation for government. i see it in people that i speak with on a regular basis. i see it and sense that people are losing hope and confidence as to whether the government exists and works for them. that is bad.
1:19 pm
we have got to do something to change that. but we can't change it by a repetition of the same old things. we'll study this, we'll study that. and we'll look into this. we'll throw some money at this. and we will check into this. but business as usual continues. that is not good for the nation. >> but when you were governor and had to weigh various crises that would come up you didn't want to make a hair trigger decision but sometimes that would be required. when you would launch an investigation, blue ribbon battle, how many times have we heard that? they take time, where do you draw the line about which of these scandals warrant commissions and studies and which do not? >> well, the first thing you do as i would do when i was governor is to amass all that was necessary for me to understand the facts. what did take place? now, it doesn't take 100 years
1:20 pm
for you to get that nor does it take 100 months. and so if you have the right people doing what they're supposed to be doing they give you what at the have. you then put the benefit of your years of experience and justification to work. and then you take appropriate action. >> but when do you fire someone? at what point do you say all right, it might seem a token move here but in the case of the v.a. secretary, been there from the beginning with president obama. maybe just not up to speed, maybe it is not all his fault. but somebody has to go? what do you think? >> the question is, general shinseki has a great record as a military man and served his country well. has he been the best possible veterans affairs secretary? maybe, maybe not. the thing confronting the american people is who is responsible for this debacle
1:21 pm
that we find ourselves in to the extent that changes are going to be made. it has to be demonstrated from the top. maybe the president has great confidence in shinseki. then who is the problem and what is the problem? you get rid of that. but more importantly you give the impression, the real impression that you are obviously struck with the need to do something about it. >> well, that does not appear, governor, that does not appear the case from my impression of the president's reaction to this. >> i don't disagree with you. and i think that the real issue is what are you, commander-in-chief, now what does that title mean? you are in charge of everything, commander is a military term. so the real buck stops with the president. >> we'll have more on this.
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well, you might want to keep an eye on your iphone because someone just hacked into a whole bunch of them in australia, demanding that users pay a ransom if they ever wanted to use them again. but think about this. an apple, we don't get any viruses so if they can get into an apple, is anything safe? robert, this is a big deal isn't it? >> well, it is. due to the fact that it is apple i devices generally do not get hacked. there are millions and millions of devices that are targeting pcs, only thousands targeting macs, but they still need
1:26 pm
anti-virus. >> this is essentially holding your data hostage, but you have always warned me that would be the next step. where are we going here? >> so this particular breach occurred as a result of e-mail addresses and passwords being compromised. that could have happened in one of two ways. either there was a data base in australia somewhere that was taken over that had the cloud or mac or e address. and they were phished. so again they gave up their addresses and that allowed the criminal to basically take over their mobile devices, their iphone and ipad. so if you receive an e-mail you have to be careful you don't respond with your credentials. >> so a lot of people are getting sort of gadget paranoia. they're thinking maybe not to have these things or use these things as much.
1:27 pm
that seems to me to be unrealistic. >> yeah, that is unrealistic. but what you can do, along with changing up your pass words, you should have a password for every critical account. you shouldn't have the same one as you do for your g-mail or bank or cloud. >> but robert that wouldn't have stopped these guys in australia. >> what would have stopped them would be two-step verification. so apple offers two-step verification, so does twitter and g-mail and facebook. with two-step verification they have to have an additional tool like a mobile device in order for them to breach your account. >> got you. it is sort of another locked door you have to go through. >> exactly. >> robert, always good seeing you. all right, so you can't afford to pay $11,000 more for everything you buy? well, washington says you can. [ male announcer ] this is the age of knowing what you're made of.
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. attention shoppers, washington loves to spend more than it needs to. now it is forcing you to do the same thing and the president says america must always lead. to the leader, well, what are you waiting for? eric cantor in 60 seconds.
1:31 pm
. washington clamping down and we're paying off. if my next guest is right, 36 regulations issued under this
1:32 pm
president will add to the hike to consumer prices by 11,000 bucks. we're talking everything from mortgages to microwaves. how did he figure that out? there is a group behind the study. here is what i did not understand, doug. that the rules, the regulations singlehandedly or by regulation by regulation handedly prompted this $11,000 increase? >> all we did was take the administration at their word. they told us which 36 were economically significant. in that they said this is how much prices will go up. we added up the numbers. and you get what you get. $1600 in consumer costs, 160$16 mortgages, 100-odd dollars in health, they're a hidden tax on the middle class and are hurting economic growth. >> now the white house will come back, doug, and say he forgets we can't control the underlying price in goods and markets and distributors companies have to
1:33 pm
suck up a lot of this. it is not all passed on to customer customers so that $11,000 figure is bogus, what do you say? >> we are reporting what they said would happen to prices. so if they believe that no prices should have been passed along they should have been zero for price increases. we believe this is a very conservative estimate. it may very well be the case that more will get passed through. but if we're wrong, we believe what the president said about the regulations. >> so it is not just a static price fixed with the regulations added on. it is not factoring in what they say will add to the cost now but that not everybody will see the costs passed on. it will be passed on and according to you, unavoidable. >> i believe that is true. and the part that is missing in this, neil, if you add that up we're in the range of something like that $70 billion a year in additional regulatory cost. this is actually hidden taxes, if i told you we passed a bill
1:34 pm
that was $700 billion in the next ten years, that would be added in here. >> you know, the regulations are not slowing down, the rules are not slowing down leaving aside obamacare and all the accompanying regulations attached to it that a lot of businesses are just finding out are pretty pricey, a lot of consumers, too. so where is this going to show up? i mean, you don't see it in the official inflation stats yet. what are we looking at down the road? >> what i think is happening right now it already hurt economic growth. it certainly hurt the ability to get a raise. this money has to come from somewhere. i don't think firms have a lot of pricing power. if the economy gets stronger, we'll start to see inflation pick up and we'll see higher prices. and this is exactly what these studies are intended to indicate. and we'll see it in prices probably in the next two or
1:35 pm
three years. >> yikes, thank you, my friend, good seeing you. in the meantime, no steering wheel. no brakes. no liability? we'll see about that. because it is time to bring in the lawyers. ♪ ben! well, that was close! you ain't lying! let quicken loans help you save your money.
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well, look, ma, no hands, in fact, no feet either. google unveiling its brand-new self-driving car. no steering wheel. no brakes, but it got me thinking it happens sometimes. who is on the hook if you get in an accident in one of these things? well, this attorney says the car is on the hook. she says no, no, the knuckle head driving it is not on the hook -- >> usually there are sensors that we described before we came on air. there are a lot of sensors. >> we discussed -- >> it is a complicated car to begin with. so of course if there is some issue this goes through tremendous training. i mean, this car is so unique, in order for you to purchase the car and get in it and drive it you're going to have to go through the manuals and training. >> but how do you stop it? is there a front seat? >> no, they're all sort of in the rear seat. there is a stop button.
1:40 pm
manual overdrive. >> but how do you get it? >> i can't tell from the picture but i believe it is near the dashboard. >> so who is responsible? >> what is the name of it again? >> driverless. >> no further questions. >> well, look at him. >> the whole purpose of this is not to need a driver. which means it is the machine. it is the manufacturer, it is the software designer, software engineer. it is everybody, the programmer, it is everybody in the stream of commerce. >> but you have to tell the program where you're going, right? you punch in an address, i assume. >> you punch in an address, you have to sit in a certain way and trigger the sensors. look, we all have cars with the air bags. if you sit sort of on the side the air bag gets deactivated. >> i don't go in any vehicle that is tinier than me, which would account for a lot of vehicles. but look, there is no way that i
1:41 pm
wouldn't take some responsibility for this. you say it is all going -- >> it is all going to be very fac fact-intensive. which means the lawyers are going to make a ton of dough. the problem is if i reasonably relied on the fact the car was doing what it was supposed to do and the car didn't whether it was a design defect or somebody was negligent, they didn't use proper care. >> you have to know how to use -- you have to -- you have to know. >> well, if you have ever driven these cars that park for you, i have. they actually do, they work, they can park the car for you. >> yes. >> but this is very different. if the car says it will drive your car that you automatically park goes up on the curve and hits someone walking on the
1:42 pm
sidewalk you would be responsible. >> you would absolutely be responsible. so if your car is going head-on to somebody else, randy you're saying you didn't push the stop button? >> cars these days, the car has the ability to sense if you're getting too close to another car and apply the brakes. >> is that what that means? >> you have lane avoidance, well, you're supposed to be able to rely on those things. so what happens if the avoidance beeper doesn't go off? is it your fault or the lane -- >> he has a very good point there. >> there is not a jury on earth that would say exclusively the product is at fault. they're always going to say there is overdrive, there is -- you're going to have -- google has come across with these great experts saying look at all the testing we've done. >> any car that has these features, any one of them could go wrong.
1:43 pm
>> but, the juror says how can you purchase this car and say oh, done, i had nothing to do with it? i am not coupled at all with this car when you have manual overrides. >> the only manual override button you have is the button there, that is pretty bad. >> that would be the great -- >> which attracts lawyers. >> wa, wa, wa. here come the lawyers. >> i get it. it is awful. i would have never gotten through law school. >> if you think others were surprised by the big speech today, eric cantor says you should have heard his reaction. you have will next.
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president obama is telling west point graduates today that america must always lead. house majority eric cantor agreed and wondered why the president is not doing it. congressman, good to have you. so you were disappointed in his speech? >> no question about it, neil, i find it very disappointing. america does need to lead. we have global interest and calling on this president to actually step up and mask the rhetoric. but what i heard today, in essence, a goldilocks speech. you know, when the president talked about asia he mentioned climate change. he did not even refer to the
1:48 pm
tyrannical dictator there. you know, it is troubling when -- when we have a president who when he talks he wants to say the right thing. but this speech, i believe, falls short in terms of the kinds of things we need to do which is to we assure the allies and allay their concerns and to put fear in the foes that america means what it says. >> you know, eric, there are a lot of americans that are war-weary, and he may be responding to the sort of pessimistic view to get involved in others crises. that if we do it, we should do it all the way but shouldn't be the only one. >> well, first of all it is false for the president to suggest it is either war or nothing. americans can engage.
1:49 pm
doesn't mean we have to pay the bills, carry the burden for everyone. we have allies willing to step up to the plate. our ally in japan is actually increasing defense spending. we have other allies in other parts of the world willing to increase their spending. but what they would like to see is america that leads from the front, not behind and an america that leads with certainty. >> so what if beyond crimea, which the president did not really go into? vaef vladimir putin feels fit, despite the election, to go and take the rest of ukraine. what do we do? >> well, it is a very troubling situation, we have time now to talk to our allies and demonstrate a commitment to stand up for our allies in eastern europe. >> but what if they're not standing up, congressman, what if they're not doing what they should do? >> no question they need to join
1:50 pm
us. but again, this is where true leadership comes in. the president needs to engage our allies and he needs to be serious about the sanctions that we placed on russia. he needs to be serious about making sure that it is unacceptable to act mr. putin has been acting. he's been acting as an adversary and not an ally. we need to treat him as such. we need to garner the support of our allies and demonstrate that america will be out there and lead. >> congressman, we had montel williams on the show a little earlier saying it's a waste of time to talk about whether the guy running the v.a. should get fired or, you know, drawn and quartered. the bottom line is we got to fix the mess at the v.a. and he's calling for a surge in care, much as we had the troop surge that turned around things in the war. what do you think of that? because it also sounds like it could be a lot of money. >> well, first of all, this is about our veterans. this is about our living up to the obligation that we have made -- the promise that we have made to them after their service
1:51 pm
to us. and the -- the recent report that has come out exposing the horrible, horrible mismanagement, and in fact even worse, treating sick veterans the way that they have is unacceptable. we've got to get to the bottom of it, but listen, you know, mr. shinseki, he reports to the president. it's time for this president to take ownership in this problem. you know, i had said last week it was very disappointing to me, i was disturbed by the fact that this president said or his spokesman in fact had said at the white house that the president just heard about these reports in the news. this again says why isn't the president owning this problem in why isn't he taking control, showing leadership, getting to the bottom of it? >> do we need a v.a.? there are many who have argued on this show that maybe we need to privatize this or maybe we need to give soldiers immediate access to any care, anywhere
1:52 pm
they want, this hullabaloo that we have to put up at the v.a. we do not need it. >> one of things we need to do quickly is provide our veterans with the option if they can't receive the kind of care that they need under the v.a., an option to go to a civilian provider. this is just something that we need to do for our veterans, if they are not seeing what they should under the care of the veterans administration. again, i know that our committee in the house under chairman jeff miller from florida is hard at work on the issue of trying to get to the bottom of how we can fix this horrific problem that is affecting those who have served the ultimate honor for us, which has serve our country in uniform. >> i want to switch gears if you don't mind, sir, to the united states marine that's still holed up in mexico. do you know what really happened there? do you know why he is still held? this has happened to soldiers on both sides who have ended up or
1:53 pm
wandered into the others border with no incident, it's been resolved quickly. not in this guy's case. is there something we're missing? >> neil, i don't really know enough that i could comment on that. >> so if you were president, and wondering why it's lasting so long, any ideas what our president should do to resolve it? >> again, i want to hesitate to comment on that, not knowing what the details are in the president's mind and the congress needs to undertake to resolve this situation. >> fair enough, at the risk of being open no, shus, there are many in the party calling for locking the border down completely, sealing it up, maybe stopping aid until this is resolved. >> this brings up the larger question about the border. the law starts at the border. would he have got to -- we have got to make sure that this is the case. it's one of things and the
1:54 pm
larger issue of immigration debate that we actually agree on which is why i've been telling the president why can't we do the things we agree on rather than to bring up this whole amnesty bill that the senate is proposing which i'm against and do the things like border security so that this kind of incident doesn't happen. >> that's unlikely which prompted john boehner to say the chances of addressing this whole issue with this congress is not happening. what do you think of that? >> well, listen, not until the president restores the trust that has been so utterly lacking between him and this congress and frankly the people that we represent. you know, you can, i believe, approach this situation by saying all or nothing my way or the highway. there are some things in common that we agree on. i've always said i believe in doing something for the kids who have been brought here unbeknownst to them in most instances. i've always said we need to do something on the border, to make sure that our law starts right there at the border, and this is
1:55 pm
part of the reason why people want to be in the united states, is because our laws and their equal application and the ability to afford people opportunity in this country. we cannot allow the law to be frayed. it's the very fabric of our country. i say to this president let's do this things rather than fixate on this comprehensive fix that includes an amnesty measure in the senate. we don't want to do that. the american people don't want to see that, i believe. >> a lot of tea party yers are still upset, john boehner has given them short shrift. >> taxed eenough already is what the acronym already. the government has gotten entirely too big and remember what happened when the tea party arose, it was backed in response
1:56 pm
to the extreme overreach of the obama administration, the explosion of government spec -- spending and regulation. and it involved grandmas and grandpas and moms and dads brought into the debate. they have been a force for good. we have cut spending since they have come in. we have fought to reduce the size of government. we voted all of us against the stimulus bill. we have stopped any more of the statutory changes this administration has been trying to make. >> everything is going to be hunky dorry? >> well, listen, there is certainly, leading up to election, a lot of divide, but the differences between conservatives pale in comparison to the differences we have with the left. >> thank you very much. that will do it. flat rate shipping.
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