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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 1, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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that's it for now. this is mike huckabee. stay tuned for justice with judge jeanine. we are basing tonight's show around the most feud and committed story ever posted on this sight. the great incredible paul harvey's warning for a nation. back in 1964 the radio host wrote an article entitled "if i were a devil" and he adapted and
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added to where this country was headed. listen to the first portion of an audio portion he read back in 1996. >> if i were the devil, i wouldn't be happy until i seized the last apple on the tree. so i set out however necessary to take over the united states. i submit the churches first and began with a campaign of whispers, i would whisper to you as i would whisper to eve. there was a please, to the young i would whisper the bible is a myth. i would convince them man created god and i would confide what is bad is good and what is good is square and to teach to pray after me, our father, in charge in washington and i would get organized and educate authors and how to make literature exciting so anything else would appear dull and uninteresting and i would threaten tv with dirtier movies and vice versa, i would sell alcohol to ladies and gentlemen
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of distinction and tranquilize the rest with pills. with the help of the studio audience, we'll offer solutions how to fix america's problems but to be clear, we're not the only ones who believe something needs to be done. according to the latest survey, 62% of those polled said the country is on the wrong track and 30% believe we're headed in the right direction. to kick things off, we bring in our studio audience. how many of you believe in god, if you don't mind me asking hi, amy, we'll get to that in a second. do you-all believe in the devil? does anybody not believe in the devil? you believe in god but not the devil? >> there is something to be said for being leery of organized religion, which i think is what
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most will say, being spiritual and having an organized theory is something distinct from organized religion, which a lot of people have serious -- >> we have a poll on that, too, and shows that millinials are less likely to believe. 58% as people get older, they tend to be getting closer to the pearly gates so maybe they want -- >> maybe they will get there. >> is that a hint? i guess the point is, amy, you say you don't believe in god. are you an atheist or ignostic. >> ignostic. >> i don't believe you have to believe in god to see something sinister in our culture when we look at the hounding and persecution of a man like
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brandon ike and these budding pierres wanting to hound him from public life. >> wasn't nazi germany evil? the treatment of women in some radical islamic country is pretty evil, right, rape, murder, ped fophiles, is that e human evil. >> there are a lot of christians that will say i believe in god but i don't believe in the devil. god believed in the devil. if you believe in the bible -- >> what if i could cast out your liberal -- >> it's a question -- >> my angel -- >> your aingel. >> as a jew, we don't have a notion of good and bad and the devil but we have a belief in a judao christian ethic in the context of political life we have unique values, cultures and life experience that makes us a
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beacon for the world. >> i would argue when the iran talk about wiping israel off the map, they want a modern day hollow cahol hallow cost. >> we need a sense we can be as good of people as the bible says we are. >> sean, there is an aspect of that statistic that is being lost. the problem is not that there are so many people that are distrustful but a larger and largering portion of them that don't want an opinion. i would rather more atheist that thought this through rather than the larger potion that have no opinion. that shoves it to the side as
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opposed to the ramification. >> i disagree a little bit. i think that a lot of millinals are fed up with the church. i'm fed up and consider myself a devote christian. it doesn't mean they don't believe in the bible but they are tired of the religious right. >> when you take into it -- >> maybe we're getting off track a hair here. lauren, let me maybe put up on the screen, let's look at the cultures. i think that paul harvey, by the way, the greatest radio broadcaster ever and i spent an hour on the phone with paul harvey jr. last night talking about this and his father and what a great broadcaster he was and look at anti depress sant u sent country, up 400%. let's look at miley cyrus. one cultural icon, if you will, twerking. you can see her over there.
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in some of the videos, has the culture declined and is it related in someway to a paul harvey warning? >> absolutely. it is absolutely declined. >> you don't look like lauren. >> i'm sorry. >> no -- >> jump right in. >> it is absolutely declined and paul harvey was exactly right but what has happened in terms of religion's responsibility as a minister, i shoulder a lot of responsibility and look out there and say what am i doing wrong? is my generation of ministers and spiritual leaders and religious leaders done wrong and we've made a business out of religion. we made a colt -- >> but you're a pastor, you haven't done that, have you? >> it was head that direction seven years ago. i left. unplugged. i left my large church with stained glass windows and high back chairs and organ music and started another church in a bowling alley. >> so you get to bowl between sermo sermons. >> we were rolling for jesus. >> every generation has had
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their version of miley cyrus. i think of madonna but i think madonna was different than miley cyrus. >> you go to the 40s and 50s -- >> chewing gum. >> running in the halls, chewing gum, talking in class. what is it today, pregnancy, drug use, suicide. >> segregation. >> segregation was the biggest problem in schools in the '50s. >> we have new mental disorders and we need to drug our children. exactly as paul harvey said. and so we're drugging all of our youth and then we wonder why we had this massive decline. you take god out, you take away their moral wheelhouse. they have nowhere to go when they have a moral conflict. they don't know what truth is anymore and then we drug them on top of it. what do we expect? >> lauren, go ahead. >> we're idealizing a time period and looking back --
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>> as a millinal -- >> remind us you're younger than everybody else, go ahead. >> there of course are young people leaving the organized church but there is a large demographic leaving what they did not like and finding what they like and that's right and wrong and structure. being told you can do whatever you want, there is no right and wrong, whatever, and see the consequential depression, suicide and pain that feels like there may not be a right or wrong and my life isn't worth anything. i think you have to speak to both and talk about why they are leaving. >> that's a good point. yeah. >> what is lhappening is lack o moral responsibility. in terms of drugging our children, instead of teaching them about how to handle emotions and certain problems, here, take this pill. a teenager gets pregnant, go get an abortion instead of handling it. parents aren't teaching their kids like they did in the '50s
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and '60s and that's why what paul harvey said is so accurate. >> we have the definition of somethings and consequences for actions. for example, the anti bullying movement, everybody hates it but when you look at the no tolerance policies that punish everyone rather than the person at fault, it creates the culture of feeling like doing something wrong but no one is held accountable for the actions taken. a lot of people don't have two parents in their home and that's been a big shift we've seen since the '50s and '60s, leaving kids home after school and do what they want and no consequences. >> one in three moms stayed at home. >> every generation has a ma done no. t . >> what i see that is so disturbing, it gets younger and younger that we sexualize little girls younger and younger which is part of why what is happening
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with miley cyrus is disturbing and there is something very wrong there. >> we'll pick up the discussion and come back and continue. we'll play more of paul harvey's dire warning. we're glad you're with us. some time? the next time you nt a dvd, don't bother rewindi it. the way i see it, it's t next guy's problem. oh, larry. she thinks i'm crazy.
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welcome back to our special edition of "hannity." i want to play this, take a listen. >> i would have families at war with themselves, churches at war with themselves and nations at war with themselves until each
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in its turn was consumed and with promises of higher ratings, i would have media fanning the flames. i would encourage schools to neglect discipline emotions, let those run wild until before you knew it, you would have to have drug sniffing dogs and metal detectors at every schoolhouse door. within a decade, i would have prisons overflowing, judges promoting pornography and evict god from the schoolhouse, and houses of congress and as our churches i would substitute psychology for religion and defy science, lure priests and pastors into misusing boys and girls and church money. if i were the devil i would make the symbol of easter an egg and symbol of christmas a bottle. >> before we bring back our studio audience. he's talking about nations at war with themselves, let's take a listen to the contemporary
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political debate. >> they really are kidnapping the u.s. government and it's only about 30 people in the wako right. why don't he go at these people? >> the republican health care plan is this, die quickly. that's right. the republicans want you to die quickly if you get sick. >> we are for reforming tax, reforming sent. s but not geguating with people with a bomb strapped to their chest. >> we ought to rip it out, kick it around and stuff it back in him. >> this right wing, laura ingram, she's a talk [ bleep ]. >> are you working the media? you watch every show? you follow what is going on. ? with redivided politically? >> we are. it's been beneficial for ratings. we've decided we'll buy for kate along political lines officially in the press and cable news and
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what have you -- >> in the old days, we had duals in this country. maybe we had improvement? >> we did. you had political papers that were owned by individuals who had political access to grind in the 19th century. this is a reassertion of a philosophy guiding political media back in the olden days. we're back there again when you have an unregulated media environment, which is a good thing. >> i agree with that. >> when you look at the class welfare, race card, child card, grandma card, trying to put different age groups or individuals against one another and that keeps the message that is trying to be delivered to americans, especially from my perspective, conservative as i mentioned, personal responsibility, smaller government, less spending, when you bring in the other aspects of the arguments i just mentioned, that shuts down the debate and that's all you really see and hear with the headline. >> let me go to know well because you worked with
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campaigns. we know what the election is going to be about from the democratic side. republicans want a war on women, dirty air, water, they want grandma to die and children. right? >> you know -- >> that's why we should vote against you. [ laughter ] >> i really feel, especially -- >> double that? do you really believe that? >> that we should vote against you. >> i'm not running. >> republicans in general. i have so many more reasons than that, sean. >> okay. noel. >> as someone that works in campaigns and raises money for actual races going on, i got to let you know i feel like our country is more divided since and i know i'll be criticized for this but since obama has gotten in office, it has more division with races, more division with income, more division among women, gender, i mean, you name it, we are divided. i think obama instead of being the first black president that brought us together, divided us. >> another campaign hack would
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be what you call us. >> noel is not a hack. if you want to describe yourself, feel free. >> we're on the ground with clients talking to voters all the time and this existed a long time ago even when bush was in office, the cards were flipped and fighting over things there and we fought over this for years, berry gold water years, it goes back. >> the problem is that it's no longer honorable to consider america above partisan politics. >> listen, i think a certain amount -- i may be defending my craft. i kind of like passionate debate but it's gotten personal. it's also full of lies, propaganda, misinformation. >> it's profitable. it's profitable. i ran a campaign, i was a candidate against a very unpopular at the time democrat but very powerful democrat and all of my consultants were advising me to attack, attack, attack, attack and i did on the issues but i had to keep this,
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as i felt in my heart, i had to keep this civil because i believe that civil discourse is more important than political -- >> the president even said republicans want dirty air and dirty water. that's what their plan is. yes ms. liberal? >> the problem with that -- proud of it, sean. the problem with that, i don't know if you won or not, you don't win. that works for both sides. unfortunately, a real quick attack message is what works. it's what resonates. try to go into a long explanation -- a lot more difficult for people to get in a real quick add. so when you try to go on the high road, a lot of times you lose. >> let me bring todd starnes in here. todd, paul harvey talked about drug sniffing dogs and metal detectors, we have drug sniffing dogs and metal detectors. >> the one thing we don't have in public schools is god. we have seen over the past 20,
9:20 pm
30 year as concerted effort to remove the christian values out of the public arena and it accelerated over the past five years. i wish someone in the obama administration could explain to the nation why our military personnel are being taught that christians and roman catholics are examples of religious extremists. i wonder if they could -- >> according to whom? >> according to official documents, training documents that i have in my office if you would like to see them. >> written by whom? >> our government. our government. why are they doing that, sean? why is this administration -- why did this -- >> the oval office. >> well, well, well, for example -- >> i would say we can sit around -- >> hold on. >> you sort of got stereo liberalism, go ahead. >> reality -- >> here is the question. another item here, folks. the first christmas in the white house, this is a document by "the new york times", president obama as it was mentioned, so i bring this up, president obama had a debate over whether or not to remove the nativity scene
9:21 pm
from the white house left to defend people at christmastime. >> i don't think government should be responsible for religion in this country. we should keep god among our families. >> what is your fear? is your fear -- up until the, what, the 63, 60 and 61 decisions by the supreme court, prayer was happening regularly and bible study and the lord's prayer in public schools. we survived. i disagree with the court decisions and i believe in choice and education. what is your fear if you mention god in school? >> i'm not afraid of a bureaucracy. i'm afraid of my personal faith between me and god and that i would like to keep it that way. i don't feel an institution like the government should interfere. >> don't we tell kids about -- >> the thing@ájt to accept, the real truth works.
9:22 pm
the psychology is astounding. >> by the way, this is dr. gina -- >> we went from a culture where i can do all things to chris strengthening me, when you have someone whose suicidal, the first thing you tell them to do, what, go help somebody else. instead of i can do all things through christ, i should get a trophy for doing nothing. >> you participated. you showed up. you deserve a trophy, first place. >> welcome back and have a lot more paul harvey's warning for a nation plus a discussion how the tea party can help turn the country around as our studio
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of paul harvey's message to the country. >>fy were the devil i would take from those who have and give it to those who want it until i killed the incentive to the ambitious and i couldn't get whole states to promote gambling as the way to get rich. i would caution against extremes and hard work and patriotism and moral conduct. i would convince the young that marriage is old fashioned, that swinging is more fun, that what you see on tv is the way to be. and thus, i could undress you in public and i could lure you into bed with diseases for which there is no cure. in other words, if i were the devil, i would keep on doing what he's doing. paul harvey, could they? >> before we bring back our studio aud dense, i take from
9:26 pm
those who have and give to those who wanted until i killed the incentive of the ambitious and listen to this. >> if everybody is getting a fair shot, everybody has a chance to do better. we can build an economy that gives everybody a fair shot. >> when we talk about everybody paying their fair share, americans who can afford it should pay their fair share. >> fair play and shared responsibility. i think that's a fair approach. americans who can't afford it should pay their fair share fair play and shared responsibility. that's what we're about. >> buffet rule will get us moving in the right direction towards fairness so it's time for congress to stand up for the middle class and make the tax system fayer. >> we got to make sure we got a tax system that reflects everybody doing their fair share. or are we better off when everybody gets a fair shot?
9:27 pm
>> remember what joe biden said about women? they are stuck in dead end jobs. who is going to pay for their health insurance? that would be you. >> this is about freedom. how many of you are single women with children in a dead end job. you're there because of your health insurance. you would rather have the opportunity to spend the next couple years with your child 'til they get, if that was your choice, until they get into primary school. you're now trapped into that job because if you leave you lose your health insurance. now you would be able to do, make an independent choice. >> take from those who have and give to those who want it until we take away the incentive to the ambitious. that's like new york after you pay federal, state, sales, local, 62, 3 cents of every dollar goes to the government. forget about being the great
9:28 pm
radio icon. >> i think what we were listening to from the president was a statement of equal opportunity for all and i fail to see how equal pay for equal work and making sure that people -- >> maybe he should start at the white house where women are paid less. >> he should, indeed. that was a whoops moment for him. >> that was a nuclear whoops moment. >> what is not fair is to be continually lied to and pondered to by an administration that thinks you don't know better. you can't get the information and figure it out. what we're talking about here is important and talk about paul harvey being prothetic. i hope it drives people to action. if you get out of the bubble and people are scenical. people are like it's too rough, too hard, the problems are too big. in difference isn't the answer. get engaged. get involved, do something. >> katy? >> i'm not sure how taking hard earned money from one and it to another is equal
9:29 pm
opportunity in the least where that is completely wrong. you can't take money -- you cannot take money from one person and give it to another and say that's equal opportunity. it doesn't work that way. americans pay more to the government every year than they spend in food, housing, clothing, all their necessities, you pay more to the government -- >> the message is not a bad message. >> and here is where that money goes that you're talking about from new york. >> 62 cents out of every dollar. >> we send it to the red states through the federal government who don't pay as high taxes. so they need the money. hang on, i want to say something to what you were talking about. >> i'm hanging, go ahead. >> in the red states, i'm from west virginia, highest suicide, highest obesity, domestic violence, incarceration. >> you're getting off the point. you're missing the point. >> those are republicans. >> here is my question to you, at what point do you say enough is enough? in other words, x number of
9:30 pm
cents out of every dollar can go to government, state, local, federal, hidden taxes and then you get to keep what you earn. that's what paul harvey is talking about before you destroy incentive and ambition in people, what percentage out of every dollar, how much should i be able to keep for the hours -- >> start with why do i -- >> how about you answer my question? i asked you a very simple question. >> as little as possible. >> no, i want a number at which point you say that government at that point is becoming abusive. >> sean -- >> no, no, no, can i keep 50 cents of every dollar? can i pay 30 cents of every dollar. >> depends on the services you want back. >> everybody wants medicare, everybody wants rogue. >> it's never enough and you'll never get the answer from a liberal. how much money do you need for education? >> 25, 30% get rid of deductions and you got an answer. finish -- >> let me finish my point. >> i'm getting worried, doug and
9:31 pm
i are agreeing a lot. >> we're not a nation of rightest and left -- >> we'll go to amy, go ahead. >> it's never enough. the other point i want to make, obama's redistribution of wealth doesn't work. he talks about a level playing field. he doesn't support school choice. it will benefit children, get them a quality education and restore hope for their future. his daughters go to a quality school in washington but he's blocking the door for kids who need a quality education. >> it goes far beyond tax policy. we have an administration openly cheerleading for disincentivizing work. we had nancy pelosi telling young people. now you don't have to work. now you can write poetry or assignment -- >> i would like to stay home. i work a lot -- >> we have spent $2 trillion on social welfare programs and since the 1960s, the poverty
9:32 pm
rate -- >> for the first time, we have public officials saying it's good not to work. >> the vice president. >> amber? >> we saw on the clips that you showed with obama was him not speaking in reality. we see him taking some issues like equal pay and running with them and giving false statistics just like he said with the pay your fair share. it doesn't work. you're killing the middle class by making those statements but unfortunately, that's what a lot of the american people want to hear but actions speak louder than words and starting to see it and that's why his numbers -- >> katy? >> the incentive part, talk about disincentivizing people to work. you are not going to pay doctors what they deserve. you have liberals writing why they are whining. guess what? six out of ten doctors are retiring early because they don't get paid enough and it's not worth it -- >> by the way, i love the cowboy boots. >> yeah. >> concierge service.
9:33 pm
>> that makes it completely unfair because only the people who can afford it will get good health care and create -- >> we got to take a break. we'll get to you, promise. >> we got to take a break and coming back, could the tea party be the last chance to restore the conserve ideals. she went and spoke to members of the movement, got thoughts, we'll play that tape and more as we continue. set your dvr "hannity" the series. [ shutter clicks ] hi there! [ laughs ] i'm flo! i know! i'm going to get you your rental car. this is so ridiculous. we're going to manage your entire repair process
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welcome back to "hannity." we've been proving how relevant paul harvey's warning to america is today and how something needs to be done to change course and one of the great chances to write the ship could be the tea party movement.
9:39 pm
my great friend attended the freedom works free pack tea party event in louisville, kentucky and spoke to activists. take a look. >> what brings you here today at free pack? >> i'm here to listen and learn. i think this country is in a huge mess, and i'm just looking for solutions and some answers. >> it's always a positive experience when we're talking to america about the blessings of liberty, however, you and i know that we run into obstacles, particularly among our own when we talk about conservative and attendance of fiscal conservative m. >> i'm the only conservative in my family, so i've had to defend conservative principles and tell them what it's done in my life and attempt to show people how other principles are not helping them. >> pastor, it's interesting, by the way, great piece, thank you.
9:40 pm
it's interesting, every word i was listening to of the people she was interviewing there, those were words that triggered an irs investigation with lois lerner. those are keywords, right? >> absolutely. i know about the irs investigation. running for office against a powerful democrat in new york -- >> who were you running against? >> charles rangel. >> if only you won. >> yes, yes. >> you look at all that is happening. isn't the tea party the answer? i think conservative principles are the answer. to me it's simple, lower taxes, greater freedom, tap the energy resources, stop spending more than you take in. >> also, one of the things is overlooked is the national debt. i mean, the more that thing grows, the weaker we are. i think that what we're battling going back to paul harvey for this panel, i think that we are up against liberal is a culture and way of life and i think that
9:41 pm
it's, you know, that's why we're so divided. it's conservative versus liberals. >> you're a liberal. go ahead. >> for just a second here, think about what the president was saying in the last segment. he was speaking about fairness. the reason -- >> do you believe in income equality? >> of course we have income inequality problems. how do we solve that? how do we approach it? >> freedom in opportunity. how about capitalism? >> do we level the playing field or do we just try to skew it more and more, have government come in and try to offset the different problems that exist within our marketplace today? we have on skewed marketplace, not just one party and that's why there is so much distrust. >> i think that's a very valid point. the income and equality, something we have to face. it could be great and we could talk about it if we start on equal playing fields. we know that's not the case.
9:42 pm
>> do you want the government to lower the field, so to speak. >> sometimes the government has to come in and say you're being inequal. look at segregation. we ignored this but the government has to come in and say no. you can't do that. >> you want the government to literally try and make it equal -- >> you have -- the defendant sets floors. >> democracy -- >> americans -- >> capital. >> based on their ability. is that your philosophy? >> you can -- >> carl marks, that was his philosophy. >> you can keep the floor in the safety net. >> according to their need. >> medicare -- make sure people can retire in dignity. >> you are already on an exceptional playing field by being born in this great country. you have an opportunity to move out of any -- >> to help other people -- >> sean, sean -- >> todd -- >> don't want to protect seniors -- >> what are you talking about? >> hold on. >> we have $7 trillion in debt and $17 trillion in debt and $9
9:43 pm
trillion in unfunded liabilities. is it inmoral to rob our kids, future generations? >> look at the numbers. >> todd? >> sean, we are endowed by our creator. if you take them out, which is what the liberals have been trying to do and are successful, who do you put in? let's put in carl marks. how did that work out? >> apparently -- >> how did that work out? >> where did -- look. back in the last election, you had -- i was in charlotte, north carolina. in that arena when the democrats tried to kick god out of the party and booed god. why do you think they booed god? the democrats booed god. >> i didn't boo god. >> you should have been listening. why did they boo god? they only have room for one and the all mighty isn't it. >> that's the biggest nonsense i've heard.
9:44 pm
>> don't look at me, look at todd. >> go back to history and look at the facts of this wonderful time that you're harkening back to when christians ran everything. when we had segregation and jews were discriminated against. this is a fantasy world that never existed. it doesn't mean that we don't have problems in this country, but to pretend that somehow when god was in the public schools, everything was going so perfectly. >> wait, wait, wait, this is important. >> in the history of the country, segregation happened while god was in the school. >> wait a minute, listen. >> do not compare that to miley cyrus. >> i don't know where you're going. >> no, the point is, what people are seeing that liberalism and being anti god and taking god -- >> the point is -- >> segregation -- >> hang -- >> it doesn't matter. >> i don't. >> shut up, be quiet, pay your taxes. >> democrats -- >> one at a time, guys.
9:45 pm
>> there are democrats who believe in god who know that what kirsten is saying is true and with all due respect, i'm a democrat. i was in the white house. i pushed for prayer, believe in god and we're americans and not to be divided. we're to solve problems constructively. you with me sean and we can part friends and allies, not be bitter. it's not liberals against conservativ conservatives. >> hold on. in the 40s and 50s, what were the problems in our school? by the way, before the civil rights, hang on, before the civil rights act, before the voting rights act, which by the way, republicans, lyndon johnson because al gore's father wasn't available -- >> conservatives. >> i'm agreeing with the sins and there is no excuses for it, period, end of sentence but with all that said, the problems weren't morally as severe. >> absolutely. >> for all of america. >> what are you talking about?
9:46 pm
it was segregation. >> segregation was evil. but i'm saying -- you're missing my point. i'm saying segregation was evil. >> none of the liberals here have spoken about conservative the way the conservatives have routinely spoken about liberals. >> listening to obama? >> you picked out the worst of the worst. they are sitting there talking about liberals as if they are causing every problem in the world -- >> who? >> that this has done. >> we move forward when people stop believing that they as a group or religion or class or race have a monopoly on virtue and wisdom. we move forward when we listen to one another as we do here and discuss and that's what americans -- >> this is not -- we got to take a break. we'll come back. coming up, more with the studio audience coming up.
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9:52 pm
lot of them are very young and responsible and in touch and capable of managing their own lives. i don't see a country that's in decline. >> are we in decline? >> we are in decline. the greatest crime is that we have segregated and victimized people seen as getting a hand-up. now we've relegated ourselves to a handout. they don't want a handout. they want a hand-up. liberals feel it is their responsibility to take care of the poor. >> the lowest labor participation rate. 50 million in poverty. >> what you saw in the last segment was the vice president of the united states doing damage control. that was something that was greeted with revulsion from the
9:53 pm
country. they said, god, help us. we want to work. >> we can all agree on one thing. the middle class is shrinking. they have zero confidence because they don't know what the policies are from the government. >> the policies that we have seen over the past five years, they are the evidence that proves that america is in decline, especially with something that hasn't been addressed here tonight is obama slashing the military. they've been doing so much to cut the deficit on the backs of the military. >> i agree with you. >> we're slashing our military to take -- no, it's not. it is completely factual. >> it's a modern fighting force. we're not in the days of million man armies that need to go out there on brute strength. we're talking about drones that never have to have a boot on the ground. this is technology that takes the place of lives. >> sequestration was created by congress. >> it is possible to celebrate
9:54 pm
this as the greatest country in human history, which it is, and that we all, of course, are so privileged to be americans but to identify there is social decay and moral decay and there's problems that we need to address. problems that have been exacerbated by president obama and his policy. we need to work together to solve these problems. >> she was perfect. why are you going to ruin that? if i weren't the devil, i would have the liberal and conservative hug at the end of the show. >> you can't lay all this at the feet of obama. >> i'm not. this goes well back before obama, but i think he's accelerated it. coming up, we'll have more with our studio audience right after the break. straight ahead. new car!
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thank you for tuning in and we want to all right. thank you for tuning in. we want to thank everybody in our studio audience for their participation tonight. this is all the time we have left. please set your dvr and record "hannity," the series. we hope you have a good night. if i'm going to help my brain come to fruition, i'm going to have to feed it quality nutrition. >> the food police are here, eager to force us to eat better. >> the epidemic here is worse than previously estimated. >> over 95% of americans will be overweight or obese in two decades. >> over 95% of us? do you know what's in our food? >> poison. >> you better not eat meat. >> i haven't made a steak ever. >> some say don't eat anything with a face. >> there's so many different types of


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