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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOXNEWSW  June 16, 2014 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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behind the crescenes at the tont show. >> and lawyura ingram will joins live. >> let's make it a day, everybody.
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inconnor powell leads our coverage in jers. any sign the advance is slowing down? >> reporter: the military in iraq in this makeshift security forces there have done nothing to slow these insurgents moving from syria. the the sunni fighters of syria
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and iraq have taken another city. they appear to be consolidating. they unified sunni islamic site across iraq. yesterday there were records of mass killings and beheadings. they are only 60 mile outside of baghdad and it looks like they will move on that city in sometime in the near future. bill: what are you hear being the defense of baghdad or otherwise? >> reporter: people there have scared. particularly the shiites that live there that backed missouriy al-maliki -- that back the noury
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al-maliki government. now the u.s. is reacting by pulling out many of its american employees in baghdad. the pentagon is sending extra marines anders pell no safeguard the embassy. so fawmplet s. is not taking direct action in iraq. keep in mind if the u.s. doesn't screen in iraq they would do so on the same side as iran, both iran and the u.s. have a real point of emphasis to keep the maliki government in baghdad. bill: when you are using tehran as youral light's an amazing -- when you are using tehran as your ally it's an amazing statement. martha: iraq and syria are using
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social media to get their message out. the form was formerly known as al qaeda in iraq. it was started difficult abu zarqawi. he was taken out by a u.s. air strike in 2006. the new leader of isis is dubbed the new bin laden. he was once in u.s. custody. but when the war started to wind down he was released along with a dozen prisoners'. his words to the guards was i'll see you guys in new york. bill: i want to show our viewers where we are. tal afar is the town that pell
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overnight. in the early days of american-iraqi cooperation, that was seen as a time when the americans and iraqis came together for success. that follows the fall of mosul and tikrit. you could divide this country into 3. and these sections would label the following way. one would be the cuddis -- woule kurdish zone in the northeast, then 2 would be the sunni and 3 would be the shiia that religiousously allies itself with iran. you start up in aleppo and stretch down to baghdad, that's an area that is so large, if we
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were to lay the map over the top, you would start in indiana, far northwestern corner of indiana, stretch across ohio and west virginia. a lot of that is open desert. hundreds of miles between towns. but that gives you a sense of what this islamic radical group controls and they knocked a bang off last week. they have guns and weapons. a lot of those are our weapons we gave to the iraqi military. you have got big issues here and no one is quite clear how we are going to dig out of it. martha: when you look at at map polite three ways remind me of what joe biden said was the solution in iraq. it mate be a result of what we are seeing play out now. you have got republicans calling for leadership to make sure a decade of a kri fiestles our
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u.s. -- a decade of a question nice of our soldiers does not slip away. a white house insider says the iraqis need to take the first steps in all this. >> any direct military action by the united states needs to be done when we see the iraqi government has actually pulled itself together politically. >> i talked to a gold star mopter in my district saying, you know my son died in fallujah. he believed in what he was doing and i just want it to count for something. martha: a group that has been tracking and warning about isis for some time, general jack keane. you have got a lot of different ways this can go. in terms of the military and diplomatic intervention what do you believe has to happen now?
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>> the diplomatic intervention is key but i don't agree with the logic we should set conditions for maliki to make those complicated political changes now as a condition for military force. if we use military interest stroangs assist this urgent crisis we have. i believe that in and of itself will give significant leverage to move maliki in the right direction. i with reverse the logic of what we are using here. martha: how would you do it? >> there are a number of things we need. we need the intelligence architecture returned to iraq so they can get situational awareness of what's taking place. secondly we need planners and advisors to assist in thinking through the defense of baghdad and the counter offensive. they need our help for that and
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we need advisors on the ground. i would insert some special operations forces to help start taking down these leaders. i wouldn't talk about it but that would be a huge inabler. three missions for air power. one is intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance to gain targets, track the army. we can use manned and unmanned vehicled to do that. the second is air interdiction. as bill showed on the map you can see the extent of isis lines going deep into syria. with targeting we should be able to establish their staging bases, their lines of communication and supply areas, using air interdiction start
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taking that out in syria and iraq. martha: everything that you are describing requires a lot of leadership, motivation, a lot of putting the cart before the horse. tom donilon said we need to sit back, but that's how we got into this mess in the first place. listen to paul bremmer who worked inside iraq and knows it intimately. >> there is no time for a long debate. i hope the president now that he has had a weekend to reflect on it will make quick decisions to help the iraqy government. martha: do you believe the white house will make quick decisions? >> i don't know. given their pattern of decision make it's usually slow, deliberate to a fault.
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the close air support is vital because of the day nature of the fight. close air support is provided as the name implies for troops who are close to the enemy. to facilitate that mission we need to put air ground controllers with iraqi forces. those would be special forces much as we had done with the northern alliance in afghanistan in taking down the taliban. something we did not do in libya and nato found itself in a stalemate for four months. they are in hah combat zone. they are not doing the fighting, they arese of air power and our special forces guys speak the language, they know the iraqis, they are very comfortable with it, they can handle the mission. martha: can we do that without iran? do we need iran's help?
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>> iran is going to help iraq regardless of what we say. we don't need iran to help us help iraq. iran is our strategic adversary in the middle east. every ally we have in the middle east except for iraq is an adversary of these guys. these guys kid us in iraq, maybe one-third of the soldiers killed and maimed our generals estimate the iranians had a hand in training the militia and equipping them with advanced ieds and advanced mortars and rock totes kill us. why would we be involved in something like that. martha: general, thank you very much. see you soon. bill: how involved should the u.s. get in iraq today. give us a tweet what we'll stair some of your thoughts. bill: you can tell the way keen
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lays that out. this is complicated. can lois lerner be off the hook? it turns out hundreds of her emails are missing. martha: the administration becoming babysitters as flood of children cross our border. bill: critics want to know why the president is not taking action before the bloodshed gets even worse. >> these terrorists moving in taking control of western iraq. now they have taken control of mosul. now they are 100 miles from baghdad and the president is taking a nap. everything that you thought was important to you changes in light of having a child that needs you every moment.
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march where we are back with a fox news alert. a wildfire in central california is double in size 30 miles northeast of bakersfield. officers with bull horns are ordering residents to get out now. 500 homes are being threatened. two structures have gone down so far. >> they are doing what they can. they have a whole bunch of engines and crews. >> i have a lot of friend and people i know that are being evacuated. >> thankfully no injuries as of right now. bill: critics are asking if the president was caught by surprise when the president says the world is safer than before.
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>> the world is safer than it's ever been and healthier and more tolerant than it's ever been. i don't rule out anything because we do have a stake in making sure these jihadists are not getting permanent foot healed. billfoot -- a permanent foothold. just last thursday the world is less violent than ever before. did this catch the white house and the president float footed? >> we have russia invading ukraine. we have died take over iraq. we have china making moves in the south and east china sea to
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claim more territory and that's just the beginning. we are in a similar place now as we were at the end of the carter administration where the world perceived a weak president and every dictator decides this is open season. this is my moment. as bad as today's headlines were, you will see a lot more going on in the final years of president obama's presidency. 40 killed in al qaeda by islamic militants believed to be all christian there. how do you make a statement like that only 6 days ago? >> this is another example of the president seeing the world as he wishes it to be rather than the world as it is. this is a president who was talking two years ago about al qaeda being on the run and a diminished threat from al qaeda.
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you had john brennan suggest al qaeda would be eliminated all together about it end of the decade. it wasn't i then, it's fantasy now. we need to stop seeing the world as he wants it to be. bill: if you believe -- back to this question about a surprise, why do it appear that there is a series of events now that have followed a similar pattern whether it's iraq, whether it's assad crossing the red line in syria. the va scandal, the healthcare scandal and that apaintly surprised -- that apparently surprised the white house. >> the administration keeps blaming everyone else. they keep saying this is much harder than we thought, we had terrible things we had to overcome.
6:21 am
we elected you for this job so stop whining and start solving the problems. all the problems are happening someplace else. but in the next couple years you will have the problems coming here. you will have american passport holders who are battled hardened in iraq will come to the united states. that's when the white house need to start profiling for terrorist behavior. bill: why the surprise in story after story? >> because the president expects everyone to act the way he wants them to act. and he wants to bring iran into the solution for this problem. john kerry says he's open to cooperating with iran militarily. martha: there is trouble here at
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bill: a plane's landing gets disrupted at one of the nation's busiest airports apparently because of a joke told by an air traffic controller. a plane had to change course after an air traffic controller told the pilot to divert the landing. that plane eventually landed safely.
6:26 am
martha: this is a big story in the midst of the others it's not getting lot of attention. but there is a crisis and eight appears to be getting worse. estimated between 300-400migrant children are being apprehended every single day and it's overwhelming border services. >> reporter: this is ground zero, this immigration crisis. right underneath that bill palm tree, a popular place for immigrants to cross into the united states. on our way to the riverside club jeff burton ram across a couple of women who had crossed the river early this morning. they were waiting for the border patrol to pick them up because they know they will be able to
6:27 am
stay in the united states for at least a time. yesterday we found about a dozen illegal immigrants who have been processed by customs and border protection. they had been given noticed to appear before an immigration and a bus ticket to anywhere in the united states where they might have relatives. the border patrol is overwhelmed by this. pictures that were given to us by texas congressmen's office, i spoke with him after he took the tour. he says he believes many of the family units and unaccompanied children who came to this country are probably here to stay. >> if you are a pregnant woman or family unit they will give you a piece of paper where you promise to show up in -- in 90 days.
6:28 am
they won't snoip 90 days no way. he says the overcrowding at eased at least a little at that one station. martha: the feeling if they get here they will be able to stay, right, john? >> reporter: that was a big issue with the homeland security secretary jeh johnson. he says is that the main reason people are zmomg we talked to a number of people at the catholic charity helping these folks out as they get dispersed. they said they are escaping gang violence and the economic problem their country. but a man from honduras told me the rumor is out in the central american countries about the permisso. somebody said they are giving permits to stay here. some are coming to work but some
6:29 am
are being told they are getting permits to stay here. >> reporter: border patrol officers are told not to talk to the media. but we spoke to a few of them off record and they said they have made more sandwiches than they have catching bad guys. bill: the taliban five have been set free but there are 150 detainees still in gitmo. uptight be surprised how they get their news. martha: could iraqi insurgents pose a danger right here in the united states? we'll talk to lieutenant colonel oliver north. >> these are not monkey bar terrorists. these are sophisticated command and control seasoned combat veterans who understand the value of terrorismons.
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martha: the al qaeda-trained tear rift-traintrained terrorise rampage in iraq, some of them are american and have passports that could let them enter our country. >> we know we have westerners who have come to jihadist disneyland in eastern syria that we can further radicalize and
6:34 am
train and send back to europe and back to the united states. colonel oliver north is the host of "war stories. and "counterfeit lies." >> the charter of isis, the islamic state in iraq and syria and levant as part of their charter attacks on the united states. they made as part of their charter that they are going to attack the american homeland. you have a large swath of territory that's available for them even if they don't take baghdad to prepare for such a thing. martha: prebi pre-bin laden your
6:35 am
these stories saying at the time they can't see him as the biggest fish under their watch but he said i'll see you guys in new york. >> reporter: now he many the wealthiest terrorist in the world because hey ransacked enough bangs that they have cold currency that they can transact other things that other people couldn't do because they couldn't afford to. martha: the president talks about al qaeda being december made it an -- beingdecimated. how much concerned are you that he's not taking al qaeda serious enough? >> this is a presidency that hasn't taken anything seriously. this is a cascade of catastrophe the obama administration has
6:36 am
brought upon itself. these aren't things that have been unknown. jordan has been claiming for months that isis is growing in such strength that it could threaten jordan. we see up s. marines being sent to reinforce our embassy. the ability to get out of iraq -- obama says all options are on the table but there are no boots on the ground. you can't refuel american aircraft or launch drones without boots on the ground and you can't run joint tackal aircraft to fire bombs and strafe bad guys if you don't have american air controllers on the ground. he limited the options by virtue of what he said we won't do and the iranians are taking every bit of advantage to reinforce their friend maliki because they need that land bridge into syria and that's now in the hands of
6:37 am
crazies from isis. martha: this is a very difficult position. the discussion about having iran help us on this is something that -- we spoke to general jack keane, he was furious about that prospect. what do you think? >> we ought to be furious. i'm in south carolina where the senator lindsey graham says it's a good idea. that's not a good idea. the iranians have not on killed americans routinely since the beginning of the war in iraq. they are in the process of concocting the next big catastrophe. they don't want to get along with america. they are pledged to destroy it. the new international agreement will permanently lift all sanctions on iran and the way they will get air is in that
6:38 am
book. march already colonel north, thank you very much. bill: the winner goes home. in and a -- in san antonio the s too much for the heat. 104-87. march taken kiimer won the open at pinehurst. the first german to ever win the u.s. open. rolling and rolling.
6:39 am
that's a hole-in-one. high fives for everybody. martha: he's i'm good. i can go home now. that's a great moment. he will buy drinks for everybody. saying good-bye to an historic landmark. the site of meetings that were crucial to taking down president richard nixon over watergate. bill: the immigration crisis on our borders gets worse. >> there is a human tragedy going on on our southern borders. co: sometimes you don't know you need a hotel room until you're sure you do. bartender: thanks, captain obvious. co: which is why i put the mobile app on my mobile phone.
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bill: president obama spending falter's day getting some sun in southern california. critics like homeland security chairman mike maccall says the president needs to get back to washington and get back to work. this is a crisis. up spoke to ambassador kroark and he said this is the greatest national security threat since 9/11. what's napping iraq right now is
6:44 am
really chaotic. bill: let's talk with this with the news editor. we heard from him before the break again on this issue. >> there is a human tragedy on the southern border and the president is doing nothing. what did he do this weekend? he gave a hyper part a commencement speech then played golf. that's the frustration my constituents have and the american people have. bill: everybody needs a vacation and break but when rome is burning is that the right time? >> you should not take a vacation when rome is burning but that's standard operating procedure. after been ga -- after benghazie through to las vegas for a
6:45 am
fundraiser. it looks like president obama likes to get on the golf course so he can stick his head in the sand traps. bill: the white house can travel. it's not like he doesn't have a telephone and a pen as he once said. >> this is also about perception. the people in iraq right now who are beheading soldiers, even when it comes to foreign leaders like vladimir putin. they look at obama and say he's on the golf course. bill, that's an interesting point about perception. >> i think if republicans will stop running negative attack ads against democrats i think the president would like to do more than raise money. i think any president can walk and chew gum at the same time. that's why i never'upset when we used to see day after day after
6:46 am
day of george w. bush clearing brush at his ranch in crawford during this august break. we are going back to 2001? he was in texas when katrina rolled onshore. we have a major international crisis. >> the point i'm trying to make is that both george w. bush and president barack obama can walk and chew gum at the same time and they are as george bush was talking to the military every single day trying to find a way out of this conflict. bill: dana perino said she would advise president bush when to take a bike ride because it does not look good. >> it doesn't look good. to get to a serious point, this is a situation where veterans of
6:47 am
operation iraqi freedom feel like a lot has been lost. they feel like a lot of their brothers in arms were killed for nothing. and that's a serious problem president obama has on its hand. the question will be does obama-care more about politic and the agenda of the republican party or does he want to make sure things overseas are not done for no reason. based on his history and pattern of how he handles these things, it seems his priorities are on making speeches about climate change and make sure that was all for nothing. bill: if you could do the schedule all over. do you think it would be wise to pull back on that? why go to the fundraiser and make a speech on climate change. >> i'll double down on that. if you look at what happened since he went to southern california. he has been talking to his
6:48 am
military advisors about possible air strikes. he's trying to engage the iraqi government to coming a political solution. he sent troops to secure our embassy. i think katie is right, perception is a big key in what people see and what people think. but they are also the facts. and what the president is doing. outside of, i don't know where katie is on this. outside of sending a peacekeeping force to insure these factions behave, i'm not sure what other kind of leadership the president could show. bill: maybe he saw it coming? nobody has come to the microphone and said we have been watching this. it appears to have caught them all by surprise. >> peacekeeping groups never keep the peace. the u.n. is not going to do that. is sissies still on the march and they are beheading people along the way.
6:49 am
and they have no plans to stop now. >> we go back to gitmo after read lease of the taliban five. what did they know about the prisoner swap for sergeant bowe bergdahl. we are live in cuba with the shocking story. bill: he's a baseball legend an was not allowed to go near baseball until today. pete rose is a manager again at least for one day. we'll talk to him live about what he's doing tonight. rkin' t. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition in charge™. is is mike. his long race day starts with back pain... ...and a choice. take 4 advil in a day which is 2 aleve... ...for all day relief.
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bill: radio legend casey kasem passed away on father's day at his home in washington state. his children say he had been suffering from parkinson's. his daughter kerry kasem first broke the news on facebook and twitter writing thank you for your love, thoughts and prayers. we'll miss our dad. that is one final long distance dedication. we grew up with the guy. martha: we grew up with him on the clock radio. this may surprise you and some of you it will probably make you mad. 149 detainees still at gitmo have sun censored access to watch all the cable tv and
6:54 am
newspapers they like. so there is no doubt they are aware of what happened when five taliban commanders got their ticket out in exchange for bowe bergdahl. what impact will that have on their trial? good morning to you. >> reporter: the high are-security courthouse and the standout was the self-described architect khalid sheikh mohammad. after he greeted his adversaries he got down on the floor and started playing. there is no question they know about the bergdahl swap and the political fallout. >> they are aware of the swap. he does not have any hopes anyone will swap him for anyone else. >> reporter: there are 149 detainees left at the guantanamo
6:55 am
cams. the rest are subject to indefinite detention. there is not enough evidence to prosecute them but there is enough evidence to make the case they are a threat to u.s. national security interest. the taliban five were in camp 6. in exchange they get a number of privileges. including satellite tv. uncensored access to satellite tv, and even yoga. >> they knew what was going on and they found out by watching fox and other broadcasts like everybody else did, including myself. when that happened, they are informed. the mood is pretty much normal. it's normal ops. martha: it's surprising to many people that the guantanamo detainees learned about the swap
6:56 am
in realtime than was no censorship about what they learned about the political fallout and what it may mean for them as the president tries to keep good on his promise is to close the tamps by the end of his second term. martha: thank you very much. bill: another city falling overnight as the u.s. considers teaming up with tehran. the latest moves to protect our embassy in baghdad and to prevent the government from falling in iraq. martha: lois lerner has a critical batch of her eachs that poof, they are gone. how did that happen? where could they have gone? >> i exercise my my amendment right and refuse to answer the question.
6:57 am
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7:00 am
braces for the worst. the u.s. embassy is being evacuated. the white house sending more options on all of this. it is a very fluid situation. breaking news throughout the morning as we welcome you and your morning of "america's newsroom." bill: the comet operations have militants moving toward baghdad. getting ready to defend that city and fighting to regain control. the u.s. navy moving additional assets into the persian gulf amid concerns the terrorist group will use it as a launching pad for what could be another 9/11 at some point. lindsey graham. >> the seeds of 9/11 are being planted all over iraq and afghanistan. they are not hiding their agenda.
7:01 am
they plan to drive us out of the middle east attacking us here at home. bill: jennifer, good morning to you. what else has a pentagon done now to move and assists with the iraqi crisis? >> 100 u.s. troops have been sent for security at the embassy in baghdad. the u.s. as hw bush came in this morning. looking to further regulate u.s. embassy. it is joined by the navy destroyer, the uss philippines see.c the uss the dimensional have tilt rotor operates on board as well. the u.s. embassy in baghdad was built after the war at a cost of $1 billion. it is the largest u.s. embassy in the world. the u.s. state department has begun moving personnel out of baghdad to neighboring jordan to
7:02 am
the south and north, but many are still left behind, bill. bill: now the u.s. has changed their tune about what they're doing in iraq. >> we heard moments ago from sectarian state john kerry who indicated talks with iran are in the talks most likely in the sidelines of nuclear talks at the end of the day. thousands of fighters are gearing up to protect baghdad heating the cost of shiite clerics as a strategic city along the highway 100 miles from the border. that city fell at dawn today and baghdad especially airport was struck by mortars and rockets this weekend, bill. bill: jennifer, we will talk a little bit later. martha: sunni militants storm cities across iraq horrifying images of violence are being widely separated online. these pictures are absolutely
7:03 am
devastating and eventually group of soldiers being massacred claiming to have killed 1700 people by this radical islamists. according to what we are seeing in all of these. more of these men bent over in the background of this unbelievable picture rounded up by mas masked gunmen and shot by firing squad. u.s. state department condemning the massacres saying the death toll has not been confirmed by the united states. they question what the isis will do concerning possible options how to handle the violent crisis engulfing the disintegrating iraq situation. but we all don't remember how president obama repeatedly proclaimed this was a victorious situation in the end. watch this. president obama: in iraq with cielo strategy to end the war.
7:04 am
for leaving behind a sovereign, stable, self-reliant iraq. martha: brit hume is our senior analyst good so difficult to watch those words from the president given all that is happening now. >> it makes you cringe to hear those words now. the presiden president has a par outlook on ending the war. what ends a war is the withdrawal of the united states from it. it is clear iraq seemed to have been pacified at the time when he pulled all the troops out, but all the tensions and problems in that region were still present, and dangers iraq's stability could collapse were present. and we had this uprising in syria leading to this hideous conflict with untold casualties and humanitarian crisis spilling
7:05 am
over into the other parts of the region particularly including jordan. has now spilled over to iraq for the base of the training of the terrorists with the worst sort was no way toward baghdad. one wonders if the united states had made a deal with iraq despite all the difficulties with the government, but able to keep a force of some size there, or influence wouldn't have been greater, that the divisions within iraq would not have been so enlarged and he would not be quite in the predicament we are in now. martha: look at some of the decisions made along the way, lack of the status agreement with a difficult thing to establish but a lot of people thought could happen given him much stronger effort. and you look at the red line in syria that could not be crossed. all of these things have led us to where we are today, and get what i heard from the president,
7:06 am
supporters of the president, the white house over the weekend basically goes to the decision to go to war in the first place. it is not our fault. >> this comes down really to two different theories of america's role in the world. i think the president and many who support himlieve america's big footprint in many parts of the world was a major part of the problem, that we were to far-flung in our military process that somewhere misbegotten end misconceived and thresult was more trouble than e would have had if we would not have done that in the first place. it has been edited we can reduce the footprint, stay out of as many places as we can and things will be better. we have tried that now for some years and have found what you have got is a power vacuum filled by some of the worst sort of enemies we can have and of course the thing we fear in this
7:07 am
continuing effort to suppress terrorism around the world as we fear the establishment of places which are wild and out of control places were terrorists will have a large safe haven for which to plan more of their territorial and strategic ambitions such as further attacks on the united states. martha. john kerry moments ago of what they may do now. >> look, we are open to discussions if there is something constructive that can be contributed by iran if iran is able to do something that is going to respect the integrity and sovereignty of iraq. martha: nobody would have seen that coming a year ago. >> i think it is worth talking to iran about this but my view of that is iran is an enemy of the united states, in adversary of the united states, state-sponsored terrorism on a grand scale in many parts of the world. to hope and expect we can have an alliance, might be able to
7:08 am
engage in some common interest actions in iraq right now but, boy, we have big one that with with our eyes open. john kerry's remarks suggest that, to be fair. martha: indeed they do. thank you very much, we will see. bill: president bush warning what would happen if our troops left iraq too soon. >> would be risking mass killings and a horrific scale, it would mean we allow the terrorist establish a safe haven in iraq replace the one i lost in afghanistan. bill: who will talk with that morning with the former chief of staff coming up in a few moments from now. 2011 is when we closed the door and left the country and it took less than three years for everything to collapse. martha: we will play the it here quote it is even more when you hear what president bush had to say back then. bill: and we asked what would
7:09 am
you do, what would you accept for u.s. involvement now? get your ideas on it. he is army respond to criticism over bergdahl's disappearance. >> saying he served with honor and dignity is the exact opposite of what happened. that is a slap in the face to everybody who honorably joined the army, deployed, returned home or deployed and died in combat. bill: no investigation into how and why bergdahl left the base in afghanistan. martha: for the two years of irs e-mails gone. all the ones they're looking for for, they cannot find them anymore. the reason for that coming up. bill: also in a moment, lou dobbs at how the house oversight committee a is planning to that. and with mrs. rushing to action to stop an out-of-control car. the biggest surprise, who was behind the wheel and where they were headed.
7:10 am
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bill: two kids in a hurry heading to grandma's house. that is how the story starts, right? in a car they found in the parking lot with the keys in it. before the driver's box them in
7:14 am
with their own cars. >> he could barely see over the steering wheel. >> it was unlocked. we just left. went to grandma's. how do you know how to drive? said watching my dad. bill: no damage or injuries, no charges filed and no comment from the woman, just that the boys are doing fine. martha: so what now and what has become a crumbling situation in iraq. the obama administration adminin considers military action. some say the iraqi militant group violently overtaken large parts of syria and now iraq could have been stopped if the situation there had not been neglected. in fact in 2007 presidents george w. bush pretty much laid this out as it is happening. watch this. >> it means we would be risking mass killings on a horrific scale. it means we allow the terrorists
7:15 am
to establish a safe haven in iraq replace the one i lost in afghanistan. it'd be increasing probability american troops would have to return at some later date to confront the enemy that is even more dangerous. the fight in iraq is part of a broader struggle that is unfolding across the region. martha: join me now, former white house chief of staff for george w. bush and former acting dean of the bush school at texas and am university. good to have you with us. >> good morning, martha. thank you for having me on. this is a very troubling scenario right now. yes, president bush did anticipate this being the likely outcome if we didn't do some things right and president obama is insisting has not done some things right. it is paramount to the cause of this angst right now and i am troubled by it. leading this islamic state for
7:16 am
syria and iraq group is a really bad guy. martha: when you look back at pretty much everything president bush outlined in that statement they would be extreme violence, we have seen that now because there are these pictures of iraqi soldiers being executed. you see this vacuum of leadership and i wonder what my thoughts are if president bush was involved with talking to generals on the ground, when i look back at even the rolling stone article that got the general fired, he was referring to afghanistan with what he complained about in this administration was their lack of interest in this whole situation. >> this should be an all hands on deck challenge for president obama but he doesn't seem to recognize that. they should be reaching out to real experts like the former ambassador to afghanistan, former ambassador to iraq. he would offer some very
7:17 am
valuable insight to what is happening. he knows the players, he knows the scenario, this is very troubling time for american national security. this group wants to attack americans, they want to create an islamic state inviting the iranians to do stupid things that might exacerbate the problem, the saudis are upset, the whole region is about to boil over. we need adult leadership and people paying attention to what is happening diplomatically, certainly in the clandestine services need to rally the world. have a great we talk about the u.n., but i think the u.n. should pay attention as well because this is an idea that would create a place where bad guys planning to do bad things would have a place to mobilize those actions. martha: there is a story this
7:18 am
morning on politico. obama's bush hangover. the president has not been able to come was as much because he has spent the past six years dealing with the mess left by the president that you work for. that is the contention in this political piece. what do you say about that? >> clearly had to address challenges left over from the bush administration because the economic downturn was horrible and president obama had to help build a way out of that. focusing on obamacare, that hasn't been good for our economy. i was glad to see president obama took his plan seriously working with the national security agency, intelligence community to pay attention to what was happening around the world. too anxious to abandon successes in iraq and potentially in afghanistan and be settled with problems that would affect america for a very long time for not having status for scrimmage
7:19 am
in iraq is a horrible problem that president obama is facing and he created that problem. not created by president bush. offering no challenge this serious problem. the isis got their apartment if you will, from syria into baghdad, that is what they are trying to do. this is a sunni effort but this is something that could easily be anticipated and addressed with the state's forces agreement and i think president obama steps up to the responsibility of not just talking with what he inherited but what he will do to make sure america is safe. martha: a lot of people no space to hear something on that front very soon and many people over
7:20 am
the weekend talking with the fact has to happen very quickly if there is any hope of getting engaged in this situation. it is always good to talk to you, sir, thank you very much. >> thank you, martha. bill: it breaks your heart. this is a gentleman fought insurgents overnight. it was not an easy battle. 100 miles from the syrian border. that is when they said this is the model for how we will do with throughout the rest of the country, and now that has been dashed. for coming up on that. pete rose says all he wants is a second chance. it has been 25 years since he managed in the dugout and tonight that will change, we will tell you how and why when the former cincinnati reds manager joins us. martha: and growing fallout after three-year-old is apparently kick out of the restaurant because of the scars on her face. what kfc is telling the family now. >> she was never shy.
7:21 am
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martha: a must-win tonight for usa make the 2014 world cup debut. they will take on ghana. the same team knocked the u.s. out of the last to go world cups. everybody will be watching this tonight. teen usa needs a good showing today if they stand any chance the later matches against portugal and will take on germany. go team usa. bill: 6:00, right? martha: exactly. bill: bring it home.
7:25 am
baseball legend pete rose band d from baseball for a gambling scandal not giving up on getting a second chance. the first time in 25 years he will manage a baseball team, he will be on the field for the bridgeport bluefish in connecticut. but it is not the world series but it is on the field. how are you doing, good morning to you. >> it might be the world series for some of those young players playing tonight. i don't know. bill: i will grant you that. you have in fighting for a second chance and you still think he will get one from the commissioner, but the league. this is the first step to reinstatement? >> all of a sudden we decided to ask what i like, i would love to be around young players looking for an opportunity making a big box, they are hungry and they
7:26 am
want to play their game of baseball. if i can help them, so be it. i will bring a big crowd o out there tonight for them. i am sure but it is up to speed what is going on. we have baseball buzzing as far as me doing this tonight, which is a good thing. they didn't step in, they weren't against it at all, which is good for me and i'm going to do a good job and be very positive about the game of baseball, which i always am. if you don't get a second chance, i understand i am the one that screwed up. bill: you say you have been a good boy, make your best case for being on the ballot. >> i paid a pretty good price, 25 years i have been suspended.
7:27 am
i sign autographs about 20 days a month and all i do is talk positive about the game of baseball and everywhere i go people talk to me about baseball. baseball can be very easy to get on because things happen the last five or six years. i stay very positive about the game. bill: elli alex rodriguez was kd out for a season and a half. you think he is your best chance, but he will be out of office generally of next year. the unit is i you is it now or ? >> i have heard now or never for a long time. i never really thought about that, now or never. i just try to be a productive citizen and work hard and support my family. if they ever give me a second
7:28 am
chance to be on the ballot i wouldn't see anything wrong with me being on the ballot. i'm not telling you i should be in the hall of fame, but a lot of guys connected that are on the ballot on a yearly basis. talking about bonds, clemens, paul merrill, mcguire, guys like that have a chance to be voted on one way or another. bill: you can ask and make decisions in a baseball game now. >> if a guy squeeze and miss i will take him out of the game right now. it will be fun. bill: maybe it headfirst slide. thank you very much. >> now you are out of control. bill: he throws on the phone. thank you, pete. he said even a guy who shot the
7:29 am
pope got a second chance. martha: he makes a very interesting argument against the guys using performance-enhancing drugs on the list and should he be on it as well. we look forward to that tonight. obviously the big story, the headline of the day is iraq spirals out of control, so what happens if anything can be done to stop this situation, they are valid march toward baghdad, the growing calls for some plan of action. bill: i rest my best years worth of lois lerner e-mails have been lost in a computer crash. is anybody buying that, martha? reaction from the hill. >> we don't know what she's done, so why would you give somebody immunity when you know idea what terminal conduct they've engaged in. i don't know if she killed jonbenet ramsey.
7:30 am
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which provider is the best in town. you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare. now that we're expecting, i like the fact i can go onto angie's list and look for pediatricians. the service providers that i've found on angie's list actually have blown me away. find out why more than two million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust. martha: fox news alert, republican lawmakers pressing for a plan of action for iraq as the white house is mulling over the options this hour. president obama has of the terror threat is nothing new. those comments dealing backlash from critics who say the president is well aware of the growing crisis. john boehner says it is long past time for the president to lay out a plan to reverse the momentum and spread the threat of terrorism in iraq critical for u.s. national interest. chief white house correspondent live on this.
7:34 am
the white house says there is a small window for diplomacy, right? >> you have to wonder there is a window dealing with the offshoot isis. what the six area state john kerry may be referring to is the diplomacy working is possibly ottley working with iran, maybe budding where iran keeps sending in ground troops to support possible u.s. airstrikes against these extremists in iraq. iran has her own interest to not have instability in the region but great concern iran doesn't take advantage of that kind of a move to take territory within iraq number one, and number two to wiggle out of any commitments for the nuclear program to the west has been pushing iran. white house officials said yesterday getting regular updates from susan rice,
7:35 am
national security advisor, but he had to look at the schedule on saturday and then two rounds of golfcome a fundraiser. there will be a lot of pressure on the president to get focused on this crisis. you can see it exploding taking yet another city inside iraq today. martha. martha: thank you very much. we will be watching tonight. ♪ bill: so the irs as glenn a pewter crashed the failure to hand over e-mails from lois lerner. the agency released a statement saying her e-mails from january of 2009 to april 2011 have been lost. oversight chairman darrell issa says that is a happy coincidence saying it is convenient for the obama administration the irs now says it realized it lost lois
7:36 am
lerner's e-mails. they expect the american public to believe that? lou dobbs, host of "lou dobbs tonight" on the fox business network, has been covering this inside and out. just gone. on a friday afternoon when baghdad is burning essentially, now we get the news two and half years of e-mails. >> the american people could be forgiven for getting a little cynical about this administration when you add up the number of scandals that continue, these late friday p.r. dumps so nobody will notice as you point out with iraq. it is inconceivable, and that the internal revenue service and top officials and this administration to look straight at congress and say we can't help you out here because lois lerner's computer crashed. if anybody within the irs that
7:37 am
even believes what it is saying, they should be fired but certainly the administration everybody responsible for that one communication to the congress of the united states should be held accountable. bill: sometimes they get lost and they go to retrieve them so that is possible to get them back. steve stocking out of texas wants the nsa to turn over the metadata to lois lerner's inbox and sent messages. >> i had to laugh as i read his letter to director rogers of the nsa saying to provide this because that metadata that has been so controversial in itself is sit there ready to be accessed. what the irs claims is just stupid, it is ignorant, ignorant of how e-mail servers work, of how e-mail works itself ahead of
7:38 am
the irs. they are sitting on e-mail servers. some genius over at the irs says we're going to hit delete on her server, on her e-mails and not understand all that material is sitting in servers the federal government. they will be very embarrassed. bill: we will see what they do next, but that is a great point, they are there somewhere. maybe the nsa has them, wouldn't that be ironic? >> i sure hope so. martha: sergeant bowe bergdahl is now back on united states soil facing what we are told to be a long recovery and a long legal road as well. we will speak to his former team leader when we come back. >> saying bergdahl was honorable is the exact opposite.
7:39 am
he is no hero, he is a deserter.
7:40 am
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when folks think about what they get from alaska, they think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs. advanced safety systems & technology. shipping and manufacturing. across the united states, bp supports more than a quarter million jobs. when we set up operation in one part of the country, people in other parts go to work. that's not a coincidence. it's one more part of our commitment to america. bill: brand-new video for the chaos inside iraq. the story changing by the day. new video showing airstrikes against the militants. happening is another u.s. warship heads the persian gulf to give the u.s. "options." john kerry suggesting drone strikes may be necessary and perhaps could happen.
7:43 am
stay tuned for more on that. martha: bowe bergdahl begins his treatment at an army medical center, his future remains uncertain at this point. u.s. army appointing a two star general to investigate why and how he left base in afghanistan. it led to his capture by tel tee ban and five years of captivity. an army investigation into the months after found bergdahl left deliberately on his own free will. we wanted to bring back the leader of bergdahl's team while he was there, and the team they believe he abandoned. this is the sergeant joining us once again, good to have you with us today. when we last spoke, you took a lot of umbrage at the fact he was considered to be in good standing, now that you have a
7:44 am
little bit more about his situation and what his learning about him being held in captivity, do you have a different take on him or what happened? >> my take is still the same. the evidence is clear from everybody on the ground with him, it is great his back in the united states. one step closer to getting closer. hearing his side of the story. everybody is waiting to hear his side of the story because they keep telling us they can't conclude anything without having all the facts. if those facts are hearing his side of the story, we are now one step closer to that. hopefully he can get the recovery process gone through and he can start moving forward for more answers. martha: if you are in this two star general choose able to asking questions, what would you want to know? >> i would want to know why.
7:45 am
i want to know what was going through his head. they are waiting for his intent as to whether they can charge him with deserter or not. i am sure it is abundantly clear what his intent was. his intent was never to return back the literacy allegedly wrote while he was in captivity, kind of paint a clear picture of exactly what he was thinking. i am very glad they will be doing this investigation, now that he is home we can move forward with more detail and get his side of the story. hopefully get the ball rolling here quickly and get some closure here. bill: we showed the video of him getting out of the pickup truck and was walked across the water his own volition across the space and got onto the helicopter. when you laid eyes a on him and that video and saw him come he
7:46 am
must have been scrutinizing his face trying to figure out what kind of conditions he was in, what went through your mind? >> when i saw the video the first thing i thought was he looks really good, he looks a little bigger than he was when he left and i thought we all looked a lot worse than he did out there looking for him. martha: that he looked in better shape than when he left you guys? >> just from what i saw in my opinion i thought he had looked, and the video is short, little grainy, but i thought he looked pretty good. big, healthy. i'm just base that off of the very short video i saw. martha: and i asked you for your opinion in that is what you have given us. sergeant, thank you very much. you have a lot of questions, this general will have a lot of questions for him as we begin to learn the whole story here.
7:47 am
thank you very much for coming back on the program. bill: chaos investigating why a little girl was relieved of her restaurant given the way she looks. the little girl was recovered my pitbull attack. she recently was taken to a kfc in jacksonville, mississippi, but the meal ended early when an employee asked the family to get up and leave. >> i sat down and started eating her and the lady came over and said we would have to leave, we were disturbing other customers. her face was disturbing other customers. bill: there are tons of people rallying behind victoria a after they found the post of the outrage on facebook, kfc now apologizing. apologizing to the family and
7:48 am
assisting them did we hope she recovers soon. the best to her. martha: americans in a lousy, lousy mood, what it may mean for the balance of power when we come back. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition in charge™. [ bottle ] ensure®. ugh. heartburn. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and are proven to taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm. amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. that's keeping you from the healthcare you deserve.
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7:52 am
and flooding into the united states, is this an issue that needs to be solved by comprehensive immigration reform or is there something more immediate that can and should be done? donald trump making headlines, why his name could become the hollywood of chicago. bill: thank you, jenna. a new poll showin casting a clo. satisfaction with the way things are going in the u.s. at an all-time low. similar to 22% satisfaction in the midterm of 2010. you see the graphic right there. 1998 was the highest satisfaction at 60%. around 1982 territory at 23%. campaign manager for president ronald reagan in '84, and ring the present to campaign in 2004, both are fox news contributors.
7:53 am
>> 1882 i was white house political director so i lived through that debacle of record high employment and economy was a mess, just gone through reinforcement. the critical thing here you have to remember despite the terrible numbers, these seats are pretty well drawn to protect republicans and democrats. what could happen is what happened last week with the poster boy of every candidates nightmare if you don't take care of her district you can lose the primary. pretty hard in these seats that are pretty well drawn so my sense is republicans will pick up a few seats. the senate i think we have a good job. better than 50/50. mainly because the seats are our seats, states romney won. there's a lot of chaos going on in the world. i would say we have a good shot of picking up the senate.
7:54 am
bill: what do you think? satisfaction in america. >> in the worst year was 2010 approval of congress and in only 15% of the members of congress lost their seat. 85% of them were reelected. this will be another banner year for incumbents to watch their backs. what is really going on is not as big a partisan fight republicans will fight for the reasons they have pointed out, but more in the anti-washington against the political class and eric cantor able to project him as being part of the washington political class and defeat him. i don't think it was so much ideology as that. a lot of incumbents have to watch their back this year or they will have more of those problems.
7:55 am
bill: is also came out in the gallup poll. now this is the number of people who mention something with the economy as their most important issue, 44%. we are five and half years removed from the great recessi recession. in the 16 years gallup has been asking that question it was highest in 2010, second highest now in 2014. >> this is a terrible environment. i think the public clearly is not happy with the congress, there is none of the above on the ballot. if none of the above was across the country, none of the above we have a chance to win the district. they don't think congress is doing anything to move the ball forward, taxes are still very high, and satisfaction with the president and the white house and the chaos in the world.
7:56 am
bill: even as we say that quickly, people still vote their congressmen back to congress. eric cantor the exception, obviously. >> what is really going on, the real advantage incumbents have is obama. when you have the presidency in a second term in a midterm, the party is out to win seats, picking up. bill: thank you, joe, thank you. we will be cut off, we will bring you back, thank you. martha: tensions rising iraq as terrorism taking control of more cities. i look at the options the white house is now considering to stop these extremists. good job!
7:57 am
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8:00 am
>> i missed four days and the world is crumbling throughout the middle east. "happening now" starts now. have a good day, everybody. more cities fall in iraq and john kerry said airstrikes might be needed to stop the terrorist. i am jenna lee. >> and i am eric sean in for jon scott this morning. the white house is considering options on how to stop the sunnis and one of those options could include direct talks with iran. the pentagon con firming reinforcements are going in to protect thousands of americans who work at the embassy in is baghdad. and another ship is moving into the persian


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