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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 26, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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we have posted that aier's clip and my throw back picture on monday night, me, you and the bomber bill ayers. welcome to hannity. this is a fox news alert. in a major glou the obama administration, the supreme court ruled that president obama not only abused his executive power but also violated the constitution. in a knew than mouse decision, they overturned the president's 2012 resays appointments to the national labor relations board. now the ruling comes on the heels of house speaker john boehner's announcement that he's suing the president of the united states for a similar reason, what he considering his brazen apus of power. fox's own shannon bream has reporting from the supreme court all day. he joins us tonight from washington. shannon? >> reporter: sean, it as with
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unanimous opinion. all of the justice s agreed tha the senate was in session. and by making the appointments the president stepped over his constitutional boundaries. justice steve brieer said that we hold that for purposes of the clause the senate is in session when it says it is. provided that, it retains the capacity to transact senate business. the senate met that standard here. >> there's a lot of danger in the chief executive having too much power. we need a congress that can have the ability to push back on the president. we need to remind the president routinely. >> reporter: but harry reid said the court got it wrong. quote since president obama took office senator republicans have done everything possible for the qualified nominee to receive a fair vote. president obama did the right thing when he made the appointments on behalf of american workers. next up for the high court,
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10:00 a.m. eastern on monday we'll get the hobby lobby decision. they say its religious freedom will be violated if it's forced to provide employees access to 20 forms of contraceptives. including four that the hobby lobby owners believe can cause abortion. sean? >> we'll be watching on monday. another bombshell hit capitol hill yesterday when investigators showed that disgraced lois lerner targeted chuck grassley of iowa back in 2012. an e-mail suggested she sought to have grassley audit pd. for the latest on this developing story we turn to our correspondent in washington with all of the details. karl, it never ends. >> reporter: new outrage, new calls for a special prosecutor
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and all of this comes because a nonprofit group wanted to invite lois lerner and chuck grassley to an event. and the invitation for grassley went to learner and in it there was an offer for the nonprofit group to pay some of mr. grszly's kpnss. learner sent and e-mail to a colleague suggesting that it be further examined. that e-mail has now surfaced. senator grassley has known about it for a couple of month s and he's been very careful to contain his language in anticipation of a whole new avenue of investigation in the irs scandal. so outraged are republicans that this afternoon on the u.s. senate floor, ted cruz went to the floor of the senate and put in the historic record forever his charge that there should be immediately on the u.s. senate a resolution to appoint a special prosecutor and that democrats should support it. and he said if eric holder, the
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u.s. attorney general does not appoint a special prosecutor, he should be impeached. lock for the mouse ways and means committee david camp to push his own additional investigation into this. all across the hill with investigators are going into this. and sean, one thing on house speaker john boehner's lawsuit against the president. ''s going guard with it now. that's clear. strengthened in part by the defrom the supreme court. and we have now a system for how it will be done. the resolutions language has not been written but it will go to what's called the bipartisan legislative advisory group that is basically two of the top democrats in the house and two top republicans in the house plus the speaker. there would be a 3-2 majority to approve it, send the to the house rules committee and ultimately to the floor. they are hoping that is so e greeshs that they'll pick up a few conservative democrat to go along with suing the president.
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>> karl cameron in washington tonight. joining me now with more details surrounding the irs scandal, fox and friends cohost answerly earn hart. what's amazing about this depressly e-mail, this was apparently an invitation meant for senator grassley and potentially bringing his wife. an event he never went to and immediately she wants to turn it over for potential investigation before it happened. >> we have grassley being targeted, conservative groups being targeted and missing e-mail. don't you remember the administration, their narrative has been there's in scandal here, let's move op. there's nothing to see. let's go on. >> no mass corruption. >> not even a smidgen of corruption rngts they're backing
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desperate to try to substantiate the conspiracy theories. >> it seems that every day another shoe drops. 75% of americans say that they believe that these e-mails were destroyed intentionally by the amendment. that's staggering. that's three-fourths of the americans polled. >> there wis 64% of democrats in this poll. >> no partisan lines here. but what causes this distrust. here's what she had to say last night on your show. >> we've had four commissioners of the irs or acting commissioners in a row who have trotted up to congress and lied. that's what they've done. they'd made falls statements. doug schulman told the oversight committee that there was no targeting of conservative groups. that was a lie. stephen miller testified last may that there was nothing that the irs or he had done wrong.
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that upwards of 85,000 of his own money, the commissioner of the irs, since 1980 he's given to every single democrat presidential candidate including barack obama in 2012 and that's when all of the scandal was going on. first we have the irs losing the e-mails and now we found out the epa lost e-mails. >> but also we went over the timeline last night and the
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timeline of this is very suspicious because you have lois lerner and ten days after the scandal investigation begins, the hard drive crashes, they get rid of the company, the backup servers. these e-mails were subpoenaed in august of 2013. they knew they were missing in 2014. the irs commissioner said you'll get all of the e-mail in march of 2014. and they didn't tell congress until june, this month. >> and she originally in 2011 asked for her i.t. department, she said i've lost some personal data. and now they've lost e-mails? what is it. it seems very suspicious at this point. >> we've been talking to a lot of i.t. people. they think they might be retrievable. you'll be back in later in the program. >> here with reaction to all of the latest news surrounding the irs scandal as well as the boehner lawsuit against barack obama, from the national journal ron fornay is with us and
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jonathan turlay. thank you both for being here. ron, we us particularly interested in our comments. we've had jonathon on a number of times talking about a constitutional tipping point. you said you were naive to give obama the benefit of the doubt last near on the irs. why? >> thanks for having me on. because exactly a year ago i called for a special prosecutor because at the time, this is early on, only six weeks into the scandal, it was clear to me that we had probable cause for an investigation. it was clear to me that the republican house was incapable of running a thorough really thorough deep well-respected credible investigation without grand standing. it was also clear to me that the white house, that they really wanted to have transparency. they wanted to have the credibility of the american public. the best thing for them was to get the evidence out. i wrote in that columnsvm10 tha would like to believe if there was anything nefarious here, it was not done with direction of the white house but we needed to
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get the facts out. what's happened since then, in the last year, is certainly after that column the white house started talking about a phony scandal which of course is ridiculous because we haven't gotten to the bottom of this yet. and then just a few days ago we found out that we had these missing e-mails. i feel kind of naive for thinking about giving them the benefit of the doubt, which doesn't mean i stop doing my job. i called for a special prosecutor right away. but now we're at the point where we still don't know whether or not there was an abuse of power in the irs and we have both parties posturing and grand standing and we still don't have a thorough investigation which is why i think we need a special prosecutor. >> i agree with you totally. i think you need objective eyes on this. but now are you smr suspicious that something nefarious was going on? >> certainly. how could you not be. the e-mails came up missing on a
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friday night. you can't blame anybody now. you can't blame any american for being suspicious about this. and the white house, every time they blow this off and kind of act smug about it, they're undermining their own credibility. they have to realize that they're undermining not only their credibility but the public's trust in government which is the core of the democrat party. h is bad politics, bad governance. >> jonathon, you have been an incredible watchdog as it relates to the integrity of the constitution and certainly separation of powers and coequal branches of government. we've had you talking about what you call we may be at a tipping point constitutionally in the country. as it relates to today's supreme court decision, and in this particular case, you know, and the president you said effectively has rewritten laws, crossed a constitutional line. what is you reaction to the court decision today and what impact will this have on the
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president moving forward? >> well, it was fascinating decision. you know, i testified at the hearing, the judiciary committee hearing after the appointments were made. i testified at that time that i believed they were flagrantly unconstitutional. there were close questions as i said to the committee the constitutional law but this was not one of them. i'm still astonished that the obama administration litigated this case. they abandoned a long principle of past presidents not to push these to final decision. and this decision today wiped out decades of efforts by prior presidents to try to increase their authority in this area. it's a major, major loss. but it's the right decision. and at the end of the day, it means that the president again violated the separation of powers. and this is becomes something of a serial violation for the president. you know whab the president did here, i can't imagine any competent lawyer would look at it and say, yes, you do have
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that authority. it was clearly an effort to interestcdy# there's a little par photograph in this long hundred-page opinion that's been overlooked. the paragraph from the court says that this clause is not there for branches to work around other branches. essentially a vald reference to the concept of going at it alone. the court says there's the clear purpose to the clause. it's not there to be used effectively as a weapon. i think that's a shot across the bow in a lot of these different areas. >> we're going to have to leave it there. i wish we had more time. ron thank you and jonathan thank you. coming up, mississippi senate candidate chris mcdaniel joins me next for an exclusive interview. plus nick morris is here to weigh in on the dirty campaign taxes allegedly used in the race. >> and then later as isis
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continue to gain more of a strong hold in iraq, while president obama allowed this country to fall into a terrorist state. what does that mean? ralph peters said it could be quote grounds for impeachment. he's here to explain his reasonables. and an consulter to weigh in on hillary clinton and her support hillary clinton and her support as an attorney of a rapist that. she got that's all coming up. alabt apprd to treat symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any allergic reactions like rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away.
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the gop fight for mississippi u.s. senate seat is far from over. now on tuesday, six term incumbent senator thad come ran narrowly won the runoff. here for his first tv interview since the controversial result, candidate chris mcdaniel. the first thing i want to ask is what was your reaction to this and more importantly the campaign. i'll show some of the things that were said about you in the campaign. but what was your reaction to how they come pand against you? >> it was shocking. i've been a republican since i was 13 years old. i've paid my dues, gone door to door, given money. i considered these men and woman to be my colleagues. but the quest for power pushed
7:18 pm
them over the edge. and tuesday evening the republican primary was not decided by republican voters. >> so 6,000 votes now separate you. there is some issues about whether or not people that voted in the democrat primary might have crossed over into this runoff which would sb been illegal. have you calling for a recount? >> it's no so much a recount. we're looking to the issue of whether or not people who participated in if june the 3rd democrat primary crossed over into the republican primary and tuesday night. we've found more than a thousand examples of that in one county along. they were pushed there. this is what's shocking, sean. they were pushed there be an overt action, an an aggressive action on the part of senator cochran's campaign that was filled with lies, distortion.
7:19 pm
he literally ran the latter three weeks on food stamps, he ran on voter suppression and pork. mississippi is a conservative state and one would think that our party -- >> let me put up on the screen, i have two flyers that were being circulated that we've gotten our hands on here. the first one says the tea party intends to prevent blacks from voting. tea par pi. then there's racial terms that you voted against the mississippi civil rights museum, opposed public funding for the schools, made racial comments on a radio show and another one says tea party intends to prevent you from voting, chris mcdaniel is a staep back for the state of mississippi. then there was this robo call. listen to this. >> hello, neighbors. the time has come to make a
7:20 pm
stand and say no to the tea party. no to their obstruction, no to their disrespectful treatment of the first african american president. next tuesday, june 24th, tea party candidate chris mcdaniel is in a runoff against senator thad cochran. if we do nothing, tea party candidate chris mcdaniel wins and causes more problems for president obama. >> it goes on longer than that. your reaction to those flyers and that robo call. are you certain it came from cochran? >> absolutely. and it's absolutely despicable. they did everything in their power to embrace liberal democrats. think about that for a second. if we have an agenda as conse e conservatives to be strong open courageous and they say they're going to fight the liberals in washington but they embraced the liberals in mississippi just to win the election, it's the worst style of politicking i can imagine. they did it. they've gotten away with it so far. that's why we're looking at
7:21 pm
voter regulation. >> and you won't support that under any circumstances? >> that's a great question, sean. i'm very disappointed in his approach. i'm going to have to pray about et and talk to my family about it. i never thought they would go to those measures. i thnt think it was worth character assassination of a friend. >> thank you. joining us now, former clinton adviser, host of a radio show, dick morris. dick, i guess what frus straits me here is this the same play book the democrats use all of the time against republicans, con terve sif te party people. if i was in mississippi i couldn't vote for thad come ran after this. >> i could. usually gets 10 or 20% of the black votes. it's not like he's a folk hero among blacks. mississippi is used to one-party
7:22 pm
primaries that decide everything. >> i'm talking about the flyers and the robocalls mpl it's ridiculous, sean. thad cochran for all of his flaws -- and i supported mcdaniel. i worked for him, raised money for him, gave money to him. it is no tribute to him to elect a democrat senator from mississippi. and we0ú are the people that won't give up power. i think they've crossed a line.
7:23 pm
principle to win at all costs and push aside all principles is unacceptable to me. >> yeah, well, killing obamacare is acceptable to me. dealing with the socialism -- >> thad cochran a real leader in the senate. you know what with, you call people a racist, that's one of the worst thing you can do, that type of charactercy sass nation. it's pretty despicable, dick. >> i'm not going to reward harry reid for that by making his majority leader. you think the people who benefit by splitting the republican >> there comes a point where it becomes indefensible, this is indefensible. this crossed the line for me. dick, good to see you. coming up, criminals into a terrorist safe haven under the president's watch. should he be impeached?
7:24 pm
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and the group seems poised toz achieve their goal. joining us now, lieutenant colonel ralph peters. you said the president should be impeached. explain. >> sean, i am not a lawyer. i cannot tell if this is lael grounds for impeachment. what i can tell you is that the president of the united states primary duty is to serve as commander in chief. nothing else comes close, not working on the economy. the primary duty of the president is to protect the united states of america, its citizens and its interests. and by allowing, on his watch, while he does nothing, nothing that matter what is soef, nothing that helps to allow the creation of the first true terrorist state -- sean, other states have promoted terror but this would be a true terror state using extreme mistsçqç etiology against its own
7:28 pm
inhabitants but also to spread the wild, crazy brutal form of islam far beyond the borders and attack the united states. >> we lost h,000 american, many many are were injured. city after city that they fought for is now falling. what are we going to do now? are we going to send the american troops back in? i don't believe in pinprick bombings is the answer and i don't believe sending 3,000 guys in there is the answer either. >> let's take the token of 3,000 guys. obama won't take responsibility for anything but he also doesn't want to seem passive. so by sending the vulnerable 300 person force, inviting them to be attacked or kidnapped, he can pretend, saying i'm doing something. right now you've hit a key point. this has gotten so bad, gone so far because obama for years has done nothing that mattered
7:29 pm
against extremist islam, it's gotten so bad that even air power, strong air power would not stop isis. but it could impair them and it could assist others in the fight against them. i wish i wu more articulate on this. i'll tell you this. we've got to fight them. we're not going to put boots to the ground. but at least whack them from the air which we should have done months ago when they were concentrated in the base areas. one lie from the white house is that they didn't know. i can tell you from sources within the intelligence community we were watching isis for years, we watched the buildup, we knew they were coming across and the white house refused withto accept the detail briefings and reality. >> i agree with you. this is going to come back to haunt us. there's in doubt about it. coming up, tonight on hannity. >> it is a violation of human rights when individual women are raped in their own communities. >> a lot coming up on this busy
7:30 pm
news night on hannity. clinton is a hypocrite. later, the u.s. advance to the next round of the world cup and fans across the country are going soccer crazy. (woman) the constipation and belly pain feel like a knot. how can i ease this pain? (man) when i can't go, it's like bricks piling up. i wish i could find some relief. (announcer) ask your doctor about linzess-- a once-daily capsule for adults with ibs with constipation or chronic idiopathic constipation. linzess is thought to help calm pain-sensing nerves and accelerate bowel movements. it helps you proactively manage your symptoms. do not give linzess to children under 6, and it should not be given to children 6 to 17. it may harm them. don't take linzess if you have a bowel blockage. get immediate help if you develop unusual or severe stomach pain especially with bloody or black stools
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side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to you doctor. welcome bab to hannity. hillary clinton is facing a lot of backlash from the audio tapes from the 198 0us of her. she defended a man accused of raping a 12-year-old girl even though she thought he was guilty at the time. >> it was fascinating case, really interesting case. the guy was accused of raping a 12-year-old. of course he claimed that he didn't. up a this stuff.
7:36 pm
he took a lie detector test. he passed which forever destroyed my -- >> how did it turn out? >> he plea bargained. got him off with time served in county jail. >> hillary clinton if early '90s claiming that she cared about women and children rnls over the past 25 years i have worked persistently an issues relating to women, children and families. it is a violation of human rights when individual women are raped in their own communities. sit a violation of human rights when a leading cause of death worldwide among women aging 14 to 44 is the violence they are subjected to in their own homes by their own relatives. >> here with reaction and more, the always outspoken ann koulter. no one in the media is covering
7:37 pm
this story. she got the guy off with time served. she's defending somebody she knees is guilty of raping a 12-year-old girl, gets him off, laughing about it on tape and then is the great champion of women. >> right. well first of all, i do love the southern accent, not as much as when she does a black accent. but the southern accent is fun. no. i think this is a pretty serious matter and i first heard about it on your radio show. i didn't know what was were talking apt about. i don't think this is going to go over well with normal people because it fits in with the idea of the democrat party and particularly the clintons that that they are just con artists pretending to care about the little guy while they're using legal trickery to purpose trait injustices on the weak and power lless. the poor girl, if you read about the crime, it's quite shocking were machine that comes across in that fake southern accent conversation she gives. it was two guys who brutally
7:38 pm
rape and beat a 12-year-old girl what was a virgin. he was made infertile, was in a comma for five days. hillary clinton not only defending this guy -- do not believe what they say, lawyers are required to do this. i am a lawyer. i practice law. i don't know any lawyers who have defended criminals personally. >> she said she dud it as a favor. >> you have to reach out to take these cases. in any event, she submitted an affidavit claiming that this poor 12-year-old was a fantist, that she had falsely accused people before. when the girl was presented with this recently, she didn't know that hillary had worked so hard to get her rapist off. she said i don't know that she's talking about. she's lying in this affidavit. how can we trust her as affidavit if she's lie in a court case to defend the rapist
7:39 pm
of a young girl. it fets into the i feel your pain phony ps of the clintons. gary hart being caught in the monkey business. when it hurts the most is enwhit fits into an image, a neeking suspicion that people have you and that is the suspicion that people have of the clintons, the big defenders of women and children. this is a big issue, bigger than benghazi. >> you think back to the election campaign, one of the big stories is mitt romney may have cut om kid's air in school. >> what it is, the kran brook school up in grove point, michigan? that they have to go back 40 or 50 years and i think the kids' parents were defending mitt romney from a high school alleged prank that neither the family nor mitt ramally remembered.
7:40 pm
that they're running that every day on the cover of "washington post." this fits in with what i would say about the clintons and the democrat party, generally the nonsense i never want to hear about the republican war on women anymore. in addition to this we have just this week, new york taxpayers spending $40 million to pay off savage rapist from central park. there's in question that these five are guilty. again, it's just legal ka chanry and the powerful putting one over on the innocent victims of rape. >> you have sold multiple best selling books. 85,000 for a $14 million advance, hillary claiming she was broke the year she got an $8 million book deal. then she says today that, well, bill and i aren't well off. chelsea clinton says i tried real hard to care about money. she got a $600,000 salary for almost a in-show job in
7:41 pm
television. >> yes. what was it per minute? like $16,000 permit che see spends on nbc's airways. hillary does not have the light touch that bill clinton does and that's saying something because i don't think he's so charming and charismatic. what's funny is to see the liberals, they flash back and forth between viciously attacking mitt romney for having worked for his money, made himself a wealthy man and then when hillary clinton, who has acquired all of this money by being married to an adulterous president and we must make a president now, that's how she gets her money. and they turn around and start citing fdr. we want our presidents to be richer than we are. you weren't saying that about mitt romney. >> ann koulter, good to see you.
7:42 pm
coming up, the whole country is going world cup crazy as the u.s. advances. we'll weigh in on soccer mania in america and the latest on the obama scandal ps. later our friends from building homes for heroes have done it again, surprising a deserving vet and his family, showing how much their service is appreciated.
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comcast business. built for business. welcome back to "hannity" today was the world cup match between u.s. and jeremy. germany defeated the u.s. team with one goal that they scored early in the game. never the lez, the americans will still advance to the next round and world cup mania list on. here our panel, fox and friends cohost, brian, fox political expert kirsten. >> i don't know anything about soccer. >> i think you've got to is sit back and enjoy the fact that 20 million peemd watched game two. 24 million. this is american. these aren't even soccer fans. they're american fans --
7:48 pm
>> i'm not a big soccer fan. i played varsity soccer, i didn't like it even when i played it. >> can you appreciate america playing in a truly world tournament and starting to advance. >> no. i'm the guy who wants the u.n. out of the united states. i don't care about soccer. our game is basketball. baseball. i'll accept hockey from canada. >> why do theme who hate soccer feel the need to tell everybody how much they hate soccer. if you don't like soccer, fine, sit around don't watch soccer. >> the world is changing. >> 28 million people watch. >> the president told george step nop lus that it's affecting foreign policy moves. >> i didn't know that. >> jeb bush tweeted out congratulations. >> and then we have a picture of the president watching the game on board air force one. welcome to the show.
7:49 pm
>> that's terrible. i don't understand how this has turned into a political issue. it seems like soccer is really upsetting a lot of conservatives. . i would like to know that the president's schedule and decision-making on foreign policy moves is not impacted by a stupid soccer game. >> i don't think it is. what exactly did he say? >> the tweet said po tus tells me world cup schedule affecting some foreign policy moves. >> what does that mean? >> if you look back at the way that the president's foreign policy decision-making has been going for the last several months, it can only get better. the world cup is probably improving things. >> like congress leaving next week, we're all better off. >> the german embassy opened up two big screens on their lawn and 30,000 americans showed up to watch the game together. it got us close tore the germans. >> let me go to chuck todd's statement. he said, were there any real victims in the irs targeting
7:50 pm
scandal. i'm like what about the people who didn't get their tax exempt status? are they victims? >> y they're absolutely victims. we talked about this last it's hard to account for main stream media lack of interest in this. the only way you can say something like that is if you don't follow the story. i don't know how you can follow the story and not feel something ter happened here. >> do you think in these e mails, do you agree this was done intentionally? >> we will never know. we don't know for sure. it does look like the irs intentionally doesn't keep their e mails in my opinion they have gone out of their way not to have archives then to have this hard drive go missing after they know it's going to probably be subpoenaed looks very nefarious to me. >> look.
7:51 pm
i mean it's clear there are victims the dramatic congressional testimony from the tea part regroup leaders asked what was the affect of this targeting on your organization? the word they used it was first used by was we were rendered dormant before 2012 elections we we are rendered dormant. what about you? you? they said we were rendered dormant. you have effective conservative groups that were useless before the presidential election. >> that goes back to the lerner video. she said they want the irs to do it. >> if the irs hadn't been effective it still would have been a problem. they're still victims >> you just answered both of you chuck said there has been no victims which is the problem here, of course, when you neutralize an organization and movement, i don't care what it s i think that is wrong. then, try to cover tracks two, if democrats are missing a
7:52 pm
huge opportunity. this does not have to be partisan. and they, any political operative would say pull back. and this way, we don't get claimed. act like down the line we don't want to be that target do you agree? >> the soccer thing threw me. >> we only had two topics >> good way to look at it. >> great job on the soccer. >> yes. >> and coming up, a deserving vet is shown how much his country appreciates his service by our friends from building homes for heros. ainsley earhardt rejoins us and gives us an update to the story. straight ahead. ♪ they lived
7:53 pm
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7:57 pm
our audience helped make some of the homes happen. we hope you'll continue to contribute to the organization because of your story, sean... >> in fairness this, is your story. you did this for a week
7:58 pm
>> they need all of us, all of you, all of us are making a difference in the lives of the soldiers. $1 million because of your show last year they raised to build homes, 35-40 mortgage-free homes they reached their goal in december after your special. we did a special during christmas time they reached their goal so in owe 2015 they want to build 35 homes if you go to the web site it's building homes for >> yes. >> that is right. >> one word. >> just google it. >> building homes for heros. >> thanks to ainsley great reporting. continue to help these guys out. it's dot org. that is all the time we have left this evening. tune in tomorrow night for a special edition of "fox news reporting", iraq, hosted by our
7:59 pm
colleague, chris wallace. hope you'll start your day with fox and friends first. thanks for joining us. we hope you have a great night.
8:00 pm
the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> the white house is lying. the president is a coward. >> colonel ravel powers -- ralph peters is furious allowing the army to create chaos in the middle east. >> that brings to us mexico. it is time for all of us to stop going there the vfw veteran of foreign wars joining boycott of mexico because of their awful relations. >> attorney general eric holder believes he is he being mistreated even as the justice department simply will not