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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 4, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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right. congratulations. we welcome you to our party. >> gosh. >> all right. >> at least we didn't have any partisanship here. that's it for us. happy fourth to our troops. we'll see you back here on monday. on an independence day for a country rooted in immigration president obama tries to put a positive spin on a most divisive issue. this is "special report." good evening i'm shannon broome in for bret baier. 238 years after a group of 13 colonies made up of immigrants and their descendants declared independence the issue of immigration is commanding the issue tonight. the president is trying to turn the page at least for a day. here's ed henry.
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>> happy fourth of july. >> reporter: president obama today tried to shift the focus of the immigration debate to beautiful pictures of patriotism and away from the ugly scenes down at the southern border as humanitarian crisis plays out along with some tense political push back. the president hosting a naturalization ceremony for more than a dozen immigrants who served america in the military despite not being full u.s. citizens. >> together all of you remind us that america is and always has been a nation of immigrants. >> reporter: as the chaos continues along the border republicans today declared the president needs to remember america is also a nation of laws. >> he's not following the law. and so that's why some of us are saying very clearly until the president will follow the law, secure the border, it's his oath to faithfully execute the laws, until he does that, there's no sense in doing reform. >> reporter: republicans charge the president's executive actions helped cause the crisis
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in the first place and are now demanding the president actually visit the border next wednesday or thursday when he'll be in texas for democratic fundraising. >> there are a whole range of senior officials in this administration over the course of the last three or four weeks who spent a lot of time -- >> fema director all these people and the president himself goes there and meets with families, holds their hands, talks to them, why can't he do that this time? >> the president has a very good sense of what's happening on the border. >> reporter: rick perry invited the president tour the boarder with him. >> without standing up and saying this border will be secure the american people don't trust him or washington to implement any policies that would deal with tissue of immigration. >> reporter: white house officials say if perry really wants to help he'll call fellow republicans on capitol hill to help the president pass comprehensive reform. >> we shouldn't be making it harder for the best and brightest to come here and create jobs here and grow our economy. we should make it easier.
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that's why i'm going to keep doing -- he agrees with me. >> reporter: the president picking up some support there in the east room but not on capitol hill where it counts. speaker john boehner signaled this issue is dead at least until after the mid-term elections. >> we'll talk about it with the panel. thanks, ed. immigration is hardly the only issue causing emotional and political distress tonight. all you have to do is put gas in your car to realize energy policy is going to be a major issue in the november election. chief political correspondent carl cameron has that story tonight. >> reporter: with the mid-term elections looming and temperatures and gasoline prices rising, democrats are again buzzing about climate change and energy policy. vulnerable incumbent democratic senator mary landrieu of louisiana faces a tough re-election and chair of the
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committee. the polls show a dead heat. in energy producing alaska vulnerable democratic senator says he's for more production. that puts him so at odds with the obama administration that he says he's not interested in even campaigning with the president. >> we stood strong and turned this basin into a source of new for energy. >> reporter: that's dan sullivan who is one of four gop primary rivals committed to more energy production and booting begich. in colorado mark udall opposes keystone. in michigan liberal billionaire tom styer super p.a.c. is making the environment an issue.
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the democrats senate candidate is congressman gary peters. >> this is about our nation's independence. >> reporter: michigan republican secretary of state argues democratic opposition possible energy development makes u.s. independence from foreign oil more difficult and undercuts the economy. in maine green politics by the opposition could help re-elect republican incumbent governor. his democratic rival backs climate change legislation and so does a third candidate an independent who helped draft the clean air and water acts back in the 1970s. he could take democrat and green votes. democrats are trying to energize liberal voters but opposing energy development under cuts democrats in energy producing states and could end up helping republicans. >> we'll have to see, carl. thank you. tea party republican who lost last week's senate primary in mississippi will challenge the results. chris mcdaniel says in an interview his campaign found at
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least 5,000 voting irregul irregularities. >> the frequent contributor to libertarian and conservative causes died earlier today. james rosen takes a look back. >> i wish he would have a program devoted to richard mellon. >> reporter: disenchanted after watergate with nixon the pennsylvania billionaire started investing more heavily in media, the arts and think tanks. >> he was not only a conservative, but he was a great philanthropist. he gave art to gallery, historical sites. >> reporter: he was a conservative. father of conservative think tanks like the american
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enterprise institute and heritage foundation and hoover institution at stamford in california. he bank rolled investigative journalism. hillary clinton and other defenders of the president invoked a vast right wing conspiracy. he pedalled dark conspiracy theories in the death of vince foster and ron brown. funding of the american spectator brought the inquest in which the president testified falsely which triggered impeachment. >> toward the end of his life he befriended the clintons. he endorsed hillary clinton for president in 2008. he made his peace with the clintons. but he did a lot of damage along the way and very much damaged the clinton legacy. >> reporter: like the koch brothers he was publicity shy and sometimes difficult for conservatives to reckon with. >> this man knew his own mine. if he was off the reservation on
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some conservative issues like the war in iraq he felt quite comfortable being there. >> reporter: he announced in may he had untreatable cancer. friends and family said he was on the phone receiving well wishes before he died. he was 82. in washington, james rosen, fox news. >> a weekend celebrated by fireworks, hurricane arthur has turned out to be something a dud along the north carolina coast. it failed to cause massive damage. correspondent jonathan seary has the latest from the outer banks. >> reporter: hurricane arthur crossed the outer banks during the early morning hours pushing water, sand and debris on to portions of highway 12 and temporarily cutting off access to hatteras island. the storm with even 100 mile-per-hour winds caused far less damage to homes and businesses than many had feared. >> happy fourth of july. this has been actually a very
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good day. there have been no casualties or serious injuries reported. and that was our number one goal. so that puts a big smile on all our faces. >> reporter: the storm depart on a northeast path taking it south of cape cod but losing strength over cooler waters. arthur could not have come at a worst time for tourists who flock to the outer banks each year for independence day vacations. many hunkered down and made the hurricane part of the experience. >> were you scared? >> no. no not at all. it was pretty funny, actually because my dad was scared. >> maybe not scared but we were prepared. we wanted to ride it out. this is our once a year vacation. once in a lifetime experience here at the outer banks. >> given that it was a category 2, i was expecting it to be a lot worse. >> reporter: this surf school owner has run various businesses on the outer banks for two
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decades. he learned to put storms in perspective. >> it's a risk being here, but there's a reason people vacation here. >> reporter: and despite arthur's bad timing the storm system moved out of here quickly and beach goers wasted no time returning. now that the sun is popping in and out of the clouds, many of these coastal communities have decided to go forward with their independence day celebrations over this long holiday weekend. shannon? >> we can see behind threw a lot of folks are already back on the beach. is it safe for them to get on the water and pick up where they left off? >> reporter: it's safe if you're an experienced swimmer. in fact we're seeing some surfers way out there in the heavy surf. lifeguards who are back on duty are urging novice swim towers stay close to shore and it's not a problem because most of the people are staying right on the shore. but, again, enjoying the beach now that the sun is coming in and out of the 24 hours of storm.
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back to you. >> jonathan glad to hear the damage was minimal. up next fireworks in the middle east and not the fourth of july kind. but first here's what some of our fox affiliates are covering tonight. fox 10 in phoenix with a chicken recall. california based foster farms issued a recall for 170 different chicken products that came from its fresno facilities in march. they are linked to an antibiotic resistant strain of salmonella. >> the one time monk won $259 billion powerball jackpot. he plans to use most of the money to start a foundation to support performing arts organizations all over the country. this is a live look at new york from fox 5. one of the big stories there tonight the annual connie island hot dog eating contest. a double win for joey chestnut before the event he proposed to his long time girlfriend. she said yes. he packed away 61 dogs to hang
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on the title. that's tonight's live look from outside of the beltway. we'll be right back.
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for a body in motion. israeli police and palestinian protesters squared off in east jerusalem today as thousands gathered for the funeral of a murdered arab teenager. david lee miller on the latest elm embers. >> reporter: smoke, sound ever weapons, angry voices filled the air. following friday prayers some 2,000 mourners buried 17-year-old mohamed. the palestinian teenager was abducted end murdered after leaving his home early wednesday morning to attend mosque. many palestinians believe the teenager was killed in retaliation for last month's kidnapping and murder of three israeli teenagers.
3:16 pm
so far no arrests in that investigation, although two plain suspects are being sought. israel blames hamas for their deaths and carried out air strikes targeting hamas positions in gaza. the family of the dead palestinian boy claims surveillance camera video shows his abductors. israeli authorities meanwhile have not named any suspects or suggest ad motive. angry palestinians threw rocks and burned tires in the streets. they set off fireworks. police trying to prevents the crowds from fanning out beyond the east jerusalem neighborhood where the 16-year-old lived, shot stun grenades and tear gas canisters. tension was further escalated after the dead boy's father accused police of trying to prevents a large scale funeral. >> translator: they wanted to give us the body last night. we refused. because we cannot bury him at night and they said they must hold for my son a big funeral in
3:17 pm
which crowds can participate. i refuse for to it be at night. but only during the day. >> reporter: for as long as most people can remember this jerusalem neighborhood has been nothing but quiet. today marks the third straight day of violence. now many israelis and palestinians question whether the death of the 16-year-old could be the spark that ignites a broader conflict. in jerusalem, david lee miller, fox news. we will talk more about the situation in the middle east on fox news sunday. i'll be filling in for chris wallace. our guests in clued israeli ambassador to the u.s. check your local liftings for time. iraqi government troops batting isis militants retook a village where saddam hussein was born. they targeted insurgents for days have been trying to capture
3:18 pm
the country's largest oil refinery. a man is being accused of being a spy for the u.s. the man was arrested on suspicion for working for foreign intelligence operations. u.s.-german operations have been hampered since revelations that nsa spied on allies including german chancellor angela merkel. the incredible story of a war hero with no arm, no legs but plenty of inspiring hope. first we meet a rare group of birds. the non-existent pilots. protect it back. take them on the way you always have. live healthy and take one a day men's 50+. a complete multivitamin with 7 antioxidants to support cell health.
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these deals aren't just hot... they're explosive! sleep train's 4th of july sale ends sunday. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ new information tonight about the search for emails concerning the irs targeting
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scandal. the tax agency says it has lost more than two years worth of emails from former official lois lerner but technicians are looking into kansas of other employees and turning oftens of thousands of pages of documents. capitol hill staffers are scouring them. one of the leaders in the search for truth, darrell issa will be my guest. >> been said there are old pilots and bold pilots but there are no old bold pilots. tonight we beg differ. claudia cohen found living proof in a most unlikely place. >> reporter: a love of aviation is more than a centerpiece at this denny's in ocean side where the old bold pilots association holds court every wednesday morning.
3:23 pm
most saw combat in conflicts raging from world war ii to vietnam and now make it their mission to keep their history alive. >> thank god it's wednesday. >> reporter: here you meet a 92-year-old a b-24 pilot who in 1943 dropped bombs on the oil refineries in romania, a key source of fuel for the nazi. >> we used to call it hitler's gas station. >> everybody has a story. you know it just depended on where you were. >> reporter: burn was part of the crew that bombed hiroshima. >> they told us not to see the flash because we didn't have any protective eyes. >> reporter: not everyone here is a pilot. many desire to make sure sacrifices are never forgotten. mona treasures the telegrams to her grandmother when her father went missing in czechoslavkia. >> these guys are fighters. survivors. they are here to tell their
3:24 pm
story. >> reporter: john will didn't fly but honors his buddy seen here shot down over hanoi three days before christmas. >> we're the lucky ones. we got a number of guys that should be here and aren't. >> reporter: it's also about embracing former enemies. no one sits down until 93-year-old curt schultz takes a seat. a pilot during the blitzkrieg he hasn't missed this breakfast in 23 years and is deeply patriotic. >> it reminds me that i was lucky to come to a beautiful country. >> reporter: for these old bold pilots every wednesday serves up conversation, photo opes and something more. a chance to ease the chronic pain of survivor guilt and feel truly appreciated not only for their past service but also for their continuing friendship. in ocean side, california, claudia cohen, fox news. what a breakfast that must
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on this fourth of july we bring you the story of an american who gave almost everything but his life in
3:29 pm
service to his country. national security correspondent jennifer griffith introduces us to a hero who has no the evening of giving up the >> reporter: it's not just any change of command ceremony at the marine barracks in washington, d.c. and sergeant john peck is not just any marine. he's one of just a few quadruple amputees. he's come a long way from afghanistan, returning to the barracks for his battalion commander's promotion. sergeant peck is now preparing for his next mission, gearing up for a double arm transplant this fall at brigham and women's hospital in boston an experimental surgery that will give him and his family some of their freedom back. >> we were doing a knock and greet mission kind of knocking on everybody's door and saying, you know, we're the marines, we're here to protect you, we're here to help you. turned around to my sergeant and
3:30 pm
just a loud sound, just couldn't hear after that. i was instantaneously triple amputee. my right arm was gone above the elbow. my right leg was gone. my left leg was instantly gone. all i could feel was this immense amount of pain and burning and just like, yep, this is it. i was like i don't want to die here. i can't die here. this is afghanistan. this place sucks. i don't want to die here. wake up two and a half months later in bethesda naval, found out i flat lined three times, once was pronounced dead. had over 28 surgeries. few dark months. >> reporter: there were dark days at walter reed military hospital. >> i started to regain my mentality and then i started hearing rumors. and the rumors were, you know, your wife was in here.
3:31 pm
she was hitting on the marines that were taking care of you. i look at my bank account. $30,000 is missing. that was the darkest days. i told the psychiatrist to get away. i told doctors to get away from me. didn't want to go therapy. >> reporter: at some point after his wife left him he decided to lift himself up and out of the darkness. he went skydiving and decided to live again. he tells his story to these sixth graders in washington, d.c. they are helping him raise money for his surgery. >> right now i look forward to getting married in november. it's taken a while. [ applause ] >> reporter: he met his fiancee two years ago. >> we met on i think i scene her a really short e-mail saying hi my name is john. i'm a quad amputee. here's what happened. i would like to get to know you.
3:32 pm
meet for drink and talk. i must have charm her or something. >> he cents me a beautiful message on telling me his story, being very candid. he told me exactly what happened and didn't hold anything back and he was very sweet and very honest. and i just couldn't help but be taken by that. >> reporter: john plans to marry stacy who has three children on november 1st but first he needs to learn how to stand on his prosthetic legs so he can walk stacy down the aisle. >> got to stand up at the altar. the hardest part for any leg amputee is to standstill, not move. because it's easy to walk but it's not so easy just to stand there. it's very -- uses a lot of muscles. more than you think. >> reporter: after the wedding
3:33 pm
he'll get placed on a transplant list for his new arms. >> no more prosthetics. unfortunately i'll get cadaver arms from a donor and they are going to do a 16 hour surgery. >> reporter: he's not the first quadruple amputee to undergo the surgery. >> for me to ask an ounce of help i'm stubborn. ask her. i'm a mule. can you help me open this. i put my head down. it's a jar. something as simple as a jar. >> reporter: it won't be easy and his family will have to commute to boston from his home in fredericksburg, virginia for up to two years while he learns to use his new arms. >> i have ways and tricks of doing everything. basic thing such as sitting up. i don't know how the heck i'll sit up at first. i do a one arm push up.
3:34 pm
i won't be able to use my hands. a lot of travel. food. rental vehicles. hotels. we'll be, you know, having some hard times, but i think we can make it. >> reporter: what does he want for a wedding gift? >> we're not taking gifts. we're asking people to donate charities that helped us out. >> reporter: here's what makes him most excited about having arms again. cooking for his kids. >> my boy made french toast this morning. >> he's figured out a way to do most everything by himself but with the surgery he has even more freedom back. and for him that's amazing. >> reporter: in washington, jennifer griffin, fox news. that is what a hero looks like and there are many more like him. coming up, president obama touts the positive of immigration as
3:35 pm
the floodgates on the southern border remain open. the panel reacts when we return. ♪
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>> if we want to keep attracting the best and brightest from beyond our shores we have to fix our immigration system which is broken and pass common sense immigration reform. so i'll keep doing everything i can do to keep making our immigration system smarter and more efficient. >> a relaxed enforcement posture along with talk of
3:39 pm
comprehensive immigration reform the president defiantly vowed to take more administrative action. such failed policies in my judgment are what caused this dire situation here in texas in the first place and can cause it to be worse. >> all right. immigration very heated right now. let's bring in our panel. steve hayes, senior writer for "the weekly standard." juan williams columnist with the pill. and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. women cou steve let me start with you. the president continues to talk as we've seen over the last several days from hey they won't do anything on the hill so i have to do this by executive power to again today bringing it up i'll keep pushing. how hard does he push because it seems at least for this legislative calendar it's dead. >> certainly dead. i think what we saw from the president looking at his remarks
3:40 pm
was largely platitudes about immigration. typical on the fourth of july when you attend to a ceremony like the president attended you expect platitudes from your elected officials on days like this. they were the same platitudes he's been offering on nonholidays. immigration reform is important. republicans aren't letting me do the things i want to do therefore i'll move ahead on my own. it was sort of typical of the president's rhetoric on this and his unwillingness to actually try to seek any kind of a real compromise with republicans on the issue. >> juan, do you think it's creating a deeper divide with the house gop which clearly has died they are not moving forward on this or do you feel the president feels by be doubling down, by going public with the strong language and talk he forces somebody into change or at least softening their position. will it backfire or work? >> at this point republicans are
3:41 pm
locked in. there's very little chance they will move on immigration. the hope was that they are going to do something in this interim before the august recess swoit have be -- so it would have been this month, last month, june or july. nothing will be even after the election. just not happening in this year. but, the bigger point is, you know what? i think when i see people from around the world honor our country, want to become americans and there's just no other place in the world like that, i get excited. i think that that's something that gives me chills. i love it. i'm an immigrant myself. i think there's a special place. and i think republicans right now are confusing what i consider to be a human tragedy, these children fleeing from war-torn areas and violence, the highest rate of murder in the world in some of these countries to our doors. they are not trying to avoid immigration officials they are
3:42 pm
coming to immigration officials under existing u.s. law and asking for some kind of special status. the administration now is trying to experiod dit this and in some cases return them to home the the facts don't justify them being refugees. but for republicans like not only mccall but rick perry the governor of texas to somehow say this is the failing of the administration, i just think they are confusing issues and i don't think it's very attractive and as far as the administration is concern it's not going to make republicans somehow change, they are not going change but i think the president wants to appeal to the american public to say it's not his fault. >> we've heard dhs secretary jay johnson in talking about the situation at the border which anyone's standards is tragic. he said, those it's a good chance for us to move immigration reform forward, we should look at this and use it as a spring board to get something done. charles, to juan's point i'm hearing from people on both sides of the aisle who will whether privately not publicly
3:43 pm
acknowledge they think the president's decisions and his executive actions on immigration have sent a message whether it's been received improperly or properly to people who are coming here thinking they are getting something that they are allegedly not going to get although some of these folks what happens in practice is different than what happens on paper. >> it's completely undeniable. the president unilateral decided to override the meaning and letter of the immigration laws and essentially grant asylum and amnesty to young illegal immigrants. the message is received in central america. not exactly received correctly but obviously it's been received. that's why we have this amazing wave crashing against our shores. if you're young and come to america you'll stay. in fact it's true 90% of these kids are never going home. everybody understands that. the word that's used now they are being processed. that means they are being sent to relatives all over the interior of america and never going home. so actually it's a correct
3:44 pm
message. but what the president is talking today about i want to keep attracting the best and brightest from beyond our shores he's completely disconnected from reality. he's talking about his legislation that's totally unrelated to this inundation from the south. if we want the best and brightest we know what that is extending the visas allowing work permits or residents for santa maria engineers and entrepreneurs from around the world and making it easier for them to say. if you proposed that rather than comprehensive, which involves all kinds of other stuff which is controversial, if you proposed only the best and the brightest the kind of thing that canada and awe usa already have, it would be approved quickly. but he's not doing that. he's making that hostage to the amnesty program he wants for all the illegal immigrants in the
3:45 pm
country and it is totally irrelevant when it comes to stemming the tide of those coming from central america. >> but, charles, the reality is we have -- >> if he passed the law today he wants to pass he would have zero effect. >> that's not true. it would have tremendous effect because we have 10 to 12 million illegal immigrants in the country. part of that problem is people who overstay visas. we need to fix that. hang on. with regard to brightest and best. >> there's people sneaking across. a refugee crisis. a human crisis. what i was going say about the best and brightest, big companies, corporations, chamber of commerce are saying we're not getting the ability to keep those best and brightest and it has to be part of comprehensive reform. >> why. comprehensive reform is a way of saying amnesty and legalization.
3:46 pm
>> that's talk radio rhetoric. >> of course it means that. it doesn't mean anything else. let me assume that's a good idea. humanitarian idea. lovely idea. even though those who say that have to admit the fact, undeniable fact that if you grant amnesty as we granted amnesty in '86 of course it's a magnet to other people in central america the rest of the world to come here illegally because it tells them if you stay here, succeed in staying you'll get amnesty. >> we're changing the laws. we have more security. the walls, the amount of money we're investing in that kind of security you're talking about is unprecedented. >> doesn't appear to be working right now in south texas. we have to leave it there. you love to see what's going to happen during the commercial. stick around, the friday lightning round is next. ...the one where you step up and save the day?
3:47 pm
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it. coal company, not crazy about it. >> america's greatness has always been rooted in our creative minds and neurentrepr r entrepreneurial spierrit. our ability to make things. that's why you see republicans working to hard to capitolize on american's energy renaissance. >> when you think about senators in a tough spot. >> when the president speaks like that, it hurts. when he says we have to put a cap on the carbon pollution, what he means is the use of
3:51 pm
fossil rules which he himself admits will raise utility rates and aenergy rates and kill jobs. republicans will make that point. >> it's energizing the democratic base overwhelmingly and gets big money from some of the top democratic donors . all right today we're also going to look at some of the fourth of july traditions you have our panelists and i love what steve haze has going on for the fourth of july. >> every weekend we take our family to the shady side, maryland fourth of july parade. the parade is basically just a collection of whoever wants to join the parades. we have at hairdresser, the handyman, the corvette club. >> you got uncle sam on a tractor. >> pulling some kind of a boat. last year we had a guy who is just trying to sell his jeep so he put a for sale sign in his jeep and put it in the parade.
3:52 pm
>> entrepreneurial. >> so shady side, maryland is the place to be on fourth of july. >> that looks like a lot of fun. >> juan, what about you. >> we go down to the mall here in washington, d.c. it's typically packed. i got to tell you even when my mom was alived, we would take her down there and boy, i tell you, it's inspiring at times. the crowd just like a thousand friends gathered for that celebration. >> it is and the music is amazing and the fireworks, i've never seen anything like that. just when you think you've got the finale, you got 20 more behind you. it is a beautiful thing. >> we hand out to our guests laminated copies of the declaration of the independence. >> original? >> well you know those long ss that look like fs that get pronounced and we read the last paragraph in unison about our lives, our properties, our sacred honor. and fortunes and then we eat ourselves under the table. >> love it. what time should we be there.
3:53 pm
>> right after the show. we're going to the parade and then we're going to the fireworks. >> got a jeep i got to sell, too. >> so he's going to be in the parade. >> so now we have a little bit of time to talk about your winners and losers. >> who do you have this week. >> my loser is obviously. it's maliki who is a leader without followers. a man without a country who is just at the beginning of what is going to be hell in iraq in the coming months. my winner is billy hurly who is a pga tour golfer who shot a seven under 63 today at the greenbreyer classic. that alone is enough to qualify him as the winner of the week. he's also a u.s. naval graduate who served in active duty as a surface war officer from 2004 to 2009 and didn't golf from 2006 to 2009. now he is on the pga tour. he's the club house leader at
3:54 pm
the greenbreyer classic on the fourth of july. >> it's hard to beat him. the losers are on the supreme court. justice sotomayor, beginssberg yesterday who wrote a scathing decent who thought that the men had deceived them early in the week when they lost on the hobby lobby case so the ladies are in a furry and by their own admission the losers of the week. >> and the winner, i think is the june job numbers and the economy. wall street is just booming. jobs are adding. it looks like our economy is finally revived. >> win our religious liberty. the government can give away all the stuff it wants but it can't enforce people to be engaged in giving away stuff which they have religious objections to. the loser of the week is sovereignty. the russians are imhinging on the sovereignty of ukraine and
3:55 pm
the borders of the middle east and central america is inhinging on the sovereignty of the united states and everything that's is being done as a magnate encouraging that. >> that is it for the panel but stay tuned for the site and sounds for celebrating our country's birthday.
3:56 pm
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3:59 pm
fireworks and celebrating the brave founders of this great nation. here is just a sampling as we thank you for watching special report. happy independence day, there's so much pride here today. everybody has their flag of red, white, blue. >> today is a day of celebration. we're lucky to have a democracy. it's a god given gift. >> so many people have given up their lives for our freedom that we sit here today. >> oh, my gosh. i had no idea. i even looked at him and said oh, they had a sailor on that truck and i didn't know it was mine. >> it means egg to me. it gives me the opportunity to excel. >> i was first generation from hungary. i was able to succeed. >> seeing all of these different races and everybody coming together to celebrate our countries birthday and independence, it's amazing. >> happy independence day america.
4:00 pm
i made one left hand turn oust of the parking lot but it looped back around and looped me south to mexico. >> he's not a criminal. he made a mistake and made a wrong turn. it was amath math equation in h head. i was punched in the stomach. >> who is hit youiting you. it was done by guards . one wrong turn is all it takes. just ask u.s. marine sergeant andrew tahmooress who has been languishing in a mexic iican p for three months. he accidentally entered mexico and it three months which were