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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  July 6, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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information here every sunday. as always, thank you for watching. a heated debate in one california community puts the fight over immigration reform in the national spotlight while lawmakers and president obama are at an impasse. the question remains on what to do now about the thousands and thousands of illegal immigrants, many of them children, in holding centers. a more israeli air strikes on the gaza strip overnight after early rocket attacks aimed at israel. tempers in the region reach a breaking point as they say they have a clue from someone killed.
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it was like a scene right out of "jaws" as people on the beach screamed "get out of the water." a man is attacked by a great white and it is all caught on tape. we'll have details from california. i'm doug mckelway from america's news headquarters out of the nation's capitol, starting right now. israeli police say they have arrested six jewish suspects in the death of a palestinian teenager. palestinians have called the boy's killing a revenge act from the death of three israeli teens. david is here now with the latest from jerusalem. >> reporter: doug, not a great deal of information is being formally released by authorities, but it is being reported that at least six suspects are being held in the death of this 16-year-old
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palestinian boy. all are described as jewish israelis. the alleged motive for the crime, quote, a nationalistic motive. he was abducted and burned alive. his death came only days after three israeli teens' bodies were found after they had been kidnapped. and over the weekend, palestinian and arab israelis continue to voice their anger on the streets. demonstrations took place in east jerusalem, the west bank and arab communities in the northern part of the country. protesters hurled firebombs and rocks at police. arab jews were sometimes targeted in the attacks. in another development, the cousin of the murdered palestinian boy is now under house arrest. police say a u.s. citizen who attended school in florida had a slingshot used for lobbying stones. amateur video appears to show him being beaten while he was restrained. his parents say he did not take
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part in any of this street violence. the justice minister here has called for an investigation into that incident. and lastly, militants in gaza on sunday fired at least 20 rockets into israel. analysts point out that the situation here is very quickly reaching, as you mentioned earlier, the boiling point, and unless the situation here deescalates quickly, we could see the violence continue to spread as well as escalate. doug? >> david lee miller in jerusalem. david will be watching that very, very closely, as you can imagine. thank you very much. defense minister damas is here. thank you very much for being here. good to see you, sir. >> good afternoon. >> i want to get your opinion on the arrest of apparently six people who were involved in this death of a palestinian boy who, at least according to palestinian authorities, was burned alive. sir, any reaction to the
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arrests? >> i'm really happy that we arrested the people who are suspected to this despicable act of murder. we condemn it, not only me, all the government of israel condemn it, all the people of israel condemn it. unlike the palestinian side who were celebrating when three teenagers were kidnapped and brutally killed. they were celebrating. in israel, we do not celebrate. those people will face justice and will be in jail for the rest of their lives. >> are those people in jail right now? are they being taken care of? >> absolutely. they have been arrested. i assume there will be more people involved in the future if we find out more information, and they will pay the price for it. but look at the difference. when we condemn it and we tell our people to search and find the people who are guilty, the killer of the three israeli teenagers are still walking
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free. they're still traveling among their own population and they're becoming heroes. we will find them as well, and all of those people will be in jail as well. >> and what appears to be a very strange coincidence, the cousin of this boy who was apparently murdered, who was an american citizen, his name is tariq from tampa, florida was caught on tape being beaten by israeli police officers -- we have pictures of him right there. what do you know of this given the fact there is apparently videotape evidence. have the police officers been arrested themselves? >> when you look at the picture, it doesn't look so good. but you have to see the pictures before, what happened before that you had 16 agents being involved with knives attacking their police officers, and when they were able to arrest them, they resisted arrest. so i'm not happy at the picture. it will be fully investigated, but sometimes when someone is attacking a police officer with a knife, the youth falls in the
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u.s. but also in israel, so you have to look at the whole picture and not just the videotape that was released by the palestinians. >> mr. dannon, we had a meeting with the ambassador to the united states. it was off the record, but there was one component of that meeting that was on the record, and when the ambassador showed us on his iphone an app which is available to anybody in the world, it's called and if you download that app, you can see, and israelis can see any time a rocket is fired from gaza to your country. and my app, which i installed just a couple days ago, goes off routinely. it went off about five times last night, which is an indication of just how frequently your country is being targeted by these rockets. how are your citizens able to keep any level of restraint given these attacks? >> it's unacceptable to live under the threat of attacks
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coming from gaza. i want to remind you, we don't have any jewish communities or any settlement in gaza today, but you have hamas and state forces in israel on a daily basis. i have it also on my cell phone, and every hour, you see them flying into the civilian population in israel. i told the prime minister that i urge you to take major steps against hamas, even if it means we have to be involved militarily. we have to do whatever it takes to stop the rockets. can you imagine having hundreds of rockets flying from mexico to san diego or from canada to boston? it is unacceptable. we cannot continue that way. >> minister danon, thank you very much for your time. we wish you the best of luck. it's a very tense time and we hope the tensions do calm in the coming weeks. thank you, sir. >> thank you very much, doug. immigration reform and what to do about the influx of
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illegal immigrants along the southern border of the united states, particularly children, was a hot topic on the sunday shows this morning. many like rick perry said the obama administration said they should have seen this coming for years. elizabeth prann with a live report. >> reporter: governors who were close to the crisis said the obama administration has been a step behind in responding to the crisis while the president says he's asked congress for tools such as more funding, additional facilities and attorneys. republicans are pushing for overall immigration reform. they call for better communication with american central leaders and immediate action on the border. they also said it will be hard to push lejgislation through congress with the constant threat of immigration action. >> we have to send them back, because if you don't, you're going to incentivize people in that part of the world to keep sending their children here.
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>> we'll continue the fight. we'll continue the respectful effort to convince our colleagues in the house that we need to move forward on this issue. but it doesn't help when the president says he has a pen and he has a phone. >> reporter: secretary jeh johnson defending the administration today. he's been selected to conduct an overall internal review of the homeland security's deportation policies in search of ways to make them more, quote, humane. while he says the border is not open to illegal immigration, he did not confirm that the massive amounts of people, particularly children, will be deported. he did say, however, there will be action. >> there are a number of things that the president and i, within the confines of existing law, can do to fix the broken immigration system, and we will. if congress doesn't act, we will. >> reporter: on top of that, the white house press secretary said the president is evaluating executive options while the immigration reform continues at
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a stalemate on the hill. on tuesday members of congress who will have a chance to tour one of the shelters housing the flood of illegal immigrant children coming into our country. the news site reports that the department of health and human services is allowing a managed tour of the shelter at the joint air force base in lackland. they are worried about their health and safety. president obama is expected to ask congress for $2 billion in aid. members of congress have been invited to tour other facilities in other states, not all of them in border states. in fact, the united states congressman was turned away from one of those sites in oklahoma. that has brmr. bradenstein aski what that does to help anything. congressman, thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> i understand you were on a prescheduled visit to fort sill,
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oklahoma meeting the commander there when you decided to take a brief detour and visit this place where the immigrant children were being housed. tell me what happened from that point on. >> we just drove around the facility. it was just like a military barracks like any other military barracks, except this time there was a newly built chain link fence all around it. it was obscured with cloth all the way around the fence so you couldn't see in, nobody could see out. we drove around looking for somebody to talk to. all we wanted to do was talk to the person in charge of the facility. there were noack asse access po there were no gate guards, but as we drove around a second time, we saw someone peering through the fence. i got out of the car and explained i represented the first district of oklahoma and i would like to talk to the person who runs the facility. the gentleman made a radio call, and the call came back and said that the next tour availability is july 21st. this was on july 1st. so they wanted me to wait three
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weeks. i explained to them that this is federal property and that i'm a federal representative of the people, and i would very much like to have access to the facility. again, i got denied. eventually the gentleman who ran the facility came down. he was very polite. the security was very professional as well, but it was very clear. no members of congress, including myself, were going to have access until the 21st of july. i contacted the deputy director of communications for hhs, ken wolf. his response to me was -- and, of course, i couldn't get in touch with him. i was able to speak to his assistant. his assistant told me that he would like to talk via e-mail. and i said, again, i am a representative of the people -- >> congressman, i'm going to interrupt you because we're getting the picture. you just were not allowed in there and you are a united states congressman which sort of defies logic. any parent who has a child at a daycare center, one of the warning signs is if you're not allowed to go to that daycare
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center unannounced, then it's probably wise not to send your kids there. do you have a suspicion that something was going wrong in these centers? >> i think that the reason -- now there are -- they call them showcase appearances of members of congress pre-planned visits. here is the issue here. we need unfettered access. the stories of tragedy that a lot of these children have are stories of, no kidding, rape, abuse. a third of the girls down at lackland, according to border patrol, they have said a third of them have been raped. human trafficking, we're talking about adults leasing children because nebthey believe they'll more likely to be able to stay in the united states if they lease children. these are human tragedies. >> who do you blame for these tragedies? anybody in particular? >> certainly i do. the president of the united
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states keeps saying that congress must act. i want to be really clear. congress has acted, the president refuses to enforce the law. the thing that is humanitarian here is to secure the southern border. and the president, going on a tour, explaining that if you come to the united states of america, you're going to be able to stay, which is what people in central america believe, that creates the problem here. you have an open border and the president telling people if they come, they can stay. interestingly, these aren't my reports, these are reports from officials down in central america, honduras, el salvador. i want to also be clear here. the president will tell you that the crisis is because crime and poverty are so bad in this part of the world. and i will tell you i spent a lot of time in el salvador. i used to do tracking illicit trafficking operations for the
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navy. crime was bad then and it's bad now. the only difference between then and now is the president has announced if you come here, you can stay. again, this isn't from me, this is from officials down in central america. >> in fact, the specifics point that out, congressman. the number of immigrants over age 18 who were deported in the last year of the bush administration was 8,143. last year it was 1,669, according to immigrations and customs enforcement, so you're absolutely right in that sense and some say it's essential in central america to come to this country. thank you very much. we're flat out of time, sir. love to have you back, though. >> thank you. just in time, we do have a winner now in the men's finals at wimbledon. novak djokovic has defeeted roger federer. this is his seventh grand slam win. president obama the worst president since world war ii.
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can he turn things around or is it too late. a bipartisan committee weighs in on the nsa review board. why they say the nsa isn't necessarily crossing the line. hey, get out of the water! get out of the water! shark! >> a terrifying sight for beach goers and an attack they desperately tried to prevent. a live report coming up. ... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, this can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain, and improve daily physical function so moving is easier. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain. and it's not a narcotic you and your doctor should balance the benefits with the risks. all prescription nsaids, like celebrex, ibuprofen, naproxen and meloxicam have the same cardiovascular warning.
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and get the fastest wifi included. comcast business. built for business. . another scary sight, an inflatable bounce house goes airborne. they were lining up in nevada when some 70-mile-an-hour winds blew the inflatable 300 feet up in the air. no one was hurt, but a few people were hit by debris and had to be hospitalized. last month two colorado children were caught inside a bounce house when it broke away. and in may two boys in new york were injured when an inflatable playhouse became airborne. i guess don't put one up if it's windy outside. a young great white shark has bitten a swimmer in manhattan beach, california.
10:21 am
luckily that swimmer lived to tell the tale. dominik has the details. dominic? >> a time every beachgoer absolutely fears. let's see the video because you can hear the screams close to the swimmers. >> hey, get out of the water! shark! get out of the water! shark! >> that is the voices from fishermen on the top of manhattan beach pier yesterday morning about 9:30 in the morning. it was back 50 or 60 feet off the coast when a group of long-distance swimmers accidentally swam through a line where a great white had been caught and had been wrestling to get off some 45 minutes. as it tried to get off that hook, it appears it turned around and bit one of the swimmers. witnesses on the pier panicked as they could see exactly what was happening. >> we actually were yelling at these guys saying there is a shark on the line, shark on the line, stop, move away, do whatever.
10:22 am
the shark jumps out of the water in front of the swimmers. we really think the swimmer got a little too close to the fishing line. >> now, they pulled the swimmer out of the water. he was described as being middle aged. he was bitten on the right side of his rib cage. they laid him on a surfboard and carried him from the surf onto the beach and then he was taken to the hospital where he is in a stable condition. he is going to be okay, apparently. the beach was actually closed off for a few hours. officials had to get in the water and coax the shark back out to deep waters. it took about 20 minutes for that to happen. but you know, doug, shark attacks are extremely rare, and that's something officials really do want to explain to people. although there was a report out in recent days saying we can expect shark attacks on both the west and east coast of the united states to rise for the simple fact that people are going into the water earlier in the season because of climate change. more people are going into the water, and also we're seeing a
10:23 am
rise in the number of shark populations as well. that's not just great whites but other sharks as well. so be careful if you go into the water. back to you. >> indeed. i would imagine there are a lot of people today in manhattan beach keeping their feet out of the water. thank you, dominic. good to see you. the crisis is spilling over into the border of mexico, but the flood may not reside untsub the month of august. >> one is policy and another is human consideration. a group who stole an american flag from a firefighter's home strive to make amends. that story coming up next. so, your site gave me this "credit report card" thing.
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a federal privacy board that has been critical of nsa practices issues a report that has some scratching their heads. that story coming up. plus, want to help our troops? one of our favorite guests will show you how to make sure our troops get what they need, coming up. but first, elizabeth prann here with a check on the headlines. hi, elizabeth. >> israeli police say at least six jewish suspects are under arrest for the killing of a palestinian teenager. the 16-year-old was abducted last week. his charred body was found a short time later. investigators believe the attack was in retaliation for the murder of three israeli teens.
10:28 am
a short time ago israeli defense minister commented on america's news hq. >> we condemn this act of murder. not only me or the governor of israel condemn it or the people of israel condemn it. >> benghazi court documents are shutting down claims that the benghazi attack was brought on by a short film. they made clear those leading the attack were part of a conspiracy. abu bakr al-baghdadi was on a video delivered out of iraq. witnesses said the official arrived in a large convoy of cars at the same time a nearby cell network was jammed. it was restored after the convoy
10:29 am
left. and the thief who stole an american flag from a 9/11 firefight firefighter's home reportedly had a change of heart. he put the flag back on the 4th of july with a note saying, i'm so sorry, i had no idea. the homeowner was given the flag in memory of her brother who was a firefighter at ground zero. he died during the attack. doug, those are your stories. now back to you. >> a chief with a conscience. not always the case, elizabeth. >> right. >> thanks very much. in recent months, poll after poll have shown that president obama's approval ratings are dipping. but last wednesday perhaps the most painful blow for him. voters rate president obama as the country's worst president since world war ii. 45% of those seizuurveyed said country would have been better off under mitt romney's leadership. with just two and a half years left in his term, what can the president do it turn around?
10:30 am
here is our panel. thank you both for coming. >> thank you for having us. >> tony, let's start with you. if you were adviser to the president, what would you tell him at this point with poll numbers like that? >> i would make a point of telling the president that it isn't polls. if this president had just come off 9.2 million jobs created over the past 51 months, including 200,000-plus jobs for five consecutive months. and he just ensured that millions, 8 million through private exchanges and many more had gotten health insurance. i say to this president, what we need to do more is ensure that more people can have access to care and that more people can find work. that would be the process. it wouldn't be about the polls. >> suppose the president could take some comfort in the fact that he ranks much, much higher than congress and the people in this building behind me do, especially the republican house. >> he ranks high with congress.
10:31 am
if i were jimmy carter, i would be doing a victory dance right now, because he was the worst president. what the president can do is be honest with american people. he promoted transparency, he promoted accountability. he said during his first term if he couldn't cut the deficit in half then he would be a first termer. he's broken pledges, he's broken promises. is pledgeses a word? he's broken pledges and promises. it's not that he hasn't come up with great ideas, it's just that with this white house, it's either his way or no way. >> i can't remember a time in politics where the standoff between the president and congress has been as severe as it is now. look at two sound bites, one of speaker boehner and one of president obama which conveys the tense standoff we're talking about. >> when there's conflicts like this between the legislative
10:32 am
branch and the administrative branch, it's, in my view, our responsibility to stand up for this institution in which we serve. >> middle class families can't wait for republicans in congress to do stuff. so sue me. as long as they're doing nothing, i'm not going to apologize for trying to do something. >> that says it right there. the president said, sue me. that's exactly what the republicans are doing but he's still dismissing the legitimacy of the suit. >> and he should be. not the actual content of what they said there. john boehner told you he was looking out for that institution. president obama said, what are we going to do for american families? every time the president goes to congress and says, where can we find common ground? let's take immigration reform. it's been there for a year. no vote in john boehner's congress. there is no compromise. so once -- john beoehner has
10:33 am
said, while the president is looking for common ground, john boehner says, we have buried common ground. he will vote on his number one priority and his number one priority is to be in opposition with president obama. >> no, it's not. you have had senators, rubio, jeff flake that have worked with democrats to come up with their own plan. now, did it die in the house? you had the house who wanted to take it step by step. i can't let you stand there and say the president has done all of this and congress has done nothing. and talking about the institution, we do have a state of our union which is an institution which our forefathers put together and planned that both the house and the senate and the white house is supposed to work together. look at ronald reagan and tip o'neal. i can go down the line of presidents that have worked for the state of the union and the sake of the country to create a better america. >> there seems to be a presumption among voters, especially democratic voters,
10:34 am
that if congress is passing laws, it's doing something good. that's not always the case. the founders, as you mentioned, had a great fear of the tyranny of the majority. they were fearful that major legislation could be passed by a majority. perhaps the best example of is that is the affordable care act. half of the country is deeply opposed to that. so when congress is doing nothing, perhaps they're doing the best thing. >> i think that's the best case john boehner can make. but he isn't offering any possibility for common ground. you have to vote on something in the house. you can't simply say, my vision is only to oppose the president. that's what's dangerous and that's, i think, why you find the president willing -- >> brian has come up with alternatives to the affordable care act. you've had marcia blackburn, who is a republican, has come up with alternatives to the affordable care act. >> but in the house of representatives, there has been
10:35 am
no vote even though a compromise nefertiti passed o never passed out of the senate. >> what happens to this relationship between the speaker and the president should the republicans control both houses of congress. tony? >> should they control both houses, where do you find common ground? you still have to want to do something. what is your vision, and the vision has to be more than we oppose the president. >> lame duck, lame duck, lame duck. he's a lame duck now and he will be then. you have bill clinton who signed 70% of the contracts with america where the house and senate vote republican. >> thank you both for being here. great to see you. >> thank you. under u.s. surveillance, who is watching you? the obama administration is looking into it and some people don't like what they have found. and are troops fighting to work hard for our country, as you well know, but who takes care of them? we're talking to a group that has stepped up to the plate.
10:36 am
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. the war tasked into how nsa does its business is given a new vote of confidence. the surveillance program is out and it's likely to leave many critics far from satisfied. here's chief congressional correspondent mikey m emanuel. >> all in favor, say aye. >> the oversight board has voted
10:40 am
to adopt a report in support of some of the nsa's vasurveillanc programs. >> overall, the board has found they are valuable in providing some security. >> they said getting digital information from some companies is clearly allowed by statute as implemented. the section 702 program targeting foreigners outside the u.s. fits the fourth amendment, and they say they are troubled over the incidental collection of u.s. persons' communications, though they tried to offer context. >> i don't think we can stress often enough that this is not a dragnet. >> they also offered proposals to tighten up. >> the regulations are designed to prevent the section 702 program from transforming over time from a foreign intelligence
10:41 am
program to a means of effectively surveilling persons. >> on capitol hill, some liberals and conservatives have joined forces in recent months to speak out about privacy and civil libertys. >> a vigorous oversight over the intelligence field needs to get more attention. it's not something you can minimize. liberty and security are not mutually exclusive. >> some say it's only records held anonymously, only rarely accessed. what's your beef? what they rarely mention is that they don't believe any of your records have any fourth amendment protection. >> the oversight panel says the program is constitutional and includes reasonable safeguards to protect the rights of americans. the director of national intelligence welcomed the report finding that surveillance efforts have prevented acts of terrorism at home and abroad. in washington, mike emanuel, fox
10:42 am
news. >> thank you, mike. getting back to normal are easier said than done for our men and women in uniform. troops need you that does that and more for active duty military at home and abroad. now, founder and president eric eggland. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, doug. thank you for having me. >> i know there is an issue on the top of your mind recently and it involves humanitarian relief for people who live newer fe fukushima in japan. tell me what's ailing our soldiers? >> a lot of soldiers and marines went directly into a nuclear radiation plume to connect humanitarian operations to help people affected in japan.
10:43 am
the situation has continued. it's been over three years since the exposure. so troops need you who decided you want to help. the government doesn't want to acknowledge the radiation exposure, and all they want is to get some tests and get some medical professionals to look at their radiation-related symptoms. >> what kind of symptoms are they seeing? >> they're kind of hard to pin down, but you've seen people with severe internal problems, i mean, organs failing and a lot of hyper -- shoot -- i'm forgetting the medical terms, but a lot of just fatigue-related -- people are just different people after they got exposed. people who haven't been able to have children, people who have lost just a lot of their physical capabilities. one person lost the muscular ability on the left side of his
10:44 am
body and he was a fitness champion before that happened. >> has the military expressed any interest in doing a real scientific study on this, say, have a controlled group that you can compare to a standard portion of the population? >> so the military did a study that basically concluded, move on, there's nothing to see here. yes, there was some nuclear radiation exposure, but not enough to have any serious medical effects. people listen to troops, not bureaucracies, and the troops have conditions, so what we've been able to do is raise the money from people across america who care about these sailors and marines and just pay for medical tests, tests and confrontations with medical professionals that help them understand what's going on in their body as a result of their radiation exposure. we've been able to make a difference in a lot of people's lives. >> this is an issue that is obviously top notch, but i want to get into other things you
10:45 am
guys do. wounded warriors who come out of war have their hands full with surgeries and recovery and all that stuff,. a lot of things they have to do on a day to day basis falls by the wayside, like paying bills, i imagine. >> that's right. one way we've been able to help is a marine who was at the army base in washington, at walter reed, he had a medical handicap sticker on his car, but it expired. and because he was a marine, they didn't get him an updated one in time, and he parked for dinner a couple hours outside d.c., and police towed his car because he had an expired registration. he had to take a taxi back up to make a surgery the next morning. the surgery got complicated. he needed three more surgeries. by the time he could finally address his car, he owed the tow company $3,000, and in the state of virginia, that's enough for them to sell your car. so troopsneedyou stepped in,
10:46 am
they reduced the fee down to $1,000. we were able to pay that directly to the tow company and the troop got his car back. imagine what his life would have been like if in the middle of these surgeries they lose their only family car. that's where we're able to offer emergency family assistance and really make a difference to help those troops move forward. >> we're out of time. how can our viewers get involved in this organization, real quick? >> sure. they can learn more at our website, or follow our social media, troops need you. they can donate, they can volunteer, they can tell friends and neighbors, their church groups, ways they can help make a difference with these healing soldiers. >> i really appreciate the great work you've done and i'm so glad you can share it with our viewers on this 4th of july weekend. thank you so much. >> thank you. have a great weekend. >> you, too. the world showed up on our doorsteps. >> the mayor of muir yrrieta,
10:47 am
california goes on shows and says their celebration is the answ answer to crucial questions. we'll hear what the pope says about keeping the sabbath holy. he said it should be union, not economic.
10:48 am
10:49 am
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10:51 am
residents have staked out ground on both sides of the issue there. tempers flare iing -- >> we didn't have a lot of answers early on. there was some legitimate concerns, health concerns. and humane concerns. people were concerned about the people, the immigrants coming here. would they have proper facilities? who's going to take care of them? how long is this going to be for? and those were questions that we just didn't get any answers to. >> federal lawmakers and the obama administration are considering options for re-enforcements and for immigration reform while many say that the border patrol and the regional forces are already stretched way too thin.
10:52 am
and in new mexico, volunteers are working overtime to run temporary shelters for illegal immigrants flooding the border. buses of them are arriving at a church until they can find another place to go. workers set up showers and infirmaries. >> not a convenient situation. again, the obama administration's explaining if they return people home, those people returning will be the best advertisement that this is not going to work. >> from the best estimates of the people who have been doing this for years are telling us it looks like we'll be doing this until mid-august, so about six weeks. >> the church expects new groups of people every few days. well, the bible says that the sabbath should be a day of rest, and apparently the pope agrees with that. on a visit to an agriculture area in italy, pope francis said jobs are important, but it's more important to spend time with friends and family, whether you're religious or not. it's a historic slice of
10:53 am
americana that's not only charming but a successful small business. benji's drive-in movie theater in baltimore, maryland, boasts the largest outdoor movie screen in america. despite all the new technology these days, it continues to thrive. >> reporter: just outside of baltimore, maryland, stands benji's drive-in. >> my father and his two brothers paul and hank built the drive-in theater. >> dee vogel took over the family business in 1988 and says the drive-in has been a special part of people's lives over the years. >> and it's not just local at all, although we have many wonderful locals. people travel a great distance to get here. i so do appreciate that. >> reporter: and the employees are just as important as the customers. >> oh, my goodness. some of my employees have been here as long as i've been here. some of them met their wives
10:54 am
here. some of them throw their bicycles here and are now in their 30s and extremely loyal people. >> i've been working here for 18 years. at this point, it's pretty much become family. that's a big reason why i'm still here. >> reporter: but owning and operating a drive-in theater in 2014 is not easy. they are part of a dying breed. with the internet, video on demand, tablets and dvrs, americans get their entertainment from an almost unlimited number of sources these days. as of march 2014, there are only 348 drive-ins in the u.s., down from the record high in 1958 when there were over 4,000. the drive-in industry took its biggest hit between 1978 and 1988 when over 1,000 screens went dark. but with the help of his loyal employees and the support of his customers, benji's will keep serving up family entertainment. >> i come here to be outdoors and watch awesome movies. >> reporter: and for dee vogel, the show will go on.
10:55 am
>> ladies and gentlemen, if you lights. >> a very short walk to the parking lot there. a tiny crime fighter. coming up next, we'll meet the city's newest inspiring recruit when we come back. sfx: car unlock beep. vo: david's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. thank ythank you for defendiyour sacrifice. and thank you for your bravery. thank you colonel. thank you daddy. military families are uniquely thankful for many things, the legacy of usaa auto insurance can be one of them. if you're a current or former military member or their family, get an auto insurance quote
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and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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oakland, california, is proud to have one pint-sized crime fighter serving among the city's greatest. 8-year-old emilio is gravely ill. his dream is to become a police officer. so when the oakland pd inducted its new class of officers, they included emilio. we congratulate him too and hope he gets to fulfill that dream as an adult. thanks for watching. before we go, proof that patriotism exists everywhere, even under water. divers in the florida keys national marine sanctuary marked the holiday weekend by unfurling
11:00 am
an historic american flag under a ship wreck. it now graces the uss vandenburg. thanks for joining us. enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend. i'm shannon bream in for chris wallace. tensions in jerusalem reach a breaking point as fighting continues after the deaths of three israeli teens and a palestinian youth. >> we will bring to justice the criminals responsible for this despicable crime, whoever they may be. >> air strikes against hamas traded for rocket attacks from gaza as israeli troops amass along the border. we'll discuss with israel's ambassador to the u.s., ron dermer and two senators, john barrasso of the foreign relations committee, and bob casey of the national security working group. then, house republicans ramp up pressure on the justice department in the irs targeting probe. we'll talk with darrell issa,


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