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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  July 8, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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sleeping baseball fan suing espn or is his case a strikeout. good night. bill the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> take all the children home with me. >> we're all americans. america. >> president obama taking a pounding on immigration. even as his left wing base does not want to solve the problem. is a social civil war brewing? >> not many are showing up for their hearings. >> i don't know i don't have the number in front of me, john. >> closer to 10% than 100%? >> >> most illegal aliens defying u.s. law again once they get into the country. but little is being done about it. tonight, we'll tell you why. >> also ahead, does charles krauthammer trust anyone in the american media? and is it legal on another
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outrageous lawsuit. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. president obama getting hammered over illegal immigration. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. today, the president asked for nearly $4 billion to deal with the crisis on the texas/mexican border. mr. obama wants to use that money to place more immigration judges at the border. build more detention centers and hire more border patrol agents. but throwing money at the problem will not work. if the president is not going to move the national guard down there. which would stop people from physically crossing the border. the rest is smoke and mirrors. right now anyone can cross and surrender to the border patrol because they will, most likely be able to stay
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here. so why would you spend $4 billion when it's not going to do anything? they are still going to come over. what about mexico? that country is if a till saght millions of people walking up to the border through their territory. president obama remains silent on mexico. talking points believes mr. obama just wants the problem to go away. he doesn't really want to solve it why? because his left wing base doesn't want to solve it. >> this crisis that some call a crisis we have to view as an opportunity. i'm a mother of five. i have nine grandchildren. i wish i could take all those children home with me. we are all americans in this hemisphere north and south america. >> all right. so that's an open border statement. let them all. in no restraints at all. according to congresswoman pelosi, we're all americans. it doesn't matter whether you live in del fuego.
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we are all americans. everybody come on. in this woman is off othe chart loopy, is she not. if mrs. pelosi knew anything, which he apparently doesn't. she would know that the united states simply cannot afford to absorb millions of uneducated people. our welfare system strained to limit now. so is the public school system. schools in the poorer precincts are generally a disaster. now you are going to add millions of more poor students to an already crumbling system? is that what you are going to do? the basic immigration problem is centered in el salvador. guatemala, and honduras. according to data collected by the census bureau and homeland security. almost 3 million immigrants from those countries have come to the u.s.a. and 60% of them are illegal. 70% of all those immigrants cannot speak english very well. 70 o%. about 50% of them lack a high school education. and more than 50% of the
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immigrants from those three countries use at least one major welfare program once they get here. so the obama administration is allowing millions of people to come in without the skills necessary to complete -- compete in the marketplace. that's creating an underclass. folks who generally will work hard when they get the chance, but because of language and education deficits are largely consigned to low-paying jobs. again, with a debt approaching $18 trillion, the u.s.a. doesn't have the money to support all these people. in addition our infrastructure is climbing along with median incomes with working americans. you can't tax working folks anymore. so the unintended consequences of illegal immigration are staggering. nancy pelosi and other liberals ignore the facts preferring to live in a fantasy world of self-righteousness. i wish i could take each and
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every one and attacking these who want immigration law to be enforced. why do we have the law in the first place? and the government, the federal government to be run responsibly? according to all the polls, most americans do want illegal aliens to be treated fairly. only the fringe has anus towards them. people living in corrupt nations are desperate. most understand that but fair minded americans also understand that this country is in severe decline. and the president as well as the democratic party is largely responsible for that i mean, it's outrageous to allow a chaotic border situation that harms the entire nation. is it not? and that's the memo. now for the testimony story, reaction, with with us here in the studio, monica crowley. from washington kirsten powers, both are fox news analysts. where am i going wrong here, kirsten? very specific, please. >> there is just not enough time, bill. really. okay. let's just start with the fact that you don't need to be educated to do a lot of the jobs that these people
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are doing. and many -- i mean certainly my relatives who came to this country, i don't know if yours came with from ireland, my certainly didn't. my were farmers. >> did they get welfare? >> i don't think welfare existed then. >> no it didn't. mine didn't take welfare either. auto% of the people are on welfare. >> had welfare existed i expect that a lot of irish people who came into this country in the 1800s in the turn of the century would have been on welfare because they were very poor. >> look -- >> -- they were very poor and let me say another thing. i don't understand your sudden fascination with central americans when the bulk of the immigrants who come into this country come from mexico and they have a higher. >> mexicans don't have anything to do with the border crisis? >> 10% are now mexicans in the last fiscal year and overwhelmingly central american sending their children and accompanying adults with them. listen, because you don't seem to be very educated on
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this in general. you don't seem to really know what you are talking about. >> oh, really, bill? come on. i am so fired of this from you. i am so tired of your mocking like mocking liberals because they care about people that there is something self-righteous about wanting to take care of children? you know, christian country, bill, i thought you were supposed -- i thought that we have -- we advertise to the world, give us your hungry, your poor, your tired. you know, but, no, not according to bill o'reilly. according to bill o'reilly. >> according to kirsten powers though you hold the high moral ground. >> there is a high moral ground in believing that our country actually is a place. >> let everybody. in that's what you want. >> i would like to have an open border situation. >> yes, you do. you said it four times. you want an open border. you want to accept them all. >> it would be good for country. >> you are on the high moral ground and i'm a cold barbarian. >> my views and you misrepresent the views of
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other people. >> and you come up with these crazy ideas that people who do manual labor have to have an education. you don't need an education to do manual labor. >> that's right. 50% of the people are taking welfare programs, you know he it, everybody knows it, that's the stat. >> well, you know what? there are different people who come into this country for different reasons, el salvador for. a lot of those people were not refugees, fleeing a war. not the same thing economic refugees and they weren't -- you don't think that those people count? >> let's give monica a shot to get in here. you see it a totally different than kirsten, right? >> i do, yes. i mean, what she was talking about the earliest ways of immigration to this country, those folks came in legally. and there is. >> some of them did. some of them didn't. >> legal immigration. look, this current crisis has all the earmarks of being orchestrated and being perpetrated by the administration that wanted to get some sort of comprehensive immigration reform done. in order to put the screws to the republicans to democrats who may have been
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reluctant to do it, they created this crisis. and that's why you see this president not lifting a finger to try to alleviate it. >> it works against it because now comprehensive immigration reform will never be passed during his tenure. >> he doesn't need it it he doesn't need the congress. he has shown repeatedly that he has gone around the congress. >> law of the land. >> lack, one of the big reasons why you are seeing this huge influx is he took executive action on the dream act. sending the signal to all these kids to come in. lacks lax border security and the prime minister miss of amnesty. both sides are guilty of this. the republicans are just as guilty as the democrats. could the creation of the crisis, what you just heard from nancy pelosi, never let a good crisis go to waste. saul alens ski. what they are doing is overwhelming the system. they can make humanitarian argument like skier citizen is making that you have to give them a pathway to am mess city. >> i see it differently. >> stuck where the public services can in the accommodate it. >> i will give you both 30 seconds to wrap it up.
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i see it differently. this border crisis has now made it impossible for barack obama and the liberal wing of the democratic party to get their expensive immigration reform. >> my point is. >> they will never get it. so they sabotage themselves. i will give you 30 seconds to make your point. let ms. powers jump. in 30 seconds to sum up your position. >> monica just said the difference between the early immigrants and these immigrants is that they it were legal. we have been discussing legal immigrants because you wouldn't have that data. that data all applies to legal immigrants. illegal immigrants are not draining the system because they are outside of the system. so those two things have nothing to do with each other. furthermore, there are fewer people coming into this country under barack obama than they were under george bush. that is an picture call fact. i don't know why you keep trying to pretend that he obama doesn't care about this issue and he hasn't done anything about it. >> you have absolute chaos. when you don't have borders you don't have a country which some might argue is the point of why he is allowing this to get so out
5:11 pm
of control. when you talk about no comprehensive reform, that is true. dead at least for this year. >> it's dead. >> this president doesn't need it because he has gone around the congress and will continue to do it. when he said he was going to take unilateral action, what you are seeing at the border is this. >> ladies, thank you very much. next on the rundown, a republican congressman accusing president obama allowing illegal aliens into the country for political reasons. later, charles krauthammer, does he trust anyone in the national media beside me? factor is coming right back.
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chaos on the mexican border. louie gohmert. yesterday congressmans you said on the radio you belief president obama is allowing illegal aliens to come here in order to turn your state, texas democrat. how do you back that up? >> well, sometimes the most logical is earl really the answer. the president said is he going to turn texas blue. he is about the only president i'm aware of that
5:15 pm
continued to have a campaign structure that worked after he was elected to a second term ofa is continuing to work. they are spending lots of money. they are doing everything they can to keep texans from being able to laws. you know, there are plenty of reports like in 2012 of illegal immigrants who were brought voter registration forms. we are told look, the president's lawyer is going to make sure you don't have to show your idea. >> the difference. >> there is a difference between local shenanigans which happens in every state and you as representing, you know, a fairly large district in texas, saying, look. your president is subverting the process. is he breaking the law or allowing the law to be broken. he wants to flood the zone with immigrants who are likely to vote democrat. that's a really really strong charge. it's almost a treasonous
5:16 pm
charge that you would break the law for political reasons. and i'm looking for. >> i know a lot of people hold it monica crowley holds it i'm looking for backup on it, congressman. >> well, there are circumstantial cases and i have seen people get circumstantial evidence and you look at what the president said he is going to do. he has got motive and the fact that he refuses to do anything and, bill, i am tired of liberals saying we are the ones with compassion, let me tell it you as a judge sometimes i sentence people and it broke my heart i would go back in high office and weep. i knew the children were going to suffer. i knew we had to be a nation of laws and follow the laws. caring to keep adding mass graves. flood into the united states because our chief will not secure the border. i think the more compassionate thing is when you actually secure the border and make people
5:17 pm
follow the law. and what we're doing, i know we have got democrats saying we just need to get more immigration judges. well, congress controls naturalization, immigration, that's our job. i don't want to comprehensive bill. as you say, bill, we can't trust this president. >> no, you can't. it's done ship. said that. i appreciate the compliment does nancy pelosi not
5:18 pm
understand that or is it just a grandstand play? >> i think it's some of both. look, here we are working on a bill that will actually bring in federal retired senior judges. let the circuit courts appoint them to be on the border. kind of like justice of the peace does when a dui comes in. you see them right there. and then turn them around and send them right back if they don't have a valid reason for entering legally. turn them around at the border, send them back, if we need to send border agents with them, let's do that it's cheaper than hurting our education. >> do something that would be a lot more effective and inexpensive. move the national guard down there and deny them entry. >> exactly. >> that would stop it cold. because they are not going to pay $700 a head, which is what the human smugglers are getting. >> that's right. >> if they are not going to get in. >> that's right.
5:19 pm
>> what they would have done that a couple of weeks ago but it got voted down. it would have sent more national guard and we stop them at the border and our guys -- we didn't have everybody vote for it i was shocked but, thank you, bill, you were dead on last night you are dead on again tonight. thank you. >> i appreciate it directly ahead, stossel doesn't like big government at all. what would he do on the mexican border? later, is it legal on an outrage just lawsuit. new york yankees game. wait until you hear this. up ahead. so, your site gave me this "credit report card" thing.
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even some in the national
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press are criticizing the obama administration now for failing to deal with illegal immigration. >> josh, have you been able to get an answer for me yet as to how many of those that are released with the the promise returning to a court date or actually showing up for their hearing? >> i don't have a specific number in front of me, john. there are a couple of things. >> for a couple of weeks. >> yeah. here now fox business anchor john stossel. it is clear to everybody, even people in berkeley, california, that the obama administration cannot handle what's happening down in the mexican, texas, and arizona borders. that is a fact and it's clear. you heard the congressman monica crowley believe it's by design. president obama wants to flood the zone with poor my ing my migrants who will vote democratic. that's the hard line point of view. how would you solve this problem? >> well, libertarians have clear answers to a lot of
5:24 pm
things, and you pick on the one where we don't. >> the original position was let everybody. in like nancy pelosi says. >> and kirsten powers. >> open border. >> all the americans in the hemisphere. but when people want to murder us and when we have a welfare state and so many come to free load, you can't have open borders. >> let me stop you there. i don't think mrs. pelosi or ms. powers, to be fair, would allow criminals in here so there would be a structure. it wouldn't just be coming across. but they don't seem to get the welfare thing. they don't seem to get it 50% are on welfare from these three countries and powers just, you know, says i'm a mean guy for even pointing it out. so i'm not understanding their point of view in the sense that they don't seem to want to do what's best for america. >> but, i think kirsten is right when she says they are not eligible for some of the welfare programs. >> some of them they are. >> some of them they are. >> children are eligible for almost all of them. >> you played the sound bite from her for a while.
5:25 pm
every child that comes in this country should be taken care of. i think she is right. we can't just -- these are children. if you agree with kirsten powers that every child who arrives on our shores illegally should be taken care of by the u.s. taxpayers quickly overwhelm the u.s. taxpayer. >> and i don't see taken care of and kept here. fly them back. obama has been deporting a lot of people. 38 charter flights a day. but it was a bush law in 2008 passed unanimously by republicans. >> that was to repress sexual exploitation of children. one stroke can can override that okay? all he has to do is issue an executive whatever date he wants. you know, unless there is a sexual component to it, gets sent back. can he do that tomorrow. he won't do it. right wing view.
5:26 pm
they believe this is by design. do you believe that? >> i can't read his mind. i don't know. he certainly wants to get hispanic votes. is he doing it on purpose? i think is he playing golf and this happened and he doesn't know what to do. >> are you saying that is he incompetent person? >> i'm saying government is incompetent most of the time. >> he is the head of the government. >> yeah. brit hume said last night that president obama is heading for the five worst list harding and fill more. do you believe that? >> yeah. i would put him right there at the top. he has expanded government. qui fix everything from top down and he has put us deeper in debt and more in trouble. >> john stossel, everybody, plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. over the fourth of july weekend. scores of people shot in chicago as that city remains out of control. charles krauthammer on whether he trusts nip in the national media we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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5:31 pm
happens, to the individuals who carry these firearms, you know, everybody asked me what's different about new york and chicago. i can tell you very simply proliferation of firearms. >> that's bull. chicago has very tough laws against illegal guns. the problem is they don't enforce the laws. justice system seems to be chaotic there according to the chicago tribune one man wanted to for murder has 21 prior arrests. joining us from chicago karen conte and steve greeneberg, both are criminal defense attorneys. steve, we begin with you. it was rated that chicago bottom three of federal prosecutions for guns, chicago ph.d. arrests somebody for having a gun they don't turn them over to the feds and they could. they say we have tougher laws in illinois so we will prosecute. but they don't prosecute. they plea it down to misdemeanors in most of the cases. so the chief is being disingenuous at best. it's the system's fault that all these people are being
5:32 pm
killed. is it not? >> well, bill, i disagree that they plead it down to misdemeanors. >> those are the facts, steve. >> the gun laws. >> those are the facts. >> the gun laws in illinois are harcher, what happened here is that the gun laws were found unconstitutional. these people have a right to carry arms. and so the problem is not with the gun laws, the problem is not with the punishment, the problem is more academic and epidemic in that what are you going to do with these people guns are are ram nant a neighborhood. >> arrest somebody with illegal guns. steve, you are disagreeing with the facts. that gets us nowhere. if the chicago police officer arrests somebody with an illegal gun illegal gun. the facts say that the prosecutor down to a very minor crime. thus, you have a guy wanted for murder with 21 arrests what do you say? >> it doesn't matter whether you know, steve, those are in stone.
5:33 pm
go ahead, ms. conte. >> cops arrest, charged with 9 or 10 counts. prosecutors get it and too much paperwork. too many many hours. the courts are crowded. the docket is crazy, the prisons are overflowing. so they plead it down. and they get these guys out and they are back on the street again. >> so the police commissioner is not telling the people of chicago and the u.s.a. the truth. it isn't the gun law, it isn't that. it's just that the system is overwhelmed, according to you. and they can't get the bad guys off the streets or they won't get them off. >> and, as a result, those criminals know what gets prosecuted and what doesn't. >> that's right. they are smarter than the lawyers. that's why they give the guns to the little kids because they don't get prosecuted the same as adults. this is creating disrespect for the law gun crime is concentrated in few neighborhoods, notation american neighborhoods, not hispanication neighborhoods, certainly not on the gold
5:34 pm
coast in the white neighborhoods. it's all in the black neighborhoods and gang-related most of it is there a cultural problem here, steve. there is bill. not necessarily gang related. it's a he question of survival for these people. because some people have guns, you are either going to shoot at somebody or be shot at. that's the mentality. and what they have to do is not lock these people up. >> if that's true, shouldn't they have a stop and frisk policy which they had in new york but they don't have it here any longer and, since they stopped stop and frisk in new york, shootings have risen 8%. that's just in a few weeks. all right. so shouldn't they have stop and frisk in chicago to get the guns away from the bad guys? >> well. >> i say yes. >> you can't put aside. >> with you, bill. you can't put aside the civil rights and the police do that. >> civil rights issue here. in new york it was a policy issue.
5:35 pm
>> stop and frisk is constitutional. our u. upheld it in new york city. a if a cop has reasonable suspicion that that person committed a crime or was involved. can he pat them down and find out. >> that's not here with talking about here. we are talking. they can do that now. they do do that now. >> those police are out on the street in force. stopping people, stopping cars without probable cause, in fact, making up probable cause after the fact. searching people. there are whole portions of community that believe. >> chief police in chicago admits he can't stop it. >> he is not going to say we're going to go out there and violate people's civil rights. >> you don't have to do that. >> these people have nothing to look forward to. the problem is not. lock them up. shoot people and have 140 shootings in a weekend.
5:36 pm
anarchy in chicago. the city government, mayor immanuel police chief mr. mccarthy cannot solve it innocent children are being shot and all it is just -- it's his fault, it's his fault, it's his fault but it's incompetence it at a level i have rarely seen. we appreciate you guys coming on. when we come right back is it legal on the first boston marathon bombing trial. also an outrageous lawsuit from a man who fell asleep at a new york yankees game. legal is next. everybody knows t. well, did you know words really can hurt you? what...? jesse don't go!! i'm sorry daisy, but i'm a loner. and a loner gotta be alone. heee yawww! geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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thanks for staying with us i'm bill o'reilly, is it legal segment tonight. first trial in the boston marathon bombing case. killed three people, injured 264 others 2013. at you may know, two brothers set off two bombs. one of the brothers shot dead by police. the other dzhokhar car tsarnaev will stand trial this year. another allegedly cord up for dzhokhar can us are attorneys kimberly guilfoyle or and lis wiehl. >> case strong. >> very strong.
5:41 pm
admitted going not dorm room of the younger brother and taking his computer, his laptop, fireworks and ammunition, things that would be horrible to go against the discriminating evidence. >> cleansed his room. >> after getting a text from the brother saying go to my room and take whatever you want. >> was that during the coverage of the bombings. >> yeah. >> so he can't say i didn't know. >> the fbi, there was damage that was out there. they even talk about having seen, isn't that the guy? isn't that the guy? >> this is not a u.s. citizen, right? >> no, pakistan. >> he is facing what? >> 25 years. >> 25 years. >> is he guilty, guilfoyle? >> well, they will decide but, in my court, yes. >> all right. >> listen, i think there is this real definitive evidence in terms of the time line. this is happening in realtime. >> you both see this as not a real tough federal prosecution. >> he is going in to get marijuana. that's it. why did he take the laptop and everything else. there is later text messages that showed during that time he knew already that one of the brothers was dead. >> he was trying to protect
5:42 pm
his friend. >> what's that song by stein shah na na that. >> hey hey hey, goodbye. >> two baseball teams the yankees and the mets. the guy went to the yankee game and it costs a lot of money to go there. yet, he fell asleep. roll the tape. >> i will tell you what, how comfortable is that? probably won't have any neck problems tomorrow. [ laughter ] is that guy to his left his buddy who is just letting him sleep or is he here alone? what's the deal with this guy. >> maybe that's his buddy and he likes him a lot better when he is asleep. [ laughter ] >> not something i would have said and the guy now, guilfoyle, is suing $10 million, right? >> he wants 10 million big ones, yes. he said that he was defamed. >> defamed? >> intentional affliction of emotional distress making these comments and that they posted them on line the next day as well. >> suing major league baseball? >> he is suing major league baseball. he is suing the yankees. he is suing espn and the two
5:43 pm
espn announcers. >> 10 million. >> frivolous lawsuit, wiehl. >> frivolous lawsuit, absolutely. this is not going to go anywhere. a judge will toss this out. >> is it frivolous, guilfoyle? >> shouldn't the attorney bring this be substantialed and put in jail for 30 years? >> the guy who brought this put the attorney 30 years then nobody else would do it, right? >> look, it would serve as a deterrent. i kind of like the draconian way for justice. >> put him in jail for 30 years. i might give him clemenciy after 10. we have to stop these lawyers. >> we have to stop them. >> it is for sure a frivolous lawsuit. >> some kind of nuisance value case will go away. >> celebrating in washington state today because pot is now legal there. we have some video of people buying legal pot in
5:44 pm
washington. and least we'll is washington state. put in a mail order. >> i will let you know when i i get there. >> this guy looks like your type there. >> quite a hunk, yeah. >> preview when i get there. >> being a native washtonian, do you think this is good for your state to have all these people. >> no, i think it's horrible. i didn't believe in legalizing marijuana. unintended consequences already seen in colorado another state that allows recreational marijuana. the brownies. >> do you see it as a bad thing. >> yes. i'm not going there ever. >> you are not going ever? >> no. >> oh, washington is a beautiful state. >> send lis there. >> it's a gorgeous state. i'm going. >> my old hometown has enough problems. >> san francisco? >> yes. >> everything is legal there except goldfish. can't have a goldfish there. >> marry one. >> marry a goldfish. that was kimberly guilfoyle for you left wing nuts out there on the blogs.
5:45 pm
all right, ladies, thanks very much. krauthammer anyone in the national media besides me worthy of trust? charles moments away. in the nation, it's not always pretty. add brand new belongings from nationwide insurance...
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5:49 pm
informed. you have to be up to date as do i. is there anybody that you trust? >> well, again, apart from fox, no, of course not. but the point is, unlike you, i don't believe that there are people who speak objective truth. the way i get minus is to try to figure out what happened. now, what i do is i read the mainstream media but i know it's through a liberal filter. so i don't accept everything i read. but at least i know there was an attack here on the certain day at a certain hour. i know that when i read the "new york times" i'm reading the liberal flag ship of america. >> even in the news columns? even in the news reportage? >> of course it's in the news. in fact, that's where the main influence is. the editorials are so bad, so slanted, so childish, they have no influence. what influences everybody is the choices that the editors make what to put on the front page because that declares to the rest of the media who are the followers
5:50 pm
what's important. so, for example, if there is no coverage, essentially no coverage of the two years of missing emails by the irs in the by the irs in the times, ends up on base. that's a signal to the rest of the media not to cover it many the main influence is, of course, on the front page on what's chosen, what's not chosen. the war on women for example is a phrase you will see in the news pages all the time. they may put it in quotes, they may not. but that's -- even anywhere own ombudsman wrote a year or two ago, the new york times acted as a cheerleader in promoting it day after day. >> gay marriage is another example. >> well, i say the equivalent of the tea party, where as i and many others can see this clearly, predicted it would dissipate with the first winter wind -- >> yeah, i was one of those as
5:51 pm
well. every morning you get the washington post, which was an aseemed newspaper because of watergate. and you used to work there. when you read the articles in the washington post, is it the same as the new york times? the same skepticism? >> well, first, bill, i've never worked there, but my column has appeared there. but it's been carried there since 1984. and it still is, and i must say, the editorial page, and the op ed page of the post, the op ed page is the finest in the country, i would say that even if i wasn't on it. i would probably say it if i wasn't -- i'm not 100% sure i would say it if i wasn't on it, the editorial page which has a liberal orientation is one of the fairest, the most hard headed and the most informed. i read it every day. and i read the op ed. >> you don't have a lot of beef with that, but you think in the news columns you have to check it? >> all the mainstream media are
5:52 pm
through a liberal tint. >> the only way -- i read them with profit because i apply a reverse tint. now, if you're a 15-year-old, you don't have that you don't have the experience. >> absolutely. and that's where i think the influence is pernicious. >> cnn, okay? worldwide news gathering organization distributed on most cable systems. can you believe what you hear on cnn? >> they're still looking for the malaysian plane. they've located amelia earhart who's going to be a new anchor for them. who watches cnn. >> you. you have to watch it. >> i don't. >> the only place i watch it is when i'm waiting for an airplane? >> how about the network newscast, the three at night? do you believe what's on there? >> i have not watched a network newscast on any of the three
5:53 pm
networks in 20 years. >> why. >> because i gain nothing from it, there's nothing they would tell me that i don't know. i know it's soft news and it's liberal news, why would i need to read it. i get the basics from the newspapers. the thing you ought to stress here is this, have always had liberal bias. when ronald reagan ran in 1980, there were only three networks, they were all liberal, they were all anti-reagan, that's the way it was many reagan won. nixon won. i think that the media today are in better shape because there are so many outlets, the liberals no longer have a monopoly, and that's the good news on the media front. >> all right, charles krauthammer still cooking. inside stuff on how president's obama, clinton and bush behaved before they went on talk shows.
5:54 pm
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factor tip of the day, presidents and talk shows in moments. we have a fun history quiz posted on bill o', had is everybody, not just premium members. if you do become a bill o' premium member, you will get my upcoming book, killing patton out in september free and first. it will be mailed directly to you, before it goes to the stores. now the mail. tonight jewel lauften. you place all the blame for the border on president obama, but none on the house republicans. correct, you are correct. >> the president gets the blame, and here's why. no comprehensive immigration will ever pass unless the southern border is secured. it is not secured. is it, joel? the president has the power to order the military to the border, all he has to do is use his pen, but he won't. it's his fault. >> sorry, bill, but you're
5:57 pm
missing it by a mile. president obama is not evil or a failure, quite the opposite. his objective is to drive up the welfare rolls, collapse the economy, so socialism can be established. quite an agenda. that is the far right position, i know that but it's based on opinion. not facts. and the factor is a fact-based broadcast. that's why we call it the factor. terry, oxnard, california. you said long island is being adversely affected by illegal alien aliens living in homes. across the street from me, seven adults, five children, six cars. two houses down, 15 adults, 8 children, a dozen cars. al baghdadi was set free by obama, correct the error? the error is yours. according to bill speaks of the
5:58 pm
defense department, badag daddy was captured in 2004, in december of the same year, they let him go, big mistake. pastor adam sotoberg, hartford, connecticut. you can catch miller and me live in boston december 6th. vegas, i don't think the reverend's going to go to that one. but people will, october 7th. west virginia, charleston, october 24th, a few good seats left for july 25th, far go. that's coming up fast, on bill o' factor tip of the day, behind the scenes on the tonight show. i appeared with jay leno more than a dozen times. always had fun. his crew was first class hurricaned the scenes. producer i usually dealt with gabe berth. it dishes on how celebrities
5:59 pm
behave before the show, including president's obama and bush, but not clinton, because clinton wouldn't go on the show. there's some dish on the factor, behind the curtain very entertaining summer read. factor tip of the day, congratulations dave berg. that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website, different from billo' spout off about the factor at o' word of the day, do not be unctuous. our mad as hell segment is posted for thursday. it's wide open this week, if you're mad as hell, you really teaed off about immigration -- something, you know, a little bit off track. a little bit personal, we want to hear about it. and again, thank you for watching the factor tonight.
6:00 pm
miss megan is up next. please always remember that the spin stops right here. we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, colorado gives president obama the cold shoulder in a scene that suggests this president is in real trouble politically. welcome to the kelly file, everyone. i'm megyn kelly. president obama touching down a short time ago, landing in denver colorado. where in 2008 there was a moment during the democratic national convention where tens of thousands cheered a man who had convinced the world he was a very different sort of leader.


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