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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  July 21, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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"hannity the series." don't forget to start your day with "fox and friends." we'll see you back here tomorrow night. greta goes "on the record" right now. this is a fox news alert. a train held captive by pro-russian rebels is finally on the move. the train carrying some bodies of flight 17 victims is finally heading of ukraine's war zone. so where is the train headed? and are the victims' families still in the dark? plus, many witnesses on the ground now accusing the russian separatists of looting evidence from the crash site. so far the investigation blocked at every turn. so what are the russian backed separatists hiding? fox news correspondent steve harrigan is live in ukraine with the very latest. steve, tell me where are the bodies right now. >> greta. about 6:30 p.m. local time. those bodies left on a train out of rebel controlled
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territory right near the crash site. they are heading north towards the city of harcoff city of ukraine. government controlled territory. the move 280 plus bodies. plus the remains of many as a dozen or more passengers will be a flight to amsterdam. in amsterdam, forensic studies will be made. d.n.a. testing to determine the identities of those bodies before being returned home. so, after two days in the sun is, more delay in a railroad car whose refrigeration worked part of the time. didn't work part of the time. those bodies are now out of rebel control in ukrainian government control and about to start to begin to get the funeral that those innocent civilians deserve, greta. >> i don't mean to be too graphic about this, but do they have all the bodies? and i know that the impact was rather devastating to some the bodies. i mean, has this been a professional job, giving dignity to these people and their families? >> it's been anything but a
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professional job up until now. it's been you know, coal militias. volunteers. people in forensics. people trying to help and do their best. but not a professional level. the experts have been kept out so far at every turn. after this long delay, now they are finally starting to get involved. there were dutch forensic investigators for the first time at that train today. that's really the first sign of professionalism after more than four days into this tragedy, greta. >> any looting or taking of any of the valuables on the ground? i heard rumors the other day that people are taking things but did rebels go through there and take anything? >> i think there is two concerns about what was removed. first, even european crash site experts from the lsce said that key bits of evidence had disappeared. these bits of evidence could be things like parts of the surface-to-air missile, which brought the plane down.
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on the other hand, you know, when you have a crash site more than seven square miles. suitcases everywhere i think looting is to be expected. a number of suitcases and bags we have seen including some the pilots tume bags we could clearly see have been opened. all the zippers open. obviously people have gone through those bags. perhaps more upsetting though is two or three days in to still see body parts in the fields and then the bodies pretty much picked up and dropped by the side of the road in body bags. certainly, no one likes to see that. >> steve, thank you. >> and today president obama taking to the rose garden telling the russian separatist tots give international investigators full access to the crash site. about an hour later it was the malaysian prime minister who stepped in and announced he had brokered a deal with the rebels. to grant safe access to the scene. so in handling this crisis, does the u.s. look inconsequential or worse,
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weak? former u.n. ambassador john bolton joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening. >> i don't know what we could have could have done more. are we forcing the rebels to turn over stuff? it seems a couple days late. >> i think that's the exact opposite. our role has been to focus on the minutia and not the bigger political question. this sounds hard given the emotion of the way the remains have been treat sod disrespectfully and the very real prospect that some of the evidence has been taken away from the crash scene. but i will say it because all of this is fundamentally irrelevant. we know how that plane got shot down. it was shot down by either russian or ukrainian separatists under russian command and control. using a russian surface-to-air missile. now, we can certainly fill in all the details. fill in the gaps. i think we should do that what's really required now
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is political leadership not on the crime scene investigation. this isn't the new york police department. this is the united states. and the president should be rallying international political opinion to do something about putin's policy of aggression and belligerence. and that is simply not happening. in fact, let me just say one more thing. the president has made it worse. because every day he ramables on about investigating the crash scene is another day that goes by where the momentum and the policy of rallying the west and the rest of the world against putin is diminishing. >> is putin, is this a time where we can actually defang putin or is it possible? is it too late? is it the golden opportunity to rally the world against him or is he riding high? >> well, i think he has had some terrible set backs in ukraine in the past 6 to 8 months. but he is still playing cards as if he holds the high cards. the reason he does that is because he can get away with it i think the critical point here is not to focus
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obsessively on the minutia of the evidence. what has happened in ukraine the last six to eight months is broader policy of putin trying to reestablish russian dominance in the former soviet union and in eastern and central europe. that's what needs to be opposed. that's what the united states should focus on. rallying our nato allies. going back to a strong natural missile defense program. and looking at really stiff sanctions against russia. not these pinpricks that we have been engaged in. >> here is part of the problem is that whether we like it or not, we have engaged putin with syria and with iran nuclear program. the weapons program. which, of course, has gone a little bit belly up in the last day or so with the extension. syria with the chemical weapons stockpile. then you have got the situation where germany loves that -- loves that oil russia. and you have got england, the uk is deeply intwind
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with them economically. so now with all these problems, these intanglements what do we do? >> following one bad policy doesn't justify following several other bad policies. the negotiations with russia over syria were never going to work. the negotiations with iran over its nuclear weapons program were never going to work whether russia cooperates with us or not. the bigger problem and it's serious western europe's reliance on russian oil and natural gas. that will take longer to correct. in the meantime, what the president should be doing is pulling the europeans along. it's a hard task. i think he is probably tired of it because it can be very arduous. we are the leader of the western alliance. not germany, not britain, not france, not the nether lands. not anybody else. if we don't lead, they won't follow. right now we are talking about whether we have got international civil aviation organization inspectors on the ground instead of putting a a line under this and stopping further russian aggressiveness around europe. >> ambassador, thank you,
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sir. >> thank you. russia has separatists and armed them big, really big with antiaircraft weapons. president obama stopping directly blaming putin for taking down that jet. has this event, this horrible murder of 298 people, has that made putin more powerful in the world? less powerful, emboldened him or what? >> i think it isolates him from the rest of the world. the rest of the world needs to speak with one voice, one unified voice. we have condemned it and we obviously think it's terrible what has happened. really europe needs to be more involved in this as well. the whole world needs to come forward and say my goodness, you can't just shoot down commercial airliners. so, no, i think it's something that i can't imagine what type of rebuke it needs to be but it needs to be as severe as it can be. >> like what though? president obama says from the rose garden today that practically i mean he condemned it as he should.
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what is the penalty? i think the only penalty that works, in a situation like, this unless you are ready to, you know, send troops into ukraine, which i think most americans are not. myself included. but i think the key really here is europe. europe does a lot of trade. and taps bilateral thing. everybody talks about well europe requires and needs this gas. well, russia needs the money that comes from selling the gas. trade is a two way street. the europeans if they want to, you know, have a realistic or admonishment that has teeth, they need to talk about trade sanctions on russia. >> you know, something really perverse about the fact shoot down 298 people in a plane. and you probably go unpunished. you shut someone down on the street whether in new york or in the united states, a single person all of a sudden you are tried for murder and put away for life. >> we have had other airliners being shot down. i think historically and some of these have been a long time ago, but my memory was that there was a significant and fairly immediate apology for saying we made mistakes.
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you know, this wasn't intentional downing of an airline. i guess it's hard for them to say that because for the separatists this wasn't a mistake. you have to wonder how this is going to further the goal of the separatist who's have taken down and killed 29 8 innocent people. >> let's go to israel and gaza. what are your thoughts about that tonight how the u.s. is handling it. are we looking strong and weak like lerdz or feckless and just bystanders? >> i don't know that when every civil war there has to be something in america is going to do. the one thing i have said is not america's role to criticize our allies for defending themselves. and vrl lives every day, you know, with bombs being reigned down on them. i don't think these were -- this is initiated by israel. it was initiated by gaza, it seems to have come out of sort of the anger over first the three israeli teenagers death and palestinian teenager death. but, it also doesn't serve any purpose from a rational point of view for hamas. how do they think they are going to win? all it does is then sort of
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justify, sort of the civil war that. >> they are keeping -- hezbollah is backing them up. it doesn't seem like there is any end in sight. how does this end? do we have to rely on secretary kerry getting a cease-fire while he in cairo tonight. >> we should be part of facilitating a cease-fire if we can can. the other way it ends is if hamas runs outs of rocket. there have been some that say they have a two or three week supply. one of the perversed things of having jihadistst in the middle east is competition for money. hamas will be out of money and out of willful. there were news reports saying because want our money. that's what have been trying to stop. no money should go to terrorists and specifically no money to hamas. >> let me turn to the urban league. going there friday and urban league which has a lot of attention on these cities this past weekend in chicago. 11 people shot.
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11-year-old dying at a slumber party. a bullet going through a wall and hitting her. >> what should we do about chicago? >> one, our big cities have a lot of problems across america. main problem being poverty, unemployment, but also violence. the poverty and the unemployment may make the violence worse and so what i have said is that republicans have some answers for. this and so i will talk about how we bring economic opportunity to these cities by dramatically lowering taxes. i have a plan for bailing out detroit. $1.3 billion. not from atlanta, not from houston, but just by leaving money in detroit that never gets sent to washington. letting their own money help bail themselves out. >> and it's not common to see republicans at the urban league. you and g.o.p. chairman ryans priebus -- you are the only elected one. >> i'm excited about it it we are saying we are going to compete for the vote of people who live in the cities. look that the red blue map across the united states. we win every rural county in america and lose every big
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city. if we want to compete as a party. if republicans want to compete as a party we he have to compete in the big cities. have a policy prescription. we are going to cure poverty or we are going to diminish and lessen poverty. >> meet the press has used the g.o.p. frontrunner this week. >> that might be bad luck. i don't know. but it's better than not being considered. and at this point all i know is i want to make the party bigger. an a big enough voice the only way the republican party wins is by becoming a more diverse party. >> senator, nice to he see you, sir. >> thank you. >> this is a fox news alert right now. secretary of state john kerry is in cairo egypt meeting with ban ki-moon. both frantically trying to end the israeli hamas war. things getting worse. news tonight two americans now among the dead. fox news correspondent conor powell live in gaza city with the very latest. conner is, there any sense that there is a cease-fire?
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>> greta, just the opposite, a cease-fire cannot come here soon enough because the violence the conflict here is growing. in the past few days, put this in perspective. the past few days of the 225 israeli troops that were killed throughout this operation, 20 of them have come in the past few days. 571 palestinians killed more than 200 of those deaths came in the past 488 hours it has inat the bus stop find here despite israel's best efforts. and you can hear behind me there are still artillery reigning in here in gaza. still rockets being fired from gaza by hamas in to israel. the intense fighting here taking place and really in the northeastern part of the gaza strip, which is where hamas has a lot of bunkers and there are a lot of tunnels. it's an area where israeli special forces and troops have been concentrating a lot of their effort. we are seeing intense conflict all across the gaza strip. and as a result, greta, we've seen a huge
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humanitarian crisis grow here in the past few days. the u.n. now saying that 81,000 palestinians have taken shelter in different u.n. facilities across the gaza strip. we saw, our cameraman and i saw women fighting other drinkable water. there is is a shortage of food, of drinkable water. of all types of medical supplies. it really have a bad situation here. and a cease-fire, greta, can't come soon enough. >> conor, good luck. be safe and that video we are watching, we saw the video that you guys shot of the women fighting over the water. it's unbelievable. anyway, conor, thank you. critics don't call him the fundraiser in chief for nothing. president obama planning another week of fundraising in the middle of two world crises and a border crises. political panel is here next. very mysterious disappearance of casey kasem's body. you heard right, his body is missing. tonight, new clues, the latest coming up.
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the fastest office plant. so why wouldn't i choose the fastest wifi? i would. switch to comcast business internet and get the fastest wifi included. comcast business. built for business. this is a fox news alert. just moments ago, the white house announcing the president has cancelled his planned appearance on jimmy kimmel show. with two world crisis explode and border. the show will go on president obama's fundraising trip this week. and get, this according to the "the washington post," president obama's fundraising has just surpassed president george w. bush and he still has two and a half years more of his presidency to go. joining you are our political panel the hill a.b. stoddard and john mccormick. david, surprised that he caved to pressure jimmy kimmel or good taste. >> i think they are keen to the optics.
11:20 pm
>> finally? >> of these things. >> finally although they are not canceling the fundraisers because, well, i think the larger argument the white house is making is that if he were to cancel political events every day because of a crisis, he would literally be throwing the schedule up in the air every day. it doesn't look good, i think. these fundraisers are usually closed. jimmy kimmel americans can z he was on tv late at night laughing it up, yucking it up with jimmy kimmel and had israel going into gaza with troops. a private fundraisers, people read about them. republicans are going to make the attacks about them. is he still the leader of his party in a midterm election year where democrats are hurting. >> are they hurting -- let me ask you this, a.b., are they hurting because of him? i mean, is this sort of -- the mid terms, are the democrats hurting because of president obama? >> well, i think he feels that he owes them some good
11:21 pm
fundraising effort. >> after, what,. >> that they would like some money for ads to defend themselves from the on slot from the other side. it's going to be a tough midterm for the democrats. we have known that very a very long time. it probably won't hinge on obamacare and all the issues eclipsed headlines about the border crises overseas, et cetera. normally i do defend president obama and other presidents when they take vacations and their wives take different interesting trips with their children. they do things like fundraisers, but, in this case, he is not well served by staff. in this case he was making the decisions to be at these fundraisers, jennifer communications director said to the "new york times" over the weekend that it's rarely a good idea to just throw away the schedule as david said. abrupt changes to his schedule can have the unintended consequences of duly alarming the public and creating a false sense of crisis. so, in this case, his staff was not saying the right
11:22 pm
thing, but he was making the wrong choice, the kimmel show was going to be unseemly. this is -- if it's not a down playing in a war zone where we are dealing with russia. if it's not what's going on between the israelis and the palestinians, in addition to border crisis, when would he cancel these kinds of events? >> you know, john, last week when he went up to new york and did the fundraiser. he was also making phone calls to world leaders on this flight 17. we don't see that we are not on air force one. he does work. it's just the optics of it he doesn't give the impression that he is working so often when you have all these fundraisers. >> yeah, well everyone expects a president to be a politician as well. that just has to take the backseat when there is a real crisis, not a false crisis as, you know, his aid has said. the worst thing when you go back to the first speech he gave, he asked -- his press secretary was asked was it a mistake to go on with his burger run and delivered that speech about roads and brings even though he had
11:23 pm
known it was shot down. first speech pluck reaction it looks like a plorl tragedy. a plane being shot down is murder not a tragedy. it's murder. >> there was none of that moral indignation in that first speech it was partisan too. he went on to say republicans he questioned their patriotism. he suggested they lacked patriotism build bridges and roads. that was just highly inappropriate. got a little better on friday in his remarks to the white house. he had some, you know, moral indignation. today, his speech today at the south lawn at the white house it didn't seem like there was any point to it. it seemed like he didn't know what he was doing. he was finger wagging and saying things like the russian separatists are not engaging in the kind of behavior that we would expect from the community of nations. not exactly the kind of forceful response people would want to see from thinks president. >> ambassador bolton said he should be focused on the
11:24 pm
bigger picture in terms of russia and putin. is he deliberately looking at the minutia or is this something that's helpful? >> you know, i don't know -- i'm not going to say i know if he is focused on the minute sure shah of it. >> he was talking more about that. >> i don't think you can -- i still don't think the american people are going to blame the president for having burgers, you know, in new york city when this foreign crisis is going on. i mean, the fundraiser jimmy kimmel is one thing. 200 americans would have been a lot different. as cynical and as bad as this may be. when americans see this crisis going on. and it doesn't involve americans. it's not as close to home. i think you would have seen it -- i think you would have seen a different response if this -- you would have had to have seen a different response. but i don't think you are going to see him punished for it. i don't think you can blame him for you are going around the country and meeting americans, having a burger, just when an international
11:25 pm
crisis flares up somewhere. >> a.b., just a quick 2 r5 seconds. i think if his approval process burger no, sir problem. approval rating on decline that's when everyone jumps you. >> i also feel he has decided that he has nowhere else to go. he doesn't care. ratings can't get worse, is he going to do what he wants with his presidency. >> that's bad. >> this is the conversation we had two weeks ago about the border. why wouldn't he go to the border and find a way to talk about the issue even if he didn't meet with the kids. he just refused. i don't think is he interested in canceling fundraisers. just at this level it's not going to touch his approval ratings. they are too low. >> panel, thank you. developing now, national guard troops heading to the texas border. plus, new reports of illegal immigrants bypassing airport security and boarding u.s. commercial flights. that's all next.
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this is a fox news alert. right now texas national guard troops are getting ready. they have been ordered to the border by the texas governor. you are going to hear directly from texas attorney general greg abbot is news minutes. first, new reports of illegal immigrants bypassing airport security and boarding u.s. commercial flight. fox reporter is live in el paso, texas. bill, tsa denies it but what are you hearing about people boarding these planes? >> yeah, greta. i have been in contact with the vice president of the union that represents every single border patrol agent in the entire country and
11:30 pm
just last week. he told me his agent at the laredo airport and the airport right here in el paso have witnessed illegal immigrants light materially just being walk the right past security all while u.s. citizens are waiting in line to be screened and watching it happen. now, keep in mind, this is on top of allegations at the same tsa agents have been letting me illegal immigrants board flights without showing any type of photo id and instead are allegedly accepting their notice to appear in court documents. we reached out to the tsa for a response to all of this, they denied everything. they only sent us a very short statement saying that they do not accept notice to appear in court documents as valid i.d. we circled back with the border patrol union with their response of the tsa's denial they told us something interesting. they are standing by their word. they told us they have agents that are willing to testify under oath before congress that they have seen this going on at the airports right here in he will he pass so he and in laredo as well. on top of this as you said
11:31 pm
at the top governor rick perry has said he is going to send approximately 1,000 national guard troops to the south texas border. this is something he has been trying to get done for the past several weeks. something he has wanted the federal government to do. he hasn't gotten any help on that front. those guardsmen are supposed to start showing up there within the next 30 days or so. though it's unclear exactly what type of they are going to play. we don't have any republican state represents here in el paso. reached out to all of the democratic ones. they are not happy about this as all. they say this is a total waste of money. this is a militarization of the border when we don't need it and that the taxpayer money for these national guard troops would be better spent for humanitarian services taking care of these immigrants coming across the border. greta? >> bill, thank you. developing now the state of texas immediately sending up to 11,000 national guard troops to help secure the border. texas attorney general greg abbot joins us. good evening, sir.
11:32 pm
>> good evening, greta. >> why are you sending, you and the governor sending 1,000 troops to the border? >> greta, because it's necessary. because the state of texas is doing what the federal government has failed to do. and that is to secure our border. you know, you have seen this yourself, a year or two ago. and it's just grown larger ever since then. in addition to the tens of thousands of children and women who are coming across the border, greta. we are seeing very dangerous cartel members, ms 13 gang members. some of the worst of the worse. we have had women and children in the state of texas who have been sexually assaulted by the people who have come across the border. we have had 3,000 mohammed reza taheri-azar. it's a responsibility of a government to keep their people safe. the federal government has the responsibility of securing our border. they are not doing it so the state of texas will do it. >> here is what i don't quite understand is that unless you sort of stand arm to arm across the border, people will get into the
11:33 pm
united states, in fact, the children are actually trying to get caught coming into the united states. so if you grab them, you are not doing anything that they don't already seek to have done. are you seeking to stop of children from coming in? if so, it's like once they step on the soil, they are in. >> greta, a couple of things in response to that question. one is the national guard are serving as a force multiplier and we have seen time and again, in fact, even over the past month that when we have more boots on the ground on the border, it reduces the cross border traffic. >> adults or children? let me separate for a second. adults or children? >> both. >> okay. both adults. both children, and most importantly, the cartels, the gangs, the criminals are all, the amount of cross border traffic is decreasing in all of those categories because we have had more boots on the ground,
11:34 pm
however, greta, we don't have enough. here is one thing that's happened and that is we focused on the rio grande valley sector. some of the cross border cartel based activity has moved up the border because mapf texas and look at the laredo area where some of that criminal related traffic has moved to. so we need to expand the territory that we cover, we need to put more boots on the ground. yet, this is the most important thing that i can convey. that is the purpose of adding more resources on the ground is not to address the women and children, it's to address this growing reality that a lot of people coming across the border are here for criminal purposes. they are killing they are raping. they are robbing and do all kinds of harsh activity. >> is the guard going to make arrests or detention its or is it simply sort of a show of force? >> they are going to do multiple things, greta. we are working through the legalities of. >> if s. it detention one of
11:35 pm
things they can do or is it a show of force? >> they can definite live detain and we are working on the lee battles of the extent to which they can arrest. right now, you should consider them to be a force multiplier, assisting with the dps. let me give you an easy example that is the way the department of public safety works is we work in three ways in the air, on the -- high in the air, 8,000 pete in the air, helicopters in the air, then boots on the ground. the national guard can can be in the helicopters in the air or high in the air. monitoring the traffic on the ground directing the department of public safety precisely where to go to make the arrest. >> all right. now, do you feel as though governor perry has said that texas has just gotten lip service from the federal government. i assume meaning the president since he directs it do you feel that the state of texas has just gotten lip service and basically abandoned its duties to texas?
11:36 pm
>> i think the federal government has turned its back on the state of texas. more importantly, greta, this is not a texas issue. this is a united states of america issue. look at all different states in the country that are reacting to this situation. the president has turned his back. remember, this greta. it was two weeks ago the president was in austin, texas, just a few 100 miles away from the border. and he had his hand out taking money from people here for political purposes. and he could not trouble himself to go down to the border and see firsthand for himself the catastrophe that he was partly responsible for creating let alone providing the money for to help us deal with that situation. but, again, it's more than just texas. it's states across the country that are having to deal with a problem that was partly caused by the president's policies himself. >> mr. attorney general, thank you, sir. >> thank you, greta. >> and, yes, it is bigger than texas.
11:37 pm
hundreds of protests across america as the flood of immigrant children threatens to plead already cash strapped towns dry. that's next. but, where in the world is casey kasem? new clues for the search of the famous dj's body. it's
11:38 pm
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11:41 pm
we can't pay four our legals. >> send them back, they are supposed to come in the legal way like everybody else. >> we have a 17 trillion-dollar debt already, we can't support these children. >> there are diseases coming. in there is a safety hazard. and it is just not right for the citizens that are here. >> if josh life could stand for having saved the life of one child, wouldn't that be enough? we are protest protesting the children. we love the children. we want to take care of them but we want to do this the
11:42 pm
legal way. >> as long as god gives me breath on this world. i would stand up for me, my family, and this country. >> well, hundreds of protests in cities across the u.s. many americans, not all loudly voicing their opposition. they object to the surge of illegal immigrant children crossing the board. griff jenkins on the strain the children are putting on some towns across the nation. >> some people don't want to call it a crisis. in my opinion it is a crisis. >> an unprecedented surge in illegal border crossings, dominating the headlines. so "on the record" went to the front lines to the border city of laredo, texas. in laredo, we have people that are living on the street. people that are hungry, people have no jobs. people that are -- the elderly, you know, are suffering. and our veterans are homeless. >> raoul is the mayor of laredo. >> my responsibility as mayor is to take care of our city and our citizens. we have a tough time, you know, balancing our budget
11:43 pm
and working with our budgets, and this is a federal issue where i think it's important to ensure that we get funding on the local level. >> without assistance, the surge threatens to topple the finances of border towns like this one. >> it is estimated that by the end of the year, more than 300,000 central americans will cross into the united states. and you can imagine how much that would impact a local economy, you know, a city budget. and if it wouldn't be for the citizens to have big hearts, that donate clothing, food, money, et cetera, you know, i don't know where we would be. >> luckily for laredo, some citizens are stepping up to help. one of them is michael smith. executive director of the holding institute of faith-based nonprofit in laredo. >> when they get here, after they have been processed and detained and released on their own recognizance, get a front line. fresh change of clothing. many people haven't changed
11:44 pm
in 7 or 10 days. >> how you can end up doing this. >> this is not what we normally do. we got a phone call late at night one day at the end of may saying there was a flood of people that had been dropped off at a bus station downtown, would we be able to help? our first response was that is not what we normally do but i he said but you can? they kept calling and calling i said yes, we will do it. we opened our gates, opened our doors. >> doors, that no matter how long this crisis lasts will remain open. >> you know what? if the numbers don't change for whatever political reasons, i think our commitment is to continue to provide service as long as we can so there are no more shirts. until there are no more socks or there are no more bottles of water. he we are still going to be here. >> big news tonight in the irs scandal. are lost lerner's emails really lost after all? stand by for new information. chairman darrell issa is here with stunning new information next.
11:45 pm
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11:49 pm
>> and now to news in the irs scandal. >> the emails in question are lost because of a hard drive crash that is apparently unrecoverable. >> more than two years of eve males for the woman at the center of this investigation go missing. >> my computer breaks or it crashes my hard drive how does the exchange server lose all those emails? >> that's the thing, it doesn't. >> the administration and the irs have shown contempt for congress. >> you can't keep six months' worth of emilyee emails? >> well, it turns it out that lois lerner's emails may not be missing after all. for weeks insisting that the emails were lost in a computer crash. and now, suddenly, a top irs official telling congress is he uncertain whether backup tapes of those emails still exist or not. darrell issa joins us, good evening, sir nchesz good evening, greta it does appear from the interview
11:50 pm
with cain that in fact they didn't destroy them all. they didn't overright them all or at least they are not sure. >> all right. well what do you know and why are you just learning this now? >> we are just learning it now because they didn't take our order to preserve documents, something that you as a lawyer would understand. if you are in a lawsuit, the first thick you do is you understand you can't destroy any documents even in the ordinary course. they obviously didn't gather the documents. they didn't take care and they are not sure if they have got tapes hanging around that contain these backups. as a matter of fact, their change, if you will in this transcribed interview, really tells us the -- they are not just sure what to tell us they have because they are not sure what they have yet. this is exactly why this investigation is taking so long, why the commissioner is back. and why he a elijah cummings continues to say there is nothing there, when, in fact, they haven't even begun to show all of us what really is there. >> the first news was the emails were gone.
11:51 pm
and that was what we heard a while ago. we also heard that six other hard drives at the irs crashed. are you learning anything more about this crashed hard drives? are there more crashed hard drives? less crashed hard drives? >> exactly there are more crashed hard drives. there is more questions about people that regularly corresponded with lois learn his or her regularly were part of this targeting of conservatives for their views that now seem to have problems with their computers and as a result, again, an absence of accountability. er, that the missioner explained to us in live testimony they only wanted to keep their documents for six months while they keep 50 years worth of your tax filings. that's the kind of one sided activity that's going on. >> well, if this commissioner, he said there weren't any backups or anything. is he like the wrong guy to call. he doesn't know if this new guy thomas cain whose job is to provide documents to capitol hill, i don't know
11:52 pm
where he has been until now, why was this interview with him private? any particular reason? >> yes, there is we had to subpoena him. he didn't come willingly. i didn't have the support of mr. cummings. this is why they called them unilateral so often on the is we are not getting cooperation. we finally have to issue a subpoena in order to get people to tell us the truth. and, in this case, the kind of truth the american people fact, these werehich is examples of -- they don't know what they should know because they haven't completely looked and each today they are giving us ambiguous answers. >> they may be giving you ambiguous answers. i assure you when judge reggie walton a federal judge and the other federal judge in this case gets their hands on there, they are due back in court in august is there are going to be more questions. pause those judges don't mess around, either one. they are very no nonsense. mr. chairman, thank you, sir. >> thank you. this does make the case for the special prosecutor so we can get into in front of a
11:53 pm
federal judge. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> let's all go off-the-record. tonight, the u.s. senate is scrambling to cover its tracks. something they don't want you you to know. minutes ago, michael anderson lawson was unanimously confirmed by the senate. his job? u.s. ambassador to the council of international aviation. that's the group that probes international plane crashes. lawson's nomination had been pending, languishing since may. here is what is so deplorable. there was no vote until tonight, even though no republican nor any democrat was against lawson. so, what's gotten the hold up? well, both parties have simply been jerks to each other. putting up barriers to a vote. even though they all wanted him. rotten, isn't it? so what finally provoked the vote tonight? well, with the murder of 298 people at 298,000 feet puts a huge spotlight and not a good one on the fact that
11:54 pm
the senate for only selfish political reasons had let this nomination just sit since may. now, as a politician, a all they did was want to mess with each other's heads. that's why it's been sitting. so senate majority leader harry reid what about him he? deserves most not all for this. his job is to lead. he does not lead. he spends way too much time at the senate podium with all of his partisan whoa is me stuff. think about it how you cannot lead and get a vote on an issue that everyone, republicans and democrats agree on? no wonder this country is such a mess. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. and coming up. the search for the missing pregnant wife of a marine. latest from ncis is next.
11:55 pm
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get ready to speed read your way through the news. ncis getting involved in the search for the wife the pregnant marine.
11:59 pm
erin corwin disappeared from a marine base from california. ncis says it is helping the sheriff's department with military aspects of the investigation. and today president obama giving the medal of honor to former army staff sergeant ryan pits. he fought off hundreds of taliban fighters in one the bloodiest battles of the afghanistan war. he says the honor belongings to everyone that was with him during the 2008 attack. caught on camera, hot air balloon crashing into a power line in massachusetts. the crash sparking a giant explosion and amazingly everyone on board survived. and new information about the possible location of casey kasem's body. a washington funeral home director saying he personally made sure kasem's remains were put on a flight to montreal last week. now the montreal funeral home says kasem's body is not there so the plot thickens. that's tonight's speed read. thank you for being with us tonight. see you all again tomorrow night at 7 p.m. eastern. right now go to and answer.
12:00 am
this president obama's response to doomed malaysia airline flight make the u.s. look weak or not? there is also a beer poll on gretawire tonight believe it or not. good night from washington. go to tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye." could snail racing replace football as the most watched sport on american television? the exclie sigh look at the most high octane event caught on film. plus, does the vice president really think he can eat everything on the tgi friday's menu in one sitting? >> i am not trying to be cute with you, but i mean what i say. i mean everything without exception. i am determined. >> and finally, how strong are this year's applicants to be greg gutfeld's fall intern and what does rolling around in the mud have to do with working in an office? stay tuned to find out. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight jie. a


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