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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  August 2, 2014 1:30pm-2:01pm PDT

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send it my way via facebook or twitter. our show is over. i hope you've enjoyed it and i hope you continue to be more of a healthy you. fox news alert. one of two americans with the ebola virus has arrived in atlanta. dr. kent brantly arriving today from africa for treatment and even walking out of the ambulance. hello, i'm patti ann browne. welcome to a brand new hour inside america's news headquarters. dr. brantley and another missionary worker nancy writebol traveled to west africa to help treat thousands infected. jonathan suri is live outside emory hospital in atlanta with the latest. hi, jonathan. >> hi, patti ann. dr. brantley arrived here at emory university hospital around 12:30 this afternoon. he came in an ambulance which
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had picked him up at dobbins air an reserve base just outside of atlanta where he had arrived in a private jet with medical equipment and technicians. there is no fda approved treatment. so doctors here hope to support him and keep him as strong as possible long enough for his body's natural defenses to fight off the infection. listen. >> the reason we are bringing these patients back to our facility is because we feel they deserve to have the highest level of care offered for their treatment. >> dr. brantley is being treated in a special isolation unit here at emory. one of only four like it around the country. physicians say it's separate from other patient areas so treating him poses no risk to other patients or the general public for that matter. dr. brantley and nurse nancy writebol are medical missionaries with the charity samaritans purse this had he became infected while treating ebowl lal patients in liberia.
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samaritans purse says it expects to fly that nurse to atlanta within the next few days. dr. brantley's wife issued a statement saying she has been able to speak with her husband. he's glad to be back in the u.s. and the couple are asking people to continue praying for his recovery and also to continue praying for the people in liberia. patti ann? >> jonathan live in atlanta for us, thanks. ablet's take a look at some facts about the deadly virus. the largest in history. it has infected more than 1300 people and killed more than 700 this year. the fatality rate 90%. and so far, there is no treatment. the ebola virus can look like other diseases with symptoms such as fever, headache, aches, internal and external bleeding, about but ebowl lal only spreads through bodily fluids. experts say there's virtually no risk of it spreading here. for more, the cdc director dr. tom agreeden will be on fox
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news sunday. check your local listings for this can't miss he interview. >> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu spoke out a short time ago on the conflict in gaza vowing to fight as long as it takes to bring peace to israel. conor powell has the latest for us. hi, conor. >> hi, patti. benjamin netanyahu said today the conflict will continue but they are redoe employing many israeli troops from gaza back into israel. that's because prime minister netanyahu saying tonight the task of destroying many of those underground cross border tunnels that hamas has used to attack in israel is almost done. they identified about 32 of these tunnels and say they've got about 31 of those tunnels already destroyed. the last ones will be destroyed here in the next 24 hours. that's allowing israel to pull out many of its troops from gaza. but netanyahu also said that they will continue to strike at hamas's rocket infrastructure
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and that the war here is by no means over. they'll continue to fight hamas. we're seeing many troops here in the northern part of gaza have been pulled out but there's still very heavy fighting in the southern part. that's also because the missing israeli soldier who israel says was captured by hamas, lieutenant 2nd lieutenant hadar goldin is still missing. he was take be notice southern part of gaza. israeli troops still fighting there trying to find him. and what we're seeing is that the fighting here is copying but it is essentially being redeployed, massive shipped down to the southern part of gaza and away from the northern part where israel has focused on those tunnels. now, the fighting is continuing as i said, and so is the death toll. it continues to grow here. more than 1700 palestinians have been killed here in the fighting. more than half of those are civilians, many of those also children. now, prime minister netanyahu has said he wants a sustainable quiet in terms of the rockets and they will continue to try to
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strike at hamas. whether or not they're going to be able to completely hamas's ability to fire rockets is sort of still unknown. it's been four weeks now and hamas is still firing rockets into israel despite the heavy bombardment of gaza. but israel is saying they're not going to negotiate with hamas or do any diplomatic talks with hamas, that they will continue to strike at hamas in gaza and hope at some point hamas will stop firing rockets and there will be a sustainable calm. till then, they'll continue to make gaza and hamas pay the price for these rockets. >> conor powell live in gaza. thank you. >> well, president obama says he has fulled of confidence in cia director john brennan, who is now facing calls to resign after an internal investigation found that the cia can haed into computers being used by a senate committee investigating the cia's interrogation program. leland vittert is in washington with that story. leland? >> there are a whole lot of moving parts to this.
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put aside for a moment the debate and controversy over this report on alleged torture by the cia. the charge is that members of the agency accessed computers belonging to the senate oversight committee that was preparing this initial report. on top of it, the cia director john brennan, said that this wasn't going on. then found out it was and had a separate report drawn up on the issue of spying on the intelligence committee which showed clear wrongdoing. that some say violated the constitutional separation of powers. earlier this week, brennan apologized and set up an accountability review board. now the battle lines have been drawn with president obama saying he has faith in his cia director. >> john brennan was the person who called for the ig report. and he's already stood up a task force to make sure that lessons are learned and mistakes are resolved. >> an apology isn't enough. people have to be held responsible.
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there has to be a full and compete investigation. not by the cia. full and complete investigation. >> it's not just republicans upset about this. democratic senators mark udall and martin hinrich called for brennan's resignation. whether there will be growing support for that position is unclear as the august recess gets under way on capitol hill. also unclear is how the report on enhanced interrogation techniques and the like will play into the coming debate. patti ann. >> leland, thank you. a second suspect accused of murdering a u.s. border patrol agent has been extradited from mexico. ivan so dole baraza is facing numerous charges including first degree murder and assault on a federal officer. he along with five others an us cooed of assaulting three border patrol agents back in 2010. u.s. border agent brian terry was shot and killed during that fire fight fight in an arizona defrts. it was later revealed the u.s. helped supply the weapons the suspects used. as part of the bungled gun
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tracking operation fast and furious. a deadly landslide claims dozens of lives and engulfs a whole town. we'll have the latest on the search efforts. and house lawmakers moving ahead with legislation aimed at solving the mounting immigration crisis on our southern border. but the senate has already skipped town. will the president use executive orders? >> anyone who shows up on our border would be treated just like when mexican children showed up on our border, would be returned immediately. that had to happen. it wasn't going to happen here in the united states senate because the leaders of the democrat leaders would not let us have votes on that, which by the way, we would have won. well, did you know words really can hurt you? what...? jesse don't go!! i'm sorry daisy, but i'm a loner. and a loner gotta be alone. heee yawww!
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reportedly with severe burns. the cause of that blast is now under investigation. in western india, hope is fading in the search for victims after a deadly landslide engulfed an entire village. at least 76 reported dead. search crews say rain over the past several days has turned the site into a swamp, making it difficult to locate bodies. also tropical storm bertha is heading into the caribbean. forecasters say it is pushing just south of puerto rico and could batter some areas with as much as 8 inches of rain along with fierce winds. well, yesterday, house republicans managed to hammer out an 11th hour bill on immigration before going on summer recess. the legislation is aimed at speeding up the process of sending migrant children home while beefing up border security. but the white house says the measure doesn't address the crisis responsibly. molly henneberg is live in washington with more on this. >> it the $694 million house border bill, which passed pretty much along party lines, boosts
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security and adds immigration judges and detention facilities. but part of what really has irked the white house is that companion bill ending a 2012 program by the president that will grants work permits to immigrants brought here illegally as children. house republicans say they're trying to solve the border problem. >> for all the rhetoric from the president, the reality is house republicans are acting. we're working to fund this. we're empowering the national guard, $70 million. half of that money going down to the actual states. we're funding this so that they can can he taken these people. reunite them with their families but then put them back in their own country where they've come from. >> the obama administration said the legislation could result in the deportation of hundreds of thousands of people who were brought to the country as children and "are americans in every way but on paper." the president's spokesman dismissed the house's legislation as "partisan legislation that will not address the problem and is sure to be rejected by the senate."
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as the president said today, meaning yesterday, the administration will continue to manage the border as responsibly as possible and address our broken immigration system. but no administrative action is a substitute for congressional action. this house bill is unlikely to reach the president's desk since the senate already has left town for the august recess and because senate democrats are unlikely to bring it up for a vote this fall. patti ann? >> molly henneberging in washington, thanks. and this battle over immigration is exposing a shifting power balance in the house. with some republicans following the lead of senator ted cruz over speaker john boehner. let's talk about now with david hawking, senior editor for roll call. thanks for joining us. >> hi. >> several opinion pieces today say although the house ultimately passed the bill, the fact that the first version was pulled for lack of support is a sign that the republican leadership is in disarray in one person's words, mainly due to
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the conflict between the party establishment and the tea party faction led by texas senator ted cruz. do you agree? >> i don't agree. i think that that's been a story line for much of the past three years really, almost four years now. since the so-called tea party wave of 2011. but i think that in this case, there were some things that were different about the way the house republican leadership acted. one was they didn't really get rolled as publicly as they have been in the past by these ensurths. they will saw the problem. it was a relatively small number of members that was revolting against what they wanted to do. they will stopped themselves from having a vote that they were going to lose and they met with these people and they figured out a compromise that allowed them to get to their bottom line which was that the house republican leadership wanted really really badly to give their members a bill that they could pass before this august recess because as you are now noting, they're gone for the
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next five weeks. it would have been awful politics if they had reached an impasse and had to go home for this break, this august recess with nothing. so i think that the leadership, it seeps as though they store the of learned some of the lessons from the last three years and figured things out and righted their ship just in time. >> the problem is that this bill has no chance of passing in the senate, mainly because the senate's not even there. but even in the fall, the challenge to find something that's going to satisfy the tea party wing but yet still pass in the democratic controlled senate. how difficult is that will balance? >> that's right. the bill was not going to pass whether the senate had gone on its its summer break a few hours before the house or not. that's really not what the issue is. the issue is what the republicans were able to put together was more -- had he started out as somewhat center right and in order to get the bill passed they had to move the bill farther to the right and as
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michele bachmann said on the house floor last night, put happened cuffs on the president. it was sort of a dramatic gesture. it's never even going to get to the president because an harry reid and the democrats will never pass is up a bill whether they're in session or come back after labor day. i think the challenge is how to decouple this policy fight over amnesty, i'm sorry, over deportations from the very real need to get money to the border to solve the crisis and the fact that there's no easy answer to be honest. >> yeah. before this revised bill passed, the critics of boehner an us cooed him of selling out his principles and just basically is your rendering to the lawless president. those are the words of senator sessions. i know you're saying it's not a leadership crisis here. but does that weaken the bargaining power of the speaker when he's got that kind of rhetoric coming from his own
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side? >> well, he certainly couldn't jam through what he wanted to do because he didn't have the votes. i was a little bit surprised that the senator sessions said that. that's -- it shows -- it suggests to me that the -- as you said at the outset that the senate republican conservatives are feeling a little bit more emboldened here to poke at the speaker to use him as sort of a foil. but let's be honest here. this is a little bit of theatrics. the most conservative senate republicans knew that they're not going to get what they want. the more centrist republicans are still too far to the right to get what they want. this was really all about sending members home with some vote that col say that they did something on the border before they went home. whether did was boehner's original way or his subsequent quarterback way, doesn't really make a difference, neither of them's going to become law. >> so what impact does all of this have on the midterm
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elections? >> i think it has opened up a window here for the democrats a little bit. the democrats one of their favorite talking points is, that john boehner and the republicans have become hand maidens to the tea party right and this show in this week will give them some evidence of that whether mr. boehner recovered quickly or not, the democrats will clearly use this as evidence that the -- that the democrats will say that the republicans are hand maidens of the far, far right. so that will be their talking point. will it make a difference in a couple of races? perhaps. ultimately, the republicans are going to stay in control in the house. the real issue remains in the senate. and i think in this case, probably the events of the last week have helped a little bit the republicans in their cause of getting the six seats that they need to take back the senate. >> david hawking, senior editor of roll call. thank you. >> thank you. >> well, a woman once sentenced
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of religion. she was initialingly locked from leaving the country after the death sentence was overturn. her father was muslim, her mother, an orthodox christian shelf married a christian in 2011. that is something muslim women in sudan are not allowed to do. by law, children must follow their father's religion. summer camp isn't just for kids these days. adult summer camps are popping up all over the country and becoming more popular every year. they feature everything from wine making to ballroom dancing. brian is live in our new york newsroom with more. >> as fun as it sounds about, a million adults are vacationing at grown-up summer camps raunds the country. kids summer camps that double as grown-up fun. it is an industry growing about 10% a year. >> this is great. you hike through woods from keg to keg to keg. >> welcome to summer camp for adults.
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this is club getaway in connecticut for $300 to $500 a weengds, grown-ups follow the director of fun. >> i never went to summer camp so this is so much fun. >> they hike, play sports, zip line, ballroom dance, even do yoeg. a there is canoeing, wake boarding, water balloon fights and yes, frozen margaritas. >> i used to go to camp when i was a kid. this reminds me of it. it brings back the iner child of me. >> and apparently it is working. camp getaway is sold out almost every weekend. >> i think it is that sense of community. that sense of disconnecting. to have a place. on countless occasions guests come to me and say i have not looked at my cell phone at all. >> there is something for everyone and even a chance for bunk mates to be more than summer flings. >> i can tell you that i must have heard about from at least i would say over 50 couples saying i met my significant other here.
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