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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  August 17, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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lowry was doing this to promote himself. that's it for this edition of media buzz. check out our facebook page. give us a like. we have posted a lot of original content there. we're back here next sunday, 11:00 and 5:00 eastern with the latest because. a fox news alert, chaos on the first night of a state imposed curfew in ferguson, missouri. officers once again using tear gas against protesters, more than one week after the police killing of an unarmed black teenager. hello, everyone, welcome to america's news headquarters. >> thanks for spending your sunday with us. i'm leland sitting in for eric shaw and good to be with you. police arrested seven people last night in ferguson amid reports of more violence and looting. also overnight a man was shot
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and critically wounded but police say it wasn't then. mike tobin is live on the ground in ferguson, with what it looks like the morning after, good morning, mike. >> and lee land, i can tell you the search continues for facts out here and facts specifically about what prompted the shooting of mike browne and while that happened, the attorney for dorian johnson who was with mike brown, spoke to judge piro last night. he said that officer darrin wilson had mike brown by the shirt and the throat. >> an officer then according to michigan client. all of a sudden he says power and he shot. >> reporter: arnnd the first nit
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of the curfew was not without -- the heavy tactics were not directly related to curfew enforcement. police moved in because shots were fired. i man had been shot. beyond that police had information that looters had broken into red's barbecue and they were up on the roof. they came in with smoke grenades and one tear gas canister. and it happens at a time when the crowd is losing patience with captain johnson, who is initially embraced by this crowd. he is criticized on both sides. one for not using enough force to stop the looters, two for using too much force because we have near nightly a repeat of the scenes of clashes with ag n comm demonstrators and police. >> law enforcement officials are also revealing new details about this video that appears to show michael brown stealing cigars from a convenience store in the
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minutes before the robbery. they say federal authorities did not want police to release this video over concerns of further escalating the situation about the shooting of mike browne. missouri governor jay nixon wasn't happy about it either, apparently blaming the police chief for making the situation worse. >> the highway patrol did not know that was going to be released. i don't think the attorney general knew that. for two reasons, number one, to attempt to in essence disparage the character of this victim. in the middle of a process like this, is not right. it's just not right. and secondarily, it did put the community and quite frankly the region and the nation on alert. >> that was jay nixon earlier. the governor meanwhile attorney general eric holder calling for an additional autopsy of michael brown.
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we reported yesterday it was done yesterdayly forensic analyst dr. michael madden. and major developments in iraq, we're hearing new reports of kurdish forces retaking parts of the mosul dam. now national security correspondent jennifer griffin is live in d.c. with the developments. >> kurdish military officials say their fighters backed by another 14 u.s. air strikes have allowed them to retake parts of the mosul dam in a predawn grown operation. u.s. military sources confirm progress has been made describing the operation as extensive and ongoing. sources tell me to expect a lengthy multiphase operation to secure the dam and critical iraqi infrastructure. today key hill democrats say they can't rule out u.s. ground forces might be needed.
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>> i think what we're doing right now is effective, we have got to do more of it. and ultimately we may have boots on the ground there. we have bad choices and the worst choice is to do nothing. >> kurdish fighters say isis fighters seen from early august have mined the roads around the dam. i raek military units with bomb disposal capabilities are en route to the dam now. u.s. officials were concerned the dam would be used as a weapon. if it floods, it would send a wall of water 50 feet high. u.s. officials have confirmed about 90 yezidi men were massacred in a village. hundreds of women and children from the area are said to have been kidnapped after isis fighters demanded they report to the local school and register
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their families. men were separated from women and marched away and killed according to eyewitnesses. u.s. air strikes could not halt that massacre, president obama will remain in martha's vineyard for most of today and return to washington today and tonight for meetings. >> jennifer griffin in washington with word on the humanitarian crisis and the key battle of infrastructure. thank you. with more on the strategy of fighting these isis terrorists, let's bring in john bolton. a fox news contributor and senior fellow at the american interprize institute. we just heard from jennifer griffin, an escalating situation, the largest dam in iraq and this is something that's also very dangerous, because as she mentioned, there could be a major flood if they managed to blow up this dam. your thoughts on the battle. why is it happening now? they have held this dam since august 7.
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why is the battle taking place now? >> i think precisely because the dam is a key piece of infrastructure, we want to get it out of the isil hands as soon as we can. and i think the combination of air strikes and arming the kurdish military forces seems to be moving in a positive direction. i think what this underlines is how volatile the situation remains on the ground. i think isis could be destroying the islamic state. i think keeping this kinetic as they say in the military is very important and prevent isis from holding the territory it has control of now. >> ambassador, i'm just getting word that we'll actually have some new video, the first anyone has seen of the actual air strikes near the mosul dam.
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14 strikes here just on sunday destroyed 10 armored vehicles, one checkpoint, seven humvees, this is the actual video of these attacks that we have seen, the u.s. partnering with forces on the ground there, iraqi forces as well as the kurdish forces and our first look here at this video. what are your thoughts on this partnership? the iraqi forces, the kurdish forces on the ground, the u.s. forces in the air conducting these air strikes. >> these are the separate kurdish military units from inside of iraq. i think what this demonstrates is that with relatively limited application of u.s. force we can have a big impact. i think it's important for americans to look at this situation and say what exactly are our interests involved here and therefore what do we need to do to protect them? not have standards like no boot on the ground, no military
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involvement. because otherwise we risk the prospect of a terrorist state being set up by isis. i think it's critically important that we work with not only the curds, but with the suni tribal leader from that region, to disrupt isil ooerks occupation and drive them out as soon as possible. >> we're hearing that there's a massive humanitarian crisis there on the ground. the yezidi men being taken out by the hundreds. does this help on the ground in that respect? or do we have to battle and regain this infrastructure. this dam that -- before anyone can work towards the humanitarian crisis and peace on the ground. >> i think we can do it all at the same time. i think people, i don't fully understand why, but people focused on the refugees being
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able to get out off of mt. sinjar. that e it really didn't funtdmentally change the underlying refugee situation. remember, these people, hundreds of thousands, yezidis, christians and others basically left their house with their clothes on their back and the few things they can carry. now they're out with no food, no medicine, no sanitary conditions, this is a circumstance where the climate, lack of food and water or disease can really take a toll on women and children, the elderly, the infirm, so we have got a huge humanitarian risk here. i don't think the air drops on now sinjar, i think the united states has done what we normally do in this kind of situation, is to assist the refugees. we can aid fighting against isis
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and help the refugees simultaneously. >> talk about this really difficult situation in iraq t humanitarian side as well as the battle over this dam. thank you. >> glad to be with you. armed gunmen storm an ebola clinic in liberia. causing 20 patients infected with the deadly virus to flee. texas governor rick perry indicted on abuse of power charges related to one of his recent vetos. was it a legitimate maneuver or a criminal act. the governor's response to the indictment coming up. >> i whole heartedly and unequivocally stand behind my veto. and i continue to defend this lawful action and my effective authority as governor.
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texas governor rick perry responding to a grand jury indictment in which he's accused of abusing his power. today he maintained that if he had to do it again, he would do the exact same thing. peter is live in washington. >> governor perry explained he doesn't think somebody who gets pulled over with drunk driving should be in a position of power. he vetoed a threat for the public integrity unit. headed up by the travis county district attorney and one-time drunk driver rosemary lindhberg. >> i very clearly, very publicly said that as long as that individual is going to be running that agency, i had lost confidence in her, the public had lost confidence in her, and i did what every governor has
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done for decades which is make a decision on whether or not it was the proper use of state money to go to that agency and i vetoed it. >> they think he's being a bully and there are allegations of abuse of power go deeper than just the veto threat. here's why. >> it's not about the veto. we believe he had the right to veto it. it was about his intimidation. i was using the veto of the co-version tactic to get her to do something she didn't want to do which is quit her job. >> since governor perry -- the special prosecutor working on this case has told local affiliates in texas that he predicted the governor will turn himself in and when that happens, the man who wants to run for president in 2016 might have to have a mug shot taken.
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>> really two parts to this story, as you mentioned, the legal challenges governor perry could face and then also the political ramifications, and we're joined by david i don't care how you -- >> that's part of the issue for governor perry is we can get into why this happened and whether or not the indictment is fair and should have been brought. but as someone who's been campaigning for republicans all over the country and is thinking about runging for president, having this hang over you, the texas politics is trouble. >> at some level is trouble. doubling down.
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is that the right strategy and does it have the ability to galvanize his base to kind of offset what he loses and go oh, he's indicted, i'm done? >> i think it's an important strategy both legally and politically. travis county has a history of bei being when they brought an indictment and prosecuted come delay, a couple of years back, eventually all that stuff was thrown out or at least most of it. if you understand texas politics, you understand this is not just a case of rick perry possibly doing something wrong, this is a case of a politically motivated county doing something it has done before.
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>> i want to get to the -- the issue of rosemary lindhberg, who's the da involved in this case, it all started with her drunk driving arrest. is that important in terms of how this is going to play out? that picture of her being booked, the sitting da, all of a sudden arrested. >> i think that definitely gives governor perry his credence in terms of the vet o. on its face, this looks like a disagreement between a republican governor and a democratically run county. and again, it is something that has happened before -- that's what's going to matter for
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governor perry politically, if he really is gearing up to run for president. >> we'll know the answer to that soon enough. and also see what mug shots may or may not come out in the next couple of weeks. david drucker senior correspondent. >> they could, could, overshadow peace talks, taking place with russia today. the latest on the fighting and diplomacy coming up. and kevin spacey making a prank call to hillary clinton, what exactly does he want her to reveal? try phillips fiber good . they're delicious and an excellent source of fiber to help support regularity. mmmm. these are good! the tasty side of fiber. from phillips that, my friends, is everything. and with the quicksilver card from capital one, you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you purchase. not just "everything at the hardware store." not "everything, until you hit your cash back limit."
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over iraq and specifically right near the mosul dam. there's the bomb, and there is is explosion. this right now is kurdish fighters is on the ground trying to retake that key dam that it has been said in the past is one of isis's key victories. right now there is so much fighting going on for control of it. and this is the latest pictures of the u.s. military bombing a number of targets there over iraq. >> russia and ukraine resuming peace talks. they're meeting just hours after the ukrainian arm made some -- the military also confirming that one of its jets was shot down. this comes as the russian convoy of nearly 300 waits for transportation from the red cross. a large x ray machine was brought in to help them inspect.
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>> new reports out of liberia, where a group of armed men formed and less than looted an ebola clinic causing up to 29 patients to run away. this comes after a mob from a burial team from removing the bodies of suspected ebola victim s. all right, well the so-called california serial stow away is being released from jail a little early. marilyn jean hartman was released earlier this month. she was caught wandering around l.a. international airport. that comes after a judge ordered the 62-year-old stay away. police say she was released because of overcrowding. >> hillary clinton not revealing
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much about the future, even what exactly she has in store for her husband's birthday, former president bill clinton turns 68 later this week. in a video released by the clinton foundation, house of cards actor kevin spacey calls up the former secretary of state to see if she can figure out what she is giving her husband. and hillary's response is something we have heard before. >> hello. washington, d.c. is so boring during the summer that i like to sbaing myself by, well, having some fun with my predecessors. >> hello? >> hi, hill, it's bill. i just want to make sure you don't forget my birthday's coming up, right. >> yes, i know, bill. >> do you know what you're getting me yet? >> i told you, this is a very personal decision that i will make when i'm ready. >> all right, actor robin williams taking h his own life
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i'm leland vitter. >> joining us, dr. mark siegel, professor of medicine at nyu's medical center. also author of "unlocking the secret code of sickness and health." >> and professor of urology and chief of robotic surgery. >> thanks for being here,


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