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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  August 19, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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night. two people shot. 31 more arrested. ten days now after an unarmed teen shot by a police officer. and now the protests are spreading to neighboring towns. local shops now the victims of looting as attorney general eric holder prepares to arrive in ferguson tomorrow. our own mike tobin is there live. explain to us what happened last night and to you, as well. >> reporter: well, the way it went down, gretchen, kind of a pattern. after nightfall things start to get more boozy, more aggressive, a little more angry. the demonstrators got out on the street ultimately the police formed up and pretty soon we saw plastic bottles and glass bottles flying over the crowd crashing in front of the officers. that ultimately gave way to clashes. the police responded with the tier gas, with rubber bullets and what we found from the demonstrators is they responded with live fire. there were at least two people
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shot during the course of this. we had at least two gunmen who were on the loose that the police were looking for. through it all there's an updated list of the number of people who were arrested. 78 total were arrested. most of them for failure to disperse. interesting point in that, of those arrested, only four of them were from ferguson and that speaks volumes to the claim of community organizers that the trouble makers are people from outside of the community who have injected themselves here into ferguson. gretchen? >> so you're there in the daylight right now. i think everyone watching understands that all of this stuff starts percolating once it gets dark. so explain the scenario for me today during the day. >> reporter: i can give you a look around. it looks like a fairly normal day. if you didn't know what's going on, you probably wouldn't notice. i can show you coming up the street right now are coming up the side of the street is a very small crew of protesters. the police mandate now that they keep marching. they can show up and march but
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they can't stop so they're out here right now doing their thing. as night falls, numbers grow and as it gets dark things get more aggressive and that gives way to clashes, gretchen. >> mike tobin on the scene for us in ferguson. thank you. attorney general eric holder heads to ferguson to meet with federal and local authorities. that will happen tomorrow. joining me now, former deputy attorney general and partner now at morgan lewis. so, george, was deputy attorney general in charge of organizing and supervising the response to l.a. riots in 1992. good to see you again. >> you too. good afternoon. >> explain to us how you handled the situation with the rodney king riots and if that is at all similar to what's going on in ferguson right now. >> well, the scale of violence in ferguson as bad as it is hasn't reached that which eventually occurred and fairly
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quickly occurred in los angeles. at the end of the day there were 53 people killed and 2,000 injured as a result of the violence in l.a. which spread outside of downtown l.a. into surrounding areas of the city and the suburbs. but, nonetheless, this is a very dangerous and volatile situation. i think the attorney general going there is a very positive step forward. but it also carries risk because he has to walk a very fine line and strike a delicate balance between assuring people there will be a thorough investigation aided by federal authorities here and at the same time assuring all of the law enforcement officers in the country looking to see what the justice department does here that that investigation will be fair to everyone. >> i want to point out that the doj involvement is not unique. this has happened on several other circumstances. so it's not a unique event for him to go there tomorrow. but there are people who don't
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think it's a good idea. why do you think it's a good idea? >> i think it's a way to demonstrate as part of a comprehensive effort by the federal government to help deescalate the violence there. it's a way to demonstrate to the people of this community two things. one, that this has the highest levels of attention of the federal government. and two, that there will be a fair and thorough investigation with federal authorities aiding it if not looking over the shoulder and indeed maybe even taking it over eventually. >> because that's the fine line, is it not? the federal authorities coming in and sort of taking over the local and the state for that matter government agencies and i guess my question to you is what kind of authority does the attorney general actually have? what can he do? >> well, the attorney general has the authority to enforce federal civil rights statutes which could be, not necessarily
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are, i remembmplicated by the c that occurred in this incident so there's jurisdiction for the fbi to investigate and other federal agencies to assist. for the most part, the federal government will at least initially provide a role of assistance to the state and local authorities. >> all right. some people will see this on the other point of view that they don't want them to go because when they look at the history of attorney general eric holder, they see that he's often in the forefront of some of these race discussions. and they worry that maybe there won't be just speak on their behalf now, not mine, they worry that there might not be a fair and balanced approach and to that you would say what? >> i would say we need to give the attorney general and indeed the president the benefit of the doubt on this. race is a tough issue in america even in 2014. and i think that there may be a real advantage to the fact that the president and eric are
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african-americans who can bring the weight of their own experience to bear. at the same time, as you point out, the attorney general has to take pains to make clear the violence will not be tolerated or excused as the president said yesterday and that any federal involvement in the investigation will be to ensure that it's fair and impartial. >> former deputy attorney, thank you, sir. the situation in ferguson sparking debate about police officers armed with military grade weapons. so what about officers in our schools? starting this fall, campus police in compton, california, will pack these. ar-15 semiautomatic rifles. some parents and students are worried about firepower in the halls but others think it's going to be a good idea. compton is south of l.a. and joins other school districts in the area where officers do carry the ar-15. the police chief says the goal is to save lives and officers
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will receive extensive training. stock in another kind of weapon on the uptick. shares in taser international have gone up more than 20% as protests continue in ferguson. taser most known for guns that shock people but they also make those tiny video cameras worn by law enforcement. cameras that could be used to document police brutality or clear officers who are wrongly accused of it. fox news alert now because an update from the pentagon. you're looking at a live picture there. this briefing comes as iraqi and kurdish forces declare a major step forward in iraq. they're gaining background controlled by the islamic terrorists group known as isis. so the news comes after days of targeted u.s. air strikes in that country. meantime, isis posting graphic videos online warning the u.s. they will take revenge against americans "at any place." jennifer griffin live for us at
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the pentagon. i understand they did address the ferguson situation off the top of the dod briefing. what did they say? >> what's fascinating, this briefing was supposed to be -- it could be about all defense department related issues. we were expecting them to talk about iraq and the current number of air strikes over iraq and the progress made around the mosul dam and first questions off the block were about ferguson and about this military program to provide to local police departments excess military hardware and the admiral was very clear that secretary hagel had asked for more information about this program, which has been around since 1991. i think $4.3 billion of excess military hardware has been sold to local police departments during that time. it was a program that was authorized by congress back when the drug wars were at its height and just last week you heard senator carl levin say that he
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thought that the program needed to be reviewed. you heard similar tone from the president yesterday. admiral kirby said hagel had not asked for a formal review of the program. that's not really the pentagon's p purview. he was outlining some of that. once he got to talking about the situation in iraq and we now have an update on what's going on in iraq. basically after the iraqi and kurdish forces retook the dam, iraqi forces began moving toward the hometown of saddam hussein today to tikrit north of baghdad. that's been in isis hands for weeks now. late last night isis released a new video threatening america and americans in any place. the isis statement was issued in
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english and went onto say we will drown all of you in blood. this video came just hours after the state department designated the isis spokesperson to its terror list. the president said the u.s. would be be surrogate iraqi air force. they carried out one air strike today around the mosul dam we're told. so that iraqi forces are in the process of creating a buffer and safety zone there. the president added the u.s. would continue to carry out air strikes in iraq to give the new government of baghdad a chance to unite against the isis threat and to protect u.s. interests. >> if that dam was breached, it could have proven catastrophic with floods that would have threat ened the lives of thousands of civilians and endanger our embassy compound in baghdad. >> the president went onto warn the iraqis that the wolf is at the door that isis has its sights set on baghdad. the u.s. has 850 armed military
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advisers on the ground in iraq right now we are hearing more from admiral john kerbconcer ke. we'll bring you headlines when we hear them at the pentagon. >> thank you. so here's a question for you. what would you do if you found yourself in this horrible situation? a father watches his two young sons die allegedly at the hands of a drunk driver. now that texas man is accused of killing the alleged drunk driver in retaliation. so will a jury actually convict him? we'll analyze the case raising a host of legal and moral issues next. and we're just getting new video of a crash involving two military jets. what may have caused it and we'll tell you if anyone survived just a few moments away. plus, you want free kfc for the rest of your life? who doesn't, right? what two men did to get it. we got the bucket of the story when we come back. (vo) if you have type 2 diabetes,
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fox news alert. we told you about the two jets. we have reports that two italian air force jets involved in a mid air collision in eastern italy. the planes were on a training mission when they went down in a wooded area. pilots managed to eject before impact but the crash ignited a massive forest fire. we'll keep an eye on this developing story. you can see the chopper there with the water. now this story. developments in the case of the texas dad accused of gunning down the drunk driver who struck and killed his two sons. his trial begins in just days. it's a case filled with complexities. first, the dad denies doing it.
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his defense team isn't saying who they think did. then, no weapon was ever found. and no witnesses identified him as the shooter. plus, he's got public sentiment on his side with many in his community saying they would have taken the law into their own hands in a similar situation. so how will all of this affect the jury? joining me now, dan shore, former prosecutor and managing director at kroell. if i witnessed my two children allegedly killed by a drunk driver, maybe i would do the same thing. >> that cuts two ways. on one hand there is sympathy and that may help them with a jury or with a judge at sentencing but it also provides motive, a clear motive to kill and prosecution is using that motive to build their case that he committed murder. >> you're a former prosecutor. would this be a tough case for you? >> you have to bring the case as a prosecutor. it's a tragic, horrible situation. your heart goes out to the father who lost his two children but at the same time you can't
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allow people to then kill the person they feel did something wrong. the justice system has to arrest that person, prosecute them and that person is entitled to a jury before being convicted. you can't allow someone to just shoot somebody but it's a horrible tragic case. >> so let's bring in details. this happened two years ago in texas. apparently the accident happens. then allegedly this father goes back to his house, gets a gun, and comes back and shoots the drunk driver, but they never find a weapon. and he says he didn't own a gun. >> right. the prosecution theory of the case is he went home and got a weapon. they found ammunition in his home consistent with the bullet used to kill this driver. we see eyewitnesses who saw this defendant go up to the car. no one can identify him as actually shooting this person. of course he is someone who has clear motive and shooting occurs just minutes after his two children are hit by this drunk driver so it's a strong circumstantial case but the defense says he's not the shooter. >> if you're the defense and you're the attorney representing
11:18 am
him, can you use as your case let's have sympathy on this man and just tell the truth or does that not work? >> sympathy can work but you have to be careful how you word it. a jury can do jury nullification based on sympathy they acquit someone. an attorney can't ask no that. find him not guilty because you sympathize with him. sometimes juries wile do that on his own and there was a grand jury in texas that failed to indict a man that beat up and killed a man who molested his daughter presumably because they felt sympathy for him because he caught this man molesting his 5-year-old daughter. in this case, the defense may go for sympathy but they are arguing he didn't commit shooting at all. they may try both things at the same time. >> very interesting case. sad case as well. thank you. we have great police work to tell you about today on "the real story." it's about how one town narrowly avoids a huge tragedy.
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how police in this town bust up a mass shooting plot at a high school. we'll have breaking details from a news conference held just moments ago. and how the heck did this suv jump the curb, seriously injuring folks and creating a big mess? we'll bring that you story. plus, a new app. it's giving celebs a chance to respond to mean social media posts. i wanted to find out how do some of my friends at fox deal with negative comments. >> anyone that's mean to me is dead to me. that's my first plan. but i'll tell you how i respond to tweets. >> time for our question of the day. what's the meanest facebook post or tweet you ever received? we'll try to read your comments at the end of the show. you do a lot of things great.
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welcome back. frightening scene in l.a. to show you now. this suv slamming into a packed pizzeria. half of the vehicle inside the restaurant. police say seven people were hurt including baby and a 5-year-old boy who suffered serious head trauma. no word on the cause of the crash or the identity of the driver but police are investigating. police in california holding a news conference just moments ago shedding new light on the arrest of two boys at south pasadena high school and their alleged plot to gun down three staff members there and as many students as they could. we go live to l.a. william, how close were they to pulling this off? >> reporter: actually pretty close, gretchen. the police stress this was not a hoax.
11:24 am
teens were serious. the threat credible and the chief said the suspects were willing to die for their plan. the suspects are 16 and 17 years old. and likely they worked alone. three teachers and at least two students were named on the kill list. the two planned to "kill as many students as possible" said the chief allegedly using assault rifles, handguns and explosives including bombs constructed propane tanks. they planned to buy body armor as well. the investigation began when someone tipped off the school which called police. they put the two under surveillance. after four days of monitoring their internet use, cops got a warrant and raided their home and took their computers and interviewed suspects who confirmed what the cops already knew. >> this was at the very beginning of their plot to create this massacre. they are steadfast in the conversation during their chatter back and forth and it was very, very viable. there was something we didn't
11:25 am
want to take as a hoax. >> police did not reveal the motive but say the boys apparently planned to steal one of the guns from a relative. >> scary situation out there. how are students and the community reacting to all of this? >> reporter: well, parents are stunned. students as well. maybe not quite as much. describing one of the suspects as awkward, low key, and says he rarely spoke. >> to think that someone would just decide to come to this school with firearms and kill as many students and teachers as possible is crazy. >> i'm thinking about prom. people are thinking about shooting people. i don't want to be close to people like that. >> i almost started crying just picturing it and stuff. >> police arrested the boys on conspiracy charges. no word on whether the kids will be allowed back to school. >> interesting question. thank you so much, williams. daylight in ferguson
11:26 am
bringing brooms and trash bags after another night of violence leaves streets littered with broken glass and trash. we'll talk to volunteers who struggle to get their community back to normal and difficult rescue taking hours after a teenage hiker slides down a rocky hillside and gets trapped in the process. right back. hello! three grams daily of beta-glucan... a soluable fiber from whole grain oat foods like cheerios can help lower cholesterol. thank you!
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fox news alert, the department of justice completed its autopsy of michael brown. this would be the third one. it was conducted by the u.s. military at the request of attorney general eric holder. pentagon spokesperson saying this about the results just a short while ago. listen to this. >> it's still up to local law enforcement to determine how and when and where and under what circumstances they use excess military equipment. but the secretary has been mindful public debate and discussion about this issue and asked his staff this morning for some additional information about the program. he has been given information paper that provides more detail to it and he's consuming that now. >> so that was not about the autopsy. that was about the militarization of the police department possibly in ferguson and whether or not the department of defense had any comment on that. meantime, attorney general holder will head to ferguson as
11:31 am
we know tomorrow under orders from president obama to personally handle the investigation of possible civil rights violations by the police officer when he fatally shot michael brown. all right. julie, let me draw my attention to you first or your attention to what we just heard admiral kirby talking about the militarization of the police force possibly in ferguson, missouri.esting that the department of defense is now addressing this? >> no. the national guard was called in so obviously this is catapulted to a whole different stratosphere than a local law enforcement issue. i'm not surprised about that. what i'm surprised about is that there is no solution as to how to fix this problem. the governor of missouri has tried different things to get
11:32 am
this under control. local law enforcement has. the justice department is coming in. it seems to me this problem will continue to spiral out of control unless someone gets ahold of it very quickly. >> larry, how should someone get ahold of it? is sending eric holder there tomorrow the answer? >> sending eric holder will inflame things even more. it sends the signal that this truly is a major federal issue. this isn't a federal issue. this president has had so many opportunities to unite us. he has a unique moral position to ignite us over these issues and he further divides us. 40 fbi agents investigating the actions of one police officer in suburban st. louis, i wonder how many are investigating lois lerner and the abuse of the irs. that's a federal issue. >> that's also a huge issue. i don't want to make light of the situation going on here. >> i'm not making light of it. i just think that there is a state issue and there's a local
11:33 am
issue and a county issue. by throwing in the attorney general of the united states, it raises the stakes to such a level that it's unprecedented. >> we pointed out at the top of the show that this is not the first time that an attorney general has gone to the scene of a situation like this. there is countless times over the history in the last couple of decades that this has happened. but, i understand what you're saying that many people don't think it's the right move in this particular case. how would you respond to that? >> i would respond that we've had attorney generals get themselves involved from rfk to most recently to today. you can't say this is a local issue and this has become a national issue. you can't simply say this is a murder of a local boy but a local law enforcement officer. it's more than that. for the administration or for anybody to stand back and say, wait a second, not our problem. this little boy died or this teenager died. he's not a little boy. this teenager died. this cop may or may not have done something nefarious. we don't know. the investigation is not
11:34 am
concluded yet. this has become a federal issue in a sense that it's become a national issue. it's shined a light on it. we need to have answers. unfortunately right now i don't know that there is anymore honest broker than the united states justice department. it's not a political issue. nobody else is an honest broker here. neither side trusts the other at this point. >> that's an interesting statement. julie does not believe we can trust anybody in this, larry. >> i don't see that sending eric holder in -- look at the great job the justice department did in calming things down in the trayvon martin situation? i see this unfortunately as a parallel. the difference here is that -- maybe it's old fashioned. i would like to at least give the police officer here the benefit of the doubt. eric holder is so upset that some information was released about the actions of this young boy as julie calls him moments before the incident with the officer where we see the video of him strong arming a store clerk, well, you know what? i think that that's a very important thing. why isn't the attorney general
11:35 am
also interested in getting the information out about the officer in this case? let's hear from the fatheoffice give law enforcement the benefit of the doubt. >> law enforcement didn't want to release its name of the officer for many days. you can't say give the law officer a chance to speak. by the way, law enforcement locally in ferguson has been suppressing information coming out and they have arrested five -- i don't know how many reporters at this point who are trying to do their job trying to get to the bottom of what happened down there. law enforcement right now is not acting above and beyond in a pure way. >> reporters are not trying to get to the bottom of it. they are trying to get to the middle of it. >> only because you don't agree with what they are trying to report. >> there are many varying thoughts about how this should be handled. we want this to try to end in some shape or form. let's see what happens tomorrow when the attorney general goes there. got to wrap it there. julie and larry, thank you. the chaos erupting in
11:36 am
ferguson leaving a broken down in its wake. when protests and violence calms down, some are going in a different direction trying to pick up the pieces. groups of volunteers are out on the streets of ferguson cleaning up every day. matthew and kyle are just two of those volunteers and they join me now live from ferguson. gentlemen, great to see you today. thank you for joining me on "the real story." let me start with you, kyle, how did you decide this was an important thing to do to help clean up? >> well, i think it's important because you are seeing things that is happening on tv and we're getting a lot of national attention now and sad to say that some of the negativity that's happening at night is starting to oversee the real issue and the real focal point. i decided to try to come out especially in our age group, me and matt's age group, to try to
11:37 am
show positivity and try to, you know, bond together to get this issue resolved and focus on the focus point. >> matthew, i understand that you feel obviously a connection to ferguson and so what would you want the rest of the nation watching right now to know about your town? >> i would like them to know that outside of what you've seen over the past week or so, ferguson is a relatively nice community. and both kyle and i went to high school in this area and it hurts to see what's going on in essence with the street that a lot of us travel to and from every day from school to be turned into a war zone and just clean up to know that's not the image that ferguson wants to have in front of the nation and in front of the world. >> so i know that you both have
11:38 am
regular jobs so how are you fitting in this cleanup time. take me through a night or morning of what you're doing. >> well, luckily for me i have a good amount of time to where i can just ask to take off. my job has been pretty lenient in allowing me to go and volunteer to help out. >> and myself, i have been off for these last couple days so i just took time to try to give back to the community to show some positivity. >> how do you stop the violence and what's going on there in your town now? what do you think is the answer, matthew? >> to be honest, we all as a community feel that justice needs to be served and i think the first step after releasing the name is to actually get darren arrested and from that, the justice system will, you know, work its way out of that. >> even before we know all of the facts though?
11:39 am
even before we know all of the facts? >> to be honest, yes. because the fact the community sees is this unarmed boy has been murdered in their streets. and there's a lot of things that have been said outside of that actual fact in which he has been murdered and he was unarmed by a cop. >> do either of you think attorney general eric holder coming to your town tomorrow, does that help anything? >> i think it will. i think it shows that he's taking initiative on this certain situation because now st. louis or ferguson has made national attention. and i just -- the biggest thing with me is i think that regardless because we don't have the facts. i hate to see that, you know, this has happened to a young man, which is mike brown.
11:40 am
i don't care about the race issue because it's a guy that was being killed. i just think as a community everybody needs to bond together. do it the right way and criminals that's doing things at night need to be handled and everybody come on one accord and pray to god about it and then god will take care of the whole situation. i just think certain things are being handled wrong on both ends. police and some of the community. there is a lot of great things that's going on. >> you guys share a lot of wisdom and volunteer time to try to clean up the town that you love and we appreciate you coming on "the real story" today and we hope that the violence will quell in your town. thank you, gentlemen. time to check in with shepard smith reporting live from the fox news deck. what do you have? >> police and other local organizers accuse outsidae ag
11:41 am
outside agitators in ferguson. we're finding that out from arrest reports. we'll bring you that information and a lot of people have been asking how the police force in ferguson got its hands on this military equipment and is it using this properly? gear that normally we see in war zones and not in america's heartland. now the defense secretary chuck hagel is looking into the program that arms police forces with that equipment. we'll explain the tactics police are using. team fox coverage top of the hour from the fox news deck. see you then. how much money have you put aside for your retirement? if you're like a lot of folks, not much at all. what you need to know to try to start doing that and to save big bucks. a teen hiker slips and falls some 65 feet. how rescue crews made it to her. we have that dramatic story. plus, pregnant police
11:42 am
officers refused desk duty even after she told her department she was too big to wear a bulletproof vest and her gun belt. the action she's taking now next. >> i was told that if i had timed it better that i wouldn't be going through this.
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time to check out what america is clicking on today. so a pregnant police officer near cincinnati filing a $7.5 million lawsuit against her department after claiming she was forced to take unpaid time off for requesting desk duty when her gun belt and her bulletproof vest became too uncomfortable. trouble for the new star quarterback for cleveland browns. johnny manziel offering a one finger salute to the redskins bench. and one drunk driver remains so proud of his mug shot that he
11:46 am
had it put on a t-shirt. that's the first mug shot on his shirt and then guess what he did? just in time to pose no another mug shot. he was busted back in june and when he showed up for his two-day jail sentence he said even the police got laugh out of that. wonder what his parents think. time to talk about your dough. a lot of people feel like they never have quite enough in their wallet, right? you also need to think about that rainy day called retirement. more than a third of americans believe it or not, 18 or older, have not started saving anything for retirement. 69% of people 18 to 29 years old have no retirement savings and a quarter of those aged 50 to 64 haven't saved a thing. but, it's never too late to start but it takes discipline. time to bring in disciplined cheryl with the fox business network. now, i am not actually not that surprised that 69% of 18 to 29
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year olds. how could they be saving? they are paying off college debt. they're trying to find a job. there's a bunch of stuff that they are probably thinking of first and you say what? >> i say that you have got to -- the retirement story aside, you have to build that savings account. there's got to be a way for these kids to get out of debt and start to put that money in the bank for that rainy day which may come if you lose that job. the first thing in my mind is you have to pay off your credit card debt before you start putting money into your savings account. and you have to have a budget. you have to look at what is your rent? your mortgage? what are utility bills? if you do it before, max out that contribution. some companies will give you 15%. >> that's the best way for young people to do it. any age for that matter. i did do that monthly budget like your suggesting and i called my dad and said, dad, i can barely pay all of the bills with my tiny little income. so i wasn't even thinking about
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saving. you can do it through your work check through the 401(k). >> you can do it through your 401(k). there's another trick that i learned and that's if you do have an automatic deposit coming from your company if you are lucky enough to have a job right now, have an automatic transfer from checking into your savings account because you won't miss it. that's another thing that you can do that's easy. once you get used to that number you get every week, then you'll see it more and more. i say eat in. fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, cooking for yourself, a great way to save money and look at your monthly spending. i know that chase bank for instance every year gives checking account customers a full breakdown of what you spent at restaurants, for entertainment, for shopping. have you ever gotten that statement? i live in new york city. my restaurant bill a little high. not going to lie here. it gives you a sense of where your money is going. that's how you can find ways to save. if you request it and go to the bank and say show me what i'm spending out of my checking
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account, they'll give it to you and you can start to evaluate how you're spending and how you should not be spending and what you can cut out. that's the big thing is how can i live comfortably and still have fun and still have entertainment and go to a movie and cut out excess. >> we're not just talking about pounds. >> maybe that would help too. i don't know. search teams going above and beyond to rescue a teen hiker after a terrifying fall off a steep trail. we have the amazing details about how they all came together. when you run a business, you can't settle for slow.
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more. >> the trail is very popular hiking trail in the fort collins area, starts at 5800 feet and goes to 7,000. the 16-year-old girl was hiking with three friends and lost her footing and slid down the-foot enbankment, then fell another 15 feet into the crevasse.
11:54 am
sounds bad but if she had fallen another four feet she would have fallen off a sheer clift and dropped hundreds of feet below. she was in the crevasse for three hours, and it took 50 people, first they had to set up three rope systems, then they had to raise and lower the girl up and around several rocks, then she had to be carried another third of a mile to the medical helicopter. this entire rescue took some four hours. the fire department says she may have been hiking a bit too boldly. listen. >> sometimes people aren't careful, other peoples have more confidence, has they should. >> the 16-year-old broke her ankle, one of her hiking friends was injured but it's very unclear how that happened. but pretty amazing rescue up here in fort collins. >> thank you so much. so, have you ever got an mean tweet? i'm getting a bunch right now. ashamed you have something like
11:55 am
gretchen karlson that is not smart enough to ask good questions. some of the fox news personalities have received them as well and will share them with you. >> luke who i found in the o'reilly factor area. >> everybody hates me.
11:56 am
11:57 am
11:58 am
so there's new facebook app that allows celebrities to easily respond to mentions on social media. in light of this the talent here at fox share some of their, well, mean tweets. >> no way that anyone could say anything about your baby face? >> oh, they can. somebody actually photo shopped a map of texas on to my forehead and tweeted, texas-size forehead. right there. >> nobody hates you. >> everybody hates me. jesse, you're the most pompous,
11:59 am
smug, narcissist on television. liz, you are a witless cow. >> and i wrote back, moo. >> cute smile, jesse, ugly soul. >> i'm sure you know the race where the incident happened was not a nascar sanctioned event. actually, herald, turns out i'm blond but i'm not stupid. >> what is wrong with your hair today? the 1980s band flock of seagulls called and want their hairdo back. i thought to myself, they're right. >> jesse, did you get punched in the nose recently? never noticed your nose was so crooked. >> bill, i'd like to hear the guests 'can you please stop talking? yes, i can. >> the facebook mentions being made available in more than 40 countries. i got one this, breaking news, fox news bubble headed bleach blond hurts her head by
12:00 pm
thinking. if i had a dollar for every one of those blond joke is wouldn't have to work anymore, could just stand up and leave. right? i'm gretchen. have a fantastic day. hearings shep. >> tear gas, stun grenades and a city on edge as folks in ferguson, missouri, brace for another night of danger. prosecutors beginning to present evidence to a grand jury. will the officer who shot and killed 18-year-old michael brown face charges? inside the police tactics. cops rushing into the crowd, guns drawn, arresting protesters. we'll look at their security strategy on a very busy news day. let's get to it. good tuesday afternoon from the deck. we're learning today more about the protesters police arrested during another night of chaos in ferguson. this after the captain of the highway patrol said that outsiders, outside agitators, as many are calling


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